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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  December 3, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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be one so, you had with a? relax, at the way we are going, they might become a thing of the past. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and i suspect this is a funeral at which you will weep and view will show up. u.s. banks at a record low. "the wall street journal" shows that the number of u.s. bank has dwindled since the great depression. more than 18,000 in the
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mid-1980s, most of them have bit the dust, they are small legs. customers now have to qualify a muchhmore stringent big bang. 7000 banks are a lot of things. i suggest the same until they won. and that the lending would go back to the way that we were so go ahead and hate them, at the rate we are going, washington is pining and government itself is perpetuating that they will be gone soon enough. knowing that that's a pain in the butt. the folks with the cash or cashing out. here to help figured out in spring smith. greg, what do you thin
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>> if you have less banks, you have less competition. if we had been banks that were too big to fail in 2008 protesters had to bail them out, aren't they even bigger now is $9.6 billion? and i tnk that most people forget that one of the backbones of our economy for years was your little community banker. hundred million a hundred million dollar or less pinkerton knew you by name. >> you are absolutely right. neil: my first one i ever got was from a small community bank who apparely took pity on me. they wouldn't even give me a second look. so i'm wondering what the reverberations are businesses, regular individuals who need money, have future good standing to get money. >> yes, i think that is a big
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part of it. 70% of jobs are created by small businesses. small businessman or woman is able to shake the man's hand and be able to get alone like you did and he was able to create more business and hire more people and increase the economic activity. nowadays, business owners look at that as an algorithm. if you fit a profile, you get a loan and if you do not, you don't get along. if you look at the fdic regulations, what dodfrank has done, pounds and pounds of regulations, and you look at all that you say that if i am an investor, what i want to invest in a little bag? and i don think it's helpful for the economy overall. 70% of all new jobs come from small businesses. need help those small businesses and not make them algorithms and
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a big computer. the one that is very well put. you would have a big job if you want to take a financial cut va financial reporter. the. [laughter] neil: with these rules and regulations, it's one-size-fits-all. >> thend result is fewer banks. >> you are absolutely right. i never thought about it in those terms. it is hurting consumers, kind of like if you like your health care, you can keep your health care and we will will never be allod to thank him, but if they fail. >> on the one thing. i think if he has gone up distantly over the last five years.
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and that tells me that the bigger banks are having to be less competitive and they can charge more, which is hurting me as a consumer, which means i have less money to spend and you may be right. theremay be unintended consequences here that the government, trying to help the people and protect the people are actually hurting the economy and stiflinghe economy you know how i feel about this administration. they have done more to slow things down and want to kill the jobs in any administration that i could think of in my lifetime. neil: you are one of the early ones that were saying that there is an iceberg ahead. but the group on the titanic wasn't listening. thank you, good seeing you again. >> you'd think with all of these small banks, that would be as bad as things could get. but it is a lot more. hi mark health insurance agency, a tearful, needing some saving.
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where do you stand on its? and we try to resurct this and is it working? >> i cannot say whether it's working or not. we are not paying attention to that. but at we are trying to do is get people enrolled. what i can tell you is that enrollment is sluggish and it's underwhelming and after two months, as of the end of november, we have had about 7500 enrollments. >> totalince is whole thinking to be? >> yes, that's right. >> it picked up here in the last few days. we will see what happens going forward. my concern as it relates to the backend system that you may have heard, this relates to the
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financial transactions and giving assurance that someone is accurately and properly enrolled is in a 20 form and that's part of it. neil: you are an enclopedia on us. explain that. you are not logged in and enrolled officially until all that stuuf is done. such as logging on won't cut it. so when are you officially counted? now, is that people that have gone completely through the process and registered and signed up with you? were to the administration's point, those that point and click? >> those are the numbers that we have and i just described it, which is the information from the government that this person is enrolled and we have been officially enrolled now. but wh i can tell you is that there's a significant number of
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those that are inaccurate and if they are not correct, they don't match and the information they are, the information doesn't match, the error rate is as high as 40 or 50% it looks like it's coming down to a lower number. but still, an unacceptably high error rate. we have problems with that and the payment and the administration, which we are told the sold-out from late january to get that electronic submission corrected. so there are those issues and the cancellation of policies. haven't been focusing on the last couple of days. >> but i think that we are down, right? the irony of ironies with health care law is we have more people without insurance in the handling and. >> well, that's what i was going to close with.
