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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 5, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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markets? that is about all we need. that is our show. too. that's my "2 cents more." thank you for joiniig us tonight. ♪ lou: of the nation's largest unions bankrolling in organizing a protest that they tried to promote as a fast-food working strike an attempt to double the minimum wage to a fast-food workers raising their pay to $15 an hour. tonight we will have the story of how much the liberal media decided, is certainly no better, to take the service employees international union's dramatic but phony strike story and run with it. there were quite a few. i'm lou obbs. ♪ good evening, everybody.
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the ser us staging protests and demonstrations in major cities all across the country, organizers rallying off to the fast-food workers trying to posture the day's events as an nationwide strike. all motivated by a organized labor al of unionizing the nearly 4 million americans who work in fast-food resurants. all of the events were built by the union as a strike and a walkout. but all the events and nearly all particated were putting on a show for the cameras and microphones in the national media. here is at least one of the scenes in new york today. apprimately 100 protesters blew there whistles and beat their drums as they marched into a brooklyn mcdonald's and interrupted customers. of the protesters claim to have walked out of work or for that matter were even mcdonald's employees. in detroit crowds picketed outside to separate mcdonald's restaurantchange it --
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chanting we can't survive on 725. demonstrating on their dayff. in washington protesters lined up outside of the smithsonian air and space museum. the mcdonald's based in-the president obama raise their wages during an executive order. again, several confirming there were at even schedule to work today. the president of the service employees union told the associated press and the new york times the union has spent several million dollars the underwrite the fast-food protest including the hiring o a public relations firm to help frame the event as a massalkout and strike. some of the few confirmed fast-food workers at any of these events took issue with the corporate end of fast food. they blame their low pay on corporate greed when in reality over 80 percent of the
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u.s.-based mcdonald's reaurants are privately owned franchises. >> these fast food companies knowhat the time has come to pay their workers a living wage and the rht to form a union. we will no longer tolerate our brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors here retaliate against us for speaking against our nation wages. >> they still did not make more than $9 an hour. >> no one shall live in poverty. >> i would definitely support these workers, but private corporations should also raise wages. are the demands is of forming a union without retaliation. that would happen to negotiate for higher wages. llu: a lot of important facts to consider and all of this. among those, the stock says the service employees started these demonstrations back in july mcdonald's stock has dropped
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from just about $98 per share to $95.43 per share. also, mcdonald's has more than 14,000 restaurants in this country. only 1500 of those are owned and operated by the big corporation. privately owned franchises make up nearly 24 billion of the 27 billion in mcdonald's you sales. the va majority of these restaurants are operated by small business owners, not the multinational corporate giant. on the other side of the debate the implied policy institute releasing a report to the national media today planning that roughly 460,000 fast food jobs would be lost if the union backed demonstrators got their $15 minimum wage h it is also important for us to point out that the employment policy institute is funded by the washington d.c.-based lobbying firm, berman and company.
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a conservative group that represents the interests of the restaurant, a hotel, and the alcoholic beverage industries. as i said at the outset, number of the major libal natnal media outlets reported this today as worker walkout, a national strike. fox news correspondent david lee miller was at the demonstrations in new york on the groun with the protesters and demonstrators . on our report tonight, as they say, you decide. >> many of the protests starting in the pre-dawn hours taking place at restaurants across the couny calling f improving woing conditions and wages, saying they want a $15 salary of seven and a quarter an hour as it stands now. demonstratorare taking to the streets and dozens of cities. one of 100 workers begin such a different mcdonald's restaurants. employees at this mcdonald's in wilmington, delaware see there wages are simply too low to make
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ends meet. >> i will be able to prode for my daughter, wife, put food on e table, pay my bills without worrying if they're right to send a letter of the milk. >> full-time at t federal minimum wage means employees of maker of 15,000 per year. the president suggested that addressing income inequality would be the focus of his -emaining three years in office. >> i believe this is the finding challenges of our time. making sure our economy works wereevery working american. higher wages would leave the steeper prices and fewer pitch and it is for jobs. >> you cannot just translate youreed for more money into every busines and say, i have three kids to be, so you need to pay more. that is not how compensation works in this country.
