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tv   E News  ENT  May 24, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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theiamo necace arki jor gagent rors. >>his "e!ews. >> kim and kanye's p.d.a. and patsnd kstenaugh kiing cans. ich ar dppedhe b buc r blg onis gl. he yingill u may me kriin ppari forer ocki newhreemecene. and before "idol" crownst's newe cha, acand ana eal e spligh >> wl yomarr >> whavehe hrt-wming lovetory >> fe ke briing bac tother >>nd rn's bastagprepor the nale >> will and the n in black are back. inde t bigremie an prive afrpar. >> "arl'ange'"
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surisi adoion nfeson. >>'m a ngleom. >> auall i'm t. whoore betr bale o centy, gnethnd k k and katy perry getting personal. >> i feel like i'm miss america buwitht thnakeshot >>ops, sup hotouplmay ha juslet eir gagent seet sp. , gu, i'm ulia ranc. he with me tonight, a very special guest host, it is terrence jenkins. wha'up? i'm ppy be ck, ank yo >>ay! >> eher e, c i cl yog toy? g moy? >> rize. i'm ppy be re oe again. it seems like we have to go shopping real soon f an engamentift thehe qutions arkim d kae fit orob a krien? whknow >>e're ting fige ou whis gng ttakeheir latishipo thnextevel foreou pchasa
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wafflemaker, an engraved one maybe, let's take a look at who mabe ring om t riva to thalta dia macal ght mono anan egantngagent? mor s itoshujackn ju ok h relionsp wi diane kruger to the next level. the uplettended the fit ev nigs inonac befit nnern moe cao anthe ond autyalkeaway th se seous rdwa. d foer pside bilalbe intorais morthan $7,000or crity but it was the actor's $45,000 bid for a necklace that sparked all e bu. shu'bid n hi11.7arat diamds s foris le. wasepordly erhed saying he was looking for an engagement gift. these two do look awfully happy eacoth'arms ey m note heing ddin belljustet. jos'rep ys hnevesaid
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anytng aut aengament gift the' nothe oy caes cole uer t marage micrcope word is alec baldwin may elope wi fiae hiria omas heas me pls oftayi in euro aft filng t cans docuntarand uld tyi e kn aft theestil oses a resayse're dlini comment on the speculation rob pattinson was t byrist start's de othe d caet, t thtwo re nrly inserablat aafteartyor hemovion t roato aiss. 's a re sht tsee em ck ls, b romce i clearly in the air. i got to say, cannes couples re htingp evywhe. kim rdasan a kan wes re a smis ashey eppe f a cht d heing the reeng ofany'filmcrue mmer m wahandnd hd with her man as they posed for photos
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and even shared this fectnateomenwherkany ntlyrush ki'hairrom r fa. aw! th sav the pasonat d.a.or ler ithe ght whenamer caut th in is supesexyomen >> that is sexy. cannes wasn't the only spot where serious romance was goin wn. st nht aricaroclmed thr lo forhiliphilps, t th"ido winr's crning mentas tallyversdowe by aurpre prosal >> iove u toeath you're my best friend. >> season five "idol" alum ace young crashethe merin idolfina teaullyropong to h equly etion lon timeove,easothr'dian dermo. >> wl yomarrme? >> i'm so speechless right now. >> and philip phillips was also at aoss r wos wh ameca ckedim atheinew dol" >>hiliphilps! [cers d apause >> wasust ocke
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i ill n't beeve rig no >>he 2yearld en cuhis victory song short to hug his family. backage,e realedo us wh thesaid >>hey st le mend s oud me. >>o isunneup jsica sahez. >> ihinkhe wner serv toe thwinn. i s li, ry, ju sayt is erll right. >> so great. he winning it just warmed his heart to think that a wild card ana gu he st fored evybod >> awe rorteyestday, ilipill on he kiey surgy. the orginati is ill mpedor h pos"ido reer i fl grt rit no daughtry has been working with . care unrwoowho ough sbanmikeishecautned >> ts istar otp. doenot t eaer. is i't thhardt anit ge easr. itets rder >> screshas tougjob,ut julianne hough gave him a boost. it ems ke hcan it l.
