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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 28, 2021 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from india 900 death toll surpasses 200000 its darkest hour of the pandemic so far shortages of medical supplies and hospital stuff compounded problem of infections tearing through the country also coming up $5000.00 music fans rocking europe's biggest indoor concert since the start of the pandemic organizers say it wasn't a super spreader event we take a look at how it works plus the collapse of the european super league turn to
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english football on its head. future breakaways they're now turning to germany with the biggest biggest ownership work in the premier league. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us india is covered 900 death toll has surged past 200000 it's one of the highest death tolls in the world the numbers are rising fast driven partly by a new more infectious berry and countries around the world have begun sending medical aid to india including desperately needed oxygen as the wave of new infections overwhelms its health care system hospitals are being forced to turn patients away as authorities scramble to get equipment to those who need it most. in some indian hospitals not. oxygen supply has run out finding.
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people who might have survived the disease are dying as a result. there's no oxygen in all of town. so that a night my mother was admitted 3 days ago i was told she was fine and recovering all the tests were done then last night they said they didn't have any more oxygen she passed away. for the whole hospital's an i.c.u. units across the country are overwhelmed after weeks of a sharp rise in cases the health care system is collapsing. oxygen has become the most precious of commodities. i'm buying or to that i put it toward your order of the federal who come to that level. they are lowering the oxygen level one. but it needs to be higher. so this is the
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problem would be to bomb them. with oxygen and hospital beds running out the government is scrambling to get equipment to the areas that are hardest hit. we have come to stocks and that's moving across the country using the country. to get it to the places that need it the most emergency supplies from the u.k. have begun arriving and more help as promised from abroad to be gets heated after the final details have been clarified with the indian side the 1st shipment should be on its way in the next few days. but in the meantime many indians are left to fend for themselves. doing all they can to care for loved ones some drive for hours in search of oxygen. i have come from very far to collect oxygen from my father. that i'm scared that although the oxygen is available today
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what will we do for it's not available tomorrow. but until help arrives on a larger scale many people in india are left gasping for air. for more now i'm joined by tara rabid she's a spokesperson for the world health organization in geneva switzerland thanks for being with us this morning 1st of all we've seen pictures of hospitals in india being overwhelmed for days now can you tell us whether or not the pandemic in india is peaking or could there still be worse to come there. well morning good very difficult to predict. how this situation will all but it's important to really use your need for health systems in india. people try to protect themselves as much papers possible and if they follow my eyes there is being human bias how so aren't you as in any country when you have
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a sort of combination of factors such as new variants that are likely to be more transmissible. gathering when the nation levels are low and people are reacting from the most heart attack behavior we can see do sort of explosion although we have not seen any other country on the scale that we need to need to stand with with india now and try to help as much as we can what role or the new virus variants that we're hearing about in india playing in the pandemic there. well the virus is changing and this is normal and w.h.o. we are following and monitoring these changes that occur as the markers transmit. ovulation. we have
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a batch file or in the you not preparing that have been. in. brazil in south africa who can be a good job more likely to be transmissible. in a foster way that original ones when there is a new you want it has been you got to fight primary on need to understand more but it seems the barrier as well has the capacity and potential to attach human cells more easily ducks would obviously and you need more people being infected and that's what we. need to now is to try to know as much as possible this transmission rule a meeting short of people who are. followed her advice book necessarily go to hospital go but i think you are at home possible. here government.
