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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 21, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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n on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. gerri: earlier this hour we spoke with an american ceo of a tire company who is fed up with laziness of french workers. up didn't miss that. in tokyo congress is still on vacation while the white house predicts other disasters that the sequestered its. what you think? who is the most productive? french workers, congress core -- 2 percent said french workers. one person said congress. 97 percent of the belief kindergartners can get more done . amen to that. finally two guys fighting over the same woman. pre typical story. not this time. the son the two men are fighting over martha stewart.
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the two men i that seals a j.c. penney and macy's. this brawl started back in 2011 and martha stewart was paying a prepense at macy's and seven pennies. she started talking with ron johnson and suddenly the store announced a $200 million licensing deal only to have macy's combine the back -- binder back. if that wasn't enough, macy decided to sue pennis to stop them, never mentioning mark the stars sent to muscles promote the brand. they're in court battling over whether the contract has damaging e-mails should be allowed as evidence. he says it can have two guys fighting over you and your 71? i like the sound of that. that's my "2 cents more". that's it for tonight on "the willis report." thank you for joining us. have a great night. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody.
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i'm lou dobbs. thank you for being with us. and now just over one week from the obama's cluster taking effect or should i say the unleashing of the sequester. seemingly has his entire administration of full force forecasting horrifying events of the sequester is not stopped, and the president's threat million predicting disaster if the $85 billion in arbitrary spending cuts to is not prevented. we'll respect this president does a man of intellect and immense political acumen, a man of many seasons and parts, but he is also a man of many threats. the president wants to raise more taxes just a weeks after congress agreed to a higher taxes in order to reach agreement if faugh -- he's out pushing the politics of fear, dg his way or disaster. a sequester is a least, the military, he says, will be ready if called upon.
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the white house says fbi agents will be furloughed along with civilian federal employees. federal prosecutors allegedly will close cases and let criminals run free. air traffic controllers and airport security to be furloughed. thousands of teachers and educators and first responders all laid off. now, that is quite a resolve to a phased into% reduction in federal spending, particularly since the federal government has nothing to do with first responders, teachers, or administrators. the obama white house seems to want us to believe that the streets will be filled with both toddlers and crux, airports will resemble a ghost towns, and the federal government work force will be reduced by about one-third. scary. scary except we have heard all of this before. are very on president. we heard it in the debt ceiling debate. we heard it in the run-up to the fiscal cliff. remember this thread during the debt ceiling debate back in the summer of 2011?
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>> i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3rd if we have not resolve this issue because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it. this is not just a matter of social security checks, veterans' checks, folks on disability and their checks. about 70 million checks that go out. lou: more recently in the linda congressional session in the fiscal. >> debate, president obama issued his threat. >> what has been holding us back is the dysfunction here in washington. and if people start seeing that on january 1st this problem still has not been solved. if they save that people's taxes have gone up, which means consumer spending is going to be depressed, then obviously that will have an adverse reaction on the markets. lou: and, of course, that is exactly what has transpired as we now approach the onset of sequestered. took a long time, but president
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obama today finally reach out to the republican leaders to talk sequester, talking by phone with the speaker and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry has our report. >> with just eight days ago, president obama please call today on the budget calamity to speaker of the house and senate minority leader. mccaw's office said it was the first time mr. obama called in since new year's eve. as white house officials faced questions on whether the buck stops with the president. >> the president is commander in chief, and he is very concerned. that is why he has put forward compromise proposals again and again. >> house majority leader eric cantor fired back, the president should stop scaring the public about how me it digress restore will stop being inspected and criminals will be let free by budget cuts. instead reach out to senate democratic leader harry reid who did not get a call from the president today and bush and to pass one of two house republican plans to stop the sequestered.
