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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2021 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is the w. news live from berlin prosecutors complete back case in the 2nd impeachment trial against donald trump they say senators should impeach trump for all the violent scenes from the u.s. capitol. also coming up kremlin critic alexander again due in court this time he's with slandering a world war 2 veteran he's already been sentenced to years in prison for violating
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parole. plus the olympic organizing committee resigns is sexist remarks spawned a wave of outrage and attention to japan's lack of women in leadership positions. welcome to the program prosecutors have wrapped up their case in the 2nd impeachment trial against donald trump they urge senators to convict the former president for inciting the violent mall that stole the cops all building on january 6th the prosecutors say vick to trump is necessary to ensure something similar cannot happen again later today trump's defense team will present its side of the story. to. a timely end to the days here. on the
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3rd day of the impeachment trial of donald trump prosecutors made their closing pitch without using up their allotted speaking time of 16 hours. and i wanted to start simply by saying that in the history of humanity democracies an extremely rare and fragile and precarious and transitory thing this wasn't just an attack on the capitol building and the dedicated people inside it was an attack on what we were elected to preserve our democracy. for you. the prosecution made heavy use of video footage of the january 6th riots to prove that the former president had incited the violence to prevent the seeds of hatred that he planted from bearing any more fruit republican lawmakers who are quick to dismiss the arguments but you think that the argument that. i thought they were
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awfully repetitive. trumps defense team will make its case on friday the way that a final vote is expected this week and the 2 thirds majority is needed to impeach meaning 17 republican senators have to cross the aisle. then. u.s. politics. william prosecutors have wrapped up their case how exactly did they try to make that link between donald trump was on the insurrection that followed. right we saw that these last 3 days democratic prosecutors the house managers showing a litany of dollar terms tweets and his speeches not just from january 6th in the days around that not even really from the entire election period in which he he spent repeatedly summing doubt into the validity of an election everybody else was saying was perfectly fine but really his entire term in office the way he's treated
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in spoken about people he sees as the other violence that he suggests against other people or ways to just you know knock him down and when it comes to the january 6th riots telling his his supporters repeatedly to fight like hell that the january 6 rally at the capitol was going to be while he said and then comparing that to how many of the rioters themselves said that they heard president trump's words as an invitation and that we see in recent video material see that in criminal complaints of the evidence that the f.b.i. and law enforcement officials are gathering against some of the actual rioters so that was putting those 2 things together is how democrats over the last few days are trying to make their case today. this will have that in the trial what can we expect to hear from the defense. we can expect to hear what democrats were already trying to preempt in their final day of arguments yesterday so today we're going to
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hear basically a free speech rule that donald trump has the right to free speech that he wasn't given fair due process the impeachment was rushed rushed and also because out of office they're still going to try to push this unconstitutional aspect even though it has been made constitutional by the senate they voted for that that's why we're having this trial and constitutional scholars. many of them all around the united states of different size of the aisle are saying this is constitutional and there is historical precedent for trying a president after he's left office but much like the democrats wrapped up they are arguments fairly quickly today it seems like the trump defense will be fairly quick with its arguments yesterday will be quick with their arguments today. and one of you you said this when we discussed this yesterday it is widely expect that trump will not be convicted in the end because not enough republican senators will vote against the current member of the parties so why go through this process and it's a question not only for this week but
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a question also that was asked in the 1st impeachment what's the point we know what the conclusion is going to be democrats of course want to get this on the record just impeaching the president alone is already a statement is already something that will go down in history as a negative mark idolatry to remember him by and it forces republicans to go on the record on where they stand out against violence against the united states and against really themselves so while the ultimate victory for democrats might not happen the historical record is still such still has some kind of value so it will improve thank you. facebook says it will reduce the distribution of all content and profiles run by me a mass military saying the army has continued to spread misinformation hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting across myanmar since the military overthrew the civilian government and detained most of the country's top elected leaders the military's hold on myanmar never really released to spawn's
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a brief period of democracy. but. the biggest street demonstrations in my an ma in over a decade protesters want the generals to step aside they're calling for elected leaders to be freed and they're calling for a new constitution. that's because the army says an article in the current document allows the generals to take over. when the state of emergency is over we will hold a free and fair general election according to the 2008 comes to q. shim and ham power to the when. it's a promise the people of my own ma don't believe. thank telecoms and social media blackout days off to the coup did not stop people organizing mass demonstrations to raise international support.
