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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  July 27, 2022 2:30am-3:01am CEST

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i already know that kind of a about hackers, paralyzing the tire societies. computers that are some are you and governments that go crazy for your data. we explain how these technologies work, how they can go in for, and that's how they can also go terribly. watch it now on youtube with ah, ah, finally a glimmer of hope. ukraine and russia have managed to meet and agree on something.
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moscow, evasion of one of the globe's biggest grain exporters, has block supplies to the rest of the walt. a hunger crisis is looming in many parts. but now the 1st ships are set to sail. welcome to d w. 's weekly business show made. i'm ben. and these are the other stories we'll be looking at today. how a gas stoppage could slow down the renewable sector. a german firm suddenly pulling out of china and breathing air back into an air craft cemetery. the war in ukraine isn't over yet, but this one breakthrough is a major relief for the rest of the world. at least, officials from the united nations, ukraine, russia and turkey agreeing. there'd be no attacks on merchant ships carrying long awaited grain supplies. moving through the black sea to turkeys basra, straight and onto markets. it's also good news for all the different players in the sector revenues having all but dried up because of moscow c. blockade of ukraine.
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and not forgetting the waters along the coastline, which keith has heavily mind farmers, warehouse operators and shipping companies. until now, the only way to get all that wheat, corn, and sunflower oil to the regions that needed most parts of africa and asia has been over long and arduous lad routes. oh, tons of grain or stuck here at the polish ukrainian border. but at least the transport company was able to build this temporary loading station in just 6 days. with this machine, they can transfer grain from rail cars to trucks. still, this is little comfort for europe, africa, and asia, whether ukrainian wheat is desperately needed and slow to arrive close to a war zone line. this polish logistics contractor has an uneasy feeling. he's wary of the russian military. them of them said i, i know the russian missiles can reach us here very quickly, but i believe that nato will protect us what ukrainian farmer, grigori, pena's,
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the grain is moving much too slowly. his warehouse should have been emptied long ago before the war. he shipped everything through the country's black c port, but they have been blocked for weeks and rail transport to poland is stagnant. he constantly measures the moisture in the grain because if it sits for too long it can quickly mould. lotta lotta show. so there's no way, little have 6000 tons of grain stored here if sort of water. so like what should we do with the wheat when the new harvest begins? there's no auto. we are worried that a lot of grain can be left in the field with a thrust leticia mosley should sippin and kick his alarm poignant. ah, in order to make room in his warehouse for the next harvest, the farmer used a trucking company to take his grain to poland,
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but the driver was on the road for 14 days, and the transport was extremely expensive. this is what it looks like at the pool as ukrainian border. long traffic jams in both directions hinder the fast transport of goods by truck. it takes a long time and is expensive. wait times of 7 days are not uncommon. say truck drivers come little, don't let it. so it's just chaos. where does it take so long? because of all the papers that have to be presented when costing aboard an ira salvo veterinarian certificate. so approved the products are organic, lost on yeah, there are simply too few checkpoint lines because so we always have this problem. we've been waiting here for 2 days and that's nothing clinic i at the buck. oh,
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for larger quantities of grain, the only realistic option seems to be rail transportation. still one problem has yet to be solved. ukrainian trains run on wide gauge, rails, poland, and the rest of the e. u. used narrow gauge rails, so the grain has to be unloaded from ukrainian rail cars and reloaded on to polish trains at the border. it's a complicated and time consuming process. the systems are outdated and not designed for such quantities. in the meantime, freight space is being auctioned off to the highest bidder, which just adds to the prices. besides the valuable weed needed to make bread in africa, large amounts of corn rate seed and soybean meal for the production of animal feed and the e u. r. being sent by train, the manager of this terminal would like things to move faster than
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rapidly eminence. stop. oh, we work here. 24 hours. non stop. yes, however, there aren't enough rail cars and there isn't enough manpower to reload more goods from ukraine. and olden us, if she has dallas' crane, but in order to get even more grain out of ukraine polish state, railways are trying out containers, which are not actually intended for green transport. if this works, another problem still remains the long distances to other european ports are extremely expensive. when to dust the door. and that means that in the end, i craning farmers hardly benefit from the high prices paid on the world market at comp of it yet to earn money. farmers need access to the ukranian black see ports and the world needs access to ukranian. we'd
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being in the middle of a heap wife here in europe. it's hard to think that it won't be long before temperatures plunge again. and we'll be sitting around in our apartments, hoping the guess is flowing again at full capacity to keep our homes warm and toasty. because not only has europe been worried about the grain blockade. gas cuts from russia also have the continent on edge. germany is heavily relied on supplies despite the gradual switch to renewables, which it's trying to speed up. the thing is that the transition to green a power is only possible with a whole lot of gas. ah, this furnace is heated to 1200 degrees celsius. steal ne, curtis and crook runs 50 of these ovens at its plant endorsement. so the company needs gas, and lots of it. it's usage is equivalent to that of $6000.00 households. until now, that was no problem, but the ukraine war in its repercussions could change all that plant
