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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2021 7:00am-7:15am CET

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such. place blame. plays. this is e w news fly from berlin a historic verdict is due in the world's 1st court case over state sponsored torture in syria a former secret service agents is on trial for his role in repressing and assad's regime protest 10 years ago victims and their relatives hope that the trial will set a precedent and finally give them justice. you cannot just get used to the fact that you lost your job in one second you know you cannot just used to the fact. that the fact that he just disappeared for north and was also coming up another setback for
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the european union's vaccine roll out could astra zeneca out to missed its t u delivery target again. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program. a german court is expected to deliver a verdict in the world's 1st trial for state torture in syria the defendants name i ahd a admits that he was a member of the syrian secret service he arrived in germany in 20 team seeking asylum he's been charged with facilitating the torture of at least 30 opposition activists in 2011 linked to photos from inside syrian prisons are being used as evidence in this case i had a claims that his life would have been in danger if he hadn't followed orders to
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detain the activists and bring them to the prison where they were tortured. now among those who are testifying in court are syrians who say that they were tortured they hope that the trial could set in an international precedent deb you spoke with one young syrian here in germany she hasn't seen her father since he disappeared 8 years ago witnesses say that he was seized by armed men from his home in damascus there are always fresh flowers next to ali moustafa us portrait he was forcibly disappeared in syria 8 years ago the few remaining photos of him i was daughter while father's most precious possessions just look at them a 1000 times trying to conjure up his presence today it happened was i was away a mother then living in northern syria had meant to visit her husband in the mess because they hadn't seen each other in months. 10 minutes before she arrived she
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called them and said i need 15 i'll be there in 15 so he said that i clean the house everything is perfect and i'm just waiting for you'll. see his thing minutes later she i have. she called him and he never wanted. i mean. of the day but i was so calling to neighbors armed men have come to take stuff away while father mother and sisters aspect of he's serious one week later and leave him behind they still don't know anything about what happened to him. when they actually survive by leaving syria and not getting killed there maybe i've physically survived somehow but you cannot just get used to the fact that you lost your dad in one second you know you cannot just use to the far get used to the fact
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that he just disappeared for nor is a. while for us fathers one of 130000 people gone missing in syria most of them were disappeared in bashar al assad's prisons where torture is systematic. now the 2 former syrian intelligence officers are going on trial for crimes against humanity there's a glimmer of hope for families like wafa when the trial started wafa such amongst a portrait of $61.00 detainees and held a vigil in front of the courthouse i live in mind myself and i remind the whole word every day that my dad was political was against a dream he only demanded freedom justice and the state of law and for that reason he's been disappeared for almost 8 years now and this is not acceptable i'm not going to be silent about that today were for fields home in berlin she could see herself returning to syria and rebuilding the country eventually in the meantime it's important for her to be in germany at this moment. i think this is the hold
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off for many syrians in very many we are working our best to be accepted part of the decision making regarding syria because you cannot just this gas and decide anything about us without us. wafa hopes to reunite with her father one day until then chill remind the world of defeat of syrian detainees. let's get a quick check of some other stories making news this hour gulfstar tiger woods has undergone surgery for multiple leg injuries after being involved in a car accident in the u.s. city of los angeles 45 year old woods had to be pulled from his vehicle after the crash the s.u.v. sustained major damage after rolling over it's understood that woods was the only person in the car at the time. a court in malta has handed a 15 year jail sentence to
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a man who pleaded guilty to murdering investigative journalist daphne karr wanted to lead sia she had been exposing corruption among multiple political and business elite when she was killed in a car bomb attack in 2017. 3 other defendants are still waiting trial. authorities in ecuador say that over 60 inmates have died in riots in 3 of the country's prisons the military was deployed to help police call the uprisings which authorities blame on criminal organizations jails in ecuador are severely overcrowded and often see violence between rival gangs. thousands of anti-government protesters have rallied in the georgian capital tbilisi following the detention of the country's main opposition leader merely a was detained on tuesday at his party headquarters he faces charges of inciting violence during protests in 21 team he calls the charges politically motivated.
