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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2022 1:30pm-2:01pm CEST

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ah, the ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener? how can we protect habitats? we can make a difference. global ideas, environmental series in global 3000 on t, w, and online. hello and welcome to the 77 percent. this is the show made for us are for guess you. i am your host, michael routine with to the is sure is about why not try resources in some african countries are not lifting people out of poverty. yes. was coming up we look at the challenges and opportunities are on africa, mineral resources. we ask young cyril unions. where does this
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see the admin are riches us a blessing or a kiss? on a different lot. we take a cultural tall around the army. africa is blessed with many natural resources. so for instance, the democratic republic of congo, it is expected to be the global leader in the supply of lithium, which is used in mobile form, an electric car batteries. other countries have abundant mineral resources. so why is a continent not prospering? let's find out. from ashanti, golden west africa to diamonds and south africa. human beings have exploded africa's precious minerals for centuries. nowadays, as raw materials run out elsewhere, african mining exploration is booming. africa as home, some of the world's biggest mineral producers from africa for platinum, dewresey,
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for cobalt and colton. and botswana is number 2 worldwide for diamonds. but with such abundant mineral resources, why are african countries not richer? here are some reasons. most mining operations of foreign run apart from south africa, which has its own mining industry, corruption, and weak states means local communities really benefit and human rights are ignored . what's more short sighted mining practices leave the lance guard and water poisoned. fluff minerals are rarely refined locally. they exported ra at a lower price while large profits are made elsewhere. the so called results curse has led to conflict displacement and leaves local communities fighting for scraps. now i want to take you deeper into their minds and our journey starts in kimberly, south africa. this town is known for 3 things that big, whole dusty, abundant time on mine that you seen right behind me. and secondly, is
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a place in which for mach laneesa, so ross established a waltz biggest dime, one fam, dps, and deadly is the town where dime on producing countries, sat down and came up with a rules that prevent the industrial from finance and conflicts. i know it's a lot of history, but one dime wants me to. kimberly, today, let's find out in south africa, more and more desperate men and women try their luck, digging up gold and diamonds. a risky and often fatal quest. the government's aids illegal, but doesn't morales can middling changes to to me my family. oh, quite what is replied. what of mine replied with a pool. is we fight this our black people's minds to swim. we don't care to have it. you don't care to be killed, want to go life in. kimberly,
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once the site of the biggest diamond russian history mindset flows to down and left people jobless to day, thousands of tis no miners like label fung and patrick sick through the leftovers. they call themselves zelma zamiah's, a zulu word, meaning those who try and try it hard, but you, we don't have a choice either leg days, no jobs. what will we do? so it's, this is our job. this is how we make living. even though it takes a long time to get out, but if we get it, then we know many things are sought out. you can come to day, pick up a 40 carrot and then your life changes automatically because of you'll be having millions and then with that money can bears out of 30000 are tis, no mine is in south africa. most are illegal. many belong to criminal syndicates. where extortion and violence occur daily y, l williams,
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and are tis no mining activist from the northern cape youth and geo helps young's amazon has gauged the value and sell their stones better under the current law. that's tricky. law goes up. the market is actually designed in a way that, you know, it, it marginalizes the us, um, as i must out, it keeps them out because, you know, we don't have that much laws. they do to help us to, to sell our stones in the private market. so we tend to, you know, just go back into the barrel black market. the amazon must, can work legally the batch of pillow cooperative in, kimberly is south africa's 1st attempt to bring illegal miners into the formal sector. they can legally mine on a 50 hector plot near the city, but after 3 years of not finding a single stone label hung and patrick left, the government supported co operative aims to stop violence and provide livelihoods . but since it started 2 years ago,
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continuous violence has plagued by 2 paley with diamond mine as fighting over the best places to dig. now, government does not grant any more concessions or allow other cooperatives to form with the government. they're not put in effort to help us to grow in autism. mainly it is leg to want to see the autism mainly feed in this country. it is what you want, but we never go to. i love to come in to god but without more co operatives. the local cutting and polishing industry also suffers osi gems, to the small diamond cutting company kimberly specializing ethically source to gemstones. if i tis no mining call, protest, adhere to good environmental and social standards. osi gems would buy their stones . it wants to see miners and their families profit directly from sales. we
