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we believe that any forms of violence that's violated, international or state law or human rights, is never acceptable. diplomatic solutions must always be sauce. and i strongly believe in that that the knock before guns thought 1200 kilometers, some natural gas pipeline through the baltic sea. and here a real dimension for such a small place be almost good for we were all really looking forward to it. such a shame. let's hope that reason will prevail and an agreement can still be reached . if one's alternate, we shouldn't lose control. we can produce or develop our own things. because no middle school has to be a means of exerting pressure. but we've been misled. we have to pay the price. how much extra do we have to pay now? your homes, and how expensive is natural gas and how much, what we have to pay for all this. tell you, i've got a list of times the unpaid me there is a lawyer by profession. he's come to the town hall to attend
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a meeting on the budget as a precaution. he didn't include any revenue from nurturing to in the budget, and he no longer considered north stream one a certain t. you can go everybody in the smoke, we will have to talk about whether we should postpone some projects or maybe reconsider or delay them. and so we can be sure that in the event that energy sanctions are imposed we won't end up with a lack of money to finance our projects. good food, if you want to put you in wholesale food, tiny lu, me now suddenly finds itself in the midst of saber rattling between moscow, keys, berlin and washington. ah, this is that d. w. as a recap of the latest developments in russia's war against ukraine, ukrainian president vladimir zalinski has repeated his appeal to the european union to allow his country immediate membership. in an emotional speech to the european
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parliament, mister zelinski urged the you to prove it was siding with you crate and it's for, with russia been well, russian troops continued their advance on his country's capital. satellite images appeared to show a 60 kilometer convoy of military vehicles, just north of cave and closing. it includes hundreds of armored vehicles, tanks and artillery, and ukraine. second, bigger city here for spring attack from the air for a 2nd day. russian rocket so struck a local government building in central square presidents landscape. describe the attack as a war crime. diplomats around the world have walked out of the un human rights council in geneva, as russia's foreign minister delivered a pre recorded speech. ukraine's ambassador led diplomats out of the chamber in protest of the brushing invasion. so again, laughter off speech followed switzerland joining the human batting, rushing flight from its air space is to love sort to justify his country's actions
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by claiming moscow is trying to protect the ethnic russians in east and ukraine from the government in queue. the purpose of our action is to save these people by fulfilling our obligations as allies and to demilitarize and de knobs or fi ukraine, so that such a thing will never occur. again, this is particularly relevant in the light of the fact that this country is being dragged into nato, that the country is being flooded with offensive weapons. and this is the country which has openly made territorial claims against the right of russian federation and threatened to use force and to acquire a military nuclear capability. has got more on the russian perspective. from emily, sherwin who was a correspondent in moscow until her accreditation was revoked in early february. welcome, emily. so just russian justifications for this invasion. but do you not to vacation
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demilitarization of ukraine despite ukraine, having a jewish president drugs his force against that says, so why does moscow keep pushing this narrative, the nazi narrative as it were? and so i would say that the, that world war 2 and the fight against the nazis the soviet fight against the nazis, has become almost part of the founding myth in russia. world war 2 in russia is known as the great patriotic war. almost every russian family has someone in their family who was killed during world war 2 as soviet soldiers fought against, against nazi germany. and that, you know, founding myth has really been pushed as well in the last few years by the kremlin, by vladimir putin. for example, in 2020, when there were constitutional amendments, one of the amendments was that you're not allowed to diminish the achievements of veterans of defenders of the fatherland. as it said in the constitution says really
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an important part of russian identity. now, more and more important, and the narrative in the re, in recent years has been very much that russia is a besieged fortress, surrounded by enemies. and what better enemy, in that context than nazis, one that people can relate to and in a way, the perfect kind of disguise for the fact that actually russians are fighting ukrainians. and many people in russia also have many relatives or friends in ukraine. so this kind of them not c idea shrouds the whole operation in a kind of historical mission. you know, and that's really, it doesn't really matter at that point whether, you know, the ukrainian president is actually jewish or whether his relatives are fought against the nazis as well. that becomes almost irrelevant. but we also have these russian attacks on the car here of a city with a russian speaking majority. so how is that being presented in russia?
