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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  October 22, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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neil: here is how rocky the health care law is looking, "consumer reports" is warning people about it and now white house is looking to verizon to fix it, verizon amazing. i think they won. and think you are winning with that hot new hybrid or plug in? oregon is ready to charge you by the mile, no matter how many miles you get on a tank of gas. how is this for tsa efficiency, screening you before you get on-line, ber before you get to e airport, we have every reason to
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be worried. all that and afl-cio's richard trumka warning. some food stamp entitlements, food for thought on a jam-packed cavuto now. neil: verizon to the rescue. welcome i am neil cavuto, if the asiana can get verizon to hand over 20 trillion americans phone records what is stop them from having the phone giant takeover this mess, verizon is good are records no surprise that government thinks that verizon is just the company to fix this health care site once and for all. the president said that so many americans' to log on to get
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coverage, but putting verizon in charge of it, that is like me policing a ponderosa. i digress. craig smith does not like it. fox, chickens, confused. what do you make? >> the president's signature piece of legislation on the first dayt crashes, how appropriate, in president shows that big government cannot do anything as efficiently as private sector. neil: you disagree wither there premise that -- with their premise that it is because there is such huge demand for this. >> i got to give it to the democrats for messaging, everyone said that. but saying it does not make is so, to watch the president in the rose garden yesterday, it was laughable. i was putting in it terms of my
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own company, if we just announced a major launch and it failed i would have gone public, i am embarrassed we're fixing it people who made mistakes we're asking them to leave the firm, but i take personal responsibility, this is my legislation, i'm going to make sure it works properly. what did he do? he put a couple show people behind him, say they signed on and with how happy they are, and how their lives are better it is only going to cost $100 a month. you know as well as i did, he tried to put lipstick on a pig yesterday, it showed like a cheap suit. neil: i would just blame everyone. i am wonderining where this goe. if you are talking about getting people who do this for a living to do it. you can say all about verizon whether it over willingly agreed
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to pass along records they know a thing or 2 about this stuff, and high-tech geeks they know. but my only question is why now. they had three years to get ready, presumably to consult these folks, and maybe subcontract them out. they didn't. so, even to start now will take time. won't it? >> yes. absolutely. and as anybody in i-t will tell you, if you have to fix a problem, it is more expensive than if you have done it right in the first place. according to fox news, some 640 million-dollars of spent on this, you know let's say a programmer takes -- gets paid $200 an hour, we're talking what is there 400 million -- 3 million man hours to do this it does not make any sense. and the point is, it is not working. but, i think that is just a harbinger of things to come.
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what happens when people to sign up? now all of the most sensitive information in their life, becomes part of the verizon network? can you hear me now? or can you log me in now? next thing you know we have -- let's say you have a preexisting condition or a disease that is very embarrassing it is shared with other people. this is a mess, neil. and more important, it is a signature legislation. you figure he would have had to beta tests and rehad the beta tastes and make sure it looked like the $640 million it was. he did not, this shows a lack of leadership, he does not follow through. neil: i'll put you down as a maybe on that health care law, craig thank you. >> a new push by republicans to delay that mandate. because of this stuff, to governogovernor evan governor b.
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what do you make of this, now might be time to say, let's regroup, and rethink, and pause, then restart later. >> well, clearly in light of these problems, you have to delay the enforcement of the timeline some. it is not right to hole people to a -- hold people to a date when the site does not work. whether they put it off for a year or decide to start the clock running when the site is up and running without glitch, i don't know. but there has to be some flexibility. neil: senator rubio saying delay it for a year, let's pregroup and rethink. eronically that is republicans were pushing for in the budget, and government shut down. and later on debt ceiling debate. they might have gotten victory after the fact. but what do you make of that? >> it is ironic, that is one
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thing they were looking for, they wanted to do away with the law and defund it, originally. but they traded in for a year long delay of individual mandates enforcement. this shows that the whole, the going to the edge of default, shutting down the government was not a wise strategy on part of the republicans. if they did not do, that front page of daily newspaper leading nightly news of night would have been the problems with obamacare. it is coming out now but republicans took such a needless hit in the poles, they could have been playing offense. they may have won in the end but paid a terrible price to get this to this point. neil: if they went get rid of it what will be the form of it? will it be a roll out that will be years in delay? >> well, god willing it will not
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be years, your previous guest pointed out if we can get private sector, that is more efficient at this. involved in this, get it to speed. you know get the bugs out, hopefully that is weeks at most months. you have to delay the enforcement until it is corrected. major thing for people on the democratic side is to acknowledge. look, there was not wholly writ. moses did not come down with the aforrable care account from the mountain, we have to keep an open mind to addressing the bugs and improving if and changing it until it does work. it may be years. neil: all right senator good to see you. we've been showing you the screen shots of web site. >> one final thing, i would trust you any day in a ponderosa. neil: you should not do, that you will never get your meal, you are a big wig. no neil, ate it.
