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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2021 9:30pm-10:30pm CET

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this is the journey back to the history of slavery i think will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts march 10th on w. . who ordered last year's poisoning of kremlin critic alexy. today the united nations reported the findings of its investigation the conclusion the same as mr know of all news the order to kill him came from the top the woman who coauthored that report is a un specialist in recognizing state sponsored murder in a moment she'll join me and she has a warning for russian president vladimir putin but does she does anyone have the power to make putin care. this is the day.
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time and an international investigation should be carried out a month pills urgency been turned on missed and not on newsnight did not demand the use of the tony just concluded them even on the times to come since i'm sure keith it happened because of who he is and what he has been doing. that christianity's response he will be on time to be tricky of mr nunn and. also coming up takeaways from last night's golden globe awards for t.v. and film the lack of black behind the scenes and movies as mirrors showing us what we really are. democracy was it really dangerous you know the seventy's in may for
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the massage it may have become overt racist wound proud we have one who is the president is really helped by social media as well and i felt like wallace pulled out the gray suit. which of our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day with a case of suspected attempted murder and yet another finger pointing at russia today the united nation's top human rights investigators blamed russia for last year's attempted murder of criminal critic alexina vaulting the ball he almost died after he came in contact with the nerve agent no beach oh he was treated here in berlin and has since returned to russia where he was immediately arrested and sent to prison the bone he has always maintained that the russian president vladimir putin ordered the poisoning to silence him and today's you when report gives credibility
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to that claim in a moment i'll speak with the co-author of that report a report that puts the you went on the same page with the european union the u.k. and the united states and with some people in russia this is what people are saying outside the prison where and of all he is serving his 2 and a half year sentence there still. but if we're living in a police state and avani went to prison for absolutely nothing. in the nationalist of how a state speak some people speak some moves the quantity. it's not that he's be moved. i don't really believe it i think will happen but i hope that justice will prevail and he will be free to do what you can that it doesn't matter for us which prison he sent the most important thing that he's behind bars for what he has done but. they say it's one of the most severe colonies in russia maybe that's why he's
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been transferred here. the conditions there are such that god willing he will come on to life but he definitely won't be coming out of that healthy nothing good will happen to putin const and he's the source of all this. on my 1st guest tonight presented the findings of the u.n. human rights investigation into the case of a legacy of all me. that is the u.n. special reports here on summary and extrajudicial killings she joins me tonight from maher say his government is good to have you on the program you said today that russia is responsible for the attempted poisoning and murder of mr noble to be clear here do you mean that russian president vladimir putin ordered the poisoning . no i did not we did not we conducted a human rights investigation we did not to seek to identify who will end the state
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and all didn't the killing what we did find is that on the basis of the evidence that we collected there is no doubt that the response to the state arash at ease involved in the attempted killing of mr of any when their own not the state as all due to the killing of all whether it does failed to respond and any against and the killing its response to really t. is deeply involved what was it what evidence did you see that convinced you that this poisoning had the signature of the russian state on it. well see more of its 1st the use of know the choke when she's a signature poison he was created by the soviet state it has been developed told by russia and to the best of international our knowledge there is no other
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state that currently schools no the choke the fact that deploys only used against me still have any is a novel form of no the choke it is different than the one that was used in 20 $9000.00 insourcing barry and that handy kids early on development around nobody showed a kind of development that he's only access seaboard to a student engine sees and therefore in piskies to russia the fact that to use an only child human need a highly qualified individual or where they will contaminate them stamped the fact that it missed on that many was turned and the time of the attempted killing serials by the states of russia he just doesn't know what went cannot explain that in d.c. or else would not have captioned anyone else and tempting to poison him in his hotel room the fact that eames senate and been targeted by the state before
