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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 14, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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this is not right. we need jobs and our own resources. when bills are not the answer. then from new mexico agrees to obviously obama's green energy political machine is doing more damage than good as far as helping to secure our energy independence. finally tonight, more waste, fraud, and abuse in california. according to a report by the center cisco chronicle, the university of california, a public school funded by taxpayer dollars is trying something different. they're offering online class is to knock people's socks off. this way they can attract students and tuition from around the world. university officials were so confident in the plan that is the nearly four and a half million dollars on marketing for these glasses. guess how many students signed up? one. four and half million dollars for one student. at the time the university of california was selling online
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class is. stanford and harvard started giving them away for free. once again, taxpayer money spent with no one doing their homework. that's my "2 cents more." they cheer for joining us and we will see right back here tomorrow. have a great evening. ♪ lou: good evening. the white house assault on the second amendment is not accompanied by its assault on a rational trot -- thought and reality. vice-president joe biden today presenting his proposals under control to the president who earlier in the day an ounce to the assembled press corps that ticking away guns, ammunition, and controlling guns is not as second amendment issue. >> the issue here is not whether or not we believe in the second amendment. the issue is tomorrow their sensible steps that we can take to make sure that somebody like
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the individual in newtown cannot walk into a school and gun down a bunch of children. i'm confident there are steps we can take that don't require legislation and that are within my authority as president. lou: his authority as president. do you remember when the constitution once defined the president's powers and not the president himself? all of this transpiring as left-wing advocacy groups, democratic politicians, and the liberal national media are clearly coordinated and committed to accomplishing precisely what president obama says they are not doing, that is, taking away our guns. mainstream liberal media abandoned any pretense of objectivity in their campaign to , well, shred the second amendment. for example, listen, if you will, to nbc nightly news anchor brian williams go all rachael matter now what his audience, repeatedly referring to a post
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newtown era of gun-control. >> now we turn to gun control in our post newtown era. the white house is gearing up for a fight of this issue. it is all in advance of the administration's push for new gun laws and the post newtown era. lou: msn bcf shultz went one step further. incredulously telling his audience that the reason for chicago, which is arguably the toughest anti-gun laws in the nation turning into the murder capital of america is all because of their lack of gun laws. >> a city that has got the strictest gun laws of america put forth by a mayor bloomberg verses of the gun laws that apparently don't even exist in chicago, you have to totally different numbers when it comes to lives lost. lou: chicago, of course, as we
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reported here extensively has some of the toughest gun-control laws in the country. those laws not only preventing -- not preventing the over 500 murders in the presidents of town last year. meanwhile senator chuck schumer of new york calling and the nation's largest gun retailers to join the anti second amendment campaign. he wants those retailers to voluntarily halt the sale of so-called assault weapons while congress debates stricter legislation. the center writing to walmart in the sports authority, among others, accusing their outlets of putting people's lives in danger. all of this as new york governor andrew cuomo announced a deal to enhance the country's first spin control measures as the connecticut school shooting. the liberal and the alley pushing a plan to take away our guns. who will take that up tonight with the national rifle
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association president and president obama with a maladroit metaphor that his speech writers must have thought cute, accusing republicans of holding a gun at the head of the american people over the debt ceiling. former reagan political director ed rollins, a clinton adviser doug shown a bond our guests. our first says it is unlikely the obama administration will push through a ban on assault weapons or a ban on large capacity ammunition magazines. the white house task force on gun violence as he said, failed to address the concerns of governors. joining us now, president of the national rifle association. good to have you with us. this has been a remarkable state in the presentation by joe biden to the present, the statements by the president himself and a press conference. hastily called saying that make taking guns away from people
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isn't about the second amendment your reaction. >> it is. it is about american freedom. this is a president who has spent his life as an opponent of second and minarets in this country. he promised before the election board that after the election you start to do something. he has this whole public-relations -- relation operation financed to a mere blumberg of new york that was ready to swing into action. what newtown gave him was an excuse to do what they wanted to do for some time, which is to launch a full breath attack on the second amendment, and that is what they're doing door regardless of what the president claims. you know, lou, we had a representative at the meeting with vice-president biden. before those meetings everyone was sure that we, the administration, enter these with an open mind. we got to the meeting, and one of the first things the vice-president said was he in the president had very strong feelings about firearms that are going to proceed regardless of what anyone else thought. they stated their view.
