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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2021 9:00am-9:31am CET

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this is the w. news live from berlin the european union is placing its bets on vaccines possible e.u. leaders agree on the need for coronavirus vaccination certificates german chancellor angela merkel says they could be ready in time for people to take their summer holidays. also coming up. divisions deepened in armenia after the prime minister accused the military of trying to i'll send thousands states the streets in support of nicole pushing the un and also against.
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the brits taking moment that a mother throws her children from a burning building and holds their coats by neighbors who look. out of us welcome to the program those stories in a moment but 1st some breaking news that is just coming in gunmen have kidnapped 300 schoolgirls in nigeria that's according to media reports that the abduction happened in some far a state in the north of the country at 1 am on friday local media reports that some of the kidnappers wore uniforms of security personnel we'll bring you more on this story as it comes in. now the european union has agreed to develop a covert 19 vaccine passport that could ease border crossings and all people more
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freedom to travel again even leaders met for a virtual summit to discuss coordination they already on the pressure for a very large rocks in rollouts germany's chancellor says it will be at least 3 months before a vaccine possible system is up and running with slow backs nations coronavirus variance border chaos and summer holidays at risk there was no shortage of talking points at this virtual you summit during a 4 hour video call leaders trying to find a united way forward in the fight against the pandemic the pressure is intense concerns can't just be waved aside with the e.u. lagging behind them vaccination numbers and new variants spreading rapidly across the continent the b 117 is by no in all member states but one. the south african variant is in 14 member states and the brazilian variant in 7 so there's a lot of challenges ahead of us apart from ramping up vaccine manufacturing and
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easing production bottlenecks the e.u. will put more energy into detecting these more contagious and dangerous mutations through a dedicated program. with the spring on its way tourism has made it back to the agenda greek prime minister. was one of the 1st leaders to call for an e.u. wide vaccination certificates in the attempt to east travel restrictions and save the summer holiday season that's something all leaders could get behind but how and when exactly this vaccine passport could be rolled out is uncertain. we expected to be done by summer i am not a programmer so i cannot make any guarantees like i cannot guarantee vaccine deliveries but the political requirements are to reach this goal within the next few months. but for the moment member states have agreed that tourism and all non-essential travel is not an option. on this.
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phenomenon when will we see these possible. well presumably within the next 3 months that is what german chancellor angela merkel is after the meeting but she didn't want to commit to any specific date because as she stressed there are a lot of detail is are still being worked on in berlin but also in brussels the european commission would like to see and a you why it's so difficult and if not then they want to make sure that national vaccine certificates will be wickedness in every member state but i think it's fair to say that what we saw yesterday was real progress comparators to all the discussions going all going on for weeks now we have this broader agreement that vixen certificates are coming. so when i have this passport in the summer as the chancellor indicates it will be able to travel the e.u.
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freely like i used to. well that's of course the key question but i don't have any answer for you yet because that is something that the leaders did not agree on. that since of typical doesn't necessarily mean that you are allowed to travel french president mark hall was also a bit skeptical saying that you know we have to make sure that no one is going to be discriminated against because we don't have enough vaccines because young people still have to wait to be vaccinated but i think that the pressure is really growing from from different member states saying we need to open up travel we need to open up tourism. and chancellor sebastian courts want the european union that if there are not going to do it together. we'll go it alone so. there's passport to get passports 1st you have to get a bar scene asian so what have you leaders want to do about the boroughs of new
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slovaks in roll out. well they said that anything that is necessary has to be done to speed up their rollouts to ramp up the production there is a new task force that has apparently be able been able to identify potential location that could be used to ramp up the production and that often the line they had of the european commission stress during that meeting that you know trying to calm down i think everyone that deliveries are increasing that we are going to see more vixens arriving in the next quarter but of course e.u. leaders are under a lot of pressure to deliver progress to deliver results to their populations and they were also talking about a possible complete export ban for big scenes but there was no a broad majority to introduce that because at the moment the european command a commission is just controlling who is exporting scenes out of the european union
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but there is no export ban and it's not agreed upon that it's going to be one in the future. she said at some of phenomena thank you as. well as europe ponders a potential way out of lockdown brazil reports that a quarter of a 1000000 people have now died from corona virus despite registering more than 10000000 cases brazil's president has consistently downplayed the crisis and the health workers that's making their struggle to save lives even harder to w.'s john ramirez this report from sao paulo. dr fernando got she treated the 1st 1000 patients in brazil since then he has had to deal not only with the pandemic but also with the government downplaying it speaking out put him under pressure and even cost him a burnout. so if it was going to screech he suffered