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including poisoning and finally the fact that unfortunately rush out as a history of targeting d.c. dense including extraterritorial including to the use of police and all of those factors all to get their leaders to the conclusion that their responsibility of the state in ordering and implementing the killing of the attempted killing of mr member and he is easy involved and because of all of this you have called for an international investigation into this case what would that look like. well what we did is are human rights inquiry weasely meetings show such as a special arab limitations what we are calling for is an investigation always political backing wheezy agreement from russia and any investigations that we
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uncover or is a fact in relation to these attempted killings and indeed that we look into individual responsibilities for the killing of so far european states and identified a number of individuals who only have sanctions. but it needs to be done at greater length only needs to be done in our opinion at an international level given the seriousness of what happened this is not just any kind of attempted killing it is an attempt at killing me using a ban probably be to chemical weapon has gone on you know that the kremlin has denied any participation whatsoever in the poisoning do you have any reason to believe that the kremlin that the russian president with a well this type of investigation to take place. you know if if i were to only ask when governments are prepared to do i think are we to be silent to 90 percent of the time so let me just say eighty's incumbent upon me upon my mandate to
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to demand what international new demands it demands are an investigation by russia so far * russia has a refused to conduct an investigation it is denying its response abilities even though every single piece is already done so point to the rest of the stand to russia and of course conditions it is incumbent upon mine and date on that the reason for which i was selected to do these jobs to demand that an international investigation be carried out and to put under pressure on those resigning influence to make it happen that is other member state possibly germany and a ranch on their stance as a 1st step they should really act jointly. totally human rights council to denounce when tappan to denounce the use of
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a poet be to went on to denounce the treatment against mr member and he that must be done as a 1st step that the case of alexian of all the it seems to be part of a much larger and millicent force or threat if you will this is what the french foreign minister said last week at the un human rights council take a list of you know we see that umbrella of the democratic aspirations of a people was swept away a russian political opponent was a victim of an assassination attempt to using a russian made military great nerve agent. it was over after narrowly escaping death alexina brownie is now in prison and these regressions are accompanied by a wave of questioning of the very universality of human rights under the multilateral system that we have patiently built to defend and promote we cannot resign ourselves to this is the only thing. the work you and others do it is becoming more difficult if there is there more pushback from governments and is
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there more competition for the right to claim to know when to possess the truth. well you know we live in a very unstable world a different court there is a really configuration of international relations and they are symbolic act as including russia china and the united states at fight in germany all of those are creating. back to those that are not going in the sense of greater protection and they are going into a sense on their race for our moment a rest so who is going to control of territory is and so on and so forth so the conditions are not glare. comes trees governments to non-state actors to take human rights add them dr who are for foreign policy all meaningful domestic
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policy so yes the environment is more is more difficult but what she means is that we must be more courageous we must be more all going to we must be prepared to stand out even if don't know how many rarely has keeping day it's still weak recall hearing from a must terry bowlin tempted to ease life was prepared to go back to russia is now in one of the most terrible present in russia if she could do that surely surely we can stand up and we can speak out and we can ask all of our governments that they do the same and just tell them are the u.n. special report who are on summary and extra judicial killings this killing are we certainly appreciate your time if your insights tonight are doing valuable work thank you. thank you very much. well the united states may not be done with donald trump just yet last weekend the
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former u.s. president hinted that he may run again in 2024 it was his 1st speech since leaving the white house and it was delivered before an audience of admirers attending these convention the conservative political action committee did abuse washington bureau chief in his poll reports tonight from florida. it feels like executing a time machine lending in the days when donald trump was the president of the united states i don't know conner's a co-chair of the floyd offered a ration of teenage republicans they have a standard c s c pick the conservative branch of the grand old party is holding its annual meeting in orlando florida at a time when the republicans are doing some soul searching about the future we're going to situated right now we're going from the republican party lindsey graham to the republican party of president donald j. charlie we have the newcomers coming out like not it's
