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tv   Anne Will  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2021 6:30pm-7:31pm CET

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what. you hear me down here is we're going to tell you and how the last 2 years of german chancellor will bring you i'm going to call if you've never heard her surprise you also with what is possible. really what you. want. to talk to people along the way maurice and critics alike join us for metals last i . visited every news outlet on the program today south africa relaxes its covert nineteen's lockdown as it emerges from the dead music and wait the vaccine rollout is gaining momentum with workers across the country receiving the johnson and johnson jab but many from time workers don't want to get the vaccine. and nigeria's missing girls will meet the parents hoping their daughters will soon be
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returned it's been 3 days since the girls were kidnapped from their school in the north and some find a strange. stain on the b. tower why not it's produced an album with dozens of collaborators despite the pandemic. hello i'm christine one but it's good to have your company south africa has moved into the lowest level lockdown for the relaxing restrictions on movement gatherings and economic activity it comes off officials say it was a dramatic decline call that 19 cases over 8 weeks now so the africa is the worst affected country on the continent having recorded over one and a half 1000000 infections and 50000 deaths a new variant that is more easily transmitted dominated a deadly 2nd wave in the country the international board on sunday evening
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president sort of appeals to say that the country had now emerged on that 2nd wave and that the vaccine was steadily progressing. once a vaccination of health care workers has been completed we would begin with phase 2 of the vaccination draw lot in late april to early may face to include the elderly essential workers in late april to early may face to include the elderly essential workers persons living or working in institutional settings and those with co-morbidities outside africa recently signed an agreement with johnson and johnson to secure an 11000000 doses off the coast in 1000 back scene the country is currently inoculating its frontline health workers but some of them are
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opposed to the johnson and johnson vaccine because the government began administering the jab before its trial phase had concluded. that if you look at the 2 weeks into south africa program and there is growing resistance so far less than 8000 people have received the volunteers get. some help the white house have praised. the johnson and johnson vaccine that is still in the train phase here they have these big management people to go home to see the vaccine johnson and johnson don't have. i don't think professional problem of would be but if even under 800 b.c. if you take the research project project they are using mostly greeks. and developes mission campaigners who are already pretty vocal in the country are seizing the opportunity to make their voices had. the audi's at least of them
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bent. there are those who say the vaccine is a camp of death and the biblical is a mark of the beast and. some are late that people's d n a and that it's made aim is to depopulate the wild basket to escape if we have to take it one night. others still have the note of an answer to questions about the boxing day nothing. the risk you know and everything that is included within the fencing itself the making of it you know and all that and actually we need to know that taking nobody. calls western medicine also insists the drug that stick with death traditionally held by the medusa although not have been signed difficult proven to be an effective vaccine to protect people against the 19 i cut my hair from the prozac and waited for myself to get any time i want it and i can't do anything with it so i cut my funding thinking well you get to
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meet the no no for any opinion i want to do about how. to maddie professor of fox in the logic of divestiture office what does run. most of this course and i do to lack of information affection was. really an issue of. really reaching out to the public and messaging to the public engaging with appropriate in terms of challenging the thought of narrative. and educating people as to why christians are probably the only right. as the government works hard to get enough money to inoculate over 60 percent of the population by the end of the year it is now clear it would need to work hard in convincing the my georget of the citizens to receive the jab. filed the report you just saw and he joins me now from johannesburg good to see you too so so we heard some of the reasons people are
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giving for not wanting to be vaccinated in your report but just how widespread is this skepticism in south africa. this is a very wide discretion considering the research or salvi is not to have had reverted to may just of these years of africa infected the 3 these one from the global i p s o s and another one from authentic it found that it wasn't generated they found that to about 50 percent of south africans of say did bill resisted taking the vaccine and our look at investigated the invest of the huns but also did another study where they put that few got to one that so that is quite quite a huge number and obviously this is not a small group of people at the corner of their budgets across christian across the religions are cross tradition quite a number of people in
