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tv   FOX Business After the Bell  FOX Business  August 8, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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jumping because of a big jump in contracts subscriptions the came out with earnings. we will have the ceo of t-mobile usa coming right here in just a minute. the bell is a ringing. gold up big time. he will talk about that in a moment because the gall -- dollar drops, gold goes up, but so does the market in general. not a huge stake, but a solid day, as some individual stocks are just banging it out today. liz: allow the breaking news on dell, so much more. apple as well. jo ling kent breaking news about boardroom drama. front-page headlines. initial jobless claims dropping less than expected. david: j. p. morgan has disclosed its bases
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eight civil and criminal investigation. looking at the efforts to sell mortgage-backed securities. 2005-2007. liz: according to a person close to the matter, soros fund management has withdrawn all of its money from the pershing square company. the fund had less than 250 million with the firm. of course they will battle over dillon the sec. david: the family that owns the new york times is declaring that the newspaper is not for sale. the chairman and publisher added that they were stunned by the announcement of the washington post sale to amazon ceo. liz: cbs confirming that the network has resumed talks with time warner cable. cbs has been blacked out for more than 3 million time warner cable customers for a whole week david: the president of the fed reserve bank of cleveland announcing that she will retire early next year. also joins that the cleveland
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fed has led the bank since 2003. right now in a nonvoting member, but there will mr. there. "after the bell" starts right now. ♪ liz: we begin with earnings news from lions gate. adam shapiro has it. >> reporter: propeling new stuff. less the -- listen to this. adjusted earnings per share, $0.18. street expecting eight on revenue of $569 million. point the finger at the hundred games. here is what the chief executive officer said. we are pleased with first quarter results with strong contributions. it goes on to say the fact that our quarter compares favorably, it illustrates the diversity of our business. they are ready to do more with
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this. we will break it down, but it is upbeat on both lines. david: the only surprise is what is happening after hours, and the answer is not much.3 the stock has already been bid up quite a bit. a huge be on both the bottom and the tumpline. again, the new hundred and stamina november. everyone knows i will see deadliest 459 to 545 *. liz: a series of books, an avid acquired the television rights to crossfire. it's a model that has worked very well for them. david: doing the deal with netflix, this new series called orange is the new black. by the way, a lot of people are not going to be buying the dvd of the new hundred games because they realize it is available for free because of this relationship they have. that may cannibalize some of their dvd sales and a new hundred dams and some other products. bottom line as they are selling
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a lot of their product. liz: who want to bring in the analyst. david: we do, indeed. he joins us from the chicago cme . also, jamie cards is with us, harris financial group managing partner. good to see. what do you think of lions gate? >> i think that it is better than disney. that's all say about that. david: that's not saying once. they have been doing so well. >> i'm trying to stay away from all that speculation. all i know is that decides whether traders believe to be a good movie, it is really not one member year -- david: i have to interrupt you because we go from hunger games to william shatner at priceline. >> another beat on both lines.
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and earnings per share of $9.70. expecting $9.306 on revenue of over one and a half billion. just to give you an idea, they are expecting that the gross domestic travel bookings will be up 5-10% in the third quarter. international gross travel bookings in the third -- fourth quarter of 32-39 percent, so expecting this growth will continue. liz: hotel and vacations for this current earnings release accounted for 48 percent of the total revenue. not bad, up 44%. the look at this and say your done extraordinarily well. perhaps the consumer out there traveling in taking vacations is strongly coming back. >> when you look at the back is trying to put a number of pier, but they have -- it's right here. liz: taking exponentially.
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>> the jump over 1 percent on the earnings, but the new take a look -- go read without me. david: estimated to be had 9 billion. >> they beat out on the gross travel bookings which is important. i want to bring back. this is a stark that over the past eight quarters the average moved after hours after it announces earnings was seven and three-quarters percent, actually less than that. jumping after hours, but less than it has in the past. is that because it is an earnings in the gross travel bookings were expected? >> we have seen the sea in volume really like right now. those exchanges that traders trade after hours which as been extremely light. i think more less you have seen a big drop down in volume. laugh beating revenue, you're
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just seeing a slowdown in overall trading. that return as far as -- liz: thanks to you, and who wanted to jamie because the were lower today by a considerable amount on the dow jones industrials. the index came fighting back. not the biggest jump in the world, but you see resilience continue. you have a couple of sectors where you feel that people will do well if they are in memory now. >> i like technology. a couple of names there. i think technology has been sort of disregarded over the last couple of months as being a boring sector, not doing too well. of a sudden we are starting to see companies come alive. i really like what ebay is doing, particularly with paypall. some of the professors said that banks have no answer. they don't know how to overcome that trusted payment system. that is a huge competitive advantage for them.
