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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 11, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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gerri: we told you all about hedge fund superstar john paulson considering moving to order rico to avoid taxes. we asked on would you do that? 36% said y, 64% said no.
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a judge today invalidating mayor michael bloomberg soda ban in the ruling came at the buzzer as the law was scheduled to go into effect tomorw. the state supreme justice said it was arbitrary and capricious not to mention infringing on personal liberties. mayor bloomberg says it wasn't a ban at all. >> we are not banning athing, is called portion control. we just have to do something and all they're doing in new york is reminding you that it is not your interest to have too many empty calories. gerri: thank you, debbie bloomberg. i'm pretty sure you were banning something. prohibit or forbidden by law. that is exactly what the laws designed to do. thank god a court agrees with me. that is my two cents more. that is it for tonight's "the willis report." go get a sarpy. thank you for joining us. have a great night. we will see you back here
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tomorrow. >> good evening, everyone, i am lori rothman in for lou dobbs today. fi days and five records for the dow jones industrial average, a feat not seen since early may back in 2007, six years ago. posting all-time record high, s&p pushes within nine points of setting one of its own records. the market up for seven straight days now gaining $525 billion in value during that win streak. by the way hitting a new time two all-time high today. the dow closed up 50 points, a new all-time high. the s&p up five points, s&p 500 now within nine points of its
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all-time closing high. the nasdaq rose eight and a half points, 3 billion shares traded hands today on the big board. let's go straight to arthur laffer. serving as an economic policy advisor to the reagan administration. wonderful to have you joining us off the top. it seems we are racking up cord again, a parade of analysts tripping over themselves, warning of massive pullbacks. perhaps run for the exit, we have seen all of the games we will see in this cycle. how long are the legs of this rall if you will? >> i don't know how long they are, but going back to march of 2000 in real terms the s&p has been down 2.2, 2.3% compounded for 12 years. so when you talk about all-time highs come you're talking about all-time highs in nominal terms, not real terms. it has plenty of room to go up, i am not saying it will, but it
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has plenty of room to go up. lori: last week en the dow hit its peak all-time high, there was criticism driven by the federal reserve and easy money policies, right? keeping interest rates at record lows. and then we had a surprisingly low payroll data. it was fantastic, but it kind of calm but some skeptics. maybe it is supportive of this rally. >> it is not a test of our economy by any means but compared to what we have h the last four and a half, five years, it is doing a lot better. better than it has done in a long time and frankly i hope it gets a lot better going forward. lori: what do you think for the economy? >> i think there has been a lot of positive things happening. the fed has had low interest-rate policy. we stopped the worst of the tax increase is going through, and now the republicans seem to have gotten their legs back again and i think it will hold and not let
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obama raised taxes anymore and maybe we will get some spending cuts, which is what this country badly needs. lori: we will hear more about that tmorrow. i know u will stay with us to comment on that, we will check back in with you in a few moments. starbucks began its stay in new york city but no billionaire michael bloomberg and by the end of the day starbucks h the law on its side. an embarrassing blow to new york mayor strengthen the ban on large sugary drinks. calling it arbitrary and capricious. they blocked the rules one day before they were set to take effect. there were so many loopholes. basically defeats the purpose of the measure. mayor bloomberg says the city will appeal the ruling as soon as possible. the united states government might shutting down highly controversial claims by the afghan leader accusing the united states of colluding with the taliban after a rash of
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suicide bombings over the weekend. the eruption of violence along with the allegations greeting newly minted defense secretary chuck hagel. they flatly rejected the claim while remaining firm in the stands any prospect for peace in the region has to be led by the afghan government. >> secretary chuck hagel spoke to this yesterday and made clear any suggestions united states colluding with the taliban is categorically false. the secretary addressed these questions directly with the president in their meeting. and if it has spent enormous blood and treasure supporting the amera afghan people. the last thing we would do it support any kind of violence particarly involving innocent civilians. lori: north korea reaching new heights.
