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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 9, 2013 4:00am-5:00am EST

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off the of health insurae dole. it will be huge. neil: i appreciate it. ♪ ♪ gerri: lou: president obama is being have to fix the failing website. today, suggesting the product has not ended. the polls show the very people obamacare is aimed at do not seem interested d in buying heah care insurance from the president exchanges. i am lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everyone. the uninsured were supposed to be the big winners when obamacare rolled out. but a brand-new gallup poll so that an overwhelming majority of the unsured haven't so much log onto health
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82% of uninsured americans have yet to visit the site and 78% of themsay that they have no plans to get insurance rough those exchanges. all ofthat edit the text search leader told reporters that the website is a long way from where it nds to be. and millons that are losing their insurance coverage becau of obamacare, and a half apology, back on the campaign trail. blaming the website designers will absolving himself in a dhs secretary kathleen sebelius. >> trying to shift the focus to
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new orleans, president obama could not note that he has been frustrated with health >> i want to go into and fix it myself. >> he wa not quite as lightarted and nbc news when he made it sound like it was a political crisis before catching himself. >> given that i have been burned already with a website, more importantl the people have been burned by website. >> is embattled health chiefs have was inatlanta is apologizing for a flood website. and she made a new pledge that the administration will find a way to deal with cancellation notices. though she was vague about how they will be that. >> we are looking at a number of options where there may be an opportunity for that number of people to look at plans that they have right now. but there isn't any specific
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proposal at the table immediately. >> she was also hit with questions about her own future. >> she said she believes the president does have her back. one day after he did not directly answer a question about whether he still has confidence in her. >> i think that kathleen sebelius come under tremendously difficult circumstces over the last 4.5 years has done a great job in setting up the insurance markets. reporter: as he tried to apologize for telling people they can keep theirplans if they like them, t president made a staling admission. >> obviously we didn't do a good enough job in terms of how he crafted the w not something that i would like to talk about and not something we will do everything we can to get fixed. >> white house suggested the opposite. defending the president by saying that he had carefully crafted the law with a grandfather provision to let consumers keep their plan.
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>> included a provision of the law. which is the grndfather clause. in all of this has created angst for an individuals who flew to flew down to new orleans, yet did not appear at the president's event, leaving him distress that she had a busy schedule of. >> traveli on the state today and doing unbelievable work on behalf of the people of louisiana. porter: la today, it the man in charge of fixing health, he told reporters that there were some new roadbcks that they had this week that basically it was slow for a lot of individuals and as volume increases, it is exposing new flies to the storage capacity and software application isss. the bottom line is that the site is getting better each week. but this this is raising questions about whether they can meet he deadline by the end of
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november. lou: what the administration did not need, new questions. the president is set with a half a word away, holdg talks with iran's foreign minister about the nuclear program. within the hour, john kerry wrapping up intensive talks in reports of a deal to ease sanctions in exchange for the enrichment of nuclear material. and hopg to put a deal in place and the agreement on the nuclear program. amy kellogg have the latest for us. >> john kerry made a last-minute arrival in geneva and gave us the impression that a dea with iran was imminent. but john kerry was also joined by his fellow european ministers put brakes on the buzz. >> we hope to try to know and
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narrow those differences. but i don't think that anyone should mistake that there are some important gaps that have to be close. in the meantime, benjamin netanyahu wasn't hiding his disdain for the aset to be concluded deal of. >> this is a bad deal. a very, very baddeal. it is a very dangerous and bad deal the detailswhich remain secret boil down to how much iran will make its program were transparent and how much the world powers and windows must loosen the anctions. iran's foreign minister has been sayi he has his own tea rty to go at home in the obama administration faces sanctions either to add rrther than subtract sanctions on iran.
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meanwhile, in iran, president ronnie was elected to improve relations with theorld and they are very few people authorized to discuss the sensitive nuclear issue. but one academic at this late today. >> and the country has made a decision that having a nuclear bomb is going to cause more problemshan good. reporter: iran's leer have always denied that they want a bond and a further step to try to make sure this neverhappens, the director general of the new u.n. nuclear watchdog will travel on sunday. what we had been waiting between waiting for his choices. and in london, i am reporting from fox news in london. he won the national security correspondent who said the obama administration and he has the
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details later. a record bay on wall street and stocks moving higher on better-than-expected jobs. the dow jones soaring 168 points. quite a year. and the dow posting gains for the fifth straight week. and employers added 204,000 jobs last month. exceeding expectations. we will have much more on the jobs report and the obama economy and the "chalk talk" coming right back. >> tonight, an explosive new report that the administration has already secretly begun the process of reducing sanctions
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save on what is likely most the powerful typhoon to hit land anywhere is the south china sea and expected to hit vietnam and laos by sunday. winds of 195 miles per hour when it hit the philippines. th storm could return to super typhoon status by tomorrow. the number is expected to rise because some of the hardest hit areas remain in isolation.
