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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2021 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin facebook and friends australia the tech giant bans users from sharing news as australia plans to make it pay for journalism its government calls facebook's move erick and also in the program spanish police face a 2nd night of piri and unrest over the jailing of a cattle on rapper demonstrators demand the release of public house sale who's in prison for glorifying terrorism and insulting the royal family.
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hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us facebook has banned users in australia from sharing news articles on its platform in the latest twist of a heated dispute with the government canberra wants to force tech companies to pay for journalistic content google has already struck a deal with australian news companies but facebook has been slammed for its action with critics calling the social media giant arrogant and unconscionable. many australians woke to a surprise this morning facebook out on friended them suddenly they couldn't access local and international news through the social media site it's a dramatic escalation of a conflict over australian efforts to force tech giants to pay for journalism. i think facebook when the news is terrible actually i do you say so it's easy to get
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and i can get all my needs in the one spot so it will be the impact to me. congress said the ban on news had a huge community impact a $17000000.00 australians visit facebook every month it's even being called an assault on democracy. facebook was wrong. facebook sections were unnecessary that way heavy handed and they will damage its reputation here in australia facebook gave no warning of the new shutdown camber wants to table a law that would require online giants to negotiate payment for news outlets content or have fees set for them some experts have their doubts about the law and say it needs to be reevaluated. the story is a bit more complicated than just saying it's all about forms kind of content from new salts and they benefit from it it's going to benefit so then you probably would also need toss whether. you. need to pay facebook and google traffic
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that is fall through them to their pages google initially also refused to pay for news content and threatened to pull all services from australia then in a surprise move the internet giant struck deals with australian media firms such as channel mine rupert murdoch's news corp and 7 west media. australian social media users will be hoping that facebook has a similar change of heart. say look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today nigeria's president has ordered security forces to organize a hostage rescue operation after gunmen stormed a school in kidnapped 42 people among them were teachers relatives and students who were sleeping in dormitories one student was killed protesters have gathered in myanmar's biggest city young go in for new demonstrations against the military coup that to oppose the civilian government activists are demanding the release of
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elected leader aung sun suu cheap hundreds of thousands have defied the authorities to join nationwide rallies. the new italian prime minister mario draghi has survived his 1st vote of confidence in the senate he's vowed to do whatever it takes to lead italy out of the pandemic and rebuild the economy is expected to win a 2nd confidence vote in the lower house of parliament as well. spanish police have clashed for a 2nd night with thousands of protesters demanding the release of a rap artist jailed earlier this week for his lyrics catalan rapper publish his cell was convicted of glorifying terrorism and insulting royalty in his songs and tweets unrest erupted in see. several cities including madrid and barcelona. demonstrators in pavlo as those hometown of utah marched to the jail where he is being held. i see his
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detention as an assault on free speech. in nearby barcelona violence flares as protesters and set barricades a blaze and police fire rubber bullets. and similar scenes in madrid as demonstrators fight against what they say amounts to censorship. it's a shame because it's a significant setback for rights and freedoms within the european union and another step towards detect tauriel and fascist state. your place yourself. sometimes i don't mean just this the opposition has to me a blatant injustice and absolute lack of respect for fundamental rights for freedom of expression the facts speak for themselves today. as you know he was
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arrested after he barricaded himself in a university along with his supporters. the rapper refused to turn himself in to serve and 9 month sentence for tweets and lyrics that prosecutors say glorify terrorism and slander the monarchy. was. misty international says his detention is unjust and disproportionate high profile celebrities have also joined calls for his release ministers have responded to the furor by relaxing restrictions on free speech the government's junior coalition partner is pushing for the rapper to be pardoned. more on this let's go straight over to nicole reese in madrid nicole this is the 2nd night of clashes how serious is the situation there. well you can certainly say that it's a situation of concern and if you go to these protests i managed to witness the one in madrid yesterday evening they started very peacefully but very quickly turned
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around with a few people starting to throw stones or running containers into police vans or even setting fire barricades a thing that i haven't seen in a crit myself in any any time during the time here so it's a situation of concern it's a serious situation there were several protests across the country in spain yesterday i think garcia do not was one of the biggest and also the police longer to get them under control. what is it about the public has cell case that sparked so much anger or the detention of him has certainly had to nurse mostly among young people who feel that this is not only about this being sent to prison because something that is addressed graceful scandalous it's basically for them it's a violation of the freedom of expression they think that anyone could end up like across it in any moment if they tweet something or say something that turns out to
