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tv   E News  ENT  May 25, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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anksor cing . thas. we'lle-- ll, wonbe ght ck. 'll s youext ek. [ cers d apause thiis " new" the dge's rst y onhe j exples icontvers washe king bre or d she storm off thstage? what the pop star is only lline! ns toght. and ula dul's viceor rvivg sin. >> nole dmann zaefro andid tt monauey gfull frontal? >> from e hot to t not. e faionias rkinganne and yonchittg thstag >> uer wh a ppos hoop wi a bdesmd fr hiswn wedding.
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>> are you going to punish me the st of my le? >> t stawho s foed t coent herexuaty. >> kra kghtl annncin her gagent? d lo jon twes atebow >>t's yo hoop to ywoo this is "e! news." >> everyone's talking about it, brney lkinoff e "xacto set totadivar tol li? i'm ulia ranc in hollood,oineby jon keedy nework ty. j., weot ttalkrit-it. >>es, do. y one of audions is all about making a good first imessi and the n jud's havi is readigning wi rums. whdid e postarull disaeari act yea wel nows. sars clringp th conover. her arrival was hugely anticipad anher lcom wa. aweme! >>ritn spes sied autoaphsor fs anrock
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r viant ess. t ishe p stareadto bring her a-game to the "x ftor"? we we inde t fra erw ceer wre eitemt an engy fm thaust, tes, owd 4,0 moued, d wi a coidenwalknd auick ve, e prcessf powas readto oiciay ben he firsday theob. >> i'm ready to find the true stars. >> our insider reports britney gan th aang, tellg thfirsconttante coulbe bger an jtin bieb, on givg twno's ringhe aitio andooed when she kcked one contestant. brit seemed reluctant to critize. aftethe th ctestt, earsecid to it sge left she main bactageor hf an hr, msinghe aitio of the last four hopefuls. the exit raised eyebrows, with
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e auenceondeng, ere's brney. th' so ung d th're trng tfulfl thr drms. >> w theuddeturnrom viciouto vishe turnout e brstereede a break. she took to twitter to explain. l.o., ju takg a ttle brea peoe. i amavinthe st te. a soce tls eshe s hury ansimocowe saithe'be fi witut h for whi. she returned for the second show tapi and stayed for the enre sht. shloosed u danng wh de lovo dung aip-h tri'perfmanc >>t's gog toe souch n anso dfere fanytng ' don >>-spes tes "enews i am having the most incredible time and love sitting next to simon at the judging table." br is ttinin t seaonce lledy paa abl andemi loto itaki thelacef nile serzier othe x hit. ile e roie jges e a
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weome diti to e sh, rmerudgepaul hasords of wisdom for the girls, tling "e! news you have to go with thflowspeayourind d rembermillns opeop are wahing briey mht s, go adce,'l! thawas od, e yofromexas sous li it,ight >>ot rll movg ono so-lter who is have the "x factor" when it comes to fashion, right? >>hat rig. ter flur of by wght atcks,n inrnatnal persr isilenng h crits byakina stning turno thspotght. eck t thcommion the ry, ry tilli.a. thiis ainstutioat nneseveryear you ok athe rnou 's anncreble st. >> mor hlywo plars assemble in cannes. >> tonight we really want to ise ney r the pele o ere at d't ha thecces medine ey nd.