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companies, the technology companies that are at the intersection of financial services are really expected to do well in the coming months. even apple has actually come back alive here of the last couple of weeks. technology is a fantastic place to place bets right now for the coming quarter. david: there is one thing they you have pointed out that is fascinating to me at any rate. capital outlays of companies just have not been keeping up with their forward earnings and all which means that if the earnings continue to grow from these corporations they will have to spend money on more things, and that would directly benefit the tech sector, would it not? >> business investment is heavily tech oriented which is one of the reasons i like it. all-pro cyclical. almost anything in the cyclical area will benefit greatly from that business investment and will contribute heavily toward gdp growth which is good for all of us.
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i'm excited about that and like to see is all the better. gifford jobs, good for wealth, good for america, good for the dollar, good for all of us. what about financial services. liz: i want to get to that because the big financial lambs. bank of america, loves to there. the department of justice considering lawsuits. two names that at our -- are not in that space but are in financial services. >> i like the regional banks. particularly in the southeast %-as the housing market in the southeast has improved, particularly in georgia and florida, suntrust has been in and that has not moved over the past couple of years. all of a sudden it has come from 27 to 35. it is a good place to be. the end curve is deepening. david: before we go to break we will talk more about it after, we have to go back to priceline for a second because it is pumping again. they came out with another
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series of numbers that pleased investors after the market. and this is the kind of balance that we were expecting. that stock is now trading -- put up that board. there we go. ended at 933, now at 963. also the stock is jumping. what is going on? we will tell you after the break liz: we wanted thank jamie and grace. in the meantime, ten minutes past the hour. the stock is up a staggering 110% so far this year with the recent acquisition of a major apple supplier. the growth of their could just be the beginning. david: we talk to that man behind this huge rally, the ceo of micron technology, a chip maker that is being dragged down by the end of the pc era. he says not so. of fall series that are benefiting high class phones and tablets and all sorts of stuff. his fox business interview, a first on stocks ahead in just a moment. liz: cashing in on the ipo
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frenzy. so far 117 have hit the market, and on average they have gained 33% year today. up next, how you can get in on companies before they make their big debut. david: also, t-mobile u.s. shares jumping as the company reports its largest customer growth in four years. what is driving the jump? we will talk to ed t-mobile u.s. ceos ahead. ♪ ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪
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♪ liz: the s&p futures closing. that's head back down to the pits of the cme. >> how are you? a news here. off just a little bit after the close. again, very light volume. the big thing here again is a huge move carried over from the break up overnight in china, great july numbers. and while exports did improve, and parts jumped over 9 percent from where was expected, almost 11 percent wycherley drags up copper, platinum, and gold. shrugging off worries and finally had a pullback. that's the big men's. liz: a two month high. not that intimidating.
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thank-you. david: well, shares of priceline popping, better than expected earnings. let's head back to nicole on the floor of the new york stock exchange. shares were hesitant, but then all this set of numbers came out >> reporter: there really are a lot of numbers that came out about priceline in particular. you can't deny that earnings per share be revenue, beat priceline . certainly a stellar performer. up in the aftermarket. obviously it is a heavy stock. the bid and the 961 range, but up 30%. rental cars up 46%, airline tickets up 2%. they did well with international travel bookings as well as domestic gross travel booking. uc up arrows across the board, and this is much like what we saw from the world wide corporation which soared.