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kim jong un nullified the arms of 60 years of uneasy peace at that. costing new sanctions levied by the u.n. security council carrying out missile and nuclear test. as they engage in two months of joint military drills. so far no sign of hostility along the zone, but the u.s. state department cautioning the impact may yet reveal itself. >> my understanding in the briefings we have had, mutual are meant to mac imac, but what the impact on the ground is not completely, not completely evident. again, this is clearly in a category of frederick threatening behavior and it is not appropriate and is not going to be helpful in terms of taking
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it in a more positive direction. lori: situation in afghanistan taking a deadly turn today. the tactic took the lives of two americans. the deaths from insider attacks in the country since 2008. fox news chief correspondent has our report. >> it got even more horrific today. two american soldiers killed by a person in afghan military uniform who turned his weapon on u.s. troops. just as in a state of anti-american comments by afghan president who accuse the u.s. of colluding with the taliban drew an angry rebuke. >> nobody believes it. our men and women for going on 12 years have sacrificed enormously on behalf of afghan.
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>> chuck hagel's first trip to afghanistan on the job was overshadowed by karzai's comments and the violence which started within hours of his arrival saturday in kabul with a suicide bomber detonating outside of the u.s. two afghan secretary of defense. shortly after that, another bombing in eastern province killing eight children while karzai turned all this around on america. while the charg recharging the s killing afghan citizens in the service of america. >> america is safe but the taliban are not their enemy and they are not fighting the taliban. in the name of the taliban they are abusing our people. >> hagel canceled a conference with karzai and made it clear in private talks the allegations were ridiculous, they can only push so hard. >> the fact is any prospect for
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peace or political settlement, that h to be led by the afghan afghan, that h to come from the afghan side. >> the big question now is how big of a u.s. force will stay behind past 2014. >> our recommendations were 13,600 u.s. forces. >> a fox news poll: 46% want to pull out troops while 48% want some troops to stay behind. getting nearly $10 billion of u.s. taxpayers this year alone, they found 66% of americans oppose more american aid. only 32% support more. which is why the white house is decidedly noncommittal. >> is subject to negotiation. the president will work on that. >> work with the president's
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karzai who is not great for more than 2000 americans have lost their lives in afghanistan. meanwhile officials say the secretary heard yesterday's bombing but was in a safe location. lori. lori: ed hen, thank you. joining me now, former operative and head of the tracking unit. welcome to you. why would he suggest something as ridiculous as the u.s. colluding with the taliban? >> i think he is in a tough place. he has no power in afghanistan. when we leave, he will have an awful lot of problems with his allies, the rthern alliance. he is an unstable personality, think it is out of his water as the country's leader, but we may well be colluding with the taliban in the sense we're talking to protect ourselves when we withdraw. to say we are engaged in committing more violence with them is lunacy. lori: defense secretary chuck
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hagel with his inaugural outing greeted by suicide bombers. what is the message in that? >> when the president decided he wagoing to withdraw, he admitted defeat. the afghan see things very black and white and what they see as the americans have surrendered, and so they were giving a demonstration of what is to come to the karzai government once we're gone. lori: if that's what the afghanistan and karzai want? or is this the u.s. financial aid? >> it is very difficult to tell what he wants, seems to change from time to time. it's more important for the american people to get what they want, surely there is no reason for any american to ever have died in afghanistan for the sake of afghan freedom. we went there to destroy our enemies. we failed to do that, we're only
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in the country now because president obama wants to be able to say on the eve of the next congressional election that he pulled all the boys out from afghanistan. american people are really on a loose thought here. we have been defeated in that country and in the muslim world it will have a galvanizing effect just as the defeat of the soviets had a galvanizing effect of usama bin laden. lori: perhaps the secretary is the right person to smooth this over and make its not failure to the u.s. >> if a foreigner goes in there, he asked because much of the enemy as he can and get out very quickly. we went and killed almost no one in state for 12 years to try to create a democracy where it was impossible to do that. lori: very sad. north korea scrapping at the end of the korean war. u.s. sanctions and 10,000 south korean troops, 3000 american
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troops doing drills, how serious this threat for north korea? >> i ink that country is a little bit beyond the tale of being able to rationalize through a problem. it seems to me it is suicidal for them to attack anyone, but at the same time that is another unstable leader, and if he is willing to try to alienate his chinese supporters who are the only supporters on earth, he is very much a wildcard. lori: thanks to you for that. much more on the situation in afghanistan and later with the "a-team." in other states that to them that the second amendment. and the ryan budget promises repeal and allen's a budget in 10 years, but is it conservative enough?
