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tv   E News  ENT  May 30, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> bruce: my son brandon, he writes, he sings. >> bruce: if you got this music company, wouldn't you start with somebody in your family? now here it is my side of the family, she's hesitant. >> bieber accused of battery. >> this is "e! news." >> the star loses his cool and his shoe. how his alleged altercation now has the cops hot on his trail. is that the reason why he suddenly left for europe? >> selena, gwen, and gavin. plus, details on jessica's star-studded engagement party. >> beyonce's triumphant return to the stage. her secret to that hot post baby bod. and a love triangle in vegas. >> this situation definitely pulls out the crazy in people.
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>> plus, why her man rob is jealous. >> master chef gordon ram say carted off in a stretcher. and who kim k. is accusing of ripping her off. >> plus, the po-po issues an arrest for the cam. this is "e! news." >> oh, yeah, bieber going ballistic on a photographer. >> did he fly into a violent fit of rage, then flee the country? >> hi, guys. >> so where in the world is justin bieber? >> we are uncovering what really caused the singer to snap. >> justin bieber punched him. you saw who justin bieber
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punched? >> yeah. >> bieber gets accuse of giving the paparazzi beatdown and here's what we know-- j.b. and g.f. selena gomez were trying to celebrate a memorial day weekend in calabasas. this photog named bruja was blocking bieber's car as he was trying to leave. the biebs got out of his car, confronted the man and then something happened to cause bieber to lose a sneaker and his hat and selena to lose her cell phone. >> we don't have her phone. why would we take her phone? >> he couldn't get out because of that curve. he went over the curb. he got out of parking this way.
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and then he was right here and then boom, he just punched him against the car. >> moments later the alleged victim calls 911. but when cops arrived justin and selena were gone. the camera man claimed he was physically battered by the singer and he complained of pain and requested medical attention. bruja was take on the a hospital and later released. he named justin as the guy behind the alleged crime. >> ironically the day before, a fierce bieber was behind a punching bag being trained by iron mike tyson. he posted the video on twitter. >> detectives want a word to justin, selena or any other witnesses but that may be difficult seeing that he high tailed out of the country.
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calls to both bieber's and selena's camps went unanswered. >> oh, god, a lot of opinions surrounding that story. i have to say, justin bieber is arguably one of the most famous young stars in the world. he's just trying to enjoy his weekend. i can see why he could get so angry. >> he wants to be a kid clearly. i don't condone violence but these photogs will try to get a photograph. that's like stalking. >> you go, jason, wow. >> that's my two cents but we want your reaction. so hit us up on twitter at that. >> you know gordon ramsay? >> yeah. >> he's no stranger to explosive confrontations but after this
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weekend, the paparazzi are the least of his worries. >> the chef is more concerned with a soccer players out for blood because somebody basically tried to bend him look beckham. >> that doesn't look appetizing. he's using fine cuisine but chef gordon ramsay ate grass after being injured at a charity game to benefit unicef. he got a friendly slap from the face before being removed, given oxygen and take on the thopt. gordon injured his back but thankfully he's out now and there wasn't any long-term damage. will ferrell also sustained a leg injury at the supposedly friendly charity event which featured james mcavoy and gerard butler. >> apparently, they don't know to get to their cars. >> howie mandel was on hand sunday at the indianapolis 500.