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a massive called going to really bring a change of party some good change. yes for every party and successful fight for the young voters will be crucial for the future of the republicans generation's ear which in my current age group is very conservative because we saw the backlash of you know the millennial of a lot more socialist and we feel like well there rob saw in the doshas the daughter of indian immigrants she says trump whites all she needs to be a free and successful business woman i want him to say he's running for 2024 and make america great again because right now i don't think it's great since ronald reagan and see peg is a forum for conservative ideas a barometer to identify the few to leader of the g.o.p. this year it is all about donald trump every person i talked to didn't leave any doubt that he is the only presidential candidate they will vote for in
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2024 making it very very difficult for the republican party to ignore him even so this year's event is pretty empty. and finally he's here for the last act of this year's conference. but who knows i. i may even decide to beat them for a 3rd time ok was. this message is enough to keep the whole supporter i'm very excited you know so i said everything i wanted here the young republican going forward with the republican party so you know i'm excited you know that very happy to see the future that probably party is in good hands. for now the republican party seems to be going in one direction. so there are several criminal investigations being conducted with donald trump at
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the center depending on what happens the former u.s. president could be facing a similar to former french president nicolas sarkozy today sarkozy became the 1st french president in modern times to be convicted of corruption and sentenced to prison although it is unlikely sarkozy will ever spend time behind bars beyond his home we have this report. nicholas a cosy lives caught a convicted man a spectacular fall from grace for the former president once the most powerful man in france. the court heard how so cozy told his lawyer to offer magistrates a cushy job in exchange for information about an inquiry into his campaign finances just found him guilty of corruption and handed down a 3 year custodial sentence to prosecution such a verdict was never in doubt. so i did. it would have been impossible to have an of
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a decision he. citizens should be reassured rivera know double standards in france and that you just show every is independent of he's. in a post on instagram sarkozy's wife called the verdict unfounded and unjustified and that her husband was determined to clear his name the verdict is a blow to sarkozy's plans to relaunch his political career and it puts him on the back foot before he's jew in court again next week on separate charges that he overspent in his failed 2012 reelection bid. but it's unlikely the former president will spend a single day in prison 2 years of his sentence was suspended and the church said sarkozy could spend for remaining year home wearing and tag. well i'm joined now by nick hewlett he's head of french studies at the university
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of warwick in the u.k. he's written numerous books on politics in france including a biography of the former president titled the sarkozy phenomenon naked good to have you on the program how does today how does today's conviction and prison sentence how do they fit into the sarkozy phenomenon. i should just correct you i'm the former head of terms of is now nurses are us are ok. you know i was asking you how does today's conviction and the prison sentence how does that fit into what you have called these sarkozy phenomenon. well not suckers he has always been a deeply controversial. he came to power in 2000 years elected and president of the republican 2007 and he served his term was going to be dominated by walking cold to
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a break from please break with the best to him but turned out. nevertheless this is the sort of image he he wants it's portrayed he had a very kind of all private life which became a bit mixed up with the politics lead in china to hide any of it he came. to power on during his campaign he used to quote the italian marxist antonio gramsci for example which is very controversial for somebody on the rights of french of us as he celebrated in a very swanky expensive restaurant on the chance that is a when he was elected and immediately went away on the on a yacht trip to celebrate a yacht lent by one of his extremely rich friends so this was somebody who is always a a controversial figure and i have been various. cook cases and still
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cook aces pending as europe said and so is not oats or got a surprising was. in cook today and then you go how significant is today's ruling for the person nicolas sarkozy and for the office of the french president. i think it's quite significant for both really for the person's crusie. i mean he he was a possible center right candidate in next year's presidential elections in the johnstone's to president's reelection xolair that was all to play for a course that had not by any means been ruled out it now seems rather unlikely that you know if some cousy is. wearing an alex on tact to make sure he doesn't leave home or go too far from home it's pretty unlikely he's going to be
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a candidate for president. as i was saying he has got other cases pending against him i mean. yes we can move on to the the the role of the presidency itself the office of president say i mean there are precedents for this . former presidents also in the sensorites who died not too long ago he was given a 2 year suspended sentence and. in the last way in the past incidentally but nonetheless. he was a convicted of all i creating fake jokes in when he was married parents this is a shock and as i say. or 2 years in prison service a lot of that person's nick hewitt unfortunately we're out of time but we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you thanks very much for.
