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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell  FOX Business  November 25, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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janet jackson was the number one song on the billboard charts. that's a little trip down memory lane. what definitely matters is what's leading the nasdaq to a 13-year high. we've got sears holding, not a name you'd likely expect because they have struggled over the past ten years, but it is seeing a jump of 6.5 percent to $65.36. invidia, google, those are the tech names or at least the biotech that's kind of the outlier there. we're also watching the price of light sweet crude after a major agreement was reached with iran over its nuclear ambitions. all kinds of issues with relaxing perhaps some sanctions here and there. it's still up for debate, till going to be molded, but right now the price of light sweet crude falling just 70 cents and, in fact, we have been lower. you see the red dot at the low point of the session, but we do see a move, it's about $94.14. this is not necessarily the boon to the consumer that people
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thought it would be, clipped under a dollar here. twitter flying at its lowest levels since the company went public back on november 7th. and the other social media stocks are getting colored by the same red today. let's go to nicole we lead d.c. on the floor of the new york stock exchange. is this driven by some type of news or just, wait a minute, we're not profitable? >> reporter: it traded as low as 38.80 today, and this is on the heels of a bare op's article over the weekend that talked about some of the high-flying stocks such as linkedin. right now the stock's at 39.20, so they made a list of the stocks involved with cloud computing, and that may just be flying too high too fast. so let's take a look at a group that is somewhat related, facebook is down, yelp is down, linkedin is down 1.7%. barron's is talking positively about some of the names we know well such as jpmorgan and
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caterpillar. but you do see twitter here, 38.80 was the low. it traded above $50 on november 7th, but the if you bought it at 49, you're not happy here. liz: nicole, would you say groupon fits into this group? because they're bucking the trend, it is moving higher. not by a huge amount, but it's good to know considering it has also been under pressure, but today it's doing the complete opposite. and by the way, folks, we have had guest after guest here, smart people come on to warn you that some of these stocks were looking a little frothy, little tiny bubbles. that's what froth is made of, so not a huge bubble at this point because these are viable companies, right, nicole? >> reporter: absolutely. they're not all bad. but now there's a little nervousness. liz: okay, thank you very much. the markets continue to push higher into record-breaking territory. i mean, you could argue that the dow jones industrials is comfortably above 1600 at this point, but we do have this iran
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nuclear agreement that was reached over the weekend, and that is absolutely helping to fuel investors' bullish outlook. for more let's get right to the floor show. we bring in the traders at the cme group, the nymex. ben willis, let's get right to it. look at what happened with the iranian situation, and it's not exactly so ridfied at this point -- solidified at this point. it looks good, but this long-term peace certainly has been bullish for stocks. n the u.s. as far as the consumer and the holidays are concerned? in buy on the rumor, sell on the news, and the good outcome from the iranian situation for the american consumers, this is going to lower the cost of gasoline which'll allow more discretionary income for those holiday gifts. i don't know if it'll come in time, but as you mentioned earlier coming in, it's worth keeping an eye on theecrude numbers, and that took a hit overnight. did a little bit of a bounce off the lows but still under some pressure -- liz: let me bring al and harry in here because we do have a rbob gasoline coming down a few
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pennies. >> yes, i think we're going to have quite a bit of pressure on the energy markets for the next several weeks, and from there even greater pressure going into the next six months. the peace talks that were going on, we're seeing movement forward which is great. i think we're going to see more movement forward as time goes on. we're also going to see a couple other things that are going to happen in the marketplace, in my opinion, and one is we're going to start seeing some leak in the crude oil barrels from iran into the marketplace because when sanctions get lightened, there isn't as much control over what gets out. so we're going to start to see that. and then after six months and they do have something really solid in place, we may see that tail risk of crude oil going up removed. that would bring short sellers into the market and down we'd go quite a bit at that point. liz: well, there you are. and remember that alan kind of articulated this for all of us, but that's what you were talking about, correct? as we start to see a reaction here, we also have a bit of a cold snap certainly on the east coast and a storm coming.
