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tv   E News  ENT  May 23, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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>> "dancing"'s winner is benched as an "idol" finalist drops out. straight after donald's victory -- and the finale of "idol" tonight. why phillip phillips won't be kicking off the tour with the rest. chelsea handler ready to steal a housekeeper. >> i need an asian around to protect me. i do. >> and snooki reveals she's having a boy.
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>> i didn't really get sick at all. >> is she disappointed? >> and the olympian who says saving herself for marriage has been the toughest hurdle of her life. >> then, chaos reigns as kim k. crashes cannes. >> it's your hookup to holiday. this is e! news. >> donald driver pulls himself from the all-star lineup? hey, guys, i'm giuliana rancic. why going under the knife could cut phillip phillips out of "idol's" summer tour. but first, next season's "dancing" spoiler. >> we made it happen. >> the winners and new champions of "dancing with the stars," donald and peta!
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>> donald driver's stop, drop, and roll has got to be the best celebration the ballroom has ever even. mere minutes after the confetti settled and his baby girl stopped crying, he and partner peta came straight to e!. >> i was rolling around. >> that was crazy! >> i apologized but at the end of the day she deserved it. >> and he struck a very similar pose after the super bowl victory. >> this is going up there beside that trophy. >> and no word about william levy, whose losing upset his 6-year-old son, but he was a gracious loser. donald is the third football pro, after emmitt smith and hines ward, to win the abc hit
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but don't expect him back for the all-star edition next year. >> if they do that in the fall, i have to play football. >> i am hoping gilles marini would come back. kirstie alley, pamela anderson, make it just a party. >> talk about fiesta. wow. >> backstage, ryan following an unforgettable he will "idol" evening. >> what do you make of jessica? he's -- she's 16. her poise and confidence and ability to stand in front of all the people and milk the moment. >> never seen her flinch even when we're giving her criticism. >> it was a pop ballad -- >> every time phillip gets up to sing to the audience, the girls are going be-serkificate, not berserk, be-serkificate,
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which is bigger. >> and after tonight's finale in l.a., the 21-year-old will fly back to georgia to have kidney surgery. depending on his recovery, phillip may miss the summer "idol" tour. >> a lot of superstars on stage. do you think we'll see any familiar faces from the judge's panel onstage? >> may see a couple two, they -- >> ahem! >> and we'll be behind the scenes of the mega-hit for you tomorrow. >> the winner of "american idol" season 11 is -- >> tonight we'll find out if it's phillip phillips or miss sanchez. >> and some picks --
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>> i'm voting for jessica. jordin is voting for phillip. if she wins, i have to cook her dinner. if i win, she has to massage my feet, and she hates feet. >> i'm with her. now on to breaking news about "idol" judge j.lo and the guy dancing away with her heart. jay? >> hey, g., yeah, looks as though jennifer and her man are taking the next logical step in their romance. no, not an engagement ring. i'm talking about a tv show. >> jennifer lopez is becoming queen of reality tv but this time she's teaming up with boyfriend casper smart. >> i don't think i would work together with him if we didn't work well together >> a source tells e! news oxygen network has bought a chance to
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feature all the dancers on the show. a source says jennifer will be in it if she's around. we hear the as yet unnamed show will air early next year. we asked you would you watch a show centered on j.lo's new man casper and his choreography career? 80% of you said no. on mrs. eastwood & company-- >> thank you for introducing me to my new favorite asian. she's in the audience. him. >> she has a tattoo, too, but she won't tell me where. >> she's going to get a spinoff and some time on this show. >> and e! news has learned karen's cheating fiance and others will not be on the series
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when the show returns for its second season although it's possible one or both actors could appear in an episode or two in the storylines in the fall. and d'arcy james who played julia's husband and a former lover, michael. more goodbyes on fox. as the third season of "glee" came to a close last night, eight of your favorite mckinley highschoolers graduated and will move on to pursue their dreams albeit in separate directions. so what happens now, fox tells e! news next season the musical comedy will split time between ohio where mckinley high is located and n.y.c., plus good news for the fans -- all the current stars will return in some way or another. >> i think just the experience of doing "idol" has really prepped me for the show. >> kelly clarkson returns to reality tv with a new singing show, "duets," and this time
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she's sitting behind the judge's table. >> i'm blowing it right now. no -- >> no, you're good, you're good. i've never been in a teaching position except for a little bit on "the voice," and it really brings out the best in me. >> she joins three others as they each search for two singing partners they will mentor and perform with each week. >> it takes me back to all the time i've spent coaching other vocalists. this show is a perfect opportunity for me to use those skills. >> we have a lot of fun on this show. not only my team but us -- as the judges. once i met my singers i had a whole new feeling of, wow, they're the ones that matter . it's all about them, not about me anymore. >> that's a lesson robin thicke is learning in his personal life too with little son julian.