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some history was made at the golden globes for film and television last night which were handed out in a mostly virtual ceremony director chloe jalil became the 1st woman of color to take best director a live audience was limited as the show was hosted in both was angeles and new york . chloe shelves movie is in titled nomad and it stars frances mcdormand it also picked up the evening's top prize best movie drummer the best movie comedy went to massage a very cohen's 2nd. golden globes are worded by the 87 members of the hollywood foreign press association. and that takes us to k.-j. matthews she is standing by for us in los angeles good evening to you k j let's start with this message from jane fonda that was delivered last night what was it and to whom was it directed. well you know her speech went on i would say about all
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5 to 7 minutes long but you know she faced the academy for giving her the cecil b. demille warts and then she would on to talk about all of the other great films by women of color and people of color that did not receive nominations and she talked about why it's so important to have such diverse storytelling and why these films are important and how she learned about the muslim experience about the black experience about the immigrant experience from watching these films i think her message was really geared towards the academy members and to people in hollywood who may be dragging their feet not understanding why there's so much controversy about the fact that the hollywood foreign press association does not have one black member so her audience and her her message was targeted i think it landed well let's take a listen to what the host of the award ceremony said last night about the hollywood foreign press association take
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a listen oh you know this is probably something we should've told you guys earlier everybody is understandably upset at the h s p a and their choices look a lot of flashy garbage got nominated but that happens ok that's like their thing but a number of black actors and black lead projects were overlooked and look we all know that award shows are stupid yeah they're all a scam invented by big red carpet to sell more carpet we know that point is even a stupid things inclusive it is important and there are no black members of the hollywood foreign press i realize it's f.p.a. maybe you guys didn't get the memo because your workplace is the back booth of a french mcdonalds but you gotta change that. i mean that is definitely hitting your employer where it hurts right. yeah you know they tried to make light of a situation they knew that there was controversy in the l. of it in the room was the fact that the hollywood foreign press association had
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been called out for not having any black members so they did the best they could but you know the time's up organization right after this award show issued a statement they basically said look there was a lot of cosmetic changes in this ceremony at 3 hour ceremony but the reality is they need to do longstanding long term changes and to be honest there wasn't very much they could do in a 3 hour telecast but acknowledge the problem and say they're going to do better what i would have liked them to do is say look we got it wrong we know we should not have waited to 2021 to even talk about the fact that we don't have black members so going forward we would like to sit down with journalists of color and talk about a long range plans they didn't do that i would have loved to have seen that well we'll see if things change between now and the next golden globes next year if that happens he says with all of you talking about that as well t.j. matthews in los angeles as always t.j. thank you thank you. well the day is almost done the conversation it continues
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online you'll find us on twitter either d.w. news or you can follow me at brighton golf t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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from hong kong they couldn't be more different ways for activists have one thing in common. become enemies of the state in china and they currently live in exile in london. from there they continue their fight against political repression in their homeland. close on. 9. minutes on
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d. w. . the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus update the code it seems special monday to friday on d w. w's crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio drama series continues this season the stories focus on hate speech cholera prevention and sustainable charcoal production all of a sow's are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. crime fighters to name an elf.
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it. can. be closer to war isn't love. in this wold smolder. use of the rules. is no use no love. for the wicked. doesn't. work is the burglar. can't sleep. couldn't sleep. in her shoes.
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this is e w news like i'm from berlin me and maher marks one month since the military coup overthrew the country's democratically elected government the protesters remain defiant returning to the streets despite a bloody weekend crackdown and ousted civilian leader aung san suu kyi she's hit with new charges in court also coming up former french president nicolas sarkozy is sentenced to prison after a 10 day trial that terrorist court found the 66 year old guilty of corruption and
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gone as president becomes the 1st person to receive a coronavirus shot under the kodaks steam it aims to supply poor countries with free coded vaccines. i'm bring god is good to have you with us me and mars military chief has announced in a televised releasement statement rather to punish protest leaders one month after overthrowing the elected government the february 1st coup has prompted weeks of rallies and strikes calling for a return to democracy and the weekend saw the bloodiest crackdown yet with at least 18 people killed. burying the dead after a weekend defiance by security forces fired rounds it demonstrates his in cities across me and ma this muslim woman was shot in the head while crossing the street.