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well, you're right, it doesn't almost square. it doesn't make sense when it comes to hockey. if on sunday, when the offensive against that city began, russian state media was saying that ukrainian soldiers were actually laying down their arms voluntarily. so there's this idea that they're joining the russians. this idea that the russian army is almost a, you know, there liberators. and the other thing is that the russian ministry of defense and, and the russian government is, again and again repeating that they're not hitting civilian targets. that there are no civilian victims. of course, when we see those pictures of hockey's being bombed in the central square being bombed, that becomes rather hard to believe. right now we have the secretary of state antony blinking to speaking to you and human rights council to day accusing the kremlin of romping up roots. it's repression inside russia is the right. well, today we're seeing new anti war protests, for example,
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in russia. second biggest city st. petersburg, new arrests as well. and in fact, one rights group is reporting that since the beginning of this war, there have been over 6000 people arrested at similar protests. meanwhile, there is a crack down a continuing track down on critical media outlets. several critical media outlets have been warned that they're not allowed to use the word war to describe what's happening. and for example, one well known opposition newspaper nova. as yet, the said today published a statement saying that they've been warned that they could actually be closed down if they don't comply with government demands. and they decided that instead of closing down, they're going to keep reporting and comply. and the same thing can be said about the at social media we've seen say, spoke being slowed down. twitter being slowed down today by the russian media watchdog so dire times, at least for, for freedom of expression and, and the press as well as the opposition. and we have a 2nd round of talks expected to morrow, a people taking the seriously what,
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what can we expect from from tomorrow? do you think? i think it's really hard to know at the moment what's going on in vladimir putin's head, because i think he went into this war. and at least this is what many experts are saying. thinking that this is going to be of a short military operation, a victorious one that the ukrainians would kind of welcome russian soldier as this is not happening as we're seeing and, and we'll have to wait and see whether the russian leadership is kind of rethinking . but today we seen the bombing of higher key if we seen the tv tower being bombed in the capital t f as well. so, so it doesn't seem, at least going into these talks that the russian side is, is too interested in peace and to willing to compromise on its main positions. former moscow corresponded emily sherwood thank you. roney effects of russia's invasion of ukraine are being felt all over the world,
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including the united states, where many russian americans are distraught over what's happening here in europe. the w correspondent in st. paul has been talking to people in the neighborhood of new york city known as little odessa. over 3000000 americans identify this russian around 600000 live in new york city, the largest russian population in the us. this is lou desk are named after the ukrainian city home to people from across the former soviet union. officially, it's brighton beach, but you see and hear a lot of russian the war and ukraine is very present in the hearts and minds of every one here. yet it's difficult to find russians. we're happy to talk to us but over a birth of open to, you knows what is the nurse and she returned from certain intercourse from
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ourselves or not affordable. some believe her fair, if it's vertebra. many russians worry that speaking on camera might make things difficult for their families. back home, people from other exited countries, though are more forthcoming. i can't sleep. i can't stand didn't. i can't, can't of all he know my family, me, my friends, everybody. reliable brain dam potty. no bye, dear goodie. no just mom. no bye dear good years it which and yet or i thinks they have russian friends who no one is defending what rushes during. i don't see how is possible. i'm just, nobody believes the lives in america. we have, we have free media. we know the reality. all that put in the saying, as a nonsense,
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the overwhelming feelings in little odessa, our grief and anger, about what is happening, 4500 miles away. united nation says more than 660000 people, her fled ukraine since the invasion began with a majority having to poland their own fears. that number could rise as high as 4000000 in the coming weeks. shelters have been set up along the border with you, crow. this report come from show me show where polish people are giving some of the refugees a war. welcome. another train arrives at premier, shall station in poland on board. refugees who are fleeing from the neighboring war zone in ukraine. most arriving here are women, children, and the elderly. at the moment ukrainian men aged between 18 and 60 who a fit for military service are not allowed to leave ukraine. why?