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to provide the right information to your heart. is also a consideration if you screening. permission you know where bags. of course what about the oxygen situation in india does the country have another medical oxygen or are oxygen supplies just not getting through to the areas that need it quickly enough. well there are reports of shortages of oxygen different parts of india the government. being got back trying to increase the production of oxygen in different parts of the country they're also using their air force to try to to dispatch supplies were immediately as you have already said in your program there is also international mobilization that we ensure. is providing more 1000. concentrators
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us has already committed to provide $10000.00 and 1st of dollars have already arrived other countries like singapore or russia are saudi arabia have also have also started as well as you know european union started to do to mobilize support. use it is important to say that in the absence of 00 drugs for corporate banking we have only one that has been. recommended for progress of course because terry's and i found that those on the oxygen is a lifesaving and quantity and we hope that that shortages will be or comes to. mr us or a bitch thank you very much for talking with us that was tariq yes or a bit from the world health organization in geneva. now it was billed as europe's biggest indoor rock called search since the start of the pandemic
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a concert in spain that went ahead with $5000.00 unvaccinated music fans in the audience a month ago now the research results are out and the organizers say it did not trigger a jump in corona virus infections everyone wore masks at the indoor bed but there was no social distancing yourself it worked. on stage in barcelona one of spain's most popular bands indie rockers love of lesbian. on the floor crowd dancing swaying and cheering together wearing masks but with no assigned seating and no requirement to keep space free between them. excited fans gathered a month ago for the eagerly awaited event the 1st big concert without social distancing since the start of the pandemic. concert goers were given a coronavirus test before they were allowed in an experiment to find out whether
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mass events can be safely held music promoters worked with one of person owners main hospitals to put on the concert and doctors say fears of a jump in infections have proved unfounded. noise when it was not a super spreading event there's not been an excess of cases and in fact there is no sign that transmission took place during an event which the public health experts believe that a combination of ventilation face masks and testing can work the venue holds 17000 people but only 5000 were allowed in. because it was a move that if we had detected 6 people who tested positive after the concept for have been able to identify the exact moment when they were infected. for example 2 who attended were later infected by their mother in law but if this is that this
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isn't going to kill it's now hope the event will be the 1st of many. it's good results that can help open up the culture center again to the point. that there is a lot at stake. a spanish study shows the european music industry lost 3 quarters of its income last year. say look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today paraguayan has imposed new restrictions overnight to contain a surge of coded 19 infections police and soldiers set up checkpoints in paradise capital in an effort to keep the country's health care system from being overwhelmed so far pair of why has received just 170000 vaccine doses for its population of 7000000 people. a u.s. navy ship fired warning shots in a rainy and military vessels in the persian gulf on monday 3 iranian boats came
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within 100 meters of a pair of u.s. warships the incident comes as world powers are seeking to bring iran back into a nuclear accord struck in 2015. a magnitude 6 earthquake has struck some state in northeast india some buildings were damaged but there were no immediate reports of injuries tremors were felt in neighboring butan. and around $200.00 migrants have been rescued in the mediterranean by the ocean viking rescue ship they were found on overcrowded boats off the coast of libya when the this vessel picked up distress calls according to the aid group s.o.s. minitel the name u.n. secretary general antonio terrace is holding meetings with leaders of divided cyprus in geneva cyprus has been split along ethnic lines for decades the 2 sides are hoping to find common ground and resume formal peace talks that have been stalled since 2017. time seems to have come to
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a standstill and for russia it's largely greek population fled during turkey's invasion of cyprus in 1974 the once popular tourist destination has been stripped of life ever since in a nearby village. ekes out a living from the arid landscape the farmer is disappointed that peace talks between the turkish and greek parts of cyprus have been unsuccessful only see years . we want the same opportunities that the e.u. and the rest of the world offer the greek cypriots the sanctions against us should be lifted and we should be recognized as an independent state. president of turkish controlled northern cyprus arison tar and turkey's president. both want a 2 state solution that would formalize the depression of the island the un and the
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e.u. favor a federal solution with 2 states under a central government. to. take a different position. based on a 2 state solution for health a century we have been fed. but leftist groups recently took to the streets to demonstrate for a federal system they want to see cyprus united and ankara sway over the island curbed. the turkish cypriots in the north are divided. the few border crossings between the north and the south are closed because of the coronavirus pandemic un peacekeepers have patrolled the ceasefire line for decades . anger over deadlock to go see asians is also evident in the greek part of the island. government has.