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so, john brady, you guys are getting hit, i believe, relatively soon in chicago. you've already been hit in a way, right? >> that's right, liz. that's right. but, you know, i think the iran story actually goes a little bit further than just our shores. it goes globally. you know, liz, the bank of japan continues to try and stimulate their economy, they're expecting year-over-year inflation on to e at nine-tenths of a percent, but they import so much of its oil, and that's what you're going to see is a break for consumers globally in what seems to be a challenging time for the global economy. sure, the united states continues to outpace the global economy, but i think consumers in both japan and in europe are likewise going to get a boost on this deal. you've seen global equity markets react positively in the overnight and you'll probably see it react well during the course of the week. liz well, the money the iranians will get can then be turned around but only spent in the countries that have bought the oil. so those countries, the chinas of the world and certain asian
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nations are excited about that. ben, back to you original thought here, thousand, we've got five weeks til the end of the year. is equities the mace to be right now? >> -- the place to be right now? >> this is a pinocle market, there is no alternative for investors at this point, so the only place to be is in equities. you have to buy some insurance for the downside risk that's going to come. it's not going to be significant, it's not going to turn the whole direction of the market, but this bull is called tina, and it's the only place to be. there is no alternative. liz: john, you wanted to say something here? >> with over $7 trillion in cash in domestic savings accounts, liz, you're right, the only place to really earn return is the equity market, and expect the beta chase between now and the end of the year. liz: wait a minute. so so savings accounts, what are they, a percent, right? a single percent. >> it's one-tenth of a percent, yet investors will look at year to date returns in stocks, 20-25%, and they'll feel compelled --
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liz: i mean, inflation adjusted, the treasuries, what was it, 2.78 this morning for the ten-year yield? just about, right? >> that's right. that's right. there's very little value to be found in the treasury market. liz: 2.74. gentlemen, feisty debate. good discussion can. thank you so much. we're watching oil, we're watching heating, we're watching everything here because, of course, iran has, indeed, agreed to limit its nuclear program in exchange for lifting some of those economic sanctions. we can get into the whole do we really believe them, but we're not going to. we're the business network. we're going to talk about who stands to benefit from this deal. winners and losers of this ground-breaking agreement. we head to peter barnes in washington for that. peter? >> or well, liz, that's right. despite widespread skepticism about this deal from us rail, saudi arabia, democrats and republicans in congress, it is generating some winners and losers on wall street today. some airlines are doing well today because of lower oil prices which means lower jet
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fuel costs for carriers. some retailers are up today on the prospect that lower gasoline prices will free up more consumer cash for holiday shopping. but some energy companies are down on the lower oil prices, obviously, will mean potentially less revenue and profit for them. now, in the deal iran promised to cap uranium enrichment and constitutallize its uranium stockpile to limit uses to peaceful civilian uses. it promised it won't create any new centrifuges and will suspend work on its nuclear reactor in the iranian city of iraq. iran agreed to increase u.n. inspections as well, and for all of this iran will get about $7 billion in some relief from the international sanctions that have crippled its economy. >> it halts iran's program for the first time in a decade. it rolls it back in certain key respects, and it gives the international inspectors the kinds of access and monitoring
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capabilities they've never had before including daily access to some of the most sensitive facilities. and that will give us time. >> reporter: time that the administration and other negotiators in other countries are looking forward to continued negotiations for a tougher, long-term nuclear agreement with iran. liz? liz: okay. thank you very much, peter barnes. we've got the closing bell ringing in 51 minutes. did you shop? see, david asman told me last week, oh, i've already done my shopping for christmas. two days away from hanukkah, what is going on, right? retailers are gearing up for all of you whether you are on target or behind. it's the biggest holiday shopping day of the season. who's going to rake in the most dough? the high-end retailers or the low end? and more importantly, how can you, the investor, profit from it? which stocks will see the biggest bump? we've got two with total experts with two totally different opinions on this. and speaking of profiting, the right to sell plastic firearms
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and how big a business is this going to become. the city of philadelphia has banned plastic guns, but that won't stop some high-tech companies from printing them. we're going to talk to the founder of defense distributed, the first company to produce successful blueprints for a plastic 3-d gun, a fox business exclusive. stay with us. ♪ ♪ hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy?