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the 3 fingered salute of the protest movement draped over her coffin the. protesters were back on the streets on monday undeterred by the crackdown security forces used tear gas on mass here in young gone under the city's rubber bullets were also in use. while. the mcarthur market you're not find here is a frontline air because i don't want my son to grow up in this evil era and i'm here for our heroes who died yesterday in the protests. they're calling for their votes to be respected but the reinstatement of the government of office also chief whose party won a landslide victory in november as election city has self appeared by video link in court her lawyers say she's now facing 2 more charges including one for publishing
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information that may cause alarm her lawyers still have no access to her. videoconferencing begins again with the city on the other side and jackie decided yes this site called we get out here for any excess people called. to look at. the screen. to look at her face. the army crackdown has drawn international condemnation. it's that simple the arrested top politicians also suchi and also the president when meant must be released immediately the rule of law must be respected speak to you but me and mas army chief who protesters have branded a murderer instead violent to punish the protests lead us. yet hundreds of
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thousands have faced off against the army over the past month. now as the military steps up its response there a fear is that more may end up paying the ultimate price in their struggle for freedom. i want to cross now to tom andrews he's the un special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in me and mark thomas good to have you on the program at the white house today the white house today released a statement saying that it's preparing to impose sir their costs on those responsible in me and more what kind of sanctions are you expecting. well i'm hoping that the sanctions are a step beyond the original sanctions regime that they announced that they're tougher that they impact not just individuals the generals in the in the junta but also their businesses and business columbus' it's a it's very very important that that happened but i think what's also important is for countries around the world including the european union the u.k.
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and others to coordinate these various sanctions regimes together right now this kind of a hodgepodge of sanctions some have them some don't some have different types of sanctions if we can coordinate them organize them then we have the best chance for the biggest possible punch against the regime so we'll see what happens what comes from the white house i hope it's stronger and i hope that we have coordination with other countries you know yet so far the sanctions they don't seem to be having any real tangible effect i mean what do you think what could be done to give additional ones more teeth. well i think we've got a couple of things that we have to do 1st is that a coordinated sanctions and apply them to business and business from glamorous as well as individuals and then we need a global arms embargo to prevent and stop these arms from going into getting into the hands of the chill but i also think it's important to at least try to get this well for the united nations security council so that they would be in
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a position to refer this to the international criminal court to that they could investigate and then prosecute those who are responsible for these atrocities so all of these measures collectively i think could make a significant difference in terms of sanctions remember the progress that had been made and it was overturned by this crew were precisely the product that progress that was enabled by economic sanctions now countries lifted the sanctions like the united states like the e.u. we now see what happened there's no reason why we can't impose reimpose them make that even more focused even tougher and will get i believe the results that we're looking for it's worked in the past i think it can work going forward you mentioned getting him action at the u.n. security council you know that the main sticking point there of course is that china and russia will probably veto any measure they're not willing to abandon what they call an ally so how could that obstacle be overcome. well it's
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a very very good question and we know just traditionally china has been there to protect the generals from the security council they provided with weapons they provided with trade investment it is an obstacle but listen the chinese have a self interest in this they don't want to see a conflagration right over there we've seen them now beginning to make statements that have been encouraging condemning the coup calling for the release of all political prisoners so there's a step forward i see in the position of china hoping that there privately communicating with the generals and that will have an impact and then possibly we'll be able to see them you know if not. threaten a veto at least step back and allow the security council to meet and deliberate and perhaps have take some essay actions actions with devastating i'm not sure i don't know it's obviously something that we have to overcome but it's worth a try even if it fails it's worth a try and if it does fail we could work on coordinated policies from various
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countries that are willing to take action. u.n. special roberts are on the situation of human rights in myanmar tom we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you my pleasure thank you we're here in europe former french president nicolas sarkozy is facing a prison sentence a court in paris today found sarkozy guilty of corruption and influence peddling his lawyer says he plans to appeal the conviction sarkozy has been embroiled in several corruption investigations since his presidency ended in 2012. nicolas sarkozy leaves court a convicted man a spectacular fall from grace for the former president once the most powerful man in france. the court heard how so cosey told his lawyer to offer a magistrate a cushy job in exchange for information about an inquiry into his campaign finances judges found him guilty of corruption and handed down a 3 year custodial sentence the prosecution said the verdict was never in doubt.