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lori: still no sign of president obama's budget which is now more than a month past the deadline. in the house commerce and paul ryan will put a budget on the table with no room for obamacare. more on that in just a moment. but first, but if they stay in a row, dow rose to new all-time high. less hunted up a together five-day streak was in may of 2007, five months before hitting the all-time high on octobober 9 of that year. a high we've only just now shattered in the last week of records. so today the dow up 30 points closing at 14,447.29.
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s&p 500 rose five points, a new closing record less than nine points the way. nowhere close to recor to a rece nasdaq but it rose eight half points nonetheless today. the treasury 10-year was unchanged but the yield holding steady 2.06%. gold gaining another dollar, $0.10 per ounce, oil rose $0.11 rising above $90 per barrel. house budget committee chairman paul ryan said to unveil the 2014 budget tomorrow. it will reportedly defund obamacare and balance the budget in 10 years. jim angle has this report. >> paul ryan's plan looks to balance the budget by 2023, in one way to get there is to repeal obamacare. >> we believe obamacare is a program that will not work.
10:20 pm
we believe obamacare will lead to hospitals and doctors and health care providers turning people away. >> because the president financed obama can part with $716 billion in cuts to medicare providers, mr. obama called them savings but others say you cannot spend the same dollars twice in the president route medicare for obamacare. >> you have to remember all that money taken from medicare was to pay for obamacare. we say get rid of obamacare, we apply those savings to medicare to make medicare more solvent as a trust fund. >> used them to make obamacare seem budget neutral. deficit has say it will leave medire in even worse shape. >> there's a lot more savings that has to be done and we already use those savings for a new federal health care spending. >> democrats note ryan would
10:21 pm
keep those cuts to medicare. >> ryan says he will include those savings in his budget savings that he campaigned actively against. >> again, ryan would leave all that money in medicare. on the heels of ryan, they are proposing their own budget for the first time in four years, president obama delayed his budget until april. overall ryan's budget would not cut federal spending, but only reduce the rate of increase. mr. obama's plan calls for $46 trillion more in spending over the next decade. ryan would reduce that. one of his cuts would be 141 billion to the food stamps program. it has grown to an all-time high with 47 million recipients in december. ryan argued his cuts would be only a minor change. >> food stamps would have grown by 260% er the last 10 years like they did grow. >> repealing obama cares
10:22 pm
unlikely to go through the senate, but could focus on skepticism about the president's plan. recent polls show half of people asked want to repeal all or part of obamacare. lori. lori: and there you have it. jim angle. with more now, the weekend box office where oz scores the third-biggest opening in recent history. easily blowing away the competition. last weekend's number one "jack the giant slayer" fell to second place. "identity thief" slipped to third. and a sensational trial stretches into the 11th week now. will she be spared the death
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lori: president obama to meet with congressional republicans and democrats as weak as part of his latest outreach. the upcoming budget battle on the agenda as senate democrats looking to pass a budget for the first time since 2009. joined now by chris tybalt and former reagan economic policy advisor art laffer. chris, your thoughts on the fact this is paul ryan second budget and democrats haven't even passed the federal budget since 2009.
