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tv   E News  ENT  May 25, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>>orga youon't dersnd. >> da: y're ndiffent thannyonelse if you don't do it right, parenting will kill you. theiamo necace arki majoengamentumor >> ts ise! ns." >>im a k's p.a. a r-pats and kristen caught ssing in cnes. whicstarropp theig bks for ing hisirl. ise sang wl yomarrme. >>rist preringor h ocki newhreeme sne. anbefo "id" crnst's newest champ, ace and diana steathe otlit. >>ill u may? >> whavehe hrt-wming lo sto? >>ate pt bnginus bk tother >>nd rn's bastagprepor thfina. wiland e mein bck a back. inside the big premiere and private afterparty. "chlie's gels rpring aptioconfsion
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>>'m a ngleom. >>ctuay, 'not. whoore betr bale o e ceury,wyne andim k and ty pry gtingersol. i fl li i'm ss arica but without the nad shots. >>ops, sup hotouplmay ha juslet eir gagent cretlip. , gu, i'm ulia ranc. hereith tonht, very ial guest host, it is terrence jenkins. what's up? >> i'm happy to be back, ank yo >> y! eitr on can calyou toy? mone >> gizzl i'm ppy be re oe agai it sms le weave go shopping reasoon for an engagement gt of the the queson iare m ankany rst robnd ksten o kns? >>e're ting fige ou who goi to ke tir relaonsh to e ne lev. befo youurche a waffmake an grav one mae, l's ta a lk atho
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may beacing from the rivera to the tar. did magil nit inonac anan egantngagent? rumohas josa jason st to hiselnshiwithiane krer tthe xt lel. the couple attended the first ever nights monaco befit nnern moe cao anthe ond autyalkeaway wi somseris haware jason ong th pnce bert d foer pside bil intorais morthan 50,0 forhari. t itas t act's $4000 bid for a necklace that sparked all the buzz shu'bid n hi11.7arat amon setor h lov wasepordly erhed yinge walookg foan gant gt. these two do look awfully happy in each other's arms. ey m note hearing ddin belljustet. jo's resayse ner sa ythi abo an gagent
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gi. ey'reot t onlcann uplenderhe mriag crospe. rd ialecaldw maylope with fiance laria thom. he h madplanof syingn ropefterilmi theanne cumeary d cod beying e kn aft theestil oses rep ys ' decning mmt onhe sculaon. rob pattinson was not by kristen stewart's side on e re rpetbut e twwereearl sepable an terpty f hemovion t roato aiss. it's rareighto sethem lockips,ur rances earlin t air i got to say, cannes couples re heating up everywhere. m kaashi andanyeest werell sles thestepd f a cht d heing the sceninof kye's lm "uel suer." kim s ha andand th h maas ty pod fophot and even shared this
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affectionate moment where kanye gent brues k's ha fro heface ! theyavedheirassiate p.d. foratern thnigh whenamer caut th in is per xy ment. >> tt isexy. cann wa'the ly st where serious romance was going down. last night america proclmed theiloveor plip illi, buthe dol"inn'crowng mome wasotal ovehadod by aurpre prosal i le yoto dth. y' my st fend. >>easofiveidolalumce young crashes the "american idol" finale tearfully proposing tois eallymotial lg ti lov sean the's dia garm >> wl yomarrme? i'm spehlesrighnow. >> and philip phillips was also at a loss for words en america ckedim atheinew dol" phip phlips heerand plau] >> wasust ocke i ill n't beeve rig
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w. >>heyearld en cuhis victy so sho to g hi family. backstage, he revealed tus what they sa. >>hey st le mend s oud me. so runr-upessi sahez. >> ihinkhe wner serv to bthe nner was ke, an, st s it overll rht. >> sgrea he wningt ju ward hi heart to think that a wild card and a guy, he just floored everody. >> awe rorteyestday, phip wl so havkidn surgy. the orginati is ill pued f hisost-dol" care. >> ieel eat ght w. daugry h beeworkg wi me. >> carrie underwd who brought huand ke fher utiod -- >> ts istar ot cp. doenot t eaer. is i't thhardt anit ge easr. itets rder seaest s a ugh b, b julianne hough gave him a boost. >> it seems like he can do it all. heeallcan. i'alwa nicto hr.