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cantor declaring house republicans have acted, and it is time for the president and senate democrats to join us. it is time to get off of the campaign trail and get to work, show us with spending reductions you prefer and let's find some common ground. in a tit-for-tat fight, carney brought out shots on the president's own plans to cut spending and tried to turn the blame game back on publicans. >> there will be jobs and if the sequester takes place. the president will, as he continues to do, call on republicans in congress to agree to avoid the sequestered because it is a wholly unnecessary will run the economy if it were to take place. >> except there were others in the president's party like former democratic national committee chairman howard dean suggesting the president should let the sequester happen to slice the pentagon's budget. telling the huffington post, i am in favor of the sequestered. it is tough on things that i care about a lot, but the fact of the matter is, you are not going to get another chance to
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cut the defense budget in the way that it needs to be cut. white house officials disagree. as does the outgoing defense secretary leon panetta warned such deep cuts could leave america with as second-rate military. lou: you will remember republicans were furious before the election and the white house was not complying with the warrant act which is a law that basically says employers need to warn employees about upcoming furloughs. the white house pushed back on all of that. now they are releasing those for loan notices. remember, people the 30-60 days in some cases on notices, which means these furloughs will take place until late april even though the sequester is supposed to take effect on march 1st which means they will have to find other cuts to replace all that says the actual notices were delayed. lou: thank you. ed henry, fox's chief white house correspondent. republican governor rick scott of florida, arguably obamacare biggest critic an opponent surprising a lot of people.
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the florida government sued the federal government to stop obamacare, of course. got himself refused to participate in the obamacare medicaid expansion which is why fellow republicans were absolutely shocked by his sudden reversal in decision to opt into a huge part of the president's signature health care law. fox news chief national correspondent jim ingelwood to report. >> republican governor rick scott of florida and opponent of obamacare has announced he will implement one part of a lot, a major expansion of medicaid and health care for the poor saying there are two options. >> having floridians paid the funds this program and other states while the nine health care to our citizens were using federal funding to help some of the poorest in our state with the medicaid program. >> and the obama administration top -- counting on an expansion may deter a very attractive. >> while the federal government is committed to paying
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100 percent of the cost, i cannot in good conscience deny floridians the need access to health care. >> a skeptical legislature would only last for three years because that is how long the federal government will pick up 100 percent of the cost. the governor got plenty of encouragement from florida hospitals which must treat the poor even if they don't have insurance. what is called uncompensated care. hospitals have everything to gain. >> they presume that it was going to bring in new customers, a lot of new, lower income customers it will have insurance instead of being an insured. so the state governors are feeling a lot of pressure from the hospital community to be the expansions. >> the white house welcomed the news. >> decisions made by governors across the country to move forward with implementation recognize that the benefits year for providing affordable health care to the citizens of their state. >> seven republican governors
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are expanding medicaid, 26 have refused to set up exchanges, so analysts say no major change of heart is under way. >> argue at the republican governors are no caving in to the implementation of the law is a real stretch. >> governor scott is working on a voucher system for florida's ports, which he says could save money and offer better care. expanding medicaid, he emphasized, is not a white flag of surrender to government run health care. lou: think you. what will be the impact if the obama sequester is unbleached temecula will be the republican strategy to deal with the political fallout? great to have you with us. >> it's a pleasure. lou: we are sitting here seven and a half hours, seven hours, seven days and about six hours away from sequestered.