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a lot of corners here saying they're not prepared to take the vaccine as yet to so in your report somebody from a nursing union spoke what's the government going to do about frontline with his who potentially refused to be vaccinated. kind of the government does just say to know one is going to be forced to be vaccinated and that poses a big problem because if those that are supposed to be vaccinating people are saying we are not going to go there because like the indaba necessary and advising it's a venting 1000 members to say they should not take the vaccine because the government is not clear so the government has a big problem but what we know now is that. they are trainings that are being made and there are moves that are being made to advise and educate the health the white house about the importance of this vaccine and is surfeited which is their main concern to say they were not too well trained about it and the government is taking moves now to try it by all means and educate them to make sure that they
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participate right that's just reporting for us in johannesburg thank you to so. andrea's of girls from the nigerian town of jenin here they are still missing after gunmen attacked a school and took 317 hostages on friday when you travel to some fire a state where parents of the children have been going to the school desperate for news since the abduction this man has come to this school to find. his daughter is one of the hundreds of girls who were kidnapped on friday some hasn't been able to see the news reached his family. but you. are able. situation we are in. because
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we can't sleep. thinking about. ghettos daughter have sought is only 12 years old she had just started the 2nd said mr john gibbons secondary school police and the school authorities say they were caught off guard. the girls were sleeping here when the gunmen attacked what used to be called the most secure government school in zamfara state. and this secondary school used to cost more than 550 schoolgirls more than 300 of them are now in captivity this state has decided to shut down all schools in zamfara state because they cannot guarantee the safety of students without education the future of younger generation in northern nigeria is now at stake. the vice
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principal is wild that parents will stop sending their children to school it out said that it is a negative for me because they are girls and they are korean no to which. students. now do not feel comfortable to the student. state officials say they have beefed up security exam for state negotiations to get the girls released are reported to be under way but if they are located i want to assure you that the example the state government has the capacity to rescue them without getting choice. but to john get basic and risk pool get the has one wish what we lie is to bring our children. severally unhealthy that is our premier. the big question is why these
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girls have been kidnapped but as yet no answers are forthcoming. as you well know the pandemic is limiting and in many cases preventing gatherings so artists sent before ms are hard hit but the south african music star pseudo musician wouldn't do. it to him he recently released an album that he produced remotely and this might just bring about his international breakthrough. the wizard on the dick's son l. writes sings and mixes anything and everything he comes across and likes. to take australia to darts. zulu folk music you name it so yeah i can basically take anything and just fuse it with that soul but the bass is always just been house but now houses restrictive so i'd rather go for dance which is more open.
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with sandel is a headline act at south african gigs in festivals his 1st hit a kind of marley dominated the charts for weeks and 2017 it's basically a song just talking about being broke and i relate to that because at that particular time i didn't have money whatsoever so it was so easy for me to just release it to that and really push the message across and it worked out. in the sun l. has won several music awards in south africa now he's hoping for an international breakthrough and he's determined not to let the covert 19 shut down stop and the artist decided to shift to free virtual production for his latest release. on this album avatar 26 collaborators you know which is very hard working and pandemic situation. everything was just virtual e-mails in and out songs
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last certain final versions are not on the final. pay it's only me who has bad. it but it's beautiful it's out there people are really diving into. the album africa to the world and beyond feature some big names like nino la from nigeria and kenya sati song telling african stories to the rest of the world as the artist puts a camera. and on that no it's that's it for now from is africa of course as well on our website and on our facebook page and twitch that we'll see you next time about. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree.