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>> thank you senator. governor still not releasing enrollment numbers for health care, fox,d, said - have you been digging into this. >> everyone wants the health care numbers, but the government is not releasing them. i posed a question to different insurance companies to see if they would tell me how many people they have enrolled, they are planning to hang on to stats until the end of first quarter of 2014. because they are all publicly hold companies, they want to have their first quarter analyst call before they release of these stats. neil: not the government being secretive but the companies providing the data to the government that are? >> absolutely, i spoke with aetna and cigna, and health insurance providers, they were i -- they said that had anecdotal numbers, they could not give me
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hard stats and, ehealth said they cannot by nature release the numbers. neil: all right, did you get any sense of whether they are reflective of what the administration is called, incredible demand to get on and get covered on the part of folks, that is partly why the systems crashed. because so mean people are trying to get coverage. >> ehealth said that sites seem to be improving every day, and the demand is there. neil: demand, i want to be clear, there is enough interest out there, hey, we want to see what this is about, but technical numbers is limiting the numbers? >> president obama said 20 million people have visited healthealth care. gov in first3 weeks. neil: how do we know that. >> we do not.
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they say 476,000 have completed. >> 20 million trying to get on, 400 something odd thousand. >> just completing applications, that is the thing, we don't have a actual enrollment number. we will probably not get them from administration until mid november, if we're waiting for insurers to give them out, they are competing with one another to sign up the policy numbers, so they don't want to release numbers. neil: that makes sense. i'll ask you what i asked. this idea that things are delayed already, whether deliberately, policy or force of nature. what is your sense to the roll out of this? some have mentioned, as i did, year's delay, getting it all right, do you buy that. >> we see g.o.p. pushing to delay the individual mandate,
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and jay carney kind of backtracked a little bit yesterday, said if you don't have access to affordable care because you cannot sign up to web site, you will not be penalized by the administration, i could be confused come january 1st, will i be in trouble, hard to say. neil: all right great job kate rodgers. you probably have one of those hot new fuel-efficient hybrids or better yet the car that you plug in, that i can't fit into. i love this moment. because you did that to save on gas, guess what, in oregon it is not going to do you any good, they are charging you by the mile, and my gas guzzler? i will be zipping by you saying, we're paying the same!
