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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  October 29, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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right? if i'm on the west coast, it is kind of interesting. unless it is a katrina disaster, which is much bigger. it is interesting. but i would be out in the midwest, right through the state he has openings in wisconsin and michigan and minnesota. i would be riding the bus as hard as i can. the president is trying to make as much out of being in the white house and managing prices as he can. you don't have to just, you know, roll up into a fetal position in neil: you are right that there is this kind of obsession in this part of the world. but you can also look and see that if you are mitt romney, how do you avoid giving that impression? >> because every place you go, our hearts and prayers are with the people. what about this idea in this
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region without power through election agreement with video? >> this election -- we could >> you the thing that is going to be there? >> now. i have never seen one likeét: t state by ateo that's correct. neil: then it comes to getting your people out. >> but we have to have a and electoral college. the problem is the president obama and the democrats. except for virginia, all of these states are theirs. except for maybe pennsylvania, which i do believe is in serious play. >> so these latest numbers -- what you make of these numbers? >> they are very real.
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you can't have the movement attacked nationally. and not have it influence other parts. this notion that all states, that no one else matters except for the seven states, it has been imposed fantasy. the fact of the matter is that the states that have not gotten money or time i've actually moved faster. do you know why? because they haven't been poisoned. the map changes in 2008. nobody really thought that. romney needs to take advantage of this. neil: who suffers more in an environment like this? >> is about getting your people out. if people have their homes
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underwater or whatever, you know, wanting to vote may be important, but it becomes a lot less. i suspect a hurricane probably lowers turnout to be specific. >> very interesting. i do want to lay a couple of things to you on new jersey. we told you the former new jersey governor has been on the phone with us saying that he suspects the famous atlantic city boardwalk has been destroyed. it is now a memory. i do have a friend of mine that works a little ways from her. he assured me that it was very hard to tell because everything around there seems to be underwater. but that doesn't necessarily mean that the boardwalk has been destroyed. but it's hard to tell with underwater. if that is the case, certainly one of the longest and most iconic stretches of boardwalk on the jersey coast.
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it is at the very least severely damaged, and maybe the story. we already have indications that atlantic city boardwalk is about three times larger and a lot lighter. casinos, restaurants, establishments and the like. there is no way to ascertain is. storm surges and such, you can even see the boardwalk is destroyed. what they seem to be telling me is they cannot see the boardwalk david lee miller is with us. he is concerned that much of the service has cut off in this area. >> new york is starting to resemble a scene from a disaster movie. high-performing there is a
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four-story building that has collapsed and it has done so because of the high winds. winds are still blowing a great very dangerous to be out on the streets of new york. just a few moments ago, i was at battery park. the lowest levels in manhattan, they have not broken the record there for the amount of flooding. it is at 11.25 feet. the water continues to rise. this is what is a designated mandatory evacuation. i can tell you that despite the mandatory evacuation, they feel that they can ride this one out. i can tell you that it is only going to get worse. at last word, we were told the lights are still on and they are increasingly being cut off. people are trying to prevent damage to their systems, they will be trapped in the
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buildings. they will not be able to get water. all throughout lower manhattan, the water level is rising. please do so in the next few minutes. i watched the water level rise matter of feet in just about one hour. neil: david lee miller. you heard about his comment. -he fact of the matter is much like how they have a big drain on the utilities. everyone is using air conditioners are the same time in the middle of a heat wave. organizing this energy disruption. trying to save it for the greater good. a little bit of an update on new jersey. we are hearing out of atlantic city the governor chris christie are reporting that some people are stranded in atlantic city.
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this time, the governor is blaming the mayor. saying that he is allowing people to shelter on the barrier island rather than bring them inland. they say get the heck out of there fast. it was complicated by the mixed messages. the governor said the mayor was sending a mixed message. they are talking about everything being suspended until tuesday. forecasters already saying that hurricane sandy has or will have atlantic city tonight or it when it does, it will make a bad situation worse. again, the famed boardwalk that we are telling you about -- there's no way of knowing whether or not it was destroyed. we do know from a couple people on the scene that it is very hard to tell. not only because of the driving rain storms, but because there is no way to see if it's still there. this is the southern end of the
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boardwalk. my ac knowledge coming into play. don't get the wrong idea, i do not gamble all the time. but it is hard to tell depending on where you are. it wasn't it was broken up. parts of it were battered and destroyed. that does not mean that the boardwalk itself is a story. in other parts it's simply hard to find. the utilities and what they are doing right now, dealing with all of this, at this point, there are a lot of people. hundreds of thousands and maybe more, that could lose power. anything on what you have or what you know? >> in listening to your broadcast, you see in atlantic city you have the same problem developing near new jersey with
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the storm surge. really causing problems for some of our eqqipment. we are having to take out electric service so that we can protect equipment from the water. so we currently have close to 400,000 people without electricity. if this continues rising, it could be a lot higher. neil: when you decide, as we were trying to find out with these times when they cut off electricity to an area for an extended amount of time, what does that involve? what is the thinking behind our? >> it is is very different than what we are doing here. usually when you have a strain on a particular circuit that you need to reduce powers. this is water coming into contact with station equipment.