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od lk, by. befe jeica d phip med e crd inhe lt mites thehow,he sge s flded th ins, il diamond and the top 12 guys performed his classic "sweet caroline." i h a bst. u co outnd t audnce showtheirecoitio yonevedo kw whdo tse peop knowho am. >>osmi debed tir n song, "legendary child." >> it was grt to debut the ng le th. we he ner do thabefo. a hr taic rannaroug dowwither n sine. and nnif lop sex up e stagwithfoll theeade" right after the show, she addrsed e elhantn th ro witryann hiradi sh, ishe lving >> iove is sw. i lo it. i ha sehow erytng it's t beuse don't nt t fals
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beere. youave muc >>t's nothat >> you have your family. >> iot t lite conuts th areot gng tbe ts litt forer. >>ellojudgstev tyl don't kn hiswn fe ye he itryi to nvin j.lto st on. >> s elbed mand id i don't know. >> if she does leave, we know who might be able to fill those stettos. >> ion't ow. itouldot bsomeing wod tu dowrighaway thinit wld bhardo be a itic >> walsoot t fir glise new facr jues btney spears andemi lovato. ey me a ightirst imessi. itneshow offer t in nk dss a demwork it a on nber th aeath jack. >> ne. t's gebacko "arica idol with jennifer'future up in the air, the only way to get your j.loix, lessou'reaspe art,s toatcher otour
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you n sekellclaron i coert. shhas big rpri up r slve. t rey toee is ttin ready to hit the road. >> this is what we do now. >> me no, laes, day en o dirtionick f eir ur starting tomorrow, beyonce is hitting the stage once again for the nits oy. hefirsperfmancsinc comi a m. manna's rld ur kks o may1 anshe s a m-paed sedulwith6 stops. onof cntr'biggt sts, kennchesy antim grawre mmintogeer othei othe of e sutourn ne 2 jasomrazill on s wod tourune trals lht.
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>> the only thing i take with me. i take my water bottle with me evywhe i gand hot a p evywhe i g aermithicksff tir nortameran tr ju 16. >> ts isn acal pductn. boy nd b timrutart their summer tour july 5 acmpand byustrian ar co simon. cotry vori ladantellum star theuropn leof tir wod to on ly 1 jeifer lopez and enrique lesi hithe rd fothei tourn ju 14. kellclaron hs thstagon ju 21 d shhas surpse intoreor h conrtgos. >>'m coring newong d i'm ve excited. >> diana and ace preengeme. >> wdon't ed rgs tprov we le onanotr. ourxcluve wh th"ido lors bore e sa -- d --
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>>'m wiing al b. >>ill ith's cretxpos. how he looks the same 15 years after the first "men in black." >>appiss kps y. >> a kimnd gnet'red rpethowdn. werackhe uimatcase
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>>hat's , gu, weome ck toe! ns." so wn mo faliesave movinigh theyop ithe nivaand ad to t theer. >> when they're there ty should watch this movie. nothe mt sule pg, w forge yo neitr ishe eitemt suoundg thsmitfami's g "m3" pmierwherjaso keedy d alia g an rful abt wi's biest ar.
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>> check it out. >> from the a-list crowd -- i'm nninrealig - >> tthe velyadieand handme hrt tobs,he n.y.c. premiere of "mib3" sizzled literally. 43-yr-o'willmithroug the nny hiswn eense >>ou sll lk yog ev in 3d at ges, ll? wha'the cretdude i w verconcned out w the thgs we gog to ok i3-d. it's like but it looks all right. it worked out. u d'get at tng wh the rs cing rougknocng ur pcornut. youhinkou c loothe exacthinwhenou'reappy happess eps u. i eoy t gifthat hav at t endf thday,'m li a du frophil whoidn't go to colle that gets to travel arnd t wor selng mies. 'blesd ani dogot noing comain out.
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>> wmiss youn thbig scre? i kw, inow. fit ti bac bei witthe family and working on the kids' stuff and rkinon t tv sh. ey'reeadyor ddy tgo ahd ba to rk n. >> m andrs. ith de ia fami ar anwillad hh aiseor fend theamil just bier, w got cam in t mov. >> bieber, that kid is really talented. >> hwas absent last ght,ut lloween ols e dictio stepd ouwithheirerf gu. rls,e diover whos stl onhe mket? >> thoht y wertake bro. >> i'm single. >> happily single? >> yes. >> h abo you >> y. nico schzing has rolin "mib" outomoow. she lks out e foer g thx faor. >> a youooti forhem do well? >> of course, i would.