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and explore fascinating world heritage sites. world heritage 360 get kidnapped now. welcome to arts and culture chinese director chloe zhao made history on sunday night as the 1st asian woman ever to win a golden globe for best director and only the 2nd woman ever her film nomad land
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also won best drama more on that also coming up. berlin's international film festival is happening all this week starting with the online industry event the 1st of its hybrid to phase pandemic form. and new music from japanese australian violist. turns the isolation of corona lockdown into a contemplation of life and hope. goodness cinema regardless of pandemic restrictions and sunday night's golden globes awards ceremony was quite a different affair streamed online from multiple locations and allowing multiple digs at the events need to diversify well nevertheless black actors did win several trophies a woman won best director and there was a healthy number of surprises. so the 2021 golden globe awards this year's golden globe awards were symbolic of
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a changed media landscape no stars on the red carpet no tables full of laughing actors the strange atmosphere was made even more awkward by the earlier revelation that the hollywood foreign press association has no black members co-hosts tina fey and amy poehler didn't pull their punches here everybody is understandably upset at the p.a. and their choices look a lot of flashy garbage got nominated but that happens ok that's like their thing but a number of black actors and black lead projects were overlooked and look we all know that award shows are stupid yeah they're all a scam invented by big red carpet to sell more carpets we know that point is even with stupid things inclusive it is important and there are no black members of the hollywood foreign press i realize it's f.p.a. maybe you guys didn't get the memo because your workplace is the backbone of a french mcdonalds but you've got to change that so here's to change the event was
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dominated by streaming platforms as netflix raked in awards for the crown and amazon took the category for best musical or comedy for the 2nd borat film but there were some surprises. golden globe goes to. no mare director chloe xiaobo won best picture and became the 1st woman of color to take on best director for her film nomad land which stars frances mcdormand. blood no marilyn i did score for me is. the pilgrimage there are grief and healing. so for everyone who has gone through this difficult and beautiful journey and some point in their lives this is for you we don't say goodbye we say see you down the road thank you. in another surprise when andra day took best drama actress for the title role in the united states versus billie holiday on
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a night when the winners more closely resembled hollywood's new creators the question remains whether the hollywood foreign press association will also show a willingness to change. and joining me from our studios in bonn is my colleague scott rock's throw quite a night out the golden globes there scott what were the biggest surprises for you. yeah well for me nomad land wasn't a surprise i mean that's been my pick for best film since i saw it in venice last year it's an amazing movie and definitely deserved the top prize last night at the globes i was however a bit surprised with sacha baron cohen i'm he won best actor in a comedy for bharat movie film and i'd expected colin to win a globe last night but i thought it was going to be in the dramatic category because he was also nominated for his amazing performance in the trial of the chicago 7 and i think the globes voters really missed
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a trick there because i mean he was an incredible man it would be great to see him take home that prize i have to agree with you there are lots of controversy around the golden globes traditionally and they're often criticized for this lack of diversity that they have so a number of awards did go to actors of color and there was a serious nod to women well that what this controversy to rest or do you expect it to continue. no you know they could conference his death we're going to continue it's has legs as they say i mean the globes is an incredibly powerful organization in hollywood it's the 2nd most important award show after the oscars but the group that votes on the golden globes the hollywood foreign press association is probably the least diverse group of any of these voting bodies as we heard they have no white non white members and although it was great to see a lot of a quite diverse group of winners last night a lot of nonwhite talents taking home a golden globes much deserved i think this isn't going to change the discussion and
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isn't going to change the need for really systematic change within the globe's organization ok now of course germany is disappointed because it's nominee not saying they didn't win this time around but she does have quite a bit of time doesn't she. yeah i mean it's 12 years old so i think she's got plenty of time for a rematch at the globes she was up for best actress in a drama for alongside tom hanks in western the news of the world she lost out to jodie foster and that category who won for her role in the mauritanian so if you're going to lose that the golden globes losing to a 2 time oscar winning hollywood legend like jodie foster that probably takes a bit of the sting out of it i would say so and speaking of jodie foster she is headlining a round up at berlin's international film festival which runs this week and prides itself on privilege and political films in particular let's take a look at the mauritanian you need to tell me the truth you need to tell me what