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what this allows us to do is once the water receives and we are able to secure it, we are able to get back to service much quicker. neel: when you say much quicker, i was told it was not a matter of days but weeks?@ >> it is certainly much more if you have an energized system. it is a matter of drying out and getting the water to receive. this is not a matter of what you're hoping to do -- which is hoping you don't have to replace the equipment. that does shorten the time. >> all right. thank you very much. all right. all measures we were showing you earlier, shot out of atlantic city. the storm has hit. the hurricane -- now a tropical storm, it has hit. it is very hard to tell from that what is going on here. this is the boardwalk.
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those are not the boardwalk areas per se. as you see in this picture, what you see those out to appear to be the boardwalk, but that's not the boardwalk. the stuff that is underwater is technically the boardwalk and the surrounding area by the boardwalk. these are extended and it appears they might go out in the summertime, shopping centers and the rest, several of them along the atlantic city boardwalk. simply no way to try and tell how much is underwater. how much is potentially destroyed. but if the new jersey governor was right, certainly much of the atlantic city geography has changed mightily tonight.
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neil: you are looking at midtown, manhattan. the red ticker going across. that is a building wittout power. we are working on the parent company and we were oblivious to it. that is me, i'm oblivious to a lot of things. someone could've walked by me and i would not understand it. we are without power. our backup generator came
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through. we are coming to this area and we want to let you know that we have been following this development going on in new jersey. now that hurricane sandy has hit laxity. that has been confirmed by the national hurricane service. growing reports that this really doesn't tell you much. so i apologize for that. parts of the boardwalk according to governor cody. the question is about the entire boardwalk. if anyone should know, tony should know. what can you tell us? >> i can tell you unequivocally that the entire boardwalk has not been destroyed. the boardwalk is still intact and the server has not breached
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the dunes. i was in atlantic city at earlier today. the high tide him over the dunes a little bit. we are expecting another storm surge in the next hour or two. i believe that what has been reported, because we have seen some pictures. i think a small section was in fact destroyed. neil: right near the casino, the northernmost part. that is almost, even with the ocean water. >> this section of the boardwalk is even further north. heading towards the inland area, and again, i cannot confirm or deny, but from the pictures i have seen, i believe that that is the sectionnof the boardwalk that was damaged. >> and there aae parts of the boardwalk that have been
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ruptured her broken. obviously, they come back in and are connected again? >> yes, we get so much news and publicity on hurricanes, but we get a lot of nor'easter's and storms. it is not uncommon for parts of the boardwalk to be destroyed. neil: you are looking atlantic city right now. just about 50 feet away or so. what always amazes me is all of these near the ocean itself. that has always made you, atlantic city, vulnerable to even the mediocre storms, let alone other things. >> i think you are right. one thing that is interesting is atlantic city has the highest dunes. we actually get a lot of complaints from vacationers and
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residents that the dunes are so high and you can see the ocean. i have seen video from cape may and i thank god for the dunes are so high. that is what kept the storm surge coming in and doing damage to our casino facility, as well as other businesses and homes. as we get through this next high tide, we are managing it pretty well. i'm just going to keep my fingers crossed we can get through the next six hours remap neil: when i look at some of these images. the governor the mayor, encouraging people to stay. the governor said get out, the mayor said was okay to stay. whether confusion in atlantic city? >> i am not sure. all i can tell you is that the
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governor has been a great supporter of the casino industry, and i think he has done a wonderful job. i can also tell you that i have had personal dealings with the mayor on a regular basis. i think that he has done a lot to help and support us as well. neil: really only put. you should run for office, young man. one last thing. we do know there's going to be a lot of flooding and it will take a while for the waters to recede. we do know that as a result, atlantic city is going to be hurting for a while. do you agree with that? >> i think that this is a short-term, one time -- you know, an occurrence. atlantic city has some challenges. we will either succeed or fail. not as a result of hurricane sandy. it will be the regular business metrics and things we can do as an industry to move forward. i think this is a short-term, one-time thing. we will get past this.
