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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 18, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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carney, campaign staffers all defended the erroneous statement. and has been finger-pointing, reversals since day number one. since the number one u.s. consulate had four ambassador's killed including chris stevens. in nearly six weeks the president has refused to tell what happened, why, with the administrations is doing and the fact of the benghazi attacks on foreign policy. the administration has tried to change their story to rewrite the narrative even as it unfolded. the ministry should focus was on the anti-muslim video
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as the cause of the tragedy. the secretary of state made no reference of any kind as a terrorist attacks. >> americans couldn't to religious tolerance goes back to the beginning of our nation. let me be clear. there is no justification. lou: only 40 minutes later president made an appearance in the rose garden. he talked for five minutes much of that time talking about his september 11th memorial duties and wounded four years in arlington cemetery and around the world then said. >> no acts of terror will ever resolve this great nation, alter the character
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or eclipse the values we stand for. we will not waver and our commitment to see justice is done. lou: preceded by reference on september 11th with a terrorist attack on american soil for that that point* field on a administrations already knew those attacks were acts of terrorism with ties to al qaeda that has attacked our consulates and the ambassador steakhouse. to defend the backing of the arab spring. >> recent defense given you any pause about your support with the arabs praying? >> it is the right thing to do with democracy, universal
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rights that people have to participate in their own governance. i continue to be certain there will be bumps in the road. >> on the 12th of september, i his statement benghazi was a terrorist act did not stop the president from flying off to a campaign fund-raiser. fox news had sources pointing to al qaeda it involvement. say benghazi was a tariff strike timed to september 11th. then the president opened his appearance with the mention of the attack after spending the rest of the
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evening campaigning. >> i want to say a few words about a tough day that we had today. we lost four americans last night who were killed when they were attacked added diplomatic post in india. -- libya. they were serving overseas on our behalf. because you are a battleground state you realize we have an election going on. >> the following day the state department fielded questions about security on the ground. >> we did evaluate the threat to and determined the security that benghazi was appropriate for what we knew
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it. lou: secretary of state clinton continue to try the video, fabricated demonstrations to those attacks and murders. >> there is no justification, none at all. to respond with violence. lou: september 14th jay carney insist the attack was spurred by the patio, the demonstrations and it was spontaneous nothing to do with terrorism. >> these protests were in reaction to a video that had spread to the region. with no information to suggest it was preplanned or not in reaction to 9/11. lou: the ambassador of stevens and three other americans were met at
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andrews air force base later that morning. the secretary of state repeated the false claims that sources told us were false. >> we saw rage and violence directed at the embassy over internet video we had nothing to do with. it is hard for the american people to make sense of that. it is senseless. lou: the white house has not explained it was a terrorist attack why they would dispatch on sunday, our ambassador to the united nations, susan rice to appear on five talk-show said. she repeats the attack was spontaneous and born of a
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video protest. >> the best and permission and assessment the have today this was not preplanned your premeditated. initially, a reaction to what transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. lou: the following day the state department spokesperson was questioned refuse to acknowledge the obama administration had enough and permission to know what happened. we know her subsequent statements are incorrect based on testimony to the house oversight committee. >> simply on the basis of what ambassador rice has publicly disclosed -- disclosed from what happened in benghazi and act of terror? >> will not put labels until we have a complete investigation. >> not to enact a terrorism?
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>> we do not know enough. lou: september 18 the president continues to avoid the white house press corps but does participate in hard-hitting discussions with david letterman telling him the video is responsible. >> are we at war? what happens? >> we had a video released by somebody who lives here, a shadowy character who had an extremely offensive video directed at muhammed, islam. >> making fun of the profit muhammed. >> this caused great offense and the muslim world. >> september 19 ahead of the counterterrorism broke from the white houseewith his testimony on capitol hill.