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>> he wakes up every morning, crying to be taken out of the crib, he loves to sing. he never stops. >> now time to hear what our superstars thought could produce the show. would he actually like a chance to sing a duet with that star? i would like to challenge jason kennedy to come out to the "duets" set and sing a duet with me, america. you don't want to see that, but me and jason will do it anyway. come on, j.! >> i am totally down with this on one condition-- that we sing "hold on." i have the vocal range of wilson philips. >> oh, i know all about it. and now revealing the secret weapon behind this inspiring new song. ♪ >> jim recruited ryan of
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one republic for "the fighter." we were on the set of the new video for all the action. >> the song is kind of an anthem for the underdog. it's been an uphill battle for us our entire career. >> musically we're doing something that's a little ambiguous so we can reach out to people from any musical genre. >> and they've done just that. the latest features adam levine's maroon 5 and neon hitch is on their second single, "ask back home." >> ♪ where you going? ♪ >> we've worked way lot of different artists. it's never for the name's sake or this artist is hot at the moment. the fact that we're in a position to be able to be in the same room with these people, let alone creating music with these people is amazing. ♪
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>> coming up, details on an exclusive chance to hook up with harry styles and the boys of one direction. then britain's other harry and big bro william about having potty mouth around the queen. and the female tebow? olympic hottie lolo jones reveals the rdles to staying a virgin.
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>> hi, guys. jason kennedy back with more e! news. watch out, there is a hot new deejay esteban --, and it looks like he's going to get royally served. >> i love when you talk gangster
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because it's totally authtic, honey. but before we get to william, cameron is delivering baby news. >> that was like a dave -- and a half of cheating the i was pushing a lot. >> cameron diaz pushes on giving fake birth in "what to expect when you're expecting." >> it's that moment where everything becomes real, where the baby is real, there, with you. >> at the movie premiere, the blonde beauty was joined by members of the cast and the dashing chace crawford. across town, gwyneth paltrow gets face time with former president bill clinton. along with bill's daughter chelsea, they co-hosted a charity event yesterday. he's got two turntables and a monarchy. prince charles goes behind the
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ones and twos while learning to deejay at an employment place in toronto and also tried his forehand at badminton while visiting with olympic hopefuls. the activities were part of the commemoration of the queen's diamond jubilee. meanwhile, william and harry spilling secrets about her majesty. >> i'm more cheeky. but i always remember having a healthy respect for my grandmother. >> katie couric nabbed interviews with the royals for her upcoming special on the jubilee. >> if you wanted to, could you just say hi, can i come over for a cup of tea? >> i hope so. i hope she would say yes. >> still ahead, we take you behind the scenes in "snow white and the huntsman."
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♪ you're beautiful ♪ ♪ the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed ♪ ♪ the way that you smile at me ♪ ♪ you don't know, you're beautiful ♪ ♪ you don't know you're beautiful ♪ >> they're so dreamy. an acoustic version of "what makes you beautiful." you can see the full video
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exclusively on the singer's facebook page right now before it goes live. speaking of new videos, the wait is over for our exclusive premiere of the underdog anthem, the fighter. >> i'm john. i'm an olympic hopeful. gymnastics, new york. and i'm a fighter. just waking up in the morning, and well, to be quite honest with you, i didn't sleep well, that's when you press on ♪ ♪ the population just waiting to see me fail ♪ i'll be in your corner baby ♪
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♪ save me, save me, save me ♪ ♪ there goes a fighter ♪ there goes a fighter ♪ here comes a fighter ♪ that's when you say to me, say to me, say to me, here comes a fighter ♪ ♪ 6'5," 220 pounds, hailing
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from rock-bottom loserville, nothing town ♪ ♪ couple right hooks, a few left jabs ♪ ♪ you really ain't got it bad ♪ ♪ give 'em hell ♪ ♪ say to me, say to me, say to me, there goes a fighter ♪ ♪ there goes a fighter ♪ here comes a fighter ♪ that's when you say to me, say to me, say to me, ♪
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>> ♪ what gonna do, what we gonna do y'all? ♪ if you fall, pick yourself up off the floor and when your bones can't take no more, just remember what you heard ♪ ♪ give'em hell ♪ ♪ say to me, say to me, say to me, there goes a fighter ♪ ♪ there goes a fighter ♪ here comes a fighter ♪ that's when you say to me, say to me, say to me, here comes a fighter ♪
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♪ >> oh, i love that. if you want to watch it again, go to for more of our gym class exclusive. >> tomorrow, inside the "idol" finale with seacrest. >> the winner of "american idol" season 11 -- >> and straight ahead -- kim-sanity in the south of france. and the new face of the material girl fashion line. and why emily maynard says she didn't want to hurt--