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other celebrity car enthusiasts included eve, derek hough and maria menounos. ashley judd watched her husband earn his third victory. >> on the west coast, it was the place to be. gwen stefani and gavin were there and their son hit the bounce house with tobey maguire's daughter ruby. kate beckinsale looked lovely kicking off summer in all white. and selena arrived solo. >> i'm looking for kay. he smiles like this. >> "men in black 3," took down those record-breaking
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superheroes in the top spot. "marvel's the avenger's" comes in at two. and at three, "battleship." and at four "the dictator." >> and at number five, "dark shadows." >> while she admits to punching her co-star in the face, kristen swears she's not a crazy diva. you have so much going on right now. you're one of those in-demand young actresses in hollywood. how do you stay so grounded? >> i'm super challenged and satisfied. >> kristin stewart sharing her simple secret to make it big in hollywood, focus on work and nothing else. >> the situation definitely pulls out the crazy in people. but in any job you choose, if i
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was going to be a nut case, i would be a nut case doing you would love to do without the cameras? >> i do whatever i want. >> kristen is back on the big screen in "snow white and the huntsman" playing the ivings conk fairy-tale princess with a tough edge. >> i got to see the movie last night. it is fantastic. when you first heard snow white and the hunts men. what was the first thing that came to your mind? >> did you read "snow white"? >> no. >> it wasn't something i was connected to.
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>> charlize theron co-stars with her. >> you got a bit of a black eye. >> it's a funny thing. it's turned into this proud story of glory because i mean, he's enormous. >> was that your first punch ever? >> in the face. i had never punched anyone in the face. >> what was it like working with charlize theron? >> she is like a cinder block. anything she's doing. she blows your hair back when she walks in through. >> coming up, kristin's real-life leading man. is r-pats jealous of her leading man?
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plus, adriana hooking up with another bad boy. britney's fiance gets intimate. his personal message for his bride-to-be. >> then, prince william's emotional confession about his mother.
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>> "e! news" is back. and we are blowing the lid of j.t. and jessica's super exclusive party. >> i'm about to run down the star-studded guest list but first a "sex and the city" surprise. terry bradshaw's bff just got hitched.
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"sex and the city"'s cynthia nixon has married her long-time fiancee. the pair tied the knot on sunday. three years after getting engaged to support same-sex marriage. she wore a custom dress. the couple has been dating since 2004 and have one son together. cynthia has two kids from a cynthia's former co-star kim previous relationship. >> cattrall has a new man in her life. the 55-year-old actress is dating 60-year-old visual clifford ross who she first stepped out with several months. kim has been married three times and clifford is currently divorcing his wife. >> sounds like rihanna may have found love. the 24-year-old has been seeing j.r. smith, from the new york knicks. she was definitely hanging out with the tatted up b-baller over
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memorial day weekend after smith was arrested but then released for an outstanding bench warrant. a referee could not be reached for comment. >> we're just very good friends. peta murtroid denies tangling off camera with maxim chmerkovskiy. the aussie celebrated with the ukrainian over the holiday. coco showed off her killer curves in an itsy-bitsy two-piece. jessica biel and justin timberlake held their bash last saturday.
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about 100 people attended. and then there was a deejay and justin and jessica then got on the dance floor. >> so when's the big day? a source tells e! news they'll tie the knot in september. >> sarah knightly showing off her new bling. they were spotted locking lips and walking hand in hand. detailings on their wedding plans have yet to be revealed. >> isaac lamb and his fiancee stopped by the "today" show on how their instant lived up proposal became an proposal. >> i got a note from poland
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saying i just want to let you know that you made me believe in love again. >> the singer tweet his congrats after the video went viral. >> kim kardashian faces another airport disaster. what she says was stolen from her. that's next.