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the police responded the army who are good god the military said it didn't use lethal weapons on demonstrators on tuesday. but to misty international says police recklessly told them to protesters with no respect for their lives or safety. this video shows riot police trying to disperse a protest in the capital naypyidaw a protester wearing a red shirt and a made to bike helmet shelters with opposite to bus stop where. we are going to minutes later she slumped on the ground and fellow protesters tried to help her. banners on the fly over capture that moment. doctors told reporters that a bullet penetrated has skull and her condition is critical demonstrators are holding photos of what they say are her injuries. the army has
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banned launch gatherings the authorities say this peaceful protest outside the chinese embassy is illegal. china supported myin muslim military dictatorship for decades even as the international community shunned the country every human rights abuses. the army conceded some power to a civilian government in 2015 but they never truly left memories of brutal military rule is still fresh in people's minds. let's have a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world china's broadcasting regulator says it has banned b.b.c. world news as a largely symbolic move as the channel was only freely accessible to foreigners the decision comes a week after britain revoked the u.k. broadcast license of china's c g t
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n it concluded the network was controlled by china's communist party. members of italy's populist 5 star movement voted to support a government of national unity on the merrier druggy this clears the way for the exchange for the european central bank to become italy's next prime minister. at least 6 people have died in a massive pileup on a texas highway at least 65 others were injured when about 130 cars crashed on a stretch of road near fort worth police say icy conditions may have led to the parish. the legendary american just pianist and composer chick urrea has died he was $7923.00 time grammy award winner died of a rare form of cancer which was discovered only recently korea is considered one of the 20th century's most influential pianists. russian foreign
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minister sergei lavrov said moscow is ready to set a time with the european union if the bloc hits it with economic sanctions this comes just as kremlin critic alexander vali is due to appear in court on charges of defaming a world war 2 veteran who took part in a pro-government video hearing is getting on the way in moscow in a twitter post last year of all the referred to people who appeared in a video supporting a change in russia's constitution as traces of ali was recently sentenced to nearly 3 years in jail for allegedly violating his probation he recovered from the poisoning in germany. joined by our correspondents our until today in moscow and judge read here in our let's start with you explain to us again what is this new trial all about well basically mr of all he finds himself answering to charges of slander in connection to social media posts he made in the run up to
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last year's constitutional referendum here in russia basically russian state broadcaster r.t. or russia today and released a video which had a large series of russians every day russians voicing their support for the constitutional referendum now in a post on twitter mr have only referred to them as traitors and actually heartless as well and that had him soon brought up on slander charges now of course the trial was initially supposed to kick off last year but on this year all these poising with his soviet era nerve agent in his then resulting recuperation in germany prevented that trial from taking place now now that he's returned to the country and is in police custody they've decided to go ahead with those slander charges. jared what is the german reaction to this. well germany has consistently condemned i guess this pursuit of alexei navalny through all various avenues since he returned to russia in january it's also condemned the sentence given to him and the crackdown. by authorities on his supporters we saw last week
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these kind of tit for tat expulsions all of diplomats from russia and expulsion of german polish and swedish diplomats in these countries responded in kind i guess all these has led to questions as to what to do now one thing that's come under the spotlight is the future of this very important nord stream 2 gas line project that will pump natural gas from russia to germany under muckle has said that this will remain unaffected by the diplomatic tensions though europe should not become unilaterally energy dependent on russia we've seen increased calls to for sanctions by the german foreign minister hiker maass this is something that he is going to discuss with his counterparts on the e.u. level on february the 22nd so that having reverberations
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the world of course a verdict and we expect. well of course we don't know how the court will rule in this case but it bears been saying or it bears saying rather that the russian judiciary system has never been particularly sympathetic to mr have only in the past however if he is convicted he's widely not expected to face additional jail time of course he does he is looking down the barrel of a 2 to 3 year jail term moving forward anyway. the russian government hands that these are serious charges but in of all these team itself says basically amounts to legal harassment they say that they're attempting to hurt his reputation in the court of public opinion especially by drawing a connection to a world war 2 veteran and world war 2 veterans have a very very high social status here in the country so they say this is an attempt to hurt his his standing with the russian people in general and also they say you know basically it's an attempt to bog down his legal team with another court case at a time when they should be mounting a defense and attempting to get their client out of jail so while the russian