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so i did. it would have been impossible to have an of it is he. citizens should be reassured rivera know double standards in france and the judiciary is independent he's. in a post on instagram sarkozy's wife called the verdict unfounded and unjustified and said her husband was determined to clear his name the verdict is a blow to sarkozy's plans to relaunch his political career and it puts him on the back foot before he's jew in court again in next week on separate charges that he overspent in his failed 2012 reelection bid. but it's unlikely to former presidents will spend a single day in prison 2 years of his sentence was suspended and the church said sarkozy could spend for remaining home wearing an eloquent tag. well
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here are some other headlines that we are following for you this hour the u.n. secretary general antonio good cherish says he's disappointed that only 1700000000 dollars have been pledged they don't or a conference for yemen he'd hoped to raise more than twice that amount to help people facing starvation in yemen where 6 years of war has created the world's worst humanitarian disaster a new british study says the astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine is highly effective at reducing infections among people over the age of 80 it comes as france and germany try to convince more people to get the astra zeneca shot both countries had refused to authorize it for the over 65 age group citing the lack of clinical data about its effectiveness in this age group. india's prime minister narendra modi has received the 1st dose of the country's homegrown corona virus vaccine as india starts vaccinations beyond front line workers people over 60 and those over 45
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suffering from certain medical conditions are now also eligible for the shot. now to africa gone as president nonna and his wife have become the 1st world's 1st recipients of a coronavirus vaccine from kovacs now that's the global plan to procure and distribute free inoculations to poor countries the 76 year old received the astra zeneca vaccine today live on television gonna is the 1st country to receive vaccines from kovacs and plans to begin backs in aiding its population on tuesday nearly 24 other countries will receive supplies next week as well as battling a 2nd wave of the corona virus infection health authorities in gone are also fighting dissin from ation about the safety of vaccines the president said he hoped getting the jab would encourage others to do the same it's importance.
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i said the example of this is that since the. difference to have seen that everybody's gone if you comfortable and not take the next visit point that everybody in the is that's made in that zone that. is covering the vaccination rollout there he told us that many people in gotham are highly skeptical of the vaccines and that's because dangerous conspiracy theories are widespread in the country. so these theories have been there since that pandemic broke people thought that it was far away from from the continent and so really is not something i was going to hit them once it got to africa and was that this was really had been done to wipe the population and so these theories i've been there until the vaccine came and we have people who really don't believe in vaccines and so the i actually feed on this and spread it across social media so
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really you will not have a particular group accepting responsibility for these but i theories all over the place and you will see many gun is willing to take the vaccine because. they're reporting from dawna the berlin film festival is always one of the most anticipated events in the german capital's cultural calendar but this year the pandemic has forced the barely know him to walk till the audience has been limited to a select group of critics and industry professionals he will watch the contenders for the golden bear via live stream but that will not stop us from bringing you the highlights starting with 2911 inspired offer you need to tell me the truth you need to tell me what happened i can't defend you do you understand nothing whatever i say. it doesn't matter. a defense lawyer and her client mohamedou old slahi from mauritania is in custody in kuantan amman he's accused of having
10:14 pm
aided the terrorists who carried out the 911 attacks but is he really guilty golden globe winner jodie foster place lawyer nancy hollander like the real person the character is based on she also believes in the law. you know how our country is shaped by that how the world is shaped by that and if there was ever there was anything that made me believe in democracy in the rule of law it's been me from. the film copilot is also based on a true story having to do with 911 astley love say yet a seemingly perfect love story but then he becomes one of the terrorists on that fateful day september 11th 2001. was the man she must have asked herself at some point was that a monster could i really have loved a monster how could i do that but on the other hand she knows very well that he was also lovable. mo mastermind you learn in the last.
