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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2021 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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i am. this is the news live from the bald mobilizes to try and turn around the current virus catastrophe in india germany and the european union has made a cold 8 on the way so to the united states and britain countries are sending oxygen and the supplies desperately needed to keep people alive also on the program
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. a historic night at the academy awards and the course through. the results moment was. kohli's out. whereas no matter when space fiction at the 93rd academy awards the china born south also became the 1st woman of color to win face time except as a historically diverse group of women is took over the world's. kello i'm christine went to its cage to have your company. medical help is on its way to india as the country has saved a global record for new infections for the 5th straight day the european union and the united states all sending equipment like ventilation is and roll materials
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needed for vaccines on the ground the situation is critical hospital beds are scarce morgues awful and the oxygen that is most needed to save lives is. short supply. grief outside hospitals in delhi. disinfecting the dead the fear of infection remains even when life has passed. makeshift cremation sites like these a springing up to deal with the rising death toll because corona turion some cemeteries cannot cope. relatives feel helpless as the coronavirus teds through the capital i have money i have everything but i can't get my sister. got me nobody at the back to baghdad because that is not forget no very good we can do good we can go. as
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a boy and hospitals have run out of oxygen and intensive care beds india's prime minister patients and caution. are gobs of money i'm speaking to you on this radio show them at a time when corona is testing our patience and that capacity to bad pay for many of our loved ones have left us to soon i meant. to leave at this moment in order to win this battle and we must listen to scientists. for several days running the indian government has reported more than $300000.00 new infections. doctors worry the recent surge has been fueled by a new variant this one composed of tea while the more infectious and vaccine resistant versions of the virus health experts fear the result could be a virus that's fast spreading and less controllable. several countries
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have offered help india's air force collected oxygen imports from singapore on the weekend. and the u.s. and the e.u. all planning to send a. president esler from the alliance says the block is pooling resources to respond to india's request for assistance. but for the sick queuing outside full hospitals in delhi the supplies call to come fast enough. and formal i am joined now by dr anant on a researcher in by effects and global health policy in bhopal india good to have you on the program dr just last month the health minister say that india was in the quote end game of the pandemic today the countries he global records and infections what's gone wrong in your view you recently tweeted that new variants and mutations
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were not the cause. not thank you for having me so when i did not put in that read what i meant was that of course media intimidations could be a driver in many ways but one has to recognise a fundamental reason we might be seeing an increase is that perhaps. this virus has taught us notably. you know there's always that on to produce items and infections and we need to be extra cautious and ensure that the appalling public and precaution conduct sometimes i was not being your dared to in the moment messaging was probably getting a lark honestly makers were not taking this too seriously so there were mosques congregations happening looking around is happening and just and i could put it into you know on the corner of my moments which would have been to me to irish ducks abaddon as we've been reporting current ice cases have hit a global record peak for the 5th day 350000 and i just want to point out that
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that's well over 300000 more cases than the next highest country but even then it's been said that the government is under reporting the number of cases and ditz. i mean a lot of concerns raised on the fact that not. been kind of tabulation i would keep from them that sense happening in in the content situation and that is being validated by 2 points from anywhere from cremation grounds to what to it is a pep talks to seems to be much less now this could also be a misdeeds of the fact that even historically before the ban to make on that same name democratic keeping time going to do it. and that obviously is being mean for snow but it's extremely important for us to know what the kind of date is and that can help drive the want to see that a sponsor hopefully will do a better job of that meeting so the true impact of the president and the
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international help that's coming inductive on is it going to be enough to resist because now well one hopes that this is significant because i'm sure be able to india has been very kind to the global community over the last year or more in terms of sharing its expertise that fact and i think as we have learned from the pandemic but with the past many months we are all in this together and this is a type of robots on the data d.v.d.'s unfortunately facing the the speed of time but protected by helping each other out and this time they need to have all the help. right that stuff and then by ethics and global health it's by talking to us from buffalo into thank you dr ben. and some breaking news coming in roy is actually in for jailed russian opposition via the alexei navalny say state prosecutor has have formally suspended all acts of his he often of unease anticorruption foundation and its regional political network now