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happens where i get the pain do you want to stand next to fire you know nothing whatever i said it. doesn't matter. a defense lawyer and her client mohamed 2 old slahi from mauritania is in custody in kuantan amman he's accused of having aided the terrorists who carried out the 911 attacks but is he really guilty golden globe winner jodie foster place lawyer nancy hollander like the real person the character is based on she also believes in the law. you know how our country is shaped by that how the world is shaped by that and if there was ever there was anything that made me believe in democracy and the rule of law it's been me that's from. the film copilot is also based on a true story having to do with 911 astley love say yet a seemingly perfect love story but then he becomes one of the terrorists on that fateful day september 11th 2001 he was the man she must have asked herself at some
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point was that a monster could i really have loved a monster how could i do that but on the other hand she knows very well that he was also lovable. mum asked me to learn in the last. the film dissects the main character's pain without making her seem naive that makes copilot into a successful it was tracing of the maxim love is blind even against the backdrop of the terrorist attacks that changed the world. as some heavy stuff there with 911 a recurring theme scott why are politics so very important at the belly not what role they play. pole cooks are said troll the berlin film festival probably there more than at any other film festival in the world and it makes sense because i mean the festival itself was set up as a political statement it was originally set up in west berlin and divided city as a statement of artistic freedom and political freedom in opposition to the
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censorship and political oppression on the other side of the wall in east berlin and in the communist bloc and you always see that but the real focus on serious political movies and they're often the ones that when the awards and i often have the feeling that the jury in berlin will often use their own wards as to make a political statement i think that was partially case last year when a rainy and filled one from a director who suffered censorship in his home country and was actually put on in under house arrest in iran was unable to attend the festival so i think you see this sort of political stuff thread throughout the festival and it's always been center to what the delhi doll is now we don't have time to hear about all of them but tell us just very quickly which other titles might have caught your attention. there's a couple i'll mention really quickly the ballad of a white cowering in film about a woman whose husband is executed a miscarriage of justice seems really really interesting compelling and courage
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a film from a documentary which is sort of an inside look at the protesters on the streets in belarus trying to return little. that's very very timely content indeed there is scott and the 71st belly now taking place online will be speaking to you all this week so thanks very much for that 1st overview scott ross perot in bowling. all the older players know what it means to play 2nd fiddle as the saying goes usually taking a backseat to the violence in iraq istra so it's refreshing to hear the deeper mellower sound of the viola get some air time of it's own well japanese australian the oldest he only 2 guys grew up here in germany and her new solo album recorded in lockdown braves' some new territory with her instrument 'd 'd 'd. pili togo are surrounded by nature and sounds in a berlin park during these pandemic times the young violist has often found
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inspiration here including for her latest album songs of solitude. for this project she commissioned 11 composers to create music for her one of them was toshio. 'd 'd guys the byrds during the logged on faced. traveling back to his childhood and he started hearing melodies and one of them was. cherry blossom he is also someone that connects with nature very much and brings nature into sound. another of the striking works written for songs of solitude is by finnish composer color v our home. this piece calls for to go or to play
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and sing. that actually had this clear vision and front of me and which i thought wouldn't that be the most wonderful gift if we could distill into sound the isolation that we are globally facing in order to give people a place through music through these songs of solitude. to reflect upon what we are dealing with and to cope with it. among with music what has helped to go in this time is painting she sets before the canvas each morning and allows her imagination to run wild the result is colorful pictures full of optimism like some of the compositions she recorded for the album. that includes a piece by british composer john powell making songs of solitude had
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a positive impact on the violist. it didn't change my approach to music but it definitely gave me a deep sense of belief in music. if you only took our hopes to give her listeners not only belief in music but faith in life itself. and on that uplifting note stay positive and we'll be back with lots more arts and culture tomorrow same time same place so thanks for watching all the best from berlin and stacey.
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from hong kong they couldn't be more different ways for activists have one thing in common. they become enemies of the state in china and they currently live in exile in london. from there they continue their fight against political repression in their homeland. close on. 90 minutes on d w. different on the island of. shows here women are in charge of the archipelago has
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outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by from. this is the dublin news live from ballin the goddess president becomes the 1st person to receive a coronavirus job under the kovacs skating events to supply coat poor countries with a freak over vaccinations also on the program
