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tv   Der Terror der einsamen Wolfe  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2021 1:00am-1:46am CEST

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this is news to live from berlin joe biden and his 1st gun control measures as u.s. president. gordon was. biden is moving to tighten some regulations but the announcement fall short of his campaign promises will be enough to stop the killing also coming up. police arrest supporters of critics. as the stage of cultures outside the penal colony where he's being held a lawyer for. health is deteriorating rapidly in prison.
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i'm told me a lot of well welcome president joe biden has announced new measures to tackle gone violence acting on the issue was a key campaign pledge and a spate of mass shootings has increased the political pressure but the power of the u.s. executive is limited and biden also urged lawmakers to do more. flanked at the rose garden by vice president comma and attorney general merrick garland president joe biden didn't mince his words what happened that gun violence in this country is an epidemic he said again gun violence in this country is an epidemic and it's an international buyers. and he sent a clear message to the u.s.
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is deeply divided lawmakers shoes but there's much more of the congress can do to help that effort and they can do it right now they've offered plenty of thoughts and prayers members of congress but they passed not a single new federal law to reduce gun violence. and of prayers time for some action the vice president also appeal to congress. real people on both sides of the aisle want action so all that is left is the will and the courage to act. paul biden announced 6 executive orders including tougher regulations on homemade firearms and legislation that would make it easier for states to adopt water known as red flag laws they allow for individuals to ask a court to permit police to confiscate weapons from a person deemed to be
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a danger to themselves or others the changes come just a day after the latest mass shooting in the u.s. this time in south carolina 5 people including 2 young children were killed it follows 2 other attacks in colorado and georgia in recent weeks. and estimated 11000 people have been killed so far this year because of gun violence in the united states despite the stock growing number of deaths president biden faces an uphill battle to implement significant gun control laws. and dave will be a correspondent emily gordon is following this story for us from washington and many thanks for joining us now the new biden administration already has a lot on its plate what a congress do we expect them to address gun control will
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see what we're seeing at the moment is that the and i of the national rifle association is tied up in a lot of bankruptcy issues and so there is room so they used to be they used have a lot of lobbying power in congress so them being tied up with bankruptcy means that there is room for biden to maneuver and at the same time we do see a lot of resistance from the republican party so it is unlikely that congress will move quickly on these issues. u.s. gun culture has remained strong for many years we've seen a lot of you know mass shootings and this hasn't changed so how will these new measures go down with those who advocates for gun rights. well see i was covering the must shooting in boulder colorado a few weeks ago and there you really got the sense that many people are desperate to see a trained in the gun legislation so they will welcome the changes but at the same
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time you know like a lot along the united states we've seen a lot of racial violence and so among minorities there are some. for whom it is very important to be able to protect themselves so it's really is a very divisive topic ok we'll have to leave it there for now correspondent emily thank you for bringing us up to speed. now let's take a look at some more stories making headlines around the world u.s. authorities say the government picked up nearly 19000 children traveling alone across the mexican border in march it's the largest monthly number ever recorded and a major test for president biden as he reverses many of his predecessor's hardline immigration tactics covert 19 deaths in brazil reached a new daily record for the 2nd time this week with the toll again being above 4000
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people the country's leading health institute is calling for a strict nationwide lockdown but president jade balsall narrow all poses any lockdown measures. there are fears of large scale hostilities in eastern ukraine after an escalation of tensions with russia the white house says moscow now has more troops on ukraine's eastern border than at any time since $24.00 team and german chancellor angela merkel is cold and russian president vladimir putin to pull back his forces. hundreds of people have rallied in teargas stands capital bishkek they called for police chiefs to be sacked after a woman who had been abducted for marriage was found murdered protesters were angry that police failed to find the suspects 'd despite the abduction being caught on camera bride kidnapping is widespread in the central asian country. a lawyer for russian opposition politician alexina vonnie says his health is deteriorating
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rapidly in prison and of ali is serving a 2 and a half year sentence in a touristy harsh penal colony east of moscow now authorities have jill several of his supporters who staged a protest outside to demand avani receive proper medical care. he's getting a lot of media attention but that's all alex in the valley supporters can achieve at the moment earlier this week a group of doctors including the vollies family physician honest. came to the pokrov prison camp to get an idea of nevaeh in the state of health but they weren't allowed to enter. morrow and the day after tomorrow until they let assent and will observe how they treat alexei until he is taken to a normal hospital and gets normal medical treatment. alex a nepali seen here in a black prison uniform on surveillance camera footage 12 days ago russia's best