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from corruption to environmental destruction to. peace talks and. people on both sides of the divide are united in their frustration with their leaders. and of course. disillusionment has grown over the past years and expectations are extremely low few people expect the cyprus dispute to be resolved many don't even know that talks are being held. but those talks will have to be successful for life to return to the abandoned streets of the russia. and the exhibition here in berlin charts of life and work of one of germany's most distinguished nazi hunters was the chief prosecutor at the ritz trial in 1963 he's best known for his role in bringing holocaust architect of off to justice in israel. attorney general fritz powell was determined to hold the national
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socialists legally accountable for their crimes when most in post-war germany just wanted to forget the past imprisoned in the 1930 s. as a young jewish lawyer and committed left wing power fled to denmark and sweden years later he returned from exile to track down nazi criminals. after the war it seemed logical to bring about what we had dreamt of. though we were idealistic and probably over to mystic. power secured convictions against s.s. members for atrocities committed at auschwitz but only against considerable opposition that's probably a move on the problem was that people holding senior positions in the judicial system had themselves be nazis and that meant he was facing institutional resistance. national power had little trust in officialdom when he found out that
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out of a human one of the architects of the holocaust was hiding in argentina he told the israeli secret service rather than the german authorities he was driven by a desire for justice and accountability. it was a great humanitarian he fought for justice and democracy not died sudden in 1968 his unrelenting battle for a better germany took its toll on his own house. the european super league to block all calls to a huge uproar among fans especially in england where 6 premier league clubs initially joined the breakaway league before withdrawing now to prevent future defections the premier league is looking at some major reforms here's more from d.w. correspondent charlotte chelsea pill in manchester. could this set the ball to english
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football meet at c united of manchester's youth academy award that training for a club doing things differently. if the united at both owned and run by the fans. were just ordinary people. who actually love focal i've got a passion for football it's not a business all of the money's made goes back into the football club back into the community. in order that we can try and you know climb the leaks. and continue to make a statement as to there's a different way let's see united was set off in 2005 in protest against the takeover of premier league club manchester united by an american billionaire they're now seeing a surge of interest upping their membership by roughly 20 percent over the last week alone it's driven in large part by the actions of 2 clubs just a few miles away manchester united and manchester city are among 6 english clubs
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who last week signed up to a new european super league which abruptly collapsed on to outrage from fans so many it's a watershed moment. terrible idea just the money grabbing it's on by billionaires who know nothing of the game don't care for the fans don't care about grassroots football in the u.k. demise is pretty nice to be out of and is pretty terrible but falls along kind of. excessive incremental. vulture capitalism this place become a business today's arness for a long. so it's not trying to do in terms of football the sport but we just never know when subsaharan is where you know they haven't got the clubs at best it's all about the money for. the super league debacle has supercharged schools for change here with everything from the ownership structure of clubs like manchester united to regulation now being publicly debated and many are looking to germany as a model there's a growing chorus of voices calling for english football to emulate germany's 50
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plus one model that would give founds the majority voting right giving them the final say is now transcending football and getting political traction thank you so much that not everyone can unite behind at the moment we have a bi is a basic interest of this board protects clubs. so i think that's the reason for the for the for the slogan be so popular the government is now running a family review into english football with the german model among the reforms being discussed but there's skepticism meaningful change is possible in the meantime fan and clubs like f.c. united of forging their own path proof that an appetite for fun that tickles growing i think it's. time for change. events of the last week of just demonstrate it and spites me fortunately it was more than 50 plus $100.00. i think there is an opportunity now for the supporters
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groups to continue to do the right light yet play so many in england the idea of being for the fans can feel like a thing of the past to united it's a model for the future. let's bring in kiran mcquire here he's a football finance expert at the university of liverpool in the u.k. thanks for being with us so fans are demanding more rights in determining how england's premier league operates what's so appealing about the german ball i think it's it comes across as a very simple model english fans have always been impressed by the body organize ation all the german fans they were ability to work together their ability to achieve change at issues such as monday night football and making sure that didn't take place so. there is a there is an affection from from english fans towards the the german approach to
