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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  December 2, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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the willis report is next. >> hello i am gerri willis, on the willis report -- >> it is cyber monday with specials on everything. we'll tell you how to know when you are getting a good deal. >> the relaunch of the obamacare web site. the administration said it is working find am but health insurers say, it's not. >> and amazon's drone delivery. a pr stunt or something that could happen? we're watching out for you tonight on the willis report. >> welcome to the willis report, your show, your money, your
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voice, tonight your holiday spending a record number of shoppers flooded stores on thanksgiving, retailers posted weakest holiday sales since before the recession, thanksgiving and black friday sales combined rising a little over 2%. weekend sales were down 3%, cyber monday is underway, many of the major on-line retailers are extending today's deals over the week. are they worth it? with me now, author of upcoming book, it's worse than you think, the u.s. economy and th the dece of the middle class. and trey, welcome. chris, i don't remember sales going down, a big deal, what do you make of it? >> i wish i could make better news of it. we have record unemployment. we have zero wage growth. we have 48 million people, americans on food stamps, last time i hecked santa does not
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take ebt. it snow surprise this sale -- it is no surprise that sales were down. >> shopper spent -- how much is that? per family? 423 down from 423 in 2012. >> i think this question requires maybe a big picture approach, holiday shopping started early this year. retail me not conducted a survey. survey. 40% of shoppers started in september. it might have taken a bite out of the blacky sales. and there was a 21% jump in cybershopping monday. it might plan out. >> it always goes up, double digit? >> i don't know if much.
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last year was the biggest on-line shopping day in history, we were expecting a 15% jump. >> another big question, who won out, is it bricks and mortars or on-line? >> amazon. every other promotion i have seen, they matched or came in less. i think they will be a winner. >> traiz, you look at this, people where are the deals out there. i am seeing great deals if you have time to shop. particularly amazon, to 80% off ebay to 70%, nordstrom 40% off, old navy 30%. we're seeing big deep discounts today, it is worth a look if you have time left. >> so, christen to you, desperate times or desperate men
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or is just the way the world working now. >> a bit of both. the biggest take away, is americans will shop when they want to, you know, cyber monday was a very funny term about 10 years ago, in front of our commador 20 now. we're on all of the time. >> only thing that is really growing? once you dig into -- you told us the hot retailers, but what are hot ticket items ? >> tablets, other electronic items, lab tops, and smartphones, the i-devices. the samsung tablet and phone. then more high-tech toys for kids like the furby boom, and
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oobuli . >> you are speaking a language i don't understand. >> oobuli, you put your phooe it, it creates a face, it takes your child, you can use it with an old cell phone it is fun. >> so, christen, here is how i look at it, retailers are suffering, boohoo, this means good deals for me, i'm excited because i think there is opportunity for me, i can buy presents for the family, is the best time, after january 1st? >> i think you will see a great time leading up to christmas day, i think retailers will so desperate it will be 75% off, and 80% off, i would wait as long as i could before christmas to shop. >> trey, as you look forward? >> a lot of deals moving into
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christmas, we see -- deem discounting into toys, winter apparel and holiday merchandise, we see a lot of sales on green monday, the second monday of december, and free shipping day, december 18, the last day most retailers guarantee on time shipping for christmas. >> just so complicated. you know, i don't want to go in the store because i know i am goinn to get confused by all of the deals, we had numbers that showed that you know, the suggested retail prices are fantasy land, nobody buys those, even with two mark downs average cashmere center still guarantees like a 45% margin to the retailer. >> srp is suggested. so, you know retailers may choose to charge you 3 times the
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markup that is just retail, that is commerce. that is what retailers do, you should do your homework, yes, virginia, there is a markup. you need to pay attention. >> there is smoke and mirrors going around that. how do you really know if i am getting a deal. >> it really smart for the consumer to know the real retail price of an item, utilize the coupon ag gate tor like tell me not. >> another place? >> i like price comparison sites like a google shopping or a next tag. >> there are a well the? >> there are a lot. >> thank you, trey and christen, great stuff, appreciate your time. >> and now we want to know what you think. here is your question, you are shopping on line today? log on to, vote on the right-hand side of the
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screen. >> while last week's thanksgiving feast cost on average under $50 for a family of 10. if you wanted to get someone the 12 days of christmas gift this year, i hope you saved up if will cost more than $27,000, 8 pier more than last year if you buy all items, repeated throughout the carroll, 115 grand, and 9 ladies dancing -- can you buy the 9 ladies dancing, it would cost $7500, up 20% from last year. 8 maids a milking will cost you about 58 bucks, and cheap of gift from the song as well, 7 swangs a swimming will set you back a thousand each, and the partridge in a tear -- pear
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don't wait to ask your doctor about spiriva. >> the white house said that the revamped obamacare web site is a success accident that vast -- is a success. the vast majority will have a smooth experience. with more on this, joe antos, today after their own self-imposed deadline, the administration had to limit access to the web site. that had 35,000 people on a at 10:00 a.m., they had to slow it down because it was not doing very well. what does that tell but their success? >> they never really did give us any metrics. anything to measure, we don't know what success means. you know what is the successful experience on the web site?
