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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 11, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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joining us have a great night. we'll see you back here tomorr tomorrow. lou: on the day that america celebrating our veterans, and honors their sacrifice for our freedoms, the united states marine corps among first on the ground in the philippines searching efficient survivors, bringing aid in hundreds of thousands displaced in aftermath of one of the largest storms the world has seen, i am lou dobbs. lou: good evening, the united states military has dispatched aid and troops to some areas that were hardest hit by typhoon haiyan. a storm check pert call, one of the most powerful in history,
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c-130 transplanes loaded with water, generators, foods and u.s. marines arrived in the city of ta taclabox n where they have reports of as many as 10,000. >> every building in the city was either destroyed or serially damaged. the devastation jaw drops, pentagon on stand by for any additional requests from the filipino government, and announcing moments ago that carrier, uss george washington has been dispatched to the region, the hilippines, one of america's longest asian allies under u.s. sovereignty since spanish-american war. >> reporter: the destruction and loss of life by the typhoon
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known aze only yolanda in the phillipines. >> it every womennened womenned any portions. u.s. marines are here with supplies and air support. >> i have airplanes and helicopter explains that look for people in areas that are stranded. the filipino president said more than 20 countries have pledged aid, secretary of state john kerry promised a full commitment from the u.s., echoed by president obama, behinding rereminding the philippine filipino people,l keep them. >> state side love ones wait for news about the whereabouts of
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those missing. here in the san francisco bay area, the tight knit community, are doing their part as well. >> seeing the pictures is devastating. >> reporter: for those who survived this storm, the long road to recovery will be painful, and take years. the economic impact may top $14 billion, and the death toll of 10,000, is still just an estimate. >> my only call is to stay calm, keep praying, keep helping and stay united. >> reporter: a waiting game for many in the community here, some are holding out hope they will get that call, saying their love ones are safe, others rely on red cross volunteers to the ground to find and locate those still mising. >> thank you. assist in aid effort in philippines by texting 80888 to make a donation to valuation
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army. text -- salvation army, and 9099 for donation to red cross or call unicef 1-800-367-5437. the numbers are on the web site, as well. >> here at home, president obama struggles to divert attention from the disastrous roll out of obamacare, it will not be easy. the "wall street journal" today reported that between 40 and 50,000 people have signed up for health care benefits on the government's health web site since october 1 roll out, the administration will not confirm those numbers, and is expected to release the number the exact number this week. administration planned on half a million people enrolls in october. before all of this technological problems. a separate study of state funded
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reveals 49,000 those sites for the most part working smoothly, the report, finds about 3% of the expected 2014 exchange participants have enrolled through the state sites, president's approval taking a beating down to 40% according to gallup, daily tracking poll, his disapproval rating jumped to 54%, one point beneed his record high for disapproval in august 2011 during debt ceiling contest, for more on obama administration's response to the obamacare train wreck, we go to fox news senior white house correspondent wendell goaler with our report. >> reporter: white house officials have held comment.
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if i this known he could have delayed web site, mr. obama is trying to avoid being a prisoner of the bad news about the affordable care act roll out, last week he aimed to expand the conversation, speaking of improving america's infrastructure. but with still not working as well as it needs to, and his comments about what was obamacare central promise. >> i am sorry. that they you know are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from here me. >> reporter: the president is finding it difficult to change the subject, house republicans will grill another tomorrow this week asking why a web site that cost hundreds of millions of >> we got an abacus and a sun
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dial. >> the mistake was trusting health and human services bureaucracy. >> you cannot rely on the bureaucracies to do this kind of work, they are not the ones that have the capability to get this done. >> repooter: larry summers, sees lasting damage, said even if web site is fixed by the end of the month, quote, a shadow has been cast on the federal government's competence, and obamacare is looking less like a vote getter for democrats running for reelection in 2014. >> i think they will be able to run on obamacare as an advantage. >> reporter: republicans say they will be happy not to change the subject. >> this issue is going to be toxic for the democrats, we will tattoo it to their forehead in 2014.