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a court ruling is pending to rule on whether to label enough on these groups as extremist and have the posse barred from participating in elections and from posting content online. more on that story as it develops now it's trying to have the stories making headlines around the world funerals have been held for some of the 82 victims of a hospital fire in baghdad officials say the blaze broke out when an oxygen tank exploded the hospital was treating some of the city's most severe kovac 1000 cases the families of victims say negligence and corruption contributed to the disaster. relatives have been holding the morals for the victims of indonesia's submarine disaster the military officially announced the death of all 53 crew members on sunday the break cage was found at the bottom of the body sea off to a 4 day search it is not clear why the navy submarine sank to the ocean floor. very
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much hollywood finally got to roll out the red carpet for the film industry's biggest night of the year and in stark contrast to the previous years the 93rd academy awards so a very diverse lineup of nominees and win is 2 of the top prizes went to chinese board trophies al she made history as the 1st woman of color to take home the best director trophy her road movie nomad land struck a chord with the academy who turned her into the evening's biggest winner. from the center of hollywood prepared demick to the main los angeles train station mid pandemic a nice room where this happened. oh that was this year's oscars best actress frances mcdormand who had the star role in the best picture of 2020 no man's land a tale of down and out americans living on the road. and they always come close to. 0 is 00 momenta round
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my. it was directed by china born chloe's out the 1st asian woman to take home the best director award. this is for anyone. who have the faith and the courage to hold on to the goodness in themselves in a delayed intimate event in a socially distant species the winners were a diverse group far more than years past and the oscar goes to. take korean who took home the best supporting actress award. oh my i like to thank to my 2 boys who made me who i would then work so. good out done oh i knew it. this is because mommy was. also picking up
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a statuette the movie judas and the black messiah is supporting actor daniel kalu. who in his youthful way offered to wade through what moments including my mom that he had 6 it's amazing legend sylvia you mean so i'm so happy to be alive so long as a result tonight. you are probably at a diverse array of reactions to the top honors amidst a diverse array of nominees and winners. and from one hollywood's biggest night it's bring it into taming janice k.j. matthews who's joining us from los angeles good to see what a moment a full clip is out but just tell us more about this the space film why was it so convincing for the academy. you know i think it's resonating with so many people really across the country during the pandemic this movie has a number of things it deals with the loss of a spouse it deals with the loss of a job it deals with the loss of your kind of identity in just traveling not knowing
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where you know where to pick up your life after so many things fall or fail in life and so i think this movie really resonated with a lot of people even people living academy particularly during this time in the pandemic and it was just so well done so many of the people in the film were actually rovers were actually homeless so it would just really have that bit of authenticity in a way that most films don't let's talk about some of the at the when is there any surprises there. yes i would say the best actor category the best actor oscar going to anthony hopkins for the father was very surprising i think many people thought the late chadwick boseman had it in he was pretty much 99 percent of the people in hollywood thought he would win the award posthumously so when he didn't when it was really an upset because i think people thought that we would be able to hear
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a tribute to him perhaps his widow would accept the award and that was not the case and then on top of that base which things around you don't normally at the end of the 3 hours at the outskirts ceremony usually it is the best picture that is announced not this time it was the best actor category and it was announced that it was anthony hopkins that won and he wasn't even there knows you know in person so that was kind of odd too in the show on that note right. in the pasta oscars have been heavily criticized for not being diverse enough this year we had when somebody pointed out that it was the blackest auspice yet it's has a change finally comes to hollywood. yes you know it was a great year for also for a perfect formers of asian descent not just chloe's now but the best supporting actress one is well she was the 1st korean woman to win an oscar period so there was a lot of diversity to go around i think they thought viola davis would win the best
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actress category that was not the case and went to francis and darn it but you also had you know judas in the black messiah at lincoln winning one category with daniel clooney and then you also have my rainey's black spot on winning for makeup in costume so there was a lot of diversity and more than 70 women were nominated for an oscar in front of and behind the camera so a lot of diversity we still have a long way to go though because remember no one has won. in the best actress category at least an african-american woman hasn't halle berry of very one decades ago so we still have a long way to go but we are moving in the right direction i believe here in hollywood bats can change matthew's reporting for us from los angeles thanks kate. now the 1st super moon of the year has risen the phenomenon happens when a full moon is closer to earth that visual it can be seen in the skies above sydney's straight anyone who misses this super moon won't have to wait until the
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next one it's coming at the end of may and is expected to be even bigger and brighter and this will create a. steady and you're watching t.v. news back from bill in state shoot. back at the top out with the news and proceed with what's been great have you have any extra about. the new year me no no here's we're going to you and how the last 2 years general thomas now will bring you a makeover and you've never had to have a surprise do so with one disposable who is medical really what moves i want to hold up who took the problem for along the way maher.


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