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it is heartily very hard, especially for little children, but somehow we did it and we're here now. i am glad for the children, but i am very worried about the family members who decided to stay in ukraine for them. it was, we are so grateful to the polish people who are helping ukraine put in as a sick man. something is wrong with him. his name will be if he were smart, he wouldn't have begun the war in the 1st place. we're living the 21st century. in austin, her teacher volunteers give the refugees food and every day items they might find useful in the main hall cots have been laid out so the ukrainians can rest. outside the station, volunteers offer the newcomers a free ride to the next city. they take them to cat of each, a crackle or even berlin. she unable to smooth, i can give 3 people
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a ride. for example, a woman and 2 children. i am willing and able to help. poland is well prepared for this stream of people. for weeks, they'd been following government orders to set up 8 centers like this one called ukranian house to offer help including temporary accommodation. but these are chaotic times over to him. and not everyone fleeing ukraine has found poland, quite so welcoming, including foreign students, the ukrainians. wow. what a signal to get into. i'm say some have also complained of poor treatment at the hands of the border guards. all the black people are with people especially day while i so they meet them, they talk, they are gone to them at night. there was no way,
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like just people wanted to or they stop us like got see our they didn't lead us more. and people get liking aggressive. poland says it's admitted around 3 150000 people from more than a 120 countries with war raging just a few kilometers away. sympathy for the refugees is mixed with a fear of what might come next. will russian troops are bearing down on the ukrainian capital satellite images appear to show a 60 kilometer convoy of military vehicles approaching from north of cave. the convoy includes hundreds of armies, vehicles, tanks, and artillery. ukrainian forces have repelled earlier attacks by russian forces near the capital and destroyed several russian vehicles close of the city center. well sir, hey, a petticoat is a former deputy minister of justice for european integration of ukraine in our lectures at the national university of kiva malia academy and joins us from the
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ukrainian capital. welcome to d. w. a. perhaps we could start by you telling us what you know of what's happening in the city as we speak. well, the situation is quite nervous here. less than an hour ago, we've seen an official message from the ministry of defense of russia, who said they are going to bond here, supposedly concentrating on the military infrastructure and are communications. and they want the, you know, the, the, the cameras that they should be living close locations. the cynical part of it is that, i mean, i don't know what, what, what they're referring to. i mean, no one knows what exact location they are planning to bond. and, and it seems like they're, they're just making fun of and, and, and making a pretext of vote in the civilians. and so the last 2 days were relatively quiet are because a,
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you training on the managed to push the russians away from the capital. but now that we see this message, we seen that russia failing in a conventional war is going to continue what they already doing in multiple and hark, if in the east of ukraine are targeting the civilians in violation of international humanitarian law. and how concerned are you by these reports of a 60 kilometer i, russian convoy, bearing down on the city. now look, i mean, russia and master a huge on the, on the borders of ukraine and all that is now has been, you know, entering ukraine from up north, east and south from occupied crimea from bell reach that is supporting russia. so mean we've been seeing this for 5 days already. i, i mean there's no, no new information. we follow this in the real time just like you are, we're looking for what's going to happen next. we have a trust in our army, but also we have our tutorial defense people. and i think that unless putting
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choose us to you do the indiscriminate shelling of the city, we have good chances. i mean, it's not only the army that is opposing the putting, but he's also the people in, in key of and as you know, in a city, i mean, ordinary person with a molotov cocktail and with a gun, has just as many chances as the, as the military equipment as tanks and our, i mean we, we are well organized and ready to stand our ground. we've organized, for example, in our residential complex. there people have guns officially and we are patrolling our, our neighborhoods at night. and i mean, we're ready for whatever comes next. we've heard presidents zalinski appealing for ukraine to be admitted to the e. you immediately. how would that help in ukraine's fight against russia? look up, people here are a standing,
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the grounds are of the russian aggression. not only against our country, but against the whole free world and, and the continent. and that's how we seed. and that's finally how europe sees it. and i think it's just about time for europe to show the solidarity with the ukranian people. and this is the best way that they can do thus. i mean, saying that you all part of our family, this war is our war. it's not just your problem. and i think we can, you know, talk about the details later. but the political gesture, or the sign of solidarity is something that would really reassure the people. because again, it's not just the on the all or the politicians who are fighting against aggression . you could see the video footage from around the country of ordinary people, right? going in front of stopping them. so these people need a reassurance, endless clear message from your. and i just had a quick question about face piece talks that have begun or any sort of
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a piece. okay. scanner is going to require compromised. what do you, what, what sort of political compromise can you envisage being given to russia in order to stop this attack? at this point time, i don't think anyone else in ukraine of russia believes in the success of this negotiations. we are standing at the opposite positions right now. so from what i gather from the official information that came out of it and what i think could be useful is only the humanitarian pause. so if, if, if we can agree on, on an abiding by the rules of and conflicts, if we can agree that the civilians should not be targeted. if we can agree the st zones around and above our nuclear stay, our power stations, there would be a great success already. i don't think we are. these talks can lead see any