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>> reporter: democrats say running against obamacare did not work well for republicans in 2012, but 2013 requirement that people buy health care shush if insurance if they can afford it may be more focused on it. lou: another record setting performance for stocks, dow up 21 points. s&p up 1 point, nazdaq up a fraction, fitch ratings downgraded the city of chicago because of the sluggish economy and inability to find a solution to the grows pension liability, and dropped $8 billion of general obligation bombs by 3 notches. >> moody's, warns transton, pennsylvania -- scranton, pennsylvania it could be facing bankruptcy. a similar crisis hit city last summer, leading the more to cut all city worker's pay to minimum
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lou: cbs' 60 minutes issued a rare apology for a 2 week old piece about the terrorist attack in benghazi, the source, a man who used pseudonym morgan jones. he claimed high riched compound
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the night of the attack, the apology revealed nothing new about why they trusted jones in the first place who lied about the account -- accused of lying about it to his employer and the fbi. three cia witnesses to that attack are set to testify in a closed-door session before house intelligence subcommittee later this week. my first guess has been reporting on the attack since the first day saying it could offer significant contradicts to obama administration's account. steven, let me begin, by saying good to have you here. secondly, this 60 minutes, they took the word of the fbi, that his account, morgan jones' account, his pseudonym varied
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from the account given in a debrief in the u.k., is that correct? >> yeah, and differed in some significant and striking ways from the account that this mr. jones included in his book. i think that fbi is right, there are des crep -- discrepe penceyn the acounted, it was clear laura logan had questions about his veracity. she was asking him about telling %-hall, and hitting a jihadistot with the butt of his head. she stopped him, said did anybody essee this, he said no, but, it means that she thought to ask him away little bit more about what -- whether what he was saying was true. lou: it is odd they went ahead with the report, with these concerns if there were initial concerns before talking with the
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fbi. secondly it odd that a news organization, would take the word of the fbi and fbi that had not shown up at the scene in benghazi, that burned up consulat for three and a half weeks after, his incident report alleged it was not signed by morgan jones, andal we have is the word of a agency that reports to a attorney general, who has politsized the justice department to begin with, this is a very difficult story, and difficult trail to follow, because one would think skepticism would be at its highest level on all ark counts. -- all accounts. >> i agree with you, on that. i think the you know one of the interesting aspects of this story one thing that republican investigators have been trying to get, and have released publicly, is the fbi accounts,
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interviews with the survivors once they left benghazi. and the administration has been reluctance to even turn those over to members of congress, they have turned over some not all, members of congress would like to see more. if you want to talk about a way to gain clarity for those of us still interested in the truth. capital t, what happened in benghazi, make those available, the argument you hear against that is the fbi is doing an investigation, and i see very little of that, and it has been more than a year. lou: if they are s so interested in the sudden suspects, asy this term them, in the fbi it say particular inflation of rolls between fbi, cia, state department, andz military.
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it is looks as though the fbi investigation, being skeptical against, has served as nothing more than a barrier between as you put it truth with a capital t, and the administration's political interest. >> you know, it is interesting, you talk to people familiar with fbi investigation, they hint around they discovered something big, we should be hearing something public about this, week after week, month after month, we don't hear these. you go back about two months ago a hearing before the house intelligence committee about this status of the investigation, and in effect, i understand that cia said, we have the capability to be on the ground, we could apprehend the guys if we had a way to hold them, fbi saying we don't have the capability but if we get them we can bring them to trial,
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you have two agencies pointing at that past one another, whicc means doe don't have anybody in custody, u.s. spend precious little time interrogating, those those we know who have been involved, held by fore cane governments, never alone. lou: and now we're treated to the spectical of u.s. congress led by congressman mccall, congressman wolf, wanting to find out why is important they have them on their most wanted list, rewards for justice program, a question that will presumably be answered, quickly tech stocks are ran's nuclear a-- at times last week secretary kerry made it seem they were within hours of a deal ethen no deal, and then it was french government, today, we sort of in
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afternoon glow, ask why did secretary of state say this americans are in theorr the american government is neither blind or stupid on the issue of iran. what do you make of that? >> well, never very reassuring when the start of state has to declare that the u.s. is never blind or stupid, because it suggests that those are serious questions. when you look at when was alleged to have been did the deal there are serious question ass to why we would have been a participant or pushing it. there is a fascinating new account in guardian papeer in london about french interegz intersession. the french foreign mi minister w to geneva and intercepted himself in the talks, he was afraid if he was 5 too late, the
7:20 pm
u.s. and iran would already have come up with a bad deal. i think there will be some deal, there are additional negotiations like fe likely to e place, obama administration %->> thank you, steven. lou: turning to weekend box office, disney's "thor: the dark world" hammered the competition, marvel super hero movie earning $87 million in its first weekend. making it fourth large erst debut of the year. anybody for a sequel? paramount comedy, jack as presents bad grandpa held on to second place, and coming in third, relatively media's "free birds" made over $11 million, and on small screen, bill
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o'reilly helping to bring in record ratings for "national geographics" channel. last night's airing of his, the killing kennedy movie, based on his best selling book drew 3.4 million viewers, up next, iran said no to united states, but says yes to united nations. general thomas mc mcinerney on iran's strategy, next. stay with us. into powerful investment strategies. for university eowment. it funds a marine biologist... who studies e pevian anchovy.