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really see 14 shannon, tim sofa, especially in the fest. the world did. they are people who are more interested in buying dam, was that dumb mind to buy act is not a main us. so i think if with there can be a proper structure in terms of small them when cut in punishing fit grease accessing those damn ones. they did in the future can be, can be very, very good. yet before this can happen, mining activist williams believes that miners and cooperatives must make up and instead fight for better working conditions. currently, the butter pillow co operative rips in membership fees and a 2 percent cut of each diamond sale without supporting its members. a lot more can still be done. you know, not by the government but us ourselves. you know, just by, by, you know, helping ourselves out with tools. you know, in the, at the, at the field elicit mineral, trading in south africa, is estimated to be with 1200000000 euros money that feeds thousands of households
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and fields. a large, exploitative black market. when it comes to diamonds, many young people prefer bigger ones, the bigger their better. but always think about where your time one comes from. from south africa. lemme take you to a mine in town, in sierra leone called coin to this area, was devastated by the 11 year civil war in sierra leone and light beer, and the so called conflict or blood. dimas, from this area, financed the wall 20 years after the war, ascended. this kimani takes the debates, the streets of quite do unlocks the people it be off. finally, seeing that by me, want riches. hello and welcome back to the 77 percent. the show for africa youth this week we are in coy do this is sarah leon's, rich mining district. and in this country you will find literally anything from
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coulton to ion or, and dian was, but it is extracted and very quickly exported. and so today we want to find out those exports, translating to weld for the young people who live here, who better to answer this question for me than fellow serial unions. let me hear from a i hear he is a student, but he was also mining and in the mines from a very young age. when i was 14 years old, i was going to school, i was out there a genius icon. i school in sale. you also giving this kind of support from a real it's, he's almost been with, but then, you know, the forces here, we can get our live lute. it was very difficult, very challenging because as a younger artist, skip school by dana to go to the mines. the give support because those elizabeth lived you'd, we had say for look at the impacts of them, of mine in to use your in the wider population saloon. for me it is much of course you. so look at the community that we are standing. look at the impacts of the money. you look at people who are benefits of a benefit from the mine and all the few people in a good measure. your views,
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we do not have access to water. we don't have access to electricity. we love good roots. even i infrastructure as they ball. okay. and by the way, we should mention that where we are right now is a big mine that operates just beyond this mound. and what we're seeing as a byproduct of that blasting rocks which are then crushed into smaller pieces by the women we're seeing in the background to then be sold to construction workers. so i'd like to hear from the mayor because we've heard that this region, despite its riches, is not reflective of the diamonds and the gold that's coming out of this region. so i'm wondering why you're right so, but on the contrary to say a mirror or deimos or whatever, i mean you are given to was, is it cause is not a cause. the availability of the natural resources has into the, is not a problem. if we have a good govern our system or system put in place how to extract on, even if they say we pilots ago, we've to bring those
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a marsh's those technologies. how to transform those raw materials here into a finished product of. so let me, let me, let me just bring in slime on here because you spoke of policy and he is from the national mining agency, the body that is supposed to enforce policy and also created around the extractive industry. so is it right? but the may a saying that we just have a lack of that leadership from national level. now what's this is it is is focusing on mili is to see the committees really weird, isn't where these mirrors are coming from, their benefit from the so given sure that the committees to sign the committee room arguments with the communities. so the end of every year, the gross and revenues, some positive comp, actually for me to the have the committees that these with this wants to us and sure that's who jacks are been a implemented in hold on a is already disagreeing with you. yes. and if you look at what mining companies are getting from cannot dissipate from the maintenance that they are doing. and we
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compare it to the impact in the community. it is not common. sure, it's even the community developments agreement. i'd say to sign widows communities the amount that it gets him back to the communities. it cannot take no tangible development projects the mays raising his hand on that side. but i want to hear from mary 1st can because you grew up in a place that has been mining for a really long time. in fact, some of the earliest diamonds were discovered where you grew up. did you see this reflected as you were growing up before this time? i think there was a better system in place. many people benefited from me before even we we are bone . as for me personally, i know you will like walking around the settlement community because haven't seen our mothers, our grandma does, our children are the listen girls that should be in school by now the i hear walking for themselves in order to gain the livelihood. ok. let me hear from penndot, it's here because he's actually embroiled in apes, lawsuits active against big mining companies because of various reasons. so is what
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we're hearing from a reflective of what you're seeing in your profession. communities are calling out unseen. we've been oppressed, we've been abused by mining companies, and they are not respecting the laws and policies as articulated by the leadership of this country. but most warring, it is not the company's behavior that is worrying to the communities is their leadership attitude towards their oppression. so that their government agents that are supposed to be protecting supposed to be challenging the companies to deliver to the community. they are being indicted by our communities that they are colliding, including entities. operation is a serious issue, is a security issue. again, shouldn't be low tenure, a smashing stones dog from the robbers of the diamond, meaning of the junior young type. one of the best quality demos in the world. and you cannot see, it is not accounted for. no one knows what is taking there every day. let me ask him, ask him, doctors, let me ask,