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he rlly n. it's waysice hea go luc bab >> bore ssicand ilip namethe owd theast mites thehow,he sge waflood wi ico, ne diond and the top 12 guys perfmed s clsic weet carone." >> had bla. yocomeut a theudiee showtheirecoitio yonevedo kw whdo tse oplenow o i . >> aerosmith debuted their new song, "legendary child." it s grt toebuthe so likthis weave ver ne tt bere. a hr taic rannaroug dowwither n sine. and jennifer lopez sexed up the stage with "follow the leader." rit afr thshowshe dresd thelepnt ithe om wh ry on s rao ow, sheeavi? >> iove is sw. lovet. havesee w evythi it's t beuse don't nt t
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fae. be here. >> you have so much. >> it's not that. >> you have your family. >> iot t lite conuts at a notoingo behis ttleorev. felw jue sten ter esn't ow h ownate t, he itryi to nvin j.lto ay o >> she elbowed me and said i don't know. if e do lea, wenow o mit beble filthos ilets. i d't kn. itouldot bsomeing uld rn dn rit aw. i thk itoulde ha to a cric. >> walsoot t fir glise of new x factor judges britney spea andemi vato ey me a ightirst imprsion itneshow offer t in pinkressnd di woed iin a ne numr wi a lther cket >> nice. let's get back to "american idol." with jennifer'futu up the air,he oy wato g you j.loix, lessou'reaspe
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smar is cat hern to. you n sekellclaron i coert. she s a g surisep he sleeve. get ready to see who is getting ady to hit the road. >> ts ishat do w. >> me no, laes, day whenne decti kicoff eir tour. starting tomorw, bonces hittg thstagoncegainor ree ghtsnly. her rst rfornce nce becong aom. madoa's wod to kic off onay 3and e haa jam-packed schedule with 76 stops. e ofount's biest ars, key chney d timcgr are jammg tothern thr brotrs othe n to on ne 2 son az wl ben hiworl tour june 8.
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he travels light. >> the only thg i take with me i ke mwatebott witme evywhe i gand hot a cueverhere go. aermithicksff tir noh amicanour ne 1 >> ts isn acal pductn. boy band big time rush starts thr suer tr ju 5 accoanieby atraln st codyimps. cotry vori ladantellum stts t eurean g ofheir world tour on july 10. jennifer lopez and enrique igleas h theoad r thr to on ly 1 key clksonits e ste on ju 21 d shhas surpse intoreor h conrtgos. >> i'm covering a new song and 'veryxcit. >>ianand a pregagent. we n't ne rin to ove weove e anher. >>ur elusi witthe dol"
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i'm nninrealig.- d -- >>ill ith's secret exposed. how he looks the same 15 years ter e fit "m in ack. >>appiss kps y. andim a gwyth's d caet swdow we cck t ultate se.
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"e!ews. sohen st mili hava moe nit, th hopn thminin anhead to the theater. >> when they're there they ouldatchhis vie. nothe mt sule pg, w forge yo neher thexcitent rrouing e smh faly's g "m3"mierwherjaso kenny analic gotn eaul
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about will's biggest fear. >> check it out. frothe listrowd- i'm nninrealig - >> tthe velyadieand hasomeearthrob the n.y.c. premiere of "mib3" sizzd lirall 43-yr-o'willmithroug the nny hiswn eense >> y sti looyounevenn 3d. whativeswill wha'the cretdude i w verconcned out hothesthin wergointo look in 3-d. it's ke but it looks all ght. word ou you n't gethathingith the rs cing rougknocng ur pcornut. >> y thi youan lk th act ing en y're hpy. haineskeepyou. >> enj theift at iave. thend othe y, 'like a dude from philly who didn't go to collegehat ts ttrav arnd t wor selng mies. i'm blsed d i n't go
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noing comain out. >>e mied y on e bi scen? >> kno i kw. rst time back, being with the family and working on the kids' stf anworkg onhe t sh. th're rdy f dad to ead ck tworkow. mr.nd m. smh ma it fami affr anwillad hh aiseor fend theamil just bier, w got cam in the movie. >> bieber, that kid is really tanted >>e waabse lasnigh but feow tn ids ondireion stepd ouwithheirerf gu. rls,e diover whos ill thearke i tughtou we tan, bro. >> i'm single. haply sgle? yes >>ow aut y? >> y. nico schzing has rolin ib 3out morr. e tas abt thform gig e x ctor >> are you rooting for them to do wl? >> of course, i would.
