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tv   FOX Business After the Bell  FOX Business  April 8, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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aig, allstate, travelers. aig may get a share buyback. liz: for anybody who thought the friday jobs number coming out for march was so frightening it was going to derail the rally, you are officially wrong at least for today. the dow jones industrials jumping 47 points or a third of a percent, but it is the russell 2000 jumping a full percentage point. a major turnaround for all of these indices. adam: homebuilders among the top performers. rallying more than 2.5%. liz: investors betting pretty big on media stocks today. viacom, news corp., hit a new 52-week highs, lifetime highs. all three names up more than 17%
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so far this year as well. adam: the japanese yen a big mover today. the yen dropped to the lowest level in four years, the company's central bank began its massive stimulus program. the yen extended the fall against the euro after the bell starts right now. ♪ and we have seen a lot of action in today's market as we kick off earnings season, so let's get right to it. in the pit of the cme, stephen, head of capital market will tell us why it is time to move to the small-cap names and patrick, global portfolio manager and managing director. tells us why a pullback may be on the way. why are you saying this? >> as far as a pullback concern, right now what you have seen is a parabolic move especially when
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you look at japan. now you're looking at europe. some of the leadership, tech and so forth has been consolidating so even though we had a nice run today, so that happening after the down move this morning. they're getting into earnings season, so i'm not surprised we came up off of these levels today, but we saw some activity putting in those names performing quite well, they're still staying in the underlines but looking for some protection right now. liz: i would get that, and i see that, but when i hear volume is thin, but what worries two matters is the numbers on the bottom. the question becomes thin volume or not, what's next? everybody says they will be a correction, but we don't see it. >> that is the hard part. you have seen a trend last week on friday after the jobs number.
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let's just look at it, we have run up 10% in the first quarter. coming up this week we will see some numbers and if we start seeing numbers that are going to be ratcheted down a little bit because there is high anticipation going into this quarter, while you see this rally it doesn't hurt to put your production on. if you start to see some adjustment, it is worth it. adam: you are seeing a pullback of 4% or 5%. i have heard people say this since the start of the year, and it has not come true. why do you think it will happen? >> it is not that i think the market is overvalued, but we have run a lot in the first quarter, 425% is realistic for the market to take a breather. longer-term still pretty bullish but there's a lot going on with
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having a good run, people may be ready for a pause. liz: is there a way to protect yourself in the short term for that small or medium term pause and get back in fleet of foot as an investor? >> there really isn't a lot of the conversations we're having with our client base right now and a lot of activity in the capital market area. people are focused on particularly volatility products. the volatility has really taken off in popularity over the last couple of years. in particular the volatility has seen a lot of activity over the last year, a lot of just cloudy conversations, so getting long volatility is one way to play that. we have also seen a lot of other clients wants to take a look at hedge equities. liz: dennis kneale has alcoa numbers. >> a nice beat on the earnings side for alcoa, $0.11 per share without special items versus expectations of $0.08. $0.13 per share with special
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items. wall street wanted revenue of 5.88 billion apparently revenue came in at 5.80 billion, a meager $80 million miss or something and yet the market does not like revenue misses. up after hours. so far going up 2% today. when alcoa goes up the day after the earnings are out, 10 days later 75% of the time the s&p 500 is higher, not lower. liz: it is important to notice it, the whisper number was $0.11, so the regular number was $0.08, they far and away beat that at $0.13, so maybe a very slight pop, suddenly that is moderating as well. you're looking at a couple of things here. adam: they're cutting their surplus of what they have been building up. talking about growth in 2013 where there was a lot of demand.
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aerospace has been growing for them and you have to wonder if the people buying into alcoa right now are seeing that it's actually continuing, that is where aluminum is headed. liz: let's bring our traders back into recession. when you look at these numbers, does this represent anything broader than just the material sector? do you take any queues at all from alcoa numbers? >> i think revenue is what you want to focus on. what we have been hearing in the market is not the bottom line isn't important or growth isn't important, but what people are most focused on this revenue. liz: and they missed it. >> exactly. starting to get to build a consensus that economic data may be weakening over the summer months so the topline growth will be very important. just one number with alcoa, but i think that is what the numbers will be focused on, what the topline looks like as opposed to the bottom line.