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and i hate to say it, it's unfortunate to say this. but my prediction based on gd information here is that january and february, the first first-quarter 2014, we are certain to have more people who are uninsured and people who have gained insurance coverage. so tat's not where we want to be. including where we are trying to be. but it points out significant fundamental problems with the law being administered. >> it's always good to see you. thank you so much. neil: not for taxpayers just got neil: not for taxpayers just got screwed, but for the lawmakers [ male announcer ] here's a question for you.
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fox news radio host with us now. >> yes, i spent 30 years in sacramento. i am telling you, that is fiction, the fact that they have this surplus. not only in thestate of california, but illinois, his huge pension obligations and they pretend that those don't exist. and they are off the books. because of your add-in that is, we are talking that we cannot afford could have a $45 billion surplus this year. by the time summer comes around and that will grow until 2020 every single year. and they raise taxes by about $6 billion and it ties in perfectly and the problem is they have an obligation for their pensions, the two big state pensions and health
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obligations of 300 billion for the pensions and another hundred billion fr the health care for the retirees. $400 billion and not even addressing this problem. neil: let me ask about how they are able to sneak in raises for themselves as politicians back in 1990 they said that we don't want their fingerprints on us anymore. so they created this thing called the citizens commission that was appointed to the governor -- or by the governor, rather. and when schwarzenegger came in, they started cutting the for the last six or seven years the annual pay for legislators, but they are still the highest paid and they get $95,000 a year based, those are 30,000 dollar per yer, tax-free per diem income. >> even with these increases, a lot of the politicians are still behind where they were. >> who cares. they are the highest paid in the
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entire country and it's fundamentally wrong. wrong to say, can you lend me some money? i am really hurting. you see me go out and buy a brand-new ferrari an you're going to scratch her your head and say, wait a minute, i don't know about this. >> i couldn't see you doing now. but that's what they're doing in california. one may argue, those, you say, highest paid, the timing is at thvery least bad. whatare they doing? >> the income around $50,000. they're making $125,000. and there's only 12 that has said that of the 120 legislators that we are not going to take the pay raise. but 90% has said yes, we are taking the pay raise. one of the things i learned along time ago, i knew this
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young lobbyist. and i said, these guys are good lawyers and smart people and he said the reason they fight for their jobs so much is because this is the best and highest paying job that we've ever had they will fight tooth and nail. >> that they ae ignoring the huge elephant in the room. >> if you look at this, they give no braver views. >> even eccentric, he does things, you know how chris christie is a maverick and on the democratic side, jerry brown does the same sort of thing. he had linda ronstadt and his girlfriend for several years and lived on a mattress on the floor. and a lot of californians do. and you can never tell what he's
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going to do. >> i don't buy the numbers. and i don't think he does either. i give him credit and i think he's playing along get along because he wants to run again. neil: tom, it is always good to see you. a tax to end all taxes. what a dumb emocratic congressman issa cooking so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save.
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neil: if the democratic congressman earl blumenauer gets his way, taxes will double to
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about 33.4 cents per gallon. so calm down. anyway, he sas it is to pay for poorly funded transportation and he also said it is high time since th federal gas tax has been high. i so do it, are you okay this? >> well, i don't know about this, bu it's a little stretched out and we do need this and infrastructure is collapsing. >> but if you look at this, and the port authority and not the state, and it is dedicated. and i am dedicated losing weight
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as well. [laughter] neil: that's how i feel. >> the money is dedicated to the gas tax. >> every time i heard this kind of stuff, and that the money doesn't go to where it's supposed to go. there is no lock or box. when i hear this push for more funding for rebuilding bridges and highways, i fully agree. we need to please the money that is already supposed to be allocated. >> absolutely. we have spent 37 billion in tax revenue and we are to have 42 billion on infrastructure spending. and what ever happened to the hovel ready stimulus money? $831 billion was allocated for programs and in additn we have $10 million total. the argument argument is that we haven't raised taxes in a long time. but the gas prices have gone up
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since 1998. >> fuel-efficient cars are more fuel-efficient. >> it is a conundrum. >> that isthe problem for liberals like me, it becomes problematic. but the reality is our to make sure that we have the money goes where it should be dedicated here. we do have infrastructure spending that is not keeping up with infrastructure spending in other countries. >> you are pretty financially prudent. where they go and how they go. >> you have to have in the states, the governors have to stop reading their transportation trust fund. and this money in the gas tax, we want to make it separate.
