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and yet everyone experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time . time, a phenomenon, a dimension, we know, we won't live forever. an illusion. about time presenting futures past starts april 14th on d. w. o, o, o, o, o. it's listening to the says when kids have to run through the basement that you can't. yukon billeted from his brain, yukon, blood from his memory, the music and tops of life and the use of lights to help the soul. survivor, do i leave today again? she is still and i was not that long ago, and it's sheets or society to this day. that would be what this melinda situation.
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the only thing that can give hope is love and i'm on the war in ukraine grinds on. shocking images are beamed around the world. what impact does war have on people now and in the future? what can offer reassurance when everything's in ruins? answers and questions from a well known russian writer and a young poet from spain. but 1st, we had to hi keith in eastern ukraine where music brings a glimmer of hope in desperate times. am i the hockey music fist in the moon,
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before russian bombs turned all the planning on its head. now musicians and the audience gather in a place where people have been seeking refuge or even living for weeks. a subway station, ah vitaly alexi noch is the festivals artistic director. he lives in germany. so he had to leave the local organization to others. the among invites of earth will carry on somehow and us. so i know the festival will be quite different now. absolutely. it's something special for all of us. it's because despite the bombs and will continue to play music in valden hockey, ukraine, 2nd largest city has suffered devastating damage even during the festival. it's come on to missile and artillery fire bite down here. people experience moments of peace and relaxation via kitten or spoke english may
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originally had more or casual works in our festival, with hundreds of people in the audience mentioned in public, on our book. but at the moment, we're staging the festival with musicians who stayed behind them when for people who are in relative safety, somewhere in bunkerville and in the sub wagons in born, come on in the oven. and the people of hockey are coming to the concerts, despite the danger additional performances are planned for is, is this vehicle service which is hard to talk about? and i don't have a program concept in place for the coming weeks. vast morgan for sale. we don't know what's going to happen to morrow or even to day, but won't bombs fall there each night. not reducing the city to ruin it, but we're still trying to do something that has opened up with watson oregon festival. ah, for example, a concert in a maternity hospital in the audience, young mothers, nurses and doctors vitalia. lexi knock takes us along to the trinity
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church in bon. he organizes projects here for refugee musicians from ukraine and galleries together with his friend olga purchase. ah, both come from bella ruth, where they took to the streets of means to protest against the lucas shenker regime with love. now they're stepping in to help people from ukraine of us 30 and what's on that as i to bit, as far as the emotional side is concerned, there wasn't really time to cry or anything. i can see it, swine, or those of you need to react back. yeah, there isn't a time for reflection. it's a time for action on this. if it's i people need help now on man. most. yeah, we didn't dwell on it to come gun. if we had, it would have been unbearable through market octets and us done very strong on it. i can give is since the war began, alexi knock has driven several times to the ukrainian border. it's almost a 1000 kilometers away. more than 10 hours at the wheel,
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his photo showed that many bus packed with donations. here at the border, he meets ukrainian refugees, often exhausted and traumatized after days on the road and brings them to safety. in berlin, he shut off within kingdom gifts call. i've also spoken to many children. oh, who vast, innocent questions such as, why aren't we at home diffract combo, or does this mean? we'll never go back. a high success viet sneak made through common then another child said on the oh, i know that our house is being bombed right now. owns a house. it's got to run by the children are having to experience these things. it's, it's really terrible a leaving on this is not a freakish of wasteful. valentin sylvester is perhaps ukraine's most famous composer of contemporary music. he managed to get to berlin from kiev. also. thanks to vitale. alexey knock. ah, i see it us be so kind to, she wanted to reach the borders. i picked him up there and his family,
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a few other people and a cat ins under philomena on knocking palm. and that was the 1st time i met him shopping just before he got in the van and glance him auto. whether or not fordham auto says, i never would have imagined that a conductor would get to know a composer fleeing war in a minibus in an am and that they then have to drive a 1000 kilometers together. so you might some fun miss lou, give us a shot. he was extremely exhausted, but he helped well the here. how can they say he's 84 years old after all, and he still composing at this? ok then if he even did it during the journey, he heard the music in his head short owns by the company. and once we brought him to berlin, he played it for us right away. um thus got their own. it was really very moving pads on the service. they say i ruined many other musicians. a still in ukraine from bon alexi. knock is in constant contact with his colleagues in hockey
