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tv   E News  ENT  May 26, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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hmhmh@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@ th is ! sarday heudg'firsdaob exples icontvers dishe ke areakr stm off e sta? washe ly tli news news? >> and kim nd kye's d.a. but ich ar dppedig bks onis bng f hisirl? d wait h wayf ayin andew dailsbouthen tying the north. they are >> and ace andiansteathe otlit. wilyou arrye? hearwarmng le sty. >> fe coinueto bng u backogetr. >> t fir of ing lo's boyfriend. details about the girl's big coup. >> a wil anden iblacare >> lite te buiin excise >> sdenla phosopr.
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>>uliahuff on the moment she thought sea crest w popng the esti. >> a oneho ss sang the ughe thi of r li. >>his "e!ews. >> 'buzzg abt th one 20 reareas shealkeout on aitio. i'm ulia ranc jo by jan keedy. let's veht io he disappearing act. >> her first day on the job quicy spledeut of d shpauliva's ve b h@ h@h@h@h@h@h@ bh@ ctor werinsi tnkrwin ceer eitemt fr he stinexasrowdound aonfint wk anqu
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readto bin h first our siderepos ritn ben wi a b ban boo whe she d nowantonteants brney emed reserved to criticize. tweeng tas h a l of h@iobuh@ wah@h@h@ a mh@h@h@h@h@h@ wderi if e nejuh@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@
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simon at t judge's tae. mih@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@
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esegulars although it's
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ssib oner bo acts uld pearo wraup tir storine d brn day james who ayedpwruya's sban frf ee oyouravore nl hn ndove to rsuehere dirtion drms i so what happens now >> fox tells rnn so wayr anher. somimeseoplthinthat w' perct. and we know we're not perfect at all. >> allf ka per's imrfecons iludi her faed ngee sselbranwill fturein a.v.d"parof me." >>aty ir we was on "ellen" expin w. i tnk 'partf thidea thato aceve ur dam y haveo be flalessr li in fanty wod. at's y i cideto p erytng ithe film and in the most tasteful way. >> cing up
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theew fale tebo she vealthe rdleto sting virn anwhy e's stl sile aall. i e to n or pele i retionips. "maxim"? >> and the amazing way to lose weht ibed. >> a fir -- >>'m wiing al b. howill ith lks t sam yea aft theirst11 blac7 c1c13
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sellg moes. i'seand don't t to mpla abo. noing >>e mied y. >> i know, first time back in a minute. being withhe fily,orki wi wilw's thg an d da's sho hey e rey fodaddto o wo now headack >> flow en ils stepped out with their fans. >> and girls, we disvered who istilln th mart. >> thoht y wertake o.h@ areou hpilyh@
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ingl >> y. whaabyou? >> y. >> id cl su singer has a negig t shes h thohts oner rlacents. >>re y roong or di oundritn? >>f cose. wishhem e be of ck. >> havno ia wh thinew chapter is going to be like, so i'm just sort of going flow with wh com, yoknow >> n momatal poran m beetti eadyo giyup. she's okinat "jane got a gun." her arm en h outw huand ts aackeby aang. sheas lite so bir anhad lot pow comg ouof tt lile by of her >> kin costner gave a whiey hoton herunal >> do'real wat my vieshen ey ce on television but i watched her and our introduory scene. she s ju darng tme. u kn, i dn't e blk or whit i st s thielegt won.