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>> would you say ambassador stevens died as a result of a terrorist attack? >> on that particular question, i would say they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our embassy. lou: that confirms the state department and others has been monitoring the events on the ground in realtime in benghazi. that video shot by reuters from another vantage point* giving us a picture much the same with the state department was seeing as those four americans were killed. next day jay carney tells a
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different story. that it is "self-evident what happened and benghazi was a terrorist attack. suddenly was self-evident and suddenly a terrorist attack. but then a bomb ahead is on his words in the interview with the new vision. >> the white house said today it was a terrorist attacks. >> we're still doing an investigation. i don't want to speak to something until we have all of the information. we don't know yet. lou: the next day secretary clinton states unequivocably the events were a terrorist attack that the mysteries and had known nearly two weeks. >> what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack.
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we will not rest until we track down and bring to justice the terrorist to murdered four americans. lou: three days later obama's still hedging even though the top diplomat has revealed the true nature of the attacks. the president sits down with his friends on the view. >> i heard hillary clinton say it is an act of terrorism. >> we're still doing the investigation. no doubt the weapons hat reduced common the ongoing assaults, it was not just a mob action. lou: reversals continue one day later in front of the united nations. obama's it reverts back to the anti-islam and patio story mentioning the video six times. >> no speech justifies mindless violence. [applause]
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there are no words to skews the killing of innocents. no video to justifies an attack. lou: two days later defense secretary leon panetta breaks with the administration, the president's claims and defense secretary panetta echoes clinton's statements. >> the reason it was a terrorist attack because a group of terrorists obviously conducted that attack on the consoles against individuals. what terrorists were involved still remains to be determined. clearly was a group that conducted that attack against that facility cement the president's people started to call benghazi now enacted terror after fox
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news reported they had information in the day after the attack for president still has not address the american public to explain what happened and why. matter what version of history the administration is trying to sell. the president made an appearance on the "daily show" with jon stewart. another hard-hitting question and answer session. with a question about communication between the white house, state department and other agencies that president obama's said "if more americans get killed, it is not optimal" we will have much more ahead on the benghazi terrorist attack the statement, assertions cover reversals from the
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white house. we will talk to house judiciary committee member lee gohmert of texas. what do you think of the evolving story? vote on the online poll. nothing scientific but it will give us a sense what we're thinking. do believe president obama whinney he declared the benghazi a tax act of terror on september 12? go to our facebook page to cast your vote. the results of the end of the broadcast. >> big reason so plummeted not want to end -- answer the governor's question. >> have you looked at your pension? mr. president, have you looked at your pension?
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>> is not as big as yours. >> let me give yoo some of rice. >> the single biggest cost of the federal budget raising 1/3 in the last four years. it is making the fiscal cliff even steeper.
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lou: google shares plunged 8% after approval disappointed on earnings targets and at the same time earnings were released prematurely accidentally the mistake that caused the nasdaq two temporary halt trading blamed on human error google reported a 20%
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drop of profits because of the slowdown of the advertising margin. although grube goals earnings from other big name company is the dow closing down and the tech have the nasdaq microsoft shares down after hours with those that were in line the targets but mr. revenue. weekly jobless claims jumping a climb of 388,000 but looking at delayed figures when we reported the labor department could not get numbers misstated california. the people from the labor
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department word denying it. putting up with the chicago style of negotiation the president repeated his position he would rather drive the country off the fiscal cliff rather than agree to the bush tax cuts for those making over $250,000. john boehner said there was no meeting on the tax increases or spending cuts known as sequestration since midsummer and another plant. -- and there is none planned. and urging washington to avoid the fiscal clef will members of the financial
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form warned consequences of inaction for millions of americans without work in the financial circumstances of american businesses would be very grave. joining me now, john, you cannot say that much later than the financial services form that says to hell with everybody if i don't get my way. >> statements like that send the president over the polling cliff. the latest was incredible. 52% romney, a 45% obama. he is digging himself deeper. even the way after the second debate with allies on upper and come individuals. the average american voter
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does not buy that. lou: it is possible we're watching a campaign that is imploding. there is no other rationalization to make declarations to not call benghazi inactive share. he said book at the transcript. the moderator candy crowley said she made a mistake. it is a terrible. but he insists everything bdm he will have his way. contemporaneously we have the eu's summit going on right now. trying to make the decision if the euro exist.