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nobody knows. >> i can give you some spam els. take a look at amazon, on cyber monday, they had 26.5 million orders -- one day,o one day only, amazon take less than 3 minute process 50,000 order, walmart on thanksgiving, they handle 500 times more visitors than the hof the what do you make of that? >> there is one other secret that walmart and all of the other companies have that obamacare does not, people want to buy the products. they can afford it. -- what this -- you want what this says that, it has been a disaster all along it took three years to create a web site that did not work, and 3 weeks to
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come to the grips with the fact it dud not work. it is still broken. >> ope op-ed, december second by kathleen sebelius, you may want to visit in off peak hours -- of when there is s traffic. >> they did not say they will be doing maintenance from midnight to 4:00 a.m., so when is the off time. >> in many ways the problem with the web site mask bigger problems, 1 you telecan sign on, what do you find? higher prices more narrow networks?
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>> the average deductible that is amount that you pay up front, before you get into coverage, from health insurance, that deductible runs from $1500 to 4800 according to a recent study. that is a lot higher than many other people have. >> well, you men i should bed before they never defined success. today, the ability to complete appgations on health care. gov, 80% of people can complete apocalypsecasion, a few weeks ago it was 35%, if 20% of the people can't get done what in a want done, is that acceptable in
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the private sector. >> absolutely not, almost like the traditional joke about different employees, but this is serious. >> i agree with that. what do we have to look forward to now? what should we be budgeting about next. a lot ofs coming up. >> they pushed last date people are supposed to seen sign up, there is no way in the world that people will be fully enrolled in health insurance by january 1st if they sign up on december 23, there no way to do that there will be people bringing their sick kids to the doctor in january, who are just not going to be in the sim. they think they have insurance.
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>> that is scary. already we have seen people lose their coverage, what do they do right now. lou: in this small business market, who now condition even sign on or having trouble getting coverage they need. a lot of people paying money out of pocket. >> thank you. >> coming up later, can you imagine getting a packaged delivered in 30 minutes or less, the knew plan in amazon, how do you do that if. thank you. lou:
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so everything works like never before. gerri: mall parking lots, how to protect yourself this holiday shopping seen, in 60 seconds. tñ
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gerri: safety information during the holiday shopping season, not on-line. those crowded mall parking lots are breeding grounds for criminals, how do you protect yourself? joining me now lauren fix the car coach. you brought up something that i never thought about. i never think about. i just park my car in the garage, then walk into the store, come out and throw boxes in it, but that is the wrong thing to do?
