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tv   E News  ENT  May 30, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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>> if you're in the l.a. area and want tickets to "chelsea lately," visit for info. [captioning made possible by comcast entertainment group] >> jessica simpson debuted baby maxwell to the world. >> this is "e! news." >> the star unveiled her heavenly creation and revealed she's already planning for another. >> she's not shy about having another little one. >> plus, new details on her wedding date. exclusive, inside kristin cavallari's adorable baby shower. the dirty games she played. >> when giuliana and bill reveal the sex of their baby. >> kristen stewart totally rocking at the premiere. >> how kate went from fashion challenge to red carpet queen. >> the biebs causing more chaos overseas. why police in norway had to get involved. >> a leading "private practice" star gets the axe. >> kim k's heartbreak.
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we reveal what she lost in the airline snafu. >> mary kate olsen hooking up with a famous frenchman? and barbara spotted with the flying tornado? couples scoop. it's your hookup to hollywood. this is "e! news." >> jessica simpson dropping a sibling shocker. wait until you hear her plans for baby number two. what's up, guys? i'm giuliana rancic. >> hi, guys, i'm jason kennedy. after introducing he the world to her beauty daughter, jessica mae be hurrying to have another. >> but is her next move an amazing wedding? the new mom is opening up about saying "i do." >> the one thing that totally freaks her out. >> meet maxwell. it's the first official pic of jessica simpson's adorable baby daughter. she's everything to me, both
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the proud mom who admits to "people" magazine, my life totally changed. she's my career at the moment. i'm the most aware i've ever been. >> this is the biggest dream come true for me. >> when maxwell was born, seeing everything happening through her fiance's face is a moment she'll never forget. he was holding her hand and mind and immediately we wanted that family bond. it was emotional. >> he's a very calm person, very peaceful person so i really rely on him for so much. >> jess says eric is the quickest diaper changer for the 3-week-old who arrived a healthy nine pounds and 13 ounces and earned the nickname moonface because she came out looking like the moon. amidst their baby bliss, there is one thing that scared the singer. >> jessica says googling parenting questions totally freaks her out so she's sworn off the internet and has turned to sister ashley and mom tina when she needs advice. >> jessica is juicing and eating simple meals and refraining from workouts until
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she recovers from a c-section. she is motivated to look great in a dress and she says when they do wed it will be the most amazing wedding of all time. >> they haven't set a date but would love to get married before the end of the year. and as far as expanding their family, she is excited about having another one and they won't wait too long. >> what do you think about jessica's little girl. #meetmax. like mother, like daughter, britney spears' shared a moment with her niece maddie who gave a shy, over-the-shoulder smile. >> sometimes it with a was a nightmare. there were many times i would be filming and texting my mom, don't ever let me do this again. i'm done with this because it's so stressful. >> despite the intensity of raising kids while cameras are rolling.
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the original stars of "teen mom" are back on mtv. >> showing we'll make it in the real world when they were thought wouldn't make it. >> with one of the stars in jail, she wasn't there when we sat with her but will see her in the new season. >> people need to stop bashing her. >> we have the special bond and want nothing but the best for amber. we just want her happy. >> moving to the u.k. where there's a whole lot going down. jessica alba is confessing her unsexy passion and prince harry is talking again and a star is helping herself to too much bubbly. london never looked lovelier. >> glamorous people. >> as famous femme floked inside and out of the grand slam our awards. >> the awards kept coming. jessica alba was named
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entrepreneur of the year by creating a chemical-free baby company. >> it's not sexy but is my passion. >> eva longoria won the award. sofia vergara won the comedy award. carly mine-- won the outstanding contribution award. >> thank so you much. >> lea michele took home u.s. tv actress. viola davis honored with the film actress prize and had a cure for her nerves. >> i've had three glasses of champagne. >> we learned jessica won't be raising a glass to the queen who is celebrating 60 years as monarch. >> you sticking around in the u.k. for the jubilee this weekend? >> i'm not. i'm actually heading to china and then new york. >> we're sure her majesty won't mind. she was hosting a garden party at buckingham palace for a mere 8,000 guests but was the duchess of cambridge who stole the show. kate attended her first garden party in a dazzling pink emilia
