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tv   E News  ENT  May 31, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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>> finally reacts to kathie lee's on-air missteps. >> so my apologies to him and his family. >> kathie lee gifford, awkward conversation. >> live television, people make mistakes. >> what the star told us about the uncomfortable moments. then... >> where all of the cute boys are. >> anna paquin shows off her baby bump as the "true blood" hotties hit the red carpet. >> why alexander skarsgard is talking about a hookup with snooki. >> love triangle. >> drew barrymore's last-minute wedding details. >> the biebs nightmare in norway. injuries, police and boat chase. what you haven't heard about his concert catastrophe. plus, what happened to anne hathaway? >> our exclusive one-on-one with
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oprah. >> yes! >> super hot super mom jenny mccarthy. >> is runaway bride crystal harris back in the mansion? and demi and ashton's reuniting rumors ignite. >> it's your hookups to hollywood. this is "e! news." >> oh, this one makes me cringe. it is awkward blunder seen around the world. >> tonight martin short sounding off about kathy lease's uncomfortable mistake. >> hey, everybody, i'm giuliana rancic. >> hey, g. i'm jason kennedy. we're pressing play on the startling slipup that has everybody talking. >> including the "madagascar 3" star at the center of all of this. we have the actor's candid reaction. take a look. >> yesterday you were in a situation, you dealt with it with such grace. >> it's live television. people make mistakes. >> from television to the web, kathie lee gifford's on-air gap
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is replaying everywhere. but it's "e! news" just moments. >> the incomparable marty short. >> the "today" show began interestingly enough with the actor chatting up the nbc host about his new film "madagascar 3: europe's most wanted." >> you and nancy have one of the greatest marriages of anybody in show business. how many years now for you guys? >> we married 36 years. >> what kathie lee didn't seem to remember was martin's wife, nancy, died in august 2010 of ovarian cancer. >> but you're so in love. >> madly in love. >> why? >> cute, i'm cute. >> that is true. >> and you make each other laugh. >> the interview continued and it was only after a commercial break that kathie lee acknowledged her mistake and delivered a heartfelt apology. >> before we go on, martin just told me as he was leaving, you probably didn't know but his beautiful, precious wife nancy did pass away. my apologies to him and his family. >> later, she kept the apologies
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coming, tweeting-- i send my sincerest apologies to martin short and his family. today the 62-year-old father of three once again showed he's a classability while talking with me in new york city. >> dealt with it with such grace. why did you choose to deal with it that way? i think it set an example for a lot of people? >> i think live television, people make mistakes. and there's no ill will intended. but it's nice to aspire to be kind of elegant. >> what advice do you give on that note to young actors? >> learn not to take it personally. that's usually the best advice you can give everyone. >> martin's "madagascar 3" co-stars learned a lot working with the veteran. >> i enjoyed him so much. >> jada pinkett smith, david schwimmer and chris roth lend their voices to the latest installment in theaters june 8th. >> let's get out of here! >> i got to watch jada grill david about his changes since they worked together on the 2005 original. >> he's a dad!
