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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2021 8:00am-8:31am CET

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this is the live from berlin concern over a comeback islamic state returns in northeast syria syrian kurds say they're being overwhelmed by the tourist route terrorist group many are living in fear off the jihad is sparking others well come very close on the program. divisions are growing among e.u. members over vaccine struggle restrictions and a possible immunization passport loss leaders will meet online to finally find a coordinated response to the prawn
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a virus prices today. for the public eye for more than a century rediscovered vincit fungal painting that's finally about to go up for auction. it's good to have you with us the kurdish dominated administration in north east syria is struggling to hold off a comeback by the so-called islamic state syria's coldish kurdish forces were instrumental in taking back control of i as hell territories now the militias fighters are regrouping in the region especially around the town of deer of zoar and in the whole prison camp the kurds say they have been left to fend for themselves. when abdel-hamid sets off for dare as all fear travels with him. the 43 year old father depends on his job as
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a bus driver to support his family but he risks his life on every journey. every day they find 2 or 3 dead bodies here people being kidnapped killed and tossed aside. islamic state militants have been spreading fear with increasingly frequent attacks on the main road through northeastern syria they strike villages and towns especially at night. money from residents set off bombs and behead people. has already attacked us in the village killing residents driving them away they are causing us so much suffering we need help to stop this disaster. but the leaders of the kurdish autonomous region are hopelessly overwhelmed thousands of fighters are said to have taken up residence in the vast desert the kurds lack aircraft and special equipment to track them down. allies
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such as the us have withdrawn. the kurdish units are the only ones still fighting ah yes that's what we're experiencing here right now and we're suffering because of it. tens of thousands of supporters mostly women and children remain in. 250 kilometers to the north. after the terror groups defeat in 29000 they were captured by kurdish fighters since then many have become further radicalized. coming back hopefully you hope it will come back yes where where exactly what makes you think it will come back. victory is near. is now pulling the strings behind the scenes at the camp smuggling in weapons arming its followers kurdish control of the camp is in danger of
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slipping away. state in miniature has practically emerged here the religious police patrol the camp these men have non-permitted relationships with women cooperate with the security forces they are executed. in the villages of the province memories of the i.a.s. reign of terror are fresh in people's minds in heena women with whips and residents terrorized but even after liberation in 2017 militants struck again and again. soon a man darwish was targeted for cooperating with the kurds in the local council one night he heard gunshots and. my wife was arguing with an armed man in uniform another was 2 meters behind her in between my son was lying dead on the ground they killed him with 5 shots and was. in january alone the so-called islamic state
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carried out more than 100 attacks in northeastern syria 40 commuters died recently in an attack on a bus people in the crisis torn region once again fear for their lives. and for more on the story i'm now joined by a journalist a middle east expert iman was recently returned from mosul and sins are in iraq that's close to the border with syria i mean give us a sense of how present the islamic state currently is in northeastern syria i think this is a mistake when we talk about. doesn't exist anymore and see if it is existing especially in a whole camp this structure and the procedures of slamming states has gained more power there and also in the in the province of gears we noticed in your report and also we talk with the locals that they say the fight is already. the
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kurdish forces is not able or capable to jewel to fight it is there because we have a buckle of the united states withdrawal some of its troops and international focus has been reduced that there isn't this is a welcome and is that state's right to feel this about is all the kurds really left by the west to fend for themselves or is there any any kind of support left for look for them. to be honest also in the media we know it's that way and always has been told an islamic state has been defeated no one want to talk about want to talk about that problem no one ordered to talk to gate their responsibility of the prisoners of. war within of the kurdish forces i think the international community has left the kurdish forces for them so would their problem
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alone i think this is a big mistake why we won't turn around our faces for this problem this will be coming again again if we are not make some action in this bubble and do you think that the i.r.s. will succeed in sort of getting a new foothold in the region and spreading further one were talking about failed state in syria for example laws struction or. no public service no hopes for the locals and no security for their own locals i think this is a question of the time that is as good as going to gain more and more influence for the locals to tell them look you see what happened when we left the area we have because we are able to have a tool to dull and deliver for your a security there is some assault with small salaries going to pay for some locals
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i think the most important things to put this locals would do with the hope to give them some public services to open the it is school and of course again and again the security issue is one of the important point i think the coalition forces by successfully are passed and i did it they are successful but they need more attention more backup from the was especially for the united states. journalist thank you very much for this assessment as a look now at some of the other stories making headlines this hour students and doctors in myanmar. are among the thousands holding new protests against the military coup in the country it's the latest in nearly 3 weeks of daily demonstrations since the army sings also thursday facebook said it has banned all accounts links to the myanmar military science in the. use of deadly force against
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demonstrators as a reason. australia's parliament has pasta landmark bill fay's forcing digital platforms like facebook to pay for use of australian news and criticising the bill facebook last week blocked news links in the country but then restored them the government says australian news media will now be fairly paid for their content. because of the european union meeting today to look at ways they can improve their pandemic response the e.u. has been very slow off the mark in its vaccination drive and new infection numbers are still stubbornly high in many countries this gives an overview of the infections po 100000 inhabitants over the last 7 days and yellow are countries with fewer than 50 like finland the darker the orange the higher the infection rate germany county has an incidence rate of $61.00 sweden and the czech republic have more than $200.00 well ahead of the e.u.