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we knew what it would be. the problem was that these meetings or asking the wrong question. they were saying, what can we do about guns when they should have been saying to what can we do to protect our children. that is a very different question. lou: one of the very important questions, with the issue. the reality is, the executive director of the nra said immediately following the sandy hook shootings, the idea of putting armed guards and police, however you want to describe them and whatever role they take a bullet schools, he was greeted by a chorus from every corner of the national liberal media when, in fact what dozens upon dozens of public schools and private in this country have armed teachers, principals, guards, security guards, policeman. >> about 23,000 schools.
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lou: i'm sorry? >> 23,000 schools. it is interesting to me. lou: if i may, we are putting of this number. these the number of public schools with armed personnel. 28,300 to around the country. and the reaction, the obama administration, my god, the nra has lost its mind to even suggest such a thing. lou: it is interesting because just by coincidence, i was in israel when the new town shooting took place, and the next morning hours touring the facility where they train security guards for their schools. they put those guards in after that school shooting in the 1970 and worked. in this country after columbine president clinton got funding for the cops in school programs which pays for many of those two. : thousand police. in other localities, private firms, and school boards
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volunteers provide security. why was it a smart idea when the israelis did it and a reasonable idea when bill clinton endorsed it and the insane idea when we suggested it? the fact is that america's parents want their kids protected, and there are two real basic problems here. what is the breakdown of our mental health system. almost all of these shooters are people he should not be allowed to possess any firearm. we have been urging for years the people who have been adjudicated to be potentially dangerous people on the list of prohibited purchasers. lou: let me interrupt you because what you're suggesting there is then that the nra will support a much more rigorous background check that will reach to the mental state who are seeking authority for a weapon or a handgun. >> we have been advocating, lou, for 20 years that people have been adjudicated to be mentally incompetent and potentially
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dangerous be included on the database. lou: that adjudicated is a big word. aside from it being a latin derivative it is cumbersome because it does not go to the issue. there are, as you well know, make, and the nra understands very well, people who are mentally ill who have not been adjudicated as such but are certainly people it should not be near a firearm. the not agree? >> every completely. if we had a mental health care system that did its job we would know who the people are. the fact of the matter is, we have torn apart and start our mental health care system in this country. lou: when you say we, by the way -- >> unamerican. lou: exactly the correct word. republicans democrats. one of the things i want to get to in this debate to if i may, as i would like to see him try to approach the resolution of this issue intelligently and at
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the same time do it without, you know, demonizing one another or castigating or degrading other institutions, professionals, a lever to pick might be. we have a serious issue. people less country who desperately need mental help treatment. there not getting it. >> they are not getting it. in every state in this treasury there are more severely mentally ill people in our prisons than in all public and private mental hospitals. 16 percent, it's estimated up of all prisoners are severely mentally ill, and 5% of the more actively dangerous. lou: the percentage of those we call ourselves and the civilian population? you know, as i'm sitting here smiling about it, we don't have good information about it. we have to talk brought that as part of the solution. excuse me, and i will give you the last word, we have to go
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beyond words like adjudicated. we have to talk about the serious responsibility of gun ownership, we have to talk about the very important issue of keeping mentally ill people away from those firearms. >> i agree with you completely. we have been talking about that for years, and it is one of our goals, one of the things that we should be doing. we should be not arguing about what the gun looks like that and fall into the hands of someone who is a violent schizophrenic. any gun out of that person's hands, and we ought to be talking about measures to protect their kids, not simply is the logical arguments about, i'd like guns, we ought to abolish the more that sorta thing. we ought to be dealing with real problems and not simply a political rhetoric, and i'm afraid that is what the president and his folks are doing, dealing with rhetoric and reality. lou: we're going to deal with reality in the politics of it all, and rare are to be watching carefully when people say things
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like controlling guns has nothing to do with the second amendment. we thank you for being here and for all the nra does and to provide exactly that kind of diligence. much more on the president's push for stricter gun control laws, nothing to do with controlling the second amendment. honest. well, that is a lie, and we will tell it you have it may well affect you as we continue tonight's broadcast. stay with us. so many trying to exploit the sandy hook elementary school massacre raising all sorts of questions. with the disaster have been avoided if his mother's fingerprints were on file? what he had murdered your children if he only had a 10-round magazine? why has the obama administration acted as if no schools should have armed guards when it turns out more than half you do. the president says controlling guns has nothing to do with the second amendment, but the second amendment is so we're talking
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about tonight in the "chalk talk." white as president obama's a. republicans will make america ad deadbeat nation when he is the one doing all the spending? and why does he want to take away everyone's guns? welcome he claims he doesn't. just two little items. it will take up with a republican strategist ed collins, former clinton adviser doug shown next. ♪ with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf gets great rewards for his small business! pizza! [ garth ] olaf's small busins earns 2% cash back on every purchase, ery day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day!
