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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2021 8:00am-8:15am CET

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this is a news live from berlin donald trump's lawyers wrap up their case in his impeachment trial. they say the former american president holds no responsibility for the violence during the january 6th rise at the capitol also coming up. the u.n. calls for the immediate release of me and mars' ousted leader aung sang to cheat as hundreds of thousands take to the streets there to protest the military coup.
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i'm next vice or welcome to the program lawyers for donald trump have wrapped up their defense in the former american presidents impeachment trial denying that trump played any part in inciting the capitol hill riots last month the defense team took just 3 hours to make their case and called the trial a political witch hunt the senate will reconvene on saturday morning when members are expected to vote on whether to convict trump. day 4 of a trial which has all but guaranteed outcome. yet its participants push on and it was time for don't try to make their defense and lay out why the former president shouldn't be convicted. the article of impeachment now before the senate is an unjust and blatantly unconstitutional act of political
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vengeance their argument focused on freedom of speech insisting trump was exercising his 1st amendment rights when coughing doubt on the election results the constitution in the 1st amendment must certainly apply to these and pietschmann proceedings and mr trump's speech deserves full protection under the 1st amendment . by the defense also showed a 10 minute video of democrats using the word fight to argue that trump's words of fought like hell on january 6th did not incite the riot is who attacked the capitol after would suddenly the word fight is off limits spare us the pock receiving faults indignation. the defense team's statements foliage 2 days of augments by democrat prosecutors who said trump set the stage for the fall of january 6th place said he summoned the crowd to washington and did nothing to stop the rioting even
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as a played out on television. this is about protecting our republic and articulating in defining the standards of presidential conduct and if you want this to be a standard for totally appropriate presidential conduct going forward be my guest but we're headed for a very different kind of country at that point mr president the democrats are unlikely to gain a conviction as few republican senators have come out against trump who remains popular among republican voters. both parties are a get to move to a final vote which could come as soon as saturday. but all signs point to it ending as a partisan draw a 2nd acquittal for donald trump. and for more on this i'm joined by did a reporter william blue cross william one thing i'd like to understand the defense was given 16 hours to make its case but it took less than 4 what does that mean.
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well democrat house managers the prosecution in their time also didn't take their entire 16 hours a lot of it they didn't take more than the 3 or 4 hours that we saw yesterday from the defense i mean it basically says that they don't think very highly of this trial they want to get it over with they know that the outcome is pretty much assured they don't have to mount a very strong defense to get republicans to vote with them and therefore acquit donald trump and also never they were repeated shakeups in the trump legal team so that probably affected planning and organization and just who was doing what really the the effort was very clearly reflected by how poorly they did in that 1st time around even donald trump was reported to have been outraged at how weak their original defense was and you could hear in there so much stronger more muscular defense yesterday very much with having donald trump watching this and many of his supporters in mind when they went through your points iraq and how overall once the
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defense got going did their arguments compare to the prosecutions do you think. well democrats the house managers they laid out of very long consistent case not just on january 6th but in the weeks leading up to it in fact all of donald trump's term in office where he repeatedly used rhetoric that was stoking this kind of violence or this kind of anger that we saw erupt on january 6th and the defense only focused on january 6th only on that one speech the fight like hell speak just before the mob attacked the capitol that was part of the articles of impeachment that democrats are arguing that they brought trump to trial on but that is not the entirety of their case and the defense just ignored all of these other points that they were making they made quite a what about is a case drawing a false equivalency between trump's actions and words and other instances in
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different contexts of democrats and liberals doing much this much the same thing but in a completely different context and not not really explaining what that context was so it was a very much a cherry picks kind of kind of defense that left a lot of people scratching their heads what it was really about. ok we're expecting a vote today largely along party lines it looks like a foregone conclusion the republicans will vote to to acquit is there anything else to look for. yeah i mean we know we're unlikely to see 17 republican senators join democrats to convict trump so the question is how many will we know 5 to 6 republican senators voted to have this trial taking place a week maybe expect to see 5 or 6 republican senators vote it could be more will it be 10 will be 12 will be 8 that will be interesting the ultimate number and as well as who is voting to mitch mcconnell the leader of the senate leader of the republicans formally the leader of the senate and
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a huge enabler of dollars of all these years has really distanced himself from donald trump and has left that very open as to how he's going to both be theory very interesting to see if ultimately votes to convict or not and then what that means for the republican party going forward all right we'll be watching that closely all day thank you william blue cross for the insight time now to take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. american president joe biden is allowing asylum seekers waiting in mexico to enter the united states while their cases are being heard the decision reverses a trump era policy it saw tens of thousands of asylum seekers mostly from central america kept out of the u.s. . and germany has suspended broadcasting c g t n n china's multi-lingual cable news channel the german state authority said the move was triggered by an earlier decision by the united kingdom to revoke the chinese stations permit t.g.t. and had been broadcasting in germany under a license sharing agreement with the u.k.
