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i own. this is due to be a new year's live from berlin the best of battle to succeed i'm going to mcelhenney c.d.u. party's leadership backs on the internationally in his bid to run for a chance late in september elections but the ball will struggle isn't over yet and has cause divisions in germany's governing conservative thought also coming up. russia moves opposition leader alexander falling into a prison hospital to his medical team once he has just days to hit the e.u. and the u.s. will not consequence in spain. being tested plus. the murder trial full blown is
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watching the jury wraps up its 1st day of deliberations in the case of the killing of children floyd bell just cited for minneapolis police officer derek show than is skills he. and 6 days to turn things around and save lives daily into a snap locked out as new covert 19 cases skyrocket. hello i'm christine one but it's good to have your company germany's ruling conservatives appear to be a step closer to ending a showdown over who will stand as a candidate for a chance to ask elections this fall senior members of i'm going to medical c.d.u. paci version of a nice try a wide margin to vaclav mean to run. as the conservative candidate the chance of
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that but it is still competing against. who hits the cd use the variances to party institutions and conservatives have yet to put forward a get a 5 candidates head of september's election side dish them but have lots of people let's get more from our chief political editor mission of course that's a good point michele is so the cd is top brass has staked unless it was his rival marcus it except this decision. that's the $1000000.00 question because i'm going to macro c.d.u. c.s.u. union only has officially a candidate's once both the mighty c.d.u. party and its much smaller variances the party the c.s.u. together present him now it so happens that both leaders want to be that candidate and marco sudha declared once again that he would accept if the c.d.u. the biggest c.d.u. backed on iraq said he would back down but he said that
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a week ago and he didn't back down after the party executive backed i mean not that now we have this vote which is an overwhelming majority almost 80 percent but at the same time senior figures sowing doubt whether that will be accepted without aman last it is palatable who's so much what's in the opinion polls then marco sudha to the party grassroots so today will be a very interesting day because we're both waiting to hear from aqua pseudo what he says what he says he concedes defeat and where the parliamentary groups will be debating this very issue once again and making some noise potentially because not everybody is happy with it michel it does this power struggle how damaging has it been for medicals conservative blogs. well it's certainly very ugly and it damages whoever is the candidate it's already damaged to the amongst his own rank and file within the party and the opinion polls don't really see
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a downward trend one could say yet because we've just seen the green party come out without any kind of struggle making no noise and presenting their candidate and alina and the mighty c.d.u. which stands for macro style stability politics is not looking very stable in contrast a commissioner just stand by because binion polls also show that they'll be stiff competition from the greens which announced its chance of a candidate for the very 1st time just take a look at their pay it and adding in a. with 2 party leaders one needed to step aside and harvick did so making an early now bear book the 1st green chancellor candidate ever in her 1st speech she promised a renewal in german politics and a departure from the status quo. cynicism after a few i get in must make changes to create a fair country as
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a country where daycare centers and schools are truly the best places to be in a country where caregivers genuinely have the time and above all the resources to care for people to support my country in which the state functions digitally and serves its citizens. a diverse and cosmopolitan country of values space and strong democracy via after. the 40 year old became politically active within the green party in 2008 focusing on foreign and security issues only 5 years later she entered the border start the german parliament at the age of 32 there she quickly and respect for her thorough knowledge of detail she has a degree in international law and spent several years abroad in the us london and brussels she now lives in potsdam with her husband and their 2 young daughters best series yet they carefully choreographed announcement came in sharp contrast to the
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bruising power struggle still going on within germany's conservative party both contenders there were quick to react to bear box candidacy. an early not big on gretsch a lead and in a bear book and i can promise her that this cd you in germany is looking forward to a fair election campaign. of an inferior comes of it and. it will be about the 1st place conservatives the greens hopefully it will be a fair good and argumentative but also ambitions election campaign. it's obviously to me so i would be very happy to be a part of it but we are not there yet in the midst. while the conservatives us still squabbling internally. already focusing on the general election in september and on becoming angular machall successor. michel we've seen the greens surge and it seems very unlikely that germany's next government could be
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formed without the greens in it what if it what the greens have on german policy on an international level well and i'm doing a better book in that speech declared climate change as the task of her generation and the green still stand for what has been the brand from day one of the 41 year history which is preserving nature and she wants to put climate change into every equation in german society also when it comes to business she wants to cut and cut carbon emissions much faster than the current government does at the same time she is a stores european so that remains consensus here in germany and when it comes to foreign policy which is kind of her home turf because she has a degree in international law she is certainly projecting the kind of decisiveness