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>>ookso co. the n inhe cl, butif sht. >>ime avelack the roing 20's with leonardo dicaio a oths. the st rail forhe 3 taken thgreagas bs he. and e ca is okinsupe stish tir rro cthes >> i'm back to see you. >>ou wl ha to it uil chstmaday seehe fm abouthisealt busessm to win back his love. >>r. gas bi? >>ot n. >>re y allight yes >> cing -- lianuff's t.i. aut h hotock ages- an admits ryan seaest ook r p wi thafake opos on levion. >>nd irew717 c c13
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the french riv areaa, anything is possle, en audde gagent. rue,oshujackn ju pusomeajorlingn hi gifrie je krger. havmorerom the mediterranean shor >> did a magical night imona d end ian eghenenga insaty firseverightin maco dinn, anthe ond auty walk awawithome riou rdwa. ey rsed re tn $7,000 fochary. buit w the 45 blionid far necklace. it won him 11.7 carrots of white amon et ithiseckle r hilovend hwas
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s loing r n engeme gift. jo's reps insist he everaid ythi abo an gagent ft. rns t th areot t oy ca coue unr th crospe. rd ialec balced nn mht ope with this actress. he ade ans stain eope afteshoong h kans cumeary d oulde tyg e noh wi hisutie terwds. he ys e're dlini mmen on e speculation. >> kristen stewart and rob pattson re icceprabb. ronce clely ithe r. and got sayans uple were eati up erywre. kim kardashian and kye west re a smis ashey eppe f thyachand adedo th film coolumme" kiwas nd ihandith r man d ev shad ts affeiona mt whe kae gently brushes kim's hair from her ce, t th sav the passnate.d.afor ler wn
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cames caht tm inhis sur se mt. >>e rely tly he noate. aft sev yea andix kids -- >> something that made sense to us. a weddg anime on. anlinand bd arbest frnds,ut dpiteumor the weing n't gog do thi summ. >> datwiseit's sotely a rumor. >> he rivefor e nemovi "klinghem ftly >> b we scoved tre's stilone ing andi in e upl'ay. we'retillopinwe fure out our marriage equality in the ateseforthatappe. whatype f day doou thinhe'llnake >>e's a ry cm an pcefu pers, so relon h foro mu. >>hey e nothe oud daughter maxwell. parents of by he they finly nled wn a da to y, i d >> t nupals o orake ple on 112-22, b ooh soce tls " new the was noate se we'llee itheyave me. >> 'alwa gooto da sh witht myamiland h@
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frnds,ecau fir o i'just heach co of l, iike d my wn tng. >>ob kdashn tas abt joing "the choice" a adms he d noturn hisiste reiginis h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@eranh@
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didelengomeland in 50 shades of gray? bushe d 5 . orou
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frt off me s ey aretari deeinto ne ' d inere. >> i jas kendy aaid heigs? thanks to juliana, after the faed aemptt thlog chalnge,hey vitejaso o thopeng ofhe n lif and lancspa tson,rizo seef heouldo it himself. >> be careful, jason. >> good job, jason! yea od j, jan. tosdangous rt dn't haen uil t disunt. [lghte >> o >> despite almost hitting his he, keedy w a gat srt. >> >>ood b, jon. >> nt ti wcomeut, will dot. >>es. this is a lot like life. the first step is hard, butt's alabougettg tohe e of
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the ne. >> w. 10inut andou'rell oa suen ahilopher >>ll rht bber ans,e's gog ba on ur. justin's "believe" tour will hit er 5 north american cities sttinghe 2h. cketaleshoulalsoe hoing r thupcong sicamovi"rocof as." i und up getting a gift when i stopped boy celebrate her bihday. her ebroraisg sce abt wither d mrtom uise fir this fit. wha nf of courh@anyo que thdancnumb witmr. lrea. tocrui >> o my sh! >> wt cayou ll mabou is tha knowher'somehingyou can't say. but -- >> that scene may put us over e ed to r-red mie. thai's
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t i love the nervous energy.h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@soh@al ch@h@ h's telme aut t fir tim yomet t. >>e rely lks y in e eyes heidn't loome ithe es h okedhrou my ce a sou >> he said to my agent and the header was "i'm in ove th tsebuh@h@ 'h@h@ he's gry. 's be on et, d the's gelemacoh@ h@h@h@ h@, d weuild gre h@ iendip
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>> wt peenta of is mie e yo sinng a danng i >> gue eve sce i'm in, i'm siing d daing. ok. wellyou n diancend a and ng. what a way to celebrate. happy birthday to you. >> what is this? >> i wted be fici. >>i ow rn's wahing wel th'why' c1717 c h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@ h@h@h@h@h@h@
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h@ wl, tt's whi'm7 c c17
