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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 15, 2021 7:00am-7:16am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin myanmar's military refuse a key demand of protesters and keep leader in jail pro-democracy activists are out for another day of demonstrations demanding her release but there are signs a crackdown could be imminent also coming up despite threats of arrest russian protesters put on a show of defiance flashlight flash malts in support of jailed dissident alexei. how will the kremlin respond. plus in bullishly
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a football high flying print for to extend their unbeaten streak in games and move to a 3rd place in the standings africa easily dispensing with visitors. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us myanmar's military junta has extended the detention of deposed leader aung san suu cheap she was to do to be released today but will now remain in jail until february 17th protesters are once again in the streets demanding her release and an end to the coup that brought the one to power 2 weeks ago the military has intensified its crackdown on the protests armored vehicles have been patrolling the streets and launched in an internet blackout this after images were circulated online that showed. the military firing on
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a crowd of protesters it's unclear whether live ammunition was use. all the pro-democracy protests in myanmar are the biggest in more than a decade and have brought hundreds of thousands of people to the streets they come from all walks of life students teachers and lawyers now the country's footballers are lending their voices to the protests i don't know how i don't know. that these footballers are demanding democracy and they not just any football as they are players from the neon ma national team they have taken to the streets to protest the military coup refusing to represent the country under a military government for her no no no no doubt over our dinner with these and i will throw what i want to only play football on the streets until we get democracy and we know we won't play for the national team under the military dictatorship.
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we are protesting to send that message to tell you about in order to work in some of. the right. and to not bluffing pay asking fans a taste of what football might look like under a military government as the streets replace the stadiums many of the football a say they do to their country has to come for us i don't know why you need our young football chaos but we are also citizens of me and ma i don't know we know people have for a night on each other in this moment the kind of people from sports up participating in this revolution that i will probably get to about it. the players say they'll continue to resist until democracy is restored one thing is certain the government has not asked the dressing room no no no no no no no no no no no you. in russia protests featuring flash mobs and flowers went ahead despite days of efforts by rush. an authority to suppress them rather than the large scale
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demonstrations of weeks past supporters of jailed opposition leader alexina body went small in their show of defiance. as dusk fell the lights in the so-called flash light protests went on across russia supporters of opposition figure head alexina volley switched on lights in a display of unity in the siberian city tomsk the protests motto love is stronger than fear shone down from the window of an apartment building. earlier in the day hundreds of russian women formed a human chain in central moscow this time to show solidarity for novell these wife . and other women who've become victims of the crackdown since his imprisonment here to this same message love is stronger than feeding the women took this message to the streets despite threats of reprehension is by the state. a little bit out there and seeing if i didn't used to protest i was scared and i'm scared now i
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don't know what consequences there will be but i'm more afraid about the thought that if i don't come out if others don't come out then everything will stay the same it was needed we need any sort of solidarity now because alexina valley is the most well known political prisoner now some people forget that there are also a lot of women in his team who are also being persecuted for their political opinions and for their work. against violence of any kind whether it's political violence or domestic violence that's why we're here for love. you see. some of the stories making headlines around the world today the west african nation of guinea has declared a new epidemic after an outbreak near the liberian border at least 3 people have died there the 1st cases detected in guinea since 26. the world health organization
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is helping to liver vaccines and contain it. for arjun time president carlos menem has died in buenos iris aged 90 he served 2 terms from 1989 to 999 pursuing a strong privatization policy to also take the peso to the u.s. dollar to control inflation argentina has declared 3 days of national mourning. the united arab emirates has published the 1st images of mars sent back by its probe currently circling the red planet the picture shows the north pole of mars well as its largest volcano olympus mons. here in germany thirties have travelled have bad to travel from parts of neighboring austria and the czech republic restrictions are aimed at stopping the spread of highly contagious variants of the corona virus which have been detected
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in several border regions european union has criticised the travel shutdown which is causing major disruption for workers who commute across the border. very little has got through this checkpoint at the austrian german border since early sunday many drivers trying to cross from the austrian state of t. hole were told to turn around unless they work in a very limited number of jobs classified as essential it's much the same situation at the german check border. honeybun hope in view about how we have ensured that testing is available for anyone who is eligible to enter but who doesn't have the results of a covert 900 test through it and that through the food we have end quote. it's a difficult situation for commuters some are even considering temporarily moving to germany and they say the changes to the rules were badly communicated with you. we