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>> right, there i a few tips, this is be inconvenient, it is a breeding ground, these experts issue watching, they see you coming out of a store, maybe you went to tiffanies or neiman marcus or something, or reused bag the like the lululemon bags, you put that in your backseat you go in the store, i know you spent a lot of money, have you receipt the in back. as you leave, they will break in your window, and take your parcels and you get the damaged vehicle. if you have really something expensive, put it in your trunk, find another parking spot it will defuse it. >> don't even leave your dry cleans on the seat, nothing, no phone, no plug ins. not even something from the drug store, at the end of the day somebody might think it is valuable? >> absolutely, you can leave coins for tolls which happens. just put that in your go police
6:23 pm
officer box, out -- in your glove box. out of sight out of mind. people have stolen dry cleaning thinking it is an expensive suit, this is time of year people have expensive jackets they have their clothes dry cleaned for holidays. gerri: okay, so, here is one of my problems, i forget where i parked my car. a massive mall parking lot. so many people there. what is your advice? should you park next to the door? are there mall cops? >> there are people watching, they are in security, many times they are in suvs, some on foot, some i have seen them in a bike. depends on where you live. one thing they can't be
6:24 pm
everywhere all of the time, a professional knows this they know when they just been there they watch them take off, if you arrive during daylight, park near a light pole, when you are leaving make sure your car is locked, right down whatever in success there 9 g or something on whatever. there are underground parking and above ground just aziz to break in. lit parking makes it easier, park where there is a lot of traffic going by, you may have to wait like i do for a -- spoking spot. gerri: we were showing pictures of an outdoor practiceing lot, you suggested coming out at night, have the key in hand, are ready to go. and i always try to walk briskly with confidence. so no one thinks here is something i can pick up? >> i do the same thing, i do the same thing when i walk in new york, you walk with a purpose. have your keys in hand, cell phone in your pocket, keep your purse close to you or if you
6:25 pm
have bags keep them close, they take your purse or bag, you will at least have your cell phone to call 911, but if you get out there something does not look right, go back in the mall, find a security guard they will walk you to your vehicle. when you get there don't dillydally. have a plan, layout your coupons in advance, don't go through your receipts in the car while it is running, you are leaving yourself open. i shop at end of the day when there is no one there the last thing you want be is in your car by yourself. 214,000 is number of violent crimes in 2009 i in -- parking garage and lots. >> a lot of things, you think about your vehicle, you can use
6:26 pm
valet parking there are nicely end malls with valet parking, if your car gets damaged, it can be replaced. you are another story, if you think, i don't want to take that risk, i have kids, and my stroller or someone older with me or slower. let them park their car. if it is damaged they are responsible. gerri: we have audio issues here lauren thank you, appreciate your time. >> all right. fox business alert for you now. a story you top hear in addition to keeping your car safe, it would not be cyber monday without a cyber scam, there is one that caught our eye today, look at this. it looks like a genuine e-mail from fedex, it is totally bogus. in reality, the ashtachment -- attachment has a viewers that you can infix your -- a virus
6:27 pm
that can infect your computer. if you didn't order anything don't open the e-mails never download links or attachments and never give out your person al information to unsolicited e-mails. >> and coming up, is the stock market too high? ure technology panel weigh. the ceo of amazon, saying they will soon be dropping ouch their packages via -- off their pages via drones, coming up.
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>> from our fox business studios in new york here again is gerri willis. gerri: look at this, are we going to see it? there it is. not, not from a sci-fi movie, amazon drone called prime air, delivering items to your front door in 30 minutes or less, can it work? joining me now joe, brought me a drone. check it out, you call that a tri? >> a tri quad -- it has 3 of the 8 that jeff bezos was talking about. gerri: he said this is the next big thing for us, deliver to your door in 30 minutes or less, really? >> i am a believer, technology
6:32 pm
is is possible, it has been demonstrated in england, they delivered a domino's positive rah. gerri: one -- domino's pizza. gerri: one pizza. >> we are talking millions. >> it is not legal in u.s., if you are a hobbyist it is not. >> talk about how it might work, when i did the story this morning, on fnc, a got a tweet from a viewer saying i hope we don't confuse drone season with duck season. it seems it would be open season on things like this. would there be a lot of jokes and abusing the drones? >> yes. i mean, the same thing about putting nails in the road to try to disrupt the postal service. you know. it comes down to accept accepta.
6:33 pm
it is possible. gerri: can you pinpoint accuracy they can land it right there and not on top of my car? >> what they would do, use gps to get it to following streets, that would be easy for right away, land it, have some very simple sensor work to make sure you are not colliding with anything. and you have your pizza in your driveway, not perfect for everything but it is possible. gerri: how are we going to be sure it won't hit anybody in the head? knock over my flowers? do you see the problems in urban areas, is it easy to deliver there? >> not as much so, this is jeff bezos he has distribution centers everywhere, you could so the up a deal with 7-eleven, it could deliver to a central spot, you can pick it up. you would be a fool to ignore
6:34 pm
this as amid o as a mode of tra. gerri: do they run into birds ? >> 400 feet is the limit for this drone, right now, i can fly this as a hobbiest 400 feet about the same. keep it away from people gasping at it, and away from helicopters, it is pretty open airspace. gerri: open airspace. is this your own drone? >> a popular mechanics office drone, it has been kicked around and tested, it is an older model. we're hard on our toys. gerri: but have you toys, which is nice. tell me what you see as the one down side, i think this is great. i somehow condition imagine looking -- can't imagine seeing a thousand drones in the air. >> this is the problem. if people don't accept it, it won't work.