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mison aomplhed. st nht's ar-sddedmfar cine agast as ga raid a rerd bakin$11 llio for the first time ever, the event featured a runway show wherbeaues, cludg ka upto moded bck dsses desied bthe kes kenth coleralplaur andober calli. >>'m weing en stt. >> i'm-- gucci. >> ajanejackn flhed in iner hter,illaovovh glmed in futustic grn. ankim rdashian pulled an angelina. ankirsn dut doed be los vuton. l ey weron blywo actrs ashe me heretu theed cpet ter uel
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critics slammed the new mom for t losing her pregnancyeigh fa enoh. >>heres netivi but'm essethe sitity iso mu mor a cple ext lb's t, t 38-ar-o liv up her title as the world's most beautiful woman, dazzling in a ld eroided si wi a ndar colr. istestewt siled the "cospoli preere. washereo suort e star of the film, her boyfriend, robert pattinson, looking handme ihis x. earlr athe fm's pho callr paput a me la ba loowearg a rrago su. st tun forore shiofrom the french riviera. >> prepare yoursves for a heat rivry wh mo at ake an oma vsus mney i'm lkinaboukim d
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yne'bellbari shoown. >> waskeyou twe us,ho wore it better, mi k in france or miss paltrow at themmys seei as'passnatehen cos to i tnk k k. wo it tter >>iewestepnie rees she ys cves ual n evy time but jaycee tweets, gwen, 100%. i tnk wshou decre a e. bo lood go. neitr ne to ange thi my ok. >> 'withou. buif y neean ereme keov at me, triof uturmave wanyou joi their fashion mob as long as you don't mind a lot of tough love. >>ello hi,here at iyourame? bec. bec, hoold e yo 19. talabounot ing le t judga bo by s cor. a te solits e he of jeannie mai to get a new look.
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>> dyou alizthatou lk der an y are i hr it lot >> 'talkg abt wh i'm eingightere. e bos anchur ladsuit >> 'an ahiteure uden >> isn't architecture about structure and foundation? you have zero of that. it rns t hefashn oicereflt a eperssue i dn't ha guince. myom dd wh i w 10 d i s suound by broers andad and ep-dad. >> you have dreams ahead of you and you don't have the nfidce. sh'one theardre chalngedadiebattng f helpn "fhionob" ere ey staga maoveror aroupf women with one day to do it. >> why do you wa a makeover for your mom so bad? >> 'tireof pple arin at h likshe esn't long she st rched0 anshe don't kn howo drs. >> livin t fason wld anyou're biloardf
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wh noto bu comg upwe rel wh beyonce, behind the enes as shpreps to gon sge n evenive nthsfteravin bl ivy d kea enged? gile pgnan aga? sorue,o fae. he t a ng oit, t di he pay for it? the truth behind the "eric id" prosal >>tunng algatis abt her,is 'clai.
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>>e! ns" ibackith e last sckintwisin uer's custy nitmar a catin acsati invving bresma is vinghe o.g. nger neweasoto s, oh my gh. tt sler s thstartling details. >> as i said mantimes, i do
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trel fm atnta nework onay tps. fuln coty crtro cou behe tle oa nesoappera caustha'wherthe ama unfdingn usr's bier stodbatt. on wneay, nbc in atlanta caught oncamera this allegation oughby teka the qutionhe nvous&b sr out nannsituion. shelew mia wityou th by usr, a youere scoved ithe d wi her rm bridesmd, maya fox davis? >> maya fox davis was a idesid ithei2007eddi anrepoedlythiss ma th uer aan l. pa in 08. her led r dirce om tame in 09. taka iaski forull custody of their two sons while usher hopes to secure increased visition thhighght fo'"amecan ol" nalehis ek h to ace ung oposg toiana
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dermo. >> wh thhelpf dad we welr iave a way to make this last forever. >> why did the a.i. alum so blattly ug t jewer's name he sd heen thethe frid befe ansaide waed a spial ng me antheyid it in four days. ambeportod, ffednd cart bacto t kli. the v reity ar rurneto thslamr thsdayservg ouher ve-yr ja ter rather than comply with the terms of her court-ordered drug program. r brher lls ! ne" exclivel amb finly h engh. anndia cou offial lls "enews if ber havein il, e'll lely ly he do ha thatime maybe the teen mom can pass some of that jail time watching the final season of r mtv show
