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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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you know the stores the big story. it's starts with 17 w. . this is the news live from the india's 3rd wave is being described as beyond talk origins hospitals are overwhelmed with surging curled up virus infections western nations all sending medical aid also coming up. as germany's vaccine rollout picks up pace and get a magical says' a vaccination could be altered to every adult from sure but what does that mean for
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those with the jab and those without. hello i'm christine with the it's good to have your company. india has reported and the record high number of new corona virus infections more than 350000 in 24 hours the u.s. u.k. and the european union are saving medical supplies including oxygen which hospitals need to treat coated 19 patients clinics are now at full capacity and turning people away. but there was a great. crowds waiting for a shot of hope as the coronavirus devastates india people queue outside a vaccination center in mumbai even though the country is
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a major coronavirus vaccine maker many fear there is not enough to go around. in many parts of the country ill people are queuing outside hospitals they desperately need treatment. in delhi animesh kumar is looking after a family member they've been turned away from 2 hospitals already. all 3 an oxygen ambulance is running out his condition a serious west standing here in the middle of the road without oxygen or hope. hospitals too are running out of oxygen they are already caring for so many patients with covert 19 that wards a full the few deliveries that do arrive are simply not enough to save the patients with covert 19. i brought him to the hospital and we
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waited for hours to get him admitted they didn't let me go in with him i was trying to contact him all day yesterday he had a mobile phone but didn't answer my calls today the hospital called me to tell me he had died. the government is rushing to open new covert 19 wards like this one a brand new center in delhi they say even more beds will be available soon. they'll even where working on increasing the number of oxygen beds on a large scale. within the next few days we will increase the capacity to 2000 to 5000 beds. we are also preparing $200.00 beds at the intensive care unit will there. be no doubt as long as that. but new hospital wards come too late for many victims of covert 19.
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that laskar mation sites like this one outside the capital delhi. the pandemics grizzly toll is clear. and i'm now joined by a correspondent in shit i saw she is in delhi for us high and emissions so it is now the 6th consecutive day that cases about 300000. and it's been say that this is not even the real number of cases. yes christine but i definitely. don't insult them i have a straight olenin do i have much higher than that and there are just numbers could ya pattern or to get out of what's coming not that many people who have symptoms and absent for dave on me with glasses that's because diagnostic symptoms not also stress and that even getting the results days asta been tested in addition cities like new delhi just showing a dip in well it's
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a scene of 40 percent well in the number of getting out so this new read the 4th step then getting in some cities in addition to a majority i absolutely always hear a lot of different local and national journalists have come up with what i think of the dead the us scene the school of political death in the going to be grounds of far higher than bill's been deported mischa how are people reacting to the government's handling of the penn demick when the despair that you're seeing cross the country in hospitals as well it's almost is also atrocity into anger now every boxing day there are there has been the boss been lonely entrenched government detractors and supporters now it was doing more and more people jump in support the government come out and question why exactly can't go into this massive crisis question why the practised and google is ready and question why the
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government has not taken the clear on why it is more serious heat even long long standing stones of or just off the government within the media have come out and oscar what exactly happened. and how has the government responded to this criticism . well the government is not teaching he could this is a move that is so quiet it is absolutely just you can think for only 218 months on it's fought over the last week we have heard about it often do we don't want that action to go up and down and just. earlier today we got a strong statement from the embassy in australia criticizing an article in an australian news and blamed them when the government or its handling of the crisis is saying that this is misleading and malicious so the government legally says that they are doing the best of the vaccine go without a strong. read to the press and that even investigate why i'm source is not knowing
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but they refused to admit any mismanagement on their watch all right that's our spanish reporting for us and david will be touching base with us throughout the day thank you michel and germany's chancellor angela merkel has confirmed that germany is sending medical aid to india as part of an international efforts to bring the covert 1000 crisis they under control the event on the wall we'll work with other countries to ensure that we can help india we are working hard on finding ways to get oxygen production facilities there the whole of europe is working on that and i also discussed this with the prime minister of portugal today they are currently holding the e.u. presidency and we want to do everything we can to help india. and here's a look at some of the major developments in the penn demick the united states will start sharing up to 60000000 doses of esther's