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>> congrats! >> thank you. >> married. >> probably the biggest. >> welcome to our world. >> part of that world for jada, will smith, of course. >> will is going to be directing me, which will be very interesting. i'm actually looking forward to it. >> are you ready for this? >> yeah. i think. and we have a couple projects that we're doing with the kids as well. >> let's get back to kathie lee for a second. as you know as a host, that's your worst nightmare. >> oh, my god yeah wlfment she had a mind blip or producer didn't do their research and gave her that question, either way you never want to see it happen. but i thought martin handled it like a champ. >> he handled it really well. i don't think this is a prezeuser instance because kathie lee, the thing about her, she has the gift of gab. she loves talking and getting personal. how's your husband? how's your wife? my heart bled for her when i saw that. that's the thing about her. she goes off notes because she
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wants to chat and get personal with you. so listen, it's a moment. it can happen to anyone. >> she won't do it again. >> that's -- that's for sure. turning now to hollywood's hottest vampires. just when you thought "true blood" couldn't get any more shocking, alexander skarsgard is ordering a snooki sandwich. yes, snooki. >> we have got his three-way bombshell plus anna paquin. she's just bumping along the red carpet. watch. >> it's where all of the cute boys are. >> i love pentagon. >> an smiling anna paquin showed off her baby bump last night as the "true blood" cast premiered their fifth season. >> jennifer is the designer. i hope that was my head to toe. i memorized it. >> love, stephen moyer rocked the red carpet with his wife. as for dishing secrets from the hit hbo show. >> we worked for like seven, eight months. if we let it all out now, it would be a real pain, wouldn't
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it? >> i like my job. i don't want to lose it. they'll fire me. >> our fearless reporter kept digging for details but when he accidentally misnamed anna paquin's character. >> when you knew snooki-- excuse me. >> not sookie, but snooki. >> we got doubt "the jersey shore" star will bring her fake tan to the show but the sexy vamp proved his presence is always welcome when he completely invaded our interview. we didn't catch joe manganiello smooching but the totally buff star did kill and tell about alcide's story line. >> you will see his transformation this season into the big, bad wolf. >> last night in new york city, the clarions million meal concert for feed brought in natasha bedingfield, ivanka trump and the charity founder
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lauren bush warren. michelle williams gushed about seeing beyonce perform her first post-baby concert last weekend in new york city. >> beyonce did an amazing, tremendous show. i don't know how she did it. she kept saying, telling us she was nervous. and i'm like, momma, you're fierce, it's a rebirth. >> we had to ask, had she spent q.t. with little ivy? >> yes! i don't want to talk too much about it but i got to squeeze those cheeks. i'm getting excited. i have to keep poised. >> so cute. guys, a minute ago we heard alexander skarsgard snooki confession. now actress tea maury is talking threesomes are her insatiable appetite for sex. i guess motherhood isn't slowing her down one bit but why the heck is she crying? i'll explain. >> he is-- sorry. he is my heart. i feel like i'm definitely a happier person. i don't know why i'm crying.
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>> tea maury sheds tears of joy over her nearly 1-year-old son and admit she might be expecting again soon. >> i also want to know wait too long to have another baby. just have a brother or sister close in age. >> [applause] >> we caught up with the new mom who can now add author to her growing resume at barnes & noble. >> it's a great book to kind of look back at all of the crazy things that happened during my pregnancy. you do forget. i think god does that for a reason. >> i will pass this on to them when they get pregnant. >> with all of her on-screen success, you would think the actress would be used to the spotlight. some of her pregnancy confessions are so private, they're leaving her tongue tied. >> i'm sorry, there's no other way to say it. you want sex all the time. my husband, as we like ok, this is cool. but he said it like we were--
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he said it felt like we would have a threesome or we were having a threesome. i'm like really corny. >> her book "oh, baby: pregnancy tales and advice from one hot momma to another" out now deals fitness to fashion and her twin sister is all ears. >> she's 4 1/2 months pregnant and wow, she loves the advice i'm giving her. >> the busy mom has no plans to quit acting but she won't be returning for six season of b.e.t.'s "the game." >> it's a mutual decision for me to leave the show. the first five years were amazing. they're wonderful. i would like to leave out on top. >> coming up, bieber fans rushed to the hospital. police narrowly lose control. inside the aftermath of the concert that went terribly wrong. the dress, drew barry more's wedding details. the worst day of libya livia wilde's life. >> i knew i had to ask for a divorce.
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>> are kim and kanye moving in together? what we found out. then, exclusive... >> it would never happen ever.