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take a look at the comparison here. it is much bigger than the mdal of honor has found that david peaeus ha been awarded downgraded. providing backup during his seven hour data with the taliban in 2009. he received the medal of honor last month.
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twenty to 25 coworkers are believed to have don so. in our first guess as long long before nuclear the wizard and reach within the united states, it had already begun quietly lifting some of the financial pressure. eli lake, i is bit heavy with us. the idea that this administration had secretly been easing sanctions. >> this includes permitting activities in olation of the sanctions and i wasn't matched by the treasury department and
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sends rouhani was elected, only six individuals in poor front companies that have been designated as violators of the fiction. the experts say my colleague and i talked to a eliberate effort to try to gito create the atmosphere for a the docs right now and that is a fairly important thing.
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so when you sop, designating new violators, it allows iran to build a network by which they can, you know, try to negate sanctions by the best that they can. lou: when they havbecome experts, and that is the sanctions, we are told, the actually work and that been affected and have much of the iranian economy. and now we are watching iranian crude oil make it to market. a black market. and this is not able to happen without the acquiescence of the obama administration. >> as far as european powers come and they have their own procs. when they designate a front company, designating a sort of
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shipping vesseland something like that and there is a huge reputational type of situation that goes with nything doing business in the last to do business with them. what you have is a sort of effort. so the iranian people will constantly be looking for in the treasury department tries to back with them. and that has a real effect with by the nature of how the sanctions work. when a slowdown that process to a trickle, which is what the obama administration has done, it means that there is a part in the frantic effort to find new companies and new cuts in order to do your business.
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lou: i don't think that it's appropriate to use his real name, but now they are withdrawing this story because the fbi has told them that they found discrepancies between an initial debrief and he has told us on 60 minutes. why we not know what the fbi has told someone to bak off your? >> i think that there are a couple things gog on. to start in the case of morgan jones, he told us as well as 60 minutes that wenterviewed him earlier this week that the fbi accounts list and would match what he told 60 minutes and what he says in his new book. and senior officials who are familiar to "the new york times" and later it said that the report actually did not mes up
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that account, it does call into estion the credibility of jones overawe. lou: saying instead in the debrief that, accordingly, that he had gone to his own residence rather than back to the u.s. consulate. but this is a particular murky water approach to knock down a report thais the fbi making the fbi get into benghazi t carry out a very important investigation.
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>> there are in abandoning the facility, both the u.s. diplomatic mission, but it is interesting that no one has seen the fbi transcrpts. and this is a similar kind of document that i publish, earlier this week it was an incident reporttwhich was also part of the investigation and joins jonestold us that in noticing this report. >> there was no signature? >> that's right. they have no signature. and it has been called into question. i have been trying to get in contact with them since a "new
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york times" story broke and we found a statement from cbs news. stay on we also understand that he is also recuperating from cancer surgery and has been in the hospital. she wanted to be trying to shut this down, it is one thing to offer up a corruption, if you will, from the voices of authority. and government. it was quite another to dive at the very heart of the expression and a man who sas that he has
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witnessed that tragedydy. and it was in getting to the bottom that is, i think it's very important. i can tell you that i think that 60 minutes and i think that tey did take efforts to try to verify who he was. lou: money anorexia. i think this includes the account of a man who says he is a tness to a tragedy that has been stonewalled by this adminiration for just about 14 months. in a given spot something tt a
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major newsrganization has stepped back. step back on that basis when we think back to the fact that they had held for 30 days just about 30 days. on this variation. so you see my concern? >> i think at this point it would be nice -- ianyone wants to give ito me, i would like to say exclusively that the fbi transcript at e interview with morgan jones and i would be different is t enemy would also be good to see an fbi spokesman on the record say that this was thekind of thing that the senior officials from "the new york times" has said anonymously. but that being said, when yoo have the cbs basically network basicallypologizing, i think that tat does speak vumes in a loof ways. again, i say that --
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lou: speaking speaking volumes that they went on theair and reported what the sergeant said? >> okay. lou: this is one of the situations where current balance means that we are looking at an dividual. whether he lied r whether he is a man who is up against the broad mass of power and political power of administrati on the government and i think that we need to be -- i think we need to be somewhat careful. >> yes. lou: thank you for eporting as alwa. up next, the obama administration celebrating he october jobs report. in that "chalk talk." will show you why the bad outweighs the good. why you're hearing that in the obama
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the bond a week late, but we currently have is a october jobs numbers. the ecnomy created 204,000 jobs and uuemployment dropping to --
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moving up to 7.2%. we had been expecting only 125,000 jobs. so it's quite an impressive performance. the labor force keeps shrinking. the participation last month dropping to the lowest level since 1978. 62.8%. that is because -- this is an incredible number. 932,000 people -- 932,000 people dropping out of the workforce for various reasons attributed to the government shutdowns in the obama administration will tell you one reason is the government shutdown. there are also the new numbers cooe in the number is not the 12 or the 24 or 36 billion he may have heard.