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what are your thoughts? >> they have so many of these meetings to resolve matters but there is still a lot left to be done. to have these earnings reports from high-tech companies, a lot of their problems are rooted from overseas sales. lou: rehab hard break. obama's thinks mitt romney's binders bull of women are funny. next. this happy couple used capital one venture miles
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lou: government spending on route welfare tops $1 trillion last year. 32% increase. federal spending made of three quarters of an amount reaching -- making it the largest expenditure last year. spending on food assistance programs up 70% over four years. governor romney admitted a blind trust does have investments in china. he is not the only one. remember this exchange? >> mr. president have to look at your pension? mr. president, have you look to your pension. >> it is not as big as yours [laughter] >> let me give you a vice. lou: the president did not
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want to look at his pension to answer the question we decided to check into it. not only is the president's public pension larger than governor romney is but the president has investments in china the cayman island address. he will receive almost $200,000 per year for life when he leaves office for an edition he was a state senator in illinois is defined benefit plan is between 50 and $100,000. the general assembly assistant in illinois a has a lot of foreign investments including. [laughter] chinese companies well as organized as a limited partnership in the cayman
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islands. sadism so. for governor romney he will not collect 1 penny from a public pension and declined to take a salary as a $1 per year for his term talk about backfiring. on the president. women voters seem to be abandoning the president in significant numbers look at the effort to declare a war. joining us now for the effort to win over and former treasurer under reagan and author of the book day and her boys. the lessons relearn been parenting racially unexpected.
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[laughter] >> many of them on wanted. lou: i enjoy a for every moment. what they have going governor romney talked about a binder of women who were candidates for jobs and his administration. i cannot believe the left-wing adolescence trying to make a big deal out of it >> it is amazing. i looked at the person in this bedroom do think this will hurt the governor? wyss of what you talking about? it was so clear what he meant. how could you think that? i've but it was a powerful story. i did not have enough women representatives so i reached
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out to get recommendations. to make sure i had perspective broke i thought it was wonderful. he values when men, there expertise. lou: then the left is reminded governor romney was bringing women into his administration. it reminds me of the boomerang going after big bird. every time it reminds people we spend $450 million on public television. for what? >> the issues they raise ourselves little. this is the president of united states, four years in
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office, over have been million women have lost their jobs. he talks about big bird and of binder of women? he has no explanation for the failed four years and the suffering across the nation. lou: 5.5 million women unemployed, 450,000 more -ince 2009. 16 percent living in poverty as of last year. start dissecting this as a women's issue, these are american issues. bay buchanan. good to see you. winner one of the fear demographic groups that is closing the
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door. there doing it with a lot of them we'll have more on that with the "a team" next. >> confusing right now was it a terrorist attack or was it a terrorist attack? secretary clinton decided to take some responsibility. but when people are falling on their swords they are stabbed in the back. we will talk to we go where next back of the romney's wife ann romney takes the ball with ease and grace include gain will be goldberg. of court that gets it right. texas cheerleaders can have bible verses on their banners.
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lou: the president's version of the attacks at benghazi does not match up with earlier statements. to believe obama allied when he declared a terrorist attacks to be an act of terror on some timber 12? botox and facebook tell us your view. joining me now is the congressman of texas and the manager jane director of the institute former director national-security council. mike, the president changes his tune.
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that is a tough load to carry for the administration and? >> fax can be passed the when they don't comport with attack -- talking points. when have been been benghazi undermines the narrative's that libya was successful model intervention and al qaeda is it essentially defeated. hopefully they will force us to have a serious discussion lou: do think the president lied when he called an act of terror? >> lou: if you don't want to answers. >> when the fax come to light they don't comport with the narrative. it visitation will have to
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digest that it is difficult. lou: do think presidents lie? >> i was a district judge and chief justice. look at the transcript. he said something about not putting up with acts of terror but never called it the act of terrorism. look up the last four years they took away the word enemy combat and because it might offend the people trying to kill us. baby did homeland security. he lied. he went over two weeks to say it needs to stop but the whole scenario is there is no real terrorism. it is violent extremism. lou: what is the impact?
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when the world is watching and a president puts forward reversals, of flip-flops', false statements or changing their dams but what do governments think? what with 18 days until election day? >> mainly it confuses people. there is confusion about our policies in the middle east. frankly you hear a but shifting narrative of where we? where we going? it undermines our prestige. people are looking for american leadership, to articulate strategy is.