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there the constant in a supply station provides a brief moment of hope for the children to be an event like this are ray of hope. they help us to believe in the best to hope it'll all be overseen and things will be all right. good. good. that life goes on because music and art are part of life there. the rays of light that help the soul survive go the soon losing organizes plan to stage more concerts until the war comes to an end. ah, in russia to many are risking everything by calling for an end to the war. a growing number of artists and intellectuals are leaving the country in protest
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among them. russian prima ballerina august me inova. she's just performed in a benefit gala in naples, along with ukrainian dancers and malay stars like anastasio garcia, one of russia's greatest literary voices is now living in exile too. will lose mila lit sky. our stay in berlin forever. will she never be able to return to moscow? can she start a new life at the age of 79? possibly russia's most important living writer, she left her country in mid march. her oldest son who lived in london, convinced her to let him necessarily feel threatened in others, which though and couldn't entirely understand my son's decision that i agreed. yeah . because i think he might be able to assess for the current situation a bit better than i do garcia. and i still remember when i sent my sons to the us
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when they were old enough to be drafted into the army only resemble it. i knew i had to act fast for food. that was during the war in afghanistan. a bunch of us were constantly having walls like that when it's sunny showed us listed him yesterday in a bunch of them. wellington, for 40 years, coorlet sky has been married to sculptor and painter, andre crossman, who also came with her to berlin. she was one of the 1st in russia to speak out publicly against the war in ukraine. it is necessary to stop the war that is flaring off every minute and resist. the propaganda lies fed to us by all media bullets guy has never been sparing in her criticism of russia's leaders and says, she's in good company. through my, among my acquaintances, i'm not even talking of close friends, but my white circle. i've never met a single person who would have agreed to this russian war in ukraine,
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not one that she's given o, gray and any of these days though, those who dare take to the streets to protest risk being beaten up or arrested few or as courageous as the writer vladimir sir oakum, whose fiercely criticised the war more elaina co vasqua, who resigned his artistic director of moscow's meyer, whole theatre after the invasion. around the same time, many artists and intellectual signed an open letter of protest. but the letter and names of the signatories were quickly removed from the internet. the risks were just too high. the amazon, none of the chena. i don't have the feeling that russian intellectual support the war. but it's a very difficult to hear. the voices, media outlets have been shut down. so for example, radio echo of moscow i do and many other channels and platforms have been shut down . there is a voice of protest, but it's very difficult to hear it. ah,
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born into a jewish family who lives guy, i worked as a geneticist before starting to write her books have been translated into some 30 languages. in short stories and novels, she is depicted the great terror under stalin and the holocaust as well as everyday life in post soviet russia. her protagonists are mainly women. in this recent collection of stories, she writes about their daily struggles in the power of female friendships to receive russia is the country of very strong women everywhere. but in power. of course, when if this war is stopped dead the more than it will only be the cause of women at the boot, the son overland. if it isn't the word, it will mean that those in power don't care. one iota about what women think about all this fluid, so my adventure. but on board bullets sky knows that the impact of this war will be
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terrible and poison relations between russia and ukraine for generations to come. but she warns against ostracizing russian artists who have not distance themselves from vladimir putin such as world renown, conductor, valero, guardian of and acclaimed opera star on in the trap, co, criticized in the west for saying nothing at 1st. she then became persona non grata in russia when she spoke out against the war. yes, she does, the gluten. i believe that every artist, like every person that really has a right to their opinion, their political one, to as some dinner, an artist should be judged by. they look. if it's was presenting leave and the artist should be worked with though otherwise, then there is no need to know this number, but a person's political views are their own business is one of the chill area. they were lead snellville. she says,
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many russians only discuss politics and private behind closed doors. but that doesn't mean the majority is pro war. oh, if they do turn the war from us, the words very important that people here in germany understand that opinion in russia is not as unanimous as the government would like to present at my failure. gloria what i see is i've seen when it comes to the war a little now got a large part of the population including bullshit. ordinary people and educated sectors were further from finance up horan. im ah, you got the and it would be willing to go out on to the streets to stop it with us tonight here in berlin. lydia is constantly asked how she views the situation in russia now so similar, so you're pretty much low but which but i don't like this role at all that improved