10:27 pm
>> the only reason they're doing this one as a part of a deal to extend the debt ceiling into this summer republicans said you pass a budget, we keep passing them, you pass a budget we don't get paid enough senators are not multimillionaires that pose a credible threat and so they're going to have to do it, but you can certainly understand why they wouldn't want to because it is a costly undertaking. lori: what do yo you think of ts second budget for paul ryan aiming to balance the budget now 10 years versus the first attempt which looks to balance the budget in 30 years. critics said that wasn't conservative enough. >> i think paul ryan is great in his budget are serious and well focused and very good budgeting. i was the first chief economist when it was formed, and paul ryan i can tell you and assure you reading those numbers inside-out, backward and forward and it is a good budget. will it pass? no.
10:28 pm
will it set the table for what republicans want to do after the election in 2014? i think so. this is the type of challenge, thclub on the ground that is being thrown to the democrats and see if you can match a budget like this, and i don't think they can come close. lori: they will submit their version of the budget, but i think art makes a fantastic point. 2014 will be here before we know it and they have to put a flag in the sand, will this budget lead to defund obamacare do just that? give them an identity and a platform agreeable to the majority of americans. >> this is a game within a game, a riddle within a riddle. currently the fight is over, the next six months for the final six months of the fiscal year, and the year beyond that. if you think about it in rough terms, they will do borrow a trillion and a half dollars so what are republicans going to get in exchange for allowing the new borrowing?
10:29 pm
that is the fight between now and then. they said let's make the debt ceiling increase, if you will, contingent on defunding obamacare. this is saying no, we will not shut down the government over obamacare but we will make it the centerpiece of his budget and that is something you can take home and run o on the new o back for reelection. lori: paul ryan is sticking by this planned to defund obamacare. santa move on already. >> i think paul ryan is completely right on obamacare. you can't have things given to you below cost and not expect people to overuse them. it is like putting me where i can eat all i want to eat, i'm going to the caviar until i throw up. this is a very bad plan. and paul ryan is correct, the
10:30 pm
republicans should run on defunding obamacare and should not allow tax rates to go up on the rich or anyone. we need a low rate, sound money, minimal regulations, getet out f the way and let the private sector handle it. lori: you both agree it will be dead on arrival, correct? we will get two ses, how will it morph into something that will be agreeable for some sort of 2014 spending plan? >> it won't be. but it is an opening bid. what the president is doing if you would like to get to midterms. he sees losing battles ahead on spending, debt and deficits. he is interested in a larger bargain with americans to allow the trillion and a half dollars in new borrowing is going to need to get to the next election. he is looking at basically to declare a truce with republicans. this is his opening gambit in this basically.
10:31 pm
lori: i don't think the american public and handle another super committee for almost two years ago. it is so frustrating dysfunction coming out. this is a great conversation, very lively. have a good night, guys. much more on the budget, politics and spending later in this broadcast. he has been successful banning smoking in trans fats in restaurants, but his latest nanny state proposal may have hit us with a hiccup. the "a-team" takes on the soda ban. and where he ranks in the list of power players is ahead. , lies and murders. look at the trial captured america's attention. america's attention. next. at a dry cleaner, america's attention. next. we replaced people with a machine.
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lori: jodi arias continues her testimony this week after 17 days on the witness stand. the 31-year-old as you may know is accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend travis alexander, a mormon motivational speaker, prosecutors have detailed how arias stabbed him 27 time, slit his throat from ear to ear and shot him in the head in june 2008, jodi arias originally told authorities she knew nothing then claimed that travis alexander was killed by masked intruders now she claims she was acting in self-defense, her attorney asked about the lies. >> that is the question, why should somebody believe you now. >> like i said before, all of my -- i lead a lot in the beginning, each of those lies
10:36 pm
tied t two things, travis and protecting his ego, i mean his reputation, and my own for shali, and -- partially, and related in any involvement in his death. so, i understand that there will be always be questions, but all i can do tip is say what happened to the best of my recollection. and if i'm convicted that is because of my own -- lori: if arias is convicted of murder she faces the death penalty. welcome to you both. >> thank you. lori: your impressions of her -- she seems almost robotic.