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it is all the way down to that. $2 billion for the shutdown. this is 16 trillion-dollar economy. to what they say is the most important policy facing us? >> raising the minimum wage. harry reid says that he wants to pass an increase in the next two weeks to raise a high on wage, $7 and a quarter an hour. exceeding on what americans will talk about will be much higher than they might have otherwis expected. it's still very helpful. maury harris is the chief economist. s&p global equity. i thank you, gentlemen, thank you for having us here.
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i'm trying to figure out this number right here. 932,000 people dropping out of the workforce. that is a stunning number. what does it mean? >> is very interesting when you have studied the statistics. is that we are seeing a drop in the labor force participaon rate. if you look at the statistics on how many people are not in the labor force someone a job, that is goingown. the remarkable thing here is that more people are dropping out and they are not discouraged. they are not working for various reasons were looking for work. lou: not looking for work and we are looking for at this eime of work. that is pretty impressive. in the rket today shows a new record high. happy days are here.
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>> things have been worse for a long time. lou: things have beennworse? it's not happy days, isthat? >> let me elaborate. given the concerns about en the fed was back in when they don't, how really couldn't connect markets. yesterday we saw little bi with a better-than-expected gdp. investors are coming around to the idea that the economy may be strong enough to handle this and that good news can be good news again. lou: wehave been hearing for five days that could expect a turbo numb of 25,000 jobs created, 2,004,000 working on a record on the dow jones. let me ask you, this seems to be very important to put the price of the shutdown at $2 billion in this economy. are you kidding me. is anyone going to get serious about these numbers. what are we to make of that kind of estimate?
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>> is there any reali in a? >> when you think about it, it was supposed to be a bad month for the economy and there was a month where we had the shutdown and i important. having the shutdown is 2000 new jobs and maybe we should have it shut dn every month. blackjack. lou: alex, where he think we are headed. we have wages that are stagnant. thisadministration doing nothing for the men and women of this country. insping a change of irection and the a return of prosperity because we have the market, but wages and job creation, 932,000 people walking on the labor force. what are we to expect. >> there's a there is a disconnect between stocks and the real economy. a lot ofones benefiting stocks is at the expense of workers and i think that ultimately the two
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need to converge of the stock market is going to make records and economy needs to be better do better if we need to look at economic indicators, i think there is along the last fiscal drag, we will pick up a little bit. lou: what you thi, mark? >> i think we are headed to this but it will be better an this one. lou: much mre on the obama economy coming up. lou: the health care health care dog of defense debacle. he says he doesn't write code and neither does secretary kathleen sebelius. and the chief technology offir can't testify because we try to fix it all. the "a-team" coming up
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lou: joining us now is the "a-team." robert zimmerman and jedediah bila. ebony williams. it is going to have you with us. if we may, mary landrieu, senator from louisiana had survived and got out of town. as the president a lame duck and talks that? >> obviously, thank you so much for having me. yes, i believe that vulnerable democrats e certainly going to try to distance themselves from the president right now nd we have a 39% approval rating. and the fact that right now status credibility is on the thg ith obamacare. i'm soappy to see them come out and ologize to the american peoplfor misleading
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them. he gave them a statement that they relied on, many of us, in the democratic party. we were lied on this to champion the health care legislation and that was not quite true. so yes, democrats dtancing themselves. lou: i think that's a great construction. some folks consider it an outright le. what do you think? >> he oversold the program and it was a mix of tatemet. -- >> sayt wi me,obert, he lied. >> the concept of obamacare is broader health care coverage. they are now worried about people in the private sector, 5%, people losing their insurance pan.
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lou: so it shouldn't be concerned for 50 million people? >> that's not the point. >> hold on a second. >> what they have the ternative, that number will change radically. he won jedediah, thank you so much for finishing my sentence. >> what happens when those people go into the exchanges in the fine int hat are substantially higher in cost the moment they have already is that acceptable? >> now they are going into the exchange. >> you are forming a false assumption. >> you know, we are going to let her talk and then you can talk. you can offer a repose. >> it's not an assumption we have peopl level lost and gone into the exchanges ad instead.