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wickstead dress who others pointed out it was the same dress she wore 11 days ago at another event. we say if it fits, wear it again and again. her husband william wanted to recycle this uniform for his wedding last year until the queen delivered a royal fashion edict. >> i wanted to wear the sport coat and we had a couple discussions and as i learned going out, you don't mess with your grandmother and what she says goes. >> we got more scoop, the jubilee queen with katie couric. >> i'm looking forward to a family in the future. >> is there anything you'd like to tell me? >> you won't get anything out of me. tight-lipped. >> for a lot of people, the first step in starting a family is finding a soul mate and then popping the question in style like this viral proposal we showed you guys yesterday. and the love birds are taking proposals to the next level. so guys, before you say "marry
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me" you better watch this for some inspiration. it's a scene right out of a movie. >> i know what they all want. >> it even has an exciting plot twist. >> they're all here to see this. >> are you for real? >> film director james hahn convinced his girlfriend they were shooting a short film but he had something else in mind. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> there had been a huge trend of these video proposals now. there was matt and jenny and he had his girlfriend taking off to the movies and he had a trailer inserted at the movie theater. >> a story about two people who find true love right around the corner. >> the trailer showed him asking his father-in-law for permission and he had a camera pointed at his bride to be to catch her emotional reaction. >> what are you waiting for? >> in the trailer you see matt
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racing to the theater and then surprises jenny in person and gets down on one knee. >> will you marry me? >> people are being amazingly special and unique, and then making sure for certain it is captured and becomes entertainment on youtube. >> carly ronie says the bar is definitely set high these day. jess had a mural made on the street properly placed so kate lynn couldn't miss it. >> logan organized a flash mob in central park before getting down on one knee for jenna and david and athena traveled the world together holding letters that would eventually spell out, we always knew but he had no idea what he had for store in montreal. >> what do you think? >> will you marry me? >> justin bieber set off an international panic. the dangerous conditions and how he could ignite a state of emergency. then a star from "private
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practice" leaves the hit show. we have the details behind the doctor drama. from grungy to glam. >> i like what i've worn recently. >> kristen stewart on her remarkable fashion transformation. mary-kate olsen spotted with a older man.
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>> hello, friends, welcome back to "e! news." let's be honest, the past few days have been completely chaotic for justin bieber. he's been accused of losing his cool and even his shoe while facing off with a photog. you sounded off on twitter on that one. megan tweets, leave the biebs alone. the paps pushed him too far. but another one says he needs a chill pill. unfortunately, there's no
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chilling for justin. >> not at all, j.k. another day, another police drama. and this time cops are on the singer's case for potentially endangering a nation. let's just hope he tied his shoes. >> justin bieber! justin bieber! >> tens of thousands of fanatical fans swarmed the streets of norway. as the nation was hit with a dangerous case of bieber fever. today police were on the verge of declaring a state of emergency when crazed bieber descended on oslo's opera house after he was performing a secret concert. there was complete chaos and they asked biebs to take the stage early after losing control of the crowd. justin took to the web pleading with his fans to cooperate with police. luckily the concert did go on, as confirmed on twitter by justin's manager. got to believe, it's show time. >> they put makeup on me which is one of the more humiliating
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aspects of a man in this business. >> looks like "private practice" will return for its sixth season without tim daly. a source from the spin-off confirms the actor was let go and yesterday he revealed on twitter how he got the bad news. shonda rhymes informed my agent he won't be returning for season six. it was a great five years, r.i.p., pete wilder. patricia eastwood is receiving death threats on the net after she cut a bag. it was a stunt by her boyfriend, as seen on "mrs. eastwood & company." some things have gone overboard but she defended herself, sometimes you destroy what you love. tyler is also standing by his art and trying to smooth things over with this peace offering. if somebody wants to buy one of the photos, i will donate $100,000, not to a charity but to a family.