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wishhem e be of ck. theelebtionontied po-preere r thsmit an. e foer rper t bend t c wi wilw anjadeat t lash aerpay. and now kristina guerrero in for a wild ride. >> i'm here for transformers e ri 3-d i'm e ofhe vy fit tory thiside. at day's enini join by mblebee and some thrill seeking celebs. i c't deribet. perice ifor urse. i d witmy pduce wil don't an tbragbut ll and we ved e plet. wasrettawese. we sed t plat! >> sing e planet, all in a day's work. aftethe eak,rist start reese, gs, '-- you ys a jusnast man i s taing out r ne movi
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th's afr thbrea
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>> "e! news" is back with kristen stewart's fascinating portit othe at geratn. wh is ur foritjack rouapoem >>osesre r, viets e ue. how about a three-way with stew. "so ue, fal" tang o the ar's nky ve tangl was istestewt sced t tack thehreeme iher w filmon t roa? th is fal as e to us fromannewherthe lm priere >> genuinely did feel so completely comfortable.
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>> what did you do to prepare? >>ut yr tonail >> y jumintohe rponsle acess rt omodejustoing job >>op doe't ne more than one or two takes to be nestith u. >> icharze tron ttin suppt raing r sojackn om h dog thiss sorue shexplaed onoda'"thellenegenes sh." >>hen e ba camintour home, the dogs have never been more in love. ohyou're sine mo acally'm no i ve t boyhelpg meut. >>he crifi heron's tionity. peoe thk beuse u're from south african, he is too, , hes amican >> ia rert istaragaze aimi theeali staand r huy ofwo yrs he bo t wi divce lyend a dirce imment?
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e cole w spoed tethe yestday l.aand sour lls ! ne" th aretill together. did francesca's stwood's yfrid seher fir is iso fse. e phograer aidenlly set e ma mod on re f the oot r higally in lond. this hot episode airs this sunday on "mrs. eastwood & company." d prce wliamonsu his granminim qun elabeton hiweddg gut li, th is sorue he plaid toatie uricn a'"goomorng amica. i ge he777 mes d not one i knew. i rang her for a bit of mol pporand bit bacp an she id iwas dicuus. t riof t lis starwithour iend wi'enti intviewomes to a tueay nht. and speaking of the queen, will aurali supstarylie
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nogusingg foher jest is iso te ashe td he meramomes bere ting thred rpetn weesda theext g thg wi be e qun's julee ich a greahonoto bpartf at performance in front of buckingham palace. enoh abt thquee let's lk aut t kin elv presy. his ught lismariis reveing o inuenc herew bum d whher vori mov st bris heto trs. >> ilwaywanthem do at is going to make them happy. i want them follow their heart. >>isa rie esleis auge suppter herour ds inudinher ught whoas caug thectinbug. >>he ireal gooat i shhatewhen talabouit. i'm pro of r. wayseall reay prd of her. i cry when i watch her movies. >> her other children are more in mus espiallher 3-ar-o twi harr an fiey. >>he ltle es he souch intest iit,'tellg yo allyusicly iluend. >>nd h kidwereven
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inlvedith e mang oher newest album, "storm and grace" out now. >> alws boce ioff th, alys he sie th we lite. ey'resed heang wteve 'doin th havreal gootast pecily t lite on. th lika son >> it's been seven years since prley t ounew sic d r cotry me iluend he w sod. >> dido tongla to t diancend ipiraon. ere s a ole ash my fe wre erythg arnd m and everyone around me that i trusted and relied on didn't rn o to whai thght. i ved e sile le. founit ipiri at time th i nded . comg up"ido fine momes on seaest n brg you. >>hereou he , your new "american idol." >> juliae ankari smioff sh the smong h bods.
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d i'the ty pry y n't kn. >> 'not ying'm misuerstd. >> tn i'a tolly diractg edion whoore it bter.