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lou: on this veterans day president obama placed add wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery, he honored 107-year-old richard overton. the nation's oldest living veteran he served in the army during world war ii, he drives and walks out cane, smokes cigr every day, and takes whiskey
7:25 pm
with his coffee in the morning. he stays out of trouble. >> secretary kerry address the failed negotiation over iran's nuclear program. >> there was unity, but iran could not take it at this moment, they were not able to accept that particular agreement. so hard work was done. progress was made. the p5 plus 1 was united there is a gap still between what language may be appropriate they are prepared to accept. but the concept, that we're all working on, we have absolute unity on. lou: absolute county, international atomic energy agency today said that iran dagreed to resolve outstanding issues with the agency, and would permit quote managed access end quote to two nuclear
7:26 pm
facilities, joining us now, general thomas mcinenerny. good to have you with us. kerry sounded for all the world like a man who thinks that a deal has been done, just awaits signatures of united states and iran ran leaders, am i mishearing him? >> i think that is image he is trying to pe portray of great n. but there is a great deal of misunity, u.s. wants a treaty with iran on nuclear weapons more than anything, more than the iranians, unfortunately we may want to pay the wrong price. that is why we had the out bursts by prime minister netanyahu on friday, we've never seen an u out bus burst like thy
7:27 pm
an israeli prime minister. lou: his message of clear, this is a bad, bad, very bad deal. and "wall street journal" leading with viva la france. playing the roll of u.s. calvary comes to the rescue of american interests in this deal, and scuttled that very bat deal as bad deal as netanyahu put it. >> i think we should thank the french for doing it. now i am sure they had other reasons. none of them want none of our allies in the region want to treating to go forward, this interim treaty when they relax the sanctions, this would be a very bad deal for america and our allies in the middle east. lou: the allies, and french allies they are also, as you acknowledged american allies.
7:28 pm
how could the president of the united states go ahead with a deal, when our partners and allies in the regyp, including our most personally, israel say this is a fool's deal. >> that is what is going to be seen coming 20 november when it is supposed to resume, if united states forces through an interim agreement with iran on nuclear weapons without doing what national security coi council sd about turning over the enriched uranium, and having unlimited inspections, if we do anything less, it will be a travesty to our whole strategy in middle east. lou. lou: this president, made it clear, that he despised the
7:29 pm
unilateralism of george w. bush. he has become a unilateralist, has he not? >> absolutely. and look at the patterns of behavior in what has gone on, internal politics in united states, gunrunning to mexico, health care system, the irs, there is a pattern of behavior here in the intelligence business as we call it, that is very discernible, and it will be very dangerous for us in the middle east. that is what is so worrisome. lou: and perhaps certainly at home, thank you general, always good to have you with us, general thomas mcen energiy. >> thank you, lou. lou: another arms race is developing, 87 nations, possess some form of unmanned aerial vehicles, drones, to conduct survey lent, be it within their own territories or elsewhere, we're coming right back, stay
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the. ♪ lou: some good news on this veterans day. the department of veterans affairs is making progress, substantial progress on its once shameful backlog of disability claims. back in march, 256,000 of our veterans have been waiting for more than a year for their benefit. a figure that was up 2,000 percent since president obama had taken office. now the number has fallen, are you ready for this? 34,000. that is real progress. and i want to congratulate the veterans affairs and their
7:34 pm
progress in doing something meaningful. it took awhile, but our congratulations and our thanks. the overall backlog at that the viejo was 900,000 in march. it is now down to the 401. this was a real deal. mandated case worker overtime. we have been severely critical our deepest thanks. another related matter, the unemployment rate for veterans remains 10% the dozens of
7:35 pm
companies as see on the hope that have made a commitment. you will see it there. a much larger print on our website. but for each of those corporations, for each of those organizations again, our deepest thanks. joining us now is the "a-team", democratic strategist, a pulitzer prize-winning new york columnist, fox news contributors , also joining us, associate editor. i will start with you. thank you for being with us. 54 percent disapproval rating. this is a delicate time for the president, is it not? >> i think everyone forgets because we dove into the website
7:36 pm
debacle right after her three weak government shut down, but even before that there was a3 huge debate about the seriousness of our response to the civil war in syria that consumes the congress and really lead to a plodding of his approval ratings. he went into the government shut down and threatened the nation, you know, going again to the edge of default. he did not look too much like a leader, although he was unscathed compared to republicans and right into this question of whether obamacare is going to fail under its own weight. it is not surprising at all. i think at the white house they should be hoping that it cannot get worse. lou: can it? 54%, all-time record high. and this is a trend that does not seem to be abating. >> it is a valley going to get worse. they don't fix this website,