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i wish them the best of luck. theelebtionontied postremie fothe ith clan the rmerappegot hindhe miwithilloand den the lash aerpay. annow isti gueero in for a wild ride. >> i'm here for transformers the ride 3-d. i'm e ofhe vy fit tory th rid >>t y's oping was inedy bulebeand me thrill seeking celebs. >> i can't describet. exrien it r yoself >> didith procer,ill. i n't me to ag, t wi d i,e sad thplan. itas ptty esom we sed t plat! savg thplan, alin a day's work after the break, kristen ewarthreome,uys,'m -- u gu areust sty,an. was lkinabouher w vie. tha'aftethe eak.
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kristen stewart's fascinating portit othe at geratn. whats yo favite ck keroc po. >> res a redviols ar bl. hoaboua the-wawith k-stew. "so true, so false" king on the ar's nky ve tangl wakrisn start aredo tack thehreeme iher w filmon t roa? thiss alses shtolds fr cans whe thfilm priere >> gennelyid fl so colete comrtle. >> what did you do to epare?
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>> c youtoe ils. >>ou jp in theespoible tressortf mo, ju doi myob. >>ope doe't ne mor th one or two takes to be honest with you. >> is charlize theron getting suort isinher n jason fr herogs? thiss sorue shexplaed on tay's he een dener show >>hen e ba camintour me, e do havnevebeen more in love. oh, you're a single mom. acally'm no havewo bs heing out shelaried h so' natialit >> pple ink causyou're fromoufric, hes to no, he is american. >> in a report in star magazine aimi theeali staand her bby twoearsave th met th dorceawye and a dirce imment? thcoup waspott togher
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yestday l.aand sour tes "enewstheyre sll tother did francesca's eastwood's borienset r onire? thiss soalse thphotraph accentay sethe le mel ofireor thshoofor s gaery ndon thisot esodeirs is sunday on "mrs. eastwood & company." did prince william consult his granminim qun elabeton hiweddg gut li, th is so te ase exaineto kie uricn a'"goomorng amica. i ge he777 mes d t oni kn. i rang her for a bit of moral support and a t ofackuand e sa it s riculo. t riof t lis art th yr frnds. wi'enti intviewomes abcuesd nig. d spkingf thquee wil australian superstar kylie minogusinging for her majest
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th is truas s tolher meramomes bere ting the d caet owednday. >> t nexbig ing ll b the een's bilewhicis a grt hor toe pa of at perfmae in front of buckingham palace. >> enough about the queen. let's talk about t kin elvis presy. his ught lismariis vealg whinflnceder n albuand y hefavote mie starringher tea. >> alws wa thetowhat is gng tmakehem ppy. i want them to follow their heart. >> lisa marie presley is a huge suppter herour ds incling r dahterho h caug thectinbug. >> s is allyood it. shhatewhen talabouit. i'm pro of r. alys rlly,eallprouof r. cry en iatcher mies. >> her other children are more into music especially her 3-ar-o twi harr an fiey. >>he ltle es he souch inrestn iti'm teing u, rely mical infence >>nd h kidwereven volv witthe kingf he
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nest aum, tormnd gce" out now. >> alws boce ioff th, alys he sie th re ltle. ey'resed heang wteve 'doin ey he rely gd tae, escial theittlones ey le a od sg. >> it's been seven years since presley put out new music and r cotry me iluend he w sod. >> iid gto elando ge distce a insrati. therwas wholcrasin m lifehereveing ounde aneverne aund thai trusted and relied on didn't turn out to be what i thought. livethe mpleife. i und insringt a me that need it comg up"ido fine monts ly screscan ing you. >> tre y havit, ur n "american idol." >> julianne and kana smirnoff ow tir skingot bies. and 's thkatyerryou
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don't ow. >> 'not ying'm sundstoo theit's totay distctineditn ofho we itette
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serestt thamazg "il" asoninal runng aittlbit hind >> only "e! news" goes home with ace and diana inside
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their hearwarmg lo sto. telme me fits tt we'reoingogetr. >> t momts ldingp tois unni prosal. >>aty rry ckinfor e trps. >>f anne dervea y, i'thesboys >>im kalecnd r cra in cannes. the stars that let love rule overas. plurobb loulin sherinthe reetwith styl >>hey minde ofy ba t. so havall ght own yoall theighlhts om la nig's "aricaidols" finale, now we have everything that you haven't seenright? >>h, m, weave all sten ter cfess he d age ight j. revls t masrminto r peormae. weave erytng. >>e dowe d d ry knothe nnerong before america did? >> we go behind the scenes for an excsivenly acre can brinyou. >> a youeady e la dayf "aricaidol naay.
