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distraught relatives appealed to the government for help. please. do something and please release some oxygen supply people needed here we believe it is here we will leave great fear you can leave wards here everybody leave injections. even the medicine. health experts blame the surge on the highly contagious variant it hit after the government declared victory over the virus in january now it's urging patience. when encountered but serenity n.b.a. should be most people get well by taking care of themselves at home. there's no need to create panic and i run to hospitals for little things for our service but oxygen and medicine are not little things for people battling to breathe with the underfunded health system in a state of paralysis others are stepping in to help the sikh temple in delhi has secured oxygen for the infected. move girl member there are people dying at home
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because they lack oxygen and others who aren't getting any help from the administration or a hospital we're going to go and we are helping to save lives in the wardroom preserve regard our 1 authorities are now diverting industrial oxygen for medical use and wrapping up efforts to get it to hospitals quickly but even when supplies arrive india will need more than just oxygen to contain its devastating 2nd wave. for more i'm joined now by due to abuse in delhi and rita delhi has declared a lockdown can you tell us more about that. yes michael in delhi has declared a highly anticipated lockdown was already under curfew for a week but now the local government has decided to extend that like another week and jenny now has the wind in cases of. 19 and the number continues
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to grind 357 people have died overnight another record and this is just. the local government that the only way that the court at this time each of these infractions wants to take strict measures to stop. the contact and the government said that this is the only weapon to stem the flow of more infections and bring down deposits pretty rate which had gone up to some 37 percent in the last couple of these it's gone down to 29 percent so therefore this trend will continue because the situation in davie at the moment is very good yeah those images we've been looking at are showing that critical nature i'm curious have asked the national government for supporting getting oxygen how's the government responding when he does india has a pretty good structure so that local government agency says it needs more have.
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gotten says they have $700.00 what they need to send over tons of oxygen or that they have 50 percent of that so they've appealed to the national government the national government says it can't but the local government is all of these 2 states in india see who ever has in this oxygen to send it to delhi because there is an oxygen emergency and the national government on its. all india meeting yesterday with the prime minister. on missions found the supplies of oxygen oxygen going to as he created the air force is being mobilized on forces. lies to bring the oxygen oxygen is good and if to singapore and. not to inflict. john the essence. all hands on deck only about half a minute here but is india getting support from other countries absolutely given
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the kind of emergency that you're seeing in india has passed the common good generally has a place drained by oxygen generators which are due to live here in a few days the united states the duty. officer at this moment is russia's it is believed to have oxygen equipment as french as insulin does so against a lot of coming in but as i said. yes it's a matter of life and death and yeah. delhi bureau chief i'm richard as always thank you very very much let's turn now to some other stories making headlines around the world funerals were held for the more than 80 people who died in a fire at a baghdad hospital the blaze swept through the intensive care unit where 1000 patients were being treated official said the fire was set off by an exploding oxygen tank. a state of emergency has come into effect in tokyo in an effort to stem
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a widening corona virus outbreak department stores bars and theaters will stay closed for the next 17 days in japan's capital 3 months before the city hosts the summer olympics. protesters in paris have rallied near the eiffel tower after france's supreme court upheld the ruling that a man who killed a jewish woman in 2017 will not stand trial. pushed 65 year old me out of the window of her flat the court ruled that was not criminally responsible. here in germany authorities are switching gears in the fight against the pandemic after months of struggling to contain a severe 3rd wave of the virus titer national restrictions were put in place this weekend including a controversial overnight curfew our reporter kate brady wears out in the capital berlin. it's saturday night imbalance friedrichs hine district with just minutes to
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go before the new curfew kicks in at tempe am enough time to grab a quick beer also late night food for the road. right on cue as the clock strikes 10 many local shops begin to roll down the shots as minutes later police arrive to calais strugglers from the square. according to federal rules repeated violators of the measures risk a hefty fine of up to 25000 euros for most tonight though it's just a polite request to head home the restrictions on movement during late hours have been met with mixed response and. it's annoying but. the future. he was the freedom to foster yeah i can t. and that's true and we accept it but we can completely understand that it was a gun thirsty and. i don't think people infected each other so much outside dimensions in. which they are i think people will just go home together and keep on