7:37 pm
they want obamacare to succeed, continuing the debacle, continues without. it will get worse. for those of us to have said time and time and time again, we truly want this program to work. a very long time. people like me -- lou: i love your candor. >> without a parachute year. you have a program that i believe is the right way to go, but the same time it is is not something that this administration is effective at. how can it be that a program, the number one priority has been left to have this kind of debacle with no excuse for it? the website cannot get folks. could not be worse. lou: i was put off a bit by the head of the republican national committee talking about putting this on the foreheads of democrats in the 2014 election. that is not the elevated response. i would expect from one of thee3 party leaders, there should be
7:38 pm
substantially more coming from russia they're not? >> i think that if we expect anything wise from party leaders we will be disappointed. what you should just do is stay %-this is not a political moment that you want to try to milk. it is unseemly. i think that for the republican party they now have a real issue before, how to help the democrats out of this mess. i have not yet heard an idea from republicans about how to go forward because the democrats, i think, the problem is not just the website but the actual policies behind it. once you get to the website to you will have the big problems. the question of how you handle all those people losing their insurance. lou: 50,000 people signing up, 12 state exchanges that are working smoothly. that is the best that they could do. a month in which there were suppose to have a half million folks. the same time another box at the
7:39 pm
50,000 on health care of. this is without question, it website problem, but it goes well beyond that.@ the very model of obamacare is now deeply in question, is not collapsing before various the reader will be back in just a moment. you can join the discussion as well, take a minute to check us out on twitter, follow us and go to our facebook page. up next, a gaping hole in the security of our food chain exposed. tons of food being recalled. that story and much more straight ahead. ♪ [ male announcer how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dai, alinum production in south africa, and the aerospace indusy in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy.
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7:43 pm
federal government policies effectively help redistribute more than $2 trillion in income from the top 30 percent of our society to the bottom 60 percent just last year. new government figures, by the way, show more than 47 million americans have been receiving food stamps for an unprecedented 13 consecutive months. california company recalling more than 90 tons of prepackaged cells and sam richard whaps. wang said 26 in arizona and california and the state of washington. here on the east coast, new jersey health officials warning of a meningitis outbreak. princeton university since march. back with the "a-team" now, and i want to turn to you. the president right now
7:44 pm
suffering tremendous disapproval , low approval ratings, no matter the poll. he is a lame-duck in the classic sense. how does he maintain relevance? abbacy maintain an agenda or is is simply beyond his reach right now? >> it is interesting. he has a knowledge that camino, four, five, almost six weeks and he is really looking disastrous. it is not that it cannot be fixed on but it is very likely that it cannot. and so he has only a small window of time in which to convince the public that they should just the program, even when the website is working at it is something that should have been done, it will change the kutcher for the better. it will not mean high deductibles and out of pocket costs that are going to increase the cost to people's health care, 200, for and%.
7:45 pm
people have lost faith in the president which is why you see him pushing so hard and the international front trying to get a deal to try to provide sanctions relief for some kind of verification of some kind of slowdown are freezing. and that is why you're looking at a president really scrambling for some kind of accomplishment. he knows that immigration reform or any of the domestic achievement by any other big bill, unless the u.s. for a big fiscal deal, and that is not think he is going to have made is not going to save him from this topic of obamacare. lou: is relevance to our credibility and foreign-policy chasing a deal when every ally is saying do not touch the steel , he is further to, frankly, damaging and self and pursuing such a farm policy. >> i don't think so. there are people besides the united states.
7:46 pm
so they are not happy. european allies are trying to work with it to make it happen. they rejected it. the truth is that this president has lied on a host of issues about obamacare. we will leave it solely to obamacare. is there any way that he brings back even democrats at this point? >> he has to fix the dam website. i don't know how much more clear we can be. there is no way to gauge the effectiveness of whether he can buy or purchase products. so whether he has subsidies unless he can exccanges up and running. lou: contrast if you will, we have a control group. allstate's smoothly running state run exchanges. they only brought in 50,000 enrollees into obamacare.