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manager thomas high. it's worried that the gas might soon stop flowing. but it is without the full that would be a disaster. the product that we make might be unique, but we depend on being able to produce it in sufficient quantities. if we can't do that, we have a problem. and that in turn would be a problem for to some clips. customers. few companies worldwide are able to produce steel rings with a diameter of more than 8 meters. the ex ex l rings urgently needed. one area of application is wind turbines, where they serve as slewing bearings. the plant endorsement turns out about $15000.00 of these rings each month
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all over germany. assets are and away to cut gas usage. but to some crop says it has no more room to maneuver. i am and i get those on until i energy is a huge cost factor for us. we've always sought to reduce our usage to the minimum and why not minimum. so it would be, um, as i said, the options for making major savings just don't exist in the heck this then on our own, nothing. the only way for us to cut our usage would be to cease production. in the company's feature is at stake. the entire plant is intersected by yellow gas pipes . could it soon be reduced to an industrial ruin? right now, the steel giant is still receiving gas at the old lower prices guaranteed under long term contracts. but that could change ben to sin crook could no longer afford to buy gas. insufficient quantities. the momentum goth not pipe. if there's
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a gas shortage, we assume that our current contracts will become invalid album, griffin, the right, that means we would then have to suddenly start buying gas on the spot market. what mark regard i, if we could even get it and then the question would be, what would the price be making by the spot market is where commodities are traded. friend media delivery at current prices. those prices are already high. now. i could reach 7 times. what was encrypt normally pays under its contract, a deal breaker for the company, which would be forced to shut down many of its ovens. the pressure is increasing. to some croppers played out a number of different crises scenarios. if the entire conglomerate is forced to work with half its current gas levels, it could continue in emergency operation. but less than half would mean tustin
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krupp would have to shut off its furnaces and cease production. now, what about this combo cheap energy for russia? and huge new, lucrative markets in china. that's been a real winner of a business model for export champion germany. now europe's largest economy is winning itself off russia. but what about china? it's put the blame for this war, not just on russia, but on the west as well. and there are a few other developments that have observers white, beijing's massive surveillance state. it's poor, human rights record and threats to invade taiwan. and german companies still want to do business with these guys. the world's most populous nation is germany's most important trading part of last year, driven firms export of goods, both over a 100000000000 euros to china. chinese in ports to germany, were worth even more a 142000000000. as one german business executive, one told me,
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there's only one china for abroad. something with me, mr. gunter. it's a brand new. a survey over european chem of commerce in beijing. did you already read it? yes, yes i i. i gave it to read earlier this week, but in the past i used to write these when i was working for the european schafer. when more of it, um, so from last year and then all the way back to 2018 was the 1st year that i wrote one. this year survey revealed a dramatic change in business confidence. when asked if they were considering shifting current or planned investments in china to other market, just 11 percent of european companies said yes in 2021. but in april 2022 over twice as many set the same my own interpretation of
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that i'm considering my experience on the ground and china in the past, including during the pandemic. i'm is, it's less about taking current assets and investment that they have in china and moving it out. it's more about not putting more into china. and instead taking that what they would have put in china, you know, maybe 6 months ago they were planning to do it and said putting it in somewhere like se, asia ah, or parts of africa, parts of um, south america. i heard that there is the increasing difficulty to bring your pain talent for china. why? i mean it's, it's entirely because of coven. oh, well, maybe not entirely because of covered. i'd say it's about 80 percent because of cohen i'm in a, china's maintained the 0 coven policy. um and it's effectively had closed borders. i'm. it's been very, very difficult to get back. i myself got back just in time before they close the border in march 2020. so they take this very seriously and they continue to do so. in the spring of 2022 china 0 covered strategy was put to the chest in shanghai for
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over 2 months. whole neighborhoods were completely court and doth. millions of people weren't allowed to leave their homes and had to be supplied with food but time and again, there were reports of people not having enough to eat such harsh locked downs continue to take place in other chinese cities. but at the same time they, i refused to use the am hour and a big themes. and that sound for me like an endless loop. yes, it could. last years. i don't think anyone in china except maybe shooting thing, has a clear idea about when the pandemic will. the pandemic will ends. what is certain is that the mood of european firms in china is bad. 60 percent of those surveyed said, doing business there is getting harder when asked for the reasons. the biggest problem named by far was beijing 0. coven strategy. fear of military conflicts was barely