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>> they sayyit's up to the local franchise to determine wages. lou: and markets always. while the unions are pressing for higher wages and seeking to organize those workers in the union democrats on capitol hill today push for an extension of unemployment insurance benefits. minority leader nancy pelosi sa that house democrats will not support legislation that does not extend emergency benefits. senate budget committee chairman and house budget committee chrman have been working on a plan the spending cap by 34 billion to just over aa trillion. the twsides have a self-imposed deadline of friday the 13th to relve the matter without deal we could see a repeat of this year's government shut down. we will see. unemployment benefits have been
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extended five times in the last five years totaling 2,605,000,000,000. the current benefits expire on th28 of this month. on wall street stocks finished lower marking the fifth consecutive day of losses for th the dow and s&p. the dow fell 68 points, the s&p lost faith in the nasdaq down five. third quartegdp grth revised upward to three and a half% from the original report up from two and a half% in the second quarter. in weekly jobless claims falling for a third straight week dropping below 300,000. much more at here tonight. the were losing a global ambassador tonight. details in the death of nelson mandela ahead. who will talk about more things that matter wi the author of this week's number one bestseller on the new york times list and fox news colleague. also, me on thelass warfare that is being waged in front of
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fast food restaurants in 100 cities today. thea-team" react to the assault on small business and big. all of that and more straight ahead. ♪ lou: vice president biden shuttle diplomacy to tokyo, beijing, and sold. armed services committee member congressman randy force on the administration's weak response administration's weak response to china. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: if every u.s. home replaced one light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb, the energy saved could light w many homes? 1 million? 2 million? 3 million? the answer is. 3 million homes. by 2030, investments in energy efficiency could help americans save $300 billion each year. take the energy quiz.
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energy lives here.
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♪ lou: the world tonight morning the death of anti-apartheid i john nelson mandela. the south african spent 27 years in pson. he advocated armed resistance to apareid in south america before becoming the country's first black president. in recent years the nobeleace prize winner and a number of
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health issues, including repeated hospitalizations with a chronic lung infection. a somber, eloquent president a lot talked about his death at the white house. >>e achieved more than could be expected of any man. today he has gone home. we have lost one of the most influential, courageous, and profoundly good hum beings that any of us will know on this earth. no longer bongs to us. he belongs to the ages. lou: nson mandela, 95 years old. vice president biden connecting shuttle diplomacy from tokyo to beijing to tonight seoul, south korea. our first guest tonight is pressing the obama administration to reassess their guidance that u.s. civilian air carriers comply with china as illegitimate imposition of an air defense identification zone over the east china sea.
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he says the whiteouse has legitimized the beijing attempt to subvert international aerospace while at the same time attempting, seemingly, to condemn such a move. joining us is congressman randy forbes, a member of the house judiciary and arms services committee. good to have you with us. let me turn, first, to whatever the achievement as a result of vice president biden is diplomacy. has there been any progress you are aware of? >> we spend a lot of time talking to o allies out there. we have several ambassadors. one of the things that we here below the radar so many times is that this administration has just n been very good at making clear their foreign policy actually is. this is a perfect example where they have conflicting reports that confuse, oftentimes, our allies. when you come to foreign policy
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the most important thing you can do is have complete clarity. lou: administered by japan, as you certainly know well, for decas. and it is disputed territory in the sense that there are rich natural resources offshore. the chinese obviously want them. they're pretty important to our japanese allies as well. where does -- what is the smartest way to resolve this dispute? because it is certainly that. >> you are not going to completely resolve it because what you see is its not just one area. china has been expanding their territorial claims. reseeded in the philippines. we see that the japanese. last year alone the japanese had to scramble their planes over 300 times because of chinese planes coming toward their territories. what we see in this particular situation, if we are going to try to attempt to stem and deal with it, the united states has to be very clear, have a strong
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presence because that is a very common in floods, but the second thing is we have to be very clear that we're not going to just give in to eir demands because they will begin with this identification but well consistently match that up. the adminisation did the right thing when it first happened. we said -- to flying over. that was appropriate. they came rig back around and suggested that our commercial planes should comply with this by following these reports. i think that was the wrong act to take. lou: the japanese, just interject, so everyone knows, and a fit when the obama administration did that because they have advised their carriers to do the exac, not to cooperate with the chinese authorities in a filing fligh plan data with them over the area. >> the south koreans are concerned, too. and ty made the same recommendations to their carriers that the japanese did. lou: you say it cannot be resolved.