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adam: a slightly tighter market as supply contracts, that is a pretty good omen for the future revenue. >> that should be a good omen for future revenue. my problem with alcoa is the stock is not cheap enough for me yet. alcoa has not been a company delivering on its numbers consistently but you like supply and demand tightening up. liz: joe, can you tell us what is happening in the pits with what is going on at the cme involving alcoa? >> we saw a little flurry near the end, starting to move, but it is still not much. alcoa is one of those stocks in a range of $8 to $9. based on the whisper number where they usually run up 75% of the time. right now it shows alcoa msn revenues but a side note i drove past alcoa, tennessee.
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the parking lot was full. so people are working there. it was interesting, while it is not a great economic barometer, it does do well. liz: good for you. we appreciate it. adam: some of the predictions we will go into an earnings season will actually see a rate of growth less than what we have seen in previous quarters. do you think alcoa beating on earnings is setting the pace for others to perform better than some of the guidance we have been getting? >> it is a good question. that is certainly the concern and we saw a huge number of pre-announcements coming in from the earnings season relative to the last couple of quarters so over the next couple of days because alcoa is the first big number to report, i wouldn't put too much weight in one data point but that is one of the things the market will be focused on during earnings season.
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liz: patrick has some names he brought with us as parting gifts. among them, jpmorgan and delta airlines. coming out with numbers soon, what are you expecting for their earnings? >> the first quarter for the banks in general and jpmorgan as well, better capital market than a lot of people expected, so we are very optimistic there. delta airlines, he was optimistic about that one. that is one clearly, we are really in the early innings of more consistent earnings in what we call getting higher multiples for those stocks. we are very enthusiastic and there is not a lot of investors who say that about airline stocks. liz: good to see you all. airline stocks, what can you say. good to see you all.
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the keystone pipeline continues to be a hot debate across the country. we have someone who says the matter what the decision is, whether they started up or not, there is money to be made. three ways to play both outcomes. adam: we're live in washington. liz: and we want to know what you think. testing a program that charges users to send celebrities a personal message on the site. how much would you pay to send a message to your favorite celebrity, and if so, who would that celebrity be? log onto we will read some of your answers, so make them good. [ indistinct shouting ]
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adam: all right, s&p futures closing right now. we want to go back to joe in the pits of the cme. >> hey, guys. a very solid post today. a nice rally this afternoon because of light volume. there was no catalyst here. also you are seeing the staples and discretionary is still leading the market right now especially today with homebuilders and so forth, so we will keep an eye on that tomorrow getting a new earnings season. liz: you say watch for 1563, that is where we closed today, so do you expect a little bit higher tomorrow? >> i'm expecting a little bit higher, but like i said, we saw some sellers go when trying to look for some hedges going into the earnings cycle so it will be very interesting to see how this plays out. adam: thank you. liz: alcoa reported earnings
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minutes ago. they officially kick off earnings season, so let's go back to nicole on the floor of the new york stock exchange to see the reaction. nicole: this is a dow component. a global economic indicator. we have seen aluminum prices pulling back to that has cut into the company's revenue. we got the numbers of earnings per share, which came in and that was a beat for the first quarter. $0.11 versus $0.08. revenue came in a little late. 5.8 billion. but when you break down the numbers here, the quarterly net up 59%, one-time benefits had an income tax benefit and also positive impact from market to market charges that they actually took changes they did on energy contracts, so that has been benefiting them now forrthe current quarter. without the income tax benefit, what happens to alcoa after that?