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>> "e! news" is back with justin bieber's high-seas escape. leaving behind a wake of injuries following his norway disaster. ashlan, being chased by notes. that's a new one. usually chased by paparazzi in a creepy minivan. >> now they're getting creepy in the boats. a little water will not stop justin's fans but are they risking too much to get close to the singer? when i go to a concert, i just want to score an autograph. stampeding streets to get a glimpse of the justin bieber
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paid a steep price. norwegian police tell "e! news" the number of injured is just under 100. a local reporter tells "e! news" 19 were hospitalized and 49 people injured overall. the melee erupted after the biebs tweeted he was performing at the capital's opera house. tens of thousands made the pilgrimage and hysterical fans ambushed the 18-year-old's hotel after he scurried inside. some apparently couldn't stand the excitement and fell to the ground. police nearly called a state of emergency and press conference was canceled, leaving believers inconsolable. >> i'm really sorry. we were looking forward to this. >> despite utter okays, the concert taped for a tv special went on. some fans were still so overwhelmed, they could barely enjoy the show. the pop star was escorted from the concert via boat and his
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devotees didn't stay on dry and lad either. justin posted this mini footage. and tweeted, yesterday the fans followed us in a new way. now on to another sensation inciting mass hysteria, one direction. >> is it bad to be dating when you're on the road, is that a no-no? >> we already have our assignment. that's the main reason. >> fan s can find out what they look for in a woman in "us weekly's" new collector edition. niles fancy someone who clicks with the boys, louis is dating a model digs a teddy lady. liam, with a backup dancer prefers a quiet girl. and resident heartthrob harry styles said he looked for confident but said his mom is the most important lady in his life. he texts her five times a day. there are childhood photos out in the mag now. check out now.
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>> still ahead, candid with oprah. >> what is that? >> your first look at anne hathaway in "les mis." ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> hey, guys, welcome back to "e! news." it's no secret the hot tub on "jersey shore" is a sanctuary for irresponsible smooshing. so this may surprise you but one time j-wow actually turned down a gentleman kiesy hookup-- jacuzzi hookup. "so true/so false" has her girl-on-girl confession and an offer even eva longoria can't refuse.
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here's catt sadler. >> is eva longoria going to be god mother to victoria and david beckham's daughter harper? this is so true according to "the daily mirror." the tab report said the "desperate housewives" star is thrilled and the 10-month-old will be christened late they are year with guests including tom cruise, katie holmes and will smith. staying with the beckhams, is david's grandmother moving in with him? it's so false. however, the soccer stud did pay a surprise stroist his gram at her nursing home in london yesterday, posting this on his facebook page. although david doesn't i.d. which lady is grandma beckham, they all look very happy to strike a pose with him. did diddy's son lose his athletic scholarship to ucla because of a public upsflore it's so false but it's creating controversy. justin colmes granted a full ride to play for the bruins football team causing folks to question whether the cash-strapped university should be paying for the millionaire mogul's son. ucla defends the decision telling "e! news"-- the money
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doesn't come from the state and unlike need-embassied scholarships, athletic scholarships are awardeds to students strictly on the bases of their athletic and academic ability, not their financial need. in today's poll, the majority of approved saying it's fair and he earned it. did sookie try to hook up with jwoww when they first met on "jersey shore"? so true. >> you were trying to make out with me in the hot tub that night. i was like no. but then you like deep throated all four boys. >> the guidettes reflect on their fist-pounding friendship and their upcoming special. did anne hathaway hurt herself while filming "les mis"? we're so not sure. she was spotted out in n.y.c. with her right arm in a cast and sling yesterday, but the injury is still a mystery. as the 29-year-old's rep has yet to get back to us. what we do know is anne is still sporting a short do for her role
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in "les mis." and speaking of... >> ♪ak >> move over susan boyle. anne shows off her singing prowess in this first look at "les miserables." >> ♪ to dream the dream as time goes by ♪ >> the all-star cast includes hugh jackman, russell crowe and amanda cyprus. >> ♪cy >> the musical hits theaters december 14th. >> and how's this for a bonus "so true, so false" question, which emmy-worthy actress said she was terrified to kiss brad pitt? from a-list makeouts to nudity nightmares, tv's top girls are sharing their hollywood scary stories. >> originally when they made the contract, it was like you will
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show partial side boob. you will show two cheeks. you will not show front. it's ridiculous. >> giuliana margulies, january jones, claire danes, kyra sedgwick chatting about nude scenes. something emmy is very familiar with thanks to her show "shameless." >> i have a lt of control over what i want to know when i want to show it, when i don't want to show it. it's a lot when it comes to the character, but i don't mind it because of the way it's shot. >> only way to do those scenes is have control. >> i'm comfortable with three seconds in a moving shot, yeah. >> awful, come on. it's like really weird and strange, but like any set, i think right for the character and moment. >> it feels more right than not doing it. >> look forward to it. >> the gals are gathered for "the hollywood reporter"'s latest issue on stands now featuring tv drama actresses.