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a 1000000 miles military attacks protesters with tear gas is demonstrators returning to the streets undeterred by a bloody weekend craft this is austan civilian they bound some serious change appears in court by video link. i'm fogle welcome to the program. god was present at monaco for audio and his wife have become the world's 1st recipients of a coronavirus vaccine from kovacs the global scheme to procure and distribute free inaugurations to poorer countries as 76 year old received the astra zeneca vaccine a live on television a goddess the 1st country to receive vaccines from kovacs and plan to begin vaccinating the population from tuesday the 24 other countries will receive supplies next week as well as battling
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a 2nd wave of infection gunday and health authorities are also fighting this information about the safety of vaccines president who for audio said he hoped that getting the job would encourage others it's importance. i said the example. that. you have been. comfortable. using to everybody. is that snape. correspondent. covering thomas. welcome. the country has received 600000 doses of the. vile kovacs initiative for a population of about $30000000.00 what sort of effect is it likely to have. while this is very important because as
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a country like it said about 15000000 citizens and 600000 doses that is just not enough and of cause it is important to start the fight against the pandemic to be able to actually contain the virus and this is very important it comes in handy that countries already make an effort to get vaccine from other saw faces like from russia and i provide are being given for their stepanek already these vaccines from i'm going to really hope to begin the process of protecting the citizens ok so it's a start and present a coup for those obviously very keen to spread the message about vaccines here's a quote from a recent t.v. address they said taking the vaccine will not alter your d.n.a. will not embedded a tracking device in your body neither will it cause infertility and women or men so. how imbedded all these conspiracy theories about the corona vaccines that when
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they come from. so these plants. make started. but that it was far away from africa even before cases were recorded on the. want to say that about serially is not really going to help people in africa there is a serious i mean there are widespread across social media social media are actually using. actually the platform for which there is being circulated and they are white spread very huge that people are willing not to take the vaccine and it. does look like we've lost the head of the line. that was. apologise for those technical glitches well here in germany there's good news for anyone battling with unkempt locks grow not rude so do yourself trims gone wrong hassles
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and barbers of reopened after almost 11 weeks they were shuttled back in december and now the 1st business is being allowed to serve customers as restrictions are slowly east matalin opened office one of the lucky ones she got the 1st appointment at hello bill has a long after months of waiting it's finally time for a cut and color. shop told him in way people know if you're really really good. the last time i went to get a haircut was the 18th of november i normally go every 4 to 6 weeks so you can imagine how happy i am in. this hassle and i see he's going to do 3 shifts a day in march from 8 am to midnight to avoid having too many customers at once the staff will have to take a weekly corona test a small price to pay for being able to open again these small steps and easing restrictions don't come
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a minute too soon for many lockdown fatigue is growing. it's very they have to ease some more restrictions you can keep debating it you've got to open up this model of the most. i'm really getting fed up with slowly getting too much. always are. at home with the kids. we want our flat is too small and it's just getting too much. it's difficult. nobody wants to stay at home anymore. last spring we had the same thing and they said when it gets warmer and it's going to get better. and that's what i'm hoping for. another concession in time for spring garden centers and hardware shops are also been allowed to reopen in some german states this d.i.y. shop in saxony wasn't overrun with customers just yet. well take
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a look at some other headlines from around the world now starting in india where the prime minister narendra modi has received the 1st dose of the country's home grown coronavirus vaccine. begins vacillations beyond from my work as a people over 60 and those over 45 suffering from certain medical conditions are now also eligible for the job. thousands of police and soldiers in the czech republic are enforcing tight new covert 19 restrictions banning people from non essential travel to other countries some 500 checkpoints have been set up to help stop the spread of the highly contagious u.k. coronavirus variant the czech republic story one of the hardest hit countries. for the french president nicolas sarkozy has been found guilty of corruption and influence peddling a course in paris sentenced him to 3 years in jail 2 of them suspended it's a psychosis lois's the appeal. police and soldiers
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admit and fired on protesters who returned to the streets after a weekend crackdown that killed at least 18 people wounded 30 others that's according to the u.n. police in a young girl used tear gas and rubber bullets to clear protestors on monday local media report one person was saying it's now been a month since a military coup which has prompted daily protests calling for a return to democracy ousted civilian leader aung sang suu change has appeared by video link you know a closed court a lawyer said to new charges when added to the allegations against her. we can get more on this from journalist dave groot of bam who has reported extensively from a 1000000 man joins us now from kuala lumpur malaysia a welcome dave. lawyer says the additional charges against her include inciting under arrest what is this likely to refer to. i mean this