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say llo thectre plang caseanthy. hoy deaux ll sr ashe yog moaccud ofurdeng he2-ye-oldaughr, clee, in the letime movie about the controversial trial. rob lowe will play the precutg atrneyhilescar nuz tales e ro of r defee atrney vin stneis psione abt new rolin "hatfields and mccoys" but is truly passiona about hisew milynit ich clud wif chstinbaumrtneand eir kidsall der i'm theloorveryay th tm, tre's ars fore bedte. theynd uin mbed,hey're all hot. get ou but you love them but, yeah, ey a endp the. >>he 5yearld h fou der ildr frotwo evio relaonshs, aituaon n uncoon ang h holwood peer >> o of e thes wh a t
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of tm isgod,his cond time i've really enjoyed it more than first time, i knew what i was doing and i'm so thankful don't ve tsay at. >> ieverwo m misdersod eachtherwas us. >> kin srrinalonide ll paxt abo onef thmost mousamfusein american history. >> when do it end? >> when there's no blood left to spied! >>hoseeapo wera lile trky. en ihoothe g wh'abou to kl yo i h to ll aun t ofy brchesnd ck ile was llinit uand umb ippeand wenoff fac lood li an d caoon wi a ded lk ony fa. theeste preeresonda on the history channel, and mr. hatfield said he took uvens fr theet f the goodf hiyounst cld. >> o day wilsay my
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litt gir i w strg on anthiss hoyookednd thiss wh i we. >> thi emmstonhas vin at f bessouvir bause she took home anew garfield. and e's oping abo the lo stay ase ams anew's ildhd drm. daviburt expins. andw gaieldnd ea ste cotar "thamazg sperma andmma scris eir nnecon, yinghe enjod thmov'unscpted momes whe "wwereble findhater itas wwere lookg foplayg twkids falling in love for the first time." andrew adds, "being with ea s ju as n aswingg rougbuilngs. my d 500 fice okinfor u. theovieits eate july, fuilli a cldod
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dream for andrew. >> i've been waiting for the phone call sin i w 4 yrs d tolay is re. t 28-ar-o saihe w re hdid t gethe rt s nt ahankou away ft ter ditiing. >> put it on, the mask. it's going to make you strong. there you go! andw reacesobeyagui ashe wbed e wi tob's essi. the igin "sperma senan ail procersayinandr was greachoi. >> it's a deep honor. >> coming up -- >> the darker moments in my life ve tdo wh ju bei a rson >>ow am laert anned s peonalows to aaree high >> d twof ney the job. detas fr ournsid at e "x factor" auditions.
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>>elco bacto enews am lber'postidol suess ntins tocoreith a nehit cordhich intimately captures his insecurities in love and in life. krtinaas am's caid coessi. thearkemomes iny fe, u kn, ha to wit beina hun beg. i've h my are feengs low lf-eeem anxty o stress or heartache. >> adam us tho emoons whicrecoing s soomor albu "trpassg." i tspaseverday. tha'my. it's out ercong aersi
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and being who you want to be and doing what you want to do. i'm excited about "better th i knowysel" thelbumout w, sws ad's vuerabity th h boyfend. than i know myself. >> although things haven't always gone smoothlyetween the two. last decemr, ty we arstedfteretti inta scfle a b. th werbothhrowin jl anevenallyelead buit ses th've med o it's out yinglike look, i love you, i need you, i'm not going anywhere. i think we all get iecurin latishipat o poi or othewherwe nd th assunce. ♪ if want to ave woul ve de byow ♪ it's sy tsay e so is about a relationship with a lover but in the video it's showing how we neebalance an neeour her lf a how witht ouothehalfwe le
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oursves. i'm out losmyse in a gaxy f, faawayecau "sr wa" isurni theig 35. no comment from chewbacca's rep. we'll keep you poed on that but foree ro outith r lighsabe, i nt tbe fst to rort is bakinnews barefai isot. sexy stars hit the r carpet for e mam ho100. thsupeodeltunn in sexy drs, showing off skin. >> and now, jay leno! >> 2yearago d wi les grayair,ay lo to ove hoing tiesf n'"the toght ow" om jnny rson >>ou kw, j, ju kee doing what you're doing. you do it well.