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a lot of criticism because we started to spread information inside and outside the hospital to share our experience with the world and with other hospitals the spirit says for all those then we were criticised for doing that by society by experts and even from our own government the problem was very most 12 months after its fairest case brazil is facing another challenge the new strain this patient is infected with environment which besides have been more contagious seems to affect young and old alike in period 2 of us hospital in sao paolo she is insulated unconscious but despite the gravity of the pandemic the government's controversial approach means many in brazil still belittle the effects of the virus there are many people in a very serious condition this is not a joke at most people think it is. currently almost how of brazil's $27.00
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states say their intensive care units are more than 80 percent food at the hospital in sao paulo one of the largest in latin america more and more young people are being admitted with coronavirus these women are visiting a 32 year old man people are struggling to get a bed and get better and while the politicians are fighting among themselves the population is dying. monika see that works in the same hospital and was the 1st person to receive the vaccine in brazil coronavirus that seems have been at the heard of a political power struggle in the country. people shouldn't be thinking about politics the important thing is that the vaccine is here whether it comes from one side or they're all there it doesn't matter what counts is that we have the vaccine . although brazil has been successful in vaccinated against other diseases such as
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yellow fever tuberculosis a miss less this time partisan struggles hub resulted in the country failing to buy enough but since doses that has cost divisions even within both sinatras ranks you congress. like you feel is very unfortunately we have seen that while it is the sation of the seas some are ignoring the pandemic and others are taking advantage of it to project and out like general political plan for 2022 it. may be choice but the virus does not care about politics that's clear to those fighting it on the frontline and those who like dr gace have seen the evolution of the virus from day one. turned over some of the other stories and stories making news at this hour for testers in the trade outside the house of change she hasn't been seen in public since our government was overthrown in
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a military coup on february 1st demonstrators out of the streets again in several cities despite being touched by pro home gangs on thursday. u.s. president joe biden phoned king salmon of saudi arabia for the 1st time since taking office the u.s. is preparing to release an intelligence report on the killing of journalist to mark the u.s. has previously singled out saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman as a likely orchestrator of the. russian opposition leader alexander valley has been moved from a moscow jail to an undisclosed detention center as lawyers say he has likely been taken to a penal colony of ali was sentenced to 2 years of labor for breaching his parole while recovering in germany from a poisoning attack. to a former soviet republic of armenia now a month of political tensions are now coming to a head thousands have rallied in the capital here avan in support of prime minister
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and he called pushing in after he accused the military of attempted coup but those against him also gathered thousands to call for his resignation the prime minister has been a divisive figure following i mean he has defeat in a bloody conflict with its neighbor azerbaijan last year. an impact leader holding on to power for now. armenia's top generals called on prime minister nicole pushing on to resign on thursday following months of protests but this time his supporters of come out in force stepping in front of the crowd in the capital on pushing and denounce the army's move as an attempted coup. to keep god all the army must do its job. the army cannot look back the army cannot interfere in political processes the army must a day only the people and the political power chosen by the people. yes you.
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can ascribe a camera. put the opposition also took to the streets and numbers. they pressed home the generals demand. that was a war that we lost shamefully and the prime minister who was responsible for that has not left his post and since that day the public has been demanding his resignation. he was. pushing younes troubles stem from last year's war without over the region of nagorno-karabakh. in weeks of fighting armenia lost control of large parts of the disputed region and of azerbaijan and territory linking up the exclave to armenia thousands of armenians had to flee their homes and the army suffered heavy casualties. crushing defeat feels the anger on the streets of the arab where the protesters have set up for the long haul. more of the story from joshua
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cherubs a journalist covering the caucasus region he joins us from tbilisi just what's the latest you're hearing there from the media. well so far everything that this morning seems conan you know i mean the following yesterday's dramatic events when the chief of staff of the armed forces and several dozen other military officers called for him to resign this was really a one president interference by the armed forces in the armenian politics and really so far the peak of the crisis that our media and politics have been in since the loss of the war as your report described. since its armenia lost the war there's been calls from every corner of politics an armenian society for pashtun to step down but the military officers calling on it was. yet another level.