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partying that that's a problem for the spread of the infection and it's counterproductive. by almost midnight the streets of largely cleared travel by public transport or by car is only permitted for specific exceptions including work and emergencies between 10 pm and midnight walks and runs are also still allowed including for germany's 4 legged residents now the question remains exactly how long will this curfew even be allowed to stay in place with several constitutional complaints around the country threatening to already bring the measure to an end should germany's constitutional court indeed rule that the curfew is a lawful it would be a huge blow not least of all to german chancellor angela merkel who has been pushing for months for stricter a more uniform response to the pandemic. for now though there were. many quiet tonight. and beyond. it's world malaria day
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and new hope is on the horizon in the fight against one of the world's deadliest diseases a promising new vaccine is being hailed a potential game changer in trials it is proven $77.00 proved percent effective and it's the 1st time ever a malarial vaccine has topped the world health organization's goal of a jab that's at least 75 percent effective the shot was developed by the team behind the astra zeneca vaccine and tested on 450 infants in. the scientists will now move to a so-called phase 3 trial involving nearly 5000 children across 4 african countries . earlier we spoke to dr richard professor at yale school of medicine in connecticut he explained to us how this new generation of. drugs work. the vaccine that we are working on which is still pre-clinical it's an
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animal testing taken to takes advantage of a gene that we discovered about 10 years ago that's produced by the malaria parasite that acts to suppress the immune response to the parasite and so our vaccine takes advantage of this protein product called pm if and by vaccinated against it the host can clear the infection on its own and we combine this vaccine an agenda with a new type of r.n.a. called self amplifying our name in many ways it's a 2nd generation of the m.r.d. vaccines currently used for covert because it persists at the injection site for about 6 to 8 weeks so you can inject a very small amounts it can pre be produced much more quickly at much lower cost $1.00 can make about a 1000000 human doses in a liter of synthetic cell free fluid so it would be potentially much easier to
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distribute much less expensive and it could be produced at sites around the world in a military affected countries. professor richard from yale school of medicine talking to you earlier sports now and in the bonus league or buy in munich travel to mines on saturday knowing a win would seal the league championship but mines have come out fighting in recent weeks as they bid to avoid relegation and they served up a shock that put byron's title campaign on ice. in this league if fans had seen this movie before byron the main feature. at the start and another title with the inevitable happy ending. minds were cast as the fall guy but they hadn't read the script a 6 game unbeaten run has breathed new life into their bid to speak relegation and they showed their renewed confidence when you're not on work hard you could vantage
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of and cut touristic lee generous goalkeeping from manuel neuer to put them up after just 3 minutes. and they weren't finished their. drop in price on scored on 37 minutes to double binds his lead. that battle scarred hosts went into the break to no up against byron for the 2nd time this season last time they shipped 5 without reply in the 2nd half but this time they held firm rappelling onslaught as the champions attacker after attacker. was the man foil this time. he did his usual goal 4 minutes in. as he alexander. to make it 36 league goals for the season an inch closer to record but it came too late for byron to turn things around and. they must wait a little bit longer to celebrate
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a 9th street title but the day belonged to meit's they celebrated as if they'd already avoided the drop coach bill stenson will be delighted to have dealt. it rivals a huge psychological blow. up next the battle to build the biggest cathedral of the gothic period that's the subject of dots all well have more headlines at the top of the hour until then you can get all the latest news and information on our web site that's w dot com i'm michael oke and thanks for watching. our lead up lol. people have to say matters to us. that's why you listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d
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w. sometimes not much is needed to change history. sometimes all it takes is one idea and a person who runs with it. the abbot of songs in the monastery near paris was such a person 9 centuries ago he boldly implemented new architectural concepts that were already in the air. abbott's to share let in the light colored light. romanesque builders had occasionally experimented with such innovations but sushi or incorporated them into the rebuilding of his abbey church to create a total work of art. like glass pointed arches and ribbed vaults.
