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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 4, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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report." thank you for joining us, don't forget to ddr the show. have a great night. lou: a vicious and deadly winter storm leaving half the nation in a deep freeze. prompting safety warnings for travelers in what may be one of the coldest. of the winter lou: i am lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everyone, the western half of the country is in the grip of brutally cold temperatures with some regions of the country under snow and others expecting more as we anticipate the arrival of ice storms that could take out power
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to millions. three people dead in weather-related accidents and the weather is worsening. parts of minnesota hit yesterday and another foot expected tonight. temperatures expected to drop for much of this the state. projected to drop as far as 40 below zero across other parts of the upper midwest and the rockies. frostbite warnings in effect. stretching south to texas, a major ice on threatening power to 10 million people in the dallas, texas, area. and temperatures have dropped from 77 degrees yesterday to to below 10 degrees tonight. and preventative measures have been taken for vegetable and fruit crops. temperatures threatening to drop lower than more than it has on the west coast of more than a hundred years. so unfortunately, the weather outlook for the country will not be improving soon.
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we have our fox news chief meteorologist in the fox weather center tonight. reporter: i am glad that you mention cattle caddell a couple of minutes ago. a big early-season winter storm in south dakota, and a lot of ranchers lost their entire herds of cattle, now we are talking about temperatures that are well below zero and it's a prolonged system. we have a very long stretch of east temperatures. friday and saturday, temperatures, actual air temperatures pushing minus 20 degrees. it will feel like minus 30 degrees in some areas. the northern plains, it has been
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cold. but the big pattern shift is bringing this current windchill, minus 8 degrees and minus 18 in my not. take a look at what happened overnight. putting this into motion for the overnight hours, temperatures plummet and he will be feeling like this in towards glasco. a little bit of snow, snow tapering off and also later by morning, and then we will see a kind of second leg of the storm developed texas, oklahoma, we are going to be talking about snow and a big area to get some ice. and then throughout tomorrow and into the day on saturday, about a three day event, icing and a lot of sleet and i think that it
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is a very difficult thing to drive on. you can drive on snow, but you cannot drive on freezing rain. we will not be done with this until probably sunday. behind this one, another system bringing reinforcing cold air. the cold interior continues. lou: rick, thank you so much. we will have a lot to talk about on the days ahead. some clouds hanging over the white house tonight is the president's health care plan is still struggling to work. fox news reporting 29,000 people signed up for obamacare, the first two days of the month and at that rate, only 471,000 people would be enrolled by the deadline, december 23, in order to have coverage by january 1. that is well short of the 500,000 the administration was expecting to go in the first month alone. the president, however, today spent much of his time on his
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obamacare campaign offensive. today, trying to convince america's youth that it is in their best interest to buy health care insurance to support his cause. chief correspondent ed henry has our report. reporter: president obama today began a deliberate attempt to fire up his political debate. first, delivering a speech sponsored by the liberal center for american progress on income in inequality. and if we don't promise equal outcomes, but we strive to deliver equal opportunity. >> that is why i am here, because i need your help.
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reporter: americans are feeling insecure about health plans are canceled and stagnant wages, it and they are blaming him. >> when will they learn to say yes to common ground and listen to the american people. reporter: the president may start to listen to this. where he suggested that if all else fails, serve alcohol to get young folks to sign up. reporter: are harvard university poll found 18 to 29-year-olds, 56% disapprove of the affordable care act. 39% approved. white house officials are touting a national journal poll that gives a rosier view. among the same age group, 53% fee there should be changes before the lot is upheld. and 5% say more money needs to
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be given to implemented. under fire, the president is trying to shift the onus on republicans to come up with alternatives in a range of other issues. >> if you don't think that we should raise the minimum wage, let's hear your idea to increase people's earnings. reporter: a gop health reform plan mocking the president's claims that he will talk to anyone that can improve the new law. >> we have asked and we haven't heard a word. my phone number in the office is 225-4510. reporter: harry reid is exempting some of his top unrolling some of his staff as well. lou: thank you, those in
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attendance being described as the president missionaries for obamacare. which means that this administration now has missionaries and navigators and a tax hour and a grassroots army organizing for action, all pushing obamacare. they certainly have their work cut out for them. twenty-one of 36 states now have embraced the president's so-called fix for obamacare to the almost 5 million people whose coverage has been canceled by insurance companies. senator harry reid is offering to exempt his staff from buying insurance through the laws of exchanges and the other three congressional leaders include john boehner,, nancy pelosi, and mitch mcconnell, and they all have told their staff to join the exchange.