10:37 pm
>> she is well too rehearsed when she talks to the jury, she turned after the lawyer gave the question, there was no connection. >> jim: creepy almost. >> it was detached and odd, and sociopathic, if you reverse something, then she puts in the disclaimer to the best of my recollection, what you are doing? do you not connection with juries when you say that. lori: marl is marla is she connt all, shiad th added she lied. >> you can tell the questions are the window to the jury's soul, they are apprehensive in believing in her credibility, saying how you can remember one thing, and not remember the actual death and stabbing of travis, they are bewildered by her lies, and for them to find
10:38 pm
her credible at this point i don't think it is going to happen, that is why they have it call a defense expert to explain the sociological reasoning behind the lies, but at this point the defense has a huge hurdle they are leaping while putting her on the stand for 17 days. lori: mers des, what is her benefits strategy, the best case outcome. >> keep her alive, at this point, they are saying this is a train wreck, a woman fired her lawyers initially, trying to represent herself, now she has other lawyers, she has destroyed herself. lori: dyeing her hair brown, and wearing glasses. >> nothing, she had that librarian look, she looked like a playboy bunny initially. now she has the librarian look. lori: the boyfriend, mr. travis alexander not a press teen
10:39 pm
pristine past, reports of him shoplifting, questionable behalf yowior but nothing strong enough discredit jodi. >> she said he was an abuser but there is no evidence backing up her story, this is what it is at this point to the jurors multiple lies are it becomes difficult for the defense to recover, like mercedes said the goal is to keep her alive. lori: she is however you top describe her psyche, is that enough? do you think that to keep our aliver. >> i think at some point the attorney have said should we even try to plead temporary intainsan teen, then she went da self-defense path.
10:40 pm
this is a crime of rage. lori: how do you climb out of that hole. and the fact that american viewing population is comment captivated. >> and there is also shia attractive. think about what we think, we think sociopath, we don't think an attractive young woman. lori: does it -- are there similarities do you think with the casey anthony and caylee a couple years ago, her being a small woman, attractive, just the shock nature. >> it is very ironic, their arrests and -- dates are about a day a part, it is hard like mercedes said for the american public or anyone to think that a attractive female could brutally murder someone, for them to have all these pictures of them
10:41 pm
posing you know provocatively and sexually is captivates, you said trash tv people get drawn in it has a making of a good television tv show. >> mercedes, do you think she will, jodi arias, avoid the death penalty. >> i think she will, i think it will be hard for the jury to say we'll put you do death but not hard to convict her. >> thank you so much. great analysis. >> thank you. lori: the town of maine is holding a vote to require each household to own a gun, town officials understand that this move is largely symbolic because maine does not allow municipal gun laws but one residence said they just want to send a statement they are not giving up their guns or rights, byron is not only town, nelson, no, i
10:42 pm
georgia to vote next month. lori: and a measures of background checks, and a bill banning on-line sellercasion for people seeking a concealed carry permit, these bills have to be approved by colorado democratically controlled house, bill mandate that gun buyers pay for their open criminal background checks, and passed the senate and now headed to governor's desk. >> coming up, "sports illustrated" telling us that president obama has more with -- than just basketball. >> and jennifer love hewitt looking to take out a insurance policy on some of her best policy on some of her best assets, in a [ male announcer ] when you wear dentures you may not know that your mouth is under attack, from food particles and bacteria. try fixodent. it helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath.
