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tv   extra 3  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2021 1:00pm-1:45pm CET

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this is t w news live from berlin and the european union looks to step up coordination in the coronavirus crisis e.u. leaders are to hold online talks over vaccine production travel restrictions and immunization passports a year after the pandemic started what is the effectiveness of the e.u. approach also coming up a new blow to berlin's relations with moscow a german man appears in court charged with leaking buildings plants of the one just talked to a russian secret agent and syrian kurds appealed for international support as the
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islamic state returns in the northeast of syria they say the u.s. withdrawal has left does dangerous vacuum and that they are being overwhelmed by the terrorist group. that was kept from the public eye for more than a century that their rediscovered vincent van gogh painting that is finally about to go up for auction. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program european union leaders are meeting today to look at ways that they can improve their pandemic response the e.u. has been slow off the mark of its vaccination drive in new infection numbers are still stubbornly high in many countries this map gives an overview of the infections per 100000 inhabitants over the past 7 days and as you can see in yellow these are. trees with fewer than 50 like finland for example the darker the orange
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the higher the infection rate germany currently has an incidence rate of $61.00 sweden and the czech republic more than $200.00 now ahead of the e.u. meeting we take a look at the challenges that the block is facing and brussels correspondent mass center reports back scenes of variance and freedom of movement about a year into the pen demick the block is struggling to keep up with recent developments as e.u. council president made clear in his invitation letter to this 2 day leaders conference it remains challenging due to the emergence of new variants and the need to strike the right balance between restrictions and the smooth flow of goods and services in the single market. the block has failed to coordinate its anti coronavirus measures with traffic piling up at some of its internal borders like here between germany and the czech republic joins us now to these guns and chided
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us with for us it is essential to make sure keeping the safety of her citizens in mind that the variance of the virus do not make it to germany. with member states acting on their own brussels has reacted with a slap on the wrist. the commission sent specific letters raising our concerns to 6 member states which are. denmark finland germany hungary and sweden who are currently applying stricter measures than what is provided for in the recommendation in particular bans on entering or leaving the country while targeted restrictive measures on non-essential travel are necessary in the eyes of the e.u. commission blanket bans like those applied here in belgium do not serve this purpose the virus taught us that closing the borders does not stop it but we see the disruptions with spring on its way another fight among european leaders
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is waiting to break out greece in an attempt to save its holiday season had suggested an e.u. wide vaccination certificate other member states like denmark and sweden have already begun developing their own passports with a bloc as a whole risking fragmentation on the matter but the biggest challenge of all is the rather slow rollout of the e.u. wide vaccination program production shortfalls and other stumbling blocks have left the e.u. trailing behind countries like the united kingdom and lead to growing impatience among its leaders. couple of enough across the european commission should exploit the economic power of the e.u. to put pressure on the huge corporations. from ramping up vaccine production to close recording nation a lot is on the table and brussels bureau chief alexandra phenomena joins us now so alexander plenty to discuss for the e.u. leaders today but a slow vaccination rollout will surely be on top of the agenda. yes are you totally
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right and we also have to say that it's also true that e.u. leaders are under severe pressure to show concrete progress in managing their pandemic and that is why many of them will be looking to the european commission for answers what the european commission is doing to speed up the vaccine rollout ward is the commission doing to make sure that there will be no delays no further delays in the liver is and the problem here is that it seems that the european commission president or the law for underlying doesn't really have a breakthroughs to report so we could expect her to stress that the distributions are steadily increasing that the goal of vaccinating 70 percent of the population by the end of the summer is still in place but the problem is that the vaccine
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rollout remains very slow and this is of course bad news for all you member states and specifically for those like the czech republic who are facing a brutal new wave of infections and whose hospital systems are on the brink of collapsing and earlier we spoke with management team or he leads the conservatives in the european parliament i just want to listen to what he said and get your reaction. mr cynical is really a big problem for us in the corporation and in these negative relationships in these negative experiences we've had in the past you have to say that the export ban must be on the table so we want to have open borders but if the rest of the world is not doing so we as europeans shouldn't be naive and the 2nd point is that europe is spending a lot of money for research and those kind of companies who are not cooperating as us must also see consider that they're not anymore part of this big research union is putting the blame on the vaccine makers tell us alexandra i mean how we like to see the approach to this handled going forward what could we see in terms of you