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known prisoner has been on hunger strike since late march in a letter to the prison director he demanded medical help sarcastically saying i've gotten used to my leg over the past few years i don't want to lose it now he is also suffering from fever and a cough and he says 3 fellow prisoners have been diagnosed with tuberculosis novell knees lawyers also visited the prison they were let in and were shocked at what they saw has been diagnosed with 2 herniated discs. he continues to have back and leg pain. sometimes his legs and hands go numb. the penal colony in part of is considered one of russia's toughest but on state television government propaganda makes it seem like a vacation camp their message is life is good here amnesty international has publicly criticized prison conditions saying russia may be slowly killing the
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volley off. the fact that he is walking every one or 2 hours is a form of torture the fact that he cannot have access to a doctor he can trust is. ease of form of the treatment the kremlin has responded saying the bali has no right to special treatment dr vastly ever her companions and some journalists who visited the prison camp with her have since been arrested and of all these supporters continue to fight for him despite the risk to themselves as she was led away dr boisselier asked one last question what kind of a system denies a doctor the right to visit a dying patient. we see. the german government has come under fire in recent weeks for the slow pace of its coronavirus vaccine rollout but the campaign is picking up pace with a record number of shots administered on wednesday almost half of them were delivered by family doctors who were finally allowed to join the vaccination effort
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this week family doctors who are up for the meet gets at least 20 emails pre-date from patients who want to get vaccinated against covert 19 as soon as possible. we know the patients very well and we also know their willingness to get vaccinated and the risk factors they have that's why i think it makes a lot of sense to involve the family doctors. more than $35000.00 family doctors across the country can now administer the shots in the 1st phase they will receive approximately 20 doses per week the number of available doses and vaccines is expected to grow gradually family doctors associations have been pushing for months to start vaccinating the government hopes this new development will speed up the so far sluggish vaccination efforts. we have got her vaccinations and doctors' offices because we think that this will radically up our pace that means that when we have enough vaccines which we expect in may we can
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vaccinate many more people how many more than in the vaccination centers. and you've turned off and the effects are already showing on wednesday germany reported a record high of daily vaccinations more than 650000 in one day half of them administered in doctors' offices until now most vaccines have been administered in germany's hundreds of vaccination centers and shots will continue to be given there this center implant book just outside berlin is working at almost full capacity administering around 800 shots a day. if we continue with our current performance i think that hopefully by summer we will be through and done with vaccinating or at least everyone who really wants it will be offered the vaccine and. germany is making progress on its vaccination. reason for optimism. i did hear the doctors and other scientists know how to do it
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but the way politicians are handling the crisis forget about it we're now entering the 3rd wave and what comes after that. everything is disorganized at the moment i don't see any consistency or stringency at all from going from there and. it won't be over this year certainly not. for these billionaires getting the shot is a big relief the coming weeks will determine whether the increased speed of rollout is enough to combat the country's start wave of infections. now to the swedish mountains where a surge in visitor numbers in recent years is starting to take a toll on the environment and has tourism operators locking horns with the reindeer herders. nature at its best mountains open spaces reindeer this is the implant triangle in sweden it is one of the most popular
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mountain trails and office everything nature lovers could wish for and they come in droves but their presence has an unfortunate side effect in the 3rd place a cyclist causes one type of wear to run another and to hike a 3rd erosion has increased significantly. but a little business has a not allowed to harm or disturb the reindeer that graze in the area but as the wear and tear on nature increases reindeer owners are becoming increasingly concerned that they are probably the 4 when reindeer don't get enough peace they produce fewer calf's the reindeers are disappearing from record say a dozen for freedom that now the future of the mountain stations hangs in the balance in 3 years' time the lease for 2 of them will be renegotiated reindeer owners have suggested shutting down some stations that's something the tourism industry wants to avoid 0 for natasha not we've been here since 885 our goal is to be able to stay and work in the area the important thing for us is outdoor life to
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continue in some form nothing else caught in order for the tourists seem to be open to doing their part. if it disturbs the wildlife i'll have to adapt my behavior of course i do not want to disturb nature and in that case i may look for other options. through what was called thank you have to spread people out more i don't think there are too few mountains for us but people are all gathering in the same places unfortunately. tensions are unlikely to result by themselves this summer a record number of visitors is expected. there were 4 games in european football on thursday night as the europa league quarter finals got underway also could only manage a draw at home while manchester united won away at granada dutch powerhouse i at last at home to roma and spanish side meanwhile won away in zagreb the return legs will be played next week. coming up next us business news with jenelle.