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on wall street today, stocks in the dow jones down and the nasdaq up a fraction. european regulators fined six financial institutions, a record 2.3 billion, for conspiring to interest rate manipulate interest rates. mgm selling its remaining 10% stake on allied financial. the carmakers lending arm getting about $900 million. the government remains the majority shareholder, which received a 17 billion-dollar bailout during the crisis, of which they have repaid two thirds. the president comparing the struggle for health care for obamacare to the civil rights and suffrage movements. some of our favorite radio talk show host are joining us tonight to take up that issue and more and we have some good news on the economy. investors, not all of them,
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rejected that good news on wall street. we will be talking with moody's chief economist john lonski. it's not just the mullen isles, americans just don't trust each other anymore. we explored our countries trust deficit. robbie leatherwood will speak with us next. reporter: vice president aydin in asia, trying to keep the chinese are starting a military conflict. former army four-star general jack keane on what the administration should do next as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards!
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lou: let's take a look at the global hotspots that are not cooling. in afghanistan, president hamid
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karzai shutdown secretary john kerry's suggestion that the united states could circumvent through famine have afghans defense ministers on a security agreement that would allow u.s. troops to stay in the country past next year. the spokesman of hamid karzai says he would not promote any of his ministers to sign in his place my certain demands are met, including a demand to change military operation. any major blow to hezbollah. one of its top military leaders gunned down outside of his home in a busy beirut suburb. has bloke was quick to blame israel for the assassination and israel denied any involvement in the death of the terrorist. in the ukraine, more protest over closer ties with russia and reduction of a trade agreement. russia urging stability and order, while the obama administration is not getting involved at all.
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apparently because of fears provoking a fracture with vladimir putin. vice president joe biden making no direct comments after meeting with the chinese leaders in beijing over the air zone dispute in the south china sea. the vice president called for trust calls for an operation. here we have the administration's response with what is continued rising sanctions. we have vice chief of staff, military analyst general jack keane. >> thank you for having me as beyond the platitudes falling from the vice president lives are hardly reassuring. and the chinese seem to be raising at least the bellicosity of their position. is there a clear path that we should be following here to avoid conflict? at the same time, maintain and defend our allies in the region?
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>> absolutely. the fact of the matter is that we know what this is. this is the power play to influence in the pacific by the chinese. they are going to find things like shipping rates and fishing rights and who owns the island, these are all potential conflicts in terms of raising the bar, as you suggest in creating a crisis. why are they doing that? every country is an ally of the united states, and we have had a dominant influence since world war ii. they resent it and they want to have that influence themselves. what we have is a right to be there, our allies wants to be there. there are smart ways to deal with this. one is, the vice president could have put a marker down and said we are not going to honor this defense zone but you have established and will not exist for us.
