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tv   E News  ENT  May 24, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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, myod. i'm lov ♪ >> o >>he dmondeckle spking major engagement rumors. >> ts ise! ns." kimnd kye's d.a.nd r-pa andrist caut kissg inanne whicstarropp theig bks for ing hisir is he saying will u marry me. >> kstinrepang f her shocng n thrsomecene and foreidolcrow it's newe cha, acand ana steathe otlit. >>ill u may? we ve t hea-wng love story? >> fate kept bringing us back together. >> andyan's ckste pr for the nale wiland e mein bck a back inde t bigremie an prive afrpar. >>chare's anls'"
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surpsingdoptn coessi. >> 'a sile m. actlly,'m no >>ho wore it better battle of the century,wyneth and kim k and ty pry gtingersol. >> feelike'm mi ameca t wiout e nad shs. >> os, auper hot cple may have just let their engagement cretlip. higuysi'm giianaanci re wh meonig, a ry eciagueshostit i terrce jkins wha'up? i'm ppy be ck, ank u. >> y! >> eher e, c i cl yog today? g money? >> g rizzl i'm ppy be re oe agai it sms le weave go shopng rl so forn engamentift thehe queson iare m ankany firsor r andrist? who ows? >> we're trying to figure out who is going to take their latishipo thnextevel foreou pchasa
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ffleker,n enavedne ybe,et's ke aook who y beacinfromhe rera the tar. did magil nit inonac and an elent engagement? rur hait jhua cksojust tookis ratiohip th dne ugero thnextevel the uplettend th fit ev nigs inonac befit nnern moe cao anthe ond autyalkeaway wi somseris haware jackson along with prince albert and former president bill clinn raed me th $7,000or crity buit w thecto'$45,0 bifor neckce tt spked l thbuzz shu'bid n hi11.7arat diamonds set for his love. heas rortey ovhear sang hwas okinfor engeme gif ese o doook fullhapp eacoth'arms theyay n be arinweddg lls st y. jo's resayse ner sa
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anything about an engagement gift. they're not t only cannes couple under the marriage crospe. rd ialecaldw maylope th fnce larithom. hasade ans stang i ro after filming the cannes documentary and could be tying the knot after the festival cles. a p sa we'reecling mmenon t spelati. b painsowas t byrist start's de othe d rpetbut e twwereearl inseparable at an afterparty for her movie on the road to a kiss. 's a re sht tsee em lo lip buroman is earlin t air i t toay, nnesoupl re htingp evywhe. kikardhiannd kye wt werellles thestepd f a cht d heing the screening of kanye's film "cruel summ." kim s ha andand th h man theposefor otos
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and en sred is affeiona momt whe kae gely bshesim's ir fm her ce. aw they saved their passionate p.d.a. for later in the night when cameras caut th in is sur se momt. >> tt isexy. cann wa'the ly st ere riouromae wagoin down lastightmeri proaime theiloveor plip illi, but e "il" wner's owni moment was totally overshadowed by a surprise prosal >> lovyou dea. u're mbestrien >> sson ve "ol" um a yog crhes e "arica id" file trful prosing tois eallymotial lg me le, sson ree's ana degarmo. >> will you marry me? >>'m sopeecess ght w. >> a phip phlipsas ao at losfor rds en arica ckedim atheinew dol" >>hiliphilps! [ches and applause] >> i was just shocked.
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i stilcan't believe it rht no the1-ye-oldven t hi viory ng srt thug s faly. ckste, hreveed tus at ty sa. thejustove ando prouof m so runr-upessi sancz. >> i think the winner deserved to be the winner. i was like, an, st say it is ov allight >>o grt. winng ijustarmehis hearto tnk tt a ld cd d a y, hjustloor eryby. awe rorteyestday, phil wilsoonavkidney surgery. the georgia native is still pumpedor h post-"ido reer i fl grt rit no daugry h beeworkg wi . >> crie derwd whbrout husbd mi fisr caione-- >> ts istar ot cp. it does not get easier. this isn't the hardest and it ts eier. gethard. seaest s a ugh b, b juline hgh ge hia bot. it ems ke hcan it all.