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many have criticized i'm going to marco for lacking when it came it comes to changing political geopolitical game now whether she could deliver on that is the big question mark but it's certainly very different rhetoric coming there to be from a green data. sheet. thank you. now russia's prison service say's it has moved jailed opposition leader alexina vonnie to a detention center of medical facility that all the stops say he is on the brink of death 3 weeks into a hunger strike the u.s. and e.u. have ward lost consequences if he dies in prison but on his personal medical team has been repeatedly denied access to any visits this is the prison compound where alex a novell me was being held and where he went on hunger strike 3 weeks ago his health deteriorated so rapidly that he has now been transferred to this medical facility
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at another prison the russian officials call his condition satisfactory novelle his doctors say he is that acute risk of heart failure there demanding access to their patient which so we spent 2 hours here waiting on these health is in critical condition but unfortunately we were not allowed to see him. the opposition leader survived a poisoning with nerve agent last august he holds the kremlin responsible for the attack after treatment in a berlin hospital nibali returned to russia and january where he was promptly arrested and sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison. on the washington has threatened moscow with consequences of an avanti dies in custody now the e.u. is also speaking out with russian authorities responsible for the whole situation though mr advani russia's reaction was swift.
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the health of convicts in the russian federation cannot and should not be of other nations concern. nirvana's supporters have called for mass protests on wednesday the same day president putin is set to hold his state of the union speech. no mate died in prison on his watch when the call world is looking at the torture that there's more of a more prominent political prisoner globally is now going through i think the label of killer will not be something that will ever get. mr putin to name. the dramatic situation is adding fuel to already soaring tensions between putin and much of the western world. and now let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines around the world the european union says more than 100000 russian troops have gathered near ukraine's borders e.u.
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foreign policy chief say it is a warning risk of confrontation and he hopes the troops will be withdrawn the troop buildup is stoking tensions between the e.u. and russia. chad's presidency just david has won a 6 term in office extending his face and their role opposition leaders boycotted the vote it comes as the military saying it had differences a rebel group advancing on the taps so genuine. only u.s. vice president walter mondale has died at age 93 he was 2nd in command cheering because it ministrations and a champion pulled the democratic party's liberal wing mondale's own bed holds the presidency ended in a landslide defeat to ronald reagan in 19 eighty-four. i am not going to protesters took to the streets of the u.s. city of minneapolis on monday evening as the city braces for the jury's decision in
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the trial and all former police officer derek shows and demonstrators hold for justice for george floyd who was killed last may officials and placed his knee on his knee called 9 minutes the jury has wrapped up its 1st day often abrasions without reaching a verdict. the prosecution and defense made their closing arguments in course. guilty or not guilty that's the question 12 men and women will have to answer while the country waits the defendant derek chauvin was fired from the minneapolis police department last year after george floyd died in his custody a video of the incident shows chauvin holding floyd face down with his knee for more than 9 minutes it's sparked a nationwide protest against police brutality. i can't breathe in resting it's case the prosecution tried to persuade the jury that this was not about condemning all police but holding show been responsible for his actions and only you. have the power. to convict the defendant of these crimes. and in so doing.
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and in so doing declare that this use of force was unreasonable. it was excessive it was grossly disproportionate is not an excuse for the shocking abuse that you saw with your own eyes and you can believe your own eyes. as the defense made its closing arguments chauvin who had declined to testify remove the mask that had been hiding his face for most of the trial. officer show than have no intent to purposefully use he did not purposefully use on lawful force it's it's these are officers doing their job in a highly stressful situation. george floyd's death rekindled a debate in the us about police tactics that rights activists say disproportionately impact black minority and poor communities as the trial came to
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a close activists gathered outside the courtroom. quite going whatever way this road to go we won't stop the lawyers saying. protesters are awaiting the verdict in minneapolis and the surrounding area where over 3000 now. tional guard have been sent and i'm tis a patient of unrest. india's capital danny is going into a 6 day locked out as authorities contend with a huge surge in covert 900 cases deniz chief ministers say the city's health system has reached its limits and harsh measures are needed to prevent its collapse while the number office confirmed new infections has been breaking records almost daily. many in india thought they had got the better of the pandemic. but now the country is being overwhelmed by a devastating new way. no city is as badly hit as delhi.