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put out a statement that was set up before the 2 actually happened as there were thoughts that it might happen that basically told the public hey do not back down do not accept this military takeover fight for democracy that's what that publicly refers probably refers to but the bottom line is this it is more trumped up ridiculous charges on song suchi i mean if you look at some of the charges they have on her they're using in some cases colonial era laws that you can twist and turn to make anything of violation the bottom line here this new military which to me m.r. is just taking pages out of the playbook that the old military is used to use they have been fighting. for 30 years and they can beat her in a fair fight the november election is just one example of that where her party won by a landslide and now the generals are coming up with this way to try to use the country's judicial system which is not independent to try to put her away for good that way
7:10 pm
because they cannot beat her fair and square so how will these additional charges affect the protest movement do you think i mean this is just going to add more fuel to the fire and their bellies they hear that she was in court they see that there's more trumped up charges against her and just a theory it's them even more you see so many protesters they march with pictures of on some suchi calling for her release and now they see that she's got more of these additional ridiculous charges on her it just gives them more incentive to keep going. a forum in this as of the association of southeast asian nations that you to hold a video conference tomorrow to discuss they scribe's has what is their view of it and can they bring any pressure to bad. well i wasn't if you look at you know past history is generally been a toothless organization but they do have the potential i stress potential to really have some influence here now in the short and the reason why i should say is
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because me m.r. the generals included value their membership in the auction more than they value their membership in the united nations even auction is the one members of that they value the most but i wasn't in the short term it would be an accomplishment if they could just get the generals to agree to no more lethal force against the demonstrators and if the generals actually stuck to it long term though to defuse the situation and come up with a workable situation is going to take is going to require some difficult diplomatic acrobatic work i mean just last week reuters leaked a plan that agin had some members of it added to have an election roughly a year from now an option would send observers to make sure it was free and fair well so many demonstrators were furious about that whole idea because they believe they had their free and fair election back in november and the n l d won by a landslide and because the generals didn't like the result they took out on some suited her government on february 1st where the demonstrators want their votes from november and the people that they elected into office back in november they want
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those people back in their elected seats dave good about him thank you sure thing a former u.s. president donald trump has hinted at a possible presidential run in 2024 addressing a gathering of conservatives in his 1st speech since losing the 2020 election mr trump also attacked the republicans who voted to impeach him calling for them to be thrown out of the party w.'s washington bureau chief and those polled reports from the c pac convention in florida. it feels like executing a time machine lending in the days when donald trump was the president of the united states i don't know conner's a co-chair of the floyd offered a ration of teenage republicans they have a standard c. s. c. pick the conservative branch of the grand old party is holding its annual meeting in orlando florida at
7:13 pm
a time when the republicans are doing some soul searching about the future we're going to situated right now we're going from the republican party lindsey graham that a republican party a president donald a child we have the newcomers coming out like not it's a massive call doing a really bringing change to the party some good change. as for every party the successful fight for the young voters will be crucial for the future of the republicans generations which in my current age group is very conservative because we saw the backlash you know the millennial of being like more socialist and we see like well there rob. you. saw in the doshas the daughter of indian immigrants she says trump whites all she needs to be a free and successful business woman i want him to say he's running for 2024 and make america great again because right now i don't think it's great since ronald reagan see peg is a forum for conservative ideas a barometer to identify the future leader of the g.o.p.
7:14 pm
this year it is all about donald trump every person i talked to didn't leave any doubt that he is the only presidential candidate they will vote for in 2024 making it very very difficult for the republican party to ignore him even so this year's event is pretty empty. and finally he's here for the last act of this year's conference. but who knows. i may even decide to beat them for a 3rd time ok. this message is enough to keep the hopes of the supporters i'm very excited you know so i said everything i wanted here the young republican going forward with the republican party so you know i'm excited you know just very happy to see the future
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that probably parties are good. for now the republican party seems to be going in one direction. place in spain have detained a former boss alone i have seen president josep bottom may go for questioning after reading the club's headquarters on monday morning they say all the detentions were made but didn't say who or how many clubs made no official statement however it is due to hold elections for club president in less than a week. as if you're up to date. at the top of the hour kate ferguson. business updates in just about. literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see some time. to. work.