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♪ lou: the president today reiterating he will not negotiate on the debt ceiling, even accusing republicans of an unfortunate metaphor, holding a gun at the head of the american people, as he put it. meanwhile, treasury secretary tim of the airline's the united states to default on payment as soon as mid february.
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for more of the president's is covered son joined by former reagan political director ed rollins, former pleasant to have clinton political adviser. let's start with the president's news conference today. the president seemed, well, you characterize it. he seemed to fill in the blank " >> i would say congeal. meaning that he tried to portray himself as reasonable and said that there was now negotiating and the debt ceiling, lesley because he is in a strong position politically in that the most would agree that the republicans are showing no signs of real life. lou: do you agree? >> i think the republicans rolled over and play dead. at this point in time they will draw a line in the sand. no believe they should shut government down, but i think this is a position where they need to make their case known. the president said over and over again that we have cut two and a
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half trillion in the future without one single penny has been cut, -- not one single cut in the law, talking about a city of 400 billion. all that money was borrowed. a lot of bad arithmetic out there today, and my sense, we spend $0.40 for every dollar in revenue, every dollar we spend in revenue. we need to basically stopped at. it. lou: so little appetite for these tell commentary, a gigantic, abstract numbers that get the more of tac the more they get criminality at over 16 trillion in national debt. no one can comprehend that number. we do know this, that we are going to be looking at an increase of more than $2 trillion more as a result, if the president gets what he wants we will be looking and a doubling of the national debt over the course of the aba presidency. >> this is turning stuff, and the president is saying things like not to worry about the
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deficit. that is really for the proletarian, the more pedestrian takers among master of the deficit, the sustainable that. this is abject non says that he is doing, and he is being hailed by the national liberal media as some sort of -- some sort of articulation. >> i am one of those who is in the center, a supporter of the bowls' simpson planned and i agree with your characterization the problem is, you are offering a countervailing you. the republicans, with all due respect, are not. there is not an alternative narrative, not pushing the president to negotiate, and he is not talking to anybody. lou: i love this comment. the president saying of the second amendment is not whether we believe in the second member not. you have to literally hear this to believe it. but. >> the issue here is not whether or not we believe in the second
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amendment. the issue is, are there sensible steps that we can take to make sure that somebody like the individual in newtown cannot walk into a school and gun down a bunch of children. i am confident there are some steps we can take that to require legislation and that are within my authority as president >> pravda said ministration. political office. this is nonsense. it is being peddled at such a serious great with that in the sense of embarrassment whatsoever. >> it's supposedly constitutional law. he did not get very far in reading the constitution. the second amendment is very clear. arrogances have a right to bear arms, golan -- the idea that the president of the united states
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can come in by executive order and alter a constitutional amendment is absurd. lou: what is going to stop it? here is the chilling thing. it has not been done to that extent to but what is to stop this president of the court is on his side? he has the national media on his side. there are no watchdogs or countervailing influence is because of the republican party basically acquiescing. >> sadly the republicans are not presenting a real opposition, but i think what he was trying to say was that you can preserve second amendment rights to lead to some restrictions on illegal guns, and at the same time, take some steps by executive order without countervailing the separation of powers of the constitution. lou: listen to some of the nonsense. maryland's governor calling to fingerprint gun owners, alighting victims to sue gun makers. as the retailers to stop sales.