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know rep or cautions if these contracts are are not delivered upon. or the european commission is saying they are trying to increase the pressure on vaccine makers but the question is how can they do that they can threaten them with the penalties if there are not thorough fulfilling the contracts they can strengthen to to catch the funding in the future but that is not going to help us right now so i think that a month later they have a has a point saying that there could be member states right now who wants to see that you are pm commission not only controlling the exports of vaccines outside the european union but maybe preventing dixie chicks in makers of exporting their products outside of the e.u. ok we also talk about that talked about vaccination passports let's have a listen there freedom of movement is a fundamental right for all europeans and that is what we have to bring back and that's why this vaccination passport is this is crucial and is immediately
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necessary i have no understanding why in the european council conclusions there is only as if formulation of we try to work on this very big formulation we have to speed up because currently 10 thousands of europeans are every day dixon aided and you do need be at them a bureaucratic nightmare to give them a passport after they are fix anything. why is the e.u. so slow alexandra because they want to have a common approach they want everybody to be on board and at the beginning of the pandemic the thinking was ok we don't have enough vaccines or vaccination at the beginning of the vaccination process the thinking was that we don't have enough vaccine so why should we right now talk about about a vaccine passports but now the pressure is increasing with member states such as greece for example austria really saying we need to be on top of this topic right now we need to move forward so i think that it's also going to be
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a huge topic for today's meeting alexander phenomena brussels bureau chief thank you all. especially capital madrid is under fewer lockdown measures than many other european cities but care homes have kept tight restrictions on their president's movements getting vaccinated has allowed the madrid pensioners in our next report to finally venture out on a trip and they've made sure it was a special. mass today is cause for celebration. for a 98 year old milagro ferdinand day it's her 1st time leaving the care home and almost a year milagro caught the coronavirus last spring but has since recovered along with a few friends she strolls along the bustling streets of madrid and heads to the theatre . i hug and so the so long since i've been to the theatre but i love the crowd via that's madrid just like me makes me feel homesick madelaine.
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going to see a show is always a treat but it's a particularly special one for milagro and the other pensioners freshly vaccinated and free there are reveling in this. thread those who spent the year cooped up in their care homes today symbolizes a return to normality. that will have to. give a lot us a lot of joy and it made us feel a little more alive it was really very good to be a movie a movie and. the chance to reconnect with those in the outside world. and. some other developments in the pandemic now a large study from israel indicates that the biotech pfizer vaccine works as well the real world as it did in clinical trials
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a study published in the new england journal of medicine shows that the vaccine offers very high protection against covert 19. india has reported its highest number of cases in nearly a month more than half were recorded in stress state home of the financial capital mumbai and the world health organization says that we need more understanding of long term covert symptoms it says listening to patients affected by long coded should be a priority for every health authority. look at some other stories this hour mass rallies are underway in armenia's capital yerevan with both opponents and supporters of prime minister a new call question young taking to the streets earlier passion young denounced what he called an attempted military coup after armenia's armed forces demanded his resignation russian yohn has faced months of protest since armenians defeat by azerbaijan in the conflict over nicol i know it's. students and doctors in
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myanmar's capital gong are among thousands holding new protests against the military coup in the country it's the latest in nearly 3 weeks of daily demonstrations since the army seized power also thursday facebook says that it has banned all accounts linked to the myanmar military citing the hunters use deadly force against demonstrators. at least 6 people are dead after a mudslide buried workers at an illegal gold mine in indonesia rescuers are searching for survivors in the line which is located in a remote part of civil ac i haven't official said search efforts are being hampered by unstable soil conditions. a german national has been charged with spying for russia at the german parliament the bundestag the case is likely to worsen tension between berlin and moscow the man is believed to have passed data relating to the