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these were architectural elements already known in romanesque times but now they were for. minor and more translucent than ever before. let there be light that is the message that this church broadcasts it spurred the start of an era in which architects vied to build ever higher and more white filled cathedrals the gothic. the desire for more light in a church interior is one thing making it technically possible is another for the thick walls to be replaced by thin windows the weight of the building had to be distributed outward on the columns and vaulted arches the structural shell became
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a skeleton. and glass was needed glass that could be melted and colored using a new technique that may have reached western europe from the middle east in the 10th century. soon the stained glass fragments were joined with strips of lead to compose symphonies of color. in the summer of $1144.00 the abbey church of songs and he set off an architectural revolution across france . in the following century more than 20 major gothic churches or rows in the region around paris. it became a contest to build the highest and most beautiful churches. within
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a generation this. development had gathered momentum still further afield stross books cathedral was changed over to the gothic style in the 1st half of the 13th century artistic influences from across europe came together in this space. it was only much later that this pride of the alsace became a nationalist bone of contention between france and germany. german or french was not an issue more than 700 years ago when evian from. master builder from modern out did all previous interiors with this rose window. of course all this splendor was for the glory of god but these achievements also
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fired up the competition among architects and artists to create more masterpieces. the so-called angels pillar. it's a depiction of judgment day the sculptures are comparable proof of the gothic artist's desire to make hard stone appear supple. is there a limit to what artists can achieve in this endeavor. hj. the new self-assurance of the gothic gazes down from the gallery. a master builder put himself in the artwork on the lookout from above for the latest architectural marvels.
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one marvel took place at the start of the construction of the facade was envelop in a curtain of delicate stone work. the famous harp string tracery with its mighty rose window 60 years later to tower levels were built a central story made the construction more imposing but more clunky its heaviness was relieved by a tower extending almost crazily toward heaven. the former stone masons lodge now a museum contains a collection of what made this building a champion of the gothic. the building plans of the ingenious architects. of course the smoke's the key in the greatest jewel of this collection is the oldest plant of a stress ball cathedral of park i'm in the fire on parchment it's an initial design
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for the rebuilding of the west facade with hope the central portal and the large rows window was already in place. and here we also have tracery and gables of the identified path there's a fantastic architectural shoring cool but unfortunately i don't know who made it to the light and. the names of most of the 1st architects who worked on the cathedral are unknown today but they were the ones who optimized the gothic principle of skeletal construction it comprised elements such as the open timber roof truss to reduce the load of the roof. the flying buttresses that gave lateral support to the name. and the real vaults that gave the aisles their sense of lightness. and the ingenious wooden constructions that enabled the masonry of the rounded arches and domes but which
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devoured entire forests. behind all this decorative design is the gothic principle of thrust and counterbalance which the competition among the architects reduced to its essential so. they were driven by the idea of converting the fixed don't space into a shrine of glass. the sheer radicality of the way erivan from shine box on his ever finer web of stone marked a new high point in the contest of gothic architecture. boy. we don't know how evan function really looked this sculpture made long after his time shows him with raised index finger. it's
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a finger that is less didactic than thoughtful ready to suddenly point out a tiny detail. was born. after all building a gothic cathedral also involves attention to the smallest things. how many hammer blows went into the 142 metre tall strong board cathedral. it must have been like a goldsmith's i tell you he crossed with a major construction site demanding not only the master builders love of detail but the ability to keep track of the overall structural engineering and. the way to slow the. foot in evans time the science of architectural construction was
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not yet developed experimentation was his constant companion. he drew on the experience his masons brought with them from building sites across europe and these ideas flowed into the great plaster or clay panels where the building plans were drawn. when evan began the rebuilding of the west work the west facing introns in $1277.00 the ground level of the building was already standing. over the next 40 years he was able to complete the next level which culminated in the breathtaking rose window. it was a symphony of light and illustration of god's love radiating to all sides a hint of paradise where earthly things dissolve in a mystical color speakers. could
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this grandiose idea be taken still further some 80 kilometers up river from strasbourg in fribourg evan from realized and even bolder vision a very special church spire. the translation of his rose window into 3 dimensions. have been left a great legacy to the workers of the masons lodge the workshop of the 5 augments are a great legacy in need of great care. every year the stone masons have to climb up the tower to ensure that none of the crumbling stone fragments land on the market on minster square from a height of more than 100 meters. just
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out of 5 it was. a gothic cathedral is essentially a mountain of sandstone and like every other rocky crag it is eaten away by erosion the more gothic it is the more delicate its details. but the more delicate the more vulnerable. cathedrals like the fribourg minster are never ending construction sites the most recent renovation of the tower and undertaking that masted 12 years hasn't relieved the stonemasons from regularly inspecting every centimeter of the structure. crumbling fragments are removed by hand.
