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this is from india 2nd wait it's being described as beyond heartbreaking new coronavirus cases top 30000486 day hospitals contact anymore patients but emergency medical supplies cost to arrive from abroad also coming up. as germany's vaccine rollout picks up the pace i'm going to battle same as a vaccination could be offered to every adult from june but what does that mean for those with the chads and those without. plus threatened and intimidated by male
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compadres who say they're breaking the rules as white church and women in vienna face fearing for trying to integrate. and there's room in the in germany's to sneakers goes into overdrive yearly and that is that the central with all reports that i see oh she's ready to leave the club and take over at. hello i'm christine wonder it's good to have your company. the 1st emergency supplies drive in india as it battles a catastrophic 3rd wave of coke at 19 it comes as the u.s. says it will send up to 60000000 doses off its extras they take a vaccine abroad as they become available. the u.s. the u.k.
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and the european union are sending desperately needed medical aid including ventilators and oxygen india registered over 320000 new cases on tuesday though that marks a dip following a series of record single day increases. overrun hospitals are being forced to turn people away nations around the world have been pledging aid to india. will work with other countries to ensure that we can help india we are working hard on finding ways to get oaxacan production facilities there the whole of europe is working on that and i also discussed this with the prime minister of portugal today they are currently holding the e.u. presidency we want to do everything we can to help india we've identified rapid diagnostic testing supplies personal protective equipment and additional ventilators available to be transferred to and media to india immediately and i
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noted of course we also of course are in close touch with india officials at all levels about the raw material needs that they have and as requested by india we will provide raw materials for the production of astra zeneca vaccine etc mint of india. i'm now joined by the correspondent in daily to fall misha is all of this international aid making a difference on the ground. well it seems right now actually it is not making a difference for the last 3 weeks have been experiencing a massive sojourn and has again for. the country. and that as a scout it's bullshit media looking for oxygen and beds and medicines you can possible just up what you want because of all should we do and people are simply not getting that get at the now if the us has been to decides in india what blocking supply of bomb materials and that want to see going there why it's just
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going to say that the nations can have most indians that's initial plan but right now it just sparking some want to see it documented it doesn't constantly just trickling in it's going to alleviate massive pressure. and massive because really it's the 6th day now that the number of new cases of is above 300000 but it's said that the real number is even higher yes then i suppose all deaths and houston's been under the quarter national john's it's all out of oil from the from the top they are then i'll follow pull the cord watch emissions opening that have been deported in their cities. or imagined to gather more commissions in addition many look cool to have all the symptoms i needed to get tested because diagnostic stretched in the one case is also not being not good and as a consequence hospitals i have picked on issues of the city as we can see in the quarter . but the.
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crowds waiting for a shot of hope as the coronavirus devastates india people kyo outside a vaccination center in mumbai even though the country is a major coronavirus vaccine maker many fear there is not enough to go around. in many parts of the country ill people are queuing outside hospitals they desperately need treatment. in delhi animesh kumar is looking after a family member they've been turned away from 2 hospitals already. all 3 an oxygen in the ambulance is running out his condition a serious west standing here in the middle of the road without oxygen or hope. hospitals too are running out of oxygen they are already caring for so many
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patients with covert 19 that wards a full the few deliveries that do arrive are simply not enough to save the patients with covert 19. i brought him to the hospital and we waited for hours to get him admitted they didn't let me go in with him i was trying to contact him all day yesterday he had a mobile phone but didn't answer my calls today the hospital called me to tell me he had died. the government is rushing to open new covert 19 wards like this one a brand new center in delhi they say even more beds will be available soon. where working on increasing the number of oxygen beds on a large scale. within the next few days we will increase the capacity to 2000 to 5000 beds. we are also preparing $200.00 beds
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at the intensive care unit there. but new hospital wards come too late for many victims of covert 19. at last cremation sites like this one outside the capital delhi. the pandemics grisly toll is clear. and the misha i'll point out that the government's been heavily criticized for its response to the pandemic how has it responded to this criticism. i'm going to not taking any criticism back in fact long he stood by that the assertion that normally states have been made by the guy on the government's part and that any criticism is all the least wrong coming in from what domestic influence international. center now and what they have been deployed for the last week that