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let him go to the people. ok. now we are seeing an enemy has a mine's compliance officers inside there. they work on fishing bases. what's the mainly the company gets the package. everything the same, the seal, it's the issue that is missing and then kept into the enemy, cutlets, what they were doing with it. and then they have the percentage you're going to play was in that comes back to the committee for which the city says they've got the accounts. i'm sure that is beyond your scope, but i'm just trying to put a lot of if you put money into an account and you never see the result. why keep the money into the account until now? did he certainly scoop it to the great schools and improvised schools and another challenge that comes from mining, of course, you're dealing with ethical, minerals out. what are some of the implications of these are extractive practices? if you can even call them that? well, i receive the implications, like if this big company that are coming to the community,
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likely now the use the some machine is because extra vito, the just man, dan did live the whole like that. then i believe if delivery like that's for the future, generations will house like now you measure culture, they would have some, some yachts would do the i cultural because the, the whole, the pit is left open. okay. it's layman. i like the fact that you're raising your hand because i wanted to ask what is that? and it may say about this. so we tell them after many, you will clearly land because of so many does their order use of lung. so what you're saying is a company's compelled or they're supposed to yasser poor still opposed to the right . yeah. my experience is that say the enemy and the p. ollie's gonna do enough in terms of visual and protection of the environment. because if we look at the pub around the protection agency to be fair, they've been trying to plant trees, they're doing their best to recover and reclaim some of the land we are the trees. but the up lansing, the feasible growing, the please. the uplands yellow even looking up like trees for me, most of the entity is that she shows up a money and
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a half years of the environment. the i just may leave her lip service for the people. if you go to mimic or chief dome, we are one of the biggest a gold mines located in commer disputes. the apple you said the water sources that is the at the community is a software another point in time. the steam that is has been polluted. i see is also the minute operation. fishies another a live in things that are living those streams along, you know, add to places we out as mine, operations are being carried up specifically mimic orchard, them all those things are being destroyed. yeah. so what do they do in terms of preservation of the environment? all right, so we've had quite a myriad of challenges related to both large scale and small scale mining, particularly in this region. and now i want to find out for my panelists, how do we move forward? we have a, we forward, how could we, the, the top management has to change the attitude, especially in the a of this mining companies. we are seen the stem. i'm the policies that are already in place should be implemented and of course are regarding women. we have several
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structures in please. even this m. m stone cautious we men, we have them as an association. so these blotches, i mean, if we want to empower them, there are several other ways, maybe in agriculture, we can bring up, i will catch up broke. i mean programs and we subscribe them too. so that's how we got our programs. does anybody else have a solution that we haven't heard yet? so the goldman was be transparent, accountable and development must not be particularly political issue. once you are in government, you are government for everybody. okay, well at the beginning of this debate, i asked if the riches that i found largely under ground in this country present a curse or not to the economy and the people of this region. what i've heard in a resounding way is that no, they're not. it's simply how they're handled or mishandled. i don't know what your viewpoint is, but thank you for watching do
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a google search of corridor and you realize i don't mind sub left, 2 big horse in the middle of the town. and also most of the time that you have just seen does not have electricity. and to think that some of the largest diamonds in the world have been found here. that is for me, very hard to reconcile. if you want to watch a longer version of this to beat her to our 77 percent youtube channel and tell me if you are seeing that natural resources richest in your country. we have just seen that debate where there is no minor regulation, their environment suffers. that coupled with a change in climate and africa, has a major problem on its hands, nigerian activist or ludlow. so identity is trying to raise awareness about climate change and to assess the time to act as now climate in is no longer a trip or to reality. and the reality is false. we are face tweets right now. so the time to act is now
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in my name is the ladder, so i didn't care. i'm an equal feminist climate. just this is kind of a clue reporter i'm to find out if i need climate. i thought if right is working till glen growing and no one is the in that in africa. so i did, i did just joined. great, i, tunable to you so, and that's really inspired me and the ward us lodge because she's yelling in the action trying to make the award to understand the impact of climate and, and why most of it's right now with digital to us. it's important for us to see how we can bridge the gap in common. he gets in the midst of people. that is what i'm using my social media neil to do to champion all of these solutions. every activities they are taken offline. the tickets or like for people to understand and to join me.