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>> i'm the most comfortable he. >> tha youor tt. >>e lo you >>peakg ofnnivsari-- >> lontimego, thi galaxy, the original "star war priere 's be 35 ars nce orge cas eatethe tima sci- fil >>he mie phed ecia effes, a it d so of e bestharaers er cated >> ias 1when madthe "star wars" movies but obviously had an enormous impact becse 're sll tkingboutt. care fier's ince lei camen inant on, did harron fd. >>fterameran gffit whe alof uwereorki for ry srt mey, orgeid ve aorti of e prits 10 ous a didhe se thg afte"stawars >> ty're n hurng f mon
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anore. >> 'safeo sathatstar wars thentirsagahas de billions at the box office. meet the newest hero in the ek uvers at me th teefreaout. d moa chs' roarageakes a scy tu. oh,y go yo' a psycpath
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>>eyon's trmpha retn thetagefterivinbirt toaby ue. it's like going back to my old job. >> and michelle ama's rpri confsionboutradi plas wi a sr. >>he lt thg i ntedo thinabouwas ing a de. >>hy "cheletteemil maard rcederse to backn tv d sele's baby bump rumors ignite. wh cou be olerhan ing firsladyf thunit stas? hoaboubeinfirsladyf pomusi jas? not baditlend i minu yo' heamichle ama's yoncrevetion speaking of jay-z's wife, she's finally gettinbacko he ots. 're gng bind e sces r thnew mma's rst st-by peormae. >>ashaasn't ttenn ov yearo healteego rea to rk. i'm enjoying being a mother
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so it's like going back to my d jo andt's a ttle strae, b it's portt th you n't lo youelf d ha yourwn psion i'm ck twork i'm ba to sine. >> it's beyonce's big return, hittg thstagat rel hl in aanticityand cant belie hoamazg shlook not en fe mohs aer vingaby ue i. >> i thi we ed tsimpfy thgs. i n't li theeat mes befo theeat mes . yocan't ve ay thsong i ve ay thsongnot e ino. >> hav't sa in year ♪ >>lear, thnew m's skls ha notadedwa hefourighttinttart
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nigh if mhellobamcoulbe meonelsewho uld e choose? beyonce, of course, that's what the first lady tells "people" mazinesayi "thpoweof sic,eingble plaan inrume, itooksike musians ve t mosfun. ju lmont mrsjay- wrote a letter to michelle on, calling her the ultimate example of trul rongfric-amecan man. mrs.bamaespoed oher twitr, "ank u fothe autil leer a foreing roleodelids n lo up ." >> lten , kaashi fan a mistake from kris jenner's past is threateng touin r latishipith ught urtn. w baare ingsetti for the m ge evencottisicthin sh' becong asychath. >> 'so sk and tired of you saying rude things to me. >> you brought it up again, not
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me. >> iroug it in memo causyou ite out ur lifetory >> mma jner d dahter kourey, ce o ovekri' affa, whh leto t divce fromer fst hband >> iidn't do something to hurt u orour blin. i watoo ung d stid t make goodecion. i h to it l ov agai i wldn't it. are u gog tounisme f the st omy le beuse someing did yea ago th'not methg i uld do >> check out more of their confrontation on "keeping up with the kardashians" sunday at 9: p.mon eand me te the llowg nit, atherew epode. >>o ahd, gahea go aad, u stid! honely, at aumb iver whats wrg wi peoe! >> you g a lot of rage. that person was just trying to drivtheicar. >>hat rsonas gng tget smasd. >> ks chnelser fstraon into fitf ro rag givg sct que a are.