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on youtube. the green card calling me and i'm game did you know that certain through your job or through world war 2 so that we can be but it's not just the old little suffering it's the environment we went on a journey to find ways out of the question if you want to know how old were included the priest on the troops training was going to listen to our podcast on the green room. it's day one at the job for a new world trade organization paulson condo if she inherits a host of challenges from internal reform to global issues like the vaccine
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distribution and growing protectionism. also coming up could it's so hard on for cousins by startup scene it drives a post on dead like recovery we'll speak to a next 1st. i'm sol long time farmers are back open in germany but a new virus very uncertain the government is warning people not to let their hair down just yes. this is business and take ferguson thanks for joining me from the world trade organization is 1st female and 1st african boss has officially taken office goes your conduit way a lot has pledged to abandon business as usual in a bid to revive a body that is beset with in turn problems including a currently malfunctioning dispute resolution system she also inherits a host of global challenges ranging from growing the trade tensions to covert 19 vaccine distribution. for many africans the appointment of a condo away a is
7:18 pm
a particular reason for hope especially as economies across the continent struggle to deal with the full eyes of the pandemic last year sub-saharan africa posted its biggest ever contraction due to cope at 19 the world bank is expecting a moderate recovery this year though and i will see in our next report some of that growth could be driven by an increasingly vibrant startup scene. these a.t.m.'s are scrubbed every morning to make them as safe as possible for customers. but south africa's banks are not just up against the coronavirus their very business model is under threat. syntax or making the banks lines hard. technologies are constantly being developed which allow customers to do business with ease digitally and contact free. they're mainly financed by international investors last year foreign bankers invested around $1310000000.00 u.s. dollars in african startups the lion's share went to fin techs but sustainable
7:19 pm
technologies and health tech also received considerable cash injections. in kenya constantly ranks high among african destinations for investment attracting more than 300000000 in foreign investment alone last year. to talk more about this i'm joined now by moses c.e.o. of link to a burning based company that promotes african european business ties and tech hi lo something to talk to you tell me kenyan is start of seem to really be leading the way when it comes to drawing investors what is the country doing rice. thanks for having me kenyan government is really doing one thing that is super unique and that is engaging actually and to bring us to come up with the right policies and i think that is something that has driven border technology innovation to the next height and i trucked in actually invest as to coming filina east and knowing that the
7:20 pm
police are right for them to invest in. ok and i think tech companies in particular i think huge growth at the moment why is this industry thriving fight matt. the main reason work in tech is actually tribe in so much is because most of african countries they actually have been built on what we call a prepaid system whereby you need to pay before you get a service and that actually makes thing to underline in i would say you know vision and learning sector that is very important likewise the banking system we're always used to the fact that we use the old system where there was a list in ovation and then neither people had to actually walk to the bank before they can get a service now seem to come zinc and change the whole way of doing things and that is actually making it possible and even more attractive for a lot of services to come back online and now we can actually see that even during this pandemic there's been a lot of investment going to be content because
7:21 pm
a lot of people are restricted from getting into contact with each other but they want to do business there want to engage more and so this is actually the reason why i think tech is actually striving more in this current era i want to talk a little bit more about that resilience that you mentioned because it's not just fantastic startups that i doing well a lot of other and industries have also been thriving despite the pandemic what is behind this growth. one thing i will say and i commend a lot of us going into printers you know when there is a challenge actually brings opportunities and that's something that a lot of afghan interpreters have known if not by from bet and so when challenges like this happen they are used to already understanding that any time there is a challenge there is an opportunity and again a lot of these are going to be become more you need to so they know they shouldn't plus the ease of access to technology has actually made it more interesting and again i don't need it all is how do you reach your customer and this is something
7:22 pm
that the doing very well and this is actually paying back greatly for them all right so a little bit of a bright look there for what it's not exactly thank you very much thank you so much . that here in germany hairdressers and hardware stores have been allowed to reopen their doors again after being closed for more than 2 and a half months for those battling with unruly lock time locks it's a big relief but the government is warning against complacency over the weekend authorities strengthened border controls in an attempt to slow the spread of dangerous new variants of the coronavirus for commuters working abroad it's anything but business as usual. there is widespread relief across germany as hairdressers reopen and some of those homemade hairdos get much needed correction. in berlin hairdressers a mourner goes in ski admits she's worried but assures the salon is taking measures
7:23 pm