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the government has a twitter feed on it's ridiculous it's ending up the pandemic and just earlier today the indian high commission much to you know we're not just chatting it up to an australian newspaper which has to decide it's going to pull the documents hanging with the band having quite the militias and the gaining still so far the government said that it had done its best by imposing knockdowns and getting back to nation trade and that's why you can investigate why the soldiers have been in it is not in the sponsibility thing for the thought of all right that is these m.p.'s correspondent who's reporting for us in daily thank you michelle. and here's a look at some of the other major developments in the pandemic the united states will start sharing up to 60000000 doses off the vaccine with other countries in the next few weeks the shot is yet to be authorized for use in the u.s. which has been under pressure to shave more off its vaccine supply around the world
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and turkey is imposing a full nationwide lockdown sichem last until the middle of may the number of new infections in the country sought to record levels this month and brazil's health regulator has denied permission to import russia's sputnik veit vaccine sizing a lack of information guaranteeing its safety quantity and effectiveness threats to now to some of the stories making headlines around the world nan was military jim to say as it will positive with the positive excuse me considers suggestions from the association of south east asian nations of how to end the country's crisis the proposals emerged from a special weekend meeting with southeast asian leaders but activists say that the summits mediation if it's helped legitimize the judges. and lawyers for the family of a black man killed by police in the u.s. state of north carolina have seen a video clip of his state they say it shows andrew brown had his hands on his costs
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to reveal when he was shot in the back of the head now protests as of demanding that the body camera footage be made public. u.s. vice president camila harris has announced a $310000000.00 aid package to central america off to a virtual meeting with the president of guatemala the country's foreign minister petrol berlioz safety nations or the 2 nations rather would create a joint tossed force to control my gratian and help unite unaccompanied children with their parents. and the u.s. has a spy satellite into space from california the session i can if you don't mind monday afternoon. from vandenberg if will space on a delta 4 heavy rocket the national reconnaissance office will use the classified payload for intelligence gathering for a good time now to germany way and initially slow vaccine rollout is picking up
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pace chancellor angela merkel says she expects that from june anyone who wants to make an appointment for a jab will be able to do so who comments came off to a meeting with the 16 state from news to discuss the vaccination drive. chancellor angela merkel dubbed it a meeting of hope the situation in germany remains serious with daily call with 19 cases still alarmingly high and the number of coronavirus patients in intensive care still growing but the vaccination drive is picking up speed so much so that germany may soon be able to offer vaccines to everyone not only those at high risk . the hall we expect the people in the high priority group will be vaccinated by the end of may. that means that depending on how many vaccine doses we get we can abandon the priority list as of june at the latest.
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this is not mean that everyone can be vaccinated immediately but that everyone can make an appointment. after a slow start during the 1st few months of the year now around 23 percent of germany's population has received the 1st dose that's thanks to an increase in the liveries more reliable supply chains and fairly doctors now also administering the shot. with more and more people vaccinated the debate on whether they should enjoy more freedom from restrictions is also mounting chancellor merkel said the government is preparing legislation to ease some measures those who have been fully vaccinated or those who have recovered from colvin 1000 should be exempted from having to get tests to go to non-essential shops or from quarantining after returning from abroad they would still however have to continue following mask and social distancing rules. and i think that's unfair a more nuanced solution must be found it is absolutely clear to me that people who
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have been vaccinated must get their basic rights back it's not a question of whether they get special rights but that they can live normally again . i think it's good but it's a pity that it's not my turn yet but her turn. turn may not be far off chance america's promise to offer every adult in germany a vaccine by the end of the summer seemed impossible to many only a few weeks ago now hopes are high that her pledge will be met. and for more on this i'm joined by. an author good morning to you and yes so why has a chance and i'm going to medical and the leaders of germany's 16 states not been able to agree on what freedoms of vaccinated people could have well christine in the last few months of this pandemic we've seen lots of these meetings between the chancellor and the state leaders that have dragged on long into the night where there's been lots of controversy debate it's been incredibly
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hard to find consensus and it was almost like this time around they decided this was going to be meeting with some good news and they put the difficult decisions off and it was clear from the start that the most difficult decision of this that was on the agenda at this meeting was the really really instituting basic rights for those who have been vaccinated. and it seems that decision has just been pushed further down the road really and also bear in mind that here in germany a national lockdown or only just came into effect on saturday infection rates are still inching up at the moment. and of course if you look at the figures we just saw that they're only just over 7 percent of people have actually been fully vaccinated. so it does seem still pretty early to be making those decisions about what rights they should be getting back right but this is happening as we just saying that this vaccination drive is kicking into gear what the growing amount of