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madonna can breathe a sigh of relief. "e! news" can confirm a new york judge reinstated the charges against madge's stalker, robert linhart, and he was arrested outside her apartment for allegedly waving material girl theme signs and carrying an ice pick is set to appear in court june 19th. daisy, famously sampled "annie" an his hit single "hard knock life: ghetto anthem." he could be seen in a movie based on the musical starring willow smith. actress emma thompson writing the film confirms the pair's involvement telling us jay-z and willow are, quote a with very good combination. >> meet the rising star who went from homeless to having hit songs. singer neon hitch is sharing her inspiring journey that started on a tour bus and took a detour at amy winehouse's
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place and led to this single. it's the song all over the radio. but back home she's all neon hitch. let's clear one thing up right away. that is her real name. >> my dad is a lighting technician and lights are a big part of his life so when he had his first daughter, neon was a perfect name. >> music proved perfect for neon who was recently signed by kara dioguardi. >> i never knew i would be a singer, but first i was like, "i'll be the most amazing trapeze artist in the world." >> that's no surprise since the 25-year-old spent most of her life traveling in the circus as a part of her gypsy upbringing. >> i lived on a bus because my house was burned down. my mom still lives on the bus and my dad is always on tour
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with bands doing lights. we've always just been on the move. i've never stayed anywhere longer than six months. >> the london native's life changed when she became close friends with another soulful singer, amy winehouse. >> we were at a party in london and we knew each other before because our boyfriends used to be friends and we connected, and she's like how were you? i'm homeless, it's cool. she is like what do you mean you're homeless. she took me in and i lived with her and she was a big sister i never had. she's always singing, always singing every minute, just singing, singing. >> then tragically neon heard about her friend's death. >> i was in new york when it happened. it was awful. worst day of my life. >> still ahead, kristen stewart, blown away by her boyfriend. >> his is really good. >> and we break down her amazing fashion evolution. then prince harry's baby confession. >> i've longed for kids since
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i was very, very young. >> is he finally ready to settle down.
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>> e! news is back with a little kristen vs. rob. the snow white star is tackling the most dreaded question facing any showbiz couple, whose movie is really better? ashlan gorse has k-stew's answer. >> his is really good. i'm really truly impressed, actually. >> kristen stewart had high praise for her boyfriend's film which appeared with her movie "on the road" at the cannes film festival.
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but asked which is better-- >> "on the road." >> as for the screening of snow white and the huntsman, she chose a stella mccarthy suit and a black mini skirt showing off those stems. >> i like what i've worn recently and you don't have many chances like cannes to turn it out. >> she wore a bing blazer for her "on the road" premiere to her floor length gown and the plunging red rheem acura she wore to rob's premiere. >> she hasn't always been glamorous. >> the 11-year-old epitomized tomboy chic while appearing in "panic room." and she rocked a button down style for "cold creek manor" in 2003 and in 2007 she chose a flowing dress and michael kors pumps for the "into the wild" premiere and in 2009 she popped on the carpet for the
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"adventureland" premiere wearing a coral colored striped mini dress but 2009 ushered in a major grunge phase and was in the midst of filming the run away phase playing joan jett and then the actual "run away" premiere so her most dressed down look on the carpet looking like she just rolled out of bed, keeping it casual she rocked converse with a mini dress for the mtv music awards and went full hollywood for the 2010 oscar. kristen landed on a few fashion miss lists on a color block dress at this year's met gala but was beautiful in "snow white and the huntsman. >> what are you wearing? >> marchesa. >> she traded her jimmy choo heels.
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>> i felt like a badass. the armor worked. i could throw myself on the ground and it would not hurt. >> keeping with k-stew, our online poll results are in and 61% prefer her grand slammed up instead of dressed down. but you from frequency renaissance fairs if you like kristen you're probably happy in her "snow white and the huntsman" attire, the film out friday. >> i had a great time making the film and it's amazing how relevant the film is after all these years, walking a fine line of heightened fantasy and harsh reality. one of my prisoners has escaped. >> she's certainly dead. >> you're hunting me. >> it's like nothing i've been a part of.
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>> the land is almost a character in the film it really takes you somewhere. >> i love these films. stories that have a real heart in the center of them. >> she is the one. >> tomorrow on "e! news," a side of oprah rarely seen. >> you are welcome to sit in my living room. >> with no choose. >> what went down when david invited miss o into his home. >> is she having a boy or a girl? where and when she's finally revealing the big news. kim k gets all diva on us. >> i hate when people talk about me. >> and her airline drama. what allegedly was stolen.
