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one behind rafael. not dal, but there's a bit of a problem. his hands i currently tight because of the pandemic. so because of his vaccine status, he can take part in a lot of major championships. so people are saying that the next one he probably could take a pot in would be the french open next year because he has been very adamant that he won't get vaccinated for him. his body autonomy over his body is a lot more important. ok, and they want to talk you. thank you very much. from d w sports. you're watching the w news live from berlin. stick around shift is up with ah ah, in the moon, the blue and. hm
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. i you become a cool breeze you i live but it was just me in the moon. hello. ah ah, shift special. how modern technology enables more climate friendly travel? anyone who travels by plane ship or car is very likely to burn fossil fuels. the international energy agency estimates that 35 percent of all energy is consumed in the transportation sector. but companies around the globe are revolutionizing the
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way we travel, making a greener and more convenient than one example, the high pollute rail technology bump. traveling as fast as an aeroplane without leaving the ground, that may soon be possible with the hyper loop. in the spanish city of valencia, one company is working on this new technology that could transform the way we travel. but it brought me small. for example, the train from barcelona to paris currently takes about 9 hours in the high pollute could cover that in one and a half hours, not a $1000001.00. the sin is one of the founders of the la ross. he's convinced that soon we will be traveling through futuristic looking tubes and much faster than unconventional trains. this would be most convenient for replacing short distance life and long train ride. but i think we will connect cities and hobbs it up to
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1000 kilometers per hour with net 0 emissions and effective energy consumption. and i said the guy here is how it works. so called pods gradually accelerate through a low pressure to via electric propulsion. low pressure is crucial for the hyper loop to meet as little air resistance as possible. this ultra low, aerodynamic drag, let's the pallets reach, velocities comparable to those of planes. the pods glide along a track using magnetic fields. but the design by celerity has a crew advantage. lessingham in their la maya dela shalysea, most companies install magnets in the to the proper subset. that means that you have to fit the entire truck with magnets and electricity, thor laskey, no mattress instead were placing all of these parts on the vehicle there by reducing the cost of per kilometer. in this one, it is for cisco matter nearby color. you list a former, a cost to put a kilometers hello fit. a report by the u. s. federal department of energy found
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that transporting passengers via hyper loop can save up to 20 percent of the energy consumed in air travel, or by personal vehicle. some experts claim hyper loops with save even more. many companies around the world are working on their own models. and initially hyperlink technology was developed by space sexton. ellen mask in 2015, musk decided to open source all the research done at space x. and let student groups around the world compete and developing of the concept even further. while he sat in his classmates participated in the contest in one best design, which is now being built at this valero facilities. so that either door they go through this tube here is 12 made as long as they hype. we use it to try a different hyperlink models in low pressure and as a perfume that we can obtain different pressure levels with an electric at home with. and then we also have solar panels on top and out here with these panels,
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we generate the energy that's needed to keep the pressure low to lay rolison. other companies are trying to create a mode of transportation ideal for distances between 41500 kilometers. one, be sanitized team are developing the model in spain, but other countries could profit much more to see of, of without pre advanced infrastructure. the thing is that you need to have a molar gate, the technical specifications. i strongly believe that europe is good march. now you see others where the infrastructure is done. it plays yet. and you see dubai. you see india where infrastructure, good be good, but is anti great. i believe the regions and yoga piece is going to take place at countryside. china, india, probably brazil that are more open to these type of ideas. just like traditional airports to day one, v san envisions hyper loop stations outside metropolitan regions across europe.