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ice cases explode hospitals that are at breaking point. some patients are forced to share a bed. and there's an acute shortage of oxygen. this is his chief minister says the system has reached its limits. for the beds for covert 19 patients softening up rapidly patients are being admitted to the hospitals very quickly intensive care beds are in short supply and less than 100 i.c.u. beds are available in delhi. authorities in delhi had already imposed a lockdown over the weekend ordering all but essential services to close. local leaders hope the decision to step up the measures will help to mitigate the crisis
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some welcome the restrictions but others fear if they're not allowed to work the consequences could be drastic. it is essential that there's a lot down here because right now the virus is spreading a lot. the problem with a lot of town is as daily wage and as you get 100 to 300 rupees a day well we go how will we eat well we sleep is the government going to come and give us this daily wage. but now with one in 3 tests in delhi turning out positive the government says it must act to avert a greater disaster the fear is that the surge in cases is due to a new more infectious variant of the virus they're calling on people to be more disciplined about sticking to the rules. but critics are also asking why religious festivals and political rallies that's a fuelling cases as participants return to cities like delhi are still being
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allowed to go ahead. for tens of thousands of families such questions come too late and if current trends persist then many more will find themselves in the same tragic situation. and i'm now joined by the deadly correspondent at a child who's in daily to see a man here is so india has just registered its biggest ever increase in car of ice cases with more than 270000 in a single day what is driving this. what exactly has triggered such a good day just secondary to just 5 more injections than what we saw last year but did i expose was saying that the new new to marry a new strain as well and it has something to do with it it's just going to be just and won't be stopped in the 1st 3 of last year but another thing to note is that there are large gatherings which were allowed to leave the month including the
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whole millau which is one of the largest in the religious that $200.00 thousands of people every day were gathered in one place and after getting there have been going back to different states and different want i was digging for having the actual along with them that didn't go to the body including the garbage and the body which is the national will have been organizing election rallies in different states so alarmed got it to happen and had to be organizing such gatherings has a lot to do with why beyond the situation many are india it is the world's leading make of all vaccines how is the country is own inoculation program doing well india had been struggling in the past few weeks they were all strong at least 10 states which had concerns and they were running out of back things up like i myself did a report last week from the down and i would be from the captain city of delhi in which my double hospitals had to stop the vaccination process what do we do on time
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for 70 because they had another supply as well and even the math actually manufactures had been saying that they are running out of capacity they're not able to meet the demand for the latest on this is that the don't we just need to wait so what financial support to the back in one factors in the hawkins ramp up the production also because for me it was the government of any of the vaccination process that everyone loved egypt. now countries around the world have put india on a no travel list and the british prime minister boris johnson has just canceled a planned visit to india what impact is a slight need to have on the nation. well you could just talk about your care of the moment and definitely just because panic also because only cheated or just kind of didn't get it so there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding the travel plans but guess what it's doing so as we know was supposed to come to india to talk about the trip and indiegogo economy has been suffering quite a lot since it is in the government it was
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a lot down last year we've all seen that so in terms of our business as well and don't go create such travel ban you know what we definitely have implications on the g. 8 so. that's when you're a child reporting for us in daily thank you many are. now reporters without borders saying is the out the full press freedom has never looked so bleak and the pandemic has made the work of journalists harder it's index singles out scandinavian countries as having the freest media norway and finland come out on top germany is no longer in the leading nations but is well ahead of the u.k. and some of the world's largest countries rank much lower india and china for example come in at number one $142.14 respectively last is the small east african country of eritrea falling this year behind north korea and its get more from christian men he is the executive director of the german
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branch of reporters without borders good to have you on the program christian why is the pandemic making the work of journalists harder. damn it is a global city and all over the world we see gallon and trailing gallon and sometimes even spreading this information on on on on on met medicine or some seeing us all of worth and journalists actually need a questioning actually do you think to see if it efficiency of governmental politics so there's a craving policies of governments fighting zip and damage and when he really questions is actually they are persecuted just for seeking to truce and holding governments accountable and this is happening those in democracies and dictatorships christian which country concentrated the most of this year