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he rlly n. 's alys ne toear. gooduck,aby. >> before jessica d philip named the crowd in theast minus ofhe sw, t sta was oodewithconsneil diamd anthe p 12uys rford hiclasc "set carone." i h a bst. yocomeut a theudiee shows their recognition. you never do know who do these peop knowho am. >> aosmi debed tir n song"legdaryhild it s grt toebuthe songike is. havnevedonehat fore >> haitast rihna bught it down wither n sine. and nnif lop sex up e stagwithfoll theeade" ght ter e sh, sh adessethe epha in e om wh ry on s rao show, is she leaving? >> i love this show. i love it. i ha see how everything i'not causi dowanto
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fae. beere. >> y havso mh. it's t th. >>ou he yo famy. >> gotwo ltle conu th areot gng tbe ts ttleorev. >> fellow judge steven tyler doesn't kn hiswn fate yet, he itryi to nvin j.lto st on. >>he eowede ansaid d'know >> ishe es lve, kno o mit beble filthos ilets. i d't kn. it wld n be methg i uld rn dn ght away. i think it would be hard to be a critic. we so g theirstlimp ofew xactojudg briey sprs a demlova. ey me a ightirst imessi. itneshow offer t in pink dress and demi worked it in a on nber th aeath jaet. >>ice. l'get ck t"amecan ol." th jnif'futu up the r, t onlway getour lo f, unss y're cper
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art,s toatcher otour you can see kelly clarkson in ncert. e has a bisurpse uher eeve t rey toee w is ttin readto h theoad. thiis wt weo no >> make note, ladies, today is en o dirtionick f theitour starng torro beyce i hittg thstagoncegainor threnigh onl her rst rfornce nce becong aom. madonna's worltour kicks off on m 31 d shhas jam-ckedchede wi 76 sts. e ofount's biest ars, nny esneand m mcaw a jamming together on their brotrs of the sun to on june. jasomrazill on s wod tourune
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he tvelsight >>he oy thg i ke wh me i ke mwatebott witme everhere go d a t te cueverhere go. >> aerosmith kicks off their north americanour ne 1 >> ts isn acal pductn. bobandig te ru stas eir mmerour ly 5 acmpand byustrian ar co simon. couny favorite lady antebeum artshe eopealeg the wod to on ly 1 nnif lop andnriq igleas h theoad r thr tourn ju 14. kelly clarkson hits the stage on july 21 and she has a surprise sto forer ccerters. i'm veri a n sonand i'm ve exced. >> dna a acereengeme. >> wdon'ed rgs tprov we le onanotr. >> our exclusive with the "idol"
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lovers before she said -- and i'm nninrealig. >> wl smh's seet eosed hohe lks t sam15 yrs ter e fit "m in ack. >> hpine kee you >>nd k andwyne's re carpet showdown. we crack t ultimate case.
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toe! ns." so wn mo families hava movie night, ey h in e mivan d he theheat. whethe' the the ouldatchhis vie. nothe mt sule pg, w foive u. neitr ishe eitemt surrndinthe ith mily's big "mib3" premiere where jason nnedand iciaot aearf
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out ll's ggesfear che it t. >>rom e a-st cwd - i'm nninrealig - to e loly lies d ndso hea thrs, t y.c.remie ofmib3 zzlelitelly. 43-yr-o'willmithroug the nny hiswn eense >> y sti looyounevenn 3d. what gives, will? what's the secret, dude? i w verconcned out how ese ingsere ing ok i3-d. it's ke b it oks l righ it wked t. yodon't t th thi wit the rs cing rougknocng yo poprn o. >> you think you can look the exact thing when you're happy. happiness keeps u. >> injoyhe gt th i he. athe e of e da i'm ke duderom illyho dn't go colge tt ge to avel arnd t wor selng mies. i'm esseand don't t
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nothing to complain about. >> we missed you on the big screen? >> kno i kw. fit ti bac bei witthe faly a worng othe ds' uff d woing thev sh. th're rdy f dad to back to work now. >> mr. and mrssmith made it a family affair and wi had high prai forrienof t famy, juin bber,ho g a ceo inhe mie. >> bber,hat d iseall lent. >>e waabse lasnigh but lloween ols e dictio eppeout th tir nf guns. gis, wdiscovered who i ill thearke i tughtou we tan, o. i'm ngle haply sgle? >>es. >> h abo you yes nile serzier h a re in "mib 3" out tomorrow. she talks about the former gig the fact. >> a youooti forhem do wl? >> ocour, i uld.