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>> snooki announces it's a boy. but was her heart set on a girl? >> plus, did jessica simpson just reveal her wedding date? >> olympic hottie lolo jones unlucky in love. how staying a virgin has been the toughest challenge of her life. >> the biebs breaks news. >> i'm announcing my tour. >> and the main surprise he gave to his fans. >> plus, topless for her new
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film? and kim-ye crashing cannes. >> friends, prepare yourselves for a match made in music heaven. and in a minute, why madonna is teaming up with a rock legend, but right now, more on the "jersey shore." >> pregnancy has really given snooki a glow, hasn't it? or maybe that's just her fading spray tan, but listen up. >> i didn't really get sick at all. i heard when you are very sick it's a girl, i think. or is it a boy? >> it's going to be a fist-pumping, t-shirt-wearing little boy for the "jersey shore" star. she's stoked to be having a son, but admits she was hoping for a guidette at first. she also revealed she and her fiance are deciding between
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two names, lorenzo and jionni jr. what do you think? hit her up on twitter. snooki is surprisingly not craving pickles or visits to th smoosh room. telling reporters, our sex life is hardly there, i just feel too icky and gross. >> jillian michaels is trading sit-ups for spit-ups. safe to say she has had a busy month. heidi rhoades, her partner, gave birth to a baby boy. the same week they brought home a baby. she says "parenting is not for sissies. you have to sacrifice and throw up." and georgia may jagger was
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introduced as the new face of material girl, following in the footsteps of fellow rock star offspring kelly osbourne. >> moving on to another young star, haley reinhart just dropped her debut album but when we sat down with her, the first order of course was who she thinks will be the next "american idol." >> since the first time i saw jessica, i had my money on that girl. >> haley came in third in "idol" last year. she's banking on jessica sanchez to win it all tonight. >> she's the real deal, a baby and an absolute powerhouse. jessica's got my vote. >> and the former contestant hopes j.lo decides to stay at the table with steven tyler and randy jackson. >> their feedback is great. it would be sad to see another
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change happen. >> she still keeps in touch with her pals from the fox hit. >> i had a phone call or two. it's good to hear how they're doing. >> haley made her music debut this week with "listen up." >> kind of a mixture of sultry, pop rock, neosoul. there's lots of things going on. >> the album was a family affair. >> my tom taught me everything about singing and my dad, too. he's got that blues and he's an amazing guitarist. he's on four tracks on the album. i would have kind of liked to have the whole family on the album. i told my mom, you know, like baby steps. ♪ >> all right. let's talk a little justin bieber, shall we? last time he appeared on ellen's show he scored a pretty sweet birthday gift, a $100,000 car. today the beebs returned
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to her set to give her a gift of news -- >> i'm announcing my tour. >> he announced his upcoming "believe" tour. >> everyone here is getting a pair of tickets -- >> [cheers and applause] >> he will take the world by storm starting september 29. but young believers better ask their parents for that announce money asap because tickets go on sale today. i have no idea what this new chapter is going to be like, so i'm just sort of going to flow with what comes, you know? >> new mom natalie portman may be getting ready to giddyup. the oscar winner is reportedly attached to a western called "lady got a gun," about a woman who must protect her farm when it's attacked by a gang.
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>> she was a little singer with a lot of power coming out of that little body of hers. >> kevin costner gave an emotional tribute at whitney houston's funeral. he reminisced about his "bodyguard" co-star after rewatching their famous film. >> i don't actually watch my movies if they come on television, but i saw her a couple weeks ago and i stopped, i saw our first scene and she was just so darling. >> the man in the cool, beautiful suit. >> time travel back to the 1920's with leo and carey mulligan. first trailer for the take on the great gatsby is here and the cast is looking super-stylish in their clothes. >> i'm certainly glad to see you again. glad to see you as well. >> you will have to wait until
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christmas day to see the film starring leo as a successful businessman who throws lavish parties in hopes of winning back his long-lost love, played by carey. >> you two brothers? >> ok, then. all right. you two play attack. you three defense. guess that makes you a bully. i'm your new coach. that was a look at the new movie "crooked arrows." joining us now, the film's star brandon routh. was up, brandon? yes, let's give a round of applause. >> this is my first time in the e! news studio. from that clip you don't seem very interested in coaching. what's the story? >> joe logan, the character i play, he's kind of made to coach the team. he's forced to coach the team.