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the potential here for conict is immen. the japanese are not going to back away whatsoever. ambiguity about our support, as a ministrations support for the japanese interest, the south korean interest in the region, that could be deadly dangerous. >> there is no question tha we see this escalation that the chinese are doing, and it is a very, very reckless game. as you mentioned, i don't believe the chinese want to see a conflict right now. we don't. the panese don't. but when you te these kind of activities, it is very easy to have a misstep. when you do have a conflict, something happens command of a sudden you have a ripple effect in the domino effect that could be very, very disasters in the entire region. en i say it cannot be resolved, the chise, when the have a strategy are pretty good and sticking to it in implementing it. what we need to do is manage it. the w you do that is by making sure we don't give credence to it and give them the recognition
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so that they continue to escalate. that is why it was important i believthat we did not cply. lou: but of course, we have complied. >> we have. lou: cs meant to my want to turn quickly, speaking of messages sent conflicting signals, your leaders is sending an inordinate number of conflicting signals on immigration, when it will e put forward, what form it will take. the speaker of the house bringing an end t a top asstant on the issue who is -- as part of senator mccain's term when it was mccain kennedy into does a six and seven on the amnesty bill. where you are going? >> we don't do well as a nation when we do these big, comprehensive things. you see what happened with obamace. immigration is no different. the chairman has said the right approach, done the rig thing. that is ultimately where the house goes. lou: for whenever it matters, i
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have endorsed chairman good lot, his plan to my proposal command approach. i have not heard the same thing from the speaker. i he heard you talking more like the gang of eight is his preference. during the biddinggof tom donahue over the chamber of commerce. which is the reality? >> i think the chairman will be the reality. i sit on the judiciary committee. we're taking these in a piecemeal basis. i think we ll get a good bill that is going toe an inemental bill, but that is the way we should be doing it. we need to solve some of the real problems out there, but we should not, but one of these big comprehensive bills draed by six or eight people in a back room and then to run everybody. i don't think that is ultimately what else will go. lou: appreciated. good to talk with you as always. up next, he said that he did not
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♪ lou: my next guest, one of the most influential and respected commentators of our time. let's be straight at. the is the most influential columnist of our time. his newest book is a psonal collection of writings o the course of the last three dades . it is his journey from left to right as well, from dr. ryder to thinker and social critic. ardent conservative advocate, might as well. syndicated columnist, we thank you for being here. we are pleased to recommend what is a blockbuster best-seller already. good to have you here. things that happen. >> a pleasure to deal with the. lou: let me start, if i may,
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because i did thi that most people know your entire personal story, obviously what makes the book so compelling in part. walter mondale, henry jackson. i mean, how could you be associated with such people given year conservative philosophy? >> i am glad u.s. people ask me how you go from walter mondale to fox news. the ansr -- the short answer is i was young once. a long answer is that it actually was not i did not have an epiphany and wake up one morning in the clouds parted. a shaft of light came in in the lord spake get them to m it was not quite down and worked out. quite simple. in my 20's i was democrat. this is a road that has been tried by many. what happened is simple. when i was in my thirties i began my writing career. the evidence, the war on povty , which i believe again
10:25 pm
in my 20's in my teens, the evidence on what it actual effects were began to come in, and i was a physician opened to impair the evidence. the evidence was absolutely unmistakable. not only was it money wasted, not helping the people and was meant to help, it actually was undermining the committee's in the people who've been to hell. and began to reexamine the premises of this kind of a great society liberalism -- greece society liberalism i believed it. over time with the accumulation of evidence i thought, to achieve the same ends, a humane, decent society that works well and provides for everyone. small government conservatism is the far more accurate answer for any society, and that is why i changed over the years. lou: i have listened to you and reviewf the course of many years. you have always had a certain amount of humanitarianism, a humanity in your rationality in
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your assessment. but it is not always pleasant in conservative thinknkers and advocates. have you preserve that? what is your reaction now to an environment that is in washington d.c. and much of the country, the leak toxic. >> i think one thing that people te not to do any more is to create this insanity in the good will of the riverside. an in some ways if you were -- i underssand the intent of libelism. mean, there are some liberals who want to control, you know, the political class, the ones to believe, like with the obamacare engine of -- no what you need. you mean like a plant, but it is not a good plan. that is part of liberalism, with the liket or not and is not very attractive. there's another side. you go back to the new deal.