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>> it's a baby bonanza. sienna miller and her man celebrating their baby to be and inside kristin cavallari's shower. >> blue or pink? g is ready to reveal her little one's gender and only we have the invitation. >> now he's dealing with my issues. >> how her relationship with hubby hank has taken a dramatic turn. >> the reason for her stunning transformation. >> what priceless item kim lost,
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which left her heartbroken. >> well, jason? >> yes. >> take cover, because it is raining bingies and babies. it seems hollywood baby shower season is upon us. >> are you dropping hints? you want us to bring a baby bjorn to your baby shower. >> or a bingy. >> christina guerrero joins us for the party roundup of celebrity moms to be. >> i have details on kristin cavallari's baby shower and have exclusive dish on your baby shower, jewel auny. baby shower, giuliana rancic. but we sail the atlantic. >> lieu amazing? >> thank you very much. >> sienna miller was glowing leaving her baby shower at the soho house. the dad to be carried out gifts for his lady love who showed off her pregnancy in a chic dress. >> being engaged and now
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pregnant, i want to relax and enjoy the process. >> like wearing a summery dress at her baby shower. we have an exclusive look inside kristin cavallari's celebration held at a west hollywood estate. guests featured her mom and former "hills" co-star stephanie pratt and heidi montag. partygoers got luck gift bags and the 25-year-old tells the magazine out friday while she's keeping her place in l.a. she's moving to chicago where her future husband jay cutler is playing for the bears. >> i passed on a few thing the past couple years that would have kept me in l.a. my family is going to come first and my career will come second. >> don't expect a wedding any time soon. >> i don't want to get married just because i'm pregnant. we want to get married because i want to get married and when the baby comes, we want to celebrate that. >> giuliana and bill are
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excited for their first child via gestational carrier. here's what it reveals. the coed bash is going down in california on june 17th. and it's on that day we'll finally find out if they're having a boy or a girl. >> you know, jason, i couldn't hold the secret anymore. i was going to try to wait until the baby was born but i just-- you know, you're always trying to trick me into revealing it. tom is trying to trick me so i figured we'll do it at the baby shower. >> i'll be there. >> i'm in miami. >> sorry. awkward. so when you have been named the hottest woman on the planet, i love your facial expressions. >> i'm waiting. >> you can pretty much date any guy you want, right? >> rumor has it the lovely bar refaeli replaced a three-time oscar nominee with a two-time gold medalist. >> i'm obsessed with this story. is an olsen twin hooking up
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with a man two decades older than her. >> uncle jessie, you may want to change the channel. time for couples news. >> rumor has it mary kate olsen is head over heels for a much older man. page six says the 25-year-old has been seeing 42-year-old olivier sarkozy, the half brother of former french president nicholas. the divorced businessman and m.k. who have been dating over a month spent time in the hamptons over the memorial day weekend. her rep could not be reached for comments. turning the tables, cougar alert, 54-year-old sharon stone is locking lips with a hot 27 boy toy on venice beach. actress has been romantically linked with the model last month since spotted in brazil. >> prince harry wants a family. >> i wanted kids for several months. >> but he reveals he's searching for the ideal woman. >> waiting to find the right
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person, a person willing to take on the job. >> the 27-year-old was candid about having to travel alone as recently serve as her grandmother's personal envoy. >> i always said it would be easier not to bring anyone with me. >> bar refaeli and shaun white? what? >> i'm a big sports man fan. >> leonardo dicaprio's ex was with shaun white where it was reported she were all over each other, dancing, hugging, kissing, you name it. maxim's hottest woman in the world left around 3:00 a.m. when the flying tomato let her borrow his car to get home. reps could not be reached for comment. >> love her. >> speaking of olympic athletes, teen u.s.a. brian clay is looking to go where no decathlete has gone before. >> we'll follow brian and all the games. >> yes. >> i had a chance to catch up with brian on his home track. i didn't catch up with him at
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all. kind of embarrassing. >> no. >> watch. we're with the olympian brian clay and for the record, we're sweating, we're men and i just wanted people to know that, ok. i'm not wearing any foundation. >> it's all natural here. >> i crashed one of the training sessions for the olympic trial which is determines if he makes the team. >> this isn't any olympics for you. >> i'm hoping to make my third olympic team and win a third olympic medal which never has been done before in the history of the decathlon. >> we've heard the term decathlete but school us? >> ten events other two days, the hundred meters, long jump, 400 meters, we wake up the next day and dot discus, the javelin and 1500. >> how many hours are you here gearing up for the olympics? >> he spend six or seven days training. my house is a mile or two a day and my family comes out to the track to let me know i'm still being a dad and good husband.