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. i would prefer to be a right reform and an observer of life. and if so, a right to function is to observe and to right. and you see, i've never seen myself as an active participant in a process, a skillful, certainly not a political wanna come were, but life is now pulling me into politics and north of against my will. don't believe me. jaeger, with political. oh, the susan, but it's me was a learner by it. lou miller lipsky is certain that she'll be able to write during her self imposed exile. but she hoped to return to her home in moscow one day when the war is over. but what if your homeland lies in ruins like parts of ukraine, can sanctuaries be re hated for those who needed most children, traumatized by conflict, even before this latest war? a documentary about a children's home in eastern ukraine, but had to be evacuated in late february. ah,
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december test regions of eastern ukraine, which have been contested for years now, are only a few kilometers from the lucy shuns children's home. i saw my f e. b. a child hoods of the youngsters who lived here were fractured. the children's home was their home when they had lost both parents or was their sanctuary from parents who had abused them. 11 year old koya was given shelter here with his younger siblings. their mother is an alcoholic. ah, you got your name, my. when will i let this going to live on? in the documentary a housemaid of splinters is a portrait of the home and the love and care it provided. people say children are
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the future. but what kind of future can there be in a region where peace, all too often gives way to war? ah, the wall that has been going on to the social problems gets out of control with unemployment. and if you don't have the resources to leave your stock there, and then you start to seek a little bit of comfort in a drink. and that's what interests me, not the tragedy, but actually you know, where is the hope in, you know, in, in the hot circumstances. ringback in late january the films, danish director, simon, the rang wilmont on the world cinema documentary directing award at the sundance film festival. but what is film cannot tell us? is that 4 weeks after its world premiere, the home no longer existed for its children. 2 it was evacuated on february 24th.
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the day vladimir putin sent his troops into ukraine. it was disbelief and shock. i couldn't understand and that he actually decided to in bate, are all of ukraine. i was just there, like a week before the invasion happened. the local authorities whole made these, they actually made the decision from the 1st day to dig them out. they were traveling from the east of ukraine in their train in the compartments like which, which originally should be for people in this one compartment. but they were like, 12 of them in one compartment you can imagine how was their reaction. and they said that in the half of the way they were told to sit down on the floor and to turn off all the lights, you know, because they were, ah, they have a fear. i mean them, adults has a fear that their chain could be, ah, shot by a russian army. now some of the children were 1st housed in the vive,
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in western ukraine. in mid march. we met as it suffered off there. he's the co founder of the ukranian organization, voices of children. he took us to the temporary lodgings of the children who had been evacuated from the former home. here he's working to get them the counseling many of them need. when the kids listen for the says, when kids have to run to the basement that you can't, you can't do it from his brain. you can do it from the, his memory, subway kid tickets, which they, the trauma of the 2014 war are resurfacing in the children of 2020 to some children are suffering from depression. others from self harm, but that there's bad depression, all battery set it up by the cut themselves id as they stabbed them. so she filed boy, they break their fingernails as soon as they directed their ridge inwards. they are a house of splinters, say the homestead of
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a house of broken dreams. ringback shattered hopes shattered faith in the world. fragments that they with the children are now trying to piece back together. 2 ah donna, none, and then you choose the most important thing is for them to feel safe to night them . each family are slowly starting to make plans. you mentioned they are beginning to feel safer and more stable. they've been easier about stuff when the trembling in their hands as these i directed old you. ringback meanwhile, all of the children had been brought out of ukraine. 2 in ukraine, deaths are mounting among civilians to lithuanian documentary filmmaker montage rabbits. lush was killed at the start of april. his films focused on victims of
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russian aggression from chechnya to ukraine. his tribute to the long suffering port, city of money you poor, was screened at berlin's international film festival. he died in my you pull in a russian rocket attack not long before the well known ukrainian documentary filmmaker and photographer mux livin was found dead in a suburb of keith. he documented the invasion from the start wars, shape, generations. the survivors have to live with their losses and memories forever. what helps their descendants is to talk about them or write about them like spanish poet a vi saturday. oh, you're good and amy. luckily i've never experienced war or civil war. but i mean, it's the worst thing that can happen to a country,