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we heard from the ceo. seems relatively optimistic that 2013 will outpace 2012, but relatively optimistic we will have a better year, don't you want the guy to be like i really feel the growth, you want somebody more gung ho. but so far so good for the first of our reports in the forecast of 7%. aluminum demand growing. liz: thhnk you very much. adam: turning to new treasury secretary jack lew meeting with leaders and he is one message for them. easthese off of austerity. liz: beer bars joining us from washington with more. he is saying this because every nation at least that has really implemented this is suffered some economic problems. adam: europe is in a recession. he has been hopscotching across the continent for a couple of
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days. he just arrived in frankfurt, germany, for talks there. unemployment is rising in europe, the recession does not look like it is getting any better. and europe is a little bit more concerned because it is one of our largest trading partners and imports of $300 billion of american products last year. but that number could be at risk if europe's economy continues to weaken it could cost american jobs. >> we have an immense stake in europe's health and stability. in this context i was particularly interested in the partners plan to strengthen sources of demand at a time of rising unemployment. >>peter: his biggest challenger with the germans, they have been ounmoved with plans from 10 better. insisting they will not support
4:18 pm
payloads for the southern european countries unless they mend their ways, they continue these austerity programs and they also don't think the u.s. has very much credibility when someone like him shows up to lecture about deficits. jack lew is pushing the europeans to complete their work on a unified bank regulation system over there and filing trying to kickstart president obama's proposal for a giant trans-atlantic free-trade zone. adam: i don't think anybody disputes the europeans are in a lot of trouble. but look at ireland, hasn't the irish economy despite austerity actually seen better growth than some of the people who stay austerity like secretary jack lew is a problem? >> you're absolutely right, but the irish have paid an enormous price for austerity. unemployment like 25% or
4:19 pm
something. 24. thank you. i pulled that out of my trivial pursuit file in my brain. and so this is the struggle, these countries are having. if they bite the bullet they can come out on the other end at some point in theory but the cost is very high. adam: thank you. liz: general electric is moving up at least nearly a percent today after the net dig on energy. it is now the time to get in? a tough analyst weighs in. adam: we have someone with three ways to make money off of that decision the matter what that decision may be. she's always been able to brighten your day.
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adam: general electric is upping the stake to buying and industries for more than $3 billion. liz: joining us now, steven whittaker, was this a surprise to you? did you anticipated or is this the start of an arms race between big companies to get into the oil and gas business? speaker that is a great question we had published about this acquisition in advance in september 2121 of a list --
4:24 pm
liz: really? you just looked into this? >> short list that made sense for ge strategically. the big question was if they could get it at the right price. the wood group and electric pumps, this was a natural add-ons that business strategically. from a strategic perspective this is in their core business. for oil and gas properties, there's a desire across multi-industrials globally to step up their mna. organic growth is tepid at best as we all know, and what companies can do is pull the levelever. adam: you say general motors has overpaid for lufkin even though they outperformed in revenue and on earnings. >> lufkin. adam: yeah. >> you will be paid in oil and gas, it is above market.
4:25 pm
that is okay, taking a very long-term view but the concern now is they are buying this property at a time when the growth rate in north america looks like it is slowing. you're already seeing growth rate t slowed down in terms of shale for example in production. that may pick up again but right now at a point it feels like you're peaking in the growth rate. still positive, but north america 75% of lufkin right now. liz: lufkin was on your list you made back in 2012, what else was on your list? is this the start of real mna in your activities? >> when you look at the different sectors out there right now, ge and others sitting on the balance sheets have to find opportunities to deploy that capital. but expect continued acquisitions in the energy space. ge and my other large cover
4:26 pm
companies as well. on the target side, we shy away from that in terms of naming specific companies. we thought weatherford was another activity similar to this one. adam: you talk about ge sitting on a huge amount of cash. maybe this will be transferable. i just entered into a new contract. >> absolutely. the question is how long is it going to take them to realize it and are they able to transfer it across businesses and could they have gotten this for less money? adam: something like 94% of existing oil wells right now need this technology. >> today, but it is all about new drilling going forward. this is a great strategic fit, great american company and ge, combining those two things will be very powerful globally. the question is for investors how much do you pay for that?