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still passionate has used all of these calls and he's continuing to refuse. so he called that the military officers state in a coup attempt. thus far the military officers don't seem to have taken any further actions so it's maybe a bit premature to call it a coup attempt but it's certainly a very how much support actually ironic. if i dropped in that how much support does he have still in the population. the thing is i think a lot of people are unhappy with him but there are really any alternatives there was a poll this week that indicated that 39 percent of armenians wanted to stay in power 44 percent want him to resign however the poll that also asked for a new approval ratings of specific politicians and pasha noma's was far in the lead so any of the opposition any of the potential replacements for pasha are even less popular than he is in itself so that's sort of. the situation that our media is
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stuck in so many international reactions so far to what's going on in the media. yeah there's all sorts of reactions there was from from the u.s. from the your european union from nato from various western organizations a very similar response to saying calling on all sides for restraint but also noting that it's a bedrock of democratic principles that the army doesn't interfere in politics. the most intriguing and most important reaction is from russia russia is armenia's treaty ally strong supporter and even more important given. the large role that russian peacekeepers are now playing in protecting the armenian population in the corner part of our putin russian president vladimir putin spoke yesterday with passion. his the statement said that this was
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a sort of interesting discrepancy in the 2 descriptions of the statement pashtun said that putin supported him. the russian statement the russian description of the call said that. what the kremlin supports maintaining order and calm in our media and resolving the situation within the framework. so there's a little bit of nuance there but certainly the kremlin has is the international scene that ever was everyone's going to be looking for just like a chair that into b.c. thank you thanks for having me. and also the remarkable story of 4 children being thrown from a burning building in istanbul. kids one by one. to touch them. a mother's love put to the hardest to test. a turkish woman had to throw her 4 kids from
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a 3rd floor window in order to save them from the flames. residents stretched out a blanket to so they could catch them. they were moments of terror but the children made it out safely local media reported they were in good condition. anyone who has kids will feel a lot more profoundly about this. well there was great despair there was one of those kids that wasn't able to jump down was about to faint. i broke down after he saw. his heartlessness it was heartbreaking little food and got no one lost their lives on the little road to. the incident happened at a 5 story building in the european side of istanbul. firefighters later assisting
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bridge the flames sparked by an electrical panel. the mother and 4 other people in the building were all suresh skewed a potential tragedy averted to work. and here's a quick updates to that breaking news story we're following for you gunmen have kidnapped off to 300 schoolgirls in nigeria a d w a correspondent on the ground has now confirmed the abduction happened in this far a state in the north of the country that one i am on friday according to local media reports hundreds of gunmen arrived at the school and attacked security guards before kidnapping the girls we'll bring you more information as soon as it comes in now satellite images show that hundreds of buildings were burned in the past week in ethiopia's northern region red crosses the damaged buildings and another set of pictures shows the before and after they suggest that fighting is still raging in
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the disputed region although the ethiopian government says it has mostly stopped satellite images are being used to keep track of the conflict access to take right is limited human rights organization amnesty international says it has evidence that every trained troops massacred hundreds of people in the city of arc soon last november the group used satellite images and witness accounts to document the atrocities. that this family got away they've escaped the fighting in ethiopia's tikrit region and have found shelter and sit on. the news met them back in november when they just arrived. method of plane are we cried and our children cried with us and they wept in front of us but i think it's the shooting started while we were eating and we just had to leave. even in. the home in ethiopia has seen almost 4 months of fighting between local rebel
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forces and the ethiopian military the last a legibly receiving support by eritrean troops. gaining an accurate picture of events in tikrit has been difficult to impossible journalists have been blocked from entering the region phone and internet services were at times cuts completely and humanitarian organizations have struggled to get in. in early december un human rights chief michel basher lay said there is an urgent need for independent monitoring of the human rights situation in the t cry region for all necessary measures to protect civilians and for accountability for violations that came about 2 weeks too late for this woman and some 800 others in ethiopia's holy city of axum that's how many people are thought to have died in an alleged massacre near an ancient orthodox church a recent investigation by the associated press found that the perpetrators were soldiers from neighboring eritrea and a new report by amnesty international backs this up the human rights group says