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they're front-runners but weren't always award worthy. >> i knew it inside out and then i got on stage and i completely blanked. and i lost my voice on a matinee show on a saturday in the first half and that-- that was terrifying. there's nothing scarier then when you're live. >> "mad men"'s january jones on the other hand had a bad experience of an audition for "coyote ugly." >> they wants you to come in and dance. they said you're going to pole dance but there's no pole. >> what? >> i turned beat red and it was awful and he said something like, honey, you did a great reading but you got no rhythm. >> and it's something you think would be every girl's dream come true. >> is it wrong to admit having to kiss brad pitt on my second day of shooting was terrifying? >> disgusting. >> yeah. >> [laughter] >> tomorrow on "e! news," we're one on one with russell brand after the katy breakup. what the mtv awards host is
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telling us about sunday's big show. and jenny mccarthy in studios about taking it all off. >> let's do one more! >> coming up, david burtka turns the table on oprah.
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>> drew barrymore's "i do"s are days away. >> drew wants to get married before her baby bump becomes too big. >> how she accidently exposed her designer gown. plus awe look back at her two previous trips down the aisle. david burtka hanging out with oprah in his own living room. >> that was the first moment i had-- ooh, it really happened. >> demi and ashton spotted together again. are the two looking to put their troubled paths behind them? >> plus, jenny mccarthy in studio talking about posing for "playboy" again. jason, they say the third time is the charm, right? and we certainly hope that is true for drew barrymore, who is tying the knot this saturday. >> we've got the latest on drew's intimate wedding plans, including her celebrity guest list and a besty turned brides made. >> yes, but first we're catching the bride to be red-handed and revealing who she will be wearing down the aisle. >> from final dress fittings to finishing touches on location. drew barrymore's wedding preps
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are in full swing. >> drew, you look gorgeous. i can't wait for you guys to get married. >> the wait is over. i do's go down this weekend. "e! news" can confirm the bride to be will be wearing chanel when she walks down the aisle saturday. yesterday we spotted miss barrymore leaving the designer show room in beverly hills with besty cameron diaz right behind her. fiance will copeleman was on the move as well, snapped leaving the store holding a garment bag fit for a groom w 48 hours to go, road closure signs are in place at drew's new estate, located a few miles south of santa barbara, where she and will are set to exchange vows. >> drew wanteds to get married before her baby bump becomes too big. but she can't wait to become will's wife. while we don't know if the ceremony will be a jewish one but we know and confirm is, he has flown over his family's rabbis to take part in the service. >> the nuptials are expected to be intimate with only will and drew's closest family and
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friends in attendance including cameron diaz and jimmy fallon, along with his wife, drew's producing partner. the 37-year-old actress beans with happiness when it comes to her 33-year-old art consultant. >> i can't stop smiling. >> but it's not d.b.'s first marriage. in 1994 drew and ellie bar owner got hitched at a ceremony in his bar, presided by a minister they found via a 24-hour wedding hotline twofment months later they were divorced. and then funny man tom green. >> sure, he can have whatever he wants of mine. >> she called her "charlie's angels" "charlie's angels" co-star husband for five months. >> i love the exexclamation mark. >> mine, too. >> antics didn't last long and tom filed for divorce after less than half a year. there seems to be something different this time. the ceremony is more formal and it's with the man she's been dating for more than a year. while only time will tell-- >> you guys make a great looking couple. >> we know in two days these two
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will be husband and wife. >> it is hard to believe it's already been one year since oprah's talk show departed the airwaves. what is life like now for the queen of all media? david burtka had the rare opportunity to sit down with miss o-- so jealous over here-- and joins us now. what's up? >> hello, giuliana. >> i hear there's an interesting story how you actually landed the interview. tell us about it. >> lady gaga asked me to be a part of the panel for the foundation oprah was a part of as well. at the after-party for the foundation, oprah came up to me and said, can you be a part of the next chapter with neil and your baby showing your world. and i was hesitant because we are a bit of a private family. being here new at e! and wanting to make myself seen, i said oprah give me an interview and i will do your interview. >> nothing like bringing in the oprah interview here. we love that stuff. >> right n part one of my conversation, oprah's discussing her return to the big screen,