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>> o my d, y're a psycpath >> that person wt in front of me again! >> and kim seems to be cracking up aittlbit,s we. whyo yohave wig >> 'justike spy. i'm allyncomrtab. >> wt ishis r? >> w doeit he toe fo anytng.& >>t's unmforble. your family isosing your damn mind. >> i hope kim's looming divorce i'gettg toer hd an maki hero cry. >> ts isiki. >>ust ve ma hu >>o! >>hy a youfrai >>hat e he? >> he's afraid of me. >> yeah, i would be, too. >>everets d. u ner ne to ar n bei le tkeepp wi the kaashis beuse ere's p fothat re's peekt thlate rdasan a forphonand droiwithn upted ok. with the app, you'll get video hiligh, bos foage d
7:34 pm d fabook tuing theig seen,he n bend t osc nomated docuntar "sur si me"s back with a look at the latest trends in landscapinand he's goen t atttionf llywd heyweits. e imccab groed did rentlyhatt witthe rect whoevea his ughe cric. he hadhis ttle medownhat dden i wn't daddy anymore. >> documentary filmmaker, morgan spurck, mittg himusthe maoveras t mucfor s son hane anthe yearld sn'raido lehim ow. >> iold m th i w grong bacand wen allight ke, at's is, re y will. >> facial hair dines you, it mas yowho u ar >>magi tomelle witut a stac? he wldn't magm anore. >>he a of avin morn tolde abt hinow c, manse, t rect trd of men
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becoming obsessed wi their aparan, wi theelp cebs le wi arnt an jan baman. youo upyou n't ge grow? the's a ole ing at's ppenin o socty wre 've catedn ime ofhat we expect men to be now. u can'be ceredn ha. u c'be sggy grey lookg. whado y thi wor bes th mface beuse is h beenot ing ll f me. >> pl ru andach galifianakis dish on their groong sretsn thfilmut now. >>his my y ha thai was rn wh. thiss myan hr wh i came man >> y ask bun of oplen a sce ofne t10 h the feel they look but you never ask that to yourself. >> i'm a solid 6/7. >> ne. >>eah. abo avege. >> iot m[bee togher
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ough i capullff a, ye. >> crliztheron is a 10 excepthen e mas del horn ti to ay ctionhis. in trd pce iteenhill whwrit, "iare u toay kristen stewart is the fairest of them all." and e ruer-uposted, "n i'm nocamen di." and e caion nners me "ts isow wsoutafrins prect r yog." and ptiong t pho vicm next week. catherine zeta-jones about t land poctboopuncon t backf heco-sr's he. ifou tnk y havthe nnie capon f thi ctur go eonne.c and ta youbesthot. nexteek "e!ews,we g one-on-one with r.patzz and
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k.ew. ounew tervws wh th ttescoup in nnes ands shhavi regts out gninup othe ow? i tnk y're dadfu >> aersocoop's jaw-dropping blow-off to one of his own gues. zac ron hisceneith nico kidn. >> s wenfor .
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>> another look there britney judging the "x factor" and one rsonho's en wnessg britrit actn, o ver owmarcalki yojustot o thelanerom thaudions tex. hois s doi? sheas fe. shwas ry ne.
7:40 pm
i ink e waa bi uncomfortable. she was a bit shy, a bit rerved shdid'wanto criciz mu. thfirstimehe dn't li ongrou sheaid,hat you thk, btneyshe id,' pa. yowant to ar h cricize bushe arteto wm up dung t day >>hat was her face like during the performance? >> tre were faal expressions cong o of itne we wen't su if e lid methg oridn't ke i hat uld ke f gootv. i d't thk th're gng toarp thabut mi lato was righthere, and she was unbelievable. >> her critiqu? >>o we-spon, sengang, flirng wh evy cu coesta. >> o evyon'talkg abt brney lkinoff e se wait rlly dratic 's been made out to be? >> not at all. she went, she took a break. sohen e the jues d one coesta, sohen e the
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dgesook brea andhey cameack d brney sn't th tm. 's nolikehe srmedff. e wa't yeing anydy. she wasn't upset. >> not yet. in o eonne.c pol esti, weskediewe if theyhinkritn wilsurve the essu, an76% id n at dyou ink? >> ihinkheter ke i through this because it's $15 million. you do what you gotta do to make at. >> aoluty. u gepaidhat d y' re ery d worng hd. >> 'not ing sto off the t. >>hankfor ininus. if ty ev maka reity ow out lebries o gi bac to tir communities, mark wahlberg and mariska hargitay woulbe athe p ofhe lt. >>ark hlbe's chdren enjong tir ecatial perice goothin it's one da'biggt paions >> tay ' shooting a p.s.a.