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meeting we take a look at the challenges the block is facing is a process. that seems variance and freedom of movement about a year into the pandemic the block is struggling to keep up with recent developments as e.u. council president michel made clear in his invitation letter to this 2 day leaders conference it remains challenging due to the emergence of new variants and the need to strike the right balance between restrictions and the smooth flow of goods and services in the single market. the block has failed to coordinate its anti coronavirus measures with traffic piling up at some of its internal borders like here between germany and the czech republic joins us now to these guns and chided us with for us it is essential to make sure keeping the safety of our citizens in mind that the variance of the virus do not make it sit germany. with
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member states acting on their own brussels has reacted with a slap on the wrist the commission sent specific letters raising our concerns to 6 member states which are. denmark finland germany hungary and sweden who are currently applying stricter measures and what is provided for in the recommendation in particular bans on entering or leaving the country while targeted restrictive measures on non-essential travel are necessary in the eyes of the e.u. commission blanket bans like those applied here in belgium do not serve this purpose the virus taught us that at closing borders does not stop it but we see that it's ructions with spring on its way another fight among european leaders is waiting to break out greece in an attempt to save its holiday season had suggested an e.u. wide vaccination certificate other member states like denmark and sweden have already begun developing their own passports with a bloc as
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a whole risking fragmentation on the matter. but the biggest challenge of all is the rather slow rollout of the e.u. wide vaccination program production shortfalls and other stumbling blocks have left the e.u. trailing behind countries like the united kingdom and lead to growing impatience among its leaders. i would replace couple of enough because the european commission should exploit the economic power of the e.u. to put pressure on much huge corporations. from ramping up vaccine production to closer coordination a lot is on the table well ahead of this virtual e.u. summit we have our correspondents across the continent lined up for you here in berlin delhi and rome seem a good time and in london big masses standing by bigger let's start with you the u.k. of course no longer e.u. member up but by far the most successful european country when it comes to vaccinations and many europeans are asking themselves has the u.k.