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neil: okay, i hope you're right. the casino association of new jersey. they look on the left of your screen, midtown manhattan. the power is out. keep in mind that almost every building of substance in new york, commercial or otherwise, has backup generators. that can be a deceiving look when you see manhattan, of course, our own corporate headquarters there. everything seems hunky-dory. when in fact, continuing business as usual is difficult. there is a limit on how long the generators can go. minutes ago, indicating that power is being cut off.
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neil: all right, my buddy will be joining us soon. the meteorologist said that this is no longer a hurricane. but it is still very much a hurricane. sandy is one doozy of a hurricane. we are going to get to him shortly and we want to update
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you on what is happening in the tri-state new york area. they just shut down la guardia airport, one of the world's busiest. the other airports around new york, liberty airport and jfk. this says it all. times square, nothing is going on. nothing going on at these airports. they are open, you know, you might be able to go to the cinnabon at those airports, which i do recommend. but you are not going to be able to go in and out of any of them. including the private airports. what can you tell us about how this is affecting us? >> just across the east river in our support center, it certainly feels like a hurricane still to us. this is a really impactful
8:27 pm
storm. canceled about 1200 flights through the end of the day on tuesday and a little bit into wednesday morning. we are really dependent upon when the infrastructure in new york comes back to support the resumption across the new york airports. with this one in particular, a little bit different from hurricane irene and the high tide and the flooding in the search that is going on. we are keenly interested in whether the airports will be at flood stage. that is a real possibility with this one. neil: what happens? is it done in the order of flights that were canceled immediately? if you were among those who had a flight canceled yesterday, you were first up to get your flight back off the tarmac today or tomorrow? how does it work? >> the best analogy is a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle
8:28 pm
that gets thrown in the middle of the table. trying to put back together as fast as you can, but there is a lot of systems that goes into that. this one is unique because it's not just the weather disruption, but also a system disruption to us because we really evacuated 60 aircraft out of the northeast all the way from washington to boston. neil: where did you bring him? obviously want them out of harms way. >> absolutely. we have some in the midwest. the first order is to get the fleet left where it belongs. then slowly beginning the process of resuming operations. something this big, it's not just a small issue. it will take the industry probably until the weekend to get back on the schedule. assuming that the of the structures in place. neil: i don't know how you guys do it, but hang in there. i know that you had a couple of
8:29 pm
scares. we have our meteorologist. he says this is not only just a hurricane. >> yesterday they said it it was going to be transformed to post topical. they are trying to play a game over here. you can see the finished structure. something doesn't testify. coming with 83-degree water, which is off the virginia case, it doesn't evaporate suddenly, though, i'm not topical anymore. neil: it is still bad, though. >> is semantics. but my problem is yesterday. i got really mad and i said were you doing? people did not evacuate. people thought they were probably overdoing it. when you say that a hurricane is
8:30 pm
coming, there is a psychological impact on people. neil: but they didn't do that. >> i think they did. i don't want to get into a fight over the matter, but they should've done that. what i believe that they try to do is say that it wasn't a hurricane when it hit. okay. so that they didn't have to put a hurricane warning up. [talking over each other] he once let me ask you this. you get a sense of how that this is getting. this is in midtown, manhattan. firefighters and other engineers are literally climbing 74 floors to get inside this thing and see if the winds are accelerating. to see if it will compromise the engineering integrity of not only the crane, but the building, to make sure it is intact. >> i think the winds are bad now. tony was just talking about what
8:31 pm
was going on in atlantic city. i just spoke to my father. it is dead calm. what he is worried about is when the storm comes by, and the wind comes roaring out of the south, we are starting to see 95-mile an hour gusts. it is switching from off went off ocean. neil: what does that mean? >> it means that we will have these powerful gusts in the next six to 10 hours and it will gradually backed down. when hurricane irene came up, the big gusts were up 250 miles to the east of irene. this is going to be in when all the way to harrisburg and producing wind gusts along the coast. we are looking at the biggest tide ever into new york city. that is not produced by nontropical systems. neil: man, oh man. this building, you have heard of this. the winds are picking up. this is the building that was
8:32 pm
going to be the tallest. still aims to be the tallest structure in the world. it will also be the craziest. the penthouse going for $1.5 million. all sold out already. $10 million for an average condo. 10 million is the average. most of these are chinese and russian buyers. this thing did go could go up very quickly. it was supposed to be done by the spring. the crane on top of that is what became compromise today. part of it literally fell over in the wind. dangling in midtown manhattan. be clear about a 20 block radius in and around columbus circle. engineers and fire officials. some of those firefighters with 60 pounds of material on their shoulders climbing 74 floors to see what they can do.