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>> hey, guy, we are back with more "e! news." jason, have you heard the very latest about tpwhrith and her fiance this intimate video? >> are you talking about a sex
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tape? >> no, worst. a lovey dovey air kissing. >> here's kim saddler. >> did kim kardashian have another airport scuffle when returning from cannes? this is so false. her issue is with the airlines. upon returning home from france where she was supporting her man. very disappointed in british airways for taking some special items of mine. some things are sentimental and not replaceable. no. >> did prince williams almost cry when thinking about his late mother not being there? >> this is true. i sort of prepared myself before hand so i was mentally prepared. i didn't want any wobbling lips. it's the one time since she died where i thought to myself it will be fantastic if she was here and just how sad really for
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her not being able to see it because i think she-- she would have loved the day and hopefully she would be so proud of us both for the day. i'm just very sad that she's never going to get to meet kate. >> see the interview with katie couric tonight on abc. >> did "american idol" winner phillip phillips just have surgery? this is so false. his girlfriend handa blackwell tweeted this happy picture backstage with her man and steven tyler, clarified, phillips surgery is not tomorrow. thanks for your concern and respect. >> i'm feeling good. i've got great doctors that have been working with me. >> does jason trawick do naughty things? >> this is so false. but he is posting video blogs to the "x-factor" judge on his
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account. >> princess, you completed that first week on "x-factor." i just want to say i'm proud of you and i love you so much. congratulations. get back in here so we can go to sleep. >> "today" show's co-host matt lauer is known for traveling the globe but would he rather just be home? this is so true. >> we're a bit of home bodies. we go to bed early. and it's a pretty wholesome lifestyle. that lifestyle includes toasting with his friends on this magazine cover. >> speaking of the hamptons for years, the lack of quality zip line, you know what i mean, tom? suffer no more because carter easter houseen is swinging his way into one of the most impressive cribs. this place is nuts. watch. >> a mansion of massive
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proportions. 14 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms spread out over 19,000 square feet. he is giving us a tour of the incredible bridge hampton home known as the sand cass. right now we're in the foyer which is about 100 square feet. the gorgeous chandelier. and it comes down so they can clean it. >> again, you can see how expansive this space is. tall furniture, high end. >> it's surprisingly cozy even with all the uber-expensive decor. >> you can see the floor right away. now, this was flown in from italy. it's all hand-crafted. all custom-made. the closet is a whopping 1,000 square feet. >> all custom-made cabinetry.
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>> it's almost like a library. >> they found enough to cover the bathroom, too. >> all of the flooring in here is onyx. and all the onyx in here is about $150,000 to $200,000. this is the finest marble. >> another impressive room in the house featured on hgtv is all about having fun. >> they have two bowling lanes. you have a whole bowling alley. more tv screens on top. you have a bar back here. not to mention a rock climbing wall. skateboarding half pipes and outside there's a tree house with a zip line. >> whoo-hoo! >> tomorrow on "e! news"... kristin stewart returns to the u.s. her red carpet confession from the l.a. premiere of "snow white and the huntsmen" and how rob is
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dealing with her growing fame. >> it's like the weirdest thing. >> jennifer lopez and marc anthony steamy reunion in vegas. so where's her beau. >> i grew up with my brother in a creek.
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>> beyonce's 60-pound slider. how she got her body back after baby. and j.lo and her guy have a late night rendezvous. >> it's the most nerve wrecking thing i've done in years. >> plus, reese, diane, nicole. >> celebs busted for criminal couture in france. >> and giuliana finally gets the call she's been waiting for. >> that is a great dance. >> i've got moves. what can i say? it's my happy dance. >> if beyonce can come back with a totally amaze balls body, then i have to say girls really do run the wall. >> sasha got her fierce back in front of a packed house that included three of her most high profile fans. >> and in new mom made a public
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confession about how she dropped her baby weight. kat's got the story. >> cue the return of sasha fierce. >> ♪h >> beyonce rocked the stage with her banging post-baby bod during a major memorial day weekend concert in atlantic city proving she's back and better than ever. from the short sparkly dress, the hot pink heels, the new mom worked her famously fierce, booty shaking hair-tossing moves within five months of having her baby ivy blue. and the fans got a chance to look at the baby. during one of her shows beyonce let the audience in on her hot bod secrets. the singer told her fans they had no idea how hard she worked to get in shape, saying she had
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to shed 60 pounds. so she jumped on the treadmill and ate lettuce. >> jennifer lopez and mark anthony hugged it out at the "q'viva" concert. j.lo arrived with b.f. casper smart but posed solo on the carpet at the bellagio. inside the vegas nightclub," jenny from the block" blew the packed place. casper remained by her side while she sang along by her song and wished fans a happy memorial day. >> happy memorial day! have a good time!