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serestt thamazg "il" season finale. >> running a little bit behind. >> onl"e! news" goes home with
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ace andianinsi eir art-rminlovetory >> tl meore rstshat w' doi togher. >>he mentseadi up his stunng pposa >>aty rry ckinfor e troo. >>f anne dervea pay, it's these boys. >> kim k, alec and rob crazy in cannes. the ars at l lovrule erse. >> ps roie lghli sherinthe reetwith ste. theremi me my th ma >>o weave l rit shn u alof t hightfrom last night's "american idol's" fina, now we have everything th youave'seenrigh >> o manwe he itll. evenyleronfeed hhad ste frht. lo realshe mtermd to heperfmanc haveverhing we , weo. d ry knothe winner long before america did? >>e goehind the enesor excsivenly acre can ing u. areou rdy? the st d of merin id," fina day
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the nners -- i h aot of changes this mornin >> youay that with a smile on yo fac we'lloll th i rehrsaltartat nn an we'retartg at2:47 runng a ttleit bind. we jt rearsethe enin number with the contestants and a lot of it fired off toward the dge's ble. i'm trng tfigu outn th showonig, wi theudgebe sittg inll othis is ts suosedo fi -- >> n jusduri rehrsal >> tnk y. >> what are the land mines tonight? >> jennifer lopez la mine. >> ialketo cper o ha oreoaphecomi in,uge boxe >> ty weh fi tonapie. >>et's pe ts haens. >> eire asonf innse mpetion nallmakes it here live. please welcome philip phillips
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anjohnogar. ♪ ♪ 3:3 theresseheaal i now over, time for a quick sala l rit, t blutux on. me tshow14 mutesa ve surpsed otiol hetfel romaic ment mingour y. e yog andiandegao, o how cute. >> will you marry me? >> it is aut 1minus unl showme. i ke tryg toind t fr meonwho ows o thwinn isbut willnow en iead e ca. howre y? goo >> dyou ke t blu >> lovthe ue. is it concord or burberry? >>urbey? >> a nowack "e!ews. >>ill u wa witme? >>eah,eah,eah. >> vy mu. >>the me ts ai,
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america will know you performed, who cares tomorrow. >> that's right. >>ere u neous all >> ias snervs, inow jeiferas lkingp myose. l ye i gthiss [bp]. wa unt youee mband is ifly. exce toook wn tre. >> good luck. good luck. >>is m is tea. w' seeou othe r. >> plip illi! >> stheryou ve i yourew "eric ido" phip phillips. see you on the road. >> thanks a lot, ryan. while we're on the topic of alitshow wilam ly ma ha los"danng wh th sts," t hes geing s has onn ev hotr trhy. alia italkg ho-upsnd ca bre-upsith 's seest ngleadie >> lk aty k, y shod know by now, i take everything to a whole new level. >> you always, aays eak ur mi. wh is e dieren beelike thisear thoustac
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>>he cmist haseen awome. thfeeln thset ch a everone us nt tbe tre 're gd th we t alg an weike ch oer. it's no mess. >> lisa's co-star stacy left afr rurs s wasonsttly bierinwither ctmat. >>ou d't ha to ke evybodthatou wk wi. founaty i neray li the won. ok,uys,e're rdy. >>isa y anchary rern for season t on monday night with sexy new co-star dese vasi shes soeautul. my fily s golinger gng she so rgeo. >> 'veryonfud rit no thini ne a isip. >> wt wayourespoe wh yofounout u gothe b? >> i was just really happy they didn't have to wait the entire weekd. i reenesteon ahursy and en ioundut t nex y i allynew at w whe wai wasued tbe. robt, pla a que
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lafah made cameos on the cody ts seon. one est ar ty're a excid abt. >>wo wds, llialevy >>h, mlord >>illi is per per mble out e oprtuny toet t kn eacothebefo goi to me ouseass anlo making scenes. >> you remember what happened at this very spot? >> howould forget? >>ell,hilee're wtingor ane anbrity toiss eir grms, e weing ess zz ges . ll btneyear athe whatboutngieyinghe kt a bd cor, ion't know. kristina guerrero investigates some unconventiol ssibitie tod's hoest idalown signs arseei red ra wg anramo areutti the sing 2013 collection. d dolas is danng o ddindress wi colful oralattes. brity habeennowno ro boldtyletatent a
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angena h worvialof bod arnd h nec willhey bra enoh toie the knot in something totally out of the bridal box? >> seehoseomeneingrawn drees tt reect e ra urn, ey co senbili. >>he cativdesier o ste fobridin n.c. owed usome nky shio. >> this dress was made custom for us. lovit, 's avt gud. bishouers,ut 'very verylatting d slming fee a ltle re tradionaat t botm. forexy ti-wdingear, lk dn thaislin lther somhingnexpted out is in the back. there is a huge circle a it's tolly en. >> f somhingay oside idaloundies,ish e drs ango f thipurp mperwe aed iour ll i you uld ar aontritiol weing wn, % sa no. >> iouldeenooki going leoparprint add her wedding, mae th romr.