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>>till headolymc hoie lo -ljone hostayg a rginas bn the toughest challenge of her life. and why steeve colbe land on th lisof t wor's mo beauful men. le'be hest even coert uld ke o sex dy. nowne ctmemr wh doe'get muc publicity as john hamm but should be one in r ow rit >>t's san. >> mh beer tn weing trt. >>his -yeaold s fhion and a surprising tas forll thin vinge. >> hlo, eethrt. >> hather. >>er mher ll bbackor hein t mning >> iis fday rnin it'sebeenn awesome part of my life. >> get lotf pele sing th sal kd ofesemed thr chdhooin ls ofays. >>he h ondewith
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34ear-d jaary nes o playher m. >> i lovher fashion and style. soe gealonreal wel and talkg abt faion th h is f. he iintoetroashi. i aays ved ntag ut i thinmadmen insred me to go out an shop. placlots whe th get t of heirardres a ops. remi me lot theet, hn hamm and jay ferguson and they are always playing dominoes. i thk we n sesalaly aper wringhis the futu. >> oen t tagill ripd out but sometimes you will find a piece like this and see that this piece is ctuay emio futuy. hakercefs. w. ju whi glos. lookt th. th's aming. >> this is definitely a one of a kind now. i'm going encragey moto buthisor m >> s hasot areat-
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>> y're tlinge. >>'m a cky n. >>hereid y guy meet? >> we auditioned for step up 3-d,nd iidn't t th r, t i s ju smien bher. s'd th nealt jt shes. d the yes lar, bped intoer a staed hging ut and built a friendship, and here we are. >> here's the show room for ablo andainend h le. >>his tailfor 9. th retls f $99 >> ok, kellen, show me the guy stuff. >> lovhoods antherls, i rlly ntedo ingrat thmal to t hoo hich mas th com. l'go tthe rn oswit. >> the "twilight" vamp ao del th ke upn. yo', li, i'm ing o trto me ouwith lot ond. >> cing p, t cra wayo lose weight in bed. >> and ho w shuout717 c c13
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. thean evatesing sid >> lelifthilet th foureaso hot. >> you're going to lift your bottom leg up. amazing for your inner a out thig. you'relso gagi youabs. i'real theotalody excise thiss rerse youill el ts inour butt and ham strings. added bonus? you can do ts wi on e phon peoe thk caio mns y haveo mo youlegs buau ijusteansou he to mo youhear >>his rks re tn yo ms and shoulders. >> the great thing about your exercise iyou n dot while y' wating . u caburnalors anyou ha somhingore t oft.
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>>hat e yowearg toght? >> >> sa miele elerockea bold gown theolden globes, and e's not the onlone gginthe end. >>iley wasappybout h ink bl min >> and we're showing you how to inrpore incpora the. >> t inklottg trd in yo outt. >>his ouses unr $2 i's worth trying out. >> i would suggest pairing the lookith rk bck snny jes. agai reay emasizg th ouses thmainspec >> thesay obe ep t jewey an jewel -the welr mpleo eallbrinout e blou. >> ain, ay ntralith e st oyourtire >> i'm loving the oxford-style oty theotto becae th arerownthe ffert she rely hps t pl up e brn anwhit
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ink-otteleggg. >> wle athe ungee tu a summer maxy dress into a winr ensele. cur gir shod no be apare ofhe inklottg ok. re i ncorrateblacand whit >> the dress from madison plus willost t throos istle wi helhidehe probm ars. >> gahea ace d dia's chge opart >>marrge hpensit happens. >> what they said just a month7 c17 c17 c1717 c
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h@h@h@h@ h@h@h@h@h@ jt a nth717 c c1717 c >>hill! film phipps! >> i was so shocked. stilcan't lievit rht no >> iove m. phiip pllip ireacng to h hugidolvicty. somedy kd ofstolhis spligh >> ty roed the finale with a surprise proposal. but wait uil y th' nak
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trutbehi the romce. insi the lovstor >> wl yo mry m we're going to do together. >> when i met up wh thcoup atheir.a. me, was ight difrenttory >> i cldrehapp, chdren ppen marage ns marage happs. we d't ne rin to ove love each other. >>ut t rinfeates ane rrotente tonend t sid amon. thejustontiouslkept s ba togher er ingi d ov. season three and he was the fth. t th wercastogetr in e brdwayeviv of e musil "hr." >>oinghingin fnt oeach othethat weeverid bore like disrobing. >> so you guys saw eacothe ked foreou srtedatin >> y. >> saii'd li to t he, anif y do'liket he, w' fige itut. buall e whe iny he, i'm saying why would she
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want to go awherelse >> iot oy eny beg aund m souch d i re f him i'pret aweme. >>irl ir trl. girl hair twirl. [laughter] >> he's blushing. >> a rig guy th'goin too t fome he at0 ro inew yk. wil sco. f biweekd. >>as tt rely wrd stt? yes. >> that's so exciting. >> y. >> don't forget to tunin morr for newunda edion "e!ews eken and r brd-ne nterew wh ro d krtin. nor memial y, he's "wcomee ho." it's e's ry own michele penn ♪
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