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be not good enough or just scandalous enough to cast cast a light on them so it's a big concern among young protesters i saw yesterday this well and it's taken the certain dine any person and giving it's been given a momentum here. tell us more about why public hersel was prosecuted in the 1st place is what he said not covered by freedom of expression in spain. i think it's important to understand that our us and has been convicted 2 years ago already for the incitement of terrorism something known as incitement of. speech of hatred and this is not legal so maybe anyone who would like you know get that attention and public something under something like that could be seen by the authorities and as an illegal activity i can quote some of the tweets or lyrics
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that have been piling up over the years one of them for example saying and i quote i don't feel sorry if they shoot you in the neck talking about members of the conservative party or also saying that a particular fuller regional president in the past regional in the basque country should suffer a car explosion now that is making reference to the activities of the terrorists decades ago that's how they would kill their victims and this has been happening of years. not just not all ringback the things that he published are as grave but it's not legal yet time to turn himself in he was given a deadline now nor that deadline and i think it was only a matter of time until they detained him and called thank you very much that was the w.'s they call race in madrid. the veil ability of cover during teen vaccines is fueling discussion in many countries about. nation strategy who should get the shot 1st the elderly or should health workers and other front line
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workers be prioritised well if you're in the russian capital it doesn't matter the kremlin is promising that anyone who wants a shot can get. reports. seen with the potential to save lives. or weapon against the coronavirus pandemic. is on her way to get vaccinated and to go moscow's luxury shopping mall. first she has to list any preexisting conditions and show her id then she's ready. money is not i'm not afraid i had covered 906 months ago i was sicker than i've ever been luckily i didn't have to go to the hospital but i don't want to get that sick again so now i'm getting vaccinated. since the vaccination campaign was rolled out here 2 months ago almost divides have been offered as you could be shot people can get vaccinated at a one of a 100 clinics but shots are being given at shopping malls and an opera house that's
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for the russian developed a vaccine i visit. a lot of people come here with their whole family if russians didn't have confidence in the vaccine there wouldn't have been such a run on the center since it opened up. between one and a half and 2000 muscovites are becoming infected with covets 19 every day and over the last of the city has lifted to many restrictions mainly for economic reasons see at risk clubs and restaurants have reopened it seems that the russian state is relying more on the vaccine there restrictions the vaccination. is in full swing that's a good thing because of the russian capital absolutely needs. coronas statistics for the number of deaths nowhere else in russia so many people dying from it's 19. similar to its western competitors which have recently been approved by the russian
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vaccination requires 2 dogs is administered 3 weeks apart according to manufacture us off sputnik almost 4000000 russians have now been vaccinated and around town of of those have already received their 2nd terms but independent experts doubt of these figures they say this to 2 sticks i embellish and that's creating at dangerous situation. the dozen or so weird. it affects people's behavior it makes them careless or positive or they lose their sense of danger if you think millions of people around you have already been vaccinated words you might be careful about protecting yourself if you sort of shifted back to the gutter. cutter enough warning us to our department store she's about to get her 1st a dose of the vaccine and hopes it might bring her a little closer to the normality we all had before 19. that all in
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$21.00 days i'll get my 2nd dose of the vaccine in a few days after that it's my birthday and i'll be able to celebrate without being afraid to get sick invite friends over and we'll have a drink. but even those vaccinated can still get infected later sent to the evidence suggests the protects against serious illness but doesn't mean someone can't pass to the virus on. she's done on her way out here enough or you know get ice cream just don't she has to be careful for the next 3 weeks because only then will she have produced and nothing antibodies for complete protection against a coronavirus infection many here are hoping this post vaccine ice cream may be the 1st step to enjoying life to the fullest to why. more. now to some other developments in the coronavirus pandemic authorities in hong kong have relaxed social distancing rules following
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a sharp drop in new cases indoor dining and gyms will be allowed to reopen police in northern mexico arrested 6 people for allegedly trafficking fake vaccines for around $2000.00 a dose u.s. authorities have seized more than $10000000.00 counterfeit masks they say the fake safety gear could have put hospitals and medical facilities at risk and china has recorded 11 new infections up from 7 a day earlier authorities say all cases originated overseas. in sports the tokyo 2020 a limp dicks organizing committee has named japan's olympic minister as its new president seiko hashimoto will leave government to take up the role as a 7 time a limp in who competed in speed skating and cycling she replaces yoshiro morrow who resigned after making sexist comments she'll be tasked with regaining support for the games which are scheduled for july but have faced widespread public skepticism
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because of the pandemic. you're watching t.w. news coming up next a new edition of our documentary series dog film and course you get all the latest information anytime you want to our website t w dot com i'm terry martin thanks for watching. can you hear me now yes we can you and i love to dance and so on so that when i'm going to man and the time to have surprise yourself with what is possible who is mad cool really what it means to them want. to talk to people full time on the way maurice.


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