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thwinn is i h a l of angethis morning. >> you say that with a smile o your face. >> we'll rl wi it. >>eheaal srts nooand 're srtinat 147. runng a ttleit bind. jusrehesed e oping numb witthe ntesnts d a lot of it fired off toward the judge's table. 'tryi to gureut ithe showonig, wi theudgebe sittg inll othis thisupped tfire- >> n jusduri rehrsal >>hankou. >>hat e thlandines tonight? >> jennifer lopez land mine. >> i talked to casper who has cheogrhed mingn, he xes. >>hey igh ve ts apce. >> l's ho thihapps. ente seon ointee mpetion nallmakeit he liv please welcome philip phillips anjohnogar.
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♪ ♪ 3:3 theresseheaal i w ov, ti for qui salad. alrigh thelue x isn. me tshow14 mutesa ve rprid emionahearelt romaic ment mingour y. e yog andiandegao, o how te. >> will you marry me? >> it is about 10 minuteuntil showtime. i ke tryg toind t fr meonwho ows o thwinn , bui wi knowhen rea e ca. >>ow a you >>ood. >> dyou ke t blu >> iove e bl. is iconcd orurbey? >> burberry? >>nd n bacto " new" >> wl yowalkith ? yea yea yea >>ery ch. >>y thtimehis rs,
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amera wi kyou rford, whcas tomorrow. >> that's right. >> were yonervous at all? >> i was so nervous, inow jenner w loong umy ne. alyear go is i[bee. wa unt youee mband thiss fl noxcusto lk do the. gooluck >> good luck. >> his mom is in tears. w' seeou othe r. >>hiliphilps! >>o the yohavet. yo newameranl," ilip phlips e yoon t roa >>has a lot, ryan. while we're on the topic of reality shows,illiam levy may haveost anci witthe sts," t hes geing s has onn ev hotr trhy. alia italkg ho-upsnd castreakps wh t'sexit ngleadie looat mdere youhoul kn by w, iake erytng to a whole new level. >> you always, always speak your mind. wh is e dieren beelike is yr wiout acy? >>he cmist haseen
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awome. thfeeln thset ch a ery e ofs wa to the 're gd th we t alg an we le ea oth. it's mes >> lisa's co-star stacy left after rumorshe w conantl ckerg wi herastmes. >> y do'haveo li evybodthatou wk wi. fortateli geralllike theswome >>k, gs, ' rea. >> la raand aritretu for asonwo on monday night with sexy new co-star denise vasi shes soeautul. my fily s golinger gng e iso goeous >>'m ve consed ght w. i thk i ed as si >> wt wayourespoe wh yofounout u gothe b? i w jusreal hap the didn't have to wait the entire weekend. i scen tted a trsda d th i fnd o theext dai rely kw th washere wai wasupped tbe. >>ober pau andueen
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latifah made cameos on the comedy this season. one guesstarhey'rell exted out. >>wo wds, llialevy >>h, mlord >>illi is per per mble t thoppounitto g to kn eacothebefo goi to me ouseass anlove maki sces. >>ou rembewhat happed at this very spot? >> how could iorget? >> wl, while we're waiting for ane anbrity toiss eir oomsthe ddindresbuzz ras on ll btneyear athe at aut aie tng t kno a bd cor, ion't ow. krtinauerro instigates some unconventional possibilities. >> tod's hoest idalown desiers e seng r. ra wg anramo areutti a twt onhe tditial wte gownnd ming coloul me in tir sing 13 clectn. and douglas is dancing out ddindress wi colful oralattes. brity habeennowno ro boldtyletatent a
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angena h worvialof bod arou hereck. wi thebe bve eugh tie the ot isomeing tall out of the bridal box? >> i see those women being drawn drees tt reect e ra ban,dgy ol ssibity. >> t creive sign of stonfox ide n.y. shed usome nky shio. >> ts drs wamadeusto for us. we love it, it's avant guard. big shoulders, but it'very ry ftterg anslimng. iteels lite mo tradionaat t botm. >>or sy an-wedng wr, walkown e aie ineath. >>ometng uxpecd abt it is ithe ck. theris auge rclend ' totally open. >> for something way outside brid bouarie disthe ess d goor ts pule mperwe aed iour ll i you uld ar aontritiol weddg go, 54saido. >> cou seenookgoin leopard print add her wedding, maybe that romper. we asked you guys tweet us
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at s shod na herittl boy. onsaidanneso hcan by tafor ort. and othetweed thlitt gushou be med uleyr situation jr. i don't know about that. remember the time that she had a faout th suati. & not at iatchhe sw. don't ve. ch me "enewsjusthead comi ahe, acand ana's chan of art. >> imarrge hpensit happs. >>hat e hay cole td us a moh agaboukidsnd tng the knot. kim k and gwyneth, same dress.