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neil: we talk a lot about what other people are not talking about. oregon is trying a mileage tax. get ready for other states to follow, why should they just tax you at the pump, when, in big distances like you cross in oregon, you could be tacked by the mile -- taxed by the mile,
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they are going to try that, all those folks with fuel-efficient vehicles, that get like 100-miles a gallon, you will be paying per mile. so there you go. all right, two individual women. this is a disaster, and she can fit into these cars. i look at these people, i say -- but you say what? what do we make of this? >> well, look, this is another example government 3 steps behind consumers and private marketplace, consumers are driving less, fuel efficiency standards are up, more people are buying those tiny electric cars, that is a big problem for the state of oregon, they are not raising enough revenue. but this is a great chance to talk about how to cut spending rather than raise menu, talk about privatizing our highway system. neil: sabrina, did residents of
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the state go along with this? or what? >> well, oregon has not managed to sign up one person in the exchanges for obamacare, i cannot imagine even the great liberals in oregon, they are going to go with this. in the wake of that nsa scandal, and irs scandal and disaster of obamacare, can you imagine the people of oregon going along of putting a gps in their car to track how many miles. neil: is that how they are doing it? in new jersey you can tell the gap between i guess exits on turnpike. but this is actually a little bit more involved, a tracing vehicle on your vehicle? >> right, and not just for criminals are about moms like myself, they know how many times i go back and forth to school or place of work. i'm sure all sorts of employers want in, this is expensive, it will be $200 per person. i can't imagine the unintended
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can centss in terms of carpooling and -- consequences, i can not imagine in terms of carpooling and ride sharing. neil: it could raise a lot of money, and could be disruptive to the economy but they could raise quite a bit of dough. >> i don't usually look to europe for solutions, they have done something right in managing their highways, when they go to construct crews, they own that highway for a certain period of time, they have a invested interest to make -- vested interest to make sure that job is done well. neil: they have outrageous gas prices. >> but we can learn to be more efficient, and more effective. neil: well, look at germans with the autobahn, they don't care. drive real fast. just drive real fast. amazing. >> anyway. the biggest union boss, richard
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trumka is threatening democrats saying he is going to end their careers and never forgive them if they even think of touching entitlements, and the media says nothing about friday night, buddy. you are gonna need a wingman. and with my cash back, you are money. forget him. my airline miles will take your game worldwide. what i'm really looking for is -- i got two words for you -- re-wards. ♪ there's got to be better cards than this.
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neil: let the hardball continue. afl-cio president parent company trumka saying, no politician, i don't care of the political party will get away with cutting social security, pled cade o medicaid e benefits this goes double for democrats, we will never forget, we will never forgive, and we will never stop working to end your career, signedden to deed tonysoprano, can you belie?
11:23 pm