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♪ ♪ liz: the power mover of the hour? alcoa, yes. alcoa. aluminum company of america, the giant getting a boost today after goldman sachs raised its rating on the company to a buy from neutral. it's jumping about 34 cents to 9.58. let's get on to the goldman magic. raising their price target from $11 to $8, why are they so bullish about a company that's been around for a while? we've had klaus kleinfeld talking about how everybody's using aluminum for everything from the back of your tablet to cars now, right? according to goldman, the market does not fully appreciate alcoa's solid position in the
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aerospace and automotive industries. so little touchy feely appreciation there is translating to big money here. this is great news for all the consumers out there. this year's black friday discounts will be the best we've apparently seen in years, but this season's shopping results will likely be the worst since the recession began. the national retail federation -- they're the ones who are saying this, i'm not sure i believe it -- but they expect a decline of nearly 5% from last year's projection of 147 million shoppers. still, despite a grim black friday outlook, you should be loading up on certain retail stocks because some will shine more brightly than others. will it be, though, the high end of the low end of the spectrum? joining me now is al very chen -- oliver chen, and facing off against him, john lawrence, stevens managing director and research analyst. he's looking at the low end. good to see you both. john, first of all, we have some pretty explosive news on the low
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end, and that is that the walmart be ceo, michael dueck, is out and the man coming in, of course, is one of the top executives now. and he's somebody who, in essence, has been will for more than 20 years. is he the man to lead this company and why this change five minutes before thanksgiving and black friday? a lot of people are perplexed. >> well, i think, certainly, that this is a planned succession. doug has worked his way up, and he's certainly, in our opinion, been groomed for this position more a long time. spent the last several years in international which is a very complex business, very vast business, and certainly, you need someone with that experience to take that top job. so maybe the timing a little bit, but i think everybody expected doug would be the guy for this spot. liz: but, well, so in the short term there's a slight pop here, but does it enhance the stock, and does it make it one of your picks? i know you have a buy rating on it, but does it make it that
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much more sparkly? >> well, i mean, i think the key is our view is long term. we think the script is written. i mean, certainly recently they've elected -- they've made some changes, but certainly the key to the business is the game plan, the strategy is still the same. they're going to use this productivity curve, low prices, leverage their business model, and, you know, live by this mantra of save money, live better. liz: okay. let's get to oliver because we want to talk about the high end as well. you really feel there's an opportunity here. before we get to your names, because i find them very interesting at a time when people are looking for really great value and also really great buzz, why the high end when those numbers are so bad from the national retail federation? >> well, i'd say you have to be selective, and we are cautiously optimistic. the fame that we like is michael kors, and that's resonating extremely well with the consumer. a lot of the story here is accessories over apparel, and a really compelling value at that
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handbag company versus very expensive peers. so it's a selective kind of opportunity. another name that we do like is sotheby's as well. there's a special situation going on there. and is we also like tjx -- liz: what's the special situation at sotheby's? >> sotheby's is undergoing a potential management change finish. liz: right. they've got the auction near moving out, right? >> exactly. as well as different hedge funds looking at this as a long-term value. so there could be a change of the board, and the rich still continue to get richer, and that's definitely a billion dollar kind of market for what they sell. liz: right. >> we've also seen good performance in those sales. liz: i've got to ask you about coach because kors has slammed coach. you walk into a michael kors store, it's jam packed. the handbags are certainly attractive, and he managed to figure this out. does that mean coach is down for