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>> there's no denying two of the music industry's sexy women seriously heated up the weekend. so we asked you on our e! online poll, who's got the hotter body. it was close, but most of you say j.lo. >> controversy in lady gaga's the june 3rd concert. the cancelation of the show was confirmed at a news conference after threats of violence and rebellion in the mostly muslim country became too much. she tweeted her apologies. i'm so very sorry to the fans. i'm just as devastated as you, if not more. you are everything to me. >> ♪ e >> more hot shows are coming your way this summer. country's biggest names hit up the cma music festival. that same weekend in tennessee-- radiohead is headlining the bonn
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radio music arts festival, musicians will be entertaining 20,000 people. johning the lineup that includes the legendary aretha franklin. >> there are really cool things lala palooza. and that's in my hometown, chicago. the foo fighter, norah jones, the iconic stevie wonder and fun will be at the music art festival. there's h. 20, bama jam and watershed in seattle and pennsylvania has the mix scape. >> misty may treanor digging for
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another metal. ashlan joins us with more on this. >> despite a dancing injury that kept her off the beach. mystery says she's wants to return to the ballroom. and find out why this olympics will be her last. >> i thought after 2008, i thought i was going to be done and i got on "dancing with the stars" and tore my achilles tendon. so, you know, that set me back a year. i would do it all over again. >> misty may trainor has her eye on a third and final gold metal with partner kerry walsh. >> this is my last olympics. i told her we want to go in a plays of glory. i'm putting my brakes on. i want to have a family. >> i would put it it on yours
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and your husband. >> thank you. >> misty's husband is matt treanor with the los angeles dodger. >> you do have a beautiful figure. i'm assuming how much is volleyball-- how much is volleyball a tribute to your fabulous physique? >> we've got to run, we've got the lift weights. we've got to fit in our itty-bitty bikinis. how do you stay in the bathing suits. because when i play beach volleyball, i dig and something pops out. >> it's more here. we always get our suits specially made for us. if it doesn't stay in, then i have to go back and make sure it does. >> she's promoting the education effort took the time to school me literally in the art of volleyball. >> see, i was a little-- >> yeah!
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>> i was impressed. >> you've played before? >> i did. i did. it has to do something twg height. >> and mystery gave you this. >> thanks for peppering me-- >> i know. dream in gold. >> peppering is when you do the bump, set, spike. >> you look beach-body ready. >> thank you. i'm working on it. getting the guns out. thanks, misty. i'm really going to play with her at the beach. >> i'm a stalker. >> coming up, the way david beckham shows his love for his baby girl. plus, the a-list ladies go ultra glam in france.
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>> hello, friends. welcome back. we've got some breaking stories into the newsroom of and for that we go up to ken baker. what's happening, kenny? >> anthony boudain is traveling. and he will be hosting a new show on cnn. the series to be shot on location will examine cultures through their food, dining and traveling rituals. jennifer hudson will perform on the bostons pop fireworks spectacular hosted by michael chickelet. it will be aired at 10:00 p.m. eastern on cbs. gwen stefani is getting the band back together. no doubt will perform at the teen choice awards. and she said "playing our new music live is heaven on earth." the teen choice awards airs live on fox july 22nd.