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follow us on twitter up for the latest headlines and there's lots more news and analysis that you told me a lot of will stay with us. people have to say. first to us. trying to send to the stories reporter every week on t.w. . are you ready for some great news i'm christine window on the i m f you my countrymen with the problem you did of the news offered on this show that tackles
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the issues shaping the content of the call with more time to off on into all of the time stuff caught up to you what's making the hittites and what's behind it well on the streets to give you end of reports on the insights w. news africa every friday on d.w. . is the times up for tax avoidance u.s. president joe biden is pushing multinationals to pay their fair share of taxes to the governments of the countries where they make profits. also on the show we take you to brazil where the coronavirus khandaan make its leading house the population with not enough to eat. and the rise of pandemic chic sweatpants are all the rage these days but what has that done to the rest of the fashion industry. this is the
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w. business i'm just in berlin have you can join us u.s. president joe biden is moving towards pushing the world's biggest multinationals to pay taxes to national governments based on their sales in each country according to documents the and by the financial times that would mean that other countries would be able to collect levies from u.s. tech groups profiting in their jurisdictions but registered in low tax territories the move is part of a package of measures for a global minimum tax and is seen as quite a shift away from washington's traditional resistance to global taxation treaties. our financial correspondent yeah joins us now from new york younes it wasn't too long ago that the us was threatening europe with tariffs if countries here demanded more taxes of us tech giants the way france has famously done are we finally going to get an international tax system for the digital age.
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you know what i mean clearly it is a huge shift in the u.s. tax policy so you could even call it a huge churn so looking for the small tight literal approach and not going one state after the other it's a bear by the way not just aimed at the big tech companies if you were to look at pharmaceuticals for example we've seen in the past years u.s. pharmaceutical companies have merged with companies that say from ireland to move the headquarters to low pay low tex region so that should change in the future but overall it's not just all of us companies as far as i understand it's supposed to be a list of about $100.00 global companies that could also include car makers like folks for instance and they want to get the deal done by july but as we always know the devil is in the details so if that is really going to be realistic we will probably see that and talk of how did in the next couple of weeks and months how
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much resistance do you expect from the multinationals themselves well i mean if we talk about the big u.s. tech companies for instance i'm not sure if they will be is so such a big resistance of because for them it might be much easier to deal with the global it was a multinational approach and not was a union letter old so that they have to deal with every single country one by one so actually there could even be some support by the big tech companies having that said the question is how lawmakers here in the u.s. for example see that they want to make sure that it's not too much targeted at the u.s. that is the big tech companies because that would be meaning that mostly american companies would be effected they really want to see this as a group of approach so as we know joe biden has minimal majority in congress and then also really remains to be seen how lawmakers are
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dealing with this. a potential sea change in global taxation ganz quarter there in new york for us thank you very much. now increased revenue from corporate taxes is of course meant to fund billions and massive investments into the country's infrastructure especially when it comes to digital infrastructure the u.s. has some catching up to do with its biggest rival. the u.s. is making very little progress with its high speed 5 g. broke but network so far there are some 50005 g. base stations in the country china is far ahead with 14 times that amount china's everett's speed of 5 g. is also significantly higher u.s. president joe biden is determined to change that he says huge infrastructure spending program includes a $100000000000.00 fund for rolling out 5 g. infrastructure take a look to see china is waiting around investors digital infrastructure
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and research and development i promise you they are not wait for cartoon american democracy to be too slow too limited and too divided to keep pace over the past decade china has become a tech heavyweight boyd in no small part by the success of companies like. and 10 cent beijing has also invest it substantially in the collection and analysis of big data with potentially huge ramifications for society. china aims to be the global leader in artificial intelligence by 2030 but the united states wants to stop china and joe biden is ready to spend big on making it happen. now to some of the other