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other companies have already conducted successful passenger tests for it's a lay roast b san expects. the 1st passenger test to be ready by 2030 high for loop is just one technology that could revolutionize traveling in the future. and other approach x axis, also known as even told system evolve, stands for electric, vertical takeoff and landing. and as the term fest, it's an aircraft that is powered by electricity completely only electricity and batteries in and out in that sense to be specific. it's a battery powered aircraft that can take off vertically along vertically, like a helicopter. and it can fly horizontally, like an irish company. avalon is a major player in the aircraft leasing industry in europe. they cooperate with eva toll company, vertical aerospace to enable 0 emission aviation by the electrification of air
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transport. and they're not the only high flyers. according to the non profit organization, vertical flight society, almost 350 companies around the world are currently working on electric air attack . these here is an even told by the germans start up all the copter on a test flight in the south korean capital. so if everything works out according to plan air attacks, these could be used to connect the inner city an airport here by 2025. instead of driving by car for an hour, the air taxis could complete the journey into 90 minutes. a flight would cost around $90.00 euros. unlike the hyper loop air, taxis aren't primarily meant for public transport. they generally fed only a few passengers. this is due to wait regulations for these aircrafts. with ranges of up to only a 160 kilometers even toll aircraft, they're meant to replace helicopters. but in a more sustainable way. when you talk about
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taxes, they're just the evolving electric right? is not combustion with their buffer energy to our, their vehicle or the system. it's extremely friendly to the environment. in order for this to work, the air crafts need to be powered by renewable energy. juan moran believes eva tolls will be flying people from the airport to the city as an airline taxi service, particularly for cities with a lot of congestion. it could be a game changer. places like mexico city ist and bold london or manila could be the 1st to benefit from this new technology. it's not about the melt mode of transportation, but the infrastructure around that technology, right? you need vertical porch. how you're going to connect those vertical boards or gate wish to the airport? the 2nd aspect, i would say it's unit idence. the business world would be disrupted if you don't have enough people trained to supply these transitional right. in april 2022. the
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1st bird, a port in the world was opened in coventry, england. currently drones take off and land here. soon. air taxis are expected to take off to you'll be using one of these to get an air taxi to another city another time. another location. i'm very, very soon say the passenger taxes are currently being certified. some of them are aiming for 2024. if you imagine right now we're in 22 is only 2 years away. the company urban airport plans to build $200.00 verda ports across the world over the next 5 years to be ready when electric flying vehicles start taking off. in the canyon capital nairobi pollution from bosses is a threat to the environment. owed vehicles with new inner workings have now become an environmentally friendly alternative. on nairobi streets, there's
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a new kid on the block. unlike most other vehicles in the canyon capital, this bus is not powered by gas or diesel, but electrically, which is good for the environment. but passengers notice it comes with other advantages to a portable silent signing of woocommerce. it is so silent, almost no rattling noise when then there is no smoke in them. and when you get in, it is so stable and there are no vibrations, like we are used to on public service buses. the electric bus is very nice at the canyon swedish tad company. rome came up with the idea. the start up formerly known as opi boss, is working toward creating emission free public transport. they have already started repl, in gasoline and diesel engines and buses with electric engines removed the internal combustion engine. we replace that with an electric motors and then we put a battery pack and a control unit to it. which means that suddenly we no longer have to go to the
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petrol station to fill our buses or vehicles with petrol or diesel, and then drive on it. but we can go to an electrical outlet, plugin or vehicle. just the same way we charge our charge or cell phones. the buses are expected to be able to travel more than 250 kilometers per day on a single battery charge. by modifying existing vehicles realm says that reduces carbon emissions by almost 100 percent. while reducing operational costs by approximately 60 percent most of kenya's electricity is generated by renewable energy sources. for instance, geothermal. this is an important prerequisite for making electric mobility truly green. besides stopping climate change well founder philip love, strong also sees other advantages. so not only do these products offer us the possibility of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. it also offices the possibility
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of becoming fuel independent. or we don't have to look at the causal fuel every morning has to wake up. but we can actually drive vehicles um that, that produces our cost of operating so much that jenny, as a country and us as individuals, become independent of oil prices at both of the emission side and for a while it's, it's an important aspect for the mentor to bus drivers, mclamore do on my daughter b, i'm also gonna do for him a todd to operator the price of fuel is very high performing. and you cannot make good money or not because you spend a lot of money on fuel. on the north of the stigma with the new electric bus, we will make more money. and even the bossa will. i know when that ought to be at the bottom of us, i'm converting a gasoline engine to an electric engine costs over $40000.00 euros, which most owners can't afford what's more. over time. the lithium batteries lose
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some of their power, which means more resources are needed. and proper recycling is a challenge to still for sustainability experts like pamela, awkward toys, these new technologies, offer new chances for change. it is sudden, but africa has not been bought. of course, the net effect of these climate change yet it's the most fundable, but we do not. we just don't sit and wait for oxford to be chicken. we have decided to take action and we are coming up with technologies that are helping us out, consult our environment, as well as to reduce the impact of that climate change. and this is a message to the wood while these a message to the globe and other, other countries outside out an awfully cox. and just to take action as well in the technologies in what they do to ensure that the able to cobb the emissions in order to use the impacts of climate change.
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ah ah electric motorcycle re re load none, festival and berlin shoot your trade show for a metric to really presented the main trends on the well martin a reporter with that and share it with us. read on d. w. ah, a extremist clue on her she drew her last breath blue. she breathed mamma and at that moment i lost her children, played in the pile of toxic waste, which was full of arsenic lead and mercury,
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and had to waste came from sweden, etc. business, how toxic waste poison ivy, including me in 45 minutes on d, w. we got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah, magic corner check. hot spot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot d w travel off we go with them. i think that the deeper body of i live in. c


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