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the count? because today pretty soon came fighting back with the burrow bag. >> yeah, that's been great, and we previewed the new coach store. we really feel like there's a great story with the brand coming back to have a lot more prominence. there's also a lot of awareness of that brand. there's a new creative director there, and the lineup looks great. they're also going to add footwear, watches and a little bit of apparel to really kind of get that lifestyle story in place at coach. it's a less expensive stock on a pe basis, it's trading from 13 to 14 times, so we like the risk-reward as coach as well. liz: john, make your case for what might seem to be not dowdier names, but walmart is a tough stock to get moving. target certainly has some very creative retail ideas. but what are some opportunities in the lower end space? do you like the dollar stores here? >> well, certainly i think that, you know, back to walmart just for a second, i think the key is
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that, you know, you've got a situation with this large company that has been disappointing on the sales line, but the productivity of the business, certain categories, home and apparel have gotten better which helps the margins. they continue to give, return money back to the shareholder ors. and we think this productivity curve that's been going on for walmart for a couple of years, when those sales come back, it can be pretty exciting. and then you've got this exciting online business that's just really starting, but it's already at, you know, billions of dollars and growing at 30-40% which is, could be pretty exciting when you blend that in with the base of their brick and mortar stores. liz: a lot of these guys with their mobile and e-commerce, oliver, are giving some of the higher-end opportunities a run for their money. but you've got tiffany. tiffany has a great web site. >> yes. liz: got some of the other
3:21 pm
high-end names. who's doing it best? >> urban outfitters are really focused on this younger consumer, speed to market and the experience. tiffany's also has a great redesigned site, so that's a nice positive. i would say for high luxury and thinking about diamonds, you like to actually see and touch that diamond, so thatst a little bit of an aspect in terms of spending lots and lots of money. but, you know, online is something etch's focused on. -- everyone's focused on. michael kors will be taking e-commerce in house. we also feel like the gap's doing a good job, he's grown 20% in the last quarter. so the mobile use, mobile use is already 40%fic as well as online will be a major part of the story this season. liz: right. >> especially because mall traffic is down 8-9% this month. liz: we're going to put all of your picks up on oliver chen and john lawrence, thanks to both of you. good to see you both.
3:22 pm
we're 39 minutes away from the closing bell. as we said, a nice rally here, 43 points for the dow jones industrials. big management shake-up at the nasdaq. charlie gasparino broke the story, as usual, but he's going to talk about not just who's stepping down, but what does it mean for the future of this index and this, of course, is the nasdaq. and we list on the nasdaq. guns invisible to metal detectors' eyes. one city already banning plastic firearms from 3-d printers. one -- look, the atf put this thing together, and it blew up. it's a mess. can you imagine people downloading the blueprints? but it has proven to work, and it is supercontroversial. who's making money off this thing? we're speaking to the founder of the guy who came up with the blueprint be, defense distributed. the first company that makes it possible for you to print a plastic gun. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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♪ liz: breaking news. a key executive said to leave one of the largest stock market
3:27 pm
exchanges. why is this important? charlie gasparino breaking the story with the exclusive details does it matter for the stock of nasdaq? >> i think it does. when you lose a guy as good as eric nolan, the number two guy and nasdaq since 2009 or 2008, he was the replacement. and i think that's a good point. he did not want to tap -- in his mid-50s, chances ibm over the board. you going to look for another job. lots of talk. that crash, whatever it's called that occurred a couple of months ago. and losing the twitter ipo, people inside nasdaq say no. people know only at this is something he must do.
3:28 pm
the brokerage firm. this is on. private equity firm his own by private equity fund. very interesting how he plays in this realm. you take away from nasdaq, this is a private company. of tell you, this is where it has an impact. this is a time of great transition in turmoil. the team was in place with the transformational deal. now that team will go. there leibowitz will go. the number two. but they're going to go after they have done the transition. liz: a goes to the nasdaq. >> that's a good point. looking at outside candidates. i will say this.