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bluntest talks layout to an employee at the russian embassy in 2017 the suspect has worked for an electrical firm that carried out regular checks around the part of german intelligence services have issued repeated warnings about russian spying attempts or cyber attacks. on the story let's bring in chief political correspondent melinda crane who is standing by for us so is there any more information on how this alleged spy was uncovered. you know we don't know whether this occurred through normal surveillance or whether the prosecutors were tipped off d.w. did reach out to the federal prosecutor's office but they're not saying anymore for now perhaps we will get additional information in coming weeks and at the latest we need to wait for the trial and of course several notable vents have shaken german russian relations in recent years melinda put put it all into the bigger context
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for us if you will absolutely what we had a major cyber attack on the german parliament to the bundestag in 2015 we have heard from the chancellor that she feels she has been directly targeted by russian cyber attacks in addition we had the murder in cold blood of a chechen rebel commander in the in daylight in a berlin park and then of course we have germany's involvement in the poisoning of aleksei nevaeh only as you know he was flown to germany for treatment in a brylin hospital immediately upon his return from germany to russia he was thrown into prison on charges of having violated a prior parole agreement by not showing up for parole meetings in russia while he was in the hospital in germany european union officials have just announced they
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are now going to be imposing additional sanctions on 4 russian officials in connection with than a volley affair but of course germany deeply embroiled there as well so so a very rough time for germany russian relations in g. 8 and what kind of political consequences could we talking about about these allegations. well we already have german sanctions on russia imposed after $24.00 to in connection with the russian takeover of crimea we also have additional sanctions that were imposed last fall in connection with the and again now this week the european union has announced new sanctions as i said so the question is how much further is there to go on sanctions certainly the chancellor has said that relations with russia are troubled
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and germany's foreign minister went further this week saying german russian relations are at a low point but how low they have to fall until germany reconsiders cooperation in a major cooperative endeavor with russia namely the north stream pipeline project that remains open to question because the chancellor has said she does want to continue that project many many critics would say it's time for that project to be on the table chief political correspondent linda crane thank you. and the carnage dominated administration in northeast syria is struggling to hold off a comeback by the so-called islamic state syria's kurdish forces were instrumental in taking back control of i.a.'s help territories now the militias fighters are regrouping in the region especially around the town of dare zoar and in the hall prison camp the kurds say that they have been left to fend for themselves. with
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abdul hamid sits off for dinner as all fear travels with him. the 43 year old father depends on his job as a bus driver to support his family but he risks his life on every journey. every day they find 2 or 3 dead bodies here people being kidnapped killed and tossed aside. islamic state militants have been spreading fear with increasingly frequent attacks on the main road through northeastern syria they strike villages and towns especially at night. money from residents set off bombs and behead people. has already attacked us in the village killing residents driving them away they are causing us so much suffering we need help to stop this disaster. but the leaders of the kurdish autonomous region are hopelessly
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overwhelmed thousands of fighters are said to have taken up residence in the vast desert the kurds lack aircraft and special equipment to track them down allies such as the us have withdrawn. the kurdish units are the only ones still fighting i-s. that's what we're experiencing here right now and we're suffering because of it. tens of thousands of supporters mostly women and children remain in. 250 kilometers to the north. after the terror groups defeated $29000.00 they were captured by kurdish fighters since then many have become further radicalized. coming back hopefully you hope it will come back yes where where exactly what makes you think you will come back.
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victory is near. i guess is now pulling the strings behind the scenes of the camp smuggling in weapons arming its followers kurdish control of the camp is in danger of slipping away. has practically emerged here the religious police patrol the camp these men have non-permitted relationships with women cooperate with the security forces they are executed. in the villages of the province memories of the i.a.s. reign of terror are fresh in people's minds in heena women were whipped and residents terrorized but even after liberation in 2017 militants struck again and again. suliman darwish was targeted for cooperating with the kurds in the local council one night they heard gunshots and. my wife was arguing with an armed man in uniform another was 2 meters behind her in between my son was lying dead on the
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ground they killed him with 5 shots. in january alone the so-called islamic state carried out more than 100 attacks in northeastern syria 40 commuters died recently in an attack on a bus people in the crisis torn region once again fear for their lives. and earlier i spoke with journalist and middle east expert kristen help work and i asked her about the presence of islamic state in northeastern syria we're talking about a very rough region eastern syria and western iraq consists mainly of desert the border region is very difficult to control because we have tribal networks of both sides of the border 'd and isis has never really left the region it has just gone underground it's a perfect hiding place for them and we can say that there are almost 10000 isis fighters still in hiding there who ever escaped couldst imprisonment whatever so
