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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2021 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin military leaders say they will head back power through new elections and to commute demonstrators are turning out for the 15th straight day but with troops in the streets fears are growing of a violent crackdown also coming up hungary welcomes its 1st shipment of the chinese sign a form vaccine to the countries decided to break away from the joint plan and go its own way to fast track rollout. plus it's snowing goals in bavaria as
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little bealefeld gives a scare amid a blitz legal police are. flowing terry martin welcome to the show on mars military leaders have reiterated claims that they aim to hold new elections and say they want peace the comments come as military intensifies efforts to quell a popular uprising against his coup earlier this month protesters have taken to the streets of the country's biggest cities monday and young go on for another day calling for the release of the tame leader aung san suu cheap she's in custody and has been charged with illegally importing walkie talkies in the past hour we've heard that myanmar police have filed an additional charge against search she. for
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supposedly violating the country's national disaster law all. whispering in journalist dave greene about here he's covered myanmar extensively and joins us now from kuala lumpur the military the protesters and the u.n. are all turning up the heat in myanmar how do you read the situation there now it's interesting the military shows no signs of backing down the demonstrators show no signs of backing down u.n. clearly supporting the demonstrators here most of all of us here's what stands out the most to me and what you see on the ground. it's this government work stoppage so many government employees receive using to work for the us if this continues to pick up momentum and grow and more once government employees reach used to work within the military is going to have a tough time keeping the government running and that happens is key sectors will senior gentleman on long and the head of that he's going to find himself back into a corner how does he respond then that's the key potential scenario we have to keep
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an eye on in the days and weeks ahead ok the military still has the upper hand for now though what can you tell us about the military's deployment and yang gone the country's biggest city. yes some of these soldiers are from light infantry divisions which have a reputation for harsh. tactics i mean we seen this with how they run campaigns against insurgents in different parts of the country we saw what happened in the crackdown on the ring of that which drove more than 700000 men into bangladesh and specifically some of these light infantry soldiers and young dogs are from the 77 flight infantry division why is that significant well according to human rights watch the 77th open fired on protesters back in 2007 now i'm not saying it's the same soldiers in the 77th today as we as there were back in 2007 but people in and the m.r.i. they turn of the 77 i heard about them when i lived in the end on their reputation
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is notorious and they are clearly chosen for a reason to be on the streets and you know and i'm right now and that reason is to intimidate. the you when has been very vocal more vocal than it has been in the past saying now that the is the one to have better not crackdown or would face severe consequences how is that going down there. well the bottom line is obviously the demonstrators appreciate that support is far is the room to goes it could delay some tactics that they would use but in the end they've already shown their cards and senior gentleman on if he decides that the only way he can establish total authority is through brute harsh violent deadly tactics that he thinks the only way you can do it then he will use those tactics keep in mind this is a man who was spent his entire adult life in the very insular world of the me i am
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our military and now probably for the 1st time in his entire military career his orders are not being obeyed and in the end he's going to do what he thinks he needs to do no matter what the u.n. tells. dave thank you very much as always that was journalist david greene about in kuala lumpur now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today russian opposition figure alexina bonney is back in court where he's being tried for allegedly defaming a world war 2 veteran he says the case is politically motivated and mounting is already serving a 3 year sentence for violating terms of his probation at the time he was being treated in germany for poisoning. a group of prominent pro-democracy activists have gone on trial in hong kong they're facing charges in connection with the anti-government protests that rocked the city in 2019 include the founder of the hong kong democrats martin lee and media tycoon jimmy lie. new zealand's prime
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minister just into our down has accused australia of shirking its responsibilities in the case of a woman with dual citizenship detained in turkey for suspected links to islamic state militants australia has cancelled the woman citizen ship australian prime minister scott morrison said he was acting in the national interest. and honda and authorities have incinerated nearly wanted to have tons of cocaine seized from drug cartels incineration comes as u.s. prosecutors investigate one door and present one orlando one and as for accepting bribes to protect drug traffickers who ship cocaine to the u.s. . well in just a few hours a special flight carrying around half a 1000000 doses of china's sunnah farm coronavirus vaccine will arrive in hungry hungry will be the 1st european union country to administer both the chinese and
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russian sputnik the vaccine the government has granted emergency approvals to the vaccines by passing approval from medical regulators after criticizing the pace of the e.u. use vaccine rollout. hungary is going it alone last friday it became the 1st country in the european union to administer russia's sputnik v vaccine starting with a batch of 2800 doses on tuesday a delivery of the chinese seen a farm vaccine is expected to arrive another 1st in the e.u. this is a clear break with the e.u.'s vaccine rollout plan which officials in hungary have repeatedly criticized for being too slow. prime minister viktor orban said hungary is taking matters into its own hands. we can stop the virus without vaccines because it will always come back in new waves that's why our