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global business stories making news. new claims for unemployment benefits in the united states rose to $744000.00 last week exceeding economists' expectations it was the 2nd straight increase analysts still expect the labor market to make a recovery this year as vaccinations tame the coronavirus outbreak and government stimulus helps the economy gain momentum. general motors is extending production cuts out some of its north american. jew to an ongoing chip shortage the u.s. carmakers says the shortage shortage could shave up to $2000000000.00 off the profit this year a lock of chip supplies has boiled the global automotive industry. age and global the owner of the nokia brand has invaded old 6 new handsets they are priced between 75 and 350 euros the top model x. 20 includes a 5 g. connectivity and as for lens quad camera like many electronics manufacturers the
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finnish company says it's also facing challenges to source vital computer chips. when the international monetary fund issued its global growth outlook earlier this week at warned that the recovery from the pandemic would be far from event of some nation suffering disproportionately one country where that is already painfully apparent is for sale after a year of lax restrictions and massive job losses for the 1st time in nearly 2 decades over half the population does not have enough to eat. this is what life's become for millions of brazilians who no longer have enough to ease the virus has led to must job losses especially in the informal sector which employs 40 percent of the workforce. center frito lives in. today she's got a much needed to suit donation. all over. the floor. when i
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wake with nothing to isa i kneel down and pray for help. the backdrop to the economic crisis a health system that's on the brink of collapse on one day alone this week brazil recorded more than 4000 deaths from covert 19. the country is now considered to be at the center of the pandemic medical staff are barely able to cope. after a review of this it's very difficult there's no actually that isn't. psychologically shaken you know situation is very long time here and the work over there are very very high. interest amber the government stopped its emergency aid program only to replace it this month with
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a far nowhere value alternatives. president jay are both so narrow has been just trying to take his refusal to the polls and national lockdown was. if you call the law it would be easier to just follow the masses documentable not way people don't accuse you of genocide just because you think differently where are cause others will feel that for the many people like sandra brito keeping the economy open has not proven to be a lifeline without the help of volunteers her fridge would remain empty. now we've all heard the phrase all dressed up and nowhere to go well now that many of us have nowhere to go or not really dressing up anymore zoo meetings have made business where passe and sweatpants are having a moment the late great german fashion designer karl lagerfeld once said that people who wear sweatpants have lost control of their lives whether you agree or not it's still causing a moment of reckoning within the german fashion industry when monica klein is at
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home in birmingham preparing her design management classes for the university she likes to wear sweatpants and a hoodie. she might put on a casual dress for a video conference. to see if the does the dress or the suit you know it's not so comfortable so. it's more comfortable and maybe a better look i look at a bit lazy too cool to know the proper the proper clothes the proper office clothes she's not the only one who prefers to dress comfortably these days the trend is also caught on with brylin designer leila pierre de guiche she sells her collection from her shop in the heart of berlin. my festered is that i've been noticing a lot of people dressing much more casually because they're working from home or just at home in general they hardly ever go out hardly ever meet up with people they have less of a desire or need to make themselves look beautiful but i still think you should
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also make yourself look nice at home and not waste away. on. germans have apparently not lost their appetite for shopping there are currently allowed to make shopping appointments in stores but it pekin kloppenburg major fashion chain sales of business clothing are currently sluggish sales of men's suits in germany tumbled 54 percent last year while sales of sweatpants jumped 43 percent and the global market for sports where continues to grow. up and be. it has already shifted its strategy. time for time for one thing we're downsizing our retail space for business fashion for men suits for example also for women stresses it's been reduced so that we can expand other areas like casual wear jeans and lounge where it's certainly the result of the lock down mr. klein only bought
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a few casual outfits and 2020 she wants to wait until she can see her colleagues again in person not just virtually before buying anything else. and that's it for me and the business team for more you can always go to our web site that is the dot com slash business thank you so much for watching. into the conflict zone wisdom sebastian for years now the government of bangladesh is being criticized around the world for a human rights record my guest this week from back eyes gallery's me foreign affairs advisor to the country's prime minister level real hard to stop denying the truth about the repression baby inflicted and clean up their act conflicts so focused. on the good. economic news for.