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it's collected evidence that ira trained soldiers went on a rampage and acts i'm on the 28th of november after an earlier attack on them by a small group of rebel fighters near sent mary's church witness accounts describe them roaming the streets and shooting at fleeing civilians with automatic weapons and precision rifles i saw the people being shot on the ground when they were running approximately 10 people or more all of them young men everyone was scared and run away. eritrea's government has denied its forces were involved in any massacre after the a.p. investigation was published the country's information minister called the story a horrendous lie relevant ethiopians to choose headlong ascertains the us a fallacy of the story he posted on twitter fighting is said to be ongoing and it will be hard to verify what really happened in november but in light of amnesty
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international's new allegations the eritrean government may face fresh questions about its involvement in this bloody conflict that's playing out away from the. pop singer lady gaga. has been shots on 2 of the dogs stolen police. severely wounded when he tried to fight off 2 gunman involved now. huge reward for help in returning to french bulldogs. gunned down in hollywood when taking the dogs for a walk the victim is reportedly a friend of lady gaga named ryan fisher is expected to recover from the gunshot. the. assault occurred resulting shooting. was last seen around the neighborhood potentially really. it is
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not yet known if this was a targeted attack since buildup theft has become increasingly common they are often sold for thousands of dollars lady gaga is currently in rome shooting a movie she's known to be highly protective of her dogs and is offering half a $1000000.00 for the safe return of her pets no questions asked according to her representative. valma olympic women's gymnastics coach in the u.s. has killed himself just hours of the being charged with sexual assault human trafficking and other crimes john get a coach the women's national team to a gold medal in the 2012 games but on thursday the state of michigan files 24 charges against him that could have carried years in prison if convicted the olympic teams dr larry has previously been convicted of sexual abuse of female
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athletes in a case that rocked u.s. and indeed global sports. now the world's largest painting on canvas and the artists who wants to be even wanted to be even more the guinness world record holding painting spans over almost 1600 square meters and is on display in a massive hotel ballroom in dubai its creator hopes the work will spark a humanitarian movement for children. the journey of humanity a work of art intent on making an impact the piece is made up of 70 individual paintings which will each be auctioned off to raise money for charity. british artist sasha jeffrey aims to raise their sea $1000000.00 to fund health sanitation and education initiatives for children in poverty across the globe.
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i don't want this to be a one off thing where i create a painting it's it's auctioned we raise the money and we help children because what i need what i need to this i want to actually help change the world. the project aims to bridge the gap in digital access between developing and industrialized countries. the biggest divide at the moment is those with the internet and those without and if we can put the internet every single one of these communities and then we can bring education in and give them a real education these children then with the fun that was setting up we we can enable them they consider real exams using the internet they can get into schools in the country they can then get into university. children from a $140.00 countries submitted their own artworks to be included in geoffrey's creation a global connection that's woven into the canvas itself. and that's it from me and
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the news team. for global 3000 that's coming up next of course when use of lots of stories. and our website and also follow us and swap and twitter asked. us from the scene thanks. feels. good to.
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be a inhibitions yet is stifling kurdistan's capital is such a small. reason i want to be. residents and activists are fighting back against me air pollution but when the government their demands are falling on deaf ears. 3000. next on d w. article 5 of the universal declaration of human rights.
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no one shall be subjected to torture. despite this the cia's still dedicated time and effort into researching torture methods. and the results led to one of the darkest chapters in u.s. history. the 4th minutes on d w. different on the islands of the south. here women are in charge. of the archipelago has had a patriarchal system for centuries and. the rare form of a society. of women differently. what do they do with
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their words. and how sustainable is this culture. please of the wrangle starts march 8th on w. welcome to global street thousands. this week we had to kick us down the capital bishkek is struggling to get a handle on at pollution. in the philippines climate change is casting a shadow over the lives of fishing families. but 1st we had to afghanistan to meet some strong women determined to hold on to their rights.


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