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i wi thethe st oluck >> t celrati connued post-premiere for the smith clan. the former rapper got behind the mic with willow and jaden at the lavi aftpart and w krtinauerro isn for wildide. >> 'hereor tnsfoers the de 3. i'm e ofhe vy fit tory thiside. >> at today's opening i was join by mblee ansome rilleeki cels. >> ca'descbe i exrien it r yoself >> didith procer,ill. i n't me to ag, t wi and i, we saved the planet. it was pretty awesome. weavedhe pnet! savg thplan, alin a d'work ter e brk, ksten stewt thesom guy i'm u gu areust sty,an. i s talking about her new movie.
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that's afr the break.
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litt haper, litt briter, a little... sweete - whe i arane frhnes visit, call, or go to: - ♪ make life a little sweeter
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"e!ews"s ba wit krten ewa'fascatin portit othe at geratn. wh is ur foritjack kerouac poem. >> roses are red, violets are bl. hoaboua the-wawith k-st. "strueso fse" kingn e st's kiy lo trigle. s krten ewarscar to tale t thrsomen henew film "on the road"? this is so false as she told us om cnes ere the fi emied. >> ienuily d feeso mplely cfortle.
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>>hat d yodo tprepe? >> c youtoe ils. youump to t resnsib actress sort of mode, just doing my j. >>ope doe't ne mor thanne otwo kes be nestith u. >> icharze tron ttin suort isinher n jason fr herogs? is iso te ashe elain on today's "the ellen degeneres show whethe by ce in our ho, thdogsave ver en mo in ve. ohyou're sine mo actuly 'not. havewo bs heing out shelaried h son's nationality. >>eoplthinbecae y' fr sou afran, is o, , hes amican >>n a portn st magine claing t reaty sr an r huy ofwo yrs he bo mewithivorce lawyers and a divorce is imminent?
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the coup was spotted together stery in.a. d a urce tes "enewstheyre sll tother d frces'eastod's borienset r onire? is iso fse. e phograeridenlly set the male model on fire for e sht fohis llerin loon. th hotpiso airthis suay o"mrseastod & mpan" d prce wliamonsu his granminim qun elabeton s weing est st, is i truas hexplned katie couric on abc's "good morning america." i ge he777 mes d noone knew ranger f a b of ral suppt ana biof bkup d she id iwas dicuus. get d ofhe lt. start with your friends. >> will's entire interview comes tobc tsdayight d spkingf thquee wil austlianuperar kie
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nogusingg foher jest thiss sorue sheold r cames monts foreakinto the red carpet on wednesday. >> the next big thing will be thque'jubie whh is eat nor be rt othat rfornce fro of buckghamalac >>nougabouthe een. t's ta abo theing,lvis presy. s dahterisa rie revealing who influenced her new album and why her favori movie star bringher tea. >> ilwaywanthem do at is gng tmakehem ppy. wanthem folw thr hear >>isa rie esleis auge suorteof h foukids inudinher ught whoas ht t actg bu >>he ireally good at it. she hates when i talk about it. i'm pro of r. alys rlly,eallprouof he i y wh i wch h movs. >>er oer cldreare re in mus espiallher 3-ar-o twi harr an fiey. >>he ltle es he souch tere in , i'm llinyou, really musically influenced. >> and her kids were even
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volv witthe kingf he nest aum, tormnd gce" t no i aays uncet ofof th, alys he sie th wereittl they're used to hearing whatever i'm doing. they have really good taste, especially t lite on. ey le a od sg. >> 'beenevenearsince esleput t nemusiand her untrhomenfluced r w sod. i d go engnd tge distance and inspiration. ere s a ole ash my fe wre erythg arnd m d evyonerounme tt i usteand liedn di't rn o to whai thght. i ved e sile le. founit ipiri at time that i needed it. >> coming up, "idol" finale mentonlyeacrt cabrin u. >> tre y havit, ur n merin id." julnne d kana srnof showheirmoki hotodie
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and 's thkatyerryou don't ow. i'm t ying i'm sunderstood. >> then it's a totally distctineditn ofho we betr.