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>> you can put those posters up. >> i already did. >> it's time for our nicky reid exclusive. we're finding out if the "twilight" star and her hubby will be making-- >> it was a two-week rule. and now it's just-- it's not-- we're just not spending any time apart. >> nicky reid and paul mcdonald are virtually in accept rabble. he had to go on tour for "american idol." it was like a four-month tour and it was really painful because no one by the "idol"s were allowed on the buses. and it was really hard on us. and we just decided if we don't have to, let's just not do it. >> shortly after they were married in october of last year, the couple released a song together. as for future collaborations-- >> i think we might release an e.p. with some stuff that we wrote together and we sing together. but it's less duety and it's
12:41 pm
more me singing on top of him. >> nicky and her "twilight" co-stars are gearing up for "breaking dawn 2." >> i love all of them. >> but their twitter was packed. met a girl at coachella who asked me to give a letter to rob. i will if his bodyguards let me. >> there was some tension between them-- and it was like-- that's so not the case, and we are all friends. those things really hurt me. >> we are exclusively on the set of nicky's latest movie. co-starring jeff bakula. >> i came in and i had all this facial hair. let's do a beard. let's do a real, you know, a real psychiatrist beard. so we like did this stupid thing. of course, i wasn't thinking that i would have to keep it for the next five weeks. >> how does his faply like the look? >> not so much.
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>> speaking of family, we broke news that his former co-star brian austin green is having a baby with megan fox. >> i'm going to send him a text right now. that's very exciting. >> everybody knows that breaking into show business is not easy. alicia quarrels discovered a new program that's helping to open doors which is a really good thing because sometimes even an industry pro like alicia needs a little help getting those doors open. i'm serious. watch. >> hi, guys. >> hello. >> hey, look at this nice welcome. >> last session on becoming a student of the day at the production. >> what exactly is it? >> we provide them with four weeks of skills training and one week of on the job. >> one of our lessons the correct way to open and close ea
12:43 pm
stage door which isn't as easy as it looks. >> okay. i need some help. >> when you get there, bang. >> it's entry level skills. >> a lot of it is also about how to play the game. >> politics. the politics of it. and also sort of the rules, the very unique rules of production. >> i was there for a mottet commercial shoot. my official position is mock-up. >> you're going to ask the citizens of new york to wait maybe a minute or two so that they don't wath walk into the shot. >> before taking my post, i got a vip tour of the grounds. >> this is the biggest stage either of los angeles. this is 27,000 square feet. 45 clear to the grid. >> what notable shows were shot here? >> "enchanted" starring amy adams. >> and we saw "girls" shooting here now. >> you don't necessarily think of new york.
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but they have it wrong. new york is really big in television right now. there's a record number of tv shows shot here. >> all right. time to work. >> how do you feel about alicia doing lock-up right here? >> that's fine. >> i have to help people from crossing the street. >> lock it up. lock it up all around. >> killing time, waiting for some offender. i see one coming. i'm ready. can i ask you to cross at a different intersection maybe go around? >> i can go that way. >> i get an a for p.a. >> coming up, why nicole kidman's future terrifies her husband keith urban. plus, giuliana and bill enjoy a little r&r, but will a phone call change their lives?
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>> hey, guys, giuliana and jason back with some more "e! news." we all applaud robert pattinson with his decision to quit smoking.
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but he is getting personal about his soaring stress level and what made him jealous of his girlfriend kristin stewart? >> the most nerve wrecking thing i've done in years. >> no, robert pattinson isn't dishing about his cannes kiss-a-on this scream a packed house, which included kristin. >> i was so freaked out. i just gave up smoking. r-patz play as billionaire in the thriller and he was a bit jealous of k-stew because she found out that his movie made the cannes cut before his. >> kris found out before. it's not fair. >> also, not fair, to have this much star power at a cannes premiere. a pregnant reese witherspoon and matthew mcconaughey celebrated