i don't think it is a good idea to touch this. >> wow. jersey really come out there. pretty good, to the clash with julie and jedediah? >> i'm not surprised. democrats are not going to want to watch entitlements. they will hold barack obama accountable they elected him twice, they will hold them account able in midterm elections coming up. if hillary clinton wants to run, she will need them. >> they need to offer something in return? republicans have to -- >> true. i think what is interesting that barack obama has agreed to address social security. and trumka saying that does not work for us either. i think that barack obama is bound to disappoint them right now on this issue.
11:24 pm
neil: julie, do you think there is ever bit as much a battle. for party on left, and tea partiers? i don't think the same battle with the republicans, for once, in my lifetime, democrats have their act together a little bit more. but this is -- >> both parties have been good at grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory. >> but republicans have beenic blip thiexcellent this time, tra represents a special interest group. >> democrats, should they be afraid, if they counter him? >> look, obama put forward, as jedediah said, chain cpi . so he is not afraid, because he is not running again for reelection. >> he said this -- does this getting any done? >> it will be hard. i think reason that you don't hear a lot about division within
11:25 pm
the left, the media does not like to talk about it. it is more fun to talk about g.o.p. that is divided. neil: this got very little coverage. >> right, and how often have we heard about ted cruz versus john mccain, weeks and weeks. which is accurate. >> one side and the other side. >> this is purpose for the left, and -- this is important for the left, trumka has a lot of money and power, it will be hard for the democrats to ignore him. >> agreed. neil: don't be so agree able, i like it when you argue. calling republicans neanderthals. >> never you. >> just me. >> the number one news papeer in country is "wall street journal," owned by news corp, and number one cable station is fox news. i don't know what mai mainstream media you are talking about. >> come on. neil: a good point, and i hear
11:26 pm
that quite often. but do you find it odd that it is great to cover, i -- nonstop debate. that gets more coverage than someone like this, saying something as explosive as well, and officially, for democratic problematic like this. >> trumka has been saying it for a while. neil: he has but he laid out the gauntlet now. >> he did, this is going to be a problem for the democratic party into 2014. neil: you think that democrats are in better shape as far as unity. >> i do, which is astounding to me. somebody wiser than me. >> where does it go? >> i think it will be hard to getting any done, the left typically wins messaging on that. we're broke, we cannot sustain
11:27 pm
the path we're on. someone will have to step up and the plate and address it with respect to medicare, and medicaid and social security, barack obama stepped up to the plate a little bit. >> i think he is more pragmatic than his party leaders lead on or show. >> something has to be done. neil: but the others won't let him get it done? >> he is the president, he is leader of the democratic party. neil: that does not mean anything. >> he needs their money. >> he is not running for anything. neil: he is running for king. >> he is, run for king. >> i'm running for king. >> you are? neil: i want to say national restaurant association, simple her man cain did. >> now that tsa is coming up with an idea to screen you before you get to the airport. so, before the pat-down, they
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11:32 pm
we're from the united states any more, the government needs to get out of our lives. you can speight us, we -- tweet us, we can read yours on the air, to judge napolitano. they just announced this. >> i'm furious, i am laughing at use of worldco "words with word. nobody stops them we woke up one morning and found out that nsa has our e-mails, and tweets, and bank accounts and phone calls and text. congress never voted for it, a secret court supposedly authoritied it. now we finding out that tsa is checking outta left field -- out before we get to the airport. why is there no outrage.