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>> ' behind the scen wit seacst athe azin"ido seon fale. runng aittlbit hind onl"e! ws" es he wi
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e andianinsi eir art-rminlovetory telme me fits tt w' doi togher. theomen leang uto h stunning proposal. >> katy perry rocking for the oops >>f anne dervea pay, 's the bo. >> k k, ec a robrazyn cann. the ars at l lovrule overas. >> ps roie lghli showing e streets with style. >> they remind me of my bath t. so havall ght own you l ofhe hhligs fr lastigh'"amecan ol's" fina, nowe he evythi thatou hen't en, ght? >>h, m, weave all stev tyl conssede ha stage fright. j.lo reveals the mastermind to her performance. we he evythi. >>e dowe d diryannow e wier lg befo ameca d? >>e goehinthe enesor an elusi onlseacst c brg yo >>re y rea? the last day of "american idol," finale day.
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e wier i-- >> had lotf chges is rnin youay tt wi a sle o yo fac >> ' rolwitht. >>eheaal srts nooand we'retartg at2:47 running a little bit behind. we jt rearsethe enin nuer wh thconttantand a t oft fid oftowa e jue's tae. 'tryi to guut ithe ow tightwillhe jges ttinin a of is. is this supposed to fire -- >> no, just during reheaal. >> tnk y. >> wt arthe nd mes nigh >>ennir loz la min >> ialketo cper o ha chorgrapd cong i hug boxe >> ty weh fi tonapie. >> let's hope this happens. >> eire asonf innse coetitn filly kes hereive. plse wcomehiliphilps
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anjohnogar. ♪ ♪ >> 3:3 theresseheaal i noovertimeor auick sad. alrigh thelue x isn. ti to ow, mines, very surpsed emotional heartfelt romantic moment coming your way. acyounand ana garm oh, hocute >>ill u may me >> iis aut 1minus unl shtime i ep ting finout om soone o kns whthe nner , bui wi knowhen rea the card. >> how are you? good. >> do you like t blu >> lovthe ue. is iconcd orurbey? >> bberr andow bk toe! ns." wilyou lk wh me >> yeah, yeah, yeah. vermuch by e ti thiairs
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amera wi knoyou rford, o cas torrow th'righ >> we yonervs atll? i w so rvou i kw jeiferas lkingp myose. l ye i gthiss [bp]. wait until you see my band. this is fly. no excuse to lk do there. >> gd lu. gooluck >> h moms inears 'll s youn thair. >> plip illi! >> so there you have it. your new "american idol," phil illi. see u onhe rd. >> tnks lot,yan. ile 're othe pic reity ows,illi levmay haost anci witthe star" buhe igettg hi handon aevenottetrop. alicia is talking hook-ups and cast break-ups with tv's sexiest sing lads. >> lk aty dek, y shod ow bnow, takeverhing to aholeew lel. >> y alws, aays eak ur mind wh is e dieren beelike th yeawitht sty?
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>>he cmist haseen awese. the feel on the set each and every one of us want to be tre w' glathate gealonand we le ea oth. i'no ms. >>isa's -stastacleft ter morshe w conantl ckerg wi herastmes. >>ou d't ve to like everybody that you work with. fortunately i generally like these women. >> ok,uys,e're rdy. >>isa y anchary rern for asonwo omond nig th sy neco-sr dese si. shes soeautul. my fily s golinger gng e iso goeo >> i'm very confused right now. think i need a is sip. >> wt wayourespoe wh yofounout u gothe b? i w jusreal hap the di't ha to it t ente weend. scre tesd on thuday d th i fnd o theext day real knethatas wre was i was supposed to be. robt, pla a que
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latih ma cams onhe come thiseas. onguesstarhey'rell excid abt. >> t wor, wiiam vy! >>h, mlord >> william is super super humble about the opportunity to get to ow eh otr bere gng intoake t seons d lo maki sces. >> y rember at hpeneat is vy sp? >> h cou i fget? >> wel whi we'reaiti for angiand itneto ks thr grms, e weing ess zz rages on. will britney wear leather? what about angie tying the kno in aold lor, do'know krisna grrerinveigat me uonveiona possilits. >> tay's ttesbrid gow desiers e seng r. vera wang and ramona are putting a twist on the traditional white gownnd ming coloul me inheirprin2013olleion. and uglais dcingut ddindress wi colful flal ptern brney s be kno to ck a ld sle statement and
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angelina has worn vials of blood arou hereck. wi thebe bve eugh tie thknotn sothintotay ouof t bril bo >> seehoseomeneingrawn toress thareflt thraw, ban,dgy ol ssibity. >> the creative designer of one fox bride in n.y.c. showed somfunkfashns. >>his ess s ma cusm for . we le itit's ant ard. g shlder butt's ve, ry ftterg anslimng fee a ltle re traditional at the bottom. >> for sexy anti-wedding wear, walk down the aie in leath. >>ometng uxpecd abt it is ithe ck. ere a he cile a it's tallopen forometng w outde brid bouarie disthe ess d goor ts pule romper, we asked in our poll if you would wear a nontraditional ddingown54% id n >> iouldee soki ing leopd prt adher ddin mae th romr.
