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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2021 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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danielle funded don't netted the winner for the netherlands with and go. you're watching t w news janell's up next with business news ticker around she will be right back. people have to say yours to us. trying to send you the stories reporter every weekend on t w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss. just through the tax and weekly radio but. if you would like any
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information on the chrono virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast if you get it wherever you get your podcasts you can also find us at christine w dot com and slash science. a single shot vaccine from johnson and johnson is providing additional hope that the u.s. can find its way out of the pandemic sooner market are celebrating. also on the show signs of life in spain as shoppers hit the winter sales but once again it's smaller businesses that continue to struggle. and irish port see demand surge after a break sit as companies seek to avoid red tape and delays by shipping directly to
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mainland europe. this is the adult your business i'm joined on in brylin have the you can join us the coronavirus pandemic may have affected the united states more than any other nation worldwide but the u.s. is making major advances with its aggressive vaccination campaign by some estimates the country could vaccinate its entire population of some 330000000 people by this summer and more help could be on the way as johnson and johnson is expected to get the green light for a single shot vaccine from the food and drug administration this weekend and that good news that is driving the dow jones to new heights. joins us now from new york now yes that widespread vaccination of course has a cause to celebrate their what's that doing to the discussion around possible release measures from the coronavirus. well i mean there are reports that
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the house democrats actually will try to get the 8 picket she's going by friday in the amount of $1.00 trillion dollars and then the whole deal would move forward to to the senate and there are reports that senate democrats actually might try to get this package on joe biden's table by mid march so even if the vaccine use is definitely a very good one that still doesn't mean that millions of american households are not still struggling but actually the seniors was not the only thing with what the market got going and investors seem to get everything they want at this time and the well coming year was so from the vaccine for on but then also the federal reserve said seems not to be in any rush to increase interest rates or stop buying bonds for billions of dollars sold there are a couple of factors in play and then you know we have 3rd bell jones industrial average at some point at around 32000 points just to remember almost
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a year ago in march when we hit the lows at 18000 so that's an increase of almost 50 percent was in a little less than one year well yes lots of things make investors happy there but what is the success of the vaccination scavenging mean for the sectors that have actually profited during the pandemic like say tech. i mean yeah i mean we do some some pressure on stocks like peloton like zoom or also home improvement companies like home depot or lowes all of those stocks are traded to the downside here on wednesday but on the other side we shouldn't forget yes the pandemic has boosted the digital world but in general the digital transformation was well underway even before the pandemic it so we won't see a complete reversal of all the trends that we've seen in the past couple of months and then on the other side to all those companies that struggled like their bit if
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we look at cruise lines if we look at our lines and even stocks like you have boeing movie chain so all of those stocks and they definitely got a huge boost in the when secession and that was one of the reasons why we did see those new records on wall street on wednesday overall a rosier picture thank you very much dan carter there in new york for us china is looking to improve relations with the united states thoughts according to comments by incoming congress minister wang wang tal he said the u.s. and china have a deep economic ties that should be leveraged to both countries benefit aging also aims extend an olive branch to australia at the same briefing officials expressed their hopes that 2 countries could do more to build neutral trust after several years of souring relations. now to some of the other global business stories making news. british airport
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a london heathrow incurred a 2 a 1000000000 pound loss for 2020 amid the collapse of air traffic the jew to the pandemic passenger numbers dropped nearly 73 percent to around 22000000 a level not seen since the 1970 s. more than half of those travelers passed through in january and february last year before the pandemic. the number of women on the boards of britain's top 350 listed companies has jumped by 50 percent in the past 5 years that's according to a government backed study the hampton alexander review found that women now hold 34 percent of board positions at the top companies. now food insecurity is on the rise global poverty has been increasing again in recent years despite the gains of past decades the pandemic is making things worse lockdowns and for access to health care affect the poorest the most those already struggling to
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put food on the table now here are the countries most affected by food insecurity according to the new global food security index yemen don zambia and malawi countries already facing economic and conflict situations and there's another major threat to world food supply that is of course climate change with droughts and natural disasters increasing around the world even wealthier european countries like denmark norway and sweden are seeing more disruptions to their food supplies pretty much saying is project leader for the global food security index with the economic economist intelligence unit we asked which countries were worst affected. one of the key findings of the index is that this is not really a developing economy issue out of our 113 countries in the index 66 so majority of the countries have actually seen a dip in affordability and like i said this is something because of lack of incomes