6:35 pm
if people don't want to use it or tamper with it, it is not going to happen, which is a shame, this is a beneficial application of drones which have a bad name are in reasons i don't understand, i am pro-drone in a lot of ways this application is what people should be thinking about. faa said about 7500 of these in 2015 becaused on law changing. a lot of people see benefits in this, photographers, crops, for, exploration, oil and gas lines, there is a lot you can do with unmanned aerial vehicles that have nothing to do with spying on vehicles or dropping bombs, drones are our friends, or maybe they will be if you let them. gerri: look honey here comes my 50 shades of gray right now. thank you, joe, great stuff, it
6:36 pm
is fascinating, i will try to keep an open mind about drones. >> please do. >> thank you, when we come back, tips on avoiding holiday food binge. are we in a bubble? is it about to burst, we look out for and you your money, next. [ male aouncer ]ow can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production ispain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand thnnections of a complex, global economy. itit's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their0-year lipper average
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gerri: well, all three major indexes closed in the red today, saks fell after mix resulted from thanksgiving shopping reason, and more worries that fed will soon bin sales back -- begin scaling back.
6:40 pm
there was warning of a possible bububble in stocks. joining me now, jeff, i will start with you, are we in a bubble? have absolutely. anybody who denies we're in a bubble is fooling themselves. retail investors paying way too much, a less list of a million things to look at even with schiller com coming out. but no one can predict when that bubble will pop, it shoold not persuade anybody to stop investing. investing. gerri: but you said we have a bubble. >> we are in a bubble. we could have next 8 to 10 weeks, the bulk run so hard. gerri: why?
6:41 pm
>> because there is all this money that still sitting on the sidelines for the past 5 years, because internationally, the u.s. is still seen as the post stable, europe is still inn@ trouble. eastern europe, look at the kind of turmoil there asia. what is going to there? the truth is, money is coming in here, in here to stock market and u.s., and real estate market. gerri: break the tie here, a bull and a bear? >> i aming fool -- i think i'm the fool here, we're not close to a bubble, we have come a long way. 15 times may seem expensive but, take account low interest rates. economy is growing north of 2%, and past bubbles with nazdaq trading 40 times earnings before
6:42 pm
that bubble burst. and houses prices. at 15 times earnings, you have to convince me for when innel, and -- >> you are right. look at a company like ge, ge go general electric they are a $26, they have been up there at $60 a year, even if we're maxed out here there is building and are cranes, anywhere i travel, it is stronger than ever, even in brazil, where professor schiller has a problem there. gerri: you know, let me read what schiller said, the boom in u.s. stock market makes me most worried also because our economy is steal weak and vulnerable, the world is still very vulnerable to a bubble.
6:43 pm
how is this going to evidence itself? how are we going to see this? true, retailers are the last to jump in the pool, but then, what starts happening after that? >> when does the market correct in your view? >> i think, it is a big give 20 between a market that is correcting and a market that is a bubble. correcting is 5 or 10% decline, it will be a tremendous opportunity you will be able to pick unthe intels and ibm's. i am a fan of schiller, if you listened to him before 2009, you made a lot of money, but after that, if you have done the opposite what he has predicted, you may have doubled or tripled your money, but i have got it wrong too in the past. >> you were talking about low interest rates and what the feds are doing once that tames that
6:44 pm
bubble. and when it ends you see real destruction. >> what makes you think it going to end? >> janet yellen needs to come in, a honeymoon period, then maybe a direction, but everyone should realize, keep the money in the market right now. >> i agree 100%. >> the bulls are going to run, you don't want to lose out. >> i agree but you will get to the end of the bubble. beeaware of that. gerri: how do i know that is going to happen? >> how long can you keep doing this. >> i'm not arguing with you, what you are signals, what am i looking for? >> look at higher interest rates. >> weakest holiday sale since
6:45 pm
2009. we talked about consumer tired, and weak. let me tell you this expansion is 5 years old, that seems old. >> yes, we have been recovering for quite a while. and the consumer is tired, there is no question, consumer has a lot of goods, that is part of what is going on, a lot of options and choices in terms of shopping, but right now, the consumer is still going to get out there and spend, but on-line. gerri: frank? >> i agree, based on expe exper. i will say those with money in savings are going to spend. gerri: jeff? >> i agree too. look at all these people, black friday, rushing to walmart, and
6:46 pm
killing people for some cheap chinese tv. gerri: sales were down. >> you have to look at the big picture, before black friday you can thanksgiving sales that could have cut into that, and cyber monday, we need today's numbers. and also consider, we're in a different time, internet allow us to buy our goods later three days before christmas i'm buying gifts because i can. >> all right, great job, great conversation thank you so much jeff, frank, and hillary. time for a look at stories you are clicking on, on fox, shoppers spent less over thanksgiving weekend, stocks feeling the pinch. many retail stocks in the red, major indexes lower, on-line shoppers may soon have to pay the taxman in some spates.