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plus even though her daytime schedule isn't quite as busy, her mornings are spicier than ever. >> never happens ever that i interviewed somebody and they turned around and they interviewed me. it's really a first. >> i like it. >> i like it, too. >> we turn the tables on oprah. she's been doing interviews for 25 years but this time the queen of talk let me ask the question. >> do you miss the show? >> i don't miss it. i was in chicago the other day and when rosie moved into the studio, i took the sign down, called it "the rosie show." we took all of my pictures for 25 years out of the hallway. that was the first moment i had like-- it really happened. now rosie's no longer in the studio and walls are bear. i just walked through there the other day and i went whoa. i had a whoa moment. it's really done. and now we're-- it's a year since this has happened.
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>> even though the daytime show was her business, it also fulfilled a part of her personal life. >> many years ago when everybody was saying, why don't you get married, everybody wanted a big wedding but i got that every day coming out in front of an audience. like all of the attention is on you when you come out that tunnel, we used to call that the tunnel of love because all of the people waving and stuff. and it felt very rewarding to not just be in front of the audience but to connect to them in the way that i did. all of those years. >> what about segments like my favorite things? >> having people scream over a cookie. >> cookies and brownies sometimes, good cookie hunting. sometimes you get a good cookie that is worth a scream. truth of that is, i may do it again actually, was talking the other day how to incorporate that into the magazine and into some kind of show, bringing back favorite things. my all-time favorite thing, do you all have a panini maker? that devil panini maker. you can do such good stuff in there.
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>> so many amazing things. >> i don't know if a cordon bleu chef would be using it, but-- >> i do all the time. >> do you? >> you make a regular sandwich into something so gourmet, it's fantastic. >> that's right. do you have a routine? >> my routine is i get up, i take the dogs out. they usually are up at 6:15 in the morning. i make ma saleh tea at the window, chai, spicy. and i meditate. i work joufment sometimes during the day. i usually try not to postpone it. if i haven't done it by 12:00, then i force myself. >> now you're going back to acting. >> yes! >> tell me about this. >> let's talk about that! >> the last time we saw the former oscar nominee on the big screen was in 1998's "beloved." now the 58-year-old will play forest whitaker's life in "the butler" based on the true story of the white house butler who served eight american presidents over 30 years. >> i'm really excited because i don't have to carry the movie.
12:05 am
i am an ensembled player and i love that. i love being able to be in the mix with all of the other actors. you're not worried about giving up control? >> i'm not worried the least bit. you know what, it will be the best vacation ever because i get to leave myself behind. you get to step in and be somebody else. that's a great vacation from yourself. so i'm going-- i'm actually going to be working with an acting coach because i haven't done it in so long. >> i smell another oscar nod. >> well, we never, ever, ever mention the "o" word. oscar nod? >> i can. >> i'm just playing his wife. i'm really just trying to-- >> it's such an important movie to make. >> trying to get my chops back. >> stay tuned for part two of david's interview with oprah later in the show. from one tv queen to another, joining me in studio is the new host for season two of "love in the wild," jenny mccarthy. what's up, jenny? >> it's so juicy!
12:06 am
>> i love it. >> "love in the wild," i have a feeling i know what goes on in the show. explain it to us in a nutshell. >> it's like "survivor" meets bachelor. >> you filmed in the dominican republic. >> yes. >> how hot did hookups and cat fights get? >> i was hoping these secret cams would hook up and they do. the thing s. kind-to get it out of them because you don't sometimes see it on the show. i'm waterboarding these kids until they're crying going yes, i slept with him. and you see me going like, yes! >> "love in the wild" is a dating competition. how do you think you would fair if had you to compete if you were on this show? >> i would have failed miserably. because i'm so competitive and athletic going through the adventures, i would be screaming at the guy. you're doing it wrong! and he would probably wind up dumping me within the first week. but i might have put out and stayed longer, so who knows. >> i like that one, put out and stay longer.