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the travel industry and touch up packaging and vacation packaging of the extremely well. david: you forgot the most important thing, all of those william shatner ads. the power. liz: quite the ipo frenzy. more than six or seven tomorrow on wall street. so far we have seen 117 hit the market with the average return of about 33% year today from its offer price. david: would names are ploys to to stand out the rest of the year? how can you get in on them before they join the market? keating capitol ceo. as to why this is happening now. so much of it has to do a volatility. when that is low in the market ipos are high. >> and volatility is low there are a lot of ipos stock markets are performing very well, and
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most importantly ipos themselves are performing spectacularly. those three ingredients are very potent combination. liz: the average ipo a jump 303%. so clearly this is an exciting time. less talk about the actual companies themselves. is there froth? em little bit of excited, but it makes it dangerous. >> the quality is high. the underwriters are doing a terrific job with the pricing discipline. we have had strong aftermarket performance which is a sign that things are going well. although there have been some very high flyers of my talk about, generally things are pressing with discipline and we are under control. david: feel free to bring some names in here as we talk in general. the market has been very successful. what kind of financial service companies to lease the listing now? >> the theme of 2013 has been
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yields. those kinds of financial services companies that provide some type of interest have been in very high demand. david: like for example reads. >> that's one category of financial services that has been a highflier. master limited partnerships have been another. those of been a big theme of the 2013 ipo market. liz: let's explain why you are an important player. your son has the ability to invest in pre ipo names, so clearly there is an opportunity here that the regular joe schmo cannot get. how do you do it? >> that is exactly right. so it is a fund that focuses on three investments. a the whole strategy is to get an early before companies go public can participate in the transformation of value as companies move from private to public. what we try to do is create a public access vehicle so that an individual investor can buy a single stock and get access to a
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professionally managed and diversified portfolio. david: i know you are limited in some extent. true car and silk road, what are those companies and what are they coming on line? >> well, true car based in santa monica. they are an automotive and permission service that provides a no hassle car buying experience. they can go and get a guaranteed price incentive to get on line which is very much disrupting the car buying experience. the second that you mentioned, cell growth, a global provider of cloud-based human resources and that has really been a very strong team. all of the so-called software and service businesses, so profits right into that mold. liz: there you are. it is good to see you. >> thank you for having me. david: great guests coming right
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up, including a first on a fox business interview with the ceo chip maker micron. liz: what i quarter for t-mobile. the stock has been on a tear. the wireless carrier ceo joins us to tell us how he is stealing customers from powerhouses like at&t. you have to hear the offers they're making. it may interest you. you're not locked into the 2-year nightmare. his strategy to catch up with the big boys. my mantra?
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liz: breaking news on the
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embattled head to find. charlie gasparino as it in that newsroom. >> reporter: the judge is basically saying that the discovery, the discovery that the sec was going to a give that sac is not going to happen. sac capitol, the bids hedge fund that was recently indicted wanted the discovery from the sec in exchange said sustain the u.s. department of justice case. that case is state as a request by the u.s. attorney's office. they did not to hand over discovery. a lot of legal mumbo jumbo. the essentially a win for the government. the u.s. attorney for the u.s. seventh district wants the other investigation by the s ac -- sec stops so he can do his business and the judge said yes. the second reason it is a victory for the government is
4:25 pm
because the fund of steve cohen said we have no problem with just dealing with the justice department. they want to put us out of business, but we want something in return. we want to see the discovery that the other part of the government has and its administrative proceedings. the judge on that said no way. so this is very technical. it is a legalistic. it is the sort of incremental step. this is a minor victory for the government and somewhat of a fairly severe loss for sac capital. they did not get to see the evidence that the securities and exchange commission has against the ceo, steve cohen, and their administrative proceeding. there are two cases, an administrative proceeding for failure to supervise and the steve cohen as the company.
4:26 pm
there really would like to see what they have. the judge said no way. and he does not have to wwrry about the sec doing dual discovery, so it is very complicated and boils down to the fact that the government has a small and somewhat significant win in this whole drama. david: good stuff. thank you. good for the government. bad for steve cohen. liz: t-mobile u.s. seems to be getting its group back with the stock jumping more than 4 percent today after the company reported its customer base grew by more than 1 million people. that is the largest gain they have seen in four years. david: what is driving all of this growth? with us now, ceo and president of t-mobile usa. thank you for coming. congratulations. last time this year you were losing customers by about and a half million. this time you gained 680,000 new subscribers.
4:27 pm
these are contract subscribers, the real money subscribers. is it because of the fact you got all those new customers who were tired of giving at&t had 2-year lock in contract? >> well, let me say it slightly differently because we waited a long time for this. this 600 -- an ads in key to, that was more than that total fell nance of verizon, at&t, and sprint combined. so it's a big deal. it's because of a couple of things. several phases of what i call simplified pricing, no contracts, low upfront pricing. then we launched the iphone as well as many time the -- and any time of great. if you take all of the devices sold, but says gross adds and upgrades, the half-hour muzzle its 29%.