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government maintains there are serious charges of all the says it's basically legal harassment. has come back to germany do we know anything about her motivation to have. well i guess we can really only speculate about. motivations but what we know is that she came on wednesday evening landed in frankfurt airport according to dish beagle magazine if we look at it i guess from her point of view she's been a constant presence by her husband's side through his sickness and recuperation of course he's in prison now so she she can't be by his side anymore for the time being there has been a large crackdown in russia on anyone seemed to be associated with alexina valmy perhaps she came here out of fears for her personal safety to germany a country that treated her husband to the point where he recovered and was able to
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go home and the country to that welcomed her and her family very wrongly here. until 2 and most conjured read in berlin thank you both very much drug maker says it expects to have an updated covert 19 vaccine to protect against new variants by autumn studies have shown the current vaccine is less effective against the highly contagious south african south africa's president says his government has if you have millions of vaccine doses from johnson and johnson and biotech to fight the new variant several oppose a made the announcement during his annual address to the nation he also promised measures to revive the struggling economy and tackle record on the floor. for. a nation battling the devastating impact of a global health emergency. which has hit south africa harder than any other
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country on the continent. president cereal around the pose has come under fire for delays in acquiring and ruling at vaccines a topic which he focused on in his state of the nation address. we must undertake a must see oxidation program to save lives and dramatically reduce infections across. however many south africans are skeptical about getting vaccinated. the president sought to reassure already cation importers in south africa. morning turds like oh wait it's best to get it inspected and registered but it's all the effort going to help road that's regular ordered. the pandemic has wrecked
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havoc on the country's already struggling economy. the unemployment rate is at a staggering fair to 6 percent and continues to rise. graham oppose a pledge to increase economic growth and raise standards of living. we must overcome poverty. hunger joblessness and politics in our country. we must overcome the legacy of exclusion and disposition that continues to impoverish our people and we wish this on them because the west. coronavirus case numbers in south africa are falling but the economic recession in the country is far from over . and countries across europe are also scrambling to contain the new work
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over 19 variants germany is imposing travel bans on the have the neighboring czech republic as well as australia's tyrol region starting on sunday german leaders have expressed particular concern about the latest austrian outbreak of various states tyrell is not taking the situation seriously to the. polls it seems like a deja vu we are driving through to rule the very same state you know that was a major hot spot in europe when the pandemic began is making headlines by becoming a hotspot again this time with a new variant from south africa and most cases stem from here shots a district 60 percent of at least $400.00 cases this makes austria the 2nd most infected country after south africa with a coronavirus mutation. but with carnival season in full swing the people here don't seem to be worried much maybe only met up for
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a little growth and will be again in our midst of it at the house of us because this is a saving. it is the same thing that happened in ishqiya last year there is a concentrated move to look for someone to blame my c. for i know. this but it's always to blame anyway people's behavior politics opinions are split over this question here and i hate this one feel free. should have had buddha checks much. better you could also have been prepared much earlier but your when the grown elders trench orange yellow. did the restaurants and hotels remain closed and foreign tourists away there's plenty of gymnastics tourism austrians with holiday homes or even day trippers and when they leave to roll in many cases the virus leaves with them starting today people leaving to roll to other parts of austria must present
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a negative called the test pharmacies like this one have set up testing facilities the demand but the south african very end has already spread beyond the state borders have to rule the measures to set up what if one falls now too little too late. as you say this is just one measure out of so many us now i believe measures like the cannot be put in place from one hour to the next because a logistical challenge. and a political one to austria is a federal state the central government and the state governments need to coordinate how to respond to a crisis which takes time and exactly what does not happen. to have a look at some of the other developments in the coronavirus. report of the new york times suggests former us president donald trump was much more ill with covert 19 than the white house publicly publicly admitted with some officials concerned he