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lori: the cardinals who'll decide to successor to pope
10:46 pm
benedict xvi are ready to begin their conclave tomorrow, vatican officials voted today to end a week of deliberations over what kind of man should lead the catholic church. starting tomorrow cardinals go into lockdown in the sistine chapel, holding up to 4 ballots a day. smoke signals from above the chapel will alert the outside world, black smoke means they e still decides, white smoke signals a new pope. >> president obama is scheduled topeak at a dinner wednesday night, at organizes for action. president appearance comes two weeks after the "new york times" reports osa is essentially selling access to the president to anyone who donates a half million or more, they are paying $50,000 to attend, but white house doesot see a problem with the president interacting
10:47 pm
with the group, and insists this is a nonpartisan group. >> i think you are misrepresenting the group, it will not take a position in election, this is focused on policy issues, the president's policy agenda, has been designed to promote, consists of item after item that have had bipartisan support in the pas should have bipartisan support in the put feuer. lori: most people would like disagree with that statement occurring oas is led by president's former campaign manager, and first ad attacked republican lawmakers. >> we know president obama loves to fill out march madness brackets, he played a round of golf with tiger woods, that makes him one of the most powerful people in sports according to "sports illustrated" ranking h the to
10:48 pm
44th most powerful, ahead of mark cuban and michael jordan. republican condition congressman peter king of new york is used to fighting battles on capitol hill but friday night he was squaring off against former kickboxing champion. less than half his age, no winner was declared. the two round-fundraising match, but king, who has been training for 9 years respectfully held his -- report please held his own, and he joked his day job gave him an advantage using that pent-up stress, and anger as motivation. >> here is a story that male fans of jennifer love hewitt might agree oshe joked in an interview, she would consider insuring her breasts for
10:49 pm
$5 million, if she followed through, she would not be the first hollywood starlet, in 2011, holly madison insured her breasts for just $1 million. no comment. >> up next congressman paul ryan taking aim at obamacare repeal, his party leadership behind him. lori: the a-team takes that up and more, the all guy a-time tonight, stay with us. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it.
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lori: joining me now the a-team, michael goodwin, hank shine coff. and michael ramirez.
10:53 pm
you cannot stop talking about jennifer love hewitt insuring her cleavage for $ 5 million, should it have gone for more. >> it was the cleavage. lori: which was the whole thing. >> the whole thing. lori: you are all buzzing about it. >> i thought it was a business show. lori: insurance policies, i know there is specific insurance company that handles these matters, let's get to the news of day. veterans affairs saying mental health professional will nnt comply with new gun laws from new york that require reporting the name of patients they believe likely to hurt themselves or others. >>here are many aspect to that new york law that were rushed through quickly, but this was the one of the more unique ones it dealt with mental health thing, that is so much prevalent in the big mass shootings, this is what it was about.
10:54 pm
the mass shootings almost all these young men have used assault rifles but they had mental disorders that were fairly well-known, you have a law trying to address that, saying, mental health professional have to report to police, if a patient is a threat to themsels or others, it is very problematic in mental health community. lori: because, hank, how do you character what a threat it, you are looking at me, say maybe lori is having an off day. >> there is a real problem with protecting individual liberties, and protecting society from potential violence, what do you give up first? that is a serious problem, i don't think there is a clear way to deal with itic. it. lori: michael ramirez, any thought on best way to deal with this mental health ocrisis levels and gun control debate. >> that is the one factor that seems to run through all these big tragic incidents that we've
10:55 pm
had, but these mental health doctors are required to report their patients, and determine whether they should b voluntarily assigned or involuntarily assigned under medical care. we need to take the emotion out of the issue, talk about the second amendment right that is constitutionsal. and reasons behind it. and why madison had it, was to protect us from you know a government that would a tyrannical government to take with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small busine take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call.
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10:59 pm
years versus nearly 30 years. what do you think? a lot of people say this is dead on arrival but it is republicans marking their territory, no. >> yes, but i sort of feel that territory was already marked. let's get on with it let's get on wa the real issues, it is a bit of a lazy gamesmanship, i'm disappointed in paul ryan, i like him, he is smart, he should put his time to crafting ways to cut the budget around existing laws, that are not going to go away. this is a fantasy. lou: but i think it is really a. to put it simply as company i see what you are saying, calling for perhaps a grand bargain but we're so endebted


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