12:06 am
>> ok. >> he's got a bingo casino, a bingo hall, sorry, that he's expanding a casino on the reservation. his dad doesn't want it to happen. everyone agrees he can do it if he reexamines his spirit in the manner of his father's choosing. >> ok. >> his father chooses that he has to coach the struggling lacrosse team. >> it's a team made of native american kids, right? >> yes. >> you are actually partially native american, right? >> yes, a little bit on my father's side, kickapoo. that was fascinating to learn about, the native-american culture and why they play this great game of lacrosse. >> and you and your wife are expecting your first baby this summer. >> that's right. >> how are you holding up? >> nervous. excited.
12:07 am
getting information from everyone in, you know, as you know, trying to to find out how ever much they know. and that's the just the beginning because when they're actually there it's a whole new deal. >> did you find out if it's a boy or girl? >> no. but i'm pretty sure it's going to be a boy or a girl. >> is there one you are hoping for more than the other? >> i think it would be nice to have an older brother for a younger sister, so i'm hoping kind of it's a boy. >> ok. thank you so much. and be sure to check out crooked arrows in limited release. nationwide june 1. >> right. >> and now to joel. >> thank you, giuliana. seriously, thank you. i'm learning a lot about gypsies on "my big fat american gypsy wedding," and did you know their teeth are 100% more toxic?
12:08 am
>> bleach is strong, but it also helps whiten your teeth. put your little bleach there. you don't want to swallow the bleach because it's not good. >> yeah, don't swallow that bleach. that would ruin your beautiful suntan. >> coming up. she announced she's a virgin. now olympic track star lolo jones goes public with her guy drama. >> and -- >> i was smitten by her.
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stories. ken baker is in the newsro>> he an emmy-winning tv star has officially come out. a profile of "the big bang
12:11 am
theory's" jim parsons in "the new york times" confirms that the star is gay and in a committed relationship. and anne hathaway has moved on, engaged to adam shulman. and the "sex in the city" star is dating the star and oscar winner, and aaron sorkin and davis, who just adopted her first child last year, is extremely happy. >> wonder how these two met. ken, do you know? >> they've actually bumped into each other at events over the
12:12 am
years, but it only got serious lately. >> wow. thank you. kellan lutz has a budding career as a fashion designer? look at the new fashion line and without any clothes. >> you're telling me? >> kellan is going strong with his lady. >> where did you meet? >> we auditioned for a 3-d movie and i didn't get the role but i was smitten by her. three years later, bumped into her and started hanging out, built a friendship and here we are. >> here is the showroom for abbott and main, his clothing line. >> what is the price point? >> one of our number-one pants is $89.
12:13 am
this retails for $99. >> kellan, show me the guys' stuff. >> yeah, sure. i love hoodies and thermals. i wanted to integrate the two, so we incorporated it into the inside which makes it super comfy. over to the burnout switch, my favorite. >> he also modeled in the campaign. >> i'm going to try to make out with a really hot blonde? >> precisely. >> you know what else is tough? a summer without "dancing with the stars," since the season has ended, and "idol" wraps tonight. fear not, reality competition junkies, because david is here with your latest fix. >> "so you think you can dance" returning, and contestants now have double the chance to win. we're going backstage to find out what's in store for season nine. >> three, two, one --
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>> "so you think you can dance" is back. >> you've made mary murphy cry. so you scare us. you're starting to scare me. >> despite some preshow jitters, the competition returns tomorrow night on fox. >> auditions have been really interesting. you know, different cities, like wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night--oh, will we be able to find people? >> the talent promises to be better than ever. >> and every year without fail the dancers turn up and you're like, oh, there they are. >> the bar keeps being raised every year. >> it's going to be a fight here at the end. >> new this year, two winners will be crowned--male & female. but there will be just one two-hour show per week. >> we're going to jam-pack everything into that show-- the performances, the group performances, guest stars and results. >> there have been so many terrific dances, and we're only
12:15 am
picking 18 this year. >> once the top 18 have danced twice and america votes, the judges will make cuts. ! it's gonna make it tough on >> coming up, sunglasses won't lands in the south of france.