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wh'up, iend we'reack th me "enews ti forome eaki stoes at a comg ouof llywd. kebakeis sndinby ithe neroom he h thecoop at's , ke badews r eln jo.
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the rock legend has been forced to canl three las vegas coertsftereing hospaliz wita reiraty fectn. hn, o wadue perrm nighand is wkendt esa'pala wasrder by s doors taka we off ton in e mile oa three-year run of vegas shows feuring his classic songs. m mcaw isayi thas to r cotry's ts. grawill givg aw 25 mortge-fe hos toound and edy rvicmembs, o foeachtop hispcomg mmer tour with kenny chesney. tim kicks ofhis campaign with a memorial day concertn waingt. lindy lon haa nelove intest st of grt boer h beecasto pl ricrd bton posi her liz taylor. it chronicles the iconic retionip. i spe tohe ecuti oduc ande to me is reevednd tt thmoviwill
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ha "asuch x asifete wi a." shod beretthot. who that gotur attention. thanks, ken. >> you got it. >> all right, od ns for gan x, ocour, shis ettyell th h fir ild. heres sothingivi her rninsickss gtingaugh inhe se sht. robbie loughlin brings out the guns in toght's "who wore it tter >> wt brgs y outo hollood thigorgus d? >> wk. >> rlly? >> yh. >> wt aryou ing? >>oote. youon't rk ahoots. >>eah. >>oes your parents know you're working there? >> it was my mom's idea. >>om of the year. havmegafox d sena mez. theyre cght thexact sa ski. whworet beer? >>elengome i ke i a ltle t se. >>ou le thtop. >> yr mowouldefitely approve with this top. >> megan fox.
12:40 pm
it's all kind of frum on r. youon't ar t wor frpy a meg foxn thsame seence >> kno >>t's sathatelenwentut wiout r blse o she foot h topbut stin eberasn't gurehow do buttons yet. are you guys brother and sister? >>o, ware coup. >>ats. ddin meg fox mod, ka upt andlivi wilde, actress, same dress who wore it better? >> i'm going th ovia lde. >> 'doinnothg fokate ton o haan iredie bo. th remds mof aath t. e don't fe comrtab out of aikin what the hell is all of is fabric. if s wasn a kinia diffent ory, mucbigg sty. leme g thistraht ain, y' a csumetogeer,
12:41 pm
ting >>eah. >>erio? ist seous? ande ha the two, same exact look i an fm thcoatthe ess, en t sho. whworet beer? >>'m gog wi aleandr briing e bir to moerho. >>xact. >> you can relate. >> you do the biker motherhood thing? yea >>k, ithiseal? yea it's al. theeath jact loed goodver re, t i n't like it here. >> you're going with all is victia's cret supeodeli c'belie it i c't beeve s tit tankop. d a nus. while in cannes kim k while the me gn th gwyth ptrow
12:42 pm
re tthe mys. i'm puing u gu on e spot who re ibett? gelemafirs >>t's ha to at k at anytng. i ve tgo wh gweth,he has the stomh out. summerme, skin is in. skiis iwhenearbthe ol, rren. say m beuse 's th peek-booummy i li enoh tuy, tical i would ve gnethtoo, lov her dy amuchs yodo. it's almost too exposed and makes it lootoo uare. nev enoh sk. i'm gog wi bel. who who i'm ing lly righnow. >> a we nt tknowho y think wore it better. hit us up on twitter #kiversus gwyn >> a forashi -- >> 'marrd.