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i cannot just with, well go mean individual action models quality back in my does. so i started and i know that we need to look alive. that's a form of activism so that so as to fit our society, so i think they're going to school day the kids to day. and i think going to university to secondary school, bob league, and trying to educate people about the 5. because i believe that you must was know the problem before we can solve. ah, my biggest challenge for us is like trying to convince the people in the try for people to understand their songs. what i was linked to deny, declared that plan doesn't exist, don't hold to leave that you are free and more, you know, they have to see the software before they give away the,
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to the portal. i can teach them how to apply this, but allies are organic, but the allies are group on reward that would help was to rise yes, crop l time for them to have would put up in london. now the security crisis globally and africa left behind because we had the most impacted by declarative crisis. ah, she said at all, don't brush it off. climate change is real and you'll be affected very soon. so start thinking about what you can do to lessen the impact from nigeria. let's head north to nisha office, but i kina by one allah is working for us in the army who wants to show us his beautiful city. so come along so out of control. well, alex may be one
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a martina bowen, allah, i'm from leisure and this is the beautiful city of miami, where i grew up. i'm very happy to welcome you to my city in the army. thank once on that radical miss years capital near me. it was the sahara, but there is no denying the fit of lush greens like none other than most of the kids. the biggest river flows through it and 15th, the city of over 1000000 is in some of flood virginia. we are a pleasure river. it's our pride and beauty. it fits the city and give the charm not a mile. mia made both a make of west african n for heron, heritage, fulani, darma, houser, and 2 or 8 people live here to his roots. burkina writes his lyrics in both hauser and samar, with an average age of just 15. near is the well youngest country and the use of near me city market. well, the devil as extras in for
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a kenneth decreed you don't quite old grandma. so we are, grandma shared their biggest market in the heart of near me. it's terrible math ship any prescript. you know, this is my favorite because you can find everything you want here home for kutrovitch rock of it automatically after leaving his hands and follows behind. if time for a snack, the local speciality committee sunday, drive me clinically, she is symbolical familiar in the army. and you can always find these here in muslim countries. it's what crispy me job and working with friends are still on his tail. later on the swing by the international festival of african fashion, a melting pot of missouri and culture. i mean i know some of all my family we are here, fema, where i have the honor also performing. we have 5 minutes on stage and it's gonna
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be like nothing else. something come up with. oh, oh, wait on like lights and the crowds. burkina takes us to the dues, just outside the city. it's time to wind down all michelle them. so dear friends, we are here with mahmud my guitarist, the only engine that i might use since we come here to get inspired surrounded by the beauty of nature and peace and the beautiful view of the army as in. yeah, we are here in the army and this is also your home issue. oh, you're waiting for you and you all is welcome. thank you charles. out for when i arrive in the army a fast and i'm going to try as clichy and actually i need to get out of here and find me some cliche. but before i go, i hope that today's sure has helped me to understand that natural resources do not
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necessarily translate into wealth value needs to be added and regulations and forced. because there are a couple of examples where this us wait, but china for inst us is an example where the profits flew back into the communities. so if you nor of other places where this solution wakes, then let us know. we'd like to hear from you. you can find us on facebook, instagram, and youtube, or write us an e mail. and before i leave you, yes, a music a song i should say, from none other than the man we've just met martina from the say. when his song, he calls woman, until next time. thanks for watching. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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w. ah, this is dw news live from berlin. defying fruit is born in finland, makes it official. it wants in with nato, been as prime minister as president to make the announcement a day after the president of neighboring russia calls the idea. a mistake. also coming up. the grain says its 2nd largest city is secure once again. ukrainian soldiers clear villages on the outskirts of car give off the russian troops


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