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mentioned. yet beijing is flexing its military muscles in the south pacific and continues to threaten to invade taiwan. could a situation like the current russia, ukraine war beyond the horizon here? russia is not china and china is not russia. and ukraine and taiwan are not the same either. russia exports commodities and weapons, that's about it. china exports everything, and it imports everything. so the, the mutually assured destruction of the global economy if china goes for taiwan is almost guaranteed. the question is, at some point, will beijing, the side, it's worth pulling that trigger or not? i put the odds quite low myself. do you think there's still a chance for you going back to china? well, there's certainly no chance at the moment, not only because of the coven restrictions, but merricks is sanctioned by our friends of the embassy. so officially,
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now there's, there's no chance, but i mean, hopefully that's scary. i mean, they can do or they won't. yeah, yeah, it's scary and it would be a lot scary. firestone, china well fragile geo politics. energy insecurity, inflation and the corner buyers crisis, which is still with us. it sounds like the perfect storm and it sounds like all the ingredients for a serious economic crisis. germany's economy minister hope at heart beck has warned of a world wide web session. what would that mean? and our reflections really such a bad thing can recession be a cleansing storm economist the warning of a big crash? they say the world could be facing a deep recession. a recession occurs when for 2 consecutive quarters,
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the economy shrinks or fails to grow compared to the previous year. the immediate consequences can be traumatic. firms go bankrupt, people lose their jobs, and many can be pushed into poverty. triggers for recession are plentiful, right now. wall and energy crisis, supply chain issues. inflation on the pandemic have thrown a wrench in the works of the world economy. so what can be done about it? people are calling on governments to save companies, secure jobs, and provide subsidies. but it's not really a good idea. not in all cases, firms that were verging on bankruptcy before the crisis would be kept alive, artificially like the living dead. these don't be companies usually have no future and keeping them alive just hinders the recovery process. that's
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because they hold on to creative workers who would otherwise find new jobs and innovative firms and contribute to their growth and success. so painful as it may be. in some cases, it's better than the economy to let zombie companies simply go bust. economists, joseph eloise, from peter caught this creative destruction he believed products and processes are constantly being destroyed and replaced through innovation. and that it's the only way out of a crisis. so according to him, recession is not a problem, but a storm the clear, the air. it's a normal part of the business cycle and shows that the market economy is working because recession is followed by an economic upturn. so just because economists warned that a recession is coming, that's not necessarily caused for panic. ok, now have you ever asked yourself where passenger jets and aircraft carriers go when
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they've reached that used by date? the spanish town of town? where is the last stop for many ad has become the resting place for endless rows of multiple day plants. now, germany's largest dateline is gradually waking them from their slumber. oh, they appear like a mirage between meadows and farmland airplanes in abundance. since the start of the pandemic cheddar well in the spanish region of aragon has morphed into europe's largest aircraft storage home air france, british airways, and airlines from around the world have more than a 100 aircrafts stored here. one 3rd or from lufthansa. when coven grounded plains, across europe, many were brought here to be stored, chef and vis. mathias host have come from germany to collect an air bus and take it
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back to frankfort. passenger bookings have stored in recent weeks and the plane is needed again. does its utilize in coming here. it really feels like museums them through everything. that breeze life into an airport is no longer here. bonds and his lies incredibly quiet. this is because no movement, no vehicles figured out quite an airy atmosphere. i got your small hop, thomas county. i wasn't among the pilots that brought planes here and i just heard about it from colleagues and saw picture one or 2. it seemed like a graveyard to bring the food, so i thought the plains would probably be left here that much. but now here we are taking them back yet. and that's a great feeling, little food for her to work on dust as i've often gone, schools ought to get the food that you love. tons of pilots arrived at valencia airport the day before. from here it's almost a 2 hour drive to, to, to well, after 2 years of bad news, captain stefan vis says many in the aviation industry are once again looking to the
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future with a sense of optimism the, as i've since i got a little plug her we just flew here as passengers from frankfurt to valencia, that i was cool. the flight was fully booked out of it. i think everyone's sense is that people are keen to travel again, and many of us thought business class would never be full again, none of them. but i think we've all seen that teams zoom or skype meetings can only replace business trips to a point of that. you can feel that everywhere buses was good for the town of tara will with its population of 36000. the airplane storage hub has been good news. 130 people are employed by the operating company, tarmac, aero save, which is partly owned by airbus their jobs are considered safe, and more people are needed. most of the aircraft park here require weekly maintenance to ensure that the engines and wheels remain in working order.