7:23 pm
the new york state has a tentative deal. this is such -- none of these, not a single one of these steps would have changed the outcome. >> equally as important when democrats controlled the congress the first two years, there would not pass any kind of lost. the eight kate 47 got democrats basically voted for it. ( shops. political purpose of the elections, and the american public today is not supportive. lou: have always been. >> the new "washington post" poll out today. people want tougher district -- tougher restrictions. universal buckram checks. >> absolutely. here is what i am not for. i am not for the little obama game. give me a little bit and i will
7:24 pm
show you how much should take. he can jump that stuff, and that help the republican party is to be enough to play that game. will we do. these are the folks to continue to say they can only handle one thing at the time, the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling, foreign policy, for crying aloud to wed till this suggests to us that there are actually capable of handling grownup work i say no to take you. let's wait until adults step into their shoes. >> at the other position. universal background checks on a bipartisan basis, mental health to a violent video games carry comprehensive legislation. >> video games, you're tapping first amendment, so here is one in two. lou: said the gingrich the first amendment is the issue of video games. lou: we are going to get to that. you knew what i was going to do
7:25 pm
and tonight. there is a strategy to what the obama administration is doing, and it is interesting that the national liberal media is not talking about the agenda and why it is choosing first to deal with the second amendment. we will explore that in the "chalk talk." tillman, they cute. ed rollins and doug shown, always illuminating. let's turn to the weekend box office. the oscar-nominated zero top -- zero dart 30 took the top spot. the sony drolen about the cia hunt for osama bin laden's. the movie that originally entered republicans after president obama allowed the film makers to consult with the cra now has the democratic party in a fury with similar carl levin and dianne feinstein along with republican john mccain containing a movie it creates a
7:26 pm
grossly inaccurate and misleading suggestion that torture was used to track down osama. is it possible that there is overwhelming support among movie audiences for the conclusion? irrespective of the methods employed? we will see how he does in its succeeding weeks. open road films for parity a haunted house opened in second place. below expectations, third place over 17 million. critics seem uncertain whether there's too much violence are not enough. democratic governors and legislators mounting an assault on the second amendment. i will leave out how some of their proposals, what the impact would have been. the santee elementary school massacre. technology giant apple losing market dominance, losing its way to date certainly. competitors bridging the gap with the very, very popular
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lou: in talking with doug endo ed and david ahead of the nra, one of the things that is being avoided in the national liberal media by the left-wing politicians who are adamant about rolling back our second amendment rights, and that is that the recent mass shootings have a common denominator, mental illness. eastern states are focusing almost relentlessly on gun control and making political -- trying to make political points as they do so. new york, for example, wants to limit the size of magazines, to seven bullets, seven rounds. the current restriction of gen.
7:31 pm
maryland's governor was to force prospective donors to provide fingerprints to the state police and complete a gun safety course . and the vice-president wants a ban on semi-automatic weapons and expand background checks among other things. would any of these have prevented the newtown shooting? the answer is emphatically and imperiously not at all. he used a military-style ar-15 rifle that he stole from his mother. under maryland proposal we would have his mother's fingerprints on file, and she and everyone else would still be dead. under new york's la the outcome likely would have been the same, fired 150 rounds during his massacre, rapidly changing clips, sometimes firing only half of the magazine's rounds. connecticut already has an assault weapon ban.
7:32 pm
the type of gun used was not covered. we have to ask ourselves to light of these politicians, intent on stepping our second amendment rights just simply go all like? is president always likes to, well, do redistribution, talk about fairness. why leave it the first amendment? what to put this in some context, if i may. there were 12,000 to what 12,664 murders in 2011. half of those murders, 49%, 49 percent were handguns. the focus, as you have noted, is on assault weapons, rifles. now, that gets kind of peculiar. rifles, all kinds of rifles, but just so-called assault weapons accounted for only to are you ready to lead to an and a half%
7:33 pm
of those murders. two and a half%. maybe we should ban hammers and clubs. what do you think? hammers and clubs actually accounted for 4 percent of all the mergers, twice as many. members and clubs. if you throw in hands and this and heat those accounted for 6%, 6% to of all murders. in all, rifles were used to kill 323 people. 323 people in 2011. that is outrageous. shouldn't we also be of raised about another number of murders and deaths? why isn't this white house putting together a task force to talk about the record 349
7:34 pm