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while larger damaged areas are secured with wire mesh until the next overhaul. which is certain to come. this 1st tracery spire in history will remain in the hands of stone masons for eternity. what creative daring must have driven architect evan french to design a roof for this tower a roof made of stone but full of homes. the
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gothic marvel took around 300 years to build. and something distinguished it from the other places of worship the fibroid minster never belonged to the catholic church it was commissioned by an aristocratic family as a sign of its power and influence. soon after it belonged to the people of the city
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. the radiating chapels in the apps were funded as was common in the late gothic period by the sale of indulgences. these kinds of richly appointed family chapels sometimes reached a level of extravagance as families vied to outdo each other. in the late gothic ceiling the rib vaulting was not only used in the traditional way to support the roof but additionally added as purely decorative diagonal ribs which grew together in wildly branching patterns where. the i am. told the 5th the last duke of sailing in who had commissioned the rebuilding of the church 300 years earlier as a prestigious burial site had had very different ideas. he was
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a pious knight who still viewed a church as a center of royal or clerical power but his heirs ran out of money for the upkeep of the project. around 1300 the citizens of my board took over the administration of the church they founded a minster factory an association which financed the building work its members were obliged to give it the shirt off their backs literally and they died neva cleaved their best piece of clothing to fund the building work. now the church windows did not only feature stories of the bible but bore the symbols of the guilds that were the financial backers the smiths the tailors shoemakers the coopers and the bakers. and they celebrated a line of business that was making fribourg richer than ever silver mining. in
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the competition of the cathedrals the flyboy of minster was in the lead with what was at the time the highest building. or and the community spirit was reflected in the humorous depiction of the birth of christ. here in the manger the ox is trying to eat the infant jesus is diaper but joe. of intervenes with his staff. today the floor of the minster has been paved with solid stone tiles but that was not always the case those who could afford it sought to be buried under the floor not only to be close to the saints but also to remain even in death a part of the citizens community assembled here. as late as the 17th century a visitor complained that in the minster one trips over hundreds of tombstone. i
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am. as a true citizens church it also provided practical services for the living it told time for example and the units of measure engraved on the outer wall let buyers at the market check that the prices of the goods were fair but the price of grain varied enormously in the year 1270 customers could get a plump loaf of bread in the great famine of $1317.00 they were lucky to get a scanty roll for the money. this fits and beyond that is to really please and the 14th century was a time of serious crises above all the great plague catastrophes fits and you know not even but even earlier in the 1st half of the 14th century we see famine house floods failed harvests shortages cost him both india and still almost at the same time we see a new form a depiction of reality
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a tool of nature and being. and just think of the grotesque gargoyles but also the whimsical architectural detail that's in there today almost seem ironic in the olney on.
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in times of crisis many certainties are called into question in strasbourg to the balance of power was shifting the emerging middle class had already rebelled against the all powerful mission. as a result not only judgement day and the saints adorn the entrance of the cathedral but also the statue of a controversial. politician count who'd off of hoppes book once excommunicated by the pope as an enemy of the church and miter king of germany in the holy roman empire or to have sided with the citizens of strasbourg to rid the city of their unpopular bishop. from then on the minster architect was no longer accountable to the clergy but to freely elected city councillors.
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they would have to be convinced that the minster would be a priest object symbolizing the might of their city. but the city councillors were not necessarily the arbiters of artistic taste instead of continuing to construct the 2 planned towers they decided on a central section to contain the bells it went up in just 5 years and transform the facade into a rectangular box such. imposing yes but also clunky and a distraction from evan's beautiful rose window soon caused grew loud to beautified this block with special towers but was it possible to find competent builders on short notice.