11:33 pm
the government has succeeded in persuading to us give up our freedom. it has peddled this nonsense it will keep us safe, people are afraid to be outraged when the government claims it is keeping us safe. the government's job is to keep us free and safe, if it keeps us safe and not free, it is not doing its job. neil: one thing you know they are going through your belongings, and you are at the airport but quite another to go through god knows what before you get to the airport. what are they reviewing? >> i think that going through god knows what before you get to the airport is for people that signed up for the tsa . pre. the so-called fast way to get through, you give them our fingerprint, and iris. they begin asking for more and more, and more private information. neil: they do turn the guise of getting through lines more quickly may be surrendering their lives away. >> they could, because.
11:34 pm
the tsa, if there is something that is am buyingious -- ambiguous they give to to the fbi like the nsa is sharing information about us to the fbi. people say, if you did not commit a crime, have you nothing to worry about. there are 450 4500 federal crimn the book, if that i want to find a given crime they can figure out a way to do it. ththe 4 amendment, was written o prevent the government from doing this very thing under the guise of save theez. we cannot let it happen. neil: it is happening, you mentioned nsa now tsa, theya lit more. >> it is the nature of government to grow, to expand, to cost more to regulate more, history taught us anything they taught us that, we see this happening at a faster and more
11:35 pm
intrusive rate in the obama years, congress is afraid to get involved. a group of congressmen, liberal, republicans, lynn tearian, democrats in the house almost defeated in defunding the tsa by sycamor6-more votes, next thingy will decide who can take what plighflight when. neil: that is scary stuff. >> slippery slope is realistic butte terrifying. neil: you are not. you are on a hunger strike. >> are we going out or pizza. neil: you don't eat, you say i'll have water, you go ahead and eat the whole pizza. fix this problem, so he can eat again. could this happen on november 1, department of homeland security said yes. it can. spending 80 million bucks to baton cities down, you will not
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and we're here to help start yours. neil: november 1 could be a very well iffy day. i'm not just talking about what many in ca catholic church views all saints day, this could be all hell breaks loose day. protecting government buildings in new york from american citizens on november 1, food stamp program is set to start decreasing the amount that is allocated to food stamp recipients, not many, but a good many, they are worried that violence will ensue. like greece, violence is a serious concern when entitlements are threatened, should they be preparing for the worst? >> this is frightening, we're on a slow american to becoming
11:40 pm
greece. this says when you have 50 million americans on food stamps that are forced to be on food stamps because of a miserable economy that big government it strangling. you have a situation it is obvious what government can give to you, government can take away. neil: thin nigel no one is havig anything taken away at this point. reduced. but nothing that strips the stamps from them. let's say, if i had 75-dollars with a food stamps and $70. they are expecting riots over this, should they be? >> well, you know, i don't know they should expect riots this cycle. but if we do not radically change our economy and revamp our economy, so that those
11:41 pm
50 million people, nearly 50 million people, are -- have an opportunity to be liberated from food stamps, forget 75 versus $ 70 versus $65, they need economic opportunity and a good job. so they can put food -- their own table. neil, the slaves had food stamps too, it was called scraps from master's table. when you have the three states on west coast on food stamps it the real outrage. neil: about a hundred million moing get some sort of food assistance. i am not begrudging the fact that some genuinely need it, but it is so out of control now, if we keep going at this pace, everyone will be on. that begs the question we have
11:42 pm
become such a entitlement society or a entitlement expectant society. there will be hell to pay. does not look like we'll get out of this. >> and we have to get out. we are on a slow march to being western europe. socialized, western europe, big government state, where people have not only on entitlements but have a entitlement me mentality. i'm not blames the people that want them or might be addicted to them, the are victims, they need to be liberated. most of the folks that i talk to every day, they don't want to be on welfare, they don't want to be forced to be in a predictment where they have to use food
11:43 pm
stamp, they need a good job. we need to liberate this economy to provide jobs, you know take the butte off th boot off the p. so it can do what it does best, that is create economy opportunity, not just jobs, but opportunity for people that might want to be entrepreneurs, and provide jobs. neil: yeah. you got to get people that opportunity. without you know venturing into the programs, thank you very much nigel. >> thank you, neil. neil: quiz time, 27 years ago today, what were you doing? what happened today? i'll give you a hint. it concerned ronald reagan. and it concerned what they call compromise. compromise. a lesso customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online but they didn't fit. customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer.
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neil: 27 years ago today, president reagan signed something called 1986 tax reform act that showed the world the power of compromise. >> after almost 3 years of commitment and hard work, one headline in the washington post told the whole story. the impossible became the the inevitable, and the dream of america's fair share tax plan became reality, the journey has been long, many said we would never make on utility en, as it to the end. neil: what was very important about that 1986 tax rate is raised income taxes and lowered others to point that compromise was not such a dirty word. that of then, what the heck happened now?
11:48 pm
former carter senior advisor, pat cavalley with us now. >> i am glad you highlights it, there was a very interesting bipartisan move, president reagan was elected on tax cuts, he got the initial round, he wanted more, bill bradley, and other democrats and republicans in sense sat and house pushed for -- senate and house were pushing for tax reform. we have a disgrace tax code, idea was let's cut out a lot of the exemptions and lower the rate, and have real tax reform. they came together and did it. because both sides wanted to, and they really worked at it, that was 27 years ago, and tax code is now a bigger monstrousty than it was then, one step forward -- two steps forward, and one step backward i guess or
11:49 pm
the reverse. you could never get that done today, all we have today is an argument about democrats want to raise taxes and more revenue, and republicans want to cut taxes or hole the line -- yield the line and we're in the middle of the sequester. this will not happen because of policy. >> you know, it is unprecedenced. in were sacred cows to that at the time, akin to mortgage interest today that is credit card interests, people could willy-nilly spend, it stopped with that, a lot of republicans said don't give that up. we love it. but there was enough back and forth, that whatever of conceded on that, you had lower tax rate, and away we went. >> and point was, that the -- president and his the administration, bill bradley and others were led tax reform in congress, were working together.