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it does not seem as if anyone is taking this very seriously. i mean, we had the op-ed from the speaker. we had a little bit of discussion about it amongst republicans, but what is going to happen here? >> well, i am actually in my district today and actually received a frantic phone call from a lady who works for the usda, a meat inspector. the king she was going to lose her job and wondering how food is going to be cleared to get into the grocery stores. this is really a president to does not want to make any cuts. look, this is not the right way to make cuts, but thank god we are finally making cuts. the american people need to get used to this. if we don't make cuts now the american people will find out what real austerity measures really are. all you have to do is look to europe for that poor guys are getting their paychecks cut by 33, 40 percent. this is a president who continues to campaign, and i am
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very concerned about it because we have to make a lot more cussed in this. lou: a lot of cuts, but these are automatic arbitrary cuts. 800,000 people. the president says will be furloughed. we have a president who is sending a his entire administration trying to scare the dickens out of people. >> and who knows where they come up with these numbers. the poll numbers out of the sky. don't put any credibility in the numbers that they are using. let's not forget that we already have an economy that is in decline. and the president has yet to show how we're going to grow our way out of this mess. we have already thrown money at this problem. we spent trillions upon trillions of dollars supposedly in the name of job creation, and i don't see that that is working. so now we're going to have to make cuts. this is the first of many. this is not the right way to do it. i am especially concerned about how we handle this with the
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department of defense, but perhaps we can come back at this question taking place, may be passed specifically small bills like dealing with the defense appropriations bill, maybe the military construction bill that will give the pentagon some capability to make and prioritize the changes that need to be made to make the cuts. lou: the president's popularity far surpasses that of congress, house and the, the this is a difficult, difficult position, obviously, for the republicans. you're talking about a woman calling a concern about her job. i would presume 800,000 people are worried about their jobs. we know that there will be rolling weekly one day for los. we know that they cannot start because the war next is not taken. notices are only now going out. a lot of gamesmanship. this is no way to run the government. frankly, congressman, i have to say to my and extraordinarily disappointed about the president
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and the leaders of your party. this is utterly irresponsible behavior on the part of this president and the leaders of both houses of our congress. >> i thought it was kind of goofy to begin with. lou: good for you. i have to stop you. good for you because the super committee is one of the dumbest things that has ever been formed you talk about what happens when the committee comes up with an idea. >> it was done from the beginning. that was the only thing that the president to agree with. i want to expand on one point that you may which is that this idea that the president can win. of course, the president can win each one of these zero arguments. he can win these little paper cat fights because he can put all of this administration out there. there is no question that
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tactically he can win. strategically here at the end of the day the economy has to grow. so people can blame the last four years and george w. bush story like this guy, but you know what, things are going to get tougher and tougher for him as he continues to win a little paper cup battles but the economy doesn't grow. lou: congressman, i'm with you to a point. this should be about the national interest. this should be about the nation and the correct leaders and direction for this government. i am afraid that has been lost and all of this. >> this is a president to really could go down in history as one of the best presidents, but he is deciding deliberately not to do that. he could come work with the republicans to make cuts to this government, balance the budget. i think he is campaigning for one thing which is that he wants
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to win in 2014. when i say when, he was the republicans to be kicked out of the house city can't put nancy pelosi back in a speaker. tactically he can get all these little victories. overall of the economy doesn't grow the american people don't win and he is not going to win the. lou: great to talk with you. thank you for being here. time for each house -- should people be required to identify themselves by name on a worldwide web? go to the our facebook page. wrigley to know what you think of those efforts to eliminate on the internet. our tax dollars from the advanced research and development and the obama administration gives it all away to the chinese. we take it up in the "chalk talk." more of a of we take it up with the seal of gulf oil.
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♪ lou: gasoline prices rising for the 305th consecutive day. gulf oil president and ceo with us in just a moment. let's take a look at what happened on wall street today series stocks go down for the second straight session finishing off the lows of the day. the dow jones industrials down 47 points, s&p down nine and a half. posting its worst today performance since november. the nasdaq lost 303 points. trading on the big board. volume has picked up a little here you might have noticed. and the bond market taking interest rates lower. treasury ten year note back under 2%.
7:21 pm
build up $0.60. the selling continued. 9284. the settlement on valentine's day. crews down $5 per barrel. gasoline prices rising four up 45th straight day. $3.78 per gallon. joining us now, president and ceo of gulf oil. good to have you with this piece . this is starting to look serious. we have had the strongest run-up in prices in this time friend since 2005. and as we looked at the petroleum production in this country but has never been higher. what is going on? >> a 21 month high of oil production. it is a mess of our own making. three things. one, the infrastructure to refine oil and bring it to where we needed, which is -- it's not
7:22 pm
there. another is talk in washington of wanting to up put a crimp on exports which would do nothing but exacerbate the problem. we have already laid off all of the refinery workers and closed refineries on the east and west coast. if we now put the ban on oil exports, close the gulf coast, we have in this country no pipeline east to west. talk about presidential lead. in the past presidents helped build power plants. franklin roosevelt had the colonial pipeline built in under 180 days from houston to new jersey. built canals tomorrow roads. we have no infrastructure. lou: we have refined -- refineries are closing down. why? >> part of it is the epa and administration.
