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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2021 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is d w news live from berlin and historic verdict in the world's 1st court case over state sponsored torture in syria a former secret service agent is found guilty for his role and for pressing anti assad regime protest 10 years ago victims and their relatives hope that the trial will set a precedent and finally give them justice. you cannot just get used to the fact that you lost your dad in one second you know you cannot just used to live. through the fact that he just appeared more normal than. also coming off of germany gives
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emergency approval for rapid coronavirus tests tests it's hoped that mass cells testing will help keep track of the viruses locked down restrictions are gradually eased. and a car crash puts tiger woods in the operating feared theater gulfstar is awake and responsive but could this be the end of his checkered career . i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program we begin with some breaking news coming in from the city of copeland's in germany a court has found a syrian man guilty of being an accomplice to crimes against humanity a decade ago in damascus named as i ahd a 45. 4 year old has been convicted of facilitating the torture of 30 syrian
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protesters the defense argued that he could not disobeyed orders to detain the activists for fear of his own life but harrowing images like the ones that you are seeing here from the prison where the torture took place were used as evidence it is the world's 1st trial in connection to syrian state sponsored torture. syrian victims of torture were among those who were testifying they've told us that they hope that their trial could set it international precedent we spoke with one young syrian here in germany she hasn't seen her father since he disappeared 8 years ago and witnesses say that he was seized by armed men from his home in damascus there are always fresh flowers next to allie mustafa's portrait he was forcibly disappeared in syria 8 years ago the few remaining photos of him i've daughter in law files most precious possessions just look at them
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a 1000 times trying to conjure up his presence. the day it happened was i was away her mother then living in northern syria had meant to visit her husband in the mask because they hadn't seen each other in months. 3 minutes before she arrived she called them and said i need 15 i'll be there in 15 so he said that i clean the house everything is perfect and i'm just waiting for you. christine minutes later she added i. she called him and he never responded oh all. i mean of the day but i was so calling to neighbors armed man had come to take the most stuff away wafa her mother and sisters had to flee syria one week later and leave him behind they still don't know anything about what happened to him.
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when they actually survive by leaving syria and not getting killed they are maybe i have physically survived somehow but you cannot just get used to the fact that you lost your job in one second you know you cannot just used to the fact that used to the fact that he just disappeared for nor is a. while for us fathers one of 130000 people gone missing in syria most of them were disappeared in bashar al assad's prisons where torture is systematic. now the 2 former syrian intelligence officers are going on trial for crimes against humanity there's a glimmer of hope for families like waffles when the trial started while far south amongst the portrait of $61.00 detainees and held a vigil in front of the court times i live in mind myself and i don't mind the whole word every day that my bad was political was against a dream your only demand that freedom justice and the state of law and for that
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reason has been this appeared for almost 80 years now and this is not acceptable i'm not going to be silent about that today wofford feels home in berlin she could see herself returning to syria and rebuilding the country eventually in the meantime it's important for her to be in germany at this moment. i think this is the hope of many syrians in very many we are working our best to be accepted part of the decision making regarding syria because you cannot just discuss and decide anything about us without us. wafa hopes to reunite with her father one day until then should remind the world of the fate of syrian detainees. another important trial connected to the war in syria is also nearing its conclusion here in germany a verdict is expected in the case of the notorious or rocky preacher known as la he
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is accused of radicalizing young people in the country and helping them travel to iraq and syria as part of the so-called islamic state. this is the main defendant seen in court last week he stayed silent as he has for the entire trial. known as abu allah he's accused of recruiting in germany for the so-called islamic state he's an alleged high ranking i asked member part of a complex case. before she's had put tight security measures in place for the trial which started 3 and a half years ago and. now it's coming to an end with the prosecution calling for 11 and a half years in prison. after all songs we have credible statements from former members and police informants we have considerable evidence from searches as well as a monitoring of the telephone and internet activities of the accused and internet up
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to beat and i'm glad. this mosque in the city of hell this time on the site of a former drug store is where abu alaa preached he also put his tirades online to his face. he's accused of radicalizing young muslims and helping some to travel to i-s. controlled areas in syria and iraq. and he's a marine he later mounted a deadly terror attack on a christmas market in berlin also attended the mosque. abu alaa was arrested in november 2016 investigators had him under surveillance for a long time. his lawyers say he's innocent. don't value to share for our client was not the head of any network he was simply a preacher he may have preached at salafist mosques but there's no organization specialized in smuggling people abroad as the prosecution claims that it just doesn't exist at all it's all sorts of flaws it doesn't get to see. but one of the
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last co-defendants incriminated him and testified in support of the prosecution's argument that he is in fact a terrorist organizer. and i heard it in that trial is also expected we will get it to you as soon as it happens 1st let's turn to some other stories making news this hour aronne has officially begun limiting international inspectors of its nuclear facilities it will no longer share video footage of the sites with the u.n. nuclear watchdog and it will also restrict in person inspections of the facilities tehran is calling for the united states to lift economic sanctions imposed by former president donald trump. a court in malta has handed a 15 year jail sentence to a man who pleaded guilty to murdering investigative journalist stephanie carr one of the lead siya she had been exposing corruption among multiple political and business elite when she was killed in a car bomb attack 20173 other defendants are still awaiting trial.