7:47 pm
>> o obamacare, that differentiate among lots of problems. people have this bad taste in their mouth about it. >> if you go back to is reelection, it has been straight downhill. if you look it's like a bad stock. obamacare is the latest one of these bad debts for him. i don't think it will be the end of it. he has a deeper problem which is him. he is his own problem. the lack of trust is in obama. he has got to rectify that, and i am not sure how can because of his policies are coming to fruition. lou: the obama administration is like a bad stock declining, ironically the stock market has more than doubled. thank you very much. thank you for being with us.
7:48 pm
up next of a new book takes a new look at the kennedy assassination to the eyes of the harvey oswald. we will be talking next. just by lking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked himp. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle yo toes. [ iver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles aw. it even lled strings withhe stoplights. my ambulance talks witsmoke alarms and pilots and adiums. bu of cour, 's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting thinternet of evything. so everything works like never before. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting thinternet of evything. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in.
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♪ lou: joining us now, new york times best selling author, his latest book is entitled in the days, the assassination of john f. kennedy. comes out tomorrow, so you can get a jump on the millions of folks that will be buying the book. thank you. great to have you. congratulations on the buck. let's get right to, if we may,
7:52 pm
marina oswald and how important she is to the events that took place. she seemed so passive on most counts. you fix that for the most part. give us your sense of her role and influence. >> our role could not be bigger. marina oswald, if she had done one thing differently could have saved president kennedy from being assassinated. most people forgot that in the spring of 1963 also attempted to assassinate u.s. army general manager walker in texas with a sniper attack, the very rifle he used two months later to kill president kennedy. found out about it when they got home, missed him by an inch. told her everything. but afraid to go to the police, not an american citizen, fear deportation, imprisonment. she said nothing. in the spring of 1963 she had reported that she attempted to assassinate, the police would3
7:53 pm
have arrested him, taking his rifle and pistol away and that the gospel would have been in jail or unable to kill the president in the fall of 1963. her role could not be more important. lou: too much. in today's assassination. why wasn't there, i'll put it this way, a better investigation of that incident because that certainly falls within the purview of federal authorities who also would be called upon on november 22nd. >> it was a nighttime attack. oslo shot at walker in the dark, firing one shot and ran away. walker got his pistol. in. in world war ii, he was not going to sit there and be shot at. he went to look for the man he shot at him. he managed to escape and got away on a city bus and no one ever knew. and so there was no
7:54 pm
investigation. lou: and how did he get away on november 22nd? >> on a city bus. he did not know how to drive. he did not have a driver's license. it is so bizarre path. escaping on a bus after trying to kill an army general and not escaping the school book depository on a bus. >> every conspiracy theorist there's and to say, wait a minute, marino was -- boss of that every reason in the world to be quiet. what were they, and how many were attached to the fact that she was a soviet citizen that i assume also that meant and had been encouraged to raise seems to me to have met while in moscow. >> well, terrified. he was a violent wife beater, the illusions of grandeur, told her he wanted to hunt down richard nixon, hijack a plane to
7:55 pm
cuba and fight in the cuban revolution and support castro, wanted to maker dependent upon them. did not want to maker to learning as because then the controller. it was a strange relationship. >> jackie kennedy, her influence , the two pivotal women in this tale, her role, as yet seen. >> jackie really created the image of john kennedy. from the time they get married she was the stage manager of his public image. she wanted to be the art director of the 20th-century comanche did it to him. she helped him with the closing, the imagery, the photographers that they hired to perfect his image. she made him a legend. her behavior was wonderful and moving. she was in the car, and his from his face when his head was blown off. she said, oh, no. she tried to reach for some of his brains and this bill.
7:56 pm
two is out trying to escape. she taught the doctors would need this to fix them. >> reflexively trying to reach across. >> and the service it in bushes are back in the car. my god, i have his blood and brains all over me. lou: this story is extraordinary. coming up on an amazing anniversary. and, you know, i cannot command the book to you too highly. on sell at book sales every rich and night, but certainly ttmorrow. check it out. well worth your time. thank you for being with us. good luck with the book. outstanding. that is it for us. if you would like to support troops, warned it warriors, please visit the wondered warriors project website. thank you for joining yes.
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