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would have needed eventually to new zealand's prime minister says the country's inoculation program will likely begin earlier than anticipated on february 20 new zealand is almost entirely eliminated the virus to match domestically beginning saturday the australian open tennis tournament will continue to be played but without an audience the state of victoria is entering a 5 day lockdown after an outbreak of the u.k. variant was discovered in a quarantine hotel. the president of the tokyo 2020 olympics organizing committee has resigned the 83 year old calls to fire as told for sexist remarks he made at the recent japanese olympic committee meeting or is also a former prime minister the outrage over his comments so a change in japan that is reaching even the highest rights. yoshiro mori wanted to guide the coronavirus delayed tokyo summer games all the way through a closing ceremony but his tenure ended in controversy. mori was leading an olympic
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board meeting last week when he was quoted as saying women talk too much something he called annoying the former japanese prime minister later apologized but it was too late his comments true sharp criticism in the parliament and on social media. and some $400.00 would be volunteers for the summer games quit in protest. and look i think more i should have resigned when he apologize but he didn't quit so i thought he was tone deaf. should have thought about the impact of this issue being reported overseas i know people in other countries have a stricter view on issues of equality than the japanese. mores strongly supported the effort to bring the 2020 olympics to tokyo and some officials fear that his resignation could spell doom for the games now set for this july. still his
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downfall to some represents an opportunity. for women i think this is a good chance for change for japan's current mindset about gender equality. it marks a kind of milestone since a person who made such remarks has to resign. so i think this has great significance meaning. after the 83 year old mori the 84 year old former head of japanese football. is considered likely to take over the japanese olympic committee. spanish formula one driver was involved in a road accident while cycling in switzerland and could miss the start of the season match his team said alonso is conscious and awaiting further medical examinations but according to some media reports suffered a jaw fracture the 39 year old's formula one comeback is now in doubt after a 2 year absence of the circus.
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gyms and other sporting venues closed in many parts of the world it's all surprise that many people have given up their fitness routines during the pandemic but german octogenarian that the lock down get down hasn't let her down she's been taking social media by storm with her fitness videos it's. no sign of not town for t. h e one year old eric harris has become a star on instagram and take. it all started with some videos she recorded for her family. looked only in the lockdown started and my daughter and i decided to do a video on to talk. and after lots of positive comments and appreciation really just carried on. the clips that mother and daughter recorded then look. have gone
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of the 100000 followers and nearly 10000000 views on take talk. and you want to come into the kitchen in the morning i look at my tablet how many more followers how many likes have i got now is it as read that. erika's fitness videos have eaten content day u.s. the wall street journal interviewed her and she has appeared on good morning america. and sometimes erica gets her husband to join her in some moves. by fact it's funny sometimes he gets the choreography quicker than me also got feet. sorry to beat your look down fatigue get off the sofa and chill in america. you're watching the news here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you prosecutors have wrapped up their case in the 2nd impeachment trial against donald trump the edge senators to convict the former president for inciting the violent mall that stole the capitol
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generous 6 chops legal team will begin presenting their arguments on friday. that's it from me and the news team coming up next 3000 steve w.'s globalization program that's all for me that's for sure.
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enough is enough. the sexual assault is part of everyday life for women in new jobs it's time to resist. the filmmaker shows a young female simplicio mocking the downstream. and islamised clerics arm including their foot down initiatives against sexual violence global trade towers. next on live. life on earth
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one of a kind and. a gigantic coincidence. for the improbable happened. before us who got it via the creation of our solar system of the planet is a bit like winning the lot of races who told anyone. what is earth or unique. in 45 minutes on d w. young german. and jewish. i'm jewish so was. not does that mean. in daily life. and at school isn't the same we should not be given a special status but be completely normal. this look of shock like wow there's
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a jew at our school that's the bad thing 11 teenagers 11 stories. one jewish and soviet. german and jewish starts feb 22nd on d w. welcome to global street that is coming up. russia's congested capital must go embark on a green transport revolution. night guys that are anything but dark we take a look at the harmful effects of light. but 1st we take you to egypt where the.


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