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>> how many kids you have? >> three kids. i do the same things everyone else does, we take out the trash and are wiping dirty bottoms and giving kids showers. >> your thighs are the size of my waist. i thought going for a run would be easier but brian and his buddies left me in the dust. >> i don't know if they know, but i wanted to run with them. i think i'll stick to reporting. but not before this journalist takes on the javelin. >> that's got to come out of your hand straight. if it doesn't come out of your hand straight, it's going to hurt. when you go to throw, you'll turn this armpit up. turn that up. and then you're going to press up. >> okay. >> and come through. >> absolutely. >> i'm going to give it a shot. >> that was horrible. >> what in the world was that? >> i got to ask you about one
12:06 am
famous olympian, a decathlete that is on e! pretty much every single day, bruce jenner, of course. >> we can get together and talk about both our olympic experiences and they're so similar and separated by 30 years. he really did an amazing job bringing our sport to the forefront and making it something that's just so honorable. >> okay. seriously, i'm not even going to start with your throwing skills. >> don't start with me. that was difficult. i had to take a personal day after that shoot. >> by the way, running, you know how to run? >> yes, i do. and i joined them when they were doing the fast run, not the slow run. >> okay, whatever. >> all right. coming up, you've upset me. how duets kelly clarkson dropped 30 pounds in six months. the details on her dramatic weight-loss plan. >> is there a slow run? plus, miss usa boot camp.
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>> that is neil patrick harris gearing up to host his third tony awards and you can catch the show live on june 10th on cbs. this year's tony hopefuls is an adaptation of a hit disney movie. backstage on broadway, we discover just how far the cast of "newsies" is willing to stretch for their roles. >> the musical hit "newsies" is all the hit on broadway, picking up eight tony nominations including best musical. and we're getting a vip tour of the production right before
12:10 am
the curtain goes up. first, i have to say congratulations. >> thank you. >> goodness, all the tony nominations. you guys still in shock, you walking on air? >> we're over the moon. >> director jeff calhoun and leading lady is excited to catch the show. >> people were clapping and so into it. >> people like the underdog standing up for justice. there's a lot of unions now and that was the beginning of a union and just making sure everyone has equal justice and equal rights and i think we can all relate to that in any century. >> let's meet your talented cast. respect we spotted actors warming up before taking the stage. >> here we have alex, one of our newsies doing his preshow ritual. >> i put my leg underneath and gives me a nice stretch and then i can rest here and hang out.
12:11 am
>> what's your ritual? >> all right. i get here like an hour and a half before the show and i came out into the chairs and do a lot of yoga stuff and then i like to go on the stage and do some ballet barre. >> i got in on a little bit of the action. >> might want to start first tucking your knees to your chest. >> i'm warming. >> slowly rock it up and over. there you go. >> my neck is broken. >> what are you doing? >> yeah, i do a couple squats, 32 squats. >> why? >> ready. one, two, three, four-- yeah. feel the burn. >> jess was also one of the finalists on "so you think you can dance." >> shut up. show me a dance move.
12:12 am
whoo! are you warmed up for that? >> a very glamorous role at the theater. to get to their dressing rooms you have to go through-- where are we guys? >> a sketchy alley. i call it the rent alley. >> why? >> this is where all the fans and audience members who saw "rent" wrote their names on the wall. >> we're under the stage right now where it's wardrobe and the orchestra room and the crew hangs out here in a very tight space. >> then we walk along and this is where we get our wigs on. these are where the costumes hang out. >> this is where the orchestra loads into the pit. >> oh. never been in an orchestra pit. >> i haven't either. >> i'm fulfilling rock star fantasies meet-- >> we've gone through the underbelly and here we are on-stage. finally, you guys. what's going on? >> everyone is on-stage getting ready for a fight call. the big brawl in the show.