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lou: providing the flight plans and data to the chinese as soon as they created the air defense zone. >> here you have the japanese who want to dominate in that part of the region or contest with a japanese owned. the japanese civilian airliners did not recognize the air defense zone. two days later, the united states carriers recognize that in the japanese have thrown up their hands and said what is the united states doing. lou: is a fair question, i believe, of our allies, a degree to which we are prepared to protect our interests in the area. it happens that the japanese who administered that zone over the course of decades, there is also considerable natural resources on the floor of the ocean when
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we are talking about substantial crude oil reserves and gas and this is worth preserving for the japanese who are utterly energy independent. >> absolutely. there has been prosperity in that part of the world for 20 years in the united states military is helping to provide stability and regional world has been a force for good and that is a harsh reality. we have to stay focused working with our allies and we have to -anage this relationship and we cannot have the chinese pushing our allies around and pushing us around. lou: at least metaphorically, president obama dallas, at least with president vladimir putin, averting his eyes from the ukraine. in which it is behaving the current government, despite a popular protest and demonstration, it is behaving as
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a client state of russia. this administration and our government. >> we know for fact that the people do not want that in the ukraine. this alignment that he made with vladimir putin isn't going to be anything but a price to pay. but our stature in the world is the lowest it has been in probably 30 or 40 years, and people believe that we will disengage from a potential crisis after a war in iraq and afghanistan and they're taking advantage of it. lou: surely it will have consequences if it is not reconsidered is the policy of this administration. general, always good to talk to you. up next, more positive economic news and another day down on
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lou: a nigerian man's rescue after three days, the stunning rescue. the wreckage of a tugboat that capsized in the month of may, this man's miraculously survived in an air pocket for three days about 4 feet high on nothing but a bottle of soda. talk about a strong and fortunate man. in the private sector added 201,500 jobs according to adp. up 25.4%, new home sales. exports climbing in october to a record 193 billion. however, the economic news led the dow jones down in there
7:24 pm
something else at work here. here to explain it all to us is john lonski, chief economist for moody's capital. >> the best number since 1980 and new home sales. >> that is strange. >> in reality, new home sales in october trilled their average of 1983 through 1999 between 35 and 40%. so we don't want to overlook the fact that it is not hard to get spectacular gains when you are trying to grow something off of a base. lou: i love it when you get into these things. that is an absurd number.
7:25 pm
why doesn't someone just put a big asterisk on it. you have to watch it and be careful. >> the market knows that. and it declined by about five tenths of a percent today, it was deeper than the decline of the overall market. lou: everyone watching you right now wants to know what to make of this. where should they be putting their money? we are talking about almost $5 trillion in market appreciation over the course of this year. and we are looking at incredible numbers, almost 30% gains in equity. >> that is the problem. the market has gone up by more than 40%. and profits have risen just about 10% and that is a warning that the market is --
7:26 pm
lou: almost 10% profit growth for the appreciation on it. i said that that's pretty good. >> it is pretty good and we will have more profits next year, which is good. so there is perhaps some room for equities to climb higher. which would be very surprising if the equities go higher by 10% next year's. lou: i always pay attention to the black friday sales and everything around thanksgiving and to think that we saw things go down a little over black friday, that makes me very nervous. should i be? retailers are pretty important. >> there will be continued downward pressure on product prices, which is perhaps good news for bonds. lou: but that is the reason we outsource all those products.
7:27 pm
>> we also have a lot of automobiles sold on the market. we have the best showing by auto sales and since those reports came out, on average, the share prices of the big automakers are down by nearly 2% and there is worry out there that perhaps these gains are not sustainable. and there is concern that intends competition will prevent margins from growing. lou: the idea of raising the minimum wage in the fast food industry? >> i've never heard of a business that has right now we suffer from a high level of unemployment or underemployment
7:28 pm
and perhaps one of the silliest things is to increase the minimum wage. lou: deciding who is going to pay what is not really a government that we want to be associated with. >> that is not the best way to try to reduce income inequality. >> the trains and all that. >> it is great to have you here and we appreciate it. lou: coming up next, it's a sad story of the the trail. we will be taking it up with robi ludwig coming up next.
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lou: president obama with another candidate, criticizing fighters of his own economic policies. we take it up in the "chalk talk" joined by monica crowley and manufacture.