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the rollout of their movie "mud." >> film is a coming of age story set on the mississippi river. >> i grew up with my brother in a creek on a dirt bike, riding around, doing motocross and down in the dirt fishing and everything like that in tennessee. it just felt like home. >> the glamour feels tinful here. >> giuliana margliss represents l'oreal paris, which is celebrating 15 years of sponsoring cannes. >> i'm a mother. i'm a wife. i work on television working crazy hours. women can relate with someone who's trying to balance a million things at the same time and so really i take great care of myself. >> part of that car will never include a face lift. the natural beauty reveals it's no night for a "good wife" star. >> i actually think it makes me
12:50 pm
colder. >> nicole kidman has her own makeup confession. in a scene that is yet to be released nicole portrays her in her golden years. and even freaked out keith urban. >> i feel like our whole life jumped ahead. >> i don't want to jump to that yet. >> well, you know, kim isn't just about films, it's also about style, duh. >> take a look at reese witherspoon. she may be dressing for two but when it comes to couture, mother definitely knows best. request the fashion police" had your mothers in the rivera. >> nicole kidman in the ralph lauren. with clive owen who cleaned up
12:51 pm
pretty well except for those side burns. >> she went chic dress which looked a little frumpy on the actress. reese witherspoon rocked her growing baby bump with one and two cannes look. she was glowing in a hot pink manolo blahnik sandals. her co-star was handsome even from behind. camila alves was flawless in a marchesa draped tulle gown with embroidered bodies. >> she may have been wearing a more conservative looks but made up for it with plenty of bling. diane krueger in this haute couture number. we love diane's style but this
12:52 pm
gown may have been a bit over the top for the occasion. we were much bigger for him. >> andie mcdowell and her daughter posed together in strapless cream and bold sequined gowns. but it was andy's black giorgio armani number that had us ready to dial 911. go to e! online and check ott "fashion police" every friday right here on e!. >> it is the biggest cover since demi moore bare her pregnant belly. it is david beckham to grace the cover all by himself. >> ashlan is going behind the scenes as he dishes about his baby girl and his craziest fashion choice. >> over the years i've loved wearing great clothes an having a wife that's in fashion and push meg more to that side of things.
12:53 pm
but he makes the biggest fashion statement when he's only half-dressed. the tattooed soccer stud is soaking wet. >> to be asked to be on the cover. i've been a biggest thing. >> i still look back and think it was a great idea and it looked good. >> beck caused the sensation in 1998 upstaging his wife victoria in the july issue, the father of four says he tries to go out alone with the missus at least once a week and has an unusual way for showing his affection for baby harper. >> i love toe bite her legs and her shoulder. >> joe gives us an eyeful in "men's help u.k." his biceps, he coner fesses that they were a detriment. >> i was constantly told you
12:54 pm
were too healthy. now his pecks are everywhere, including on the cover. >> i never want to see those things again. the "what to expect when you're expecting" star, returns back to "true blood." >> he wants to suck my blood. >> must be thirsty. >> coming up... giuliana and bill's vacation comes to a screeching halt when they get a call from the woman carrying their child. the news they got about their baby. and here's what's on tap tomorrow. >> kim k. picks baby names for kourtney. >> i'm trying to go with m names because of mason.
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>> ♪ o
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>> that is "bottom of the river" by delta ray. >> you were singing along. >> you've got the giggles. >> what happens when a crucial phone call interrupts your cabo vacation with bill ransic? >> mine? >> yes. >> two things. major baby news and the new dance craze that is sweeping the nation. >> sorry their that. >> you want me to teach you? >> nope. >> baby ransic's arrival is still months away but g.'s mom is already convinced the bundle of joy will be adorable thanks to her good genes. >> uh-oh. don't get mama depandi mad. >> it will be the best-looking grandchild you've ever had. >> there are a few more doctors appointments that we're coming up where we're on pins an
12:59 pm
needles. >> they take a spa trip to mexico to help relieve their stress. >> we came to cabo. but that said, i've been texting with r.g.c. >> on "giuliana & bill", the couple gets a progress report from their gestational carrier. >> it sounds like everything's looking great. >> could be an nfl quarterback or a ceo of a fortune 500 company. >> whatever it is, it's doing really good. >> that's my happy dance. >> unfortunately, you won't be able to come can on this trip. i'll have to come with the boys. you'll have to be home with the kids. >> in that case, i'm signing off the paperwork to me. i am the guardian. >> tell him i'm totally in. i draw the line at a couples' massage.


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