7:23 pm
part of it is just we are in low margins. margins are back up. now you have a crude below $93 per barrel. gasoline on the nymex was $126 per barrel which puts the refinery at $30. almost $0.75 per gallon. also, biofuel mandate. lou: which is a good thing for you guys. that's a good thing for you guys >> we don't refine. lou: i'm talking about broadly in terms of the industry itself. >> it's good for the refiners to have gulf coast refineries and can use crude and you can sell their products. the problem is it is cheaper to ship your product from houston to mexico or decent to venezuela that it is used and to tampa the northeast and to boston. lou: here is the thing -- >> and that is a fact. lou: no one wants to run away from them, but we want to understand them. you start looking at these
7:24 pm
production figures. we're looking in stockpiles. i mean, the highest and 301 years. we are looking at refineries closing. we keep producing more oil. we are exporting more petroleum products than we ever have. my gosh, the conservatives are getting kicked in the stomach your. we understand cycles. everyone is rational. but you get the unintended consequences. as you just pointed out. we have someone wanting to control exports from an industry that frankly did not exist two years ago. the petroleum exporting industry what are we going to do here to rationalize the market? >> pretty simple. let's build some infrastructure. commodity markets are simple. and the old bought -- i had an all boss who once told me all the mumbo jumbo about the indicators and market movement and momentum, throw it all out.
7:25 pm
the commodity business is pretty simple. you move it from where it is to wear it and to. many pipelines call railroads. we can't even move it port to port. we produce oil in houston. we still are operating under the 1920 jones act that restricts movement port to port to u.s. flag operated in constructed vessels. that is 50 to $0.60 per gallon to take product to tampa, jacksonville, part of. lou: when are we going to see prices lower? >> listen. [talking over each other] >> in an economic collapse. [laughter] lou: sure. we have to run. i appreciate it. we are going to of work very hard here to make sure we don't get that. thank you. >> washington and not sure
7:26 pm
about. lou: you and i are both sure about the number of things about washington. we will get into that next time. we appreciate it. >> one last thing. lou: all right. real quick. >> what is particularly scary is demand is low and the international eruptions have been quiet. we have record gas prices with no interruptions. what happens when demand is better? if we do recover in the economy. lou: appreciate it. thank you for being here. and just a reminder. please don't forget to vote. go to facebook. china looking to buy up american companies. taxpayer funded research. that is the subject of our "chalk talk." a defiant position. you won't imagine that certainly. you could not imagine that. for coming right back. ♪
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lou: china is on a buying spree, buying up tax payer backed technology companies, with ties to national security, most have them have gone belly up, here are a few of chinese pick me ups that have taxpayer funded advance technology that the chinese will be picking up for say bargain basement price, starting with fisker automotive received $530 million -- i'll call it an obama loan, shall we? 530 million, taxpayer money in 2009 to build so-called green vehicles, the company said they did not really need the money, the struggling carmaker waring bids from two chinese car
7:31 pm
companies. it means our tax dollars will boost the chinese economy, certainly but it is not the first time either. you remember the batters company, a123 systems, one of the housiest trade style business names i heard, a lousy name and a lousy fate, it received $250 million tax payer loan in 2009 from department of engineer, a grant, a bill, lithium ion batteries, we're having fun with those. in october last year it filed for bankruptcy, last month the commito foreign investment in u.s., gave china's largest auto part maker approval to buy a123, with with all technology, all that taxpayer money, -- by the way, did i mention, cfi us is
7:32 pm
made up of members of the obama administration, it rubber-stamps policy, chinese buyers last year spent the a record more than $10 billion last year. $10 billion on 46 deals, 46 deals, to buy american companies or buy stakes in them, that topped previous record of 9 billion in 2007, what is the obama administration doing? well, first they are supposed to be safeguard, the committee on foreign investment in u.s., made up of administration officials who rubber-stamp everything not much can be done. and early this month they rubber-stamped a $15 billion deal, i love it, for their portion of the canadian company that -- well owns the rights to
7:33 pm
drill in the gulf of mexico. sea nook. just, they took it all, and deal required approval because they have those assets, but it was only a pro forma matter, you know what is more embarrassing, the obama administration just keeping spending, millions upon millions of dollars on green energy companies like these, that have gone belly up, and those on the verge, solyndra $500 million, beacon power 43 million, interone $119 million,ing all these companies. chinese don't want them either, that is kind of insulting, to top it off, everyone talks about free trade. but you notice, americans are not going in and buying companies in china because they can't. they practically and effectively invest in minority level in
7:34 pm
chinese companies, they can be come a minority partner, chinese issuissue -- are not shy about saying no. >> a winter storm brewing, it could be brutallinge. 30 million americans in its path. >> mere we go again, immigration reform, half of our congress and senate has never debated the issue. we'll help them out. >> egypt refusing u.s. access to a terrorist, north korea threatens to destroy us. how is the obama foreign policy working? ambassador john bolton tells us.
