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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 22, 2021 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is the w. news live from berlin the un atomic energy watchdog strikes a deal with iran over its nuclear sites limited but continued access to monitor iran's nuclear program for the next 3 months buying time for further negotiations also coming up a general strike takes hold in myanmar tensions in the country are rising as protesters keep up their campaign of civil disobedience despite threats of lethal force. lessons in the pandemic as germany begins to reopen its schools look at the
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dilemma of whether to send kids back to class or keep them at home. and gallop us welcome to the program iran has agreed to allow limited nuclear inspections full 3 more months ahead of the international atomic energy agency negotiated a temporary agreement to ask crisis talks in tehran it could give negotiators some breathing room as they struggle to revive the 2050 nuclear deal between iran and world powers. for rafael grossly the clock was ticking the moment he touched down and turned around he faced an imminent deadline to convince a rainy in leadership to drop a new law that would suspend u.n. inspections of its nuclear facilities but iran 1st want to do. ali from oil and
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banking sanctions for now grassley has secured an extension of sorts we reached a temple. by lateral. understanding well. the agency he's going to continue. and money towing activities for a period of up to 3 months but across he conceded that the un's watchdog will have less access than before iran's foreign minister mohammad zarif has already said tehran will restrict access to security cameras at nuclear sites it is clear that they won't get a foot. as long as the united states has not come back to full implementation of its agreement so leaf is also demanding compensation for sanctions he claims caused one trillion dollars worth of damage to iran's economy. under the terms of
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the agreement with world powers reached in 2015 the i.a.e.a. can inspect nuclear facilities in the country at short notice but after the usa unilaterally withdrew from the deal and re imposed sanctions 2 years ago iran suspended compliance with most of its key commitments under the pact thank you so much the current us administration under joe biden has signaled it is open to rejoining the deal and lifting sanctions but the 2 countries both want the other to make the 1st move at least last summer grossi had struck a deal to allow inspectors to visit 2 suspected nuclear sites following months of negotiation now he has passed the baton on to others my hope the hope of the 8 has been to be able to stabilize a situation which was very unstable. and i think these techniques
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and their standing does it. so that other political consultations that. can take place so you know one small diplomats are on the clock with 3 months to find common ground. now let's bring in. iran expert at the german council on foreign relations this is clearly progress but how likely is it a focus on ground to be found. well it's progress in the sense that what we've seen last week and a coming together of the other partner something iran nuclear deal the united states france germany and the united kingdom to make progress and offer talks we haven't seen direct talks between the united states and iran over the past years on this and with the single willingness of the incoming united states president joe biden to enter into such talks this is an important moment and the
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international atomic energy agency has hit the ground for these diplomatic negotiations not to take place so that's a crucial development of those last couple of days you mentioned the ongoing negotiations just remind us of what state are those negotiations to salvage that nuclear deal. it's a bit difficult and as you mentioned. both sides seen ited states and iran one of the other to move 1st one to lift sanctions and the other to go back into compliance and this is where a possible 3rd party should come into play the europeans the european union the guardian of this nuclear deal and they should find ways technical diplomatic ways sequencing so that both sides can claim victory as you will towards their domestic
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audience but on substance they kind together and this is what this 3 month window of opportunity is for. is so what do you think how credible are tehran threats scaling back its commitment to the deal if the shot the sanctions lifted. they appear to be quite credible we have seen over the past 2 years 2 and a half years ever since the united states has left the deal that tehran followed up on its announcements and step by step they have reduce their commitments and even this is only a temporary extension they have a law passed by parliament which obliges the government and to do so and they have elections coming up by the summer and the june presidential election is due i don't so they are also under some sort of pressure at the home front to live up to their words and as we have seen over the past years as i said they have done so so there
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is some pressure out there and the parties of the deal had better come together and negotiate. and come back into compliance. from the german council on foreign relations thank you very much. the military in myanmar has want to unseat to protest this they risk their lives if they continue to demonstrate against military rule despite the threats sounds of protest and flocked to the streets in cities across the country including the economic capital young on where demonstrators chanted and called for a return to democracy shops and businesses were also shot on monday in a general strike call to oppose the militarist seizure of. earlier i spoke to journalist dave cullen about who has many years experience reporting from me on monday asked him about the significance of the military's threat that those joining the protests were risking their lives. it's