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lou: the president railing against income inequality in america. >> we believe this is the defining challenge of our time. making sure that our economy works for every working american. that is why i ran for president. this includes decreasing mobility, which poses a fundamental threat to the american dream come our way of life, and what we stand for around the globe's. lou: lou: i hate to point it out to
7:33 pm
the president and the president has been in office for five years. for crying out loud. the economic failures are not that of george w. bush, they are not of bill clinton, they are of hits. yes, the obama record poses a fundamental threat to millions of americans and he's got that right. take a look under mr. obama. the income gap, four times faster has expanded four times faster than it did under president george bush. under president obama, 6.7 americans in the millions have fallen into poverty. the same one that had the audacity to stand before the cameras and speak as though he
7:34 pm
had absolutely been uninvolvee and policies for the past five years. it's an extraordinary thought. the number of workers receiving disability benefits under his administration over the course of the past five years has risen by 20% to almost 9 million people. 9 million people under president obama. under president obama, 21.6 americans are underemployed or unemployed and giving up looking for work. under president obama, the average duration has nearly doubled to more than 36 weeks and today, president obama joined the nearly 70% of voters who say that the united states is now headed in the wrong direction. so often it seems that you can't
7:35 pm
make this stuff up. joining us now is a fox news contributor, monica crowley and david webb and from houston, monica, i'm going to ask you, have you ever seen the president be so deeply critical and profoundly punishing of his own administration over the course of five years? >> i think on a superficial level you are absolutely right. but i think on an obvious level. you are correct. the lexical little bit deeper. i don't think it's a big mystery as to bartok obama is..@ i think he is what you can call a socialist. lou: the question is have you ever seen a president like that. >> now, i have not. the normal american see a
7:36 pm
disaster and i think that obama and the far left these a rousing success. he is moving as many people in the government dependency is possible and he is succeeding. >> let's talk about the president's own words and when they talk about the economy, they say it's headed in the right direction. these are their words going against their own facts. the role of government, he sees the change being successful, he is not being critical or honest with the american people. >> i have to agree -- lou: i'm going to stop you right there, let me just take in that red jacket you have on. that is some kind of jacket, partner.
7:37 pm
>> monica is absolutely right. he stands up there, and he pretends to be upset, but this is exactly the plan. the more people that he can get in the government or, the better he likes it. that is what the president wants to do, this is all part of the game and this guy is pretty good at playing the game. of all the things that you have seen him do right now have been plotted out. >> what this plan is to create this dependency and it is a terrible idea in this administration. he is projecting a mind control
7:38 pm
be one coming right back, and will find out what the "a-team" things about the millennialist. we would like you to join a discussion with us tonight on twitter. followers at lou and john boehner, a strategy to get a republican elected. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away.
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beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and coider carefully before investing. lou: harry reid giving advice to the republicans, telling the las vegas sun that if they ever want to see a gop president again,
7:42 pm
they must sign on to immigration reform. good news for amnesty advocate. speaker boehner hiring a high-profile adviser that is well known for helping senator john mccain passed amnesty and speaker boehner telling several business individuals that he will start holding immigration votes after the deadline for the 2014 midterm. so maybe we have a sense of what we can expect. you don't have to tell the chamber of commerce that the speaker is working to enact immigration reform. donohue issued everyone that speaker boehner would do exactly that. we will find out. we are back with monica, matt, and david. let's begin with you. we are calling for a recall.
7:43 pm
>> sooner or later you face your reality and you don't see upward mobility. whatever it is, if you see no future, you don't want to stay home forever home forever and be vacated as a bartender while your parents paid 80,000 foreign education. that is the reality that the me millennial space. and no matter what people want to call obama or his policies if you don't see upward mobility, you can't have it on the watergate the boy or girl you want to build something for your own future if you want a family. that is reality for millennialist. >> politically it is interesting. there's a great cause of concern because obama won this group by
7:44 pm
massive majority and they thought that because he could relate to them, that they would be able to lock in this generation is a durable democratic voting majority going into the future. because if you could get them young, that is a part of their identity for the rest of their lives. these numbers is crushing these kids dreams. lou: the gap is larger across the entire force. >> one other thing that i think that the millennialist are is stupid and we can characterize
7:45 pm