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vaccinated people now increase the pressure for them to be granted more freedoms. well yes and no really of course as more and more people are vaccinated there's more demand for them to get their rights back and the economy needs it badly too of course. but it also makes it easier in a way of course you have more people vaccinated you have more support for the you know for giving them their rights back and also there's an argument that it might persuade those who've been reluctant to get vaccinated to get finally get their job but also this could be a very short discussion in a way because if the vaccination drive really does go ahead as quickly as medical has now promised and everyone can you know apply to get a vaccine come june then we may have reached herd immunity as soon as anything and may all be able to lead normal lives again right that's on your shelf north reporting for us thank you and yes. now
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a clash of cultures is emerging in the austrian capital vienna it's home to the close knit community of chechen migrants women from that community say it being harassed by the male complexly it's see themselves as moral god it's funny if a child went to meet one would be dead speak out against what some church had been perceived as the rules of tradition. we are meeting and only me and probably a rougher neighborhood of vienna she says growing up here as a chechen woman means being observed. last month wasn't after we were stopped and asked to shore i.d.'s and to speak in chechen so that they are certain that my brother is from chechnya too this is common man but although i. feel like north park on the underling recalls being questioned in a subway in vienna by chechen men who saw it as immoral if she had spent time with a man who was not from chechnya and ali is not her real name and we cannot show her
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face at a funeral for precautions still the 23 year old wants to race or voice against intimidation the people aniline refers to our so-called moral guardians last month several chechen men went on trial in austria for have arresting female compared to years for sure in western behavior and for running an online chat where they threaten chechen been and only shows me chat groups where pictures of chechen women have been posted and labelled as indecent. she warned us. they want you to read here to the culture across the board your bodies of austria but your mind is in chechnya it's about what you wear the friends unit hole you're outside for and why you are outside and all. of that also. align a bit also mr holcombe people get around these restrictive social rules that forms
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part of the discussion of this culture a club for chechen people. modelers and like me and others we don't get education. we need to play well goals and clever boys rules of the war like most chechens who now live in austria she mentors chechen teenagers she invited a few of them to discuss the rules of chechen men and women only girls turned up think this liking all of this is connected to the way boys are raised they believe they are some. special i believe they shouldn't say anything to us when they do i simply don't hear parents who talk to the boys and girls need to be more self-confident oppressive behavior within parts of the church and community is not a church a phenomenon says minor who's been investigating radicalization for years but what makes the situation of chechen migrants who are different she says is that they
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share the collective trauma of fleeing a war zone zinta thought important to see how they are uprooted suddenly cut off from their own culture they see themselves as protectors of traditions that they know nothing about this isn't related to culture or to islam but connected to false images of members of the have been introduced to false images of men and that's the problem. and only in agrees she says a lot of men see themselves as warriors she hopes that all the good men in her community will help to change this distorted male narrative. and i'm now joined by thomas schmidt into he's a political scientist and a cultural anthropologist from the university of vienna a man of this he has written a book about the chechen community in austria welcome to the program as we've just been seeing there chechen women don't often speak out about the problems that they
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face and i mean of course a protectionist are being a bit of an exception what from your experience do you think needs to be done to empower chechen women. system. s. is mentioned also in your report card and of course on the law. that problem east's cocky also comes the trends of the recent history of you know if the comedy sation of the whole society and the society is also confronted with a lot of racism in austria and the east closes to society and makes it more difficult who raised east fall weeks in peace discussions within the chechens because on it they the levels many especially young chick chins permanent be confronted with a lot graduate east from the austin society alston media and even politiques and. strengthens the more conservative even more islamist actually
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beasts was in the church and community because they can say that their girls that the man you are the only want to control text you write on the all strace right i mean last month several chechen man where on trial in vienna fulfill his resting chechen women do you think that this trial might have had an impact on the chechen community in australia it's my need to raise some discussions within the church and community that are already to sit on tear gas but i'm quite sure that the school not prevent anybody else from. yeah from from acting like he thinks it's the right way to act so this will not stop other young man who think they have to please some kind of moral police.