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a vaccine with other countries in the next few weeks the shot is not yet authorized for use in the united states which has been under pressure to share more of its vaccine supply with the world and turkey is imposing a full nationwide sound to save to last until the middle of may the number of new infections in the country sold to record levels this month and brazil's health regulates a has denied permission to import precious but make the vaccine citing a lack of information guaranteeing its safety quality and effectiveness it's to some of the stories making headlines around the world nan was a military gentle says' it would quote positively consider suggestions from the association of south east asian nations of how to end the country's crisis the proposals emerge from a weekend summit with south east asian leaders but acts of his say these summits mediation if it's help is just my eyes the gentle noise for the family off
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a black man killed by police in the united states in the u.s. state of north carolina have seen a video clip off his state they say it shows andrew brown had his hands on his cause steering wheel when he was shot in the back off the head protesters are demanding that the body camera footage be made public and the us vice president come to harris has announced a $310000000.00 aid package to central america off to a virtual meeting with the president of guatemala the country's foreign minister petro broner said the 2 nations would create a joint toss force to control migration and help unite and accompany children with their parents. now to germany way and initially slow the vaccine rollout is picking up pace chancellor angela merkel has raised the hope that by june anyone who wants to make an appointment will for a jab will be able to do so her comments came after me in the 16th state previous
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to discuss the vaccination drive. chancellor angela merkel dubbed it a meeting of hope the situation in germany remain serious with daily 1000 cases still alarmingly high and the number of coronavirus patients in intensive care still growing but the vaccination drive is picking up speed so much so that germany may soon be able to offer vaccines to everyone not only those at high risk. on the whole we expect the people in the high priority group will be vaccinated by the end of may. that means that depending on how many vaccine doses we get we can abandon the priority list as of june at the latest. this is not mean that everyone can be vaccinated immediately but that everyone can make an appointment. after a slow start during the 1st few months of the year now around 23 percent of
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germany's population has received the 1st dose that's thanks to an increase in deliveries more reliable supply chains and fairly doctors now also administering the shot. with more and more people vaccinated the debate on whether they should enjoy more freedom from restrictions is also mounting chancellor merkel said the government is preparing legislation to ease some measures those who have been fully vaccinated or those who have recovered from corbin 1000 should be exempted from having to get tested to go to non-essential shops or from quarantining after returning from abroad they would still however have to continue following mask and social distancing rules. i think that's unfair a more nuanced solution must be found. it is absolutely clear to me that people who have been vaccinated must get their basic rights back it's not a question of whether they get special rights but that they can live normally again . i think it's good but it's
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a pity that it's not my turn yet but her turn may not be far off chance and america's promise to offer every adult in germany a vaccine by the end of the summer seemed impossible to many only a few weeks ago now hopes are high that her pledge will be met. and for more on this i'm joined by news shelf and author and yes so why has chancellor angela merkel and the leaders of germany's 16 states not been able to agree on what freedoms vaccinated people could have. well kristin in the last few months of this pandemic we've seen lots of these meetings between the chancellor and the state leaders that have dragged on long into the night where there's been lots of controversy debate it's been incredibly hard to find consensus and it was almost like this time around they decided this was going to be meeting with some good news and they put the difficult decisions off and it
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was clear from the start that the most difficult decision of this that was on the agenda at this meeting was the really reinstituting basic rights for those who've been vaccinated. and it seems that decision has just been pushed further down the road really and also bear in mind that here in germany a national lockdown law only just came into effect on saturday infection rates are still inching up at the moment. and of course if you look at the figures we just saw it there only just over 7 percent of people have actually been fully vaccinated . so it does seem still pretty early to be making those decisions about what rights they should be getting back right but this is happening as we exit saying that this vaccination drive is kicking in yet what the growing amount of vaccinated people now increase the pressure for them to be granted more freedoms. well yes and no
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really of course as more and more people are vaccinated there's more demand for them to get their rights back and the economy needs it badly too of course. but it also makes it easier in a way of course you have more people vaccinated you have more support for the you know for giving them their rights back and it also there's an argument that it might persuade those who've been reluctant to get vaccinated and to get finally get their job but also this could all be a very short discussion in a way because if the vaccination drive really does go ahead as quickly as merkel has now promised and everyone can you know apply to get a vaccine come june then we may have reached herd immunity as soon as anything and may all be able to lead normal lives again that's an issue of not reporting for us thank you anna. now anyone looking into the sky last night in berlin was able to catch a glimpse of the so-called pink super moon shining about the german capital it's
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named after a pink color that blooms in the spring time the moon occurs when the planet is at its closest angle towards earth in its orbits here it is illuminating some of the city's most famous landmarks like the brandenburg gate. i caught a glimpse this morning studying stuff that's if you have to date has business next i'll see you at the top the next hour.
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