4:28 pm
it was barely 21 percent. this was a much broader story than adding a device for the portfolio. it means it will continue. liz: great news certainly, but you cannot discount will was brought up. people were waiting for you to finally offered this so that they could just say, we are done with the two years so-called sentence that the at&t and arises of the world are forcing people to sign. you're a destructive guy and that is a good thing. what is your next trip? the offerings to the customers? >> you focused -- i got here and talk to the team, it became clear that customers were one of the most important things in their life, the smart phone devices that run their life on. they hated the process and the carriers that they have to interface to get them. no contract to liberated environment is really moving extremely well.
4:29 pm
next i have called phase three. i can't give away all the secrets, but continuing to saw when i called customer pain points. to do ones that were really difficult for the big guys to solve. plenty more. you're either with us or their things to you absolutely hate. we're smaller, faster, flatter. we can move quickly and will solve those one by one. come on. we have about 12% market share. plenty of room to go and plenty of customers coming off contract every month from at&t and verizon. one small fun factor, and a weekend of july 301st that porting ratio between at&t ties was two-for-one. david: you can see -- by the way, viewers out there can see the attitude that helped turn this company around. you have got it. a terrific, pos thinking about the future.
4:30 pm
i have to be bad, because your profits are not at all what they should be, what you would want him to be. how the huge profits up for the company? >> a couple of things, david. that is your best shot -- best shot at being a bad cop. you have to get a bad cop school. david: frankly, you have a great story. >> you just said it. let's close on that piece. david: the problems. the problems. >> okay. we gave guidance today of adjusted. gave guidance that it would be in is over ffr range. in the extremely aggressive growth environment, our margins were 24 to 25%. right now sprint, while it is completely eroding its customer base and the stock is moving pretty well, the margins are about 9%. so we are a profitable company operating in free cash flow well
4:31 pm
over $2 billion. let's not confuse the fact that we were having a shrinking environment with not being a profitable company. we are profitable, growing business. metro pc s. merger that we just went through, the synergies will add over a billion dollars to free cash flow accretion in the coming years. a lot of things a parsley's, the biggest of which is growth which is what most people are looking for. liz: who want to see that. will you come from bellevue and visit us? come visit us. >> of love to come. i'm in new york quite a bit. at an apartment on the upper west side. david: i do, too. by the way, open up your coat. is that as superman shirt under there? >> come on. two things, not only the logo, but the ticker symbol of where we get most of our customers brown. liz: come back when you have the next big option.
4:32 pm
>> nice to talk about the view. david: micron is front and center of the computing revolution. the chipmakers seal will be here next to tell us how he is capitalizing on the surgeons more prone and heavily used. liz: have you been on this side? it is now big leader in the online flash sales business, just a gorgeous sight. what are they doing differently? the company ceo is with us live about his strategy for growth and whether he plans to add to the ipo follow-on. ♪ e knows you like no one else.
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david: the chipmaker, micron technology has a $14 billion market cap which analysts say is undervalued, climbing 50% above the current levels. still trade remembers concerned about the company's exposure to the pc market which does seem to be fading fast. earlier i spoke to micron ceo, in a first on fox business interview. i began asking whether personal computers would disappear? >> personal computers will definitely be around. they're changing. they're morphing. we'll have ultralights and tablets and pcs. people still need to compuue. as for micron as you point out
4:36 pm
it is not that important. we supply products in all types of platforms. client platforms. enterprise platforms. david: just as an example, samsung galaxy note 3, your drams in it right? >> absolutely. samsung is a great customer of ours. david: have you had to change the overall strategy based on the decline in the pc industry? >> our strategy for a long time has been to search out all those applications where we can really add value. we're heading down the path in quite a while moving our products into things other than pcs. whether it is enterprise or automotive or medical or industrial. we want to be there where we can take a system level approach to the creating value for customers and letting them innovate. david: you're here in new york. your base is in idaho. you're here in torque new york to talk to investors. is there something that frustrates chip make officers you look at intel. great company, well-run but the
4:37 pm
stock value is stuck at around 22 bucks a share. same with your company. a lot of people say it is undervalued in 13, 14 range. it could go up to $20 pretty easily. what should investors know about chip-makers right now? >> at least for memory the industry is changing dramatically. real vie -- diversification where the product goes and change in adoption of new technology is creating a opportunity. david: what does that mean? breakthrough products? >> it means more system level products and more products customized at end application. which means at the end. day we start to see less commiditization of the things micron builds. i think that is good for micron because they add more value. david: how do you hook the investor? the investor stock value is somewhat important to you guys. it seems to be undervalued stock. i'm sure you would say it would, any ceo but how do you hook
4:38 pm
investors believing in micron's future. >> i think investors are coming around. they need to see great execution which subpoena haing over a sustained period. they need to see this actually plays out the way many of them now believe it will play out which is a much more value added industry as opposed to a deeplysy call one. david: here is a tough sell for investors. why did you guys just buy a bankrupt japanese chip maker? >> it gives us the opportunity to bring together two great product portfolios and create the world's best memory company. it gives us much more depth of technological horsepower to innovate for the future. and we get assets at a fantastic deal for our shareholders. david: warren buffett said the way he has gotten rich for looking for well-run companies that are beaten down. is that what you did? you found a well-run company that was bankrupt but had real potential for growth? >> this is a very good company.