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granted instead of rainy season in rwanda climate change is threatening harvest a startup is now increasingly yields it's out in forms farmers about the plants water needs. are energy and sure is chief a recognition of climate smart eco africa. in 60 minutes long d w. 19 . their story their very own personal trauma. people who survived the chesterfield remember the 1st and they share private footage with us that has never
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been seen before. back in the church people 20 on the d. w. . i'm sure you want to talk good things about your country because that's what you're paid to do every questions you let us you have a bunch of 3 legged in the back bench is bangladesh in the habit of giving part to convicted murderers so the certain safety of the ritual acts in many ways it's a surprisingly for years now the government of bangladesh has been criticized around the world for its human rights record but its reputation received another jolt this month with the release of a new documentary alleging high level bribery and corruption my guest this week
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from baca is galahad rizvi foreign affairs advisor to the country's prime minister the movie authority stop denying the truth about the repression they've inflicted and clean up their act. now here is me welcome to comfort zone thank you your country has become a byword for egregious human rights abuses which your government routinely denies as an academic who's used to dealing in truth why do you so have a government that seems to have so little regard for that commodity a missile sebastian i think this question needs to be qualified. when you say yes but rights violations might they. explain that hoover's human rights is
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a very large. word well let me remind specific then let me be more specific arbitrary detention torture in force disappearances extrajudicial executions all of which your government is accused of by the un human rights groups around asia human rights watch honesty international the committee against torture that's what i had and i well. i wish i could accept the allegation in its entirety i will run the did i say that there have not been instances of. some disappearances. when you talk about culture there is no documented evidence of torture for the best of my. knowledge when committee against torture is
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certain that it's carried out routinely it's received report after report that it's carried out routinely by your security forces and you would know you would have us believe that they've all got it wrong and where bangladesh i would not i would not deny it and i would not say that they have it wrong but i do also want to say that as far as the government is concerned torture is illegal and we try to make sure that doesn't take you know why i was objecting to the way you posed the question mr sebastian is because so many good things have happened in bangladesh. could a bangladesh is one of the spectacular successes of development yes and you're very good at promoting the successes economic successes for in front of your country and the like but that's not what i have come along about i'm not what i'm asking you
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about i'm asking you about the things that have gone wrong in your country your government for instance claims 0 tolerance of corruption when the boss of transparency international bangladesh himself summed up the extent of corruption when he accused the government of going after only what he called the small fish the activities of corrupt leaders at the top are beyond our imagination he said we don't see repast investigation or effective legal action against any of those big players so so much for the the promise of 0 tolerance for corruption. if you if you recall about 6 to 9 months ago there was a big. action against various corrupt individuals and organizations many of them have been arrested police investigation is taking place. the anti-corruption commission is inquiry. at the end of the
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day we have to follow additional process and this is a time consuming process i am not saying our process is perfect i have got state that there is and sometimes a political. consideration also go into it these things are true but where i object and sebastian you are such an experienced. journalist. is that the great you read the picture it's all one side that you want you will you are getting the wrong impression that well if i'm not i me painting the picture i'm relying on reports from internationally respected organize a sions like human rights watch amnesty international committee again after i was active in that there is a long me to a balance that picture with the reality as it happened on the ground yes which is
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which which you are doing but but ovis has paved the way for a high profile documentary which was released this month by the al-jazeera network which alleged shocking levels of corruption among senior officials of your state and your government's immediate reaction was to brand the film false defamatory and the smear you didn't even bother to investigate 1st that's not the sponsor banani government is that. inquiry is taking place it is being inquired but let me really all. ask you the title of that a documentary was all the prime ministers men and we were told that it would expose corruption around the prime minister lew relievedly that documentary succeeded in doing that was there is a single evidence which intimidated the prime minister in the alleged.