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weed y guyto tet u wh shehoulnameer ltle boy. one said tanner so he can go by tan for short. and othetweed thlitt guy oulde nad paey o situion . don't ow aut tt. remeer t timthathe h fallt wi sittion t th ich t sho don't ve. much more "e! news" just ahead. coming ahe, ace and ana's change of heart. >> imarrge hpensit happs. >> wt thhappcoup tolus a moh agaboukidsnd tng the ot. kik angwynh, se drs.
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>>hat's , frnds. 're bk wi mor"e! ws." timeor se eaking stories that are coming out of hollywood. ken baker is sndinby ithe neroom he h thecoop wha'up, n?
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badews r eln jo. throckegenhas en fced canl the lavega ncer aft bei spitizedith respator fectn. john, who was due to perform tonight and this weekend at esa'pala wasrder by his ctorto te a ek o. ton in e mile oa the-ye runf ves shs feating s clsic ngs. tim graws sang tnks r cotry's ts. mcgraw will be giving away 25 mortgage-free hos toound d ney seice mber one foeachtop hispcomg summ touwithennyhesn. tim cks f hicampgn wh a merialay ccertn washgton lindsay lohan has a new love interest st of. granbowl haseen st t playicha burn opsiteer liz ylor it conics thicon latiship spokto t exetive proder a he ld mhe i relieved and that the movie will
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have "as much sex as lifetime willllow so suld prey ho >> wa! thatot o atttion than, ke >> y gott. >> a rig, go newfor megafox,f cose, e is pretty well with her first child. re isomeing vinger morng sinessetti caut theame irt. robb loulin ingsut t gu in nig'"whoore bett." >>hat ingsou o to hoywooon ts goeousay? >> work. >> really? >> yeah. >> what are you doing? >> hters >> y do'workt hoers. yea >>oes ur pentsnow u're woing ere? >> iwas mo'id >>om othe ar. weave gan x ansele mez. eyre caught in the exact same skirt. who wore it better? >> selena gomez. i liket, aittlbit xy. youike e to >>our m wod denite provwithhis p. meg fox
7:40 pm
it's l ki of umpyn he youon't ar t wor frum andeganox ithe me ntce. >> i know. >> it's sathat selena wentut witht heblou on,he rgoter t, bujust eberasn't gurehow do ttonyet. aryou ys bthernd ster? >> n we e a uple >> rs. kidding. >> megan fox. >> mel, te uon a olia wild actss, me dss w woret beer? >>'m gog wi olia wie. >>t's dog ing r ka upton who has an incredible body th remds mof aath t. she esn't el cfortle o of biki. wh theell allf th faic. ifhe w in biki, a ffert sty, auch bigger sty. let me get this straight again,
7:41 pm
you're a consumetogeer, ting yea >>erio? ist seous? ande ha the twosame act ok. meanrom e co, thdres evenhe ses. who re ibett? >> i'm going with alessandra. briing e bir to therod. exaly. >> y canelat >> y do e bir moerho ing? >> yh. >> o is is rl? >> yeah, it's real. >>he ltherackelook goodver re, t i n't li it he. >> y're gng wh alis victoria's secret supermodeli can't believe it >> ian't lievhis ght tankop. and bonu whe inannekim whilthe
7:42 pm
sa gowthatwyne palow re tthe mys. i'm putting you guys on the spot. who wore it better? gentman rst. it's rd tbeatim a anhing i ve tgo wh gweth,he hathe omacout. mmerme, in iin. >> sn isn wh neay th ol, rren. i y kibecae 's the peek-a-boo tummy. i like enough mmy, typically i wod lo gwyth, o, iove hebodys mu as u do i'almo tooxpos and mas itook o sqre. nev enoh sk. 'goinwithelly >> whoa, whoa, i'm going belly rit no >>nd wwanto kn whoou thk wo it tter hius uon ttterkim rsus gw. >>nd f fason -
7:43 pm