12:07 am
so your own dating life, jenny is-- >> often in the spotlight. like how we do that here? >> nice transition. >> thank you very much. i trained hard for that. i'm married to a chicago boy and you're dating a chicago guy, brian urlacher of the chicago bears. you were at our restaurant at r.p.m. italian. thank you for going there. how was your night, by the way? >> it was amazing. food was horrible. >> what! >> kidding! >> you little-- >> i won't call you-- >> it was actually the best food in chicago. >> you don't have to say that. >> it's really, really great and the company, of course, was quite wonderful. >> are you going to go to the games? are we going to see you there? >> i hope so. i was a cheerleader growing up. i used to face the stands. so i have to learn what the-- >> you have to cheer. do you do the splits? >> i used to. not anymore. now we transition into "playboy" on that note. speaking of splits... >> [laughter] >> you're going to be on
12:08 am
"playboy" again. that is true, though. >> that is true. >> "playboy" launched your career, right? wouldn't you say that? you were playmate of the year i think it was 1994. >> yes. >> pretty amazing. and you announced you're doing a new cover. >> i said i wanted to do it again before i turned 40. turning 39. and for real, tuition, i called and said hey, let's give it a go one last time. >> how do you feel about your body today versus in '94 when you did it? do you feel more comfortable in your skin? do you feel like your body is hotter? >> i definitely feel more confident but i definitely feel saggy. >> really? >> it's hard to shovel my boobs off the floor. >> those boobs are not going anywhere. >> let me tell you-- >> whoa! our cameraman zooming in. scott, that's perverted. >> you know, it's like i feel proud. i feel like, why should only 20-year-olds be considered sexy? i think women are working hard
12:09 am
to keep themselves vibrant and looking good. it's my one last horrah so enjoy. >> i can talk to you all day. you're always so much fun. thank you so much for joining us. "love in the wild" premieres next tuesday night. >> set your dvrs! >> are you going? >> on nbc. >> jason, i want-- >> get the shot. >> whoa! >> good stuff, ladies. thank you so much. all right, guys, after the break, starlet gets called "trashy." fashion guru robbie hits the streets for "who wore it better." and kim and kanye secretly selling their houses. are love birds planning on shacking up? exclusive details next.
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>> welcome back. all right, ladies, what's the only more embarrassing then
12:12 am
getting poked by your grandmother on facebook? getting caught in the exact same neon pink dress as someone else. you see it there. sorry for jennifer goodwin and kelly ripa, robbie's about to find out "who wore it better." >> we have john fer goodwin and we have kelly ripa. they're caught in the same dress. who wore it better? >> that one. >> you love it on ripa? >> yeah. >> smoother flowing dress i think. >> more dress for a blonde? >> yeah. >> kelly is a blonde. for sure up here. >> yeah. >> i will have to go with jennifer. >> goodwin. >> yeah. >> because the shoes perhaps go a little better. >> the little added purse with the shoes. she looks better. >> you like kelly ripa >> the other way. i would [bleep] her if i had a chance. >> i kind of like her shoes better. >> yes, kelly ripa.
12:13 am
>> you like papa red with the pink? >> i like it. >> this would be perfect if you had a little indigestion. like you spilled pepto-bismol on yourself, you would never see it. we have chelsea clinton and tina fey. caught in the same red dress. who wore it better? >> tina? >> yeah. >> i will go with tina. >> i'm glad chelsea is not wearing the blue dress her dad made famous. >> scary there. i would go with her. i like her hair a lot better. >> only because of the scary makeup. >> right. normally... >> i love the clintons. i really do. >> who doesn't? >> i think chelsea. >> chelsea clinton? >> yes, curves. >> you like the curves? >> yeah. >> ashley advertise dale and we have stephanie pratt. they are caught in the same dress, different color whofment wore it better? >> ashley. >> yeah. i think so, too. >> i think a little thick there. >> belly ring. >> yeah. >> kind of like a little trashy. >> they're fine.