military suicides last year. 349. there is no task force on that issue, and in the president's home tell 506 murders last year. in chicago. most of those with handguns in a city with some of the toughest gun control laws in the country. the president has yet to mention this number. it dwarfs the number killed by rifles. president obama today insisted that this is not about the second amendment. listen. >> the issue here is not whether or not we believe in the second amendment. the issue, other sensible steps that we can take to make sure that somebody like the
7:35 pm
individual in newtown cannot walk into a school -- >> he actually said that. lou: so committed to distraint -- restraining order is missing out right our second amendment right it makes you why he is never in the constitution of the first amendment as well? simply the expression of freedom of religion, implement a curfew, shut down the sale of liquor and drugs. white only close down bars and nightclubs, get people off our ministry to late hours all across america. it might have economic consequences. you have to wonder why the president does not double down in his assault on the constitution taking on not only the second, the first, fourth, 14th. there may be a reason that he has begun with the second amendment. without our rights under the second amendment removing the arrest of our bill of rights would be a lot easier, wouldn't it? lets hope everyone understands
7:36 pm
the priorities of the last year and the reason they're beginning their efforts to roll back our second amendment's rights. a dark name intolerance. can't any politician make a simple point with of discouraging others? the president's control agenda is a coalition of the eager, ready to do his bidding, that is, to do what he says he does not intend to do it all, that is , take away your guns. the "a-team" is your next. smart phone wars. apple used to be the smartest. samsung galaxy as is going all mensa. we will be talking with senior editor eric castle ball next's a ♪ his underarm. axiron, the only underarm treatment for low t,
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lou: stocks relatively flat with the dow up 19 points, s&p in nasdaq both with slightly lower. trading today, very high. a commodity market to build in crude oil gaining. apple heading component orders for the iphone five. competitor announcing it sold more than 100 million of its galaxy as smart phones says bill watts back in 2010. joining us bell, senior editor for all things digital. let's start with samsung and apple, this is starting to look increasingly interesting, like a, perhaps, a significant shift. >> yes. it has always been an interesting competitive dynamic between apple and samsung. we now know that they have fought in court about patents
7:41 pm
because they are such big competitors. very much in the camp of global, and apple has the ira last thing . and as competitive dynamic. lou: 100 million phones to have does that compare to the i5 and the ample funds? are you seeing a significant shift here? >> well, we don't know because apple has not reported fox business, calendar q for, holiday quarter, and that is the one that is the big blowout quarter. one of the things that people were going with was because there was a report that there were cuts in orders for screens come in the initial reports were a little bit high. initial reports for sibila liner 65 million screens, which is an absurdly high number for apple to begin with, so they're not -- for a single quarter. so it was a bit of a high expectations. and so we will really know. lou: that is what i love. it is an absurdly high expectations, but not completely
7:42 pm
dispensable because they have been known to every -- perform the impossible. >> and here's what you need to know. apple always says this classic moment of under promising and over delivering. if you go back, you will see their is a drop in december. by average there is a rise in january. lou: order is going on? we have dealt. it turns out that a couple of terms of the knowledge that you have been reporting, there is interested in a buyout, a private equity firm silverlake partners and alleging they had been in talks on the deal. >> the names i would expect. lou: trying to transform itself. you go back a decade and the actor, playing those memorable ads. adelle is still fundamentally a pc company that wants to transform itself to an enterprise company as services businesses, large businesses.
7:43 pm
has not been able to turn that korea. lou: and it is a diminishing company in the sense that it has moved to enterprise to b.c. trying desperately to do so. we have a market that we have seen the nasdaq rise 15%. technology, and looks like we may be within an inflection point for technology overall. >> depends upon where you draw liner and technology companies. some of these older will school technology companies. ibm was downgraded, partially on evaluations. hard to argue there is much more room to grow. wait until it is lower is the argument. lou: great to have you with this. i appreciate it. coming up tomorrow, aren't services committee member congressman randy forbes joins us. global head of economics, radio talk-show host, president obama demanding congress raised the debt ceiling.
7:44 pm
when we come back we will be telling you about the lawmakers who he has informed he will miss his own budget deadline. it is actually a legal deadline, but you know, that is a minor technicality for the salmon restoration. the "a-team" takes up that technicality and more next. stay with us.
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♪ lou: let's get to the "a-team" right now. former congressional candidate, fox news contributor. thank you for being here. let's start with the president saying that the issue here is not the second amendment. it's about taking away. what is the deal. why is he not being straightforward? >> because he is president obama, and that is who he is. i saw the rev. earlier talking about the moderator. he blamed the shows.