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where acts do you think he's an aussie adept at a job in terms of integration because you seem to have ended it to the fact that that's also partly the reason that this practice is perfect prevailing definitely in the chance came to austria. 1520 years ago they've accepted as refugees or most most of them except this refugees but nobody really to care about their experiences about their culture about their history and the church and society is. multiple multiple kinds of strawman thighs and the strawman also causes at least disk closeness side because in many ways since feel fortune the radiations that their
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main goal at least keep the church in a dainty. warm beit their own. and as they made a lot of negative rience is no stewart these. maggots to. pick a continuation off these negative experiences they had from russia thank you so much that's thomas shooting a political scientist and anthropologist thank you. some sports now and r.b.i. have saved your money is a coach in high demand and german media are reporting that he will leave a club to take over from hansie flake at munich at the 33 year old novels one could come with a hefty price tag according to reports it could cost the defending what is needed champions around $30000000.00 euros that would be a new record feat for a germany coach novels months current contract with life so it runs until 2023 and he has made history last season by taking them all the way to the champions of the
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semifinals. and joining me now for more on the bundesliga is a big story. sports good to have you here at lima so. by him but is he the right man for that job there is no right or wrong answer to you know they august some risks involved but i would make the argument that the positives outweigh the negatives in union of us money you find a coach that's tactically extremely flexible his understanding of football of the game is way beyond his experience way beyond his years and as you just mentioned you know last season he made history by taking a very young a very inexperienced like 6 hype all the way to the champion's league semifinal and that's also not forget year in and year i would like to see have also lost really good players and yet still not those man has managed to keep this team at the very top you know still you know in the running as soon as you could contenders but i'm
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sure there's a lot of skeptics that will say you know we really my back off of. you getting a bit ahead ahead of yourself because he's not won anything ok he has no trophies of course he's still in the running for the german cup the seasons are he truly is still a trophy before he joins you know if it goes through before he joined by and but he's never critics will also say that he's never coached a big club and leave that hoffenheim end applied that he was given time to develop a t. am and by and of course they are no results driven of pressure oriented this is a team where the question becomes will novice money you know will will justice be served in the sense that will he be given the time and the patience in order to realize his full potential at a top like by in munich ok but he does come with a hefty price tag we've got to point that out he does this i mean it's so interesting i mean he will cost by an up to $30000000.00 euros and that of course
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would set a new record for a coaching transfer and the only thing that comes close to that is back in 2011 when premier kneecapped chelsia. what was it around 15000000 euros to put to the side poor told what they coach on previous sports and of course if this deal with nonis monday through the numbers would double he would double that well yeah ok so it's talk about the club that he would be leaving what happens at rb and i said who takes over for him there yeah just be macho he has been linked to life state and he's an american coach with a bit of experience in major league soccer and he's currently the colts at lights 6 sister club as an actor khalid. spoke in austria and he won the win is a good title with them last season and if you look at the cup mentality and the culture i think he at the moment is the favorite and would he would just fit right in ok given its image here because we could go on. like you for data via sport
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thank you for that. and that's it you're up to date next is close up europe's new traits crystal but you can find much more news analysis on our web site that's. right.
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i'm from. * the promised. land crystal meth. but the only ones getting a high on the criminal cartel they work internationally and are increasingly brutal we investigate how long a german border new. crystal meth. head
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shares and why are card. betting almost box to crack. she know that she didn't. the story of an international economics scandal and regulatory failure. the wire cardcase the tricksters and the trip and. in 45 minutes on d w. 3 . the times are for the big. warming. douglas while not yet. industry is controlling your
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thoughts the great books of the 20th century. present day hoaxes. the trademark manufacturing ignorance starts may 3rd double. much of the crystal meth that's consumed in germany comes from the czech republic here chick police carry out a drug raid meth is also produced in other countries. they're flooding the market. in. debt drug gangs are pushing into the european market filling the gap left by check drug operations that have been busted. it is me.


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