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success been helped by breck's it. well the u.k. could have always opted out of the e.u. regulations so it's the question whether brics it really is the reason that the u.k. has been successful however you could also what could e.u. leaders possibly learn from the u.k. and i think the success of the vaccination program over a quarter of the population in the u.k. already had at least one days of vaccination it's really twofold 1st of all i think the u.k. acted quite quickly and very early on and made it their main aim to deliver vaccination fast and quick so they put a lot of money into a vaccination taz was that into the whole that some nation program around 12000000000 pounds the u.k. is many more those is all vaccination from from various companies across the world that they actually need say it is determination and money which i think is the 1st
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reason that the vaccination strategy is successful so far the other reason i think is that the u.k. has a centrally organized health system the n.h.s. and the g.p. the family doctors they have all the information that they need in order to prioritise patients and also to colds to call them so you see here it's actually very easy to get an appointment people go to one of these vaccination centers and hundreds of thousands of brits every day are getting their shots where you begin. in rome italy is cope with 9 challenges the moment. well i mean it's one of the hardest hit countries in the world right now is seen basically a drop since november the number of daily sections it's under 15000 but that's it you're still seeing several 100 deaths daily and so the authorities are saying
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really now is not the time to be loosening any restrictions because of concern about variance 30 percent of the infections right now are due to the british variant and they expect by much it will become the predominant strain there also in seeing increasing cases of both the south african as well as the brazilian variant so because of that it not expected to ease up on restrictions at least that's what the health minister has said and they are extending it till the 6th of april so that will include the easter holidays the government of madea's draggy has also said pierre lee they've put a ban on no he's saying chill travel between regions that's been extended now till the end of march and they want to speed up on vaccination so they stalk here that because of this shortfall in supply perhaps they should be looking at the possibility of italian pharmaceutical companies producing the vaccine here in italy as well and also using all the available doses of vaccine and not setting aside
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for the 2nd shot so those are some of the the programs that it's he's looking at in terms of boosting its vaccination program at the moment some through 3600000 or so of vaccinations have been administered i can see my knowledge come to germany and joining us are diligent about public anger over the slow vaccine rollout is rising here and it's caution in germany and is now focusing on testing isn't it. yes we've seen health minister yes promised that a rapid tests would be widely a bit available for free in germany starting from march 1st but his own government has had to pull the brake on his promise because there are concerns about the procurement of these tests and also the implementation of the testing strategy in germany various states and we are now see some pressure to
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from politicians and businesses to start loosening the restrictions that have been in place here in germany since mid december and the widespread testing strategy together with a faster vaccine rollout would be pillars of that a reopening strategy although germany has so far been lagging on these 2 fronts now german chancellor angela merkel has so shown some openness to the idea of a slow and gradual reopening but it is going to be hard to strike a balance between the reopening and the fact that case numbers are stagnating and the threat of the variance which remains high in germany. rather big at most in london many thanks to all of you. germany's customs officers at the port of hamburg have seized a shipment of cocaine 16 tons of it is the most ever taken in a single raid in europe the drugs were hidden in metal. shipped from paraguayan.
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best occasions 7th. season belts of police have arrested a man suspected of importing the drugs. these canisters imported from pirate why were supposed to contain poti filler but instead they're stuffed with 16 tons of cocaine it would have sold for as much as 3500000000 euros that's a. we were very surprised by the amount after we open the canisters we multiplied the number of canisters by 9 kilos and came up with this unimaginable amount of 16 tons. another 7 tons were intercepted in the belgian port city of antwerp the owner of an import company in the netherlands has been arrested the find is done largest amount of cocaine that has ever been seized in europe politicians believe it's just the tip of the iceberg. billions can be made in the
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cocaine trade these illegal funds can easily flow into legitimate areas of the economy causing untold damage and. organized crime only attracts the attention of politicians when people are lying dead on the streets or when there is campaigns against it normally it's under the radar and that makes it even more dangerous. experts are calling on politicians to hold a summit on drugs the security problem is huge and police and customs are poorly equipped to deal with that. and so more news in a brief georgia house scene fresh protests against the arrest of opposition leader nicole millia demonstrators drove a convoy to the prison where military is being held the situation in the south caucasus nation has been tense since last autumn's elections opposition figures say the vote was rigged by the governing party. destroyed families ecuador waiting to
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find out whether their relatives were among the 79 inmates killed in prison riots the violence erupted in jails in 3 different cities ordinated fights it's a broken out as rival gangs battle for control of the detention centers. to kenya now where lakes in the country's rift valley region have reached some of their highest levels in decades the rising water levels are due to above average rainfall and schools flooding what has destroyed homes and businesses for the people who live around the lake and a lifeline from the devastation came in the form of fish for us to eat is kamali reports that lifeline may soon be lost to. its 10 am and the sun is unforgiving on the shores of lake mcu here fishermen are working in rhythm preparing their nets fishing nets to catch freshwater fish out of a salt water leak this whole scene in kenya's rift valley is simply abnormal.