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solution to this conflict. but i do believe that even trying to make it safe boss for civilians or make it safe and, and, and i, and stop the possible ecological catastrophic. you know, environmental damage that, that can happen out of, you know, straight check over nuclear station or, or an object like that is already something right. that makes this legal. she's important. it's very clear. thank you so much for joining us and explaining that to us as sir he patrick, off a former deputy minister of justice for european integration of ukraine. thank ukraine is accusing moscow. committing war crimes after more missiles hit the country, 2nd biggest city. hark. if a rocket struck the city center and other civilian sites in the 2nd day of sustained bombing, the moment a missiles struck at the very heart of ca, keith. this is freedom square in the
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center of ukraine, 2nd largest city. now reduced to rubble. ukraine says russia has been targeting residential buildings in the city with rockets since monday. officials are accusing moscow of committing war crimes which of old stiller today our enemy has started bombing, the city center of khaki and the residential areas of douglas glove, the cooking firing with the ground systems and crews, minnesota. they hit an administrative building in the central square. you know, we are counting the victims among the civilian population. is marcia, these are all crimes. our army is strong and we will hold on positions. will nasa
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army a see, let me see him up was easy. ah, sirens ring out to cross key iv as russian troops continue their advance on the ukrainian capital satellite images appear to show a 60 kilometer convoy of military vehicles close to the city. check points into key if have already been set up by ukrainian police and armed soldiers are a figured it was like a ukraine's allies continue to condemn russia as they look on from the sidelines. and i'm very pleased with her. shocked at peace in europe allows condemn, other unjustified on brutal invasion of ukraine. the rush, an assault sir is totally unacceptable. unacceptable. anger. it is
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enabled by a belarus that most ukrainians don't believe the kremlin is listening. as women and children continue to flee to countries like poland, perhaps dreaming of a better life. and if they can ever get back home, oh rushes war on ukraine's also being felt in the world of classical music. a top conductor, valero, a gag, if has been fired from his post as chief conductor of the munich philharmonic. the fighting to criticize his longtime alive vladimir putin, across europe and the united states and russian artists with ties to the kremlin, had been put on notice. speak out against to president putin or be prepared to be cancelled o one of the world's most visionary conductors, and a long time ally of russian president vladimir putin. for years concert houses in the west looked past conductor, valerie garr gibbs close ties to rushes. authoritarian leader,
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but after putin ordered the invasion of ukraine, many are finding that impossible, and are demanding the conductor distance himself from putin. new york's carnegie hall cancelled garr gives appearance. so has lascola opera house in milan. in germany, munich, mayor gave dare give an ultimatum, denounced putins war against ukraine and against munich sister city, kiev, or lose his job as chief conductor of the munich philharmonic. dare give didn't respond. on tuesday, the mayor fired him one of the world's top opera, singers on a trip co has also been a long time putin supporter. in 2014, she made headlines, posing with a russian separatist leader and flag in eastern ukraine. last year, the russian soprano celebrated her 50th birthday with a gala,
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at the kremlin this past weekend under enormous pressure. no tribe go posted on social media. i am opposed to this war. i want this war to end and for people to be able to live in peace. but she stopped short of criticizing, pu tim, saying artists shouldn't be forced to take political stances. that stance was not enough to save her high profile concerts in the us, and europe after increased pressure for her to sever ties with putin trap go, canceled all performances in the west saying it was not the right time for her to perform. this is d doubly news life from berlin. a quick recap of what's happening in the ukraine. ukrainian peasant vladimir savanski has appealed to european lawmakers to suppose his country's a bed for immediate european union membership. it is the new parliament via video link. several e u countries have voice support for ukraine's application. russian rocket attacks
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have continued against stack cock hate cock give that ukraine 2nd big city authorities essay several people have died in well satellite images appear to show a large convoy of russian military vehicles, just north of the capital, kia but golf hospital at the top of the hour a good day. ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah, with
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ah ah, they've had no peace for it for decades. the people of iraq,
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their country is devastated and there's no end to define. how did it come to this with key witnesses reveal unprecedented story. they were presenting the you as they knew what the consequences of these sanctions are. and they've lied to the world about that she had been naked with someone, could kill his friends and as a fee and so easily was a really he behaved exactly like said durmit. and the poison spread from their own. ah, my zip in the great documentary series destruction of a nation starts march 4th on d w. ah,
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ah, this is the w news while i'm from berlin almost one week into the invasion of ukraine. russia is helping its assaults on the countries main cities in the capital key air strikes today, hit the main television tower, and in the 2nd largest city, par keith, an attack, leads death and destruction in its way. also coming up tonight, ukraine calls for immediate admission to the european union. president william is zalinski, his emotional address to the european par.


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