12:14 am
>> she has talent. >> she has a great body but you have to understand, she looks like a model. i would say the colors work it out. everything works out. you can't say anything is wrong with advertise dale. she working it. >> thank you, robbie. we've got the latest now from the john edwards trial. ken baker is standing by in thes in room with more. what's up, kenny? >> finally good news for the former north carolina senator and disgraced presidential candidate. after nine days of deliberations, today a jury found edwards not guilty on one of six counts in his campaign finance case, deadlocking entirely on the five others and forcing the judge to declare a mistrial. edwards had been accused of soliciting almost $1 million from worthy donors to cover up an extramarital affair with rielle hunter during the 2008 presidential campaign. reportedly there no word on whether the government plans to retry the case. >> still ahead, david, oprah. oprah, david.
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>> you talk to me, i talk to you. >> part two of our big exclusive. plus, a jenner family wedding. why the k sisters won't be at the party.
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>> hey, guys, we're back with more "e! news." she was the runaway bride that jilted a legendary playboy. now in a shocking turnabout, is playmate crystal harris returning to hep's mansion with her bunny tail tucked between her legs? here's christina guerra with couples news. >> how do you feel about walking down the aisle again? >> with crystal, i love it. >> that walk never happened. crystal dumped hugh hefner one week before the wedding but has hef taken crystal back? according to, he's not only forgiven her but allowed the playmate to move back into the mansion. radar reports harris went back this week much to chagrin of hef's former girlfriend, who supposedly left the house upon crystal's return. calls to all camps went unanswered. >> it's wedding bells for the kardashian clan. it's not kanye. they are in hawaii for brouse's son brandon, marrying a singer
12:19 am
tonight on a beach. check out brody jenner's instant gram pick of him with jenner and kylie. unfortunately, kim, khloe and kourtney are not there due to work commitments in l.a. >> where's kanye? >> in new york working so i'm here with my mom as my date. >> kim and kanye west have both put their l.a. pads on the market. "e! news" investigates coincidence or could they be moving in together? kim's place is on the market because she wants a home with more privacy. just because kanye is up for sale too, a shack-up situation, this does not make. sources tell "e! news" kim is open to living together down the road but not now. tell us what you think. hit us up on twitter #cohabitate. demi moore and afterton kutcher are not getting back together contrary to reports but the two did see each other for one night at a mutual friend's birthday party. the sources tell "e! news" the "two and a half men" star and miss moore reunited at they are kabbalah strucker's 40th birthday party. the union went down thursday at
12:20 am
the intercontinental hotel in century city. regarding the interaction between the two, whose divorce is not yet finalized, reportedly they arrived separately and sources tell they were friendly and smiled a few times during the program at each other. >> demi moore's friend late-night conversations resume tonight with oliva wilde's divorce confession and sarah silverman, who's coming clean about depression. catt joins us with more of her own conversation with amanda. hey, catt. >> hello, g. amanda has a knack of coaxing the naked truth out of celebrities but she's equally hon west herself. i'm discover hing the lifelong issue she struggles with and getting the latest on her embattled friend demi moore. >> demi moore is one of my great girlfriends. >> and her executive producer. mandia, who is quickly becoming a household name with lifetime series "a conversation" gave me an update on the recently single demi.