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the municipal archive in holds a special piece of evidence that may answer that question. and accosting up with a name has spent 6 years studying the medieval account books of the all minster it's a treasure trove of information about the movements of builders at the time. if you don't it tells us where the stone masons came from here is how in the face from paid 15 shillings hands from being who also gets 15 shillings the comms we have one from brandenburg where i'm from the even hausen from canton and in the course of this week 2 stone masons immigrate from style had fun style and. who get 5 shillings in high. these are no purpose they were taken on for a week by all the workshops they would always have an opportunity to work for
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a week or at least until the next pay out and all. and around a quarter of the stonemasons were wandering journeyman's i think they'd stay at the building site for just a week or 2 and then move on to the next building site and the next day live out of . the analysis of the account books the daily schedules and hiring contracts from the 15th century helps to decipher the network they're connected the gothic cathedral workshops by compiling the names of the artisans it is possible to reconstruct the workers movements and the phases of the construction one document in particular proves how closely connected these medieval church building specialists were. and that every sticks in our planet and this is one of the most important building plans we have because it tells us a great deal about the masons lodges the middle ages on the one side we have the tower on the starboard cathedral with the permit all with the many steps signs and
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all the other side written in the same hand we have to plan for the tower of the order minster and what that means that they knew precisely what was going on in other workshops where designs were being developed there might and they share this information the towns were competing for the most famous master builders but the architects communicated amongst themselves and share their knowledge of the toast. the 2 sided plan is proof that gothic builders had several irons in the fire and were simultaneously on different sites spurred on by the city's appetite for these prestigious projects. the builders in strasbourg had heard that the wealthy textile exploiting city of own risk. blending a church with a gigantic tower that was exactly what they wanted to aspire to turn the blocky front into
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a thing of beauty. a messenger was dispatched to on. was . there was only one contemporary depiction of the man known to history as an inspired master builder of towers a sculpture of the architect and singer eroded by time shows him gazing upward to where his spires grew up into the sky. was. polish design the towers in strasbourg and all but he was never to see them completed. a precious document in the central library shows the ambitious planning that went into the project in the up and coming city.
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it's a 15th century chronicle of the city written by a dominican monk named felix fabry. from police candid account of what happened in allman the late middle ages includes major events but also plenty of gossip. one event particularly fascinated him the laying of the cornerstone of the oem minster. the start of the construction work was quite unusual fabric wrote. the citizens build their church as he put it without the support of the clergy and nobility. it was a daring undertaking. not churchmen but city councilman climbed into the building
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pit to lay the foundation. what courage what optimism. premiums 1377 as the start of construction and praises the boldness of the almost citizens who had grown rich through the textile train. push release fabry did not know that it would take another 513 years for the building to shine in all its splendor. today the omen star is still the tallest church in the world. but for centuries this glory was neglected because soon after its completion in the 16th century ome became protestant and the lutheran preachers did not appreciate such soaring spaces for their somber sermons. martin luther visited home and called the
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minster gigantic but quite impractical gothic was out. and status symbols like the precious glass windows the besser hours a merchant family had placed in their chapel which against the tastes of the a conic lastic protestants as did presumably the gothic humor of this depiction of mary and st peter. peter is wearing spectacles. for when the travails of the master builder were commemorated by showing him kneeling under the weight of his work he.
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installs borg oldish and sing out was working in parallel on his 2nd tower project an exclusive 8 sided north tower with the help of novel cranes he wanted to raise the minister to 140 metres in height. in the 20 years until his death he was to achieve half of the 80 meters that were still planned. but his plan gave reality to a special construction it was one of the most ingenious designs of the entire gothic period. i am. a star architect did manage to complete his 4 slender towers containing stairways but when all rich died in 1419 his work stood like
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a hollow tooth luckily the gothic style was still all the rage until the mid 15th century and transport was determined to finish its prestige project. so by 1439 the highest church tower at the time reached a height of 142 meters. or an. my god when things are too perfect people sometimes lose interest in them and by the end of the 15th century the public it seemed too much of the ever more finely carved stone. the pulpit in strasbourg made by master builder hans hammer can perhaps be seen as both the high point of and farewell to 300 years of gothic architecture.
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but what the builders created we inherit and inheriting is not always easy inheritance is also.


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