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vive the international international force of attacks went into hiding there and we see as this in a sense and bomb attacks on a very regular. yes very regularly there are almost $100.00 attacks a month in syria the same number in iraq these are it takes a look at population and there are ongoing clashes with the regime forces unit regime forces and even with the russian air force there and we saw you know some examples in that report that we saw earlier you know of the all hall prison camp for example you know which which is a controlled area how are they gaining traction there for example. i mean and hole is like a small city there are 60000 people living there and i mean these are people from syria these are people from iraq these are foreigners and there's a big difference between them because the most radical ones obviously other foreign us which is very interesting because they really came to the isis kalif it out of
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conviction so these are the women who are trying to reinstall religious police sharia courts they are brainwashing the children they are really being dangerous so the kurds are trying to solve this problem by doing 3 things in the 1st step they want to let the syrian national street because most of them really joint isis out of convenience personal gains they regret they have kind of turned their back to this ideology so they can register and go back to their hometown villages the 2nd step would be to convince the iraqi government to take their own nationals in and then in the 3rd step they will try to do you ready calliope's and rehabilitate these foreigners and the families of these former isis fighters and they're obviously kurdish fighters the kurdish autonomous region needs the help of the international community how optimistic are you that that all of those steps will be able to be executed in a way that will make a meaningful difference. i'm very pessimistic because until now the international
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community really has led down the kurdish forces this is exactly what they feel it was the syrian democratic forces the kurdish forces that fought isis on the ground they still deal with several thousands of hardcore fighters in their prisons among them several 100 foreign fighters europeans that no country in the world is willing to take back again the former bush trumpet ministration has withdrawn u.s. forces there are only $900.00 american soldiers left in the region and the rift draw in 200-1000 led to the turkish invasion and turkish tech in the north of the region so the really the kurds really try to at the same time fight off to a texan in the north wind at the same time taking care of these isis fighters and this is obviously a situation that is overwhelming for them journalist and middle east expert kristen helper thank you so much for joining us to share that expertise. well police in los angeles confirm that there will be no criminal charges filed against golfing great
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tiger woods over tuesday's car crash police said that the rollover quote remains an accident and accident is not a crime woods was also not on drugs or alcohol the 45 year old had to undergo of emergency surgery after suffering serious injuries to his legs with the most recent sporting successes came the masters tournament and 29 team while the icon's future career remains in doubt after this crash one of his fellow golfer said there are other things that are more important at this time he's not subra you know what i mean. you know he's a human being at the end of the day and you know he's already been through so much so. at this stage i think everyone should just be grateful that he's here that he's alive. his kids haven't lost their god that's that's the most important thing golf is so far from the. from the equation right on. now to
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a painting by dutch artist vincent van gogh which is to be shown to the public for the 1st time after spending more than a century in a private collection the late 19th century artwork will go on display for a month before being sold off it's expected to fetch many millions. it's titled a street scene in moma it's part of a serious fund produced between 19861988 when living in paris with his brother taylor the work is one of the artists very few that have not yet landed in a museum of. this work by vincent van gogh is a real re discovery in the sense that although he has been listed in the catalogs devoted to the artist it has never appeared on the market since it was acquired by a french family more than a century ago. the painting depicts a couple's romantic stroll in the streets of. at the time the healy perry's
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a neighborhood was becoming home to unnerve array of international artists attracted by its bohemian vibe and cheap rent including himself. on thing one your secrets are very interesting testimony of what mark looked like at the end of the 19th century when it was still very bucolic we can see the mills of the moon landing i get a place of leisure very appreciated by presents at the time you know. the painting will go on display in amsterdam hong kong and paris before being sold off to a new home option household the bees estimates its value between 5 and 8000000 euros. you're watching news coming up next on g w it is complex own where i interview guest followed choudary pakistan's minister of science and technology in the meantime there's always more on our website v.w.
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talk com you can also follow us on social media on twitter instagram facebook the handle is at. i'm sara kelly in berlin from all of us here at g.w. thanks for watching take care.