12:43 pm
>> bl isot wchinthis show. he is building a house in haiti, saving the wd. >>hingare ttinwild, taket. >> y canock is smer's endit recarp. bla livy angwen stefi, whaveasy ys t stylyourummehigh jus like hollywood's hottest celebrities. >> i'going to call this look the nky p knot. you ve sn gw weang i >> soth t yo haiine. >>his theoot ftin spy. i'gointo ge mehe lumesmoonessnd lt th i need to create this look. >> start the top knot by finger coing ur hr aw froyour fa. >> wanto lve t sof piec thaare ing fra thface >>as youlockinto highonytl anremeer >>ecau we nt tt toled ok, 's oko lehairlong the irline fall out. >> next it's time to twist and co. andhe tck wh th is ve aighebun rsus wid
12:44 pm
n. >> sle t wis and e ha spr yo' rea to go. re ithe ade,tarty sectioning hair and size. >> usehe vumizg mose, i wa theaxim amot of ight i'alcol-fr, i n apy to y ha. >>crun youlockand t texture. takthe ir rht ave e rod ofhe hd. aftei sered , pa it wn the ddlend gb thponyil anturnt inde o. >> separate your ponytail in two and crisscross a decorate bbonown ch stion i'm ing go andtart pulhairhrou andreat thisooseextu. >> cbineith -- a
12:45 pm
voila, you have a sexy summer do. comg up- evethini doi wa to big >> ky pey's biscre eam. d toat, ad a ang.
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>>aty rry ars r paioti on r slve. la nig sheore on r est,n ouit tt peonally makes me love to be an american. >> she was filling out thelag. tha'all am gng tsay. >>e goa v.p. ps toer n sht whe hedati poo isverfwingith ilor >> feelike'm mi ameca t without the naked shots. >> katy perry was all-stars and ripein new yorlastight whershe lpedelebte fet ek wh a ivatconct in nor the.s.o > althosguysre sck o a ip. i ink ey'lle okeeinme peorm thilitt outt tonight. >> hotnd cold singer has a huge amount of respect f our men and womein svice >> t vid i me itas o
12:49 pm
ca penetonith l ofhe maris. i bacallhungut wh th foa fedaysnd tinith themnd w so hausd. i sahow rd tse pple worked. ♪ you make me >> i just appreciate a of em d i ink at ianyo desees aartyit's ese boysnd gls. >> ky prisese'll s a whe nesidef hewhenhey ly 5cuntarcomeout >> i think that a lot of people think they know me very well and i'm not sayi i'm sundstoo or athin i'm notaki thaanglat all. i ju thi the wilbe aot moreevead. >> thi katis aream. r drm iso geto b heelf d inire her people. >> the intense amount of work anpresre igointo b excing, 's gog toe seous. >>ith is fm pl her rent tand vie les,aty enjing r acng ceer
12:50 pm
but isn't rushg in too quickly. >> i'm very careful with what i do i ow w i a don't nt aone thi ey c makme io sothin se. erytng io i nt tdo i g. ♪ we ve y e!! >> well, katy always looks hot in her sexy ouits. th gots thkingwho s thbestod ihollood,s it ty omaybdanc turd tresjuline hgh. u caruleut cnnintatu me o timto me us feel really greatt ouelves. ok athesveryoned physues. >>t's hulingeingn ste and ing ked. >> 'payi offor cnnin tatuand s "mic me" co-stars. they're bgingicepand perft pe havearn the
12:51 pm
coved sps. kana srnofscor a pfect 10ecau of hearls. julianne hough is burning up the ges th h flaess figures. mainininisn't sy. >> n danng, gain a lile b of ight i di't be mysf upoo hd abouit. i goto le. >> h harbodi olyians training is their life. >> i run three miles every moing. i trn fosevehoura da six ys aeek. >> ban cy tes usow brut tho dayreal are >> y knoyou'reoingo be throng uat t endf it yoknowhat u're gng tbe cramping olaying on the track praying that god give you a w bo. >> iaddion thardore workts, ese imme kee thr phiqueby sckinto hethy tingabit >> njunkood,ast od. >> lola keeps her abs enviable
12:52 pm
llowg a rictiet st o thtime >> mayave ngs whaver wanta dole cesebger th bon ii wa it. litt bitf grse setim getsou gng. i cnot it f tho olympics in london. speaking of europe, it does tend toringut t romce i erics. lebries e noxcepon. g, mancis t p.gway y th the hasot tbe methg ouin t wat in ancend ily. ars e geing rrie engaged, a few are coming back as baby mamas. >> here isho we busted getng cozyverss. >> 'a spial me i eupe. >>om cise d kae hoes pad thwar sts tohow mar p.a. ieuro. in june of 2005, tom asked katie toarryim othe p ofhe eiel ter, ce. >>es, do. at d sheay?