4:39 pm
david: we're talking about ekita memory. >> 2 was bankrupt for a number of of different reasons but had good underlaying capability, technology products and assets that we were able to bring into the micron group at a fraction of the replacement costs -- david: was there pushback though? were people saying hey look what are you buying a bankrupt company for? >> today everyone looks at the deal, goes, of course. if you go back a year it took some vision, yes. fortunately we had that. david: let me pull back because there is another aspect to micron people don't know about, the form ceo, steve appleton was killed very suddenly in a plain crash in 2012. he was only 51 years old. you took over after him. a lot of people were worried about the transition. i guess he had been ceo for 18 years. the transition was very smooth. there were a lost companies that
4:40 pm
may have not succession plans in place. clearly you did. how did you work on that? >> well, listen, steve was a great leader for the company and a good friend and it was tough on the whole company when that happened. but we had a plan and, even -- david: even with a young ceo a 51-year-old ceo in the prime of his life you had a plan? >> that's right. we knew what we needed to do and we knew that we weren't going to miss a beach. that we would take advantage of of the opportunities that presented themselves. the team really came together and kept on going and it's worked out very well for us. david: certainly has. mark durken micron technologies ceo. terrific guy. love to have him back. liz: anytime. leading online destination for the home. after you seen this site? a gorgeous website. it is connecting consumers with discount designer goods for flash sales. what are they doing differently? what do they need to do differently to keep their business booming? ceo douglas mack giving us a
4:41 pm
inside look next. david: what a day we have at fbn! the fallout from the mortgage mess is spreading. bank of america, morgan stanley coming under fire. where will it ind. are they notches on the sec's belt or did they really do something bad? coming up we'll tell the whole story. ♪
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4:45 pm
migrating to mobile. they pick up the ipad or galaxy, we're fair and balanced at fox and we do samsung and apple t has to translate over a smaller screen. how are the mobile sales doing? >> it has been unbelievable. i joined the company three years ago when we were very small. effectively none of the sales were mobile. we wake up three years later, 40% of visits an 35% of revenue is mobile. that is both smartphone and tablet. what is great about our cite site it is image centric experience to put stories around products it translates well to the small screen. on small screen and tablet it is about browsing being inspired about images than it is about reason. liz: flash sales got super popular two to three years ago. gilt group and there has been consolidation in all of this. how do you stay ahead of pack? >> i think this is great era for e-commerce. generation was amazon and ebay and two great e-commerce companies were built.
4:46 pm
i see five, six, interesting e-commerce companies built that are already doing 100 millions of dollars in revenue and not just in flash sales. we do a life-style brand and putting one kings lane endorsement behind our product. that's why we're winning. focused brand push with great content to inspire customers along with unique merchandise. that is our formula of success. several other companies have different formulas. liz: let me put you maybe in a weird position and ask you, who do you, i guess envoy? who does it really well, you said a couple really great companies doing this right. everybody used to look at zappos and amazon brought zappos because it was done so well and customer service was brilliant. aside from one kings lane who you obviously think is the best who do you think is doings well? >> you look at traditional mix of retail and. one kings lane we're looking to build a great lifestyle brand in the market, nike and ralph
4:47 pm
lauren where they have these brand that change industry and see how they present their mid-and put out a unique point of view to the customers is very helpful. when i look at new commerce era. there is lot of interesting companies. asos in the u.k. is interesting bringing apparel in market. very little-known company that is huge, fanatics that does sports apparel and jerseys. zoo lilly in the home and kids and mom spaces is doing a lot of good work. there are a places traditional and retail. liz: when i looked at the website, the first thing came to mind the old magazine that went out of business i loved which is domino. a life-style mag sign. a shelter mag. they made everything so easy and good. how do you get the quality merchandise because it is flash sale type of stuff? >> you have been clearly on the sight to recognize dominoes. what was magic about domino connecting customers. they were comfortable with apparel and footwear but comes
4:48 pm
to home they need inspiration. early on starting the company we acquired the agency that launched domino magazine and their in-house creative team. there is lot of domino dna core. in addition to the brand and unique merchandise, bringing content helping consumers connect the dots to know how to make their home beautiful is core to the strategy, you -- liz: you need to launch an ipo soon. when is that happening? >> we have great backers. we did a round last summer, kleiner perkins, and others and which had plenty of capital and we're not in the market for new capital. we're definitely looking to build a brand in the company down the road when time is right candidate to go public but not in the short term plans. liz: doug mack, one kings lane. check out we can. it is pretty stuff. i have almost bought a sconce minutes ago, david. david: the brand is pretty clear to see. big banks like jpmorgan are facing a deluge of federal investigations into the mortgage mess.