3:29 pm
-- liz: by the way, that's just to its brother. i know john store well, but i know him very well. you kind of want them in there. this is just me speaking. the next big thing. does a little bit of a brain drain. larry is going at the end of the year. he's leaving with the $10 million package. well compensated on the way out. obviously he will leave next year. the ceo of the new york stock exchange turn the entire management over.
3:30 pm
that is expected. the team is taken over. liz: any way there would never be an attempted breakout between nasdaq and the chicago mercantile exchange? i say that because harry duffy stood above little straighter when i'm proud of his name. her doing great.ding anything. the exchange. it all seems like they're looking for something. liz: possible. i'll think he wants to get into the equities business. the multiple, multiple. everything is regulated, as you know. the cftc runs a shop. exchanges are highly, highly regulated. it is probably not something. liz: deals with commodities and futures. i have always heard, and it's a question you need task.
3:31 pm
get involving cash equities. i believe he will. the nasdaq of the new york stock exchange because what he really wants out of the new york stock exchange, the listing business or the derivatives in europe and elsewhere. that is big stuff, the stuff that he could add to the ice platform and merge it and make a lot of money from it. the cash equities to make money, not as big of a moneymaker, but we have another story here is well before we run out of time. you know, you have never seen janet yellen like this like we are going to see right now. liz: what high-school was that? >> for hamilton high-school. we can see that a little better.
3:32 pm
and telling you, she was in some crazy clubs. did you read that, blankets shipped something or other? liz: great white father. >> the psychology club a matter of the newspaper, something about the blankenship. >> she was in the minutemen. maybe she was a gun that, too. great white father. liz: those -- this is a high-school yearbook. >> reporter: this is the person who will be the most powerful financial person in the world, this is where she was into an high-school. great white father, whistling dixie. blankenship and lunch. yo, scored a mob black ribbons. liz: it's so bad. fifth mine was around this. >> pretty cute. liz: adorable. a cute little fed chair.
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there you go. thank you very much. closing bell in 28 minutes. philadelphia, the first city to ban 3-d printed guns. that is us serious this business is becoming, but is it even a business? facts the blueprints are up. you're looking at video of of a plastic dunbar. we talk to defense distributor founder cody wilson. why he thinks, and he truly does not believe everyone should be able to print begun. the printers themselves like a thousand dollars. is is something to worry about? the market may close of 4:00 p.m., but i am always on call for you. all you have to do, go to / on call and sign up for something that we created. what you get are the top headlines of the day, the biggest interviews, what you need to be watching after the market closes, the most important 90 seconds of financial news delivered right to your door.
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but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the officl retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ liz: this is interesting. take a look at the markets right now. coming into this show want to say that we have only cost -- crossed the flat line only six times. dow jones industrials with in the commercial break went up and down, up and down three different times adding to the six. we have about nine times that we have crossed the flat line today. we lost everything. every single bit of gains today. keep in mind, we had been up more than 35 points for the dow. we will be watching this very
3:39 pm
carefully. tinoco we're waiting for the day -- not that we wanted, but the big correction. some people say it really has to come so that we can shake up some of the air from the bubble. to retail giants are on the move, and it has nothing to do with black friday. j.c. penney's, sears, nicole petallides watching both of them . getting to the right out of the s&p 500. >> reporter: the index will be going into the s&p 400. getting a high. we are looking to sears for a couple of reasons. what are they doing? the most obvious scenario is
3:40 pm
that they are closing some of their underperforming stores and selling off some assets. in addition to the fact people have been looking at. that is another part of the story. but these to retailers are both to the upside today. and the dow is down for, but it is a record date. all-time highs. teeseven at one point we were up more than 100 points. thank you. now, this comes from the front pages of local news, but it becomes a big business story because printing is become extraordinarily hot. philadelphia became the first city to ban 3d printing man's, but is it too little too late? defense distributed is the outfit, a nonprofit organization that provides blueprints for free for three began printing. more than 100,000 down los have been already made before the ban .