6:47 pm
this means states will soon start collecting internet sales taxes, fast-food workers, will walk out of job thursday to protest federal minimum wage, protesters are calling for $15 an hour, a lot of people think such a raise is possible. >> bank of america will they more than $400 million to freddy back for bad home loans sold since 2000. >> those are some hot stories right now on fox >> still to come, my two cents more, it happens to the best of us, a thanksgiving food binge that sets you up for a bad holiday eating track. how to get you on the right track, coming up.
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making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. gerri: coming up from too much turk to too much pier, how to get your eating habits back on track after that thanksgiving binge. stay with us.
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>> great too see you, new, we, found out that 4500-calories that average people consume over thanksgiving meal that just gets you star for really going.
6:52 pm
>> right. gerri: how does it work, how much do people gain? >> they can gain from 8 to 12 pounding over holiday seen that is thanksgiving through new years, you have to learn to slow yourself down, realize you need too indulge a little bit, have fun. but one thing you can do after a huge feast like thanksgiving. is you know what try not to have so many lift overs. gerri: invite a lot of people, give it away, you don't need to eat the same stuff the next day. >> jim: it is better the next day. >> maybe one day, make a turkey sandwich, then call it quits. i think if you top get yourself back on track, high protein breakfast is important. gerri: like what? >> egg white om lit, low fat cheese, greek yogurt with a handful of nuts, they stabilize your insulin and sugar levels
6:53 pm
for most of the day, and also exercise, even if just 10 to 20 minute boughts. gerri: walk around, move around. >> right. gerri: what else do you recommend as you go through these weeks, you are out in the mall, in places are normally are not, you are grabbing whatever you can on the way. what do you advise? >> if you are going to mall bridge something with you to snack on. like maybe a protein bar, but watch the caches on those. -- carbs. and maybe take from nuts with you, like, that maybe bridge youbring ourown mini sandwich, r food you will save money too, and you go to a party, you should do is have 10 to 20 nuts maybe about an hour before get party. >> that means you will not be hungry when you get there and over indulge. party food is the worst.
6:54 pm
>> but nuts are good fat, and very sales. -- sating. the whole thing is stopping eating is gut hormones. hormones that our body produces in your guts, they called satidi hormones, and when they are healthier we woe dic pro dee of it, it believed that thinner people produce more than heavier people. gerri: a new effort by sincenists in -- scientists in sweet irelansswitzerland to getp eating? >> my problem with that, it is a great idea but such a complicated thing. there is not going to be one hormone or gene that is involved in treating obesity. it such a multifactorial thing there are certain things that can use obesity. and certain things in environment such as chemicals and hormones in our food that
6:55 pm
can tip the scale for you, but not one particular treatment will do it for everything. gerri: you are better off eating the right things. and watch what you are doing? >> and also supplements can help, we talked about gut hormone, take a good probiotic. and also, having enough protein, most us do not get enough protein. we need, some of us need 120 grams a day. gerri: dr. sue thank you. >> thank you. gerri: we appreciate your time. we'll be right back. p. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex one rate, i could ll a box and ship it r one flat rate. so i kn untilt was full. you'd be crazy not to. is tt nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex.
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single micro- ♪ gerri: early information about online shopping. up more than 20% compared to cybermonday last year.
6:59 pm
are you participating? we also asked the question on 76% said they are not doing it. finally, the phrase occurred to me after a report from the white house. he obamacare website is showing what they believe is dramatic progress. it's like the green energy program or the postal service. why are people still getting error messages? why is the website not complete? why are insurers trying to bypass the website? in fact, it still has a long way to go in the meantime, wal-mart handled 400 million users on thanksgiving day. i've hundred times more than the obamacare website. last cybermonday, processed more orders last year
7:00 pm
than this year. and things are getting better just in time for you to realize that you can't keep your doctor. that's it for our "willis report." thank you for joining us and we will see you right back here tomorrow. lou: white house officials insisted that they met their self-imposed deadline to fix health care knockout and they claim that it's working smoothly for the majority of users on health care knockout. but the facts suggest otherwise. i am lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everyone. the obama administration official in charge of fixing the obamacare site. he said there is a night and day difference between the health website that launched on october 1 in the one working


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