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i mean really bottom of our index they are asked in the last years north korea eritrea to camillus towns these are the countries which actually totally control information who persecute journalist who arbitrarily change journalists very often for long years for many years and where press freedom almost not exists and what's gone wrong in germany germany is no longer among the top nations. in germany and persia you really see a huge crisis of violence against journalists mainly happening heads are related ganster corona measures in germany we have we are the registered pitched times more violence against journalist who protest and unfortunately german police not
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always protected their word of journalist in a very good way and just let actually decrease of germany india next and we've actually either germany is not or were not not anymore declared as good that if you . are right that is christian there he is the executive director. without boletus germany thank you kristen thank you. it's not just the moon or the singer but also a growing assortment of sauce moving metal debris experts say the amount of space just setting up and is massive and essentially dangerous now the european space agency is working to create new robots to help bet. earth is slowly being wrapped in a cloud of debris experts estimate that nearly $130000000.00 pieces of scrap metal
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are currently orbiting our planet most are only a few millimeters in size but there are also tanks rocket stages and old satellites because of their high speed even small fragments have the potential to cause significant damage as a result of space junk is now being monitored radar and laser systems can see objects between 5 and 10 centimeters large they can also show where the debris is located if a collision is imminent satellites and even the space station can be programmed to change course to avoid the debris but your medical missions have already occurred more than once like in 2009 when a discarded satellite crashed into a telecommunications satellite that was still in use this created a cloud of thousands of pieces of debris today this junk still circles the earth space debris like this could cause further collisions leading to an uncontrollable
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chain reaction. that's why researchers and engineers have decided to clean up the trash in the earth's orbit. they want to catch tumbling satellites with huge nets from a safe distance like catching fish in the ocean their goal is to pull the space junk out of the danger zone researchers have already conducted in the national tests. the year. space agency is working on robotic systems that can grab satellites will push them towards the earth until they burn up in the atmosphere in 2025 scientists will launch clear space want a demonstration satellite it will capture a drifting $100.00 kilo rocket stage bring it out of orbit and burn up with it as they descend to earth. clear space one will be the 1st step towards space junk
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disposal. and here's a reminder of the top story that we're following for you senior members under the magical spot you have selected on in russia as a cd chance in a candidate but still faces opposition from fellow conservatives at least heads but there is conservative cost. to present a unified candidate and the public struggle has forced damaging divisions in the devaney bill. and jurors have begun deliberations in the trial of a white police officer accused of killing. children is charged with murder one meeting on floyd's next joining his the response main floyd states to global protest against least for cytosine and racist. don't forget you can always get news on the go just download all app from google play on the app store and that will give you access to latest news from around the world as well as push
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notifications for any breaking news and if you're part of it you can also use the app will for shows and videos of us have to. be watching it or being used to having been coming up next is open to see the magazine i'm christine was going to have your company of the best of the company next hour we're joined as you can.
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kick off the ball the result is good but things are going wrong by hundreds of feet by in munich when the boats bad but lose a coach at the end of the field and. coming back from behind to beat bremen dortmund fights its way back into the pile to qualify for the champions league. to go for the next d.w. . me m
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r one woman versus the military. then soon. de facto head of government disempowered entertaining people and demanding families the regime's forces are responding with violence why is the newbold peace prize laureate such a threat to the powerful generals close up. to 60 minutes d.w. . it's their story their very own personal drama. people have to do it chesterfield remember please. please and they share
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private footage with us that has never been seen before. back on track mobile storage april 29th on d w. a little. bit. about. the coaches of today are also the coaches of tomorrow just ask frankfurt's are the voter who's moving to gladbach next season.


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