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>> what you think of that? if we did find a way to monitor the money and let's collected the money that we have allocated, all the rest, i can't imagine it wouldn't be enough. would you be open if it were allocated? >> absolutely not. i find it very hard to believe that the billions of dollars have not been used effectively. i find that this is a stagnant argument. and this includes union members and i'm really curious. increasing this revenue so that he can give his buddies jobs so we have more people shoveling away? >> it is a lowly state come i've
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only been there a handful of times. but to your point, first of all, i don't know why giving anyone a job a bad thing. but even if they say so, what's not a bad thing is the fact that we have bridges collapsing under collapsing all over the country and we saw that in minnesota a few years back. the cook and transparent collapsed, and we do ned the money. is is a critical safety isue. >> we are not spending that much. >> we are doing our part. neil: ladies, thank you both. in the meantime, and officially
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bankrupt city. a judge rules that it is okay to file. >> not only is it illegal, but it is immoral. >> this ruling is a threat t every city in detroit. >> we think that that sets a bad precedent for other cities as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! what's in your wallet? every day we're working to and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here.
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judge napolitano, i would say you? >> they have an obligation of 18 billion and it does not have the assets or the tax base. but it owes a lot more than a it negotiated with all of its creditors, including the unions. >> if the judge does not rule as he ruled today, then instead of having an orderly bankruptcy where a judge will take obligations and slice and dice and give people their portion of the pie, you have about five or 6000 lawsuits, each that is entitled to a jury trial in a pool of assets and it would be
11:31 pm
chaos and there wouldn't be enough to pay police or fire or teachers and mor so they would leave their property behind. >> don't libertarians argue let the people rule? appointed by the governor to clean up this mess and is there anything that bugs you abou that? >> it bugs me when anybody who owes money gets away with paying less than they owe for anyone who is owed money does not get paid back what they owe. those people were promised a pension and announced not one to come through. and the reason it won't come as because they all elected political confidence who borrowed and borrowed.
11:32 pm
and i can see is aleady as a part of it. >> this is an orderly outcome and no one will get 100 cents on the dollar. in ome of them may have to go back to work and they were expecting $100,000 a year and how will well the film that is reduced to 15. >> so they can have any obligation because that is where a lot of the money is. >> that is where a lot of the obligations are. what is to stop them from saying that i'm going to rule this by fiat and say this is okay. >> the city manager can't do that. they can only control expenditures tomorrow and he
11:33 pm
can't effect this going forward. neil: is it more likely that god would be part of this? >> the city manager has to keep the streets safe and this includes people that still live there and pay taxes. he has a very difficult job on his hand and he doesn't have the wherewithal to do it. and he will have more money as a result of this. neil: in the meantime, the hottest new application. is he like neil cavuto?
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disability prevents you from continuing in your civilian career, vocrehab offers counseling, training with a living allowance, education, and other services to help prepare you for your next mission. >> it is the place for women to share information about the guys that they know. the one you moneygrubbing -- i don't know, that is the ceo that lets women anonymously rate man. if it were an applicaon to
11:38 pm
rape women, it would be labeled as hypocrisy. and sexist. we have more details on this app here on the legal trouble it could cause. it is a site that rates men through the eyes of women? >> essentially it is a wildly popular free application that allows people to import from facebook in the profile pictures where you live, where you go, all of your basic information. and then women sign in anonymously through facebook and they can rate man. so you can actually comment openly and say that you had a really bad date and say it didn't go well.
11:39 pm
in all kinds of different things. so it is really interesting and, you know, everything is up for debate. men are complaining about it, you can opout with a couple of clicks through flew directly and the guy has to sign in and opt out. >> you can have your entire profile removed from it and that is what happened when it became so popular. sue and why would any guys submit to this and allow a? >> this is not the way, this is about bashing your ex.
11:40 pm
and everyone woulde screaming out and go ahead. and i wouldate you a 10. >> there's another side and man, oh man, you would be having this left and right. you could really break a guy over the coals with this. >> yes, you can come absolutely. but legally speaking i have to say that they are legally protected and we have the communications decency act, which actually protects the providers from defamation suits. and a guy can go head and sue one of these girls, but how is he going to find the girl and at the end of the day, this is an opinion. so i don't know that it would be illegal for the girl to be posting this.