3:41 pm
someone say there is little to be done. according to business week magazine, this is to prove a point. they used it to manufacture a plastic gun which csn said he's the best security into a news conference with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. joining us now in a fox business exclusive, cody wilson, defense distributed founder. joining is on the phone. as i and extended, you are in tehran. >> yes. thank you for having me. i work on wrists software projects. one of these is called bit point which i'm sure affects your job as well. liz: yes. so you are one of those guys. i am getting the sense that you are marching to the beat of a different from. now we need your reaction might of the that the philadelphia ban in the blueprints in the 3-d against.
3:42 pm
what do you think of that? >> my reaction is that there response is, of course, classically reactionary. bread getting that kind of future which is one where people can make firearms which is, by the way, to leave legally activity in the united states. printing and reprinting of captured the imagination. the idea is scary to the kinds of people that run cities like philadelphia, new york, chicago. they're trying to do what they can to abridge what i regard as individual second amendment rights. >> it is legal to make guns. this myth and lesson folks are making guns legally. rational nice. could be used as a problem. airports, airplanes the mccourt houses, schools. your gun cannot be detected.
3:43 pm
there is a little block of metal with bennett, but that can be removed and answers no purpose for the gun. >> it serves no functional purpose. it was made to navigate a law called the unintended federal firearms act. but x-rays can detect these guns. and i should also say we should resist the ability for these people to basically foreclose the entire branch of activity because it is a way of suppressing getting a foothold into suppressing this technology in the adoption. liz: so why make you free? your not making money? we are business network. we thought surely this guy is charging a pretty penny for blueprint. >> no. a could you. this is a non-profit project. like you said, we marched to the beat of what is called in an orchestra that believe that this project could gain a lot of visibility by just open sourcing
3:44 pm
the design. the and this is a similar software project. in the future to be gutted would appeal to get information. the fetus might cut a certain websites. this just how will be. liz: do you have a 3d printer and what kind? >> so, yes. sure. we have tons. up 1/5 point. i should also set the, it's not just starting undetectable firearms, which i admit. some dimension of social cost. but it's also making it illegal to prototype any type of gun parts and all. they are scared of the computer aided manufacturing of firearms. it frightens them immensely commander think it is mostly because they don't understand the technology and medical herself. liz: here is what some people understand and i guy walking into a school and slaughtering
3:45 pm
20 kids and six adults. and, again, no extra machine, but had there been would not have detected that. are you worry at all that the slaughter of innocent people might be on your shoulders? we have september 11th right down the street behind me. we lost hundreds of police officers and firefighters. very, very honest people working in that world trade centers. if you had guns go through like that, that could be on your shoulders. you willing to live with that? >> well, i agree to a point. the gate is apples and oranges comparing an assault rifle to a plastic single shot pistol. i will say, to be curious about the civil liberty of on a firearm or having a firearm in society means that we accept that there will be shooting. this is to be serious. another point, these things are always used for excuses, especially the overreach of the
3:46 pm
securities they take away our freedoms. in the and we have to draw a line somewhere and say individual liberty cannot better interest and my sense of security. liz: you come back when a terrorist down lows that, some islamic terrorist bombs and opens fire may be on you. will you do that? come back to us? >> you have me back. if i survive, you have me back. liz: tony wilson, a defense distributed foundered. he did not get into a kind of three the printer that they have, but they do work on just about any 3-d printers if you use the proper plastic. this is a story of we will continue to follow because it is the way down at least in cody's idea, of the future. closing bell ringing in 14 minutes. small-cap stocks. if i had time for everyone uses the small-cap revolution is over, it is not. it continues. that is one year. you would see just the moon shot. the russell 2000 beating the russell 2000 by a long shot.