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the idea of social security. you don't want to have the elderly living in destitution. that was a wonderful idea. the problem is this, liberals are stuck in reactionary cycle where they are attached to the institution rather than the idea . when social security was created life expected to come by expectancy was 52. it is not 80. it was never intended t subside the last 17 years of life. therefore it has to be adopted. liberals will not be willing to live with that, and the conservatism of believe in is e that embraces the goals of a decent, humane society that looks after the helpless and the elderly but does it, is not afraid to reform and to do it anyway that is market oriented and rational. lou: you are thinking, it collides with a number of impulses. it is establishment. that is, if you will, and i
10:28 pm
don't mean this in a pejorative, but corporatist thinkers and wiin the republican party there are libertarian seem to have no place and under their minds or hearts, to me, responsible regulation and a role for government. we had a repubcan establishment right now calling for the establishment to stand up to the tea party. i mean, a bizarre statement. and i think, perhaps, aign of some considerable trole to come. your thoughts? >> in part that is why i wrote the book because i do think there is a conservative philosophy that takes the best from evewhere in that believes in the safety net. does not believe inhe entitlement society, which the liberal and obama, hyper liberal, i would say. the government, regulation, intrusion. but he does believe that we are due society, and generous society andhere are solutions
10:29 pm
which iorporate small government, less regulation. nonetheless they attempt to do things that say government would not have done 150 years ago. so i write is a column in the book and immigration. long before it was an electoral issue for republicans to come. i wrote in 2006. look, we ought to legalize the little store here, but to do it only in return for closing the border. if these are t last 11 million were legalized the last time we do it i think america's humane and generous and will do it. the reason that people are resisting is because they think we're going to get a sham like we did with the reagan in the door will remain open. lou: i cannot to. 1986 as wl. it's one of t reasons i support the chairman of the judiciary committee who has come for awhile i think is an
10:30 pm
intelligent an incremental approach that has the potential to solve a very, very difficult problem to say the lst. it is great talking with you. i cannot complimen you enough or conatulate you too strongly on the book. things that matter. we rommended highly. with our recommendation, i am sure this book will go even higher on the best so west. >> to ur worst. there is no opping me now. lou: you got it. >> thank you very much. lou: great to have you with us. well, a familiar face returning to the top of the new york city police department. that story and the possible implications and much more. stay with us. we're coming right back. the defining issues of our era. class warfare and wealth redistribution. two major tenants of the obama philosophy and the service employees union putting on high pri set admistrations had fast food joints all around the country. the "a-team" next.
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♪ lou: the mayor elected ew york city today surprising a lot of people, namingill bratton to be the city's next police commissioner, the 66-year-old bratton is a veteran law enforcement official who previously ran the nypd and resilient as demonstration and headed the police department's above los angeles and boston. a new poll from cnn showing support for stricter gun control is fading. just 49 percent now say they back restrictions to the second amendment down six points from the 55 percent who have said they back in control in january. but may be part of the reason that the new york mayor now michael bloomberg, you remember him, gun control group bears against illegal vans surrendering extreme tactics to push can control. please take a look at their
10:35 pm
shocking new ad for portrayal of a potential school shooting nine da before the first anniversary of that age and connecticut school massacre. >> on december 14th we will have a momenof silence for newtown. but with 26 more schools shooting since that date, ask yourlf, is silence what america needs are now? lou: joining us now, the "a-team," pulitzerrize-winning columnist, new york post of fox news to trigger, michael goodwin, former special assistant to president george w. west, managing editor. good to have you with us. let me begin with you, if i make. your reaction to that ad, that approach. i will leave the matter of billionaires' pushing their
10:36 pm
advocacy programto another show. >> you're going to have a lot of this of the ne week as we approach the anniversary of midtown, but the problem for the left is that they were never able to convince congress that ca control would have averted what happened in connecticicut, and that has been the problem. a lot of momentum early in the year, but they could not get the votes in the senate. the house never voted, but there is no doubt about it, there will be a lot of rhetoric in the coming days as we approach this tragic anniversary. u: yr thoughts? >> he is right, and the american people are tired of people trying to restrict the second amendment it reflected what happened with the recall election in colorado, to members of the legislature were recalled in a new one thiweek who will resign as a result. folks are trying to exploit the town and are doing so to their peril. lou: they're doing so in order to preserve the senate majority of one. you have written about this. you have examined the issue carefully, michael.