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even once the pandemic is over, plenty of work is likely to remain over the next 20 years. $15000.00 planes will be taken out of service either because they're too old or no longer profitable. the complex is more than 3 square kilometers in size, but it's not big enough anymore. new hangers are now being built right next door. plant director pedro sires says the solution here is much better than in the u. s. we are outdated aircraft are often just dumped in the desert and left to right. you have to take into account that even in the recycling process, we recover in more than 94 percent of the weight of the aircraft is starting with what we call at the beginning. the harvest least that the say what is remove the high value component that the are very interesting for the owner just to
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be use us as per or for what out. but there are recycling coming back to the i don't know because i activity show these harvest least eastern, in average, around 150002000 parts that i've removed the airbus a 340 that pilot stefan this and mathias host are to collect from terror. well, is already waiting for them inside the aircraft, jorge, valero, and his team are conducting final checks. 10 mechanics have spent several days getting the engines, landing gear, and electronics ready for take off. after 18 months on the ground. they too are optimistic about the future companies that will help us and get the ball on the wall and start to fly again on its lot of your bud, steve friends, 2 years ago because fully there early, the lead smell, a smiling day in the face of the people finally, it's time for the pilots to go on board. the preparations for their flight are much
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more intensive then for a normal takeoff. ted, a well is not an active airport. there are no air traffic controllers, no electronic control system. the pilots will need to use maps to navigate and are largely left to their own devices in handling the airliner. home kind of focuses on it has no control tower that we can talk to. and we have a so called uni. com frequency which allows all aircraft in the area to communicate with each other and again total. so we'll let them know what we're doing when we take off flying by side and done last year old. we have no slightly path prescribed by air traffic controllers. google just had north and follow the freeway toward saragossa, auto body from en route. what contact the next control tower, the guide us into the upper airspace. and from there it will be like any other flight and would have looked on can also invite you to get us functions can but just before take off, they get some bad news. and airport vehicle ram the right wing. one of its landing
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flaps now has a gaping hole in the cladding. so will the long plan fly back to frankfurt have to be cancelled the pilots and photos to live towns is engineering team in frankfort, and then wait for their assessment and a decision on whether the flight can go ahead. but we from lawson helps we asked if we can fly with this kind of damage. and they said, yes, it's fine. it's the mechanics haven't been damaged. it's just the aerodynamic cladding light on that will now be removed. but fruits would i 60, i would not make the earth dynamics will suffer a bit less and will have more wind resistance or will need 3 per cent more fuel and but otherwise we can bring the plane back to frankfurt. no problem for a little screwed sort of a problem and one foot of a few and 2 and a half hours later that damage cladding, has been removed. the airbus a $340.00 is cleared for take off once in frankfurt,
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the aircraft will spend 2 weeks undergoing a thorough service and overhaul before. once again, find passengers to the americas, africa, asia, and beyond. thanks for joining us for another edition of made. i'm benches all in, see you again, sue with ah, with
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who it, because incredibly influential in math, becoming the omnipotence of auditors. they also influence political decisions and
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lost in the political arises from economic power the they are essentially on bottom of the peak for accounting firms under scrutiny. in 15 minutes d, w protected the line from corruption. ready in the nepalese village of khaki, they are supposed to be subsidies for climate change with where is the money going and how in 3090 minutes on d. w. a
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make rary to reach to if there is any erotic events between them, you'd have to find it between the lines. he w literature, 100 german street. and were interested in the global economy. our portfolio d w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission to analyze the fight for market dominance. east. this is wes good. instead with d w business beyond say that it's a journey across the entire continent with variety of
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and this ok, so the move and shake is visionaries. and because when binding the meaning of modern africa is actually us august the 5th on d w a ah ah, d w, news log from berlin, b e. you agree to reduce gas consumption and prepares for a total cut off energy minister sign up to 15 percent reduction to say reserves for the winter as rush as lashes gas.


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