12:13 am
and for safety we rehearse this every day. >> this is where "newsies" actually live. >> i'm afraid of heights. >> it's a cool view, isn't it? >> beautiful view. this is what it's all about, people. >> all right. now it's time to check on our newsie. what's up in the newsroom? >> i don't sing or dance. >> the hatfields and mccoys, it made history. it's a three-part mini series about the legendary family feud making the first installment the highest rated entertainment telecast ever in the entire history of cable. the finale airs tonight at 9:00. and "e! news" can confirm that julianne hough and josh duhamel signed on to play love interests in nicholas sparks's best-selling novel "safe haven." hot couple. >> an all-new episode of "the
12:14 am
soup" airs at 10:00 p.m. on the vowel. let's get a spoonful now from joel mchale. >> oh, thanks a lot. today "the view" had on my favorite weatherman. this guy, and sherry shepherd asked him the question everyone else was too afraid or too educated to ask. >> our country is the number one spot for tornado. more tornados occur in the united states than any other place. about 1,000 a year. >> what is a tornado? >> don't tell her. >> sherry, it's an air dragon. they're coming to get us and the only way to kill them is shoot them in the wings with a uranium arrow. >> coming up... >> i'm sorry. i'm just-- like that's real. >> kendra's heartbreaking revelation. then why kim is planning to take little mason away from kourtney. >> i think that's the perfect opportunity for me to come in.
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>> hey, guys. welcome back. kendra wilkinson baskett has always shared the most intimate parts of her life with her fans, even after a dark time
12:18 am
after the birth of her son. the playmate turned housewife has a new show and is telling ashlan how she made it back on top. >> people are like man, >> you so down? why are you so depressed? we don't like that about you. and i'm like i'm sorry, that's real. what do you want me to do? >> kendra on her bout with postpartum depression which was exacerbated by her husband's job. >> i was a victim of hank's job, on the road, it's time to move, it's time to-- it's always about him and how i dealt with his issues but now he's dealing with my issues. now i'm on top, you know what i'm saying? >> the couple, along with little hank invited cameras back into their lives on the docu-soap kendra on top."
12:19 am
>> what would you say this new chapter is? >> it's happy. we're opening the doors to our real home, our home, our settled life. now you get a chance to critique our real lifestyle. >> what's the hardest part about being a mom? >> the hardest part about being a mom is the outside world. i'm very comfortable with the way i'm raising little hank. i just want him to carry what we taught him through life. there are a lot of kids out there who don't get that attention. they're too spoiled. they just hate that little hank has to be around spoiled brats. >> kendra is not the only celeb with a new reality series. kelly clarkson's singing competition "duets" day you-- debuted last week and besides her new gig she has a new man and a new body. how did the pop star drop all the weight? christina is on the case. >> this was kelly clarkson in november. and this is the "duet's" mentor six months later.