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mohamed kemal has been fishing for nearly 7 months but he was forced into this business around christmas of 21000 leaks rising water has finally reached and flooded his home having lost everything to the changing environment the former businessman says he had to adapt or die. not planning that this or this or too much and the can never be fish here but don't 20 came with the normal events in fact in the beginning we were free to eat the fish. for the future we were really worried. at the finish over the next few months i thought it was delicious even introduced to the neighbors to. the lakes of kenya's rift valley have been growing over the years sustained rainfall last year inundated homes and businesses this increased fresh water also diluted the sunlight leak
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making it possible for tilapia a freshwater species to exist here mohamed and hundreds more like him now depend on fishing for their livelihoods but in general they were dealt a blow after the kenyan government said the fish from the lake contained chemical elements that may be poisonous if consumed is a controversial topic here very fresh and it took a top of the word that for them this is the dispy short of half an hour this fish is different like. at the local food market fish caught from the lake you sold side by side with other species and whether they know it or not the residents of nakuru town have created a fishing industry and a lifeline for climate change victims like marianne carey. heavily pregnant and wading into the waters the teenage mother risks more than most to and had to keep. together with her husband they navigate the lake with no protection but with the knowledge of the shallow waters and road networks that existed before the floods in
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just a few months the changing ecosystem has already created a new way of life. new on what it would be tough if it was us not to come back to the water any feel is us to wait for a day i don't think i could because now we're used to letting us tail end and so it would be very tough if it was us to. nearby mohammed shows us where his house wants to do he jokes about the boat stopping where he hoped his guards would be. it's not easy for him to be back here. but he reminds us that just beyond the walls his new life has already begun. a painting by dutch artist vincent van gogh has to be shown to the public for the 1st time after spending more than a century in a private collection. century artwork will go on display for months before being sold off it's expected to fetch many millions it's titled
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a street scene emo matter it's part of a serious fungus produced between 19861988 when living in paris with his brother taylor. the work is one of the artists very few that have not yet landed in a museum. this work by vincent van gogh is a real read discovery in the sense that although he has been listed in the catalogs devoted to the artist it has never appeared on the market since it was acquired by a french family more than a century ago. the painting depicts a couple's romantic stroll in the streets. at the time the healey perry's a neighborhood was becoming home to another ray of international artists attracted by its bohemian vibe and cheap rent including himself.
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yes it's a very interesting testimony of what mark looked like at the end of the 19th century when it was still very bucolic we can see the mills of the moon and the neglect a place of leisure very appreciated by parisians at the time. the painting will go on display in amsterdam hong kong and paris before being sold off to a new home ocean house saga beef estimates its value between 5 and 8000000 hearers . and finally straightly is modern version of the. this is the sheet that rescued this person's barat. with a really cold weighing in at around 35. in the us discovered in a remote forest north of melbourne it's believed he survived years in the wild but by the time he was discovered he could barely see straight anymore due to all that
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have actually has no say in him clean them up now is a new lease on life. this is the news is a reminder of the top story we're following for you even leaders are meeting virtually today to find ways to improve their response to the covert crisis vaccine production delays have slowed the box immunization programs but a failure to coordinate other measures measures also lead to different approaches of the freedom of movement and talking mutant us. that's it for me on the new seems don't go away coming up next focus on europe looking at how refugees in bosnia are struggling in the winter chaos and there's of course as always more news on the news after on our web site t w dot com also recommend you follow us on instagram and twitter with us. d.w.
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i'm god else was in berlin for me on the team is full of shit. boy oh boy. oh boy.
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blue. she helps refugees however she can with clothes food and compassion oh yes i know who she ditched is an even worker in bosnia. she is supporting migrants perseverance here in the freezing cold lucky as mina herself along with many fellow volunteers is coming under pressure. and some goose girl. next on g.w. . come. opposition parties in pakistan have been i think the pressure on prime
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minister imraan khan in a series of recent mass protests they say that he is a puppet of the military and has mismanaged the economy as inflation spiral my guest this week from islamabad is fall one choudhary pakistani minister for science and technology what has since armitage who's calling the shots in pakistan conflict 0. 60 minutes to go to. sleep. carefully. don't. seem. to be.
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discovered the. documentary. hello and welcome to this week's edition of focus on europe thanks for joining us today we wanted to start the show by looking at the plight of refugees were trying to reach the european union thousands are currently stuck in bosnia many are living in makeshift camps on mud racing the winter cold from he had they regularly try to cross the border to the country cry.


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