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once my fund manager is being the russell. he is naming names telling you which ones to pick. he has been right, right, right, correct, correct, correct. under the radar picks coming up next. ♪ tdd# 1-800-345-2550 searching for trade ideas that spark youriosity
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one liz: to has done better than the s&p? actually, small-cap stocks are looking light huge winners this year. and the russell 2000 which compiles and continues to outperform the s&p. and our next guest small-cap fund is doing better than both of them with a return of about 45% year-over-year. it is the small-cap fund. the guy who runs it knows what
3:52 pm
small caps will make you which is big rewards. joining me now the president and portfolio manager. your fund cannot 32% year today. if the russell did 39% year-over-year, you have been 45%. that is way better than a lot of people that we think are even terrific to come on the program. what have you done to get those returns? >> well, it is a team effort. we have a great group of portfolio managers. liz: and nice texas boy, not taking credit for everything. >> a really is team effort. this is a dynamic time to be investing in small cap stocks. as money comes back into the equity markets for the first time in about five years it is going into ets can make is going into index funds in these massive areas. i think that really creates a project is for active portfolio managers. and the small-cap stocks, those
3:53 pm
inefficiencies that exist really become exaggerated more the more passive investing is being done. liz: allow the people understand how you do your business, but you do boots on the ground research. you go to dozens and dozens of companies. the team it's about 2200 different locations. the names that you have widely held, trinity industries, pandora, widely disparate. shoe carnival, spirit airlines to market these offshore. fascinating. these are all different. let's get to the names a you like right now that you would like to share with our investor viewers, and i will begin with sales. who would've thought that there would be up to under 40 percent just year today. tell me what it is that is making the stocks so hot? >> a unique turnaround situation. they have come back from the dead. new management team. there recapitalize the business. now they are improving their operations. over the next couple of years you will see dramatic margin
3:54 pm
improvement, putting some better point-of-sale systems in place. we think that the company has the potential to get back to two or $3 of earnings power. we think they are just getting started. liz: pe is about 19. this what is it -- this one is interesting. you were just talking. >> and these guys, they are will reconsider and industrial technology company. they make 3-d measurement systems that can basically digitalized the measurement of things, heavily used in manufacturing, aerospace uses them quite a bit. you are starting to see this more and more. reducing costs, reducing time to market, and it is one that is pretty and the radar. liz: i want to give our viewers are last pick, micron technology ticker symbol in you. extraordinarily volatile out,
3:55 pm
but lately to the top of more than 254%. ap e that is extraordinarily low. eight. do you still feel there is more upside? >> and this is a small cap. we on this and normal to get, dodges fund. but we like industries where you have gone through a time of consolidation. the memory business has definitely gone through industry consolidation. there are fewer producers out there. exhibiting good pricing power, and when you see companies like micron that are exhibiting the type of pricing power, tight capacity, you typically get better margins and better earnings and some multiple expansions as well. we think micron is very well-positioned to see earnings in excess of $3 per share looking out over to three years. liz: 45% year-over-year. it is great to see you. >> thank you for having me. liz: tell the game back in texas
3:56 pm
we say i. eric marshall, president and portfolio manager. thank you. closing bell ringing in less than five minutes. ebay just fell two assists to lead to low. what is dragging it down? getting into thanksgiving and tonic and christmas and thanksgiving. state sen. ♪ hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy? yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex one rate, i could ll a box and ship it r one flat rate. so i kn untilt was full. you'd be crazy not to. is tt nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliabilitof fedex.
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4:00 pm
not doing too well today, why not? >> reporter: barron's had negative comments. but the nasdaq, 4,000 today. big deal there. liz: here go the bells ringing on wall street. at one point we were 45 points for the dow jones industrials, lost it all, gained back about ten points. the russell 2000 loses just a fraction of a percent. you could call this flat. let's not make too big a deal of this because we still are in recorder story. david: i am david asman, time for your front page headlines. pending home sales falling to a ten-month low in october. sales of previously-owned homes fell .6% missing economists' expectations of 1.3%. liz: elon musk poised for its first satellite launch, a rocket due to lift off from cape


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