4:27 pm
liz: you said maybe weatherford, but are there other lufkin-esque companies that could be the next target? you are certainly making lists out there. >> i would point investors to the work we did earlier in the year. liz: you got it right. >> there are large number of companies potential acquisition targets out there right now. liz: cough it up. >> that is all i will provide. liz: thank you. >> i appreciate it. liz: what if you have a crystal ball to help you make investment decisions? were talking to a company helping investors forecast future events by looking at trends for more than 250,000 online sources. could it really help you profit? adam: plus facebook wants to help you connect with your favorite celebrities for a fee. we have details ahead. and we want to know what you think about it.
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liz: seen the seventh time for a quick "speed read" of some of the day's other headlines. five stars, one minute. two major oil exports need a key sponsors due to the sluggish economy. sam's announced along response to track and field while dutch energy said it will in its backing of speed skating after the 2014 winter games. travelers are vehicles banned the pump. national average for a price of gasoline dropped down $0.6 a the best two weeks. nike is withdrawing 17,000 portions of louis lasagna from its stores in europe. added that even know they made that. anyway, they're pulling this because there is traces of pork, the product was on sale for one month when it was plus or shells facebook charging users up to 011 pounds to send use it -- messages to celebrities and because of a circle of friends if. yet to decide whether it will be implemented across the social network. the first 2014 chevrolet
4:32 pm
corvette stingray convertible sells for million. nascar team owner was handed the keys as a charity auction and palm beach florida. as today's "speed read." liz: they are serving a moose and set in quebec. adam: yes. what is ben said? liz: then lee slices we call th. and we both worked in cleveland. where does it all end? vicki some pipeline is anywhere but ending. it is a very highly debated topic in the u.s., with protests pumping across the country, supporters also chiming in from d.c. to san francisco. we have somebody who says, whether you're for or against it there is money to be made. john stevenson is first asset investment management senior vice president and portfolio manager. money to be made. how does that work?
4:33 pm
>> obviously transcanada would be a good place to park some cash. if it is denied, the principal competitor be a great place and also in some other railroads because they will do well. the reality is, and this is of the department of state through last month, basically, it is not going to make a bit of difference whether it is approved or denied in terms of the actual growth of canada's oil stance and the fact that most of that oil is going to move south into the u.s. and ideally to the u.s. gulf coast. so it is coming. is just a matter of how. liz: we are showing to the boards of the approval beneficiaries and their rejection. let's put the approvals back up. some core energy. what the like this name as it relates to an approval of keystone? >> well, because it is cheap. the ring of 16 million in free collective of cash flow every year which is something it will really benefit canadian producers getting a discount for
4:34 pm
their crude because they cannot get it to the principal markets, which is the gulf coast. and so that discount is raised anywhere from 35-$40 to currently about $12 per barrel. so the price the you see on the screens in new york is discounted for them. they will benefit by that gap closing. liz: do you get the sense -- will ask you at the very end whether you think this will be approved, but if it were to fail approval here in the u.s., is transcanada something people should short? >> well, i think that you could totally make a little bit of money short-term shorting trans canada if this is denied, but i will caution that because they just announced in the last three tercel, a conversion of the main line which is a natural gas pipeline to ease -- eastern canada which would transport roughly the same volume as the keystone xl pipeline was going forward. so either way, there will probably end up moving the aisle. it just depends on where it
4:35 pm
goes. liz: now let's get to the beneficiaries, and she mentioned the pacific railway. canada pacific railway and canadian national. why these two? >> well, the oil is going both east and west currently as well as south, and cities of the principal railroads in canada and the ways that will be used to transport it. liz: if this is rejected? >> if it is rejected, they're still growing currently because right now production is growing rapidly. so, of the pipeline capacity is currently fall. that is why there is a by industry for the pipeline. liz: you think it will eventually be approved? a lot of politicking going in -- on, but in the end is this going to happen? >> in my view it is all about politics but at the end of the day it is going to happen because it is a no-printer economically. jobs, industry, american industry. american producers an american refiners who desperately want to get this product down to the gulf coast. liz: everyone needs to watch
4:36 pm
nebraska because the governor of nebraska who, by the way, is a republican has also said, wait. whole lot. let's brega about this, but they do have support on balance as long as it does not go under our coffers are things that would really hurt the farming community. we will be watching this. thank you. >> anytime 56 we will put all of his picks for rejection and acceptance of this deal on our facebook dot com / "after the bell" page. good to see you. >> good to see you. liz: any time. adam: coming up, having problems giving up with all the social media the spews out everything from stock picks to honest to god company results. we will talk the ceo of a company that doesn't offer you, and they make it simple. liz: the smell that you may have used to associated with your grandfather, but now old spice is raising the bar quite literally and trying to appeal to a brand new, yet younger customer base. that story ahead on "after the bell." ♪
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♪ >> reporter: i'm dennis kneale with your fox business brief. planning to submit a claim for the trading losses it incurred as a result of the botched ipo of facebook that bought stock report caused quite damages. the citibank is undecided on whether will suit. nasdaq said aside money to compensate firms. a unanimous vote, the senate confirms federal prosecutor mary jo white is the new head of the sec. president obama nominated white for the post two months ago. margaret thatcher has died today, fallen to stroke. the iron lady led the united
4:40 pm
kingdom from 1979 until 1990 as britain's only female prime minister. she also served the longest continuous term in office for a british premier in over 150 years. she was 87 years old, and that is the latest from fox business, giving you the power to prosper.