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. the un's top human rights body has passed a resolution urging mean mars military to immediately release she and other civilian government leaders detained after a coup earlier this month pressure on the military is also growing within me and maher where large crowds have been taking to the streets nationwide and demanding the restoration of civilian rule. carol by the birth of their will to keep up the fight remains unbroken. it was the biggest day of protests yet. hundreds of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets and even the water to cool for democracy to be reinstated in an ma. now they have been given backing by the un's top human rights body. the human rights council passing
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a unanimous resolution urging manaus military to release on the sunset she and other civilian government leaders it was i think their reflection of a very strong view of the world looking at this outrageous act by the tatmadaw than the military of overthrowing a developing democracy a fragile democracy is and then the aftermath of this with the massive protests and the very heavy handed ness of the of the military. and the military's crackdown on dissent is getting more heavyhanded by the day. the red cross reports 3 people were wounded when police fired 5 of bullets in the southeastern city of milan me i'm now on that. arrested protesters were taken off giving the 3 think that solution defiance. meanwhile the
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military regime announced the release of more than $23000.00 prisoners as part of an amnesty. and mass clearing of the country's jails as authorities step up their response to the unrest shows no sign of abating. and earlier we spoke to a journalist in yangon and i asked her what was behind the amnesty 423000 prisoners in myanmar and these are pretty common around large holidays and so this is not something that's completely unexpected but what is different about this hour is the sheer number of people who released. the largest amnesty for 6000 back in 2011 and civilian government was trying to show that they were serious about reforms and so this one it's almost 4 times that many concerns from the public by.
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people who have been released are going to be used to either is. among the protesting crowds or to just you know create more streets but also the other fear is that they are essentially ending the prisons in order to make room for each of political prisoners. and there's also many. people who have been involved in political violence in the past including the assassins behind. me on the top lawyers who was a proponent of constitutional change was also released yesterday. time now for a look at the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic u.s. biotech company madonna has announced it's seeking permission with regulators around the world to put 50 percent more corona virus vaccine into each vial to quickly boost supply levels europe's medicines regulator is planning to speed up or any reviews of covert 19 vaccines that are modified to protect against variants of the corona virus and australia's 2nd most populous state victoria entered
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a 5 day lockdown as authorities race to prevent the spread of the highly infectious code 19 u.k. variant former european central bank chief mario draghi has agreed to serve as the new prime minister of italy. a 73 year old economist said he was ready to lead a bash no unity government designed to manage the effects of the coronavirus pandemic which has ravaged italy and sparked a deep recession the new government will be sworn in and on saturday with votes of confidence in both houses of parliament expected early next year support before. or a journalist seem a group to in rome has more on what's at the top of druggies agenda the 1st issue really is of course dealing with the pandemic dealing with the vaccination program which started out well in italy but then has been hit with many delays differences in terms of different regions how some i do know better than others so that's one key issue that will be tackling and of course that's the health crisis but there's
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also the financial crisis the economic crisis that lead to the spacing it was already in a recession before the pent demi and that's all spawn lee been wasn't more than $400000.00 jobs have been lost in the last one year so dealing with employment the economy and of course most keenly the european union recovery fund money that is expected to come in will the $200000000000.00 euros coming out with the plan in terms of how they are going to spend that money to help italy deal with all these various financial issues so it's both a hell and the well if you like in terms of the crisis that the country is facing that is his most immediate task at least that's what he said that he is expected to deal with. and we turn to football in the bonus league and now 2nd place leipzig hosted oxford friday evening had
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a chance to move them 4 points of league leading buyer with a win and they managed it with a bit of controversy in bone chilling temperatures. there were few places colder in a bundled up germany than leipsic minus 10 degrees celsius before kickoff with the temperature falling but there was controversy to heat things up for visiting our expert goalkeeper rafal geeky pitch saved the penalty kick but was told by the video assistant referee he moved ahead of the goal line before he was allowed to do over and let 6 dani all know was given a 2nd try he found in that it was one male. usef paulsen selfless pass just before the half helped make it to now house and made it easy for christopher and concluded to tap the ball into an empty net and albert penalty made it 21 in the 2nd half leading leipsic to pray in the dying seconds of the match this corner kick stayed out of the net. it did leipsic with
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a hard fought win but don't expect alberta's goalkeeper geeky bitch to forget it any time soon. leipsic next set their sights on a champions league date next week against liverpool. you are watching deja vue news coming up next is arts and culture next by sir thanks for watching. the line to us is hundreds ways to bring you more conservation. how do we make see the screen how can we protect habitats we can make a difference google ideas or mental series of global $3000.00 on d w and online. has a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll. just.


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