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a very significant i mean there's nothing ambiguous about it it's a clear threat about the potential for them to step up with deadly force in mass numbers we've seen them use it in some isolated incident so far but they haven't used this particular case of mass numbers but these demonstrators are keenly aware that this is a military that in past circumstances such as 1988 in 2007 among others have opened fired on large numbers of demonstrators so the question now is when would the line be crossed when the military would go that route again they know that that video and information is going to get out fast it's a different world now that's much more connected compared in 1988 in 2007 so the question is where is the line for the military to go that route because right now they clearly do not have control over the country so is there a point where they decide that's the only way they can establish control over the country journalist david greene talking to us from kuala lumpur thank you. let's have a look now at some of the other stories making headlines this hour boeing is calling
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for the grounding of more than 100 of its triple 7 planes worldwide that's following an engine failure on a jet in the u.s. on saturday shortly after takeoff in the u.s. state of colorado the plane's right engine blew apart raining debris on homes near denver airport there were no reports of injuries. 2 new zealand is marking 10 years since a devastating earthquake struck the city of christchurch prime minister to send our lead attributes to make it to quake victims at a memorial ceremony in the city's 185 people lost their lives in the earthquake one of the deadliest disasters in new zealand's history. a rescue team had to save 10 people from floating patches of ice in the u.s. state of ohio over the weekend the group of adults and children got stuck in open water on lake erie the ice was originally connected to land but then broke off from the shoreline. germany is making
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a tentative start to sending children back to school despite a recent increase in infection rates 10 of germany's 16 states are reopening classrooms for in person learning after months of home schooling it's mainly younger schoolchildren grades one through 4 that are heading back to class mostly other go for just the morning or the afternoon or in a daze so there are fewer students in the school at the same time most students are required to wear masks for the entire school day including in classrooms. so for more let's bring in our political correspondent. standing in front of a primary school here in berlin emma after weeks of homeschooling how did students parents and teachers feel today where you are. lots of mixed feelings about disco reopening today especially given. the rise
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to 7 days incidence rate which rose 261400000 inhabitants and this morning i talked to some parents who brought their kids here into school behind me not primary school process let's listen to how do you feel about bringing their kids back to school. i'm really happy that schools are opening again it's long overdue we've been waiting for this for a long time but despite the relief that comes with the reopening i'm disappointed that school learn to be open for 3 hours a day. this isn't proper school and the kids are the ones who will suffer as a result. as a mom you are not worried about the danger of fiction for us as a family all for the kids but i do think that we have a joint responsibility as a society to stop the virus from spreading and i'm disappointed that politicians haven't figured out better solutions. for. relief that from berlin
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parents. numbers here in germany you've mentioned edging up ever so slightly in germany again. schools will have to close again any time soon. exactly that would be to risk if we see for example the emergence of new hot spots an increased number of infections would lead to schools closure again even if i also had paris telling me this morning that schools are doing that to offer a safe classrooms for example there would be only 3 hours of classes today and noni small groups of children will be together and they will be. kept at a safe distance from one another 1.5 metres between each table they do have to wear and medical mask as well as an air features which have been installed in some in some schools and well all those measures should have fever and infectious
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but of course this has been going on for more than a year and we've heard from the parents themselves they were expecting more measures being taken by petitions. but as the damage. has. been. well in terms of education it's important to know to know that the schools were closed physically close that there was 2 classes all 9 classes being done by teachers so do cation wasn't completely broken completely interrupted that parents had to take on the role of teachers and that has been one of the major difficulties and of course not everyone is equal depending on those of the parents who are working depending on the bottom a tiriel is at stake even in this state block 5000000000 euros for the development
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of digital schooling by distributing tablets for kids for example but all of those measures i'm not enough for example to hinder the damage done socializing kids who aren't able to socialize with one another they were unable to do sports activities together all the damage still remains to be assessed. thank you very. before i let you go many of us have of course moved house but not like this a team of engineers in san francisco has relocated an entire building crowds turned out to watch the 139 year old structure being told to its new address just 6 blocks away it was moved to make way for new apartments the developer reportedly paid $400000.00 for the relocation alone so francisco makes every effort to preserve its victorian era homes which are part of the city's heritage.
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that's it from me and the news team on the we'll have an update for you again the. next is all documentary with a focus on the china's new silk road gado 1st in berlin a source of. comfort . and you hear me now i guess we can hear you and hydraulics tears down and sounds that we're bringing you i'm going to back off and see if the tap surprises to sell what is possible who is mad cool really what moves have all summed up who took the people who are on the way.


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