this. but i don't think they are, i think they have caught on, and they have seen that there is no future and there is nothing happening and they have begun to realize that they have no part of that deal and they realize they have been had by a guy that has been telling him all along that he is quick to bring them along and give them the future that they always thought that they would have and it has turned out to be nothing but smoke and mirrors, like everything else in this administration. >> i go out, and sometimes you have to go out to the bars and talk to the millennialist more. >> that is your excuse for going to a bar? [laughter] >> and talking to them, down in miami, looking for millennialist but really, talking with them and listening to them. i actually ran into conservative minded young people who said that i look at my ability to get
7:46 pm
a job and how can i pay my student loans and buy that car. this is the reality and this is what turns them on to the promises. lou: here is my problem. i get it. this is still fundamentally a country where you get yourself pulled up by the bootstraps and you go to work. >> absolutely. lou: you may not have a job, but you can find work. and i'm tired of hearing people say that $75,000 of that is student debt. i don't care have your mowing lawns, chopping trees, don't tell me you got a degree in marketing and the only thing you'll put up with his being a vice president at the age of 23. it is not. >> you are absolutely right. it's an aspirational society. looking at these numbers which dovetail that show the exact same thing in the polls. there is a huge opportunity for
7:47 pm
the republicans and for conservatives and libertarians to talk to these kids. and don't just talk in abstract. >> you're absolutely right on us. when you get to this growth and opportunity project nonsense, go talk to the kids about their future and take a job. lou: can we be honest with them? we have to be honest and tell them that you don't need to go to harvard and spend $80,000 in college. there are jobs out there, but you don't have to spend all that money going to college. some kids are meant to go to college. lou: find a community college. let me tell you that the best bargain education in this
7:48 pm
country. for kids who say you have to hop a 50,000, there is only one part of this economy right now there is only one part of the government at all levels that is off the rails, that doesn't feel accountable and doesn't have to be productive. doesn't have to be efficient. and that is our education system in this country and it's wrecking lives under the pretense of creating a foundation for lives and careers. we have to stop the nonsense. >> that is a message that the millennialist are getting. and that is a good thing. >> think you so much, patrick. it is always great to see you and thank you monica and david. up next, he forced government
7:49 pm
health care on america and now calling for more redistribution. what is this president thinking? the prospect is scary. because here we go. psychotherapist robi ludwig gives us her diagnosis coming up next. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break myack around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! if every u.s. home replaced one light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb,
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lou: the millennial revolt is being diagnosed by doctor robbie ludwig. president criticizing the income gap, the maldistribution of
7:53 pm
income. he was talking about his own policies. >> it is verbal gymnast, really. he reflects on his own incompetence. after a while you have to come through with what you are promising and clearly we haven't seen that. lou: do you believe this man believes that huge redrick, and i think he is a very ineffective speaker now. i think he was exciting at one
7:54 pm
time and i think he has become dull and dour and he drones on. and people who are watching this , this entitlement system >> we discuss this i think a week ago. there is a grandiosity there and i think obama really believes in himself and his mission and so he doesn't think -- he really believes that his idea is the right track and if things aren't working out right now, it's not his fault. and i think that this is a man who believes in that.
7:55 pm
lou: may be the countrywide. end of help available to him? two presidents have psychologists? >> therapy doesn't work magically. lou: he strikes me as a fellow that wouldmagically. lou: he strikes me as a fellow that would be open? >> no, he strikes me as someone who is very seduced by his own ideas and image and he puts people in place and he tells them what he wants them to hear and maybe not what he needs to hear and he's not a man who is in crisis and usually that is what prompts change or an openness or willingness to listen to different ideas.
7:56 pm
>> i think he is in denial. as health care is a complete mess, but it looks like obama is in denial about this mass and he is making sure that he put something a little bit more socialistic in place and he wants to create a health care system that he feels is in america's best interest. >> because he believes in his own correctness and vision and even if it's not working out. and it's scary and frightening really. lou: the one i thank you for your analysis as always.
7:57 pm
>> if president obama wants to come and talk to me, i am open. lou: we urge you to, mr. president. that's it for tonight, thank you for being with us. congressman randy forbes with us tomorrow. good night from new york. e. e. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any her place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger.
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>> i didn't believe it when things got bad, i was shocked to find out to wind up here, i don't believe i deserve to be here. but, i think. >> 8 years, is not temporary but for one dennis cas wel cas low t will soon be history, he is going home. next month he will be officially paroled but to what kind of life is anyone's guess, this spring from the


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