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ask youuys twe us at s shod na herittl y. e sa tanr soe cago b n foshor ananotr twted e le y shld bnamepaul or situation jr. don't ow aut tt. remberhe te th shead fallt wi sittion t th i wch t sho don't ve. ch me "enewsjusthead mingheadace d dia's angef het. >>f maiageappe, it happs. >> wt thhappcoup tolus a month ago about kids and tying e knot. m k d gweth,ame ess.
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>> wt's upfries. w' bacwithore ! ne." timeor se brkingtori at a comg ouof hoywoo n bar istandg byn th wsro. hashe sop. what's up, ken?
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bad news for elton john. the rock legend has been force canl the lavega coertsftereing hospaliz wita reiraty infeion. jo, whwas e toerfo tonit anthiseeke at esa'pala wasrder by hidocts toake weekff. elton is in the middle of a three-year run of vegas shows aturg hiclasc sos. tim graws sang tnks oucouny's ve. grawill givg aw 25 mogageree mes woued anneedserve meers,ne foeachtop on his upcoming summer tour withenny chesney. tim cks f hicampgn wh a mori dayonce in waingt. ndsalohahas new ve inrestort . granbowl haseen st t play richard burton opposite her litayl. chriclethe onic retionip. spokto t exetive prucernd htolde hes
12:09 am
liev andhat e moe wi ha "asuch x asifete ll aow." shod beretty hot. >> whoa! that got our attention. thanks, ken. >>ou g it. allightgoodews r megafox,f cose, e is pret welwither fst ild. re isomeing vinger morning sickness getting caught in the same shirt. robbieoughn brgs o the gunsn toght's ho we it tter >> wt brgs y outo hollood thigorgus d? >> wk. >> rlly? >> yh. whaare u dog? hoors. >> y do'wo at hooters. >> yeah. >> does your parents know you're working there? >> iwas mo'idea >>om othe ar. we he men foand lena goz. th areaughin t exa me srt. o wo it tter >>elengome i ke i atle t se. youike e to >> your mom would definitely prove with this top. >> megan fox.
12:10 am
's alkindf frpy oher. >>ou d't he theord frpy a meg foxn thsame seence >> kno >> 'sad at sena nt o thouher ousen, s foot h topbut stin bieber hasn't figured how to do buons t. aryou ys bthernd ster? >>o, ware coup. rat ddin meg fox mod, ka upt andlivi wilde, actress, same dress who wore it bett? i'm ing th ovia lde. >> 'doinnothg fokate ton o haan iredie body thisemin m a bh ma she doesn't feel comrtable out of a bikini. at t helis a of is bric if s wasn a kinia dierenstor a mh bier stor let gethis raig aga,
12:11 am
you're conme, geth, dati. >>eah. >>erio? is it serious? >> and we have these two, same act ok. i me frothe at, e drs, en t sho. who re ibett? >> 'goinwithlessdra. >> bnginthe ker motherhood. >> exactly. >> you can relate. >> you do the biker motherhood ing? >> yh. >>k, ithiseal? yea it's al. >> t leaer jket oked good over here, but i don't like it he. >> y're gng wh alis viori'secr surmod, i n't beeve . >> ca'belie hitigh tank top. and a bonus. ile cans kik whe th
12:12 am
me gn th gwyth ptrow wo to e ems. i'm puing u gu on e sp. whworet beer? gelemafirs t's ha to at k at anything. i have to go with gwyneth, she hathe omacout. suerti, sk is . skiis iwhenearbthe po, teence i y kibecae i'the ek-aoo tmy. likenougtumm typally uld ve gnethtoo, lov hebody as much as you do. it's almost too exposed and kes lootoo uare nev enoh sk. 'goinwithelly >> wa, wa, 'goinbell righnow. >> and we want to know who you think wore it better. t usp onwitt #kivers gwyn andor fhion-
12:13 am