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♪ liz: it -- adam: we all love to get a peek into the future? welcome one company says they have found a way to do it and it does not involve a crystal ball. liz: welcome the company, reported future, stands 250,000 web sites for data simply to determine the future invests and how investors can profit from it. joining us now, founder and ceo, christopher all bird. tell us exactly how this works. >> we take the web, a large portion of the web, second in in real time democrat events, anything from unrest to protest
4:42 pm
to company events, people travelling from a to b, organize it and make it available to analysts, any sort of business professional at least understand what is happening to 60's into record that cypress was mentioned 170,000 times are it was mentioned negatively as an investment or possibly? how you get into it? >> that would be the very basic. now you want to know if it is mentioned in and a normal way. hourly could you pick up the signal that it was going out of the north? adam: past events can hit and where the future's going to become the the do not guarantee it. how accurate is what you're doing, and had you verify its accuracy? >> so, we do is only pick a disinformation, lot of it is actually organize and with a you can go back and back tested. our financial investors, we use our product hedge funds and take our six or seven year archive and run it in a back test versus stock indexes, actual individual
4:43 pm
stocks and create a model that they can trade. adam: what is your accuracy rate? >> it would get to shoppers years than a pretty compelling? adam: have you done it? >> of course. they are compelling. liz: okay. compelling. we have to take your word for it. but give us an example from the pass that gave you a great outcome, i mean, we saw that facebook was mentioned, positive way. before the stock talk to us on that trajectory. >> we have done at the index level where we have been able to take it across a whole set of companies. we have also published very nice individual examples, you know, looking -- i think our best was an arms story. the company arm was able to show how the increase in the news fall drove the stock price. liz: semiconductor architecture. >> but the best way to put the sort of strategies to work is using them across a broad set of
4:44 pm
names because now you have sectors are even across whole index is so that you can really capture a broad set of informational flow and match that to a broad set of investor and money flow. adam: the worry about your plans? kino that at some hedge funds like to plan so the -- plant stories that might have a negative implication. are you worried that someone may try to gain the system? >> you can imagine i have been as that question 500,000 times. that is one more reason you actually would like to apply this at a broad scale. however, people also use our software defined those sort of stories. so we find the source validation is one of the best uses of our tool. liz: what do you charge? >> the cheapest way to by our service is $150 per month, but, you know, we also have corporations pay as millions of dollars per year for using our software. adam: want to leave us with any kind of indicator was about to happen? earnings season? >> i don't want to make predictions about earnings
4:45 pm
season. i thought of some good examples of where we think there might be an arrest in the world of the next week of places to sort of a void, bolivia, colombia coming up in ireland as well. adam: the upper west side of new york. >> actually, nothing standing out right there. liz: why ireland? >> let's see. ireland, i think -- are not trying to remember is a fit with the plan was for ireland. liz: okay. we will be watching that. thank you very much. courtesy of recorded future, the bigger air out there. liz: it is not your grandfather's different anymore. allspice kids into the sub business. it looks to expand the brand. that story straight ahead. adam: the maker of budweiser says years to the biggest merger in years. jeff flock joins us live from the chicago area brewery. and the bottling machine is under way year, but why this is the future. maybe that a merger is not.