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and also a social safety nets and this is across different countries and economies so we've seen this inequality not just within nations but even internally within not just across nations but even within a country we're seeing inequality increase and the risk populations on european groups exponentially rising as a result of the pandemic. over dishpan where the government has announced a new $11000000000.00 euro aid package a package for companies and the self-employed could use perhaps for the beleaguered retail sector which is now also seeing a surge of shoppers coming out for winter sales but smaller businesses are finding it hard to match big competitors discounts and many are even shutting their doors altogether. bargain fever instead of cold people are down winter sales are attracting thousands of people to the center of finance here all the stores are open despite the fact that the region still has one of spain's highest infection
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rates. looking at them i agree with how it's being handled after all we need some distraction and if it's done responsibly and according to clear rules then i think it's all right now but if there are. intensive care units or at more than 150 percent capacity hospitals are overcrowded people don't seem to realize that they act like everything is fine absolute on the money that. they're core to using dres europe's largest department store chain is also open the authorities only allow them to operate at 30 percent capacity but some departments are still crowded the company stresses that everything safe of clothing for exams. are disinfected after each city. it's very important to us that customers feel safe shopping here. be there and according to department of health data if there are very few or virtually no coronavirus outbreaks in retail stores but if you have been assisted
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this but smaller stores in particular are suffering the most from the pandemic has many spaniards are still holding back on shopping jose antonio pastore saw his sales drop by more than 50 percent so far government aid has only been available in the form of loans. now this person. government is not giving out free money which is causing companies to go even deeper into debt. that will burden on businesses for many years or even drive them into bankruptcy. here. for rent signs can be seen all around violence here many store owners have shut down for good leading to the loss of more than 50000 jobs throughout spain. in the clothing and fashion sector one in 5 stores is gone out of business. and while it's a very bad situation because in valencia smaller stores are very important for the
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regional economy has come i don't want to know. even with infection rates falling it's unclear whether the people of valencia will keep shopping one sales are over spaniards who are traditionally avid shoppers have put more money into savings than ever before. before brags that many truck drivers took their loads from ireland to continental europe by crossing the irish sea on a ferry driving across britain and then sailing across the english channel and now they're taking a 17 hour ferry trip directly from ireland to frogs even though it costs more money the reason they want to avoid customs paperwork caused by private and possible delays in the u.k. many irish ports are now experiencing an unexpected who. trade is like water. it looks for the path of least resistance. for many irish companies that path no longer runs through britain but through irish ports like rustler until
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recently only 3 ferries a week left the port for continental europe now it's 16. breck's it has suddenly made the sleepy town a major player in the irish logistics sector. what we've seen is a fundamental shift i differ levels in the supply chain ok so certainly large industry big multinationals have made a strategic decision to take the brics a headache out all together and then avoid the paperwork avoid potential delays and avoid a trip to their supply chain. data from january suggests that more than half the trucks that previously drove through britain will now take the direct sea routes between rustler cork and double into french ports. a new warehouse was built at the rustler port just for crosstalk in goods. those hundreds more trucks call in support every day so local shops and service stations
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are now benefiting from about there's more jobs being created in the port charles will companies lycos were taking on more stuff so the economy in the region is certainly benefiting from it looks as if the port of rustler may be setting sail for a brighter future. and that's all for me and the business thanks for watching. she helps refugees however she can with clothes food and compassion the long haul yes i know who she ditched is and if you need work or in bosnia. she is supporting migrants perseverance here in the freezing cold like yasmina herself along with many fellow volunteers is coming under pressure. in some good southern europe. in 60 minutes on d.w.i.
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soup. to. a very kind of into active exercises that are available that d.w. dot com slash dog on facebook in the app store. learn german for 3 d. w i. this is news africa on the program today. the election the opposition has staged protests across the country at the polls. and that their candidate won. and the fight over a fish from kenya make. the community battered by the effects of climate change saying it's a blessing that the government has banned its consumption. also in kenya turning into profit a startup has.


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