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how terrible that neighbors and friends suddenly become enemies and his money from the law in his horrendous situation. the only thing that can give hope is love. now because i am very frustrated as a writer, slum poets and feminist, and the new voice and spain's literary scene. her debut novel is about the spanish civil war, which her grandparents lived through. she's one of many artists exploring this repressed trauma from the past. i'm a member of the history of my country. is i horton to me because the civil war was not that long ago and it shapes our society to this day. i'm and then other so i me, my grandmother is still alive. so she suffered greatly also from the fact that much was repressed are forgotten salary and made you. i will tell him to guess will
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fidela lose that has yet to he'll know guess going i dilemma. what other duster uses, flashbacks to tell a tale of undying love from the perspective of an elderly woman in days without you door as a teacher in 1930 spain, galas or student both or fervent supporters of democracy on the 2nd spanish republic. the spanish civil war broke out in 1936 after general francisco franco participated in a nationalist qu against a republican government. the nationalists declared victory in 1939 and franko was appointed generally simone. in the book, dora and gilles love helps them resist the franklin. but in 1940 gail is executed and buried in a mass grave. hundreds of thousands of people were killed and disappeared, and frank of spain, after the dictators death in 1975 on the transition to democracy,
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there was not so much reconciliation a silence. many are still searching for their disappeared. relatives today isn't better than then, and it's important to see these old people. i mean, to imagine what they lived through. okay, again, my name's me. arnold. so ma'am, ma'am mazda, really? there were children during that war and to this day they've only been met with silence e g s m white and dr. young on as they're dying with the pain of never having found the remains of their husbands or fathers. it's so sad that he is there, but i saw him at us young. the grandchildren's generation, like saw strokes, are looking for a new approach to explore the past throughout a virus. estron is a celebrated slum poet. thousands attend her performances such as hero, madrid. and she has half a 1000000 followers, an instrument with
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her performances are like concerts get in and this is austro, has made poetry hip again that let me with my walking on center that it says my miss young and i love with the i in the end only poetry can express the feelings so directly to the next woman, thousands of poets, thousands of styles, a universe of emotions on them. a few and i am when brought about dick a file that you can't learn this sentimental education in any school up as they love either. you know, they're still there. so now you know, got to know how to recognize your feelings and find an expression for them. and if he got lost in what is more minutes or less over the age of us, saddles ah, foresaw stroke. poetry is about exploring her own and collective emotions. her debut novel is about love and times of war. it looks back on to the future. make
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one all said giving an old woman ching to a presentation of my book in madrid and thanked me the last without house but as summer's mom. she said that thanks to this novel, she had finally found a way of speaking to her grandson about the civil war that she couldn't do before. i learned that i saw the book aroused his curiosity and they can finally talk about it. i was so pleased about that you want a math in a month on the list younger. so me. but on this now the war passed and our souls seemed to age millions of years. we lost friends in the lives we had once had, but not the need to teach our children to yearn for freedom. ah, with them was arts 21 for to day. will be back next week with more music for the song
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ah, ah, ah. all ah, ah, with
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a resolution on this really thank you. urban environmental, european cities, hearing to leave the way. ah, you are cars, more security careers, spaces, and happier, healthier people. read in 30 minutes on d. w. who dark and gloomy london
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for. laurie tish nigerian artists mission is to brighten up london lives with and with in 60 minutes the w. o. people in trucks injured when trying to feed the city center and more refugees are being turned away at the board, families, planes on the taxi sirius with credit going in this way that against me straight to people fleeing extreme dram. roughed getting 200 people has sunk in the gnc
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around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. we ask why? because no one should have to flee. to make up your own mind. d. w. for mines. look closely ah. listen carefully. don't know how those 2 things you need to do. i feel the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. ah
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ah, this is dw news lie from berlin victory for emmanuel mccomb in the 1st round of frances presidential election. the centrist leader fights off a strong challenge from the fall rights method that pen. both contenders now go through to the 2nd round in 2 weeks time. also coming up ukraine and russia agree on humanitarian corridor walls to evacuate civilians. the exodus is still growing by thousands are trapped as ukraine braces for a renewed russian onslaught in the east.


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