11:50 pm
they had the same goal. some of these sacred cows have to go. iwe'll get a bigger payoff by lowers rates and everyone benefiting. that is what made it work, it was a common commitment to a larger vision, they worked it out. this is a sterling contrast, startling contrast to the world we live in today. neil: likening it to today, talk about you know, a tax reform re, maybe we get rid of a lot of deducts and write-offs, people say don't get past that we want lower rates and others say no, we don't want them written off, if anything we want higher taxes. here we sit. >> right, max baucus wanted to get all senators to send in their ideas, he put them in sacred for 45 years, but you know harry reid killed it said if there is not more revenue
11:51 pm
we're not having tax reform. when is fact that in if -- '86 there was a set will goals, your goal is to use tax reform as a political weapon, which what it is. the democrats, you want to deal with sequester, that is not going to go anywhere, there not a common commitment to a vision. what 1986 was, it was not perfect, it did not stop what would reoccur against which is all special breaks, but you know, you have a tax system where hedge fund managers get to write-off their person rally income at rate of -- personal income at 20% is outrageous, there are things you can change in this. there are things that are mistakes. it is bloated. but there is no vision ta says we can make it better in process lower taxes for many. and make others pay fairly, but not if your gain is what -- not
11:52 pm
if your game is ha harry reid's game, we need a political weapon, right now administration drive we have republicans are weak we'll bludgeon them for more taxes, and they are going to lose, it is not going to happen. neil: well tutt, pat caddel. thank you very much my friend. >> great thank you. neil: all right, what if you had a big announcement, a big party, a grand slam, and no one pays attention? did apple just find a pit? [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz
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it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up for rewards each quarter" card. it's the no-games, no-messing-'round, no-earning-limit-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosting, heavyweight-champion- of-the-world cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every damn day. now, tell me, what's in your wallet? neil: in to night's biz blitz, apple with a new announcement today. we have liz mcdonald, and gary here, lizzy, unimpressive is the knee-jerk react. >> and other reaction too was this version, wow, one person i think appled it, said 72 times
11:56 pm
faster than the first ipad. but unimpressive. what can apple do? it conditio can't upgrade itseln fee, it has to come up with a new product. they will chew up a lot of cash pile. i think apple still the porsche of devices, but upgrades is that future for apple? neil: what do you think? >> liz is 100% right, so many times you can change the size, change the color, add speed. you need something that is revolutionary, a down have it right now -- they don't have to right now, they need something new. i don't think it will be will watch or tv, apple better find it. neil: let's switch gears to yahoo!, it performing.
11:57 pm
it topped google in web site visits for a third straight month, but google stop is more than a thousand bucks a share, and yahoo! not close to a hundred, what the heck? >> yahoo! is a destination site. google can a utility. look at this number, 10 times more click through on ads than google. you go to google, more people clicking on ads than facebook. that is a big deal. and also google is you know diversifying into phones, they give away android operating system to get customers at htc and samsung, a brilliant move. neil: all right, but for one of the clicks should warn more respect than they get but they never get it. >> well overall, yahoo! sales growth, there is not any. that has to change, that is why -- yahoo! stock has done well
11:58 pm
but not as google. bottom line, digital ad revenue for going to sell 11 times more than -- google is 11 times more than yahoo! there is your number, if yahoo! can get going as far as revenue front it is get going too. ♪ rock a by baby. neil: time for our night cap. >> you know we talk to the former now retired chief engineer. for xerox. he is somebody to listen to. tony federico he was talking about the botched roll out of health exchanges, he said fundamental flaws not enough testing of the web site before launch, i was thinking, it reminded my of howard hughes'
11:59 pm
spruce goose, the wooden airplane. this is the wooden airplane that the president and administration launched. >> man, gary? >> get ready for yellennitis. i've noticed trial balloons floated by the fed, not about tapering, but actually raising the amount of printed money from 85 billion upwards a hundred billion per month. so i'm expecting not a tapering but the opposite come new year. neil: what would the markets do? >> markets have been loving it for 4 years, they will continue until the market fight back. in the long run this bad stuff, right now liquidy is doing the right thing for the market. neil: markets used to fight that. >> i think garey is right, you know, we have had fiscal recklessness for so long because of the federal reserve's
12:00 am
actions, will we get better decisions, is there are issue. neil: they can never let go. like way. mooney with melissa francis is next. melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what is "money" tonight. when would you pull the plug on a big costly project? have we learned anything from the online health care exchange debacle? sometimes you have to just say stop and forget the time and money spent. this is a disaster. we'll tell you how to know when it is worth it and when to just wait. plus martha stewart make as deal with jcpenney and macy's and avoids the judge's ruling but has her brand paid too big of a price? it is all the word on wall street. we have background story. "who made money today"? they are cashing in and saving soldier's lives while they're at it. not sure who it is? even when they say it is not,


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