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lou: sources tell fox news obama administration has agreed to provide benghazi talking point e-mails to senate intelligence committee as early as next week, source would not make clear
7:38 pm
whether members of the committee would go into a room and read the e-mails whether they were hard copies supplied. it appears an effort by obama administration to appease republicans and ease pressure on john brennan's nomination to be cia director, three senators have threatened to hold that nomination unless those e-mails were delivered, sip to iran movo speed up its nuclear program, installing more than 200 advance centrifuges, this according to a new report from u.n. nuclear inspectors, this is just days before iran is to enter first nuclear talks with world power since last summer, joining us now. john bolton. let's first get your react to the development on the e-mails many thought that the add pip
7:39 pm
administration would not provide them. but senators saying it not going to happen. >> i think the administration saw real trouble ahead. from democrats as well, perhaps voting against the brennan nomination. no we'll see, 71 e-mails sounds like a lot but whether they are redacted or really total sample we'll see. lou: also, curious, a number of senators issue said we're not going to proceed with further knowledge about benghazi, we'll need specific answers, they have not been forth coming, john brennan has been named soft in a book benghazi an ebook, he did a definitive report saying he approved special operations, mixe mission northern africa. there is a lot of noise around his nomination suddenly.
7:40 pm
>> if that is try. we're going in iran contra, remember how bad it was in the reagan administration, white house. orders operations so. ston e-mails sounds like a lot don't hold your breath. lou: he will move forward and receive confirmation? >> unless something else coming out each new speech revealed there is an antiisrael mark. it does not seem to be swaying anyone. lou: israel, and israel supporters are not making a big dial of it, there seems have ton a deal, chuck schumer said the man was crying when he talked about israel. >> at this point i don't know
7:41 pm
what is going to stop it. lou: nothing stopping iran, adding 200 advance centrifuges, bringing near prospect of a nuclear weapon, what and -- the israeli government has been very quiet 3 it all. >> netanyahu in the process of government formation putting his coalition together, when he achieves that the next couple weeks he has a hard decision to make whether or not to use military force against the iranian program. about the program. but iran as you say, based to most recent report continues to make progress, and build a broad and deep nuclear infrastructure. lou: ambassador, always good to talk with you. >> thank you. lou: go to to get links to our facebook page. you can tweet me. and go to our facebook page and vote, in the poll, up next, a
7:42 pm
major winter storm dropping snow in arizona, 60 million people maybe in the path of that storm. we'll tell you about what is another big storm building over the midwest, a full report next.