11:41 pm
but don't think it's illegal. neil: there's anonymity in it. and we rely on this anonymous source all the time. if they are telling me something they can say to retribution, then i'm a little suspicious of the information they are sharin >> yes, i think that why would you want an application like this. maybe for fun. but there's definitely agenda there and i think it is a strange way to expres your regard for someone. >> certainly with human nature, probably, yes. and when i have asked about this with these negative comments, she said this is one that tends
11:42 pm
to be more positive. and it actually trends more and it's interesting to see. and you can opt out. it is an interesting thing. it's a wildly popular application that just launched in brazil. neil: so where's this going? >> i would say, call me old-fashioned. but how about trying to date a guy and get to know the guy and asking him questions. >> the idea is to encurage interaction and i think it's interesting to watch this and there's actually more verticals coming in they plan to rate health products and beauty products at all kinds of different things.
11:43 pm
and she said and it's all about the eyeballs. >> it's all about the publicity. >> the worst thing you could say. women have already figured it out. anyway, imagine a health care website worse than health one that hasn't even been functional today in our state of ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪
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neil: all this week we are spotlighting this. each day we are going to feature a different state with a different set of problems featuring obamacare. we are looking at a state of oregon. if they with more than 150,000 cancellations. it has been broken since day on he says oregon citizens for him to the curb can even get back on the curb if they wanted to. and that is the ironing there.
11:48 pm
good luck getting something, anything. >> the good news for some of those consumers is at belief is state insurance commiioner is allowing this to be continued through next year. but they still rely on that some white. neil: at this point in the health care law, they're about 5 million fewer thathave inrance and we have a lot of ground to have this run more smoothly and i would imagine that the indication of it will take a while. >> absolutely. one of the core goals of this is to expand that more americans
11:49 pm
could access a form of insurance company. including what kind of insurance coverage and we will get to that later. and you've mentioned many of these arfacing a confusing situation in states like oregon and so people have to figure out if with her insurance company and commissioner are cooperating. neil: so the president might say that you can keep your policy. so what do you do? there a state like this that are realizing that. >> when the white house talks about better technology or repairing their website, they been health and they don't mean those thaare not able to enroll one single applicant.
11:50 pm
but that is not a direct reflection wears no one has been able to access that insurance on their own. neil: u know this stuff far better than i do. what does your gut tell you on that. >> and it will give us time. i'm looking at the numbers and then a year from now, all of the companies have to get online or get those out of line. and i don't see it getting bett. but am i missing something? >> unfortunately this lot like some other major reforms has fallen prey to political football. a i believe it s to do with americans and what they are
11:51 pm
saying in this includes a health insurance system that will improve and that is one thing. two to one, americans say that they are experience have been worse with a affordable care act. neil: i think that people have gotten so used to this being a disaster that a day and aweek in the month, they feel it is okay. thing doctor, what do i do? you still have a gaping wound and you are still bleeding. so are expectations have gotten so low that looks like it's quieted down for that has been good. >> exactly, not one of the things that the supporters will int out. and when they say that is one of their core arguments for keeping it in place.
11:52 pm
they are facing an uphill battle against the status quo. and now it will be an uphill battle to reform or repeal the affordable care act and either way, that status quo agreement to something that obamacare has despite those in all of the other states. neil: long-lived the demise of the desktop. ask me what it's like
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neil: blackberry is very much
11:58 pm
alive, despite bad shaes that continues to tumble. and blackberry will soon again rumble. >> it looks like aol is still around. and it's coming out in 20 years. and there is still a market for companies that don't want to by iphone-4 a variety of reasons and they can serve the infrastructure and i don't think that they are going away. >> the consumer has no interest in their phone. sales have been nothing short of horrific. but think about looking at your smart phone vendor data ann telephone calls. they do have some great security now if some of that is integrated into the system.
11:59 pm
neil: okay that is our nightcap music. >> we are looking at homes sales ththat have shut down the delay. in interest rates are going up, and we should start seeing home-improvement or the stock market thinks it is. >> home sales are going to be really important. we have seen mortgage rates go higher. >> it's psychological. so what is the surprise on that? the economic growth is slowing the fed does nothing this month.
12:00 am
neil: that will it here his perspective. david: "money" with melissa francis is coming next. melissa: another day of health care hello hell. guess what, reports say a third of people think they're enrolled in the new exchanges actually aren't. how much will that cost them and us? you know even when ty say it's not, it is always about money. >> today the website is working well for the vast majority of users. more problems may pop up as you always do when you launch something new. when they do we'll fix those too. melissa: president obama kicking off a new campaign to rally support for his signature health care law saying is open for


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