4:46 pm
stay tuned to the fox business network. ♪
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thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comfortsbove. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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♪ liz: shares of constellation brands hitting a record high today after reaching a preliminary deal with the u.s. involving its antitrust suit that has been going on over the sale of its stake in grupo mondello to anheuser-busch. adam: so is it finally over? jeff flock is live in a micro brewery in illinois. and, tasting any of the products? >> reporter: you know, we may have had a brief tasting. you know, this is the future. you know, these microbrews, there are a lot of them out there, a macro number of microbrews some of which makes all of this, you know, a little bit more interesting. take a look at the two companies. he put the charts up costs. budweiser and consolation brands , they have done pretty much the same, although over the last year or so constellation has done much better. agonize be of -- piece out of this. andre, who has worked in the
4:51 pm
beer industry down in south and central america. this is, you know, this is the kind of merger that you think, are they getting too big? >> i think they're big enough. increasing the size at this point, i don't think makes that much of a difference, at least not aircraft burst. at the size of they have, there really can do things as kraft perris do. they can't be artisan, even though they tried. >> reporter: take a look at the brands that we have here. it is corona. as well as pacific go. corona is still -- constellation as this contract to distribute corona. they're still going to have that. so taking them over, that makes a big deal. >> i agree. i think it does not make a big deal. i think it will continue to be a very strong brand in the u.s. liz: you are looking, by the way , five robert -- five rabbit brewery. five vaulter is the one that is
4:52 pm
getting bald right here now. this is sold in chicago. interesting that even a big change is not necessarily hook up with another big company. they hook up with a small little company, which is kind of nice. >> it has been great because we have been in partnership in chicago, you know, providing our dismal beers. >> reporter: people want that. >> i agree. they're craving for more handmaid, handcrafted, high-quality products. >> reporter: may be time to think about -- invest in something, maybe as six-pack is a pros to the brewery. liz: well, a pretty nice run. >> is that going to continue. >> reporter: after bring up my
4:53 pm
cleveland connection. they make burning river brew. have they -- they compete with the other breweries in the midwest? and other people from clothes and go crazy to get that stuff wherever they can? >> absolutely, but it is more friendly. competition with other micro breweries is more friendly. >> it is. we actually think of each other as part of the same team. you know, have kind of the same goal in mind in this entire principal. >> reporter: like the american revolution. one of the 13 colonies to men they are fighting. the monarchy. liz: there you go. we love it. speaking of which, sam adams, micro brewery. good to see all of you. thank you so much. appreciated. adam: you can say it was a little nutty. to thieves with a sweet tooth feeling more than 5 tons of net tella. liz: a preview of tomorrow's big market moving event. it is tomorrows trades today
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4:58 pm
unidentified burglars made off with a truckload of nutella. stealing 5-ton of the hazelnut spread with an estimated value over $20,000. liz: also, the aftershave brand old spice issuing scented soap bars with their three most popular sense. they helped thousands of interviews with men in each year showing bar soap is still very popular among men. old spice also rolling out a new ad campaign including spots making fun of jingle laden soap commercials from the 80s. adam: we asked our fans on facebook and twitter if you would pay to send a celebrity a personal message on facebook. and if so, how much. janet wrote in to say i would let my daughter send one direction a message. liz: would not be often, but that would be a nice birthday gift.
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says judge andrew napolitano. you can tweet us for free. send me something. i will give it to greg. adam: the top three things to watch tomorrow. fed reserve president said to speak in the morning. he has been a strong opponent of the fed's aggressive monetary policy. voting against qe3 saying it will not do much to help the labor market. liz: and the index out showing strong gains with all components working good including a rise in job openings rising higher. adam: the number one thing to watch tomorrow are shares of alcoa. earnings molest our beat estimates. the companies seen as a barometer for the earnings season with the s&p following


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