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7:45 pm
lou: a major winter storm is hammering the nation's mid 6 witsectionwhite out conditions. there are warnings and watches in 7 50,000 square miles, two fatal accidents have been linked to storm, missouri governor declared a state of emergency, kansas could see the worst of storm parts of wichita buried
7:46 pm
under 13 inches of snow that is still falling. president obama avoiding any mention of the fact that taxes are moving sharply higher, have moved higher to pay for obamacare, the return of the payroll tax, a surtax to investment income taking affect this year on all individuals earning above $200,000, family above 250,000 or more. you were that obamacare surtax, capital gains rates rise 24%, dividend taxed over 43%, and other income such as interest, and annuities and royalties, they estimate these taxes will raise $128 billion. that is reassuring, this it from administration that said it would not raise taxes on middle class. nasa warns that a massive sun spot could trigger solar flairs this week, potentially
7:47 pm
disrupting communication system, air travel, power grids and satellite, scientists are watching the sun spot, it formed in less than 48 hours this week. it is greek. quickly grown to 6 times die diameter of earth. there is about a 50/50 chance of solar flairs over the next 48 hours. and a shoe shiner in pennsylvania proving you do not have to have keep pockets to have a big heart and make a difference, albert lexi has been shining shoes at children's hospital in pittsburgh for last 32 years, and all that time he has donated his tip to hospital free care fund, that helps parents who cannot afford to pay their medical cost. lexi has donated more than 200,000-dollars. ao amazing sum, estimated to be a third of his lifetime salary.
7:48 pm
we thought we should share it with you. up next. the president said his leaked imgration proposal does not jeopardize bipartisan senate agreement, he denies any such tomorrow, the a-team with their response. they will join us next, stay with us. alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet?
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lou: egypt denying u.s. direct access to only publicly known suspect in custody in connection with the benghazi attack. that prompted quick response
7:52 pm
from our tweeters and facebook followers. joining us now, the a-team. remy spencer. michael goodwin. and joe trippi. what is going on, joe? the very concept that this administration just does not seem to have a -- anyway to move forward on this, is to me appalling. >> well, we can't compel another country to do what -- to give us you know interrogation of somebody. it -- i mean, we have to abide by the laws of the country these guys are in. but also,. lou: like in libya? is that what -- >> no, but it's clear whether we're getting -- whether they are asking the questions we want
7:53 pm
them asked. in other words, a lot of times we let the government in place in egypt do the interrogation, they have -- they can do things in their technique that we don't do any more. and so it is unclear to me, from any of the public statements, what going on. >> are you surprised that the obama administration is giving up those e-mails? >> on benghazi? no, not at all. i think it is because of the brennan hearing and confirmation. they want to get that confirmation, but -- i doubt there will be much in there that will be of interest. lou: well, i -- >> 71 -- 71 e-mails, unclear,. lou: i think you may be right, they gave it up so readily. while joe trippi was in joe west vacations, you wrote a terrific piece on pink poodle lab dogs
7:54 pm
that make up national libya leadia, this is your react what is going on. i think we have to say. it may not have been the rights issue to take it up, but i believe that ed henry, head of white house press association, that group of folks are serving notice there will be a change one way or another. >> i think that the report about the suspect in egypt we don't have access to, why don't we have access? we do have to follow the laws of other country but we gave egypt a huge military, with tanks and fighter jets, could we have said, this is the sort of thing that is quid pro quo for our foreign aid, to the press, i think there is a connection, press has never shown any fire in the buildo benghazi. -- in the bello benghazi outside of fox. and so,ed obama administration does not either. i think that is an example where it the press was doing its job,
7:55 pm
wholesale, one standard for george bush, and one for barack obama, remember how craze everyone was over valerie plain where is the same for benghazi. lou: it is absent. we're going to take up the president's spending a good part of his day yesterday, with local television anchors, and talking about maybe intervening in possession 8 in california. we'll take that up with realm i and the rest of the pan -- remy and the a team, why does this president have so much time for state issues and not -- well, we'll be right back. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site.
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lou: the result of our poll question, should people be required to reveal their name on web, 13% said yes.
7:59 pm
astonishingly. wit87% said no, we thank you. and let's return to the a-team, realremy. a president, telling he might intervene in proposition 8 issue in california. >> what an interesting statement, what a very inconsistent position from our president on this topic. he is not saying in one breath he is not weighing in on gay marriage, and then he said it is a state issue not a federal government issue but now he is suggestioning that white house will file what can called a friend of the court brief, am cus brief, urging the state of california to overturn proposition 8, the ban on gay marriage, this is very inconsistent statement from the white house, it makes little sense to me why our federal government, president, is going to gottenvolved in what he said should be left up to the state. state. lou: state and court, which


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