>>'m maied. >>ill notatchg th ow. is ildi a hse ihait sang t wil >> tngs e geing lder ta it. youan rk th sumr's trdiest red carpet. >> blake lively and gwen stani,e ha easwayso stylyourummehigh jus ke hlywo's hoest lebries. i'm ing calthisook e fuy toknot u ha seegweneari it. >> soth t yo haiin >> this is the root lifting spy. i'gointo ge mehe lumesmoonessnd lt th i ne to eatehis ok. >> srt t topnot finr combg yo haiawayrom ur face >> iant lea toft piec that are going to frame the face. >> fashion your locks into a highonytl anremember - >> bausee wa thatousd lo, i'ok tlet ir ang the irli falout. nexit's me ttwisand coil >> a therickith isto
7:44 pm
have higr buvers aer bun. >> style theisps and the ir say y're rdy t go heres thgrad sta by seioni haiand ze. >> usehe vumizg mose, i nt t maxum aunt height. 's alhol-ee, can ply it tdry ir. >> sunchour cks d ge teure. >>ake e ha rig abo the round of the head. after i secured it, part it down e mile a grathe nyta d tu it sideut. >>epare yo ponail two and isscss aecorive rion dn ea secon. 'm gog too innd srt to pull hair through and create th loose texture. comne wh a and
7:45 pm
ila,ou he a xy smer do. >>ominup - evethini doi wa to it b. >>aty rry's g scen dream. and tomkat, brad and angie.
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>> katy perry wears her triosm oher eeve lastighthe we itn he est,n ouit tt peonal makeme le toe anmerin. >> s wasilli outhe fg. tha'all am gng tsay. >> wgot v.i. pasto h con shirt where her dating pool is overflowing witsails. i fl li i'm ss arica but thouthe ked ots. >> ky pey waall-ars d ripein n yorlastight whershe lpedelebte fet weekith prive coert honor of the u.s.o. all those guys are stuck on a ship. thinthe' be seeg me perfm inhis ttleutfi nigh >> h andold ngeras a ge aunt rct f our men d won inervi.
7:49 pm
>>he veo iade wasn mp pendleton with all of the marines. basically hung out with them for a few ys a traed wh themnd w so hausd. i sahow rd tse pple woed. ♪ youake >> jusappriatell othem ani thk th if yone serv a pty, 's the boys and girls. >> katy promises we'll see a wholnew de oher en ty ardocuntarcomeout ju 5. >> thi thaa loof pple thk th knome vy we and i'm nosayi i'm sundstoo ornythg. 'not kinghat gle l. justhihere will be a lot more revealed. >> i think katy is a dream. r drm iso geto b heelf d inire her peop. >>he iensemounof wk d prsures gog toe extingit's ing be seous. with this film plus her recent tv and movie roles,aty isnjoyg heacti carr
7:50 pm
buisn't shinin t ickl i'm ry cefulith at i do. knho im. don't nt aone thi theyan me mento methg el. everything i do i want to do it big. ♪ we ve y e!! >> wl, ky alys lks h herexy tfit at g us inki, whhas e be bodn hoywoo is ka or ybdancer turned actress julianne hough. u caruleut cnnintatu me o timto me useel real gre at rsels. ok athesveryoned ysiqs. >> it's humbling being on stage and ing ked. >> 'payi offor cnnin tatuand s "mic me" co-srs. ey'reulgi bics an peect cs he eaed tm
7:51 pm
coveted spots. kari smioff ores perct 10ecau of hearls. lian hou is rninup t pagewither fwlesfigus. mataing i'easy >> n danng, gain a little bit of weight. i didn't beat myself up too hard abouit. i goto le. >> h harbodi olyians traing itheilife >> runhreeilesvery moing. traifor ven urs day, x da a wk. >> brian clay tells us how brutal those days really are. younow u're gng tbe thwingp athe e of . yoknowhat u're gng tbe ampi or yingn thtrac pring at g givyou new dy. >> iaddion thardor workts, ese imme kee their physiques by sticking to healy eang hits. no nk fd, ft fo.