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football that it is much more than orientated and that's why it's had so much support to date in terms of these proposals. what reforms do you think are needed in the way english football is run. well i only don't think the 50 plus one model would work because it would involve giving significant compensation to existing shareholders so therefore i think we should be focusing in terms of governance perhaps having fans being able to appoint non-executive directors so that if they were being catered to boardroom level it could be that the government could introduce legislation to it so that fans would have some form of the share which is a effectively a nuclear option giving them and the opportunity to veto significant decisions such as the name of the club whether the club can resign from only and moving the club stadium to to another to another location and decisions which are which will impact upon the fans and for many generations going forwards of football ownership and how
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it's ron this is a very powerful deep pocket to be a group of people how much appetite for change is there among those who run football in england. and there's not as far as the owners are concerned most football clubs are seen as trophy assets some obscene as potential investments which can be bought run to prove few years and then sold at a profit so as far as the owners are concerned they are very much keen on preserving the status quo and move what they want to do as much as possible was to remove the risk from paul because there are 6 seats big clubs in the premier league who do about an existing financial advantage over the office and their main concern is that if they don't qualify for the champions league that will give them a financial hit so they put their decision was to simply remove the risk of not
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qualifying for the champions league by having a type of football where winning football matches wasn't important in terms of generating revenue and profits and this discussion we're having it was pushed forward by the collapse of the european super league what do you think the consequences will be of that effort to create the european super league going for i think has been a breakdown of trust as far as the football or far as he's concerned those clubs who were members all 5th of the super league which was effectively a franchise organization and the fact that they were also operating at the same time in theory on behalf of both the premier league and you a for that has left that credibility in tatters we've already seen fallout to boardroom level where manchester united chief executive edward he's now leaving the club and they certainly seems to be a greater appetite from the governments in the u.k. at least for some form of structural reform in terms of the governance and
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financing of the guy kiran mcguire football finance expert at the university of liverpool thanks so much and good. in bundesliga news buy in munich have hired rb lepsius you leonardo's mon to be their next coach next new coach next season by and believes he represents a new generation of coaches sunning the 33 year old to a pile of year deal. yulian novels mom became the youngest coach in bundesliga history when he took over at hoffenheim in 2016 the coaching prodigy helped them qualify for the champions league for the 1st time ever. since 2019 he's been an r.v. leipsic the bulls have been title contenders every season noddles man has been at the helm and last season he let life speak to the champions league semifinals in a historic run not goals months sides have always made it difficult for byron
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munich to defeat champions were forced to find a new coach after hansei flick announced he'd be departing at the end of the season . because i'm ok this is especially for other clubs i wouldn't have ended this contract and it cost buyer a reported 25000000 euros to get noddles money out of his rb life the contract early if that's the case that would make not was among the most expensive coach in the sport's history. the decision very good i believe it's the right direction for byron munich to go in but also it bothers me a bit that flick resigned but could not this month there's a younger option i think is the right step. if you should not lose money grew up near munich has always made it public that he stripped of coaching byron one day and now the 33 year old will start living his dream on july 1st when he officially takes over and by. you're watching g.w.
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news just a reminder of our top story india's code of 19 death toll has surged past 200001 of the highest death tolls in the world the numbers are rising faster than partly but a new more infectious barry. you're watching news in the it is up next thanks for.
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the complete. eco india. no more needs new antibiotics because more and more of pathogens are becoming resistant to the ones that already exist indonesian biologists and we are tough yana is researching new samples from mangrove forests and her home country. and she discovered some valuable
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microorganisms. next to totally. slow internet connections are a growing problem. but back to soon change with the help of a small army of hundreds of new satellite the orbit the earth and sun their data all over the world. the 1st sign of life have already been sent out high speed internet from outer space. to 5 minutes on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when will all of this. just 3 of the topics covered and we couldn't read your blog. if you would like and the
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information on the crawl on virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast if you get it wherever you go your pod cast you can also find us and dot com one slash 2 science. as humans we share our planet with many other species mammals bugs fish insects and plugs it's this biodiversity that makes our would reach and why per side to see that at least $500.00 land that will be on the brink of extinction much of it driven by humans but we can also.

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