10:37 pm
this is such a complicated issue. the advocates, as ron suggests. and we decide, the desperately important issue of mental illness and now we come as a society deal with it. >> and also the gun control, they started out as illegal guns. no they have since morphed into attacking illegal guns in trying to our add to their restrictions on those. they have much more standing in powerful arguments and the talk about getting illegal guns off the streets, many of which are sold in seven states and up in cities like new york. illegally and then used in crime. that was the strength. they have extended their mission in a way that i intended to begin said. lou: debt looting and weakening the second amendment, the true objective. secondl, a rreshing, wholesome honesty. they want to make all bans illegal.
10:38 pm
let's turn to this class warfare . wealth redistribution philosophy that bell has dominated t obama agenda, was lt a. this is a president who is now -- the expression -- and has become so hackneyed and cliche, but that is precisely what he does and i it's. my god. this is an administration of nothing but --. where is he headed? >> i tell you, he's getting a lot of pressure from the left. this is one to watch closely, especially with hillary clinton in 2016. during theus administration and the liberals would go after the bush of nistration and blame them for income inequality , austria doing well. they cannot do that now because obviously obama asman in the white house for five years. the market is doing well under obama. it is not something the white house trumpets. the left is a little wary of hillary clinton. that is why there has been this chatter of elizabeth warren
10:39 pm
running for president. i don't think she will, barack obama said he would not run. the left is rising up in the fighting factions of the democratic party that were united in 2012. lou: i know it has always stood me in good stead to exit the word of any potential candid that there would not run. "aeam" in moments. we will take up the issue of this fellow strike and national walkout. take a minute, check this out on twitter. you can do so. facebook, buried at next, then nothing white house and mending the president did, indeed, know something, but it was noquite what everybody though. it is complicated and has something to do with his uncle and illegal immigrants and a stunningly close relationship. we will sort it out for you
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collections. lou: the white house has changed his story and president obama's story about his relationship to his illegal immigrant kenyan uncle. the obama administration now says the president briefly lived with the man when he, barack obama and arrived in massachusetts in the late 1980's to attend harvard law schoo. back in 2011 the white house claimed that the two men had never met. the white house, the explanation now, they forgot to ask the president himself about the relationship and base their claims on a review of the president's records, including his memoir, which apparently will be further reviewed them. a new report showing hackers recently broke into almost 2 million accounts aren't a will, facebook, twitt, young, and other social media that according to a chicago-based
10:44 pm
cyber security furnaces the hacker stall nearly one-half million website lawyer and credentialssand re-entered and 20 e-mail account credentials buried in the christmas spirit escaping to women in philadelphia, as you see here. the two started an all-out brawl, and i do mean all-out brawl at a tree lighting ceremony as they jostle for a better view attempting to get truly into the christmas spirit. we are back with the "a-team". want to start, if i may, that the fast-food workers, service to the service employees union, all these folks can get a $15 an hour and hiring a pr firm to the portrait as a walkout when all it is a demonstration to benit the organization efforts. >> of course. a cynical part of me says it is back to his comment before the break. the president right now, the only thing he can do is move to the left and the progressives who has supported him.
10:45 pm
we are not getting love of this president. let's have a big class warfare inequality protest. they know as well as we do that if you actually raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour it would hurt those folks one that lps. by the way, obamacare amelya, obamacare will make sure aot of those folks don't get full-time work. lou: one of the things that we're trying to do, what really is happening with this nonsense, political theater. trying to keep history for everybody. otherwise it is not straight. there is great disputation a much the academics and ts dollars over the impact of higher minimum wages in the effect on job creation your thoughts on this president. is seen going to sign that executive order as requested? and the mcdonald's air and space museum?