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corruption i mean this list is where i think a sensible academics and journalists we should stand back and ask ourselves what was the evidence. given to incriminate the prime minister's involvement and yet this whole document this was big. as to show how corrupt the regime doctor is we had some serious look at looking at the film which was produced by al jazeera he was a television team that was able to locate 2 high level fugitives from justice convict. whose elder brother just happens to be your serving chief of the army general this up met apparently your annoying forstmann couldn't find his brothers who were on the run but they did that's pretty embarrassing for you isn't it certainly but on the other hand again i'm not going to be defending everything but
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the way you are putting the question to me i flew it is. should a person be judged guilty because of the guilt of his brother i think this is a question we need to us now if the brother has. if. the brother. has helped his brothers to evade justice to avoid. further his criminal activity this accusation would be extremely extremely. valid what happened was long long before this gentleman. became the army chief all right well let's let's just look at some of the details which came out in the film about the general general aftermath brothers. 2 of them are nice and harris were found guilty of
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involvement in the 1996 murder of a member of a rival party and both absconded from justice and went on the run now 3rd brother joseph was also convicted and spent more than 10 years on death row magically just before his brother as he's was promoted to head of the army joseph gets a presidential pardon how did that happen is done in the national habit of giving pardons to convicted murderers to gun down their opponents on the street in cold blood is that what you did you give him a president. sebastian the certainty with which you are speaking in many ways is a surprisingly and you have linked the appointment of the army chief and his brother as release. into one school let me remind you there is one hour a doctor no no no no no mr sebastian little boy you have to be pretty well connected to get a powered in for cold blood let me let me give you the facts then you draw your
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conclusion please let me give you the fact that the brother in question has served about 20 years in prison that is if. law in the country that after serving a certain amount of years you may be given for we're ought clemency by the president all this happened long before months and months before even the vacancy brother was appointed or arose it happened completely separately this man has 35 years left in the armed forces worked his way up. with a fairly big record so why should be maligned. and link
1:41 am
link this 2 stories together i would like you to look at this time i would like to look at the timeline of the 2 events these are 6 months apart all right ok talk to me 3 the point is also which the film brought out is that your army chief knew perfectly well where his 2 other brothers were the ones that were on the run and apparently didn't tell the relevant authorities is not worth investigating it would be what investigated but please also you know as much as i do would this gentleman outside the jurisdiction of bangladesh and yet if this information had been available we would have tried to have extracted extradited them i provided we had an extradition treaty with this truth and in fact in many cases we have done and there is no reason to believe that we would not
1:42 am
have done and you are quite right. that if this had provision had been available to the government the government would have taken action well perhaps this is all just too close to the higher echelons of power are too dangerous to delve into in the fact that nobody in your country wants to delve too deeply into suspicions of high level corruption do that too many people disappear and end up dead if they say the wrong thing and ask the wrong questions don't say fact of life in your country no dodo this is the best year. we we are proud. of it we have proud of our liberal democratic system we are proud that we have a prime minister. who has. a very low intolerance of corruption our armed forces family and their civil air patrol and therefore to say that.
1:43 am
corruption is connected at the high level well how do you how is it how is it then that in a state which is supposed to have a functioning justice system that these 2 fugitive brothers of your army chief anderson harris convicted murderers actually a report we turn to return to tackle in broad daylight in 2019 to celebrate a family wedding there are many fugitive killers who can shop in a big society wedding mingle with the president dignity and the fat protection right at the top you know that is well either i or we are both you are absolutely right if it was known to anyone that this gentleman have returned to bangladesh. immediately they would have been apprehended there is no. question about that they were pictured in the wedding
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doctrine let let let let let us ronnie military club to convict murderers uncles of the bridegroom happily celebrating with everyone else we actively scoping something that happened over 25 years. into a single incident the the brothers had committed a crime in 1906. long before gen and this had even joined the army the cadets we now. go forward 25 years later and we are saying that these 2 men came back to bangladesh. and if they did and as the photographs this was absolutely a great failure of our. justice
1:45 am
administrator and the. immigration police in the airport there is no question about that but you will also have to understand that these people had acquired different pass. which unless it was known to the government unless that was on the watch list it is quite easy for them to have slipped in along with thousands of other people who come in and wow i am not in for one moment suggesting that this has not been a failing of the government it was going to look differently. than to raise it in a democracy with the kind of free press that you've claimed exists in bangladesh all these allegations from al-jazeera would be plastered all over the newspapers in the broadcast media but then on the.


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