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authorities in ecuador say over 60 inmates have died in riots in 3 of the country's prisons the military was deployed to help police quell the uprisings which authorities blame on a criminal organizations jails in ecuador are severely overcrowded and often see gang violence between rival gangs. astra zeneca will reportedly deliver less than half of the vaccines that it promised the european union in the 2nd quarter of this year the drug maker is supposed to provide $180000000.00 doses to the e.u. by the end of june it has already missed its 1st quarter commitments due to production issues. well german authorities have given emergency approval for rapid coronavirus tests that can be used at home through products have been approved until now rapid tests could only be carried out by medical professionals some public health officials say that such kits could make into
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a magic impact to the country's efforts to curb the pandemic timmy's health minister. the 1st rapid testing kits would become available in the coming days. and the mass testing plant for germany has already been rolled out in austria is funny the chart reports now from vienna where rapid antigen tests are freely available and even compulsory for school students the opera house is one of the landmarks but unfortunately the only going locals are no longer coming here to enjoy a performance what they want is a rapid and t. test and this is for example a get. over there which by the way used to be a traditional viennese food stand. i need to get tested to.
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thank you very much well needless to say this was very uncomfortable but very quick to within minutes i will have my result this cost me sooty 9 euros but there are hundreds of pharmacies. tested for free but there you will need to wait a bit longer for the result and there are a lot of people here who are willing to get tested to get to squeak and tests done in order to go to the hairdresser or to go to school because there are schools here in austria it's required twice a week to present such a test a negative called the test result of course to be able to participate at school currently $1000000.00 tests carried out each week in all 3 of one of the highest rates in the world has the government and the government hoops the more acceptable to be called to get tested the sooner the economy will be able to get back and to reopen that was funny for char in vienna gulfstar tiger woods has undergone surgery for multiple leg injury has after being involved in a car accident in the u.s.
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city of los angeles woods had to be pulled from his s.u.v. which sustained major damage after brawling over it's the latest setback for the 45 year old to sporting talents have often been eclipsed by his personal struggles. tiger woods turned professional in 1996 into golf by storm considered the greatest golfer of his generation tiger spent more weeks ranked as the world's number one than anyone else and he's the only pro to win all 4 major and both idols in a row from the u.s. open to the masters title in 2001 with 14 major championship titles tiger redefined the sport but a series of injuries and personal issues de railed his career. i was unfaithful i had affairs i cheated. goods made
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a comeback in 2019 and won the masters for the 5th time today aged 45 he needs to win 3 more majors to become joint leader only all time list. could this car accident bring his career to an end tiger's undergone a long surgical procedure he is currently awake responsive and recovering in his hospital room says a statement from the tiger foundation. tigers fans are hoping for a speedy recovery. i just hope he's ok you know i hope he's not permanently her i hope he can go again i'm sure that's what he's thinking right now. he's had some fabulous years and now he's just you know he has his slumps but he's had a surgery too so yeah you just hate to see anything like that happen to have a big impact on the community you really would support all together in 2017
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woods was charged with driving under the influence emergency workers say there was no evidence of driver impairment when woods was assessed at the scene on tuesday morning and no blood samples were drawn. template football now and aside by our munich have 41 in the round of 16 byron storm 2 with we now have time lead thanks to calls from robert live and dusky jamal c.l.a and lee rice sunday after the break a lot c.-o. own goal made it for before walking in korea pulled one back for the italians also on tuesday chelsea snuck away with a one nil victory against a 100 all of you go netting the only goal of that match. it's. like a side. marking their return to the knockout phase of the champions league on wednesday . up against premier league leaders manchester city led by former byron coach pep
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guardiola city just recorded their 18th straight victory over the weekend. meanwhile are without a win in their last 3 matches no dudek over 1000 travel restrictions the match will take place in hungary instead of germany. you're watching news i'm sarah kelly thank you so much for joining us. in mexico many pushing. us right now in the world climb a tree is a story this is my plan to bring home just one week. before it can really get. we still have time to work i'm going.


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