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conflict zone opposition parties in pakistan have been upping the pressure on prime minister imraan khan in a series of recent mass protests they say that he is a puppet of the military and has mismanaged the economy as inflation's fire my guest this week from islamabad is far one choudhary pakistani minister for science and technology what has his arm into chief who is calling the shots in pakistan
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a conflict zone. on teetotal. i subscribed to do you know where your books are something more in the world than what we make our captive far. 3 books on 2. they want to know what makes the devil if you just get the jump. on banning going away from. the world my own daughter and everyone was late i was in every. getting are you ready to beat the germans then join me right just do it on day w. . children to come to. one giant problem and when you're
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a kid in no mood to look at you you. denied it in a little vacation lady feeling god fearing. how will climate change affect us and our children our god. d.w. dot com slash water. to school and college years of prime minister non-con has actually done the guy you forgot this song you know the public's not buying that after a very long time involved a song does nor corruption scandal in the fall put out if you have to go is there a parallel justice system in your country in the next 6 months you can see the number of missing persons really busy do you think it's fixed up the bill to intimidate the press or are you see no problem with the freedom of expression opposition parties in pakistan have been upping the pressure on prime minister imraan khan in the series of recent mass protests they say he's
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a puppet of the military and has mismanaged the economy as inflation spirals is also concerned about the state of human rights and press freedom my guest this week from islamabad this fall watch chowdhury the pakistani minister for science and technology what has his government to achieve who's calling the shots in pakistan. mr fowler tottery welcome to conflict zone thank you for having me it's halfway through your government's charm and there is rising anger at high inflation and poor economic prospects the opposition has united they say that your prime minister imran khan that he is incapable and that he is merely a puppet of the military is he. well frankly all the positions meant in the same line it's just a non-serious argument i believe. this 2 years of prime minister non-con
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has actually done that died for baucus at the time when the whole world is actually struggling of the buckets on is probably the only conclude that has shown remarkable i would say that we have achieved the success that northern country could have even imagine that by this onward we have we have successfully. we have. economic stability. and anything that you can imagine you know the best case scenario that you can attribute to any control in the baucus on is a is for doubt and that's and the word has actually been on it like this one for that but mr minister i'd like to ask you because let's look at the seriousness of the argument in fact let's look at the management of the pandemic on march 22nd the prime minister told the nation that the government would not institute a sweeping lockdown less than 24 hours later the military announced that the army
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would oversee a shutdown and they have been orchestrating the response ever since so who's calling the shots. that's that actually is not true the 1st few simple this on the pier don't go into 6 february i think by this on was was i would say among the very nations that initiated. steps to secure its borders and ports in february 2nd greek we actually based all over protocols at the airports the word started of to do but he lead. the. refereeing there was no concept of complete block known in pakistan and prime minister there's a strict guard from day one and that is the reason that in pakistan we never had complete lockdown we only had partially lockdowns and actually very well managed dogs and military is part of the government and we are actually the
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policies of the government have the full support of army so pockets i mean prime minister called the short and pakistan army sports mr minister you know there are members former members of the military who don't agree with that assessment in fact and i just like to turn to the statements of a retired general who says the government in fact left a big gap in its handling of the coronavirus the army has tried to fill that gap there was no choice so in other words he's saying the handling of the coronavirus crisis one of one of the greatest challenges of the past decades and the civilian government could not rise to meet it who said this this is a retired general who was quoted by the financial times on april 25th 2020 but. i'm and i'm going to run something on the economic condition of anonymity. none of this you say obviously it's ridiculous statement so all business any oil any
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retired general is just like any other citizen or baucus on we don't know his political affiliation but forget about what border guard jim miller and i want to see is the question is that what are the results we have we stand to be government turning the over produce results or not the fact is that baucus on today is as has been appreciated by everyone on the bill would have and so it's it's really been who said what so you have to see the consequences and result what he says and by this unproved success and i have to give credit to the prime minister's policies and certainly me pretty supported by the son prime ministers because they are part of the government let's move from the coronavirus crisis to the management of pakistan's economy was started a little bit earlier that the economy was doing very well but you know the assessment of the world bank is that you have double digit inflation last year they also say that your economic prospects for this current year remain below potential
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tens of billions of dollars right now are being invested in the major infrastructure project the china pakistan economic order or c. pak it's happening on your soil it's supposed to spur economic growth last year you installed a former military general to oversee it could you not find anyone in your civilian government to handle it. frankly ones or don't know that regardless as much a civilian as any of the civilian and actually the human resources. we found the best was that john laws embody who has served in the army but fact of the matter is that he is one of the most competent officers to handle this he knows pro and cons of this project he has so long time and we would like anyone would like you know someone with hands on experience to handle such projects and that's why he was selected so secondly there as you mentioned about the economy you see we inherited
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. an economy that was in shambles his son was literally at the brink of bankruptcy and we started initiated oversteps from that very moment today a pox on the economy was far better. at the time when we actually in their route would do all. groupies doable by the baucus on there as actually the i would say the biggest step of prime minister non-con is that he has actually germinated the industry in pakistan for it is box on export has touched the highest by this on. the highest at the moment we are not we're not putting money to stabilize their dollars but it being we are actually the money is stable not mr minister i think let's turn now to $1.00 of iran calms big promises when he came into office and that is to stamp out corruption the anti corruption agency the