12:20 am
yes, she returned to tv in not a big way. she shed 30 pounds since she performed at the american music awards in november. the singer tells her story in the latest "us" magazine out friday. >> i've never been in a teaching position for the whole show but i want to bring the best out of people. >> now she's brought the best out of herself and to what does she owe her new found body? it could be the hard-core training five days a week, her portion control diet, the weight lifting sessions, the hiking. it's all of those things but also has a little something to do with her new snuggle buddy, boyfriend brandon blackstock who happens to be reba mcentire's stepson. kelly tells the mag, no one likes to be not toned when you're dating someone. >> people keep saying i'm gay and i'm not. she has been open about her battle with bulimia as a teen and is grateful for her boyfriend's nashville based trainer norah james and don't
12:21 am
expect to see her sweating it out next to her boyfriend and that's a no-no. she said, "we did it once, but i don't like huffing and puffing and don't like to look all red and gross in front of my man." >> all right. the miss usa pageant return this is sunday and i'll be back onstage hosting. tom, i know you'll be watching. you love the interview competition. and with a few days until the show, we're going backstage to learn how the contestants are preparing to take that all important first step. >> miss usa, olivia coco. >> miss mississippi, usa. >> miss ohio, usa. >> miss maine, usa. >> we dropped by the contestant boot camp. their secret to a runway walk. >> i train the girls to be top models. kim kardashian gave me a call
12:22 am
to train kendall. >> stop and pose. >> don't pick your feet up, kendall. >> she helped me be more aware of where my feet are and totally transformed my walk. >> my best tip was just hold on to that camera. bringing that personality, having the miss usa, miss universe bubble above your head and going for it. >> really communicate with your eyes. it's all about right here and just have confidence. >> the competition, airing live sunday on nbc will be hosted by giuliana and andy cohen. and we have a theory on why g, a former contestant herself, didn't make it to miss usa. >> i'll give her a behind. she'll understand. >> lou explains how to do a winning walk at the show room. >> we're walking the runway, we're coming back. my judges are usually sitting here and we always give them a final turn so that they can say, did i like the other girl better or like this girl? i want you to be you because
12:23 am
that's the girl that stands there and says let's get it straight. these are the girls, they're only here to give me time to change clothes. go ahead, miss rhode island, rock them. great. the face is the last thing to turn, always. a turn coming back. excellent. legs. rock. and go. excellent. >> what did you learn from that, jason? >> i learned those girls are really, really pretty. >> you can't do the pose, though? >> i don't want to do the pose. >> what did you learn from her? >> i learned never to be in a pageant again. i was no good. i'll stick to co-hosting. when we come back, it's kim kardashian's new gig as a love guru. >> what we learned about the items she says were stolen. >> tomorrow on "e! news"... >> sharpen your pain. >> "true blood" is back. >> we're on the red carpet.
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>> post your reaction to our biggest headlines. "e! news," we're online all the time.
12:27 am
>> ♪ how to make a house a home ♪ >> ♪ begging for forgiveness i want to make a difference even in a small way i'm only one person but i can see it working i remember a day that's why i pray ♪ >> that is country duo big and rich singing "that's why i pray." and lately kim kardashian is praying that a british airplanes employee return her missing sun glasses. >> these are not just any sun glasses. the shades supposedly stolen from her luggage were a gift from her late father robert kardashian. she also says she's missing several expensive handbags. >> speaking of stealing, kim is planning a kidnapping in between being a total diva and playing the name game. >> i don't think she'll go with
12:28 am
the k names. i'm trying to get her to go with m names because mason but i don't know if she'll go for that. >> auntie kim won't have a say in her new niece's name but kourtney, you better watch out, your sister has something up her sleeve. >> they always say you have to be a little bit more cautious, like, when you're having a second baby because your first baby gets really jealous. so i think that that's like the perfect opportunity for me to come in and steal him so he won't get jealous and i'll have him full-time. >> the 31-year-old might be too busy to play mom since she's taking on the role of nickie in "drop dead diva" and we're on set catching all the action. >> just like that. >> it was always one of khloe's favorite shows and i had seen it once or twice when i was with khloe. >> get this, kim is a love guru on the series, something the creator josh berman was excited about. >> when i discussed the role with kim and i said do you mind if we take a few potshots?
12:29 am
and she's like bring it on,-happy to make fun of myself. >> that's my 11:00, she left her husband after 72 days. everyone on twitter is freaking out. >> season four premieres sunday on lifetime and this is her first recurring role a with job she didn't take lightly, even hiring a acting coach. >> any time you do something, you rant to really be good at it, so you call on the professionals to, you know, kind of help me out. >> co-star was definitely impressed. >> she's doing great. she's amazing. she was on time. she knows all her lines. she acts them well. she's got energy. she made choices, like it's kind of a dream come true. >> you know, you have quite the reputation. >> i hate when people talk about me. >> kim does a good job there. i'd like to see her branch out a little bit. maybe she could play a villain next, maybe a vampire. kim kardashian a vampire, what do you think? >> all right. appreciate that. maybe she should tune in


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