7:48 pm
chicago is the murder capital of the world, and the fact is a dove -- does have tough gun laws. the hollies, game makers, they're not going to the gun shows. lou: mentioned why the president has not even mentions the awful murder rate in chicago? much of it very near the neighborhood in which she worked for years. >> was to have a gun summit in chicago. lou: the president or jessica -- jesse? >> jesse. lou: is the president i'm more concerned about, because he is willing to talk about rifles and assault rifles which and up to five more people are being killed with hammers and clubs and their rifles of any kind. >> we have the best criminal justice system in the world, just as for the criminal, not for the victim. victims, if you make tougher gun laws, will make it tougher for victims to get guns. lou: what do you think?
7:49 pm
is the president, as he jumped aboard a real loser year to direct. >> he did the right thing. to see those parents from newtown a month after they lost their children to there was one of the most heartbreaking things you could have ever witnessed, and they're bleeding people to do something. they lost -- lou: just a little bit. what about the parents of the 506 people, for crying out loud, and chicago will have been dismissed by the president, the hometown. does anybody give a damn about their art? >> they do, and that is why we need to do something. the sad thing is i think cities and states are going to do something before congress can. lou: do something? this is a superpower. we don't just do something, mary ann. we have to do intelligent things and have the consequences we seek. >> this is the president's home town where you have had to end 3-year-old children that were killed by stray bullets,
7:50 pm
grandmothers killed in an alley try to protect their children in a city where the city organizers from. >> with the assault weapons ban, the deranged maniac now will have only handguns, and that doesn't make me feel any better. we had assault weapons bans, columbine right in the middle. lou: 210, at the outset of this broadcast, none of these laws that are being proposed in new york, and delaware, in maryland, none of them would have affected the of come of what happened on that terrible day in newtown connecticut. we're going to come back in just a moment to continue with the "a-team." stay with us. ♪ le annou you turn for legal ? at legalzoom, we've created a better place to handle your legal needs. maybe you have questions about incorporating a business you'd like to start. or questions about protecting your family with a will or living trust. and you'd ke to find the right attorney
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♪ lou: let's turn now to about general powell. if you will, listen to him talk about how he says, the dark in polls running through the republican party. listen to him, if you will. >> there is also a dark, a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party. what i mean by that, what i mean by that is, they still sort of look down on minorities. how can i evidence that? i see a former governor say that the president is shucking and jiving. that is a racial era slave term. when i see another former governor after the president's first debate, we did not do very well. the president was lazy. he did not say was slow, he was tired committed not too well. he said he was lazy.
7:55 pm
>> what is your reaction? is that in return? >> : paul needs to get the chip off his shoulder. take the chip off your shoulder. lou: welcome the secretary of state, and he was one of the leaders and could have at the snap of his fingers been president in my opinion of the united states. that is the republican party quite a black republican and helped pave the way, with all due respect, but his severance to come together, and we have to stop putting each other down. lou: i mention this also again. i mean, we cannot have a debate about anything without people being denigrated, degraded, demonized, without discussion.
7:56 pm
and i mean, the left is without any doubt bringing forth the preponderance of what bile and venomous language and a tax. what is the point of all? >> look. plenty of denigration on both sides to mend a disagree with all of it. you can disagree without tearing somebody down and he had every right to say what he said on sunday. that is his opinion. he speaks from personal experience. lou: no one is attacking him. wait a minute. nobody here is suggesting he does not have a right to do it. no one is suggesting -- i mean. [talking over each other] >> he is -- he used the preference of things that he witnessed during his campaign. we'll did. >> shucking and jiving, those are racist comments? -- lou: to buy applied to to read
7:57 pm
these words to iraq i mean, the president himself has described himself, as you know, as lazy. is this a word that somehow is one that i cannot use? and mean, this is a tax on both sides of the aisle, and sometimes there is real racism than these to be pointed out. >> that is like crying wolf when it is not there just first the whole cause. when susan rice did not good to be secretary of state democrats said that is racism, because she is black. >> and the woman question we have up black boy named tracy was secretary of state and other republicans. >> as we did. yes we did. >> you pointed out something that he was too polite to say. he said during the campaign committee has every right to put those examples on because when that happened many people took exception to it. it was more than a dog whistle comments were anyone knew what to deny that happened is to make his case for him. lou: so if you argue as to menu just proved the case for him,
7:58 pm
and therefore all the damfool would argue about an objective standard of truth to what the value or racists confirms. that's pretty complicated and we thank you for sharing with us. thank you so much. the key for being with us. good night from new york. ♪
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