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national accountability there on the anybody has arrested around a dozen politicians from the opposition since then how many have been arrested from your party why would anyone who would have been arrested from my party it was you have no iraqi an interest in the. record if there is any you should point out who should be arrested from the party. well let me tell you what the supreme court of your country thinks about your handling and how you're approaching the anti corruption campaign and a stinging decision last year the supreme court said that the anti corruption body the national council of is selectively applying its laws on individuals when it detained 2 opposition politicians for 15 months without credible charge their top bar association goes one step further to say it's a tool for arm twisting of political opponents so how can you say that the anti corruption campaign is legitimate with such
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a stance on it like that. so. i would like to explain this in a bit to you know you see this whole national accountability bureau the anti corruption institution we have not the government has not appointed even. a lot of stuff in this you know organization from its german from the german of the knob to the very last good each and every one is appointed by the pm and then be there in a large city or shy to talk on a bar see the his nominee as a prime minister all of them but despite being so the whole institution of the law itself was actually bossed by a pm i learned in 1000 men to salman then it goes back to david the whole organization is actually established by either because party would be a 1000000 all the kisses they are charged with. not defined by us each and every case they are facing are actually fly by peoples party against be
1:40 pm
a muslim or pm and i'm against group as barbie so it is a witch hunting all investigations of this is these cases were actually complete even before prime minister go thirdly did is the evidence against them is not orderly wooden's where you will you know pick up someone and force him to make a statement each and every is based on extreme. documentary evidence for example leader of the opposition shahbaz sharif is behind the bars and it isn't evidence all $41.00 volumes against him with each and every money he transferred outside to money laundering has been accounted for so that is not. just fashionable to see to criticize you know the process for accountability but fact of the matter is that every pakistani citizen or their holder plundered pakistan every every one more the facts of the case that is so maybe you can give this impression to the foreign
1:41 pm
media. did is a return thing but in fact the word is every progress on the most all of this is our business on the matter so let's say it's not just the foreign media we have to say mr minister that the european commission assessment of pakistan also raised red flags that there are very few cases of ruling party ministers and politicians that have been pursued since the 2019 elections amnesty international also points out that the crackdown has actually increased since the opposition united this this past fall they have called on you to cease using the national accountability bureau to detain critics of the government where is the accountability mr minister. well frankly suggesting that it is important that the people in the gomen trudeau's will be arrested for mood is a is i don't think any one of them died and this quote an incident in modern i would say if that is any case against an eagle muddle through should bring before
1:42 pm
the court order even before the mob and sure the evidence only making a political statement does not qualify i also appreciate that mr miss mr minister then let me ask you about one particular case i'd like to talk about one very exposed person who is seen as affiliated with your government that is a retired lieutenant general. we spoke about him earlier he was appointed head of the c pac authority he's been accused of not declaring his family's assets properly as you know. so this is the person who you trust to manage your major infrastructure project but what was i think you should have used to the allegation is what i believe you should against the allegation is that he didn't properly file his wife his wife's assets the allegation is that he had built businesses his family built businesses in multiple countries around the world worth tens of millions of dollars and the big question is you know you're trusting him to have
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this infrastructure project at the very least it doesn't not warrant having him stand aside while you marry an investigation to avoid any appearance of impropriety that is what the opposition has called for. i'm actually against him is that the 7 years of his brothers in the united states of america they have built companies they build companies enrich his wife shared about 13 or 15 percent of you know the shares belong to his wife so i am unable to understand that if this bill if this whole empire is built on corruption and that do in the united states of america where is the evidence to that and if he has transferred money to united states from america from here into money laundering as you know under the new money laundering regime in the hole in the international and human or in the gym he can easily be comprehended but the fact of the matter it is
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that a position to use such kind of propaganda or loot to malign political opponents when it comes to hard evidence there actually has nothing in this i mean i learned this case. you know the public's not buying it the public perception is that corruption in fact is on the rise under your administration according to reporting from transparency international so since they simply aren't terribly confident in these efforts that you're speaking about right now are they. actually. know no coming transparency international actually i believe i have gone through the report of transparency international and i believe it's a very valid written report and. the emphasis is and the point they have raised are actually needs a careful consideration for example there is one point of. pakistan in description and that's because of the lower judicial court system in pakistan and i believe they're concerned you know that you've just this is and also the
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revenue departments and the police department did need to get together and all this new book out that why. people have you know the kind of they don't have fear from these systems so i believe that response international board is very right on the other hand i would like to point out there are after a very long time and by this there is nor corruption scandal at the ball paid out of the government did this years 5 months of this government not just single scandal for the minister this is very i would say. in pakistan because this on the country is on the used to be a government of people's party and pm and then they didn't do and hard for him and actually although minister would have been good for the money mr minister i'd like to move on beyond your anti-corruption campaign there's allegations of human rights abuses that have been mounting there's been recent demonstrations from family members demanding answers for people forcibly disappearing.


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