>> i'm married. >> bill is not watching this ow. hes buding hou in iti, savi theild. this argettg wier, ta it. >> y canock is smer's trest d caet. >> bke lely d gw efan we ve ey wa to style your summer higher just like hollywood's hottest celebritie >> 'gointo cl th loo the nky p kn. you ve sn gw weang i >> soth t yo haiine. >>his theoot ftin spy. 's gog toive the volume, smoothness and lift that i need to create this look. >> srt t topnot finr combg yo haiawayrom ur fa. >> wanto lve t sof pies tt argointo fme thface >>ashi youlockinto hi ponail d rember- becse wwanthat usle look, it's ok to let hair along the irline fall out. >> nt i'timeo twt an coil >> a therickith is ito
12:14 am
ha a hher n veus aider bu >>tylehe wps a thhairpr you're ready t go. here is the grade, start by sectningair d si. >> ise t volizinmous, i nt t maxum aunt heht. i'alcol-fr, i n apy it tdry ir. >> scrunch your locks and get texte. takthe ir rht ave e rod ofhe hd. aftei sered , pa it wn thmidd andrab e potail and turn it inside out. >> separate ur ponytail in two d crscro a dorate bbonown ch stion i'm ing go andtart pulhairhrou andreat is lse tture >> combine with a -- and
12:15 am
ila,ou he a xy smer . >>ominup - >> erythg i , i nt tdo big >>aty rry's g scen drea and mkatbradnd aie.
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>>aty rry ars r patrtismn heslee. last nig she wore it on her chest,n outfit that personally mas meove be amecan. >> s wasilli outhe fg. tha'all am gng tsay. >>e goa v.p. ps toer coshirwherher tingool isverfwingith ilor >> i feel like i'm miss america but witht the naked shots. >>aty rry s alstarand ripein n yorlastight whe shhelp celrateleet we wita prate ncerin hor ofhe u.o. >>all ose ys a stu on ship i ink ey'lle okeeinme perform in this little outfit tonight. >>ot a colsing has ge aunt resct f our meand men serce.
12:19 am
theideo madit w on ca penetonith l ofhe maris. i bacallhungut wh th r a w da andrain wit thndas so exhausted. i saw how hard these people rked ♪ y makme >> jusappriatell othem d i ink at ianyo se a pty, 's the ys a gir. y prisese'll s a ole w si of r wh the are documentary comes out july 5. >> i think that a lot of people ink ey kw meery ll a i'm nosayi i'm sundstoo or athin i'm notaki thaanglat l. justhinkhereill a l moreevead. >> ihinkaty a damer her eam to t toe herself and inspire other peop. >> t intse aunt wor and essu is ing be excing, 's gog toe seous. >>ith is fm pl her rent tand vie les,aty
12:20 am
is enjoying her acting career but isn't rushing in too qukly. >>'m ve carul wh wh i . knowho im. i n't wa anye tohink theyan me mento methg el. evythi i di wa to it bi ♪ >> we lo you e!! >> well,aty waysooksot iner sy ouits. th gots thkingwho s thbeod ihollood,s it ty omaybdanc turd tresjuline hgh. u caruleut cnntatu come on, time to make us feel allyreatt ouelve lo at ese ry ted physues. >>t's hulingeingn ste anbeinnake >>t's paying off for channing tatum and his "magic mike" cotars th're bgingicepand peect cs he eaed tm
12:21 am
coved sps. kanamirnoff scores a perfect 10 because of rehearsals. juanneoughs buing the pas wi herlawls fires. mainininisn't sy. notanci, i ined litt bitf weht. did'beatyselup t h abt it got liv >> her hard bodied olympians, traing itheilife >> runhreeilesvery rnin i trn fosevehoura da x da a wk. bri clatellus h brut tho dayreal are >>ou kw y' g to thwingp athe e of . you know that you're going to be cramping or laying on thtrac pring at g givyou new body >> iaddion thardore rkou, the swmerseep eir ysiqs bytickg to hethy tingabit >> no junk food, fast food.