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that's not an assumption that a problem. >> if you have a junk insurance policy that doesn't provide proper coverage or hospitalization. >> let me tell you more again. lou: okay, you guys are talking over each other. i want to turn to you and say that 204,000jobs, thislooks like it might be the beginning of something better for the oba administration or job creation. one month is not a great thing to make a trend. but it's crtically important and in the think this administration is ready for a >> i think the administration is happy to see those good jobs. but regaining some of that credibility than has been lost, with what has been a difficult rollout of obamacare. the government is promising and i do think that there will be a
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lot of attention paid to this issue of the minimum we because we have a balance. raising minimum wage, it can't be at the expense of new jobs. the administration is workg closely together balanced economic cookery plan. we want give her being with us. robert, jedediah, thank you. check us out on twitter. go to our facebook page. coming up next, the president was dishonest when he said if you like entrance you could keep it if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. but that's just the beginning of bad news for american patients. bad news for american patients. do
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beyond more than 90,000 doctors being unable to keep their current patients. next made in more than 2.4 million americans have received cancellation because of ooamacare. joining us now is mark siegel, a member of the "a-team." thank you for joining us. and why you langone, medical center. let's start wit the situation. >> i think it's been understated. if your doctor can't afford to keep you, nobody asked that question. president obama was issuing a propaganda baby to keep your doctor and he did not say hat are these networks going to include doctor marc siel or not. 90,000 is misleading. it is that talks about how many doctors are there.
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what about those that don't play ball with obamacare insurance? lou: how many doctors are not accepting medicaid? or medicare? >> one third to one half do not accept new medicaid patients. the medicare payment advisory @%ard says that about % of patients? looking for a new primary care physician, they cannot find them, 7% increase over the past three years. lou: the two-tiered system, here is the reality. a program to bring affordable care to millions of americans. >> > we are watching as many as 17 million people lose their insurance because of obamacare.
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>> there's two words i don't like. any other word iscare. where are we heading? the idea of insurance. i told you before we came on that if you had a car that was broken, you would say that where are the local repair shops and he wouldn't say that i have conscience and about car insurance, but there's no repair shops to fix the car. on the repair shop. and if i'm not old and, you have a problem. lou: how far does this go until we have an acute shortage of doctors. 800,00are expected to be the gap before the nurses in the country. how acute and how soon? i think it's a problem. i don't want to scare anyone, but if you have a patient in the hospital, you might find a nurse or a physician's practitioner covering you.
4:48 am
doctors are scaling back and they can get these insurance is available in the just mentioned there is also a nursing shortage and there is an acute problem now while we are adding 30 million peoe to the american situation if they can get through the website. he 130 millioneople, but this is an dministration that told us that there were over 50 million people who are uninsured, so we are not even dealing with the entire problem. and it is extraordinary. the numbers of people who have lostealth care insurance becae of omacare. it is madness. on her madness >> okay, i certainly know what you're saying. lou: it is getting heavy wih us. as twitter goes public, patting
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twitter, the true story about money and power. the most powerful internet
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lou: joining us now is the author were brand-new book. oh yes, regarding money. hacking twitter. it is the name of the book. the book to the story. the timing here is impeccable. >> yes, that was the iba and i
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think that for the best timing of business, it is without question. >> the stock fell 7%. >> yesterday i stated to go with the ipo. and they wer worth with the billion and 2 billion and the stock stood to insane amounts that someone could make that kind o money. lou: talking the number of folks that built the company. to finance the company. the guy has fascinated us and it
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is late he felt for this end i am personally drawn to him. >> his cmpany was failing, and actually they ere having a difficult time and they had this experience. >> i'm talking of the dogs and whatever you want put on there. we had a great idea to pull that out.
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and it was like if you could lose the rather thenupdating your status come you could update your friends and feel less alone and tt was the moment that actuallyhelped. lou: and you are revealing this wonderful scene in which all of the magic appeared. with the benefit of some slight inebriation. [laughter] >> now, these guys are also fabulously wealthy. >> yes. -p>> the one that really annoys me. are they going to give him a little money? >> don't give anything away. >> then you have to find out.
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>> if you eport, likethis, on the ipo, we are so clear with twitter. the numbers are just too big. and i have the sense that the folks running twitt have the same feeling. >> w he think will be happening? cement will it drop again, and that is the thing we don't know. lou: if you lok at yell or facebook and any number of facebook type companies, and the book is hatching twitter and we
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were masterminded to you on sale online again and also it is the best business book of the year. ♪you fill up my sens ♪like a night in a forest ♪like the mountains in springtime♪ ♪like a walk in the rain
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willis report." the solution to obamacare we take an "in-depth" look at what you can do for your health care in the age of obamacare and babying and shaving web sites growing in popularity but are they the goa we help you have the best thanksgiving dinner ever. coming up tonight. "the willis report." gerri:


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