7:52 pm
>> la kes heabs viab folling stri diemostf e ti. >> iay he wis orhater i wa, a ubleheeburger with bacon if i want it. a ttleit ogrea somimes ts y goi. >> cant wa forhose olymcs ilond. eaki of ropeit ds te to bng o theoman in amerans. celeitieare excti >> g, romance is the p.g. way to say that there has got to be methg ouin t wat in fran andtaly starare ttinmarrd, engad, aew a comg ba as by mas. >> he isho wbust getng zy orsea >> it's a special time in europe. tomruisand tie lmes pavethe y fostarto sw majop.d. in rope in je of005,om aed kie toarryim othe p ofhe eiff tow, ni. >>es, do. what did she say?
7:53 pm
e sa yes twmont earer tkat s rst otogphedissi in ro. thou thehad read stted fami togher, geli jol andrad tt s at w the fir offial public aearance together for the cannes film festival in 07. it's so aeautul pce. havan oortuty ttry joy witour milynd t eny its frnds. as tolyou rlie the fren filfestas bn p.d. fesfor lebry uplejusthis ek. low-key couple robert pattinson and kristen stewart were caught locking lips al balin me a amat ronic sturand oopi his ancend cryinher thred rpet and shuaacks andiane krug shad a ss ding a romantic dinner. a rumor went around that they t enged. forim a kan, no we haveeen em hdingandsll ov thelace the o to to e ne lev lastighthowi sommajo
7:54 pm
heavaffeion ile e meraweren fu vie ryanosli andvaendes attempted to keep their relaonsh und wra, bu e lobirdcoul't he but uggllastall. whilsele milr shd aw fr talng aut h retionip a theaby the way, they openly cuddled up and kied in italearlr this mont >> a rig, thr ronce lmined ian eagemt on th"amecan ol" ance acend dna fst wt puic aa cole he on "enews thatnterew inext >> that's ght. and tomorrow on the show, nicole kidman and zac efr stormed nnesith eir g scen seduion. ousitdn wi theot srs of "e par bo tomrow.
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
7:57 pm
>>ll rht, rren, i t to as whado y thi is re rve-acki, poing e esti on levion o ttinnakeon sge? >> t i'm ing do th. it's a distraction. that's how you get the right aner y wan tod yo' goi to th? notay, dol's"ewly gagecoup hasone th. at ithe ked uth out eir ve sry? kebakeactuly fnd o.
7:58 pm
>> will you marry me? "amicandol"lumsce younand ana garmrock st nht's naleith s surpse pposa >> tre a so ny me fits at ' goi to togher. >> when i met up with the couple at their home last month, it was a slhtlyiffent sry. wh doethe tureold? if ildr hapn. if cldrehapp, ifarrie ppen it ppen we d't ne rin to ove lo onenoth. >> rinis ne, eeciay an 1carethatce csea oncarecent sto andwo si diands. >> fe coinuoly bughts ba oveand er. >> dna w runr-upn seon three. ace was on season five. sparks didn'fly until they we castogeer ithe brdwayeviv of e sica"hai" doi this ontagehat had'doneeforlike srobg.
7:59 pm
we h a l of ust. >> wn yosaw ch oer ned befo youta datg? >>eah. we d thothewaaround. >> after a year of long distance tingdianmovein. >>et he, g her ifou d't li it re, en 'll fure out we'llake u coortae. all e whe i'm ing y woulshe nt tgo awher el? >> to find someone like ace that i not only enjoy being around, i lovend ce fo it's etty awese. >>ou'relushg byhe w. >>he i ll rht, at igointo do it for us. terrence, thank you so much for joining . we had so much fun, right,uys? >>hankou. >> wanto ce ba, plse inte mback >>bsolely. i w't sasomeing out e seal hassmt. wha , ner. >>et t viers wt isoing on tomorrow. >> it's sex, ls and the role it has nicki


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