4:49 pm
so why are the feds swooping down on the financial industry now after so many years? could all this mean a hit to you, the investors? imagine running with the bulls, not in pamplona, spain, but right here in the united states. this is a dream that could turn into reality very soon. we'll tell you exactly where that might happen when we come back. if you've got it, you know how hard it n be to breathe and man, you know how that fls.
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david: regulators are turning up the heat on banks with jpmorgan and pnc just the very latest to disclose they are facing investigations by the department of justice. liz: what does it mean for the banking industry? are there more probes in the pipeline? rich edson in washington with the very latest. rich? >> there could be. in some cases investigators are beginning to run out of time here. in certain cases prosecutors have five years from the sale of the investment product to file charges. five years puts us to the run-up in the financial crisis. the latest to acknowledge a investigation, pnc. the bank said the department of justice and consumer financial protection bureau are jointly investigating whether their mortgage loan pricing had a disparate impact on protected classes. in other words, whether bank practices prompted discriminatory effect against certain groups. in these cases there is no need to prove intentional
4:54 pm
discrimination. this goes beyond pnc. jpmorgan chase says investigators are examining mortgage-backed securities it sold leading up to the financial crisis. sec and department of justice are suing bank of america for $850 million, claiming the bank hid risks mortgage investments. bank of new york mellon faces lawsuits over foreign exchange rates. success with these charges could be difficult. >> they also have to dig through a lot of haystacks to find the needles in that there are plenty of cogs in the machine who basically thought all this mortgage fraud was somebody else's problem. >> and there's more. news this morning from "the wall street journal" that the justice department is targeting financial companies it says engaged in questionable financial ventures including online pay day lenders. the journal said the government subpoenaed officials at anks and payment companies. david and liz, back to you. liz: dick bove was here in the best hour. he has a buy on all of the big names.
4:55 pm
he still feels the names are to own. david: so late after this all happened. most of the people involved moved or left. bank policies changed. justice delayed is justice denied. that's what i have to say about that. rich, thanks very much. >> thanks. liz: thanks, rich. forget bulky weights at the gym. there is a brand new way to weight train without pumping iron? how does that work? david: i want to know. coming up at 5:00 p.m., a few minutes from now, "money" with melissa. see crow of wendy's breaking down news as he tells her about some very big expansion plans you want to hear about that could affect the stock value. that is coming up at 5:00. ♪
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david: time to go "off the desk." who isn't tired of going to the gym? if you are students in south korea have invented something you want to hear about. magnetic dumbbell, folks. this is an arm band placed around the upper arm. the band contains electromagnets supposedly give the user push and pull resistance. it is easy. liz: no work at all i'm sure. get your running shoes ready because pamplona-style bull-running come to the 10 u.s. cities that are big. more than 20,000 americans have paid deposit $35 to participate. first u.s. run will be in
5:00 pm
virginia. david: peta activists will stop it from happening. number one thing to watch, priceline. look at that! 6% jump after-hours. $983 a share. liz: medical list is up next with "money." stay tuned. melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what's money tonight. three words, pretzel bacon cheeseburger. move over, doritos locos tacos. wendy's has the fast-food new blockbuster. it is being called the product launch of the decade. wendy's ceo tells us how it is leave the competition in knots and wait until you hear. we have breaking news in moments. rumors after layoff massacre coming to wall street. one superstar analyst says 100,000 jobs could be on the firing line. she is known for the predictions. all the word on wall street. we have the inside scoop. "who made money today." here's a hint. he scored a one-day gain of half a billion


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