to open safely and she's overjoyed to be allowed to open again this is a it's a fabulous feeling we've waited a long time for this and we're now very happy to finally be able to work again the phone rings all the time we already made appointments for next week it's crazy we're really happy to be back at work. but while the shears may be clicking again and of the appointment book filling up not all workers are benefiting every day an estimated 16000 people cross the border between france's moselle region and the cylon in germany to go to their jobs on sunday germany declared the moselle a high risk area for virus variants prompting tougher border crossing rules from midnight on monday they'll have to present a valid negative p.c.r. test every 48 hours. for the last 33 years i've been
7:24 pm
working at a company in germany and this is the 1st time i've had to take a test i don't get it i'm going to work with my german colleagues they won't be tested so why do french employees have to be when we've also more focused i got a p.c.r. test costs around $80.00 euros and that's about half a day's wages some residents here say they'll try to find ways around the police checks. financial correspondent chelsea delaney is following the government's efforts to ease the law and she sent us this assessment from factors. many businesses here in germany are hoping that the reopening today of german hair salons nail salons flower markets is the beginning of every turn toward normality for the chairman economy but all of that is really being thrown into question now but many health experts warn could be the beginning of a 3rd wave of infections here in germany and they're out of europe this will all come to a head on wednesday when state and federal leaders meet to decide whether they want
7:25 pm
to extend the current lockdown measures or actually to ease measures increasingly both businesses and people here in germany want to see the economy reopen but leaders here in germany say they have to be very careful because they don't want to situation in which they allow businesses to reopen now only to have to close them again to combat this new wave of infections. chelsea delaney there now to some of the other global business stories making news. facebook has been ordered to pay $650000000.00 in compensation to citizens in the u.s. state of illinois the company is accused of collecting biometric images from its social talking feature without consent it's the biggest consumer privacy settlement in u.s. history affecting around 1400000 people. china's factory activity grew at the slowest pace in 9 months in february hit by
7:26 pm
a domestic flare up of covert 90 we demand for exports from countries under lockdown measures china has still for coverage much faster from the pandemic than most western economies. for years europe why it has been one of sites america's best performing economies but those days are now over the pandemic has triggered a poverty crisis so severe that many are now relying on soup kitchens to feed their families. 5 volunteers who work in the soup kitchen it. every day they turn groceries like these peppers into a delicious meal for the needy. jacqueline ricardo has been working here for a year she used to work at a restaurant until she was fired without notice. last march right at the beginning of the pandemic i was laid off and i didn't receive
7:27 pm
unemployment benefits and i had to struggle through because i worked in the restaurant off the books. today they've made pasture with a vegetable source the food is provided by private donors since the beginning of the pandemic poverty here has been growing the number of corona virus infections has increased dramatically in the country since november the health crisis is happening in the midst of an economic one and many companies have had to shut their doors and revenue from tourism has dropped sharply as well. exactly in record as afternoon is all about child care aid organization offers children from poor backgrounds the opportunity to have their birthday parties in this house many children live with their single mothers a large number of them like jacqueline lost their jobs during the pandemic here at least for one afternoon the children can forget their worries that home and just have fun.
7:28 pm
unemployment and poverty have been on the rise in europe why since the pandemic began. the problem in europe why is the current cuts in spending. many companies are laying off their employees. some are using the pandemic as an excuse to get rid of staff. already. one sign of the economic crisis is the return of soup kitchens like the one run by. for the 1st time in 15 years ago i n's a dependent on food donations just put on the. a lot of people are living on unemployment benefits these days hunger is back in our country and the state doesn't care enough about the poor. that's why we run our soup kitchen that. sunday that would require cares for 180 people here in the capital montevideo they
7:29 pm
all hope that the pandemic will soon be over and with it the economic crisis which has caused many of them to slip into poverty. and that's all from me in the business team here in berlin for more you can check out our website at www dot com slash business we're on facebook on twitter as well do top of the line there we'd like to hear from you for me it's goodbye and to take. some hong kong they couldn't be more different to these devices have the one thing in common. become enemies of the state in china and they currently live in exile in
7:30 pm
london. from there they continue their fight against political repression in their homeland. closer. 60 minutes d.w. . passion drama competition rivalry marketing numbers atmosphere power by intuition love hate money. fans problems for spaniards and fans. on you tube joining us. this is the seed every news outlet on the program today south africa relaxes its called it 19 drop down as it emerges from the dead the 2nd way the vaccine rollout is gaining momentum with workers across the country receiving the johnson and
7:31 pm
johnson jet but many from times with just don't want to get the vaccine. and nigeria's missing girls will meet the pair.


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