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the film dissects the main character's pain without making her seem naive that makes copilot into a successful illustration of the maxim love is blind even against the backdrop of the terrorist attacks that changed the world. you're watching. from berlin the next business news was ferguson stick around she will be right back . my 1st vice a was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion for something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to buy. i lost my home and it took me years to convince my peers. finally they gave up and mentored by me and by psychos but returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for goes than writing advice
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as no i want to reach all those women back home who are bones by their duties and social norms and inform them about their basic rights my name is the about of people and they work into. the united states approved it's the 3rd to corona virus vaccine a drug maker johnson and johnson says the 1st americans will get it within 24 hours we lost our correspondent what this means for the country's bottle it too and the comic. also coming out solids and barbers are back open in germany but as news virus vary in circulation the government is warning people not to let their hair down and just yes. we'll take you to europe wide where an increasing number of
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people are relying on soup kitchens to survive. this is 2 dozen events knows i'm kate ferguson welcome to the program. americans could receive a johnson and johnson vaccine within the next 24 to 48 hours the nights man comes off the u.s. regulators planted a margin see approval to the top makers co that 19 jobs on sunday is the 3rd vaccine to be accepted in the u.s. and the 1st that requires only one dose johnson and johnson says it's ready to ship 4000000 jobs immediately 100000000 by june the white house is encouraging people to take whatever vaccine is offered to them. to assess the impact of this let's talk to financial correspondent quarter in new york hi and just how much of a boost is this for the u.s. effort to and the pandemic that's clearly
10:18 pm
a huge boost you already mentioned 100000000 doses that johnson and johnson could deliver by summer on top of 50 we have to fight there beyond check and shots so there are expectations that basically 400000000 americans could get vaccinated by this summer and we only have a population of about 330000000 and that includes children who are not eligible for the vaccine yet so clearly a pretty good news on that and we do not really know what might be going on with the variations of of the variants of. the virus but overall clearly very good news when it comes to vaccinations at least here in the united states and ins meanwhile the u.s. has put has his a 3 year high on the s. and p. 500 has had one of its best days in months is a sign that investors are seeing an end to all of this. that
10:19 pm
is one part of the story but interestingly enough from here on monday it's not just the stocks performed well that would profit if the pandemic would come to an end but also those stay at home work at home companies and stocks from companies like peloton for instance or zoom they also were all on the rise the nasdaq composite up by 3 percent in the monday session old so a big day on wall street so yes we have all this health news that is driving the market on one side but on the other side we also had a couple of economists and bangs actually downplaying the imminent risk of inflation if you look at the 10 year yield for instance yes that pops up from point 92 point to 1.5 percent recently but if you look at that in a historical context in the seventy's for example we had a yield of more than 10 percent since the fifty's on average we had a 10 year yield of a good 5 percent so we're still nowhere near that at this point and that gives
10:20 pm
market participants another boost and some confidence that the federal reserve will stick to the ultra low monetary policy and then on top of the good news coming to the vaccination so that it's really driving the markets towards a new all time highs putting it all in context for us and scott in new york thank you very much. now to some of the other global business stories making news a report by the council of europe has accused austria's government of failing to tackle corruption the finding comes just 2 weeks after police raided the home of austrian finance minister again last lumet prosecutors are investigating whether he helped an online casino company get a tax break in exchange for political supporters. facebook is launching its news pop form in germany in may the service will feature curated content from around a 100 media outlets in the country similar services are already in operation in the
10:21 pm
u.s. the u.k. it's unclear how much facebook will pay individual publishers for their content. united airlines has ordered 25 new 737 marks passenger planes on expectations of increased travel demand it's also moved forward the delivery of previous orders boeing's 737 max model was grounded for 20 months after being involved in 2 deadly crash. has taken over as the new head of the world trade organization she's both the 1st woman on the 1st african to do the job she faces a host of challenges ranging from internal reform to global issues like trade tensions and vaccine. here in germany hairdressers and hardware stores have been allowed to reopen their doors again after being closed for more than 2 and
10:22 pm
a half months for those battling with unruly lock time locks it's a big relief but the government is warning against complacency over the weekend authorities strengthened border controls in an attempt to slow the spread of dangerous new variants of the corona virus for commuters working abroad it's anything boss business as usual. there is widespread relief across germany as here addresses reopen some of those. get much needed correction. in berlin hairdressers a mourner goes in ski admits she's worried but assures the salon is taking measures to open safely and she's overjoyed to be allowed to open again this is a it's a fabulous feeling we've waited a long time for this and we're now very happy to finally be able to work again the phone rings all the time we already made appointments for next week it's crazy we're really happy to be back at work. but while the shears may be clicking