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they do not hear from us. lou: congressmen, you get the last word. >> of course, not. it is humiliating to this country to have a president but will not come out to face the tough media although it is not there but he goes on talk shows. this of ministrations will not let people talk straight truth as one intelligence officer told me, they have blinded us to see the enemy and purged hundreds of thousands of documents that might offend radical islam must trying to kill us. there is a direct road to the white house and they give the president the impression that love you over there even though they cried death to america up. he is getting terrible of
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vice and is doing great damage to our image abroad. lou: thank you congressmen louie gohmert. ann romney straightens out the ladies of the beer. presidential debate on foreign policy gordon chang joins us. angela mcglowan will be with us. we will be right back.
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lou: in the view is a different show. look at what happened list into co-host whoopi goldberg questioning ann romney on mormons and the military. >> if you get the job as
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first lady it will entail a lot of things. one will be talking to the mother's whose children are coming home in bags from the war. i know your religion does not allow you to go fight. >> that is not correct. >> we have many, many members of our faith better serving. lou: you think that would be clear. >> when i read about your husband may be a can correct this the reason he did not serve in vietnam is because it was against his religion and? >> that is not correct. lou: not paying attention or deep research. shocking. he was serving on a
7:47 pm
religious mission in france for two years. cheerleaders wanted to use bible verses of their banners at football games. the grand -- judge granted an injunction will allow them to continue. the trial is scheduled in june. hotly contested races are running from obama as republicans look to take control of capitol hill. the "a team" right here. but we will bring brad and from washington. good luck.
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lou: joining me now is the "a team". lis wiehl and former senior staff member from the bush brad blake men. good to have you with us. start-up's of binder. if this fascinates you? big bird and the binder it just reminds people men romney that he hired women and reminds people we spend money on public television. >> binderssfull of women is like a country music song. >> if it offended lot of
7:52 pm
women. lou: come on. >> he is the ceo for decades in does not have faith. >> he had no female partners that gain capital. he told a lie to the american people the number of all women who were in senior government positions declined under romney. lou: your president lied to the people would he said he was talking about then gauzy -- benghazi you that he lied constantly for over two weeks. >> i did find binders offensive. don't refer to binders of women. lou: you may not have done
7:53 pm
this but when he was in office they used binders. there were no digital files. >> you have to go out and seek levin. my daughter and i were both offended. but to the libya point*, time-limited, scope-limited military action you are wrong. lou: i want to change the subject. right now for americans are dead, the president lying straight up they have surrogates trying to rationalize it. news organizations to are ignoring the story the biggest controversy of the night. >> you don't hear bill clinton talking about binders of women. you hear a lot of noise but
7:54 pm
the resume is that came to the governor were hired. some of the most qualified women in the country. that is why governor romney was honored to bring women into public service. it is of a distraction and a losing issue. as the president concentrates on big bird when a moment that operation microfinance public television and now into the future. lou: your id ministrations was responsible 23 million unemployed, slowing growth dropping by more than a half. you would want to talk about big bird also. >> and the 30 million women out of four. up next we bring you the results of the benghazi results of the benghazi poll.s 2% casback
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lou: we've been asking you throughout the broadcast to vote in the online poll. do you believe president obama lied to the american people when he said he declared the benghazi attacks an act of terror on september 12th? the results are in. 98% of you say the president lied to the american people. 2% say he did not. we thank you for voting in the poll and your comments now. nate says we have a president scared to death to step n toes. one leg in the islam ideology,
7:59 pm
and the other in beverley hills. jim says i wonder if the media understands there's obvious bias makes people more likely to vote for romney. that's all for us. thank you for being with us. have a great evening. see you here tomorrow. good night from new york. neil: demanding a deal on the fiscal cliff, but after hearing the president today, don't bank on it. i'm neil cavuto. you'd think the white house would jump to make a deal after this. 16 ceos of the banks signing a letter warning the country and the economy if we don't see signs of a deal fast, interest rates spike and a second downgrade of the deet likely to follow


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