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the european union says that astra zeneca will deliver less than half of the vaccines that it promised the e.u. in the 2nd quarter of this year the drug maker is supposed to provide $180000000.00 doses by the end of june it has already missed its 1st quarter commitments due to production issues for more than 90000000 doses shortfall could hit the e.u.'s ability to meet its target of vaccinating 70 percent of adults by the summer. and earlier we spoke with c.w. correspondent barbara faisal in brussels and asked her for her take on the supply shortfall. politically of course this is a disaster the european governments promised their citizens their population we will get these vaccinations to you there will be light at the end often so corona crisis tunnel and now this might come so much later maybe in the 3rd maybe even in
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the 4th quarter of the new year so everything will be pushed way back because astra zeneca is not the only company not delivering more down to has mess of problems was production obviously and pfizer buying on tech too so politically for european governments this is bad news we'll going to have a summit virtual summit on thursday and friday this week and the european leaders will be talking about this and they will cannot really makes things better they will just have to scale back their promises to european citizens that was part of isil some other developments in the pandemic and better news for the united states vaccines wise there should surge in the coming weeks at pfizer but darnah and johnson and johnson say that they can provide enough vaccines to fully inoculate 130000000 people by the end of march thailand has received its 1st batch of the axioms 200000 doses of china a sign of action most have been reserved for frontline medical workers new zealand
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has reported 3 new locally transmitted cases of the virus in its biggest city auckland they come shortly after authorities lifted a snap lockdown saying that earlier outbreak had been contained. to israel now and an ecological disaster a massive oil spill has hit most of israel's mediterranean shoreline leaving black sticky tar it's also caused extensive damage to wildlife u.w. correspondent tanya kramer reports that the cleanup could take months even years. it's a meticulous task clumps of tar 9 descend on israel's military new coast one in tears and soldiers are cleaning the peaches by hand the all spill has been described as one of the worst environmental disasters in decades it has affected more than 170 kilometers of shoreline bemis give it does it give you tons of crude
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oil reach the beaches of israel from the south to the north and crucial ecological systems have going to affect and these are pictures where. their nature was animals and plants living in the water have been affected by somebody have died she high above my knee for get. to the tower was detected after heavy winter storm last week the cause of the all spill most likely from a ship off the coast is currently being investigated but the case has been put under controversial media gag order. and viral mental activists have called the disaster a wake up call for the government to put better environmental protections in place and this group is out at sea to hope with locating potential oil remnants in the war to the overall effect of marine life assistance be assessed but for some it is
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too late like this turtle found over the weekend that's off the top the top. and so we have a small brown turtle and you can see what the target did to and look at the extent of this disaster that's like a small target it was recently on. the production numbers monologue. authorities say the cleanup operation could take a long time the tar sticks to rock and pollutes the sand volunteers are determined to do their part in the cleanup effort and they get a lot closer to i think it is important that every israeli who usually enjoys the beach and they to it's important that we all come together and help with this mission it is a part of friends and i. for now the affected beaches have been closed to the public for an indefinite time.
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champions league football and bundesliga side byron munich have beaten lot 041 in the round of 16 byron storms to a 3 nil halftime lead thanks to calls from robert live and dusky jamal morsi. and the euro sunday after the break a lot c.-o. own goal make made it for before joaquin quite a hold one back for the italians also on tuesday chelsea snuck away with a one victory against against atletico madrid. well netting the only goal of that match. and germany are one of the favorites for next summer's women's european championship in england and they're currently warming up with a friendly mini tournament they got off to a good start with a win over belgium on sunday and on wednesday they were new one of the sport's fiercest rivalries against them that. winter is finally drawing to an end and the
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german national team is starting to feel full of the joys of spring not all the squad can be here though 5 players based in the u.k. and in france have had to stay away because of pandemic restrictions. he says that's what made me very happy with how things have gone this week we've had a lot of fun and enjoyed being on the pitch i hope we'll take this with is into the game. after the victory against belgium a tougher opponent a week in the dutch but the coach isn't focused on short term results or local rivalries so it's nice. it's not about a rivalry quite the opposite. i think there's many tournament is a good sign for others that we can play football again. some countries have had to cancel their games. i'm not so and. in any case this is
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a germany team full of confidence after an unbeaten qualifying campaign for next year's european championship. you know. we have the highest expectations of ourselves. our goal is to compete for the title in england will give everything this year to develop as a team. by the end. of the pandemic isn't making those preparations easy but friendly tournaments like this week's are providing something of a test and those tests would come much tougher in the netherlands. quick reminder of our top story a german court is expected to return a verdict in the world's 1st trial for state torture in syria the defendant has been charged as an accomplice in the torture of at least 30 opposition activists in 2011. and up next sunday the views it is business news with my colleague see
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there's a do stay with us if you can for that it's always more on our web site today on you can also follow us on twitter and instagram actually to be a news i'm sarah kelly in berlin because so much for watching take care and 6. people have to say here's to us. trying to send to the stories reporter every weekend on t.w. . the fight against the coronavirus pandemics.


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