10:23 pm
again and of the appointment book filling up not all workers are benefiting every day an estimated 16000 people cross the border between france's moselle region and the cylon in germany to go to their jobs on sunday germany declared the mozilla high risk area for virus variants prompting tougher border crossing rules from midnight on monday they'll have to present a valid negative p.c.r. test every 48 hours. for the last 33 years i've been working at a company in germany and this is the 1st time i've had to take a test i don't get it i'm going to work with my german colleagues they won't be tested so why do french employees have to be one we've also more focused i got a p.c. artist costs around $80.00 euros and that's about half a day's wages some residents here say they'll try to find ways around the police checks he is financial correspondent chelsea delaney is following the government's
10:24 pm
efforts to ease the lockdown she sent us this assessment from factors. many businesses here in germany are hoping that the reopening today of german hair salons nail salons flower markets is the beginning of every turn toward normality for the treatment economy but all of that is really being thrown into question now many health experts warn could be the beginning of a 3rd wave of infections here in germany and there out here at this will all come to a head on wednesday when state and federal leaders meet to decide whether they want to extend the current lockdown measures or actually to ease measures increasingly both businesses and people here in germany want to see the economy reopen but leaders here in germany say they have to be very careful because they don't want a situation in which they allow businesses to reopen now only to have to close them again to combat this new wave of infections chelsey delaney there for years
10:25 pm
uruguay has been one of site america's best performing economies but the good times are now over the pandemic has triggered a poverty crisis so severe that many are relying on soup kitchens to feed their families. 5 volunteers work in the soup kitchen it's. every day they turn groceries like these peppers into a delicious meal for the needy. clean record that has been working here for a year she used to work at a restaurant until she was fired without notice. the month last march right at the beginning of the pandemic i was laid off i didn't receive unemployment benefits and i have to struggle through because i worked in the restaurant off the books. today they've made pastel with vegetable source the food is provided by private donors since the beginning of the pandemic poverty here has been growing the number of corona virus infections has increased dramatically in
10:26 pm
the country since november the health crisis is happening in the midst of an economic one and many companies have to shut. their doors and revenue from tourism has dropped sharply as well. jack clean record as afternoon is all about child care aid organization offers children from poor backgrounds the opportunity to have their birthday parties in this house many children live with their single mothers a large number of them like jack clean lost their jobs during the pandemic here at least for one afternoon the children can forget their worries that home and just have fun. unemployment and poverty have been on the rise in europe since the pandemic began. the problem in europe why is the current cuts in spending. many companies are
10:27 pm
laying off their employees. some are using the pandemic as an excuse to get rid of staff. one sign of the economic crisis is the return of soup kitchens like the one run by. for the 1st time in 15 years dependent on food donations just. a lot of people are living on unemployment benefits these days hunger is back in our country and the state doesn't care enough about the poor. that's why we run our soup kitchen. cares for 180 people here in the capital montevideo they all hope that the pandemic will soon be over and with it the economic crisis which has caused many of them to slip into poverty. and finally the geneva international motor show may have been canceled due to the punter but
10:28 pm
also event organizers weren't going to last a global crisis put the brakes on what they call the most prestigious car award in the world. in an online ceremony a jury of automotive journalists has fined the toyotas a yeah rest hybrid car of the year it's a departure from other recent winners which honored more traditional electric vehicles. i thought i'd try to take. from hong kong they couldn't be more different yet these 4 activists have one thing in common. become enemies of the state in china and they currently live in exile in london. from there they continue their fight against political repression in their homeland. close on. 60 minutes
10:29 pm
on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all be. just 3 of the topics covered and we couldn't read your blog. if you would like and the information on the crawl of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at dot com slash science. what secrets lie behind teams will. discover new adventures in the 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites of the. world heritage 360 getting up now. to go off. tom that mystery means listless clay shaw from the. looks of guns
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fundamentalist floods sensible. no i'm stumped excited to finally. delete. this if you don't use africa on the program today south africa relaxes its cold at night drop down as it emerges from the dead music and wait the vaccine rollout is gaining momentum with health workers across the country receiving the johnson and johnson jab but many different times with theirs don't want to get the vaccine. nigeria's missing girls will meet the parent.


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