8:33 pm
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neil: this crane is getting to be a very big worry in midtown, manhattan. it collapsed earlier today when the wind gusts were upwards of 80 miles per hour. earlier today, not the main part, but part of it on the crane, they are concerned that the entire crane itself could collapse to the ground. about 6465 stories below. they cleared a 20 block radius and they are working frantically to study the engineering integrity of the crane.
8:37 pm
what will be some very rough winds tonight. keep in mind that at that height, the winds are always going to be worse. you know that the winds and everything can get a lot worse the higher up you go. that could be problematic. especially in new york. we are hearing reports of the first casualty in and around the new york area. police say a man about an hour ago died when a tree fell on his home in a section of queens. we are also told of a lot of downed trees throughout new jersey tonight. connecticut and up-and-down the new jersey coast today. this is very analogous to the storm that bbffeted the region a year ago. that is one of very few people saw coming. it produced massive profile and spice a lot of kids that were trick-or-treating in the snow.
8:38 pm
that was one year ago. trick-or-treating itself might be dicey this year. as you can see in times square, reducing crowds to virtually nothing. the new york governor on how bad this could get. governor, midtown skyscraper drama unfolding. as governor, what do you do when this is unfolding? how do you ensure that people stay calm? >> well, i think that new yorkers have been through a lot over the last 20 years. the important thing is to listen to the emergency leaders. the city, as you just indicated, has cleared a 20 block radius where the crane is angling. you can't just hope it doesn't fall. you have to prepare in the eventuality that it does. people have been ordered to evacuate certain parts of long island and other places.
8:39 pm
listen to the professionals. we have the best emergency responders in the world in new york. we can have confidence in them, and i'm sure new yorkers do. neil: taking shelter, an emergency situation has now ensued. obviously, they see something worse coming where that could be coming. were you could see our facility, power is out in manhattan. you always worry about what happens there in blackouts. sometimes we have a lot of nasty stuff that goes on. >> well, i don't think that's going to be the case. i think that was a long time ago when we had the problem with antisocial behavior in a blackout situation. i think new yorkers and americans understand that we are all in this together and we're going to get through it together. but obviously, you hit it on the head full are anticipating or at
8:40 pm
least warning that it could get worse as the night goes on. the important thing is to stay inside. you just talked about the tragic loss of life from a tree falling. i have lost power here in the hudson valley. i am sure throughout the metropolitan region, there are hundreds of thousands of people without power. the greatest danger now, if you're not on the coast, it is the wind causing trees come down or debris to fly in a way that can really kill people. stay inside unless it is an emergency. listen to the emergency experts. have confidence. we have been through this time and again. we always get through and come back stronger. we haae the best emergency responders in the world. neil: we do, indeed. looking at a small building in chelsea, going down on
8:41 pm
manhattan, generators. i think that is a very big differencdifferenc e. it's not like in the 60s and 70s working as blackouts were careless enough for everybody. a lot of thhse buildings have their own generators that can keep them up and running and have the appearance of being normal. you know, we didn't have that before. neil: that is very much the case in the emergency facilities and hospitals and nursing homes in places where it is absolutely critical that we maintain this. also, the ability to turn it back on quicker. it's not just emts and fire and police. it is also the utility workers who are out there and know that they need to react quickly because lives can hang in the balance. i think we are better prepared. i think we do have more disturbing power. we have the ability to respond
8:42 pm
to problems quicker. for all the magnitude of this horrendous storm and the risk that it poses, just have confideece because new york is as ready as it can be. neil: i think you are right, governor. sir, thank you very much. i am sticking to that. having covered blackouts in the past, the difference is a generator. there are a lot of generators. the fact that the city could look like it is lit up, almost business as usual, you see a lot more buildings that are not. but it's not like the famous 1977 shop where all of manhattan was in a blackout. it is not the case. i think we are going to take a break or go to this reporter. okay, we're going to get the latest on the structure called the boardwalk. whether or not it still exists.
8:43 pm
when there are driving rains and heavy winds, ittis hard to see. you really cannot make out where the structures you knew are still there. part of the structure may be there, but when grains are driving, and the waves are watching up. you can't see the boardwalk. that has posed a bit of a dilemma. for those who know the area, the boardwalk has not been totally destroyed. it has been beaten up, but not this way. the structure on the left is still doing fine. 157, which was an ominouu with pedigree money coming to manhattan. $10 million, the most expensive, $100 million. the storm is threatening that threatening everyone. proof again that even if you
8:44 pm
have all the money of the world, you cannot compete with mother nature.