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have no information we don't know a thing can we drive to work tomorrow will we have to go into quarantine. i'm having a hard time i don't know if my job's classified as essential or not well they allowed me to cross over i don't know. we did the work will be hard without this work and if you have a family back home you have to pay the bills there is no plan b. . the check commuters association says bavarian officials did not inform their czech counterparts about the new rules. to match all we won't be forced to live in germany we're not german citizens we work there and we pay taxes there but now the borders are closed again just like they were 30 years ago yet. that was when you were up was divided by the iron curtain and communist leaders in the east part their citizens from traveling to the west
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but today germany is worried about highly contagious virus variants travelling across its borders. are going to be lost and thus we cannot allow these severe measures these restrictions that have been followed so well by the population here in germany to be for nothing the new variants could seriously endanger that and that's why we have border checks and why we're turning people back because i believe it's necessary. requires them and the us mines used nor to be sued tens of thousands of commuters have now been left wondering when they'll be able to get to work. top lawmakers from both main parties in the u.s. have boy support for an independent commission to make sure the january's assault on the u.s. capitol never happens again this comes a day after the senate acquitted former president all trump of inciting the mob stormed the building d.w. correspondent stuff and siemens is in washington where he asks if people in the
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u.s. can come together again after the trial years the walkways in the streets around the u.s. capitol are covered with a thin layer of ice things are still frosty in washington one day after the historical impeachment trial and acquittal of former president double g. trumped. the past week of drama and excitement in the capital right here is finally behind us. the 2nd impeachment and acquittal of donald j. trump now former president donald trump is also behind us is it time to move on democrats managed to get 7 republicans to vote with them to vote for a conviction off donald trump for what happened here or join a 6 but now it's all over and is it time to move on and if so how. i think there's a lot of
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a lot that needs to be done before we can all heal from everything that's happened so it's not over yet i don't think it's over it's time to move on yes from the previous administration but it's still time to heal and go back to normal because we're not normal yet you have to move on but the thing is i don't think he should have been at peace just. you know. there are 2 very very quickly you know if you've never heard of it but moving on from donald trump won't be easy what the former president symbolizes and means politically for people on each side of the political spectrum is rather complex if the reasons that trump became aware are no more i think the country will move on if they continue to exist i don't really see how that happens. here in the white house the by the administration is quite delighted that the impeachment trial of donald
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trump is already over why because this is ministration need the senate needs the republicans needs if functioning senate to pass laws to actually push policies through the institutions of the united states of america and don't forget joe biden promised he will be the president who unifies the country who helps the country to heal and to bring spec republicans and democrats in a common effort to do good for this country i have to hope that they're going to be working together. i also don't think donald trump is a unique thing that came up 4 years ago i think this is sort of been building up for a while and hopefully the country can once i think it would be nice to have the country finally after all this but i just think president trump is just so vindictive that he's not done he's he's not done with or without donald trump in the picture coming together politically is likely to remain
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a challenge for the country perhaps only time will help. us in sports and in germany's bonus league cologne traveled to frankfurt were and were unable to score any goals homesite however had been in top form and got their off and started thanks to portuguese striker under so. not a hooter's frankfurt hadn't lost at home all season making them one of only 3 teams in the bundesliga to make that claim win against cologne would bump them up into 3rd place. and after a scoreless 1st half frankfurt hit the target courtesy of andre silva his 18th of the season a 2nd most in the league and what a beautiful touch it was. and then fry. doubled their lead late in the half evonne indy car doing the honors this time in his pinpoint header and leaving the cologne keeper with no chance.
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to nail is how it ended and audi has frankfurt stay unbeaten at home and are staking their claim to a champions league spot. and finally prince harry the grandson of britain's queen elizabeth and wife megan have announced they are expecting their 2nd child a friend of the to conduct this of sussex made the announcement in an instagram post the pair and now live in southern california where they moved in 2020 after quitting their royal duties harry and megan already have a son 2 year old archie. streamliner the top story we're following for you here today on d w news germany has banned travel from parts of neighboring austria and the czech republic to restrict the spread of praed of virus variants thousands of police officers were deployed to control the border also. you're
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watching news from berlin coming up after a short break we've got world stories for you and you'll find of course all the latest news information anytime you want on our website that stupidity dot com i'm terry marching thanks with. why are people forced to hide in trucks. such. there are many reasons for such. incidents and. there are many cancers. lift. and there are many.


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