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>> we are back with more e! news. thank you, tom. jessica simpson gave birth to her baby girl earlier this month, all nine pounds and 13 ounces of her and with that weight off her shoulders jessica a very peaceful person. i really rely on him for so much. >> they're now the proud parents of daughter maxwell, but have they finally nailed down a date to say "i do"? reports have said the nuptials will take place on 12-12-2012, but another source says no date is set yet. >> it's always good to do a show like without my family and
12:19 am
friends because first of all they're just a headache and second of all i like to do my own thing. >> rob kardashian has his own reasons for joining fox's new dating show, "the choice," and he admits he did not turn to his sisters for advice. what is he looking for? >> exotic-looking? >> she's got to be a real girl, down-to-earth, doesn't care about the hollywood lifestyle or fame or money, obviously. just a really normal girl. that's all i care about. >> i learned i'm tougher than i give myself credit for. i grew much thicker skin, for sure, and i did -- i just am more confident in myself. >> emily maynard says right after her breakup with bachelor brad womack she didn't want to go on a date, much less go on another dating show but now the single mom says she and her daughter are enjoying
12:20 am
being part of the hit. >> she loved it. she became friends with all the crew and their kids. chris harrison would bring his kids to all the locations. >> from billionabachel to man. mark zuckerberg married college sweetheart priscilla chan, and "people" magazine has all the details friday. a recent medical school grad priscilla speaks spanish and cantonese and even inspired her groom to learn cantonese, useful when she told her grandmother about the top-secret ceremony. and she was the motivation behind zuckerberg's new organ donor feature on facebook. >> all that stands between team u.s.a. star lolo jones and olympic gold is 100 meters of
12:21 am
track and 10 hurdles. if that sounds like a challenge, it's actually nothing compared my job is to literally run as fast as i can and run over ten relationships. >> meet lolo jones, the 29-year-old olympian who recently made headlines by announcing to her twitter fans, "yes, i'm a virgin." jones gave a revealing take on her struggle to remain celibate. >> i want to wait until i'm married to have sex. but please understand this journey has been hard. it the hardest thing i've ever done in my life. harder than training for the olympics. >> devout christian and louisiana native has had her share of struggles. in the lead on the 100-meter hurdles in beijing four years ago, she stumbled, landing in
12:22 am
seventh place. she said, "i use the downs to propel me for the ups." >> running is my psychiatrist. i pound it out with each step. oh, problems? ok, take that. >> though some fans have suggested she hook up with fellow virgin, jets quarterback tim tebow, she said finding a celebrity boyfriend is one hurdle she has yet to jump. >> you're laughing, but i'm serious. you're asking me a question, let's work this out. whatever actor is watching this, if you are single and you are hot, i am single as well. >> if you are planning to hit movie theaters to see "snow white and the huntsman," you may want to be leave your soda in the lobby. that's a trick we learned from kristen stewart.
12:23 am
she is giving us a preview of the film that opens june 1. >> action and the fantastical feeling that we love goingo the movies for. >> iis like no' a part of.s goeous. >> it has amazing ways-- on the ground and stand up. >> it's like playing a sport. very physical. like being a kid again. >> riding along that beach, really feeling the energy. >> their explosions, and fire and horses running around. >> i see what she sees. she can kill you. >> p.s., that movie is amazing, so go see it.
12:24 am
still ahead, kim k.'s completely chaotic arrival in the south of france, and here's what we're working on for tomorrow in e! news. >> the men in black are back.
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that's more of "the fighter" >> i just can't that video. for you. to see the whole thing again, hit up eonline. if you want to see kim get mobbed, hang on tight because we've got her french frenzy. check out the craziness in cannes. >> cannes comes to a halt as hollywood's hottest stroll the streets in the seaside town. kristen stewart posed alongside kirsten dunst and the rest of the cast. the ladies are clearly having
12:28 am
fun. stewart kept things chic in balh i wanted to do it. >> a surprising guest showed up at the premiere, kristen's real-life leading man rob pattinson. he was looking good all suited up. also for your viewing pleasure, the handsome brad pitt. he was documenting his p.o.v. at the premiere of "killing them softly." nicole kidman is in town for her film, "the paperboy." but it was kim kardashian's arrival that caused total chaos. >> oh, what a nightmare! >> three police officers had to escort kimmy k through the insane sea of photogs to get to her car. she's in france to support her man, kanye, whose short film "cool summer" is debuting at
12:29 am
the festival. we spotted them hand in hand today looking happy and calm. more on them tomorrow. >> that's going to be good, so is the men in black premiere i'm covering tonight with alicia. going splitsy on a cab, so i better hurry up.


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