12:21 am
>> she's great. she's really good. would you have to ask her to elaborate more on that. she's one of my best girlfriends and i go to great lengths to protect and honor per private life. >> and as we discovered in our ongoing conversation with amanda, their new show is already stirring up controversy. >> people will make such a big deal out of someone saying they're having sex. >> miley? >> miley last week admitted to having sex and it is like a news story. she's 19 years old. is she supposed to be a virgin forever? i don't understand it. >> miley cyrus called sex beautiful and magical and dropped some major relationship confessions. >> i had my biggest heartbreak when i was 14, even though it sounds crazy because i was 14. but it is like-- that was what love was to me. >> has there ever been a moment where after you have done the interview, they call you up and say, "i've had second thoughts"? >> yeah, there were a couple of
12:22 am
people who said things about other people that they den called me and said, can you take that out? and so you took it out. amanda digs deep with oliva wilde about her split. >> the day that i knew i had to ask for a divorce was the worst day of my life. >> and sarah silverman opens up about her battle with depression. >> sometimes there are little remedies like, put on your sneakers and exercise. so i am also on medication. >> amanda's ability to be candid about her own struggles makes it that much easier for the celebrities she interviews. >> i have seen on the show you discussed or addressed your own past issues with your own body image. have you con to terms with that? >> i have had a difficult relationship to my body. being on tv is not helping it. >> a lot of people know your name in hollywood circles before this experience. but now the world has come to know you. how has that experience been? >> very odd seeing billboards
12:23 am
with my face on it. very peculiar. as if my kids are in new york and they play a game with they count how many conversation phone booths they can find. my son knows how to work itunes so he hits play and sound the conversation and hit play. and zoe is talking about buying a new purse, this is not appropriate. >> kids play the funniest games, don't they? speaking of kids, yesterday we asked you guys to tweet us your thoughts on this first photo of jessica simpson's adorable new baby daughter maxwell in "people" magazine. >> so cute. nicole writes-- she wants to squeeze those cheeks. >> jess, another jess says, max is so precious and asks, doesn't she have the best lips? i have to agree with that. >> still ahead, how nervous would you be with oprah winfrey in your house? >> oh, my god, i would die. >> well, it happened to david burtka and his partner neil patrick harris. what went down is next. and tomorrow...
12:24 am
>> inside britain's star-studded parties for queen elizabeth ii's diamond jubilee. street parties, buckingham palace concert.
12:25 am
12:26 am
>> ♪
12:27 am
>> that is allies by youth smack. welcome back, you guys. >> how did they come up with that? >> earlier oprah chatted with david about her return tookting, right? now she's grilling burqa about his most rewarding role. >> yes, in part two of their conversation, miss o's meeting the fam and finding out why david and neil are letting the world inside their private life. watch. >> how weird is this i'm sitting right here in your living room? >> i love it. you're welcome to sit in my living room-- >> with no shoes on honey. i'm laid back in your living room. how weird is that? >> queen of tv, kick back and relax, fresh after my fiancee neil and i shot our oprah's next chapter episode. >> that was a great experience, you talking to me, i talk to you, talk to me. talk to neil. i got to meet your kids. >> great.
12:28 am
>> i know. >> hi, harper. >> this is oprah winfrey. hi! >> he's the shy one. >> can you give oprah a kiss? >> look at those blue, blue, blue eyes. >> sunday on o, we invite o's cameras to our home and nothing is off-limits, including the twins and leave it to miss book club herself to focus on harper. >> wepped each night with the book "good night moon." >> of course. >> and that's the last book we read and then we say good night to all of the people that are in our lives. good night gideon, good night, harper. good night daddy, good night papa. >> you're daddy and you're papa? >> yep. >> so then i heard you say good night to whoever was in their life today. will you say good night, oprah? >> yeah! >> will you do good night oprah tonight? >> you got it! >> what made you agree to do it. i know we hounded you but you have been hounded before. you said it was really
12:29 am
important, really? >> i want people to see in the middle of america, access to gay culture is drag queens and leather queens and gay pride parades and what they see flashing on the tv. it's gotten better with "modern family" and other gay characters on tv. great for gay people to see that. >> as for our own modern family, we explained to oprah exactly how it came together. >> the surrogate was not the donor? >> correct. she was more like the oven. >> she was the oven? >> two embryos, two eggs, two embeios. one of mine. one of his. >> we lucked out, boy. >> that is super healthy and happy. >> really? >> huh, so cute. jason, does that make you want to have a couple kids? >> nervous the whole show because i want to make an announcement. i'm going to be needing a ride home after the show. can you help me out? >> [laughter]


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