10:46 pm
>> yes. lou: is that where we're headed? >> the kindle around until every business of the should pay and benefits they should offer and what days off. lou: tt epa. >> that's right. if you want to call in sick you have to call the white house. i will be working today. the president talks to begin the but the free-market. just the other day when hey were doing a surge on the text search, the obamacare website. no, we are working with the private sector. the truth, he does not believe in the market. he once commanding control of the economy and command control by the white house. lou: i really do indicate out of watching the dow jones industrials and the s&p. let me challenge this week. we will have to have a good day tomorrow to make it a straight weeks to record heights. but this president talking about income redistribution and the income gap. he does not mention the fact
10:47 pm
that under his administration, i mean, this market has soared and continues to do so, almost 30% year to date alone. there is -- i find that amusing. i do not find it amusing that this president has not found a way to create jobs. i want to say thank you very much. goodo ve you with us. >> thank you. lou: a pleasure. michael goodn, thank you. >> my pleasure. lou: up next, the top four campaign staffers not interested helping the former first lady make another run at the white house. what in the world is going them? to they know who they're talking about? the new york times best selling author. it knows all and tells all right here next. ♪
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♪ lou: a lot going on. the obama administration moving closer to finalizing a controversial rule that would gi green energy company's 30- year permits to kill bald and golden eagles in the country without penalty. hundreds of thousands of birds are not killed every year after flying into large wind turbine blades and other obstaes. the industry claims only 2 percent of the eagles are killed by those wind turbines. a federal study recently found wind farms killed at least 85 gold nine bald eagles from 1997 until 2012. why am i telling you about this? because i care about this a lot. this angers me to think about what we're doing in this country. the white house is now reportedly completing a review of the rule. final details are not known. the rule could still be tweaked,
10:52 pm
as they put it, but significant changeare rare at this stage in the process. so call your congressman. call your senator, call the president. senator elizabeth warren says she does not want to be president, stepping out of llary clinton's way for a run possibly in 2016. declaring she will complete her senate term which ends in 2018. my next guest says president ama certainly had nothing to do with their decision. that is because mr. obama does t want to see the clintons winning a third term in the white house. joining me now, revenue york times best-seller, the amateur, and klein. great to see you.. >> good to be here. lou: what are we to make of senar warren who, i think, by the way, and left winger if there ever were. we will tell you why. a very smart and effective person. >> and she represents a good segmt of tt left-wing base and is very, very popular. the economy has been in a state of almost results against all
10:53 pm
forms of vested ierests, whether moneynterest, the people who are in government.i t the bombs of. deasy that the president is talking about -- we will get associated. this year, her campaign manager patt phyllis doyle, policy director near candid, former chief strategist mark ppn howard wilson, communications director saying they will not get involved. i think probably she was not going to ask them to get involved. >> i think you're right, and a lot of these people, patti doyle
10:54 pm
and others were in the 2008 primary fight. they did a terrible job for a dramatic she is happy that she won't get these people. think about it. sixty-nine in 2016. reagan was almos 70 when he was elected to office. lou: it is impossible. he could not possibly have been elected then. i love this idea, this thing that they come the she is too ol. you know, he said the name clinton, and i am one of those guys, i agree with barbara bush. there have been enough bushes, there been enough clinton. and noa big fan of dynasties. chemically i am and averse to it. maybe unfair, but that is the way i feel. think she has to overcome that, but her name is still magic of in the democratic party. >> it is, but in 2008 she was
10:55 pm
going to be corneille, and somebody -- suddenlyut of nowhere came this guy that no one entered of. some young, exciting figure that we cannot even possibly predict uld come out of the woodworks. if hillary and joe biden are running in the primaries, it is going to be the geezer primaries. hillary i going to be 69, biden, according to my estimation could be 75. lou: what is it to my geezers, coots, or codgers? >> let's call them dodgers. lou: let's be very careful because you aneurin dangerous territory. your thoughts here now? how much of a liability is this present now, this administration, as performance? on not talking about simply the disaster that is upon health
10:56 pm
care. how big a mess is for the democrats? >> it is enormous, and i don't think he's going to dig his way out by pretending that class warfare is going to solve its problems. it is not. he still has not figured out how to go in. he can even create the necessary wealth. lou: he has done pretty well in the market. it is quite funny to watch and try to talk about and come gaps when he is presiding over one of the greatest runs in the market since march of 2005. he gs to sleep at night thinking, oh, these guys are making all that money. more redistributive, not a creator. he does not want to preside over such a thing. ed klein, author of the answer. and now you are working and your new book. great to talk to you. that's it for us tonight.
10:57 pm
we thank you for being with us. we will see your tomorrow night. tonight from new york -- good night from new york. ♪
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neil: $15 an ur or flipping for flipng burgers? are you out of your mind? this is not the way. fast food workers protesting on the country and i am telling you that they have no clue. the mainstream media sure will not say that. but tonight, i will. welme, everyone, i am neil cavuto, and i can hear the critics now. neil cavuto must be one


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