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8:47 pm
manhattan is the ghost town of something to be. gushing water, reason enough for new jersey transit -- it is suspending service. no new jersey transit trains will be operating for a second day. no trading on wall street for a second day.
8:48 pm
>> severe weather alerts have been issued as well as the results of hurricane trent lott. 65 miles per hour, shoreline flooding. warning people to stay in their homes tonight in chicago. tomorrow morning, dating back to 1888, in chicago the stock was closed very early in today's session. they have begun treating tonight. an idea of stock market sentiment it the stock market was to be opened. you can see the trading in the lower right hand right-hand portion of the screen. @%e dow futures, plunged over 100 points.
8:49 pm
still, they are down along with nasdaq. certainly oil and gold, traded electronically, but of course, because of the new york exchange being closed today, the new york mercantile exchange, it will be closed tomorrow as well. in lower manhattan, everything has been closed down. oil prices took a tumble as two thirds of the refineries along the east coast were shut as a result of hurricane sandy rolling in. oil prices taking a tumble. futures trading has opened tonight, but keep in mind that gas prices as a result of the closures spike in today's session. all eyes will be on these refineries and the impact of the storm overnight into the morning because analysts say if we do see any damage there, we could see a spike in gasoline prices at the pump. traders are really anxious for things to start up again.
8:50 pm
but it doesn't look like we will see a busy day for trading tomorrow. watching all of those refineries, we looked at the numbers. combining capacity of 1 million barrels of oil a day along the east coast shoreline. that is a crucial part of the energy industry in the united states. we will certainly watch this tomorrow in the trading session. neil: as you limit the supplies, it is a slowdown that could happen as a result. on this notion of the journey to trading, you and i know that cities are flooded to the extreme. it takes a while. i have to think as we look at the brooklyn battery tunnel and we get reports in the downtown area. i don't know if we will be able
8:51 pm
to get past the business. certainly not business as usual. >> especially electricity is going to be key. depending on backup generators in a lot of cases. the stock market reopening on wednesday. the 31st of the month, halloween, they hope to reopen their exchange on wednesday. it is going to be all about electricity and damage and mostly it is oing to be about whether or not you can get personnel from homes that could also possibly be damaged. public transportation has been canceled, for the most part, and that will be really interesting. neil: sandor, thank you so much. my friend, sandra smith. we told you about this flooding that has occurred. eastside of manhattan. we have also seen the battery
8:52 pm
park tunnel. this is a street, a car floating down aimlessly, downtown by the westside. this is in the old world trade center area. east village is not too far away. literally underwater. you can better understand taking a look at this. areas of the island that could use it and needed and would benefit from it. a lot of this area under water. not getting any better as a result. okay, we will keep you posted. on these developments, the flooding situation is getting worse. new york and fifth avenue, chunks of rocks coming off some of the older buildings and falling on the streets below. these vehicles are not just towards this incident of town. there are other buildings seeing
8:53 pm
rock stop on the ground. if you are to go outside, walk in the middle of the street
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8:56 pm
neil: okay, this night of storms. a gentleman lost his life when a tree fell on his house. 3 million customers are without power along the new york and philadelphia and washington court order. expected to rise dramatically as the winds ensue. peter barnes is in washington dc where workers are.
8:57 pm
>> the workers are not coming in, federal offices will be closed again. the capital closed again tomorrow. giving you a quick update on the weather. it has gotten dustier out here. when does have picked up in the last hour. we are told it is happening. we haven't seen a lot of damage. i can tell you that i was coming over from the white house and i saw some construction fences blown over into the middle of the street. the buildings at least, so far. as far as the federal response, president obama canceling his campaign events.
8:58 pm
we do not have the president scheduled for tomorrow just yet. but we did hear from him today and i would not be surprised if we get an update from him tomorrow as well. neil: all right, peter burns, thank you very much. mitt romney is playing at an event tomorrow. probbbly at ohio. hurricane relief, a gesture, an act, whatever you want to call it. utilizing services for scott walker, exploding out there and passing it along. meanwhile, our accuweather
8:59 pm
meteorologist joins us now. jim, what can we look forward to tonight? >> this is probably the worst of what we will see. headed forward, slowly improving. at its worst right now, we do see some heavy rain across the northeast and the planet. the heavy rain has sort of moved out of eastern pennsylvania and new jersey. moving onshore and the winds the winds continue to come in with a little that is why we why we are seeing the schools are continuing to be dangerous and -e unprecedented in many cases. central new jersey into coastal new england. as we are watching the high tide come in, that will decrease as we head through the night. winds are vessey, power outages widespread. sixty, 70, 80-mile per hour gusts. the rainfall further inland as


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