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country's most important task is to get as many vaccines as possible. not later as promised by brussels but quickly on your song. the russian and chinese vaccines were granted emergency approval in hungary but they have yet to receive the green light from that used regulatory authority the e.m.e.a. they haven't been reviewed by hungary's medicines regulator either instead of getting approval via government decree that strong criticism from scientists of prime minister has been looking elsewhere for inspiration. neighboring serbia which is not an easy you member was the 1st i'm sure in europe to administer china seen a farm job this helped make serbia the country with the 2nd fastest vaccine rollout in europe after the u.k. . vollard. in hungary or
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a band says he hopes to inoculate 2500000 people by easter about one in 4 hunger ariens thanks to the scene of farm jab if successful hungary's decision to go it alone could further undermine the e.u.'s common vaccination strategy of more let's bring in brussels bureau chief for from norman well it's over hungary is departing from the practice of pursuing its own vaccine strategy. prime minister orbán is saying it's not about politics it's all about saving lives he has been criticised the vaccine rollout saying it's too slow and that is the reason for him to look for alternatives outside of the blocks come on procurement program but of course he's actions are also about politics domestic politics for example with elections and next year he is under a lot of pressure to reopen the economy as opinion polls show
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a neck and neck race with a united opposition against him for the very 1st time and we also have to add that he has been seeking closer ties with beijing and moscow for a while now because he is at odds with the european union on the regular basis in particular over his stance on immigration but also when it comes to his government's treatment of independent media outlets of or opposition figures well in terms of diplomacy procuring your vaccines from russia and china does make quite a statement in the european union would to hungary's european partners make a. well as you can imagine brussels is not very happy about that for the european union for the european commission the reason why they were so eager to have a common big scene rollout and vaccine strategy is was to make sure that every
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member state will get in their fake scenes that no one is left behind so to see hunger is breaking with the vaccine strategy no way no one is happy about that because the fact that hungary is the 1st state in the european union to approve and now to administer the chinese vaccine is also seen as as a huge credibility boost for beijing that is seen by the european union as a systemic rival but we also have to say that member states are allowed to buy the scenes outside of the contract that the european union signed collectively floor for its members with different vaccine makers launch you member states or frustrated about the slow pace of rollout of the covert vaccines what are the chances that some of those states might follow hungary's lead well i think we cannot rule that out check fryman establish for example visits and put up
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a few weeks ago to learn more about hungry sex in strategy and even heavyweights like germany seem to be open to buying chinese or russian vaccines once they are approved and i think it's really depends whether the european union can speed up the scene programs under a thank you very much to w.'s bureau chief in brussels. let's catch up on some of the other developments in the current of virus and the world the world health organization has granted an emergency authorization to senecas coronavirus vaccine the move should enable the u.n. agencies partners to ship millions of doses to countries worldwide in a widening scandal peru's president says almost $500.00 government officials are being investigated after secretly receiving early vaccinations for corona virus that axion was then made available for doctors and other health workers. has begun
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rolling out backs nations to its senior citizens they began vaccinating health workers in december but delayed vaccine shipments have meant a slow start to the 2nd phase this. fresh from winning the club world cup in qatar by in munich for back to bundesliga business and straight into above varian blizzard on monday night by and were expected to swap aside the lowly bielefeld but the visitors began the match looking much more at home in the conditions. it was a less than warm welcome home for biron after they were crowned club world champions in the heat of qatar it looked like they become a little too used to the middle east and weather as bielefeld caught them cold. made it one nil after just 19 minutes. confidence seemed to intensify
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with the blizzard most people gave them a tuna lead to take into how. with the pitch cleared for the 2nd half by a. one on 4 minutes but bielefeld. and restored a minute late to through christine gave the austrian forwards picking a great time to score his 1st been disallowed goal such cannot be measured. to make it 32 just before the hour as byron fought back. i've done more good work from the wing or lead to find equalizer through alfonzo davis who rendered off the scoring with 20 minutes to go 33 it finished to leave disappointed faces all run just by our drop points in the title race and bielefeld blew their chance of a famous victory. just reminder of the top story we're following for you here today on the news military leaders have denied their government takeover was excluded and
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say they guaranteed new elections will be held demonstrators are staging protests for the 15th straight day troops in recent days to use rubber bullets and sling shots to disperse crowds. but next a documentary film called why more and more americans are falling for sex and cults i'm sorry martin thanks for watching. and you hear me now here's we're going to you and i love stand judgments on so that we bring you i'm going to back off and you have a surprise to sell with what is possible who is mad cool really what moves that want. to talk to people who are on the way meyer.


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