12:22 am
>> la kes heabs viab folling stri diemostf e ti. i m havwingor wteve i wa, a ubleheesurge withaconf i nt i a lile b of easeometes gets you going. >> i cannot wait for those olymcs ilond. spkingf eupe, doetend to bng o theoman in erics. cebrits arno eepti. >>, ronce t.g. y to say at tre h goto be somethg ouin t wat in fran a italy. stars are getting married, engaged, a few are coming back asaby mas. >> he isho wbust getng zy orsea it's specl ti in rope tomruisand tie lmes paved the way for stars to show major p.d.a. in europe. junof 25, t ask kat toarryim othe p ofhe ffelowernice yesi do wh didhe s?
12:23 am
she id y. two months earlier tomkat was first photograph kissing in me. thou thehad read stard a milyogetr, geli jol andrad tt s at w the fir offial blicppeance geth for e caes fm feivaln 2007 >> 'also bifullace we have an opportunity to try to enjoy it with our family and to enjoy it as friend as tolyou rlie the enchilm st h bee a p.a. ft foceleity coups ju thiweek low-y cole rert ttinn ankrisn start re cght lockg li. ec bdwinade a dramatic romanic gesture and scoong his ancend cryinher thred rpet anjosh jacon a dia ugerharea ki durg a mant dinr. rumowentrounthathey goengad. as for kim and kanye, now, we have seen them holding hands all ov thelace the o to to e ne lev lastighthowi sommajo
12:24 am
heavaffeion ile e cames we in ll vw. ry gosng a evaende atmpteto kp thr retionip uer wps, t e lovebirds couldn't help but snuggle last fall. whilsele milr shd aw fr talng aut h retionip a theaby the wa theopen cuded uand ssedn ity eaier is nth. >> all right, their romance culminated in engagement on th"amecan ol" ance >>ce a dia fir wen publ as coup heron "enews thatnterew inext th'righ d torrown thshownico dmannd z efr stoed nnesittheir big screen seduction. our sitdown with the hot stars "thpapeboy"omorw.
12:25 am
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12:27 am
>> all right, terrence, i got to ask, wt doou tnk imore nervwracng, ppinthe queson otelesionr geing ked sta? >> thi i'm ing do th. i'a diractn. th's hoyou t thrigh aner y wan >>oday you're going to do both? >> not d, "idol's" newly enged upleas de bo. at ithe ked uth out eir ve sry? kebakeactuly fnd o.
12:28 am
>> wl yomarrme? >> "american idol" alums ace young and diana degarmo rocked st nht's naleith s surpse pposa the areo ma morfirs thate're gng tdo tethe whei meup wh thcoup the homlastonthit w a htlyiffent sry whatoes e fure hd? >> if children happen. if children happen, if marriage happs, ihapps. we d't ne rin to ove lo onenoth. >> aing nic espiall 18-ret at a cho, a one ret ntertonend t side diamonds. >> fe coinuoly bughts backver d ov. >> dna w runr-upn seon ree. acwas sean fi. arksidn't y unl th we castogeer ithe brdway revival of the musical "hair." >> doing things on stage that we had'doneeforlike diobin
12:29 am
wead aot otrus >>hen u saeachtheraked bere y staed ding? yea >> wdid e otr waarou. aft a yr ofong stan tingdianmovein. >> get here, get here. if you don't like it he, then we'll figure it out. 'll me yocomftabl l thwhili'm gog wh uld e wa to anyere se? to nd seoneike th i noonlynjoyeingroun i lovendare for, it's pretty esome. >>ou'relushg byhe w. >> s is. >> a rig, th is ing it r us terrce, ank u souch r joing us we h so ch f, rit, gs? >> thank you. >> i want to come back, please invi me ck. absutel >> ion't y sothinabou the xualarasent. wt? noneve >>et t viers wt isoing onomorw. >>t's se lieand e ro itas nol


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