12:53 pm
e sa yes o mohs elieromkawas first photographed kissing in rome. although they had already startea faly tethe geli jol andrad tt s at w the fir offial blicppeance geth for e caes fm feivaln 2007 >> 'also beaifullace we he anppornityo trto enjoit wh oufami ando enjoy it as friends. >> as we told you earlier, the enchilm st h bee p.d. fesfor lebry uplejusthis ek. lokey upleoberpattson and istestewt we caut lockg li. alecaldw mada dratic ronic sturanscooping his fice and carrying her up the red carp. d joua jksonnd dne krug shad a ss ding a ronticinne a rur we arod th the t enged. as f kimnd kye, w, w ve sn th holng hds a over the place. the two took to the next level lastighthowi sommajo avy fectn whe th
12:54 pm
meraweren fu vie ryanosli andva mdes atmpteto kp thr latishipnderrapsbut thloverds uld'helput sngle last fall. while selena milleshied away fromalki abo her retionip a theaby the way,hey enlyuddl up d kied iitalearlr th moh. allighttheiromae culmined in an engagement on the "arican idol" fiance. >>ce a dia fir wen puic aa cole he on "e! ws." th intviews ne. >>hat's ght. d torrown thshownico dmannd z efr stoed nnesiteir g scen ductn. r siown th t hottars of "the paper boy" tomorrow.
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
>>ll rht, rren, i t to ask, what do you think is more nerve-wracking, popping the esti on levion o ttinnakeon sge? >> thi i'm ing do th. i'a diractn. at's w yoget e rit swerou wt. >> tay y're gng tdo both >>ot d, "il's" nly engaged couple has done both. whats the naketrutabout thr lo sto? kebakeactuly fnd o. >> wl yomarrme?
12:58 pm
>> "eric ido alu ace younand ana gao rocked last night's finale with his surpse pposa the areo ma morfirs thate're gng tdo tethe >> wn i t upith e cole atheirome st mth, was a ight difrenttory wh doethe tureold? >>f chdrenappe chiren ppenif mriag happens, it happens. we don't need rings to prove we lo onenoth. >> rinis ne, eeciay an8-cat th acehosea oncarecent sto andwo si diands. >> fate continuously brought us back over and over. >>ianaas rner- on ason the. acwas sean fi. arksidn't y unl th we castogeer ithe brdwayeviv of e sica"hai" >> doing things on stage that we hadn't done before like disrobing. had lotf trt.
12:59 pm
>> wheyou w ea oth nak befo youtart datg? yea we d thotheway ound >>fter yeaof lg diance dati, dia mod in >>et he, g her youon't ke iherethen we'll figure it out. we'll make you comfortable. all thwhili'm gog wh uld e wa to anyere se? to nd seoneike e th i noonlynjoyeingroun i ve a carfor,t's prty awesome. >> y're bshinby t way shes. >>ll rht, at igointo do ifor . teencethanyou mucfor joing . we h so ch f, rit, gs? >> tnk y. >> wanto ce ba, plse vite me back. >> absolutely. >> i won't y sothinabou the xualarasent. >> wt? no, ver. lethe vwershat goi onomorw. it's x, ls anthe le itas nole dmaneami up


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