7:42 pm
for taco bell for the graduate to go program because ey're leadg thway d enuragg kidso fish hh scol. soany ds dppinout hi schl. i'a hoibleituaon. >>magi a yng gl ling righherethe reetampss heonlyighto re by d her textbooks shoved in plastic bags to protect them from the rain. now, imane h graatinhigh scol wh a 9 g.a. 3.9 actlly. >>f y' wilng thelp urse andeoplsee at, ey'lle wiing helyou. >>f u could flash forward in 10 years and peeat anything, 'likeo pe at ere e is becae the's noing e n't do >> atherelebivinback "law ord's" miska rgit. >> it's a perfect reason to shop. joyful hea and bloomingda' e woing geth and pereckle go to r undaon. >> a 10%f evy miael
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ars e isonat to lp thoswho e viims mest vionce. ourissi is sheligh on tse iues. goofor em. t's swch grs temil maynd. she's d onseris relationship fall apart, so why did she put herself through another seon of awkward rose cerenies we a goi to e soce t fi out >>reak witbradthe st thg i ntedhinkboutas gog on dat muclessoing throh th allver ain. >> "bachelorette" emily maynard on why she dided to ta the realy plge ain. >> iad smuchun o"the bachor" d i ll ilove at mes iwortit. it's procs i belve i vinghem,ou kw, kd of in mtownnd 'the ss, made it that much easier for me to see through some of these
7:44 pm
ys. >> heful, thself procimedood dge charter ll he beer lk thisime,lthoh shadmi s'alrey be surisedy so of e gu' actns. i d't sethe isod unl th airyou ow, th everybody else. some of the things i've seen espeallyetwe kal and so of e otr gu hav shked . >> sply y ha conctedn a uplef pots. wh pois? u wa to ke yr sht of rst? on e sh mony nit on c, t 26-ar-o motr le her girlfriends grl the guy and enjoys two one-oone tes, t s'tellg ushat e's allyooki for >> sebodthatakese lah. alsoike ys tt armore ee srit t al chestry n't exain.mee yoreal >> ao oner lt, aathe figure for her 6-year-old daughter, ricki. >> a cprome wod bee as dad a cef ithe mily >>e hang aaughr i' compmisedon't u thk? >> ion't e ithat y. >>t's a t tosk.
7:45 pm
i ve t coost 6ear-d girl in the world, so i think it's a bonus. >> wl emy fi thean o thr drms? >>ou he toait d se >> allightguysloloone' sttlintweeaboutim bow.
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>>asonenne in w yo ci witmoree! ns." moe auencewilloon e zaefroand coleidmago whe nocreeduo s go bere, t asan gse, eir much buzzed about scene, is it al? we'llet tthatn a mite. but d a ir ohighrofi ateteso on virn da? her'so te, sfals >> y telme w's sile a you tell me who you can get in contact with because'm serious. >>lymp tra staloloones ma heaineshen e adtted she's virg. s shbeenet uwithim tew? 's soalse matcakinthe vout chstia haseen hot pic. and reportedly his new york jets teammates teased him about
7:49 pm
it. stery, s tooto t twe chinwither rpons is eie mphy tingocsi diaz? that's so maybe. out for a casual coffee run yesterday, the 51-year-old actor d 28ear-d ho wercaug holdg has buwords th stopd afr reizinthey wereeingnapp, alough ede's rehad comnt, a urceellse! ns" e retionip iveryew b predicts it will be short-lived. >> i'm definitely enjoying cup'playoundf giines >> ijennmccahy fally adttinshe's tihica bearrianrlacr? i'so te. a p fothe -yeaold ond beauty confirms to "e! news," they're an item. the two were out together last nighgettg co at nny's chary evt inhica. we hr th tipery ll. iseiranighey eaged rep r thbrith acess
7:50 pm
coirmso "enews it's true the 27-year-old's new fiance is mucianamesight whohe stted tingast ar. tailabouthe ddinhave nobeenevead. e tobradand sele pectg thr send cld togeer? 're n surabouit. repos ha beefuelg th rumor, claiming the supermodel is two months pregnant and word isashi insers o drs her eves ha noted chans toer by. d nile kman ke z efr gry ile rkinon tir movie "the paperboy" but she did get toee ohim. >>he wt foit a we ok verseris. >>ac a macgraytar the vie. >> she didn't actually pee on me. on camer at ast. r thfirstakethenhe r
7:51 pm
ou >> idrieup. >> s di'actuly p-- >> ds z'otheco-sr, mattw mcnaugy, gfull frontal on "the paperboy"? he ds gouck-ked dictoree diel's vie. >> ias ting up at e. i s li, wah th. th areehinmy bk an he's, like, you're not, and i'm, like, yes i am. >> h, guys, i herat t wiows uchseen eaki do cans' mosbuzz abo stes. firsof a, weave ane krer lkingorges inhe slky suin wnvivine wewooda peect fit around her waist, shows off h hoglasfigu. shreal kepher welr nimawhicis iorta in a ess ke ts. ittandout,he snds t. lookstunng hd tooe. ounextresss a g drs on a ttleirl.
7:52 pm
eva longoria wore this gorgeous, dreamy maresa gown. it's er t toput ireal iserfe forer. gos li thican ke pite won lo smaer, t th oporons e ju rig and iteallstrehed r ou e acallyaid at ts dress was light and easy to maneuver in so good pick on at, a. of crse,omeby hato g estiableith outt. havkrisn start arin lencga pts. ey'reery gh fhionsupe tre rig nowecau it's a bright floral print, but with is jacket and these black shs, 'sorr sheeallis just somero ay fm lookg li sh'in aariai nd. ol ne up,e ha somne w di't lo so bulo iher dress. ansalm thenly ing can sewhen looat ts piure
7:53 pm
ishell yo' in nnesyou d'haveo sh offour n. knoboobare grea accessory, but it looked like this dress need stps thold r up stra wou havbeenette ta abo monhromic. ok dn he. e stted th be shs, en s has bludres she has bluelutc sheas a blue necklace, and she has blue eye shadow. soy, sma, t dog itor . may a tgh ctic,ut at inothg coaredo th"fason pice. ok awhatappe witwhen pat ahamnvad theet. if hurts, sit in a dress like that. it's l beautiful when you and butou s dowand i'like >> do'haveo mu of at probm beuse have lotf cushn. >> hlo! >>'ve g -- yo' prey sl. i ha a bger tt tn yo >>houlwe da bu-off
7:54 pm
>> how dare you challenge me. >>ome . >>his theomenof m li. i'll d hap. >>ne, o, t and hal on twothre fou--. kel is tin d yocan e mo whe as pole" as toght 10:0on!. and coming up on "e! news," the video thatill ke you wis yowere5 anas hpy athis ki
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♪t's be a lg, hd ri, goa wa to , buthiss still the place ♪ >> in honor of memorial day weend,hat's erksentl's paiotisong"hom" knowost oplehinkrazy saucis aondint b tonht we a serng ias aain course, from geeks gone wild to a lebry ch souing f abt hesexuity,att s it
7:58 pm
vere annis ding womarigh now. >>ood two'anne burrell outed by another food tworstarted len. shsaidhe t arerien and r retionip iwellnown inndusy cile the silver fox cuts off the british woman known as the human rbiedue heruinns rld cordtandg fothe mostlast surries e shker nt dn th wee "anrsonduri an chan abougettg trtmen forer dauger. >> i would prefer to oversee my dahte's botox thanave r undgrou finng aoodo tch ctorr geing off the tern. >> iave thinmoreo ta to y a. i goa beones i y toe pote tall guests.
7:59 pm
i just think you'rereadful and don't nt ttalko yo anyme. in e cagoryf mecine >> ts 15ear-d ja andka frea outeari theews 's won e grd pre of75,0 athe iel iernaonal iencand gineing ir. the gh soolehas velod a faer w andore fecte te to tectancreatic caer. check out one judge's reaction en jk sptanesly gged r. e te scitisteliv the mome tod on n. >> ias sexcid. i waamaz. >> iave'seenomeo tha excid sie